Architects of Annihilation: Oligarchy and Oligolatry in the Modern West

In the modern West, you can see and you can say, but you can’t sew. That is, you can observe certain facts and record your observations, but you can’t stitch the facts together and make sense of them. After UKIP’s second election victory in Rochester, the conservative journalist James Delingpole said that the victory struck a blow against “two characters who embody almost everything wrong with our current political class.” The first character is Emily Thornberry, the millionaire Marxist lawyer who, like the rest of the Labour Party, despises ordinary Whites and was sacked by Ed Miliband for making it too obvious.

The second character is someone many White voters will never have heard of:

Oliver Letwin. It wouldn’t be quite true to say that Oliver Wetwin or Oliver Leftwing (as he is variously known) is the architect of everything that is wrong with the modern Conservative party. Just most of it. Damp rag, squishy centrist, Hampstead intellectual Letwin is, as the Conservatives’ longstanding policy chief, the man who helped “detoxify” the Tory brand by cleverly ensuring that there was almost nothing Tory left in it. From gay marriage to green energy, from defence cuts to ring-fenced overseas aid, Letwin is the reason so many Conservatives loathe and despise the Cameron Conservative party. (Why We Should ALL Be Celebrating Today’s UKIP Triumph in Rochester and Strood, Breitbart, 21st November 2014)

Delingpole is seeing and saying, but he isn’t stitching it together. He correctly observes that Oliver Letwin is subverting and destroying the Conservative party, but he doesn’t stitch Letwin’s behaviour into a larger tapestry and make sense of it. To do that, he’d have to say something forbidden: that Letwin is Jewish, just like both chairmen of the party, Grant Shapps and Lord Feldman.

That is a remarkable situation. Members of a tiny minority occupy three controlling roles in the party that governs Britain. Then there’s Lord Finkelstein, who wants the Tories to worship non-Whites, and the prime minister David Cameron himself, whose own Jewish roots confirm his “‘unshakable’ belief in Israel.” This explains why Cameron’s “stance on Israel” is “calibrated” to please “prominent Tory Jewish supporters.”

In other words, there is ample evidence that at the very pinnacle of the British Conservative party are strongly identified Jews with typical Jewish attitudes on immigration and multiculturalism and the rest of the programme usually associated with the left. We don’t have a democracy: we have an oligarchy  — “rule by a few.” But any mainstream politician or journalist who pointed out the ethnic realities would certainly lose his career and might go to prison for “incitement to racial hatred.” If you look into the origins of Britain’s hate-speech laws, you’ll find that, just as in Australia and other Western nations, they were created by the Jewish lobby.

But it appears the police state in Britain needs to get even stronger:

Our police and security services have done a nerve-wracking job this year, wiping out numerous terrorist plots and arresting 271 potential killers. But, because we all communicate more online, they are losing access to the vital communications data – the “who, where, when and how” – that they need to keep us safe. That is why Conservatives want to strengthen the law, giving our police access to this critical information. We want to act. But we need a majority in parliament to do it. That’s why the Home Secretary has made it crystal clear: this will be a priority for us in the next parliament.

To sum up: we are determined to keep you and your children safe. We are committed to civil liberties, but your security must come first. It is your fundamental right as a British citizen. Everyone in this country has the basic right to walk our streets, take their children to school, and travel to work feeling safe. We will never put this at risk.

Grant Shapps is the Conservative MP for Welwyn Hatfield and Conservative party chairman (Conservatives are pushing for stronger laws to face the threat from Islamic State, The New Statesman, 28th November 2014)

Grant Shapps is much more prominent in the British media than his fellow chairman Lord Feldman, who keeps what the Guardian describes as a “low profile,” perhaps because he looks Jewish and has an obviously Jewish name. But Shapps didn’t explain why Britain is being turned into a surveillance state.

The reason for Britain’s surveillance state is simple: mass immigration from the Third World. Non-Whites have imposed huge costs on ordinary British Whites for many decades, murdering, raping, robbing and committing fraud at vastly disproportionate rates. Now they present an ever-growing terrorist threat too: British soldiers are being advised not to wear their uniforms in public. Jewish oligarchs like Oliver Letwin firmly support mass immigration from the Third World, but does Letwin want his own family to be ethnically enriched? Here’s the answer:

Oliver Letwin, the shadow Home Secretary, was criticised yesterday for saying that he would “go out on the streets and beg” rather than send his children to an inner-city comprehensive in London. The Eton-educated MP told a conference fringe meeting that he would consider sending his children to state schools in his Dorset constituency but he would “give his right arm” to go private in the London borough of Lambeth, where he lives during the week. Gary Phillips, headteacher of the London comprehensive in question, the Lilian Baylis School in Kennington, said pupils and parents would be upset by Mr Letwin’s remarks. (Letwin: I’d rather beg than send child to inner-city school, The Independent, 10th October 2003)

Why did Oliver Letwin not want his children to attend an inner-city school in London? It doesn’t take much research to find out that they are basically non-White.

