The Jewish and Muslim Questions

I ended my last article in The Occidental Observer focused on the current campaign against the “Jewification of Britain” and on some similarities between Islam and Judaism as well as between Muslim and Jewish communities living in the West. Nevertheless the Jewish and Muslim questions have very different repercussions for Whites, and this topic has been regularly and repeatedly discussed.

How in my opinion these two questions should be treated is the subject of this article.

I have observed a regular divergence of opinion on it. There is a spectrum of positions, at one extreme are those who think that Muslims are the real and sole problem, while at the other extreme end are those who believe that Muslims are innocent and only used as scapegoats.

In my view neither claim is entirely right or entirely wrong.

Muslims are a real problem, although they have been scapegoated.

Islam is at war with the West, it’s always been, there’s no denying it. Islam indeed is at war with the rest of the world.

Islam divides the world into two parts: Dar al-Islam (which in Arabic means “house/abode of Islam”, also called Dar as-Salam, “house/abode of Peace”); and Dar al-Harb (in Arabic “house of war”, also referred to as Dar al-Garb, “house of the West” in later Ottoman sources), which is applied to the whole part of the globe where Islam has not yet triumphed and Islamic law is not in force.

The word ‘Islam’ means ‘submission’.

The language is clear, the doctrine behind it even clearer: where Islamic rule has been imposed through whatever means, there is peace — but bear in mind that practically every single population and nation in the world that is Muslim now has become so through initial military conquest and subjugation. Where Islam has not yet been imposed, there will be war.

Islam is at war with us, whether we like it or not.

Furthermore, even a cursory glance at the violent history of Islam, characterised by wars of conquest and conflicts with its non-Muslim neighbours, will show that this doctrine has been constantly put into practice. Look at a map of the world and you’ll see that the borders around the Islamic part of it are in a state of continuous hostility and warfare with its neighbouring infidels.

As James Murray describes:

My Spanish ancestors fought for 700 years to free Spain of Muslim (and Jewish) rule. In that struggle, the first great Holocaust in history, the mass murder of Mozarabs (Spanish Catholics culturally assimilated by Islam) in Spain was undertaken by Muslims: One third of the Spanish nation was exterminated. (In the last thousand years, only the Qing extermination of the Dzhugarians was more complete.) The reconquest of Spain for Christendom secured it for half a millennium, a period of security that has ended with the collapse of Christendom and the triumph of the ideology of Cultural Marxism known as Multiculturalism, everywhere in the West.

So, to talk about Muslims as just innocent victims of Jewish power and nothing else doesn’t hold water; such talk is not supported by empirical evidence.

On the other hand, Islam, although it has the potential of being extremely violent and dangerous for non-Muslims (and for Muslims too), was sleeping before the last few decades of the 20th century, undergoing a relatively peaceful period in its history; many parts of the Islamic world had even become relatively moderate and more secular — which, in the case of Islam, means less intransigent and aggressive.

A major event and a major process have shaken Islam and awakened it from its slumber. The event is the birth of the state of Israel, which was the result of violence and dispossession against Palestinian Muslims as well as (often forgotten) Christians. The process is the series of wars, invasions and aggressions against Muslim countries that followed America’s declaration of “War on Terror” after 9/11, and which we have every reason to believe were only fought in the interest of Israel, living a precarious life surrounded by enemies and people with a justified grievance towards it.

To all this we have to add the process of mass immigration from the Third World to the West, that has been populating Europe with Muslims from Asia and Africa in vast, unprecedented numbers, which paradoxically, while generously offering them opportunities they previously couldn’t even have dreamt of, has also ungratefully “radicalised” them, due (among other reasons) to the sheer contact with the decadent, degenerate West which Muslim culture has always despised.

Unwanted immigration, more correctly called “invasion,” has in this way imported the Muslim problem — which could have remained confined to the Islamic parts of the world with their unfortunate, innocent Christian victims living in those hellholes — to Western shores, therefore making it impossible for Whites not to deal with it.

All this doesn’t alter the fact that Israel and Jewish interests have made use of false flag strategies to make Western powers wrongly believe that Muslims were guilty of acts of aggression or terror orchestrated by themselves to scapegoat Muslims, or failing to provide U.S. with forewarning of 9/11.

But here we come to another problem. Europe’s Muslim immigrants are sometimes described as a powerless, disenfranchised, non-privileged minority, and attacking such dispossessed people, for example through the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, is claimed to be therefore unethical, the lowest limit of moral behaviour. Typically, people who say this don’t utter a word about the “disenfranchised” Christians of Western Europe, odiously vilified and venomously offended by the same little pornographic rag.

The reality is that Europe’s Muslim minority is not powerless. Europe’s Muslims have protectors and supporters in high places: just ask the survivors among the thousands and thousands of British White girls who have been abused, raped and even murdered in the last 20 years. These crimes have been overlooked by police, social services, media and politicians (except the BNP’s Nick Griffin, one of the first to raise the alarm but his claims were ignored, and he was even prosecuted for his efforts because he’s “racist”). The perpetrators were let off the hook exactly owing to the fact that they were Muslim paedophile rings and nobody in the UK wants to be called “Islamophobic.” Have we all forgotten the power of victimhood in our societies?

And a “disenfranchised minority” that is prepared to kill for a series of cartoons? Wouldn’t that be a murderous minority, rather?

