Latest Demographic Data for 2013

“We have an aging white America.  They are not making babies. They are dying. The explosion is in our own [Hispanic] population. … I love it.  They are shitting in their pants with fear. I love it.”  Professor José Ángel Gutiérrez, University of Texas.

Someone hand Mr. Gutiérrezz a clean pair of undies.  It’s his turn.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has just published “Births: Final Data for 2013.”  The implications of this data are enormous, and there are no clear cut winners or losers. It is worth the time of White Nationalists to understand the figures, and to respond by prioritizing our political efforts into channels that prove most effective.

In 2013, every ethnic category (White, Hispanic, Black, Asian and Pacific Islander, and Native American) had a falling Total Fertility Rate (TFR). Remember that a TFR of 2.1 is necessary for replacement, and a higher number is necessary to replace groups with higher death rates. The staff at the CDC, no doubt to remain politically correct, use the 2.1 replacement figure for all racial groups, including Blacks and Hispanics.

The White TFR declined from 1.7615 in 2012, to 1.7510   in 2013.  This is a  decline of 0.596%.

The Hispanic TFR declined from  2.1895 in 2012 to 2.1490  in 2013. This is a decline of 1.849%.

The Black TFR declined from 1.8985 in 2012 to 1.8815  in 2013.  This is a decline of  .895%.

The Asian/Pacific Island TFR declined from  1.7695 in 2012 to 1.6810  in 2013. This is a decline of 5.001%.

The Native American TFR declined from 1.3500 in 2012 to 1.3345  in 2013. This is a decline of 1.148%.

In summary, the current TFR for the racial groups are:

Hispanic  2.1490
Black  1.8815
White  1.7510
Asian/PI  1.6810
Native Am. 1.3500

Now lets rank the rate of decline among the racial groups from highest to lowest.

Asian/PI  5.001%
Hispanic  1.849%
Native Am. 1.148%
Black  0.895%
White  0.596

Whites make up the largest ethnic group in the United States  and have the lowest TFR decline.  That’s good news, although a TFR below 2.1 cannot be sustained in the long run without cutting into our ranks and threatening our demographic integrity.

But all non-white racial groups have a collapsing TFR — a TFR that is declining faster than the White TFR by considerable margins. The Black TFR is declining  1.65  times faster than the White TFR: The Native American TFR is declining  1.4 times faster than White TFR:  The Hispanic TFR is declining almost 4.0 times faster than White TFR: and Asian and Pacific Islanders TFR is declining 8.4 times faster than the White TFR.

This last figure is the most interesting, because it indicates that the Asian American population in the United States may begin to parallel the anemic TFR of East Asia. Without immigration, Asians would  represent a substantially smaller share of the American population in the future.  Given the role Asians in Canada play in siding with the hostile Jewish elite against civil rights for White Canadians, this decline is not unwelcome.

Native American face a bleak demographic future if trends continue despite serving as the single instance of ethnic nationalism in the United States that is written into law.  It remains to be seen if society will continue to enshrine such vast tracks of territory for this group if their numbers dwindle to a only a fragment of their former size.

The 2013 report breaks down the TFR for Hispanic subgroups—Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban and “Others”, but gives only the 2012 figures.  However, from this we can see that in 2012 Hispanics of Mexican origin had a TFR of only 2.083 TFR in 2012, continuing a trend of declining TFR year on year. Given the rate of decline for Mexican Hispanics in the United States, an educated guess would put the 2013 TFR at 2.0 or lower.  Cuban Hispanics in the United States have a TFR of 1.3705 and Puerto Rican Hispanics have a TFR of 1.6685.   The TFR of all these Hispanics are below replacement, with Cuban and Puerto Rican’s TFR below the White TFR.

Significantly, it is the “Other” category for Hispanics that pull the total Hispanic TFR up to an average of 2.1490.  This “Other” category is clocking in at a TFR of 2.8, and, while declining year over year, will still remain high for many years if present trends continue.  This group is almost certainly from Central America.

Understanding this data helps sharpen our focus as White Nationalists.  We have no room for despair nor for complacency. Besides raising our own TFR we must focus our efforts on stopping the Obama amnesty, and cutting back on immigration, legal and illegal.  While the Asian TFR is falling the fastest, the numbers waiting to emigrate from Asia will easily replace their dwindling births and swell their numbers.  The plight of Whites in Canada serves as a warning that it is not only violent Blacks and Hispanics we have to worry about, but quiet, reserved, calculating non-Whites who throw their votes, industry and money behind White displacement and the limitation of our most basic civil rights—such as freedom of association and free speech.

This data also make abundantly clear that we must stop the Obama amnesty and cut back illegal immigration from Central America that boast the highest TFR of all Hispanic subgroups. Most of this Central American immigration is still coming across the Mexican-American border illegally, and the Obama administration is encouraging more such immigration by its amnesty program and its systematic failure to deport border crossers.  This means that even if certain groups like NumbersUSA and the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) do not fully represent the interests of White nationalists, it is in our interest to support their efforts as a half-way house to slow down immigration until Whites gain representation in our political and cultural institutions.

The downward pressure on the TFR that ObamaCare will exert with free birth control is likely to disproportionately affect those groups with the highest out of wedlock births—Blacks and Hispanics—as shown in my previous article, “Bad News Propaganda: And Some Good News.”  Unlike Mr. Gutiérrez and his ilk, White Nationalists do not gloat over the demise of other peoples and their cultures.  That would be cruel and inhumane.  White nationalists deplore how their culture, which is linked to people and place for hundreds of years in the U.S. and thousands of years in Europe, is threatened with disappearance as a result of being swamped by non-Whites.  But the rhetorical net laid for the feet of White people is now catching the feet of our oppressors—our hostile elites which depend on the continued expansion of their army of ethnic soldiers and race hustlers.

If present trends continue, Whites will have the highest TFR in the United States.  But this will do nothing for White nationalism if immigration continues unchecked. Drastically lowering the rate of legal and illegal immigration should clearly be our number one priority. Lets get busy.

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