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You are quite familiar with the situation in South Africa. How would you describe it now, and how do you see it in 10–20 years? Given the conditions in South Africa, should White South Africans be allowed to immigrate to countries like the UK and the Netherlands where their ancestors originated? If so, how can this be facilitated?

I’ve been exposing the injustices facing minority South Africans for several years now.

My commentary on the ongoing genocide perpetrated against South Africa’s minority communities, of which my Afrikaner grandmother and Anglo-Indian grandfather were part of, and work as Director and Spokesman for the NGO, Stop the Killing, has been shared in literally dozens of English and Afrikaans South African publications, including Dan Roodt’s Praag.

Dan in fact wrote an open letter to Nigel Farage after my suspension, informing him that UKIP’s actions would result in the loss of tens of thousands of South African expat votes.

My desire to see political recognition of the genocide of all Western people was one of the primary reasons I became involved in UKIP in the first place — the one party I was hopeful would show concern for this very important humanitarian cause. UKIP also knew this early on.

The situation in South Africa is dire, to say the least. Minority populations are being ethnically cleansed out of existence as the international media look on in amusement. I believe this is transpiring as the minority South African and Afrikaner in particular, is unfairly vilified as he/she is seen by the international Left as the last vestige of colonial rule. It’s why the genocide continues and people look on apathetically — sometimes even cheering for carnage. It is also why the Leftist international media do their best to conceal what’s happening to South Africa’s minority population, and why the situation won’t be improving anytime soon.

Regarding whether we should, or as I believe, have an obligation to take South Africans with historical ties to Britain. I’d say yes, certainly. The problem is, under our current immigration policy, it’s simply not possible.

Britain, England in particular, is bursting at the seams, literally flooded with culturally incompatible migrants from Eastern European, Africa, Asia and the Mid-East.

Withdrawing from the European Union and implementing an Australian style points-based immigration policy would enable us to allow entry to the culturally and ethnically compatible people from South Africa, into Britain. Currently, due to Britain’s membership in the EU, Britain is forced to take immigrants from former nation states of the former Soviet Union, and, due to EU law, non-White ‘migrants’ invading Western Europe. Because of our downright suicidal immigration policy not only do we reject people that can actually help us, we are rejecting people we can assist — i.e., minority South Africans. There’s simply no place for people hailing from South Africa under our EU imposed immigration policy.

Then there are our very own immigration needs. Britain’s inability to dictate its own immigration policy also means we’re simply unable to import much needed doctors, nurses, scientists and engineers required to drive our flourishing economy.

To fill our skills voids, I believe we should also be looking to South Africa and our cousins in Western Europe. Brits would welcome Portuguese, Italians, Spaniards and ethnically compatible Commonwealth people with open arms.

Minority South Africans are honest, speak our language, are culturally compatible. They typically have money in their bank accounts to pay their own way, and are often ready and willing to buy property. They do not need and would be ineligible for benefits, do not perpetrate crime, and have historical ties to our lands — often times even an English parent or spouse, and generally would make good citizens.

And to my critics in the press that have claimed that my controversial immigration proposal is racist I often point to the fact that besides blocking Third World migrants from entering the nation, my proposal would call for a moratorium on immigration of people hailing from Eastern bloc nations.

Although White Eastern Europeans make up less than 2% of Britain’s population, migrants commit more than 20% of the crime in London, with people from Poland and Baltic nations topping the list. It costs us literally hundreds of millions of pounds annually to incarcerate new-EU migrants, not to mention the monumental human toll they impose on their victims and on society generally. Polish is in fact now Britain’s second most spoken language, ahead of even indigenous Welsh. There are some towns where one has to speak Polish to get a job. In my constituency a local factory fired a Portuguese manager due to the fact he didn’t speak Polish. He was fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Ending EU migration would immediately reduce the ‘cultural footprint’ uncontrolled immigration is having on my country.

In your interview on the European Knight project website you referenced the people behind the rise of South Africa’s ANC, stating “The West is controlled by Leftists that can trace their roots back to former Soviet eastern bloc nations — men like Yossel Slovo [longtime leader of the South African Communist Party].” Can you elaborate?

There was a revealing story I believe published in Haaretz that claimed that the head count of the “white opponents (terrorist wing of the ANC) of apartheid read like a census list from one of the old shtetls in Lithuania.”

And they weren’t exaggerating.

Marxist radicals in South Africa, as is the case in contemporary Britain and the US — and as was the case in Czarist Russia — were undeniably predominantly Jewish.  That’s historical fact, not anti-Semitism as the media purport. [Ed.: See also Sam Davidson, “The Role of Jews in South Africa since 1948,” The Occidental Quarterly 11(2) (Summer 2011), 51–88.]

Yossel Slovo, Harold Wolpe, Ruth First, Albie Sacha, Ronald Segal, Dennis Goldberg, Rusty Bernstein, Solly Sachs, Helen Suzman, Raymond Suttner, Ray Simons, Wolfie Kodish are just a few of the names people familiar with the militant wing of the ANC will recognize. They were all Jewish.