You have to consider the things that Muslims want to do to our countries and our people. One of them is to silence us — another similarity they have with the Jewish lobby. Muslims in Europe — where they have much more power than in America — don’t want to stop only Muhammad cartoons; they want to stop any rational discussion and criticism of Islam, impose their dress code in every circumstance, make polygamy part of the law, enforce halal meat as well as many other aspects of sharia law, and much more. They are an aggressive, bullying, uncompromising minority. Many of Europe’s Muslims — especially women — don’t even learn the language of the country they live in.

Christian and other non-Muslim children are regularly forced to eat halal meat at school; but, if some pork is found in the meal of a Muslim pupil, the dinner lady responsible is immediately sacked, even if it was just a mistake on her part. Is this a powerless minority?

There is a clear divide between North American and European Whites, as the two groups experience a different situation vis-à-vis these non-Whites and non-Christians: in the US Muslims are not very influential while Jews hold an enormous power, whereas in Western Europe something close to the reverse is true, with Muslims’ numbers high and increasing and their power growing, while Jewish power (although strong) is much less visible than in America.

I disagree with the position of those who say that to criticise Islam and Muslims is inappropriate because it increases support for Jews and their wars.

You cannot lie to the people about the nature of Islam and its threat just because it could theoretically benefit the Jewish and Israel lobbies. Our task is to make people aware of both menaces from two hostile groups. I also suspect that some people who take the above position are not aware of what Islam really is and their view is not based on Islam’s objective reality as much as on the way they see it as a force opposing Jews.

Even if we decided to ally ourselves with Muslims, we should be well aware of who our allies are, not blind to it.

I have even read comments that postulate a similarity between Christianity and Islam, which undoubtedly reveal profound ignorance of one, the other, or both, as they stand for diametrically opposite views of everything important, from human nature to ethical goals, from concepts of freedom to what salvation means.

You can see the enormous differences between these two religions from the results they’ve produced. It is no coincidence that only the part of the world that became Christian has made gigantic progress when compared to the rest of the globe, including the nations populated by races with higher average IQs.

In addition, we Whites of different continents are in this together, should form an alliance and find a common ground. Americans would also be wise to see the Muslim danger in Europe as a sign of things probably to come for them too, a warning for their own future.

There is already in Western countries — especially in Europe — a widespread dislike for Islam. It may not be mainstream, but it involves significant numbers of people.

What is true is that, when problems associated with mass immigration and different, conflictual ethnic communities (in the UK for instance) are discussed, Jews are hardly ever mentioned — while Muslims loom very large, under the common assumption that Jews are not really an ethnic group and that they are undistinguishable from native Whites.

While in Europe there is a growing awareness that Muslims mean trouble, that they don’t belong in Western or indeed any modern society, and even that they are bound, due to the supremacism in-built in their doctrine, to be in constant conflict with any other group they happen to live with, a substantial — if not overwhelming — majority of British and European natives in general consider Jews as not different from themselves, part of the social fabric of their continent. They think of Jews as a group with fundamentally the same interests as the rest of the community rather than a group that has consistently pursued interests that conflict with the traditional peoples of Europe. In short: not alien, not foreign, not ghettoised, not hostile, not dangerous.

In fact this impression is mistaken even at a superficial level: ultra-Orthodox Jews like the Hasidim can cause problems for the community they live in, described in my previous article. Besides, over 1 in 10 of Jews living in Britain are ultra-Orthodox, and they have large average families of 6-7 children, thus representing the future Jewry of Europe.

The overcrowding created by them puts them in conflict with all other local residents, due to building in violation of planning regulations. Ultra-Orthodox Jews, like Muslims and other Third World immigrants, are also overrepresented among welfare claimants.

However, since Jews in Europe, partly because their small number and relative low involvement in street crime, do not produce the highly visible problems caused in certain areas by the ever-multiplying, relatively impoverished, uneducated Muslims, they constitute a challenge that goes largely unrecognised.

Anyone with eyes, ears and a modicum of brain can see the Muslim threat. Granted, sometimes — as possibly in the case of 9/11 — the threat is not genuine and Muslims are the designated scapegoat. But at other times it is.

But to be able to spot the way in which Jewish organisations and intellectual movements have managed to transform our civilisation, culture, consciousness, way of thinking, laws and institutions to the point of devastating them and turning them upside down to suit their own community’s perceived needs, to discern all that requires much more acumen, power of observation, ability to see links and connect the dots, capability for independent thinking, and then work and research, not to mention courage.

In a way, to see Islam as an enemy is the direct result of what we’ve been led to believe.

Make no mistake, though. It is an enemy, although innocent on particular occasions.

That’s why, if we could show the public that behind 9/11 there was someone very different from Al-Qaeda, many other pieces of the puzzle would start falling into place for many people.

The reason why in Britain the so-called counterjihad movement, whose main force has been the English Defence League (EDL), has achieved practically nothing, despite having had a certain following, is twofold.

The first element is that it doesn’t have long-term goals, a vision. It’s not enough to be against something, you need to propose a positive solution. And in my view Christianity is the answer.

The second aspect is that the West’s Muslim presence and Islamisation are only the last link of a long chain, the most visible symptom of an underlying, profound disease. What the EDL has not understood is this disease, and how it is interrelated to the Jewish question which I briefly summarized above, and which is at the root of all the current problems.

Enza Ferreri is an Italian-born, London-based Philosophy graduate, writer and journalist. She has been a London correspondent for several Italian magazines and newspapers, including Panorama, L’Espresso, La Repubblica.

She blogs at

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