Interview with Jack Sen, Part 2 of 4

Jack Sen (left) with UKIP Deputy Leader MEP Paul Nuttall

Jack Sen (left) with UKIP Deputy Leader MEP Paul Nuttall

Part 1.

In the EKP interview, you mention a “shadowy elite bent on our destruction.” In reading it, I definitely had the impression that you were referring a predominantly Jewish elite, or at least an elite that is substantially Jewish to the point that elite attitudes and policies would have to comport to the interests and attitudes of its Jewish component.

For example, you stated that “The west is controlled by Leftists that can trace their roots back to former Soviet eastern bloc nations-men like Yossel Slovo [longtime leader of the South African Communist Party], Ed Miliband etc.”  Ed Miliband’s father is Marxist sociologist Ralph Miliband; you stated that “Ralph Miliband emigrated to Britain and did his utmost to destroy his host nation.” You also mention Dan Glass, Eleanor Margolis, Nadine Gordimer (an anti-apartheid activist who received the Nobel Prize for Literature), Barbara Lerner Spectre, and Emily Thornberry. Of these 8 names, only one — Emily Thornberry — is or was not Jewish, and it is well-known that the great majority of UK Jews descend from those who, like Ralph Miliband, immigrated from Eastern Europe.

This would seem to be suggest that you think that Jews have a major role to play in this shadowy elite. We at TOO have claimed that Jews are a necessary (but not a sufficient) condition for the current onslaught of immigration and multiculturalism in the US. Am I correct in my impression that you think Jews are a necessary condition for the current program of destruction against the traditional people and culture of the UK?

Certainly. There’s no denying that Jewish radicals are the progenitors of the vast majority of the intellectual and social movements undermining Western culture — from Marxism, the feminism ruining our families, homosexual advancement, and often counterproductive civil rights causes. Most honest people with a proper understanding of history recognize that Jews were and are at the forefront of these movements. Didn’t Barbara Spectre herself admit as much? [Ed.: Yes]

I was certainly quite clear that I thought as much in the interview.

But I was just in the middle of a campaign, caught up in the heat of a moment with a very intense interviewer who wanted me to pin all our society’s ills on Jews. Although I agreed with him on most issues, about halfway through the chat I realised that if I as much as sneezed the word Jew — even if i had the evidence to back up my point, my career in UKIP would be over at that moment.

In fact, it was my referencing Berger’s loyalty to Israel, and not my claims that there was concrete effort to eradicate White South Africans, that would ultimately sound the death knell of my campaign. I felt guilty that I couldn’t go any farther, but also thought the interviewer recognised that I was being quite clear, especially knowing the sort of audience the EKP website has.

But certainly I just personally couldn’t take that chance so I decided to leave it out of the interview.

Do I regret it?

Yes and no. If I’d been suspended then I would not have been on the ballot. Procuring more than 6000 votes (above the national UKIP average), a 10% increase from UKIP West Lancashire’s last showing, as a suspended candidate no less, was no small feat and something I am quite proud of.

Still, in some respects, I do, as I compromised my principles by biting my tongue.

I would have loved to have stated that the radical movements discussed — those designed with the intention of subverting Western nations, were mechanisms used to advance Jewish group interests. I just couldn’t at the time. I’m glad I have the opportunity to do so now.

One thing I do regret however, is putting my family through all of this — something you and I discussed during an earlier conversation.

We have been the recipients of numerous threats that the media and my own party have turned a blind eye to. Apparently alleged anti-Semitic tweets are a far bigger issue than the literally dozens of letters, threats and instances of serious abuse I’ve received.

And it’s only gotten worse since the mass media jumped on me and UKIP threw me under a bus publicly.

Just last week some clown — probably a paid Labour supporter, felt compelled to post my leaflet back to my local chairman. He drew a Hitler moustache on my face, popped an SS cap on my head, and scrawled the names of Reich SS officers below my council candidates. Himmler and Goebbels apparently had been reincarnated in West Lancashire. (I asked the police if I could keep the flattering artwork as a memento but they refused)

Before that I received a dozen or so death threats in the post from an organization calling themselves Stand up to UKIP.

Just prior to the election I attended a scheduled street surgery where I was confronted by a Labour party activist that shouted “anti-Semite” and “Nazi“ at me so I couldn’t speak.

On another occasion I was confronted by a group of Labour thugs in town. I was with my wife and daughter and literally menaced to a point where I thought the confrontation might get physical. My family was quite shaken up and it left me wondering if it was all worth it. But then someone has to take a stand.

My Nordic wife, English mother, and most importantly my 100% phenotypically white daughter, need someone to represent their interests and protect their wellbeing, and I have felt for some time now that I should be that person. That’s what dads and real men do.

Sadly, as I’m certain you’ve recognised, the vast majority of White Western men inhabiting Northern Europe and North America are quite apathetic — one can say they’ve been emasculated beyond belief by Cultural Marxism, evidenced by the tens of thousands of grooming gang rapes and not one instance of revenge.

After what transpired in Rotherham, where White children were singled out for rape, and the White Leftist establishment and their dads did nothing to prevent it, I felt I needed to take a stand, not against the perpetrators of the rape, but the Leftist fiends facilitating it.

Even if I am one of the few men in Britain willing to sacrifice his career to do so, I’ve done my part and I can certainly sleep at night. I am sure you know firsthand what it feels like to be bullied and silenced because of your beliefs, and recognise the importance of speaking out and doing what’s right for your family and country.

