‘Get that White!’: A Gaze into a Coming Nightmare of Non-Prosecution of Hate Crimes Against Whites

It started off like any average ‘First Friday’ in Florence, Alabama. It ended with a glimpse into the racial nightmare that awaits the European peoples in the coming racial apocalypse. Earlier this month, the Dawes family participated in the familiar civic event before starting to make their way home as evening descended. A group of Blacks, numbering between 20 and 30, chose this moment to set upon them with fists and weapons. Fourteen year old Brandon was the first to be singled out. He was struck violently from behind with a closed fist. When dad Kevin realized what was happening, he quickly moved to defend his son, positioning himself between Brandon and the attacker. At this point the whole frenzied mob moved in to screams of ‘Get that White!’ The feral crowd only dispersed to the sounds of police sirens, but by then the family’s car windshield had been destroyed, and Kevin had several Taser burns and broken facial bones.

The government and police response in the aftermath of the incident tells us all we need to know about our growing need to organize and educate for adequate racial self-defense. Pressed by the media on whether the incident would be treated as a ‘hate crime,’ Police Chief Ron Tyler has been hesitant in the extreme, stating only that the attack was being looked at “from all possible angles.” There is only one angle from which this incident can be viewed – the angle of ceaseless racial conflict. Unfortunately we happen to live in an age of duplicity on a mass scale. There is no racial conflict, we are told, only very bad ‘racists.’ The race traitors and Jews that fill the minds of