Then there were the journalists and writers living in their comfy all-White suburbs that incited violence that impacted the nation’s poorest people — that are still responsible for inciting the racial hatred that exists in South Africa today. Women like Nadine Gordimer, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature for her writing in opposition to apartheid and whose family all fled to New York once the ANC came to power, had a major hand in South Africa’s demise. They too were predominantly Jewish.

Nadine Gordimer with Nelson Mandela

Nadine Gordimer with Nelson Mandela

I’m not saying change wasn’t necessary — just that this was never about human rights with these radicals. It was about carnage.

To deny Jewish involvement in the bloodshed-something Haaretz has no issue admitting, would be as academically irresponsible as to deny Jewish involvement in mass murder in the USSR, including the Holodomor, or Turkish involvement in the genocide of the Armenian Christians. And my pointing it out is not anti-Semitic. It’s just being honest.

Interestingly, after the interview I gave the European Knights project website where I’d been accused of anti-Semitism by the junior Mail on Sunday reporter that broke the story, UKIP brass were more bothered with the fact that I’d referred to Nelson Mandela as a terrorist than my insinuation that the bulk of the West’s leading Marxist terrorists were of Jewish origin.

UKIP’s head of candidates, David Soutter, told me in no uncertain terms that if had he known I thought that Mandela was a terrorist, I would never have been named a candidate.

I found that quite amusing.

Another top UKIP person told me that if he was Mandela, he’d “have killed more people in order to liberate his own.” When I pointed out that most of Mandela’s victims were black moderates he gave no response.

Just yesterday during a lengthy chat I had with UKIP’s chairman, my opinion of Mandela was still more of an issue than anything else.

Do you foresee the same fate of the UK when it has a non-White majority as is happening in South Africa now? That is, will Whites be increasingly victimized and will the criminal justice system be increasingly inefficient or unwilling to prosecute White victims of crime by non-Whites?

Yes, certainly.

The Left turn a blind eye to the murder and mayhem being perpetrated against indigenous Western European people and then guilt us into believing that due to our ancestors’ actions (mine were sugar plantation workers, labourers, soldiers, RAF pilots, seamen and bricklayers) we are somehow responsible for the violence.

I merely look at the state of both of our countries, where one is all but prohibited from mentioning the race of the perpetrator when the victim is White. Giving violent hate-filled felons a free pass to harm others is a recipe for disaster, and we’re seeing the result of that now.

Although Black people are overrepresented at every stage of the criminal justice system, the British media gives them a free pass while our academic elite excuses their actions. We are taught to mollycoddle them, which only exacerbates the problem.

If we continue to allow the left to indoctrinate our children, run the media and tell us how to think, I can’t see how that will change anytime soon.

I’d like to mention that in South Africa many of the victims of hate crimes themselves are non-white and mixed race. There’s a massive Afrikaans speaking coloured community in South Africa, as well as a South Asian one that’s also being preyed upon. Non-blacks are deliberately being targeted as the state cares little about their well-being either. I think by being more inclusive in our sympathy we may be able to garner more support from the mainstream — something in fact a few of my Afrikaner partners have also realised and incorporated into their activism.

People might not want to hear this, but many South African Whites themselves have African ancestry and, by way of the one drop rule, have as much right to be in Africa as any full Black person. The fact that they present or self-identify as White doesn’t mean they aren’t African culturally or ethnically. One need only spend a few moments in South Africa to know that racial lines are blurred. Under Apartheid, families were often divided, with siblings from the same household attending different schools because of how mixed society in fact is.

When I was a child and the authorities were deciding where you’d attend school, they’d test your hair, measure the size of your lips and then, if you had dark skin, decide whether it was a product of the sun or not. Although I have an Indian surname I attended a White school whereas I knew children with lighter hair and Afrikaner parents that were placed in non-white schools, due to their facial features.

White nationalists seem to look at the White South African as some sort of pure White coloniser, when in fact many Afrikaners can trace their ancestry back to original settlers and their Malay, Indian and sometimes even Black lovers. Although unacknowledged by the nationalist government, Stellenbosch founder, Simon van der Stel, was himself mixed race.

To say that Afrikaner people, most of whom have no clue who all of their early ancestors were, have no right to be in South Africa, is wrong on so many levels.

Still with extremists on both sides deciding who’s oppressed and who isn’t, what race one belongs to or doesn’t, people will always be in a state of identity confusion that racial profiteers can exploit.

If it suits the narrative for a mixed person to be Black, he will be. If it suits them to be White, he will be. I merely think of Barack Obama. And the far left and right are both guilty of this.

I myself am viewed by the British establishment as a neo-Nazi and White supremacist —remarkably, this is how I am described on websites and blogs set up to expose racist politicians — simply because I came out against Jews.

One of the local reporters — a fella that has actually been quite supportive — has labeled me the West Lancs Hitler.

If I’d won the election my guess is I’d have been labelled UKIP’s first Asian MP in spite of the fact I have at most 25% Asian ancestry and look about as Indian as Cristiano Ronaldo.

I think encouraging predominantly White people who present as White to identify as white and fight for European and White causes is a sensible course of action.

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