And I would like to add that the British gentile elite don’t deserve a free pass either. Without people like Tony Blair who spent decades undermining our national sovereignty, activists like Emily Thornberry and White social service workers that facilitate rape on a daily basis, even men like Farage that authorise the suspension of candidates who fight back, and usefully idiotic White English liberals championing the issues that do us the most harm, we’d be fine. We Westerners on many levels are our own worst enemy.

What won’t we do for a quick buck and a warped ideology we believe in.

In the EKP interview, you mention Hollywood movies that deal with the Holocaust and with slavery in the American South. You characterize such movies as “propaganda” and note that certain atrocities, such as the mass murders carried out by the Soviet government, are studiously avoided by Hollywood. You don’t mention a Jewish connection here, but Jewish influence and the prominent of themes favored by the organized Jewish community in the U.S. have often been discussed on The Occidental Observer. Do you believe that Jews and Jewish interests are overrepresented in the U.K. media?

Certainly. The elite use film, the media and academia to undermine indigenous culture. Nationalism, patriotism, even love of country is often perceived as a threat and to be attacked. Historical events that may or not have even taken place, are exploited in order to further tribal gains.

In the US, an annual stream of Slavery horror films in which the Black man is abused to such an extent his descendants still feel his pain, is being used to incite hatred and breed the animosity that currently exists between Blacks and Whites.

Most poor black people couldn’t care less what happened last week, why would they worry about something that happened to their ancestors hundreds of years earlier?

They only do because are they are being indoctrinated into hatred.

Sounds a bit conspiratorial but one need only look at how many films are released annually about slavery, the Holocaust, the Black civil rights movements, injustices perpetrated against women and other ‘minorities’. Is there any wonder Americans are at one another’s throats?

Over the next few years I expect Hollywood will do its best to whip your LGBT population into a hate-filled frenzy, as well. A few more films about Matthew Shepard will do the trick.

The British media is not immune from Jewish influence either.  It might not be as conspicuous as it is in the US, where Jews control almost every facet of popular culture, but it is quite bad.

The current director of television at the BBC-the person responsible for deciding what we watch, is a man by the name of Danny Cohen. Prior to his appointment as Director he ran Britain’s Channel 4 (Britain’s second biggest private station), then BBC One-our largest station.

Cohen, like many high ranking Jews attended a Jewish primary school, and was active in organisations pursuing Jewish interests. To think his background has no impact on his decisions is mad.

And Danny, is not an anomaly. Jews are overrepresented across our media, as top newsreaders and media personalities, singers and songwriters, actors and culture creators. Guest pundits are often Jewish and names like Margolis saturate our print and news media. Again, pointing this out is not anti-Semitic or racist. Many of these people are more English looking than I am. This is just about elucidating the truth.

Although we are not as hung up on the Holocaust in this country as you are in the US, we are certainly saturated with pro-Jewish messages on TV and in film. There’s no getting away from that.

My Cockney grandfather used to tell me-while the Englishman was acquiring and buying up all the land, the Jews were doingbuying up the world’s newspapers.

Nothing’s changed.

At TOO we have often disputed the idea that Jewish identities are irrelevant to political behavior and have made the point that Jewish leftists often retain a strong Jewish identity and pursue what they see as Jewish interests. Do you think that the Jewish identity of politicians like Luciana Berger and Ed Miliband influences how they would act on issues related to immigration, muliticulturalism, free speech, and Israel — issues where the organized Jewish groups like the Board of Deputies have strong opinions?

Undoubtedly. Men like Grant Shapps-former Conservative Party chairman and current Minister of State at the Department for International Developments, are constantly pushing for us to escalate hostilities with Iran, while lasses like Luciana Berger- are often involved in, or chair Jewish think tanks, lobbying firms and organisations with explicitly Jewish interests, all while supposedly representing Britain’s interests in Westminster.

Prior to being parachuted into Wavertree, Liverpool from one of the wealthiest areas of West London, Berger was President of Labour friends of Israel where she lobbied our government to send money overseas for three years. She only stepped down once she was gifted the safe Labour seat by Labour leadership.

Berger is in fact so obsessed with exposing anti-Semitism, she claims she sees it around ever corner. She’s more well known for feigning moral outrage and subsequently demanding anyone that criticises Jews be imprisoned for exercising their freedom of speech, as she did in my case, than serving her constituency-which was the point I was trying to make in those Tweets.

Berger’s had several local lads physically locked up over what amounts to the sort of online trolling hot heads get up to when they’ve nothing better to do, has petitioned American twitter to ban people and block terms that she deems offensive to Jews, among a variety of other examples of behaviour that clearly demonstrate her fixation and the allegiance I referenced.

And this is not some newfound cause she’s just started championing.

While serving as a National Executive Committee (NEC) member of Britain’s National Student Union she was in a very public row with her fellow Leftist committee comrades over their perceived anti-Semitism. She ultimately resigned from the board, publicly accusing other NEC members of hatred.

So it’s not like I criticised her without good cause, nor is it that outrageous to draw the conclusion she has divided loyalties-even a foreign one considering her track record.

Regarding Miliband. Although I harbour nothing but contempt for the man, Ed Miliband-the most high profile Jewish politician in Britain, is probably the least hawkish British politician of Jewish origin when it comes to foreign policy and supporting Israel. He has been condemned by many Jews for his voting record and apparent support of a two state solution. Miliband did in fact vote to push the British government to recognize the Palestinian state in a House of Commons vote last year.

Let’s just say a lot of his Jewish backers were none too amused. My guess is Luciana Berger called a hotline or two as well.

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