But if Oliver Letwin scrupulously avoided the school, another Jewish politician, Lynne Featherstone, actually gave a speech there in 2012 deploring one of the results of all that vibrancy: girls in gangs:

Government targets sexual abuse of girls in gangs
Speaking at Lilian Baylis technology school in Kennington on Thursday, Lynne Featherstone, the Home Office minister for equality, said violence against girls in gangs had remained hidden for too long. “I think people would be shocked if they could see the level of violence and abuse against girls in gangs,” she said. Groups working in the area were invited to bid for the advocate positions. “Our first priority is to protect girls who can see themselves as worthless objects to be used in unacceptable ways.” … Speaking after the sessions, Featherstone said the new advocates would focus on creating a coherent programme centred around changing attitudes and prevention. “Once they are in a gang it is very, very tough,” she said. “It’s a long and difficult journey and there are no quick answers.” (Government targets sexual abuse of girls in gangs, The Guardian, 10th February 2012)

Featherstone is wrong. There is a quick answer: don’t allow mass immigration from the Third World. Israel follows that policy and Israel doesn’t have rape-gangs or riots. But then Israel isn’t an oligarchy: it puts the Jewish majority first. Unlike Britain, America and Sweden, Israel doesn’t pretend that violent and corrupt Third Worlders are valuable members of society. Instead, it excludes them by any means necessary, including detention camps and security fences. In short, it doesn’t practise what I call ‘oligolatry,’ or “worship of minorities” (literally “worship of a few”).

But what function does oligolatry really serve in White nations? I suggest that the reason it is advocated by the likes of Letwin et al. is that it is a means of protecting Jewish power. Non-Whites in Western nations serve as an early-warning system for Jewish oligarchs like those at the top of the Conservative Party. When Whites object to the presence of non-Whites, this is a sign that Whites are beginning to act in their own interests and may challenge Jewish power too. Accordingly, Jews have sought to pathologize White autophilia, or “self-liking,” and promote allophilia, or “love-of-the-other.” This is why Whites are urged to celebrate mass immigration by non-Whites and to subsidize high non-White birthrates. Even better, from the Jewish point of view, is White passivity in the face of non-White criminality. If Whites don’t defend themselves when they are being actively harmed by non-Whites, this is a further guarantee that Whites will not challenge Jewish power.

This helps explain the growing scandal about the cover-up of gang-rape by Muslims in Britain. Slowly but surely, the claims in a report called “Easy Meat”: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery (2014) are being proved true. As many commentators have pointed out, Rotherham is merely the tip of the iceberg — which goes back at least to 1991:

Another English city has been implicated in the growing child abuse scandal, as the nation’s ‘Second City’ [Birmingham] has been accused by the author of a “ground-breaking” 1991 child sex grooming report of destroying all copies after she tried to reveal the extent of Asian [i.e., Pakistani Muslim] taxi-drivers abusing young girls 23 years ago.

Dr. Jill Jesson, who was a lecturer at the local University of Aston at the time of the report, has told the Birmingham Mail she was chosen for the task of “quantifying” the problem of abuse of girls in City Council care homes in 1990. She said of the government-funded project: “I was employed to do the work because I think they thought I would be objective, I was told to reveal what I saw. I did – and some people didn’t like it”. (Report: Birmingham Council Knew About Child Grooming for Sex Abuse in 1991 but Did Nothing, Breitbart, 19th November 2014)

Those people “didn’t like it” because they were trained in oligolatry — worship of minorities. Nothing negative can be said about non-Whites; all problems are the fault of the White majority. The same oligolatry is at work across the Atlantic in places like Ferguson, MO. The “gentle giant” Michael Brown was killed because he was a criminal and attacked a White police officer. But oligolatry dictates that truth is turned on its head. Accordingly, the thuggish Black criminal becomes a saintly potential scholar cruelly slaughtered by White racism.

Oligolatry is also behind the rape hoax recently promulgated by the Jewish journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdley at Rolling Stone. Non-Whites commit a vastly disproportionate percentage sex-crimes in Western nations and are almost exclusively responsible for such vibrancies as gang-rape and rape of the elderly. Naturally enough, Rubin Erdley chose to spin fantasies about a gang-rape involving some of the “overwhelmingly blond students” of the University of Virginia. Indeed, she has been quite candid about “shopping for victims” that fit the narrative she wants to spin.

Again, this situation is inconceivable in Israel, where politics and the media are not full of non-Jews hostile to the Jewish majority and working hard to demonize and displace them. Instead, Jews are firmly in control of Israel and intend to remain so.

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