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Church Burning and Jewish Settlers in Israel

  Israel’s unfair treatment of Christians continues. At the end of June, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested Greek Orthodox Bishop Atallah Hanna during his peaceful participation in a march protesting the illegal seizure and subsequent sale of Beit al-Baraka hospital, which is part of al-Baraka church, north of Hebron. A few days ago Palestine News […]

Den judiska och den muslimska frågan

Original Article: The Jewish and Muslim Questions; Swedish translation posted at Motgift.nu Är judarna eller muslimerna ”det stora hotet” eller ”det stora problemet”? Den frågan verkar kunna splittra nationellt sinnade över hela Västvärlden. Vi presenterar här en välskriven och intressant artikel i ämnet från Enza Ferreri, som — likt Motgift tidigare påvisat — menar att […]

The Jewish and Muslim Questions

I ended my last article in The Occidental Observer focused on the current campaign against the “Jewification of Britain” and on some similarities between Islam and Judaism as well as between Muslim and Jewish communities living in the West. Nevertheless the Jewish and Muslim questions have very different repercussions for Whites, and this topic has […]

Stamford Hill and the Campaign against the “Jewification of Britain”

Until a few years, or even one year, ago I wouldn’t have believed that an anti-Jewish —(not anti-Israel) mass protest by Whites (not by Muslims) could have taken place in Britain. And yet, a march against the “Jewification of Great Britain” was planned by Joshua Bonehill, the 22-year-old leader of National Liberation. Scheduled for 22 […]

The Lavon Affair: How to Make Jews Look Good and Muslims Look Bad

There’s so much talk — usually derogatory — these days about “conspiracy theories” and “false flags”. Contrary to a widespread understanding of this term, the noun “theory” does not have a connotation of falsity or groundless, far-fetched speculation. Science is made of theories. Relativity is a theory, and so is quantum mechanics. Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, […]

Who Is for Free Speech? The Ariel Toaff Case

[youtube https://youtu.be/SpOC_vHkddA] This article is about three things: Jewish attitudes on free speech, a book about the so-called “blood libels”, and how these ritual murders of which Jewish groups have been accused are linked to aversion for Jesus and Christians in Judaism. The threads are all related. I’ll start from the third. The above video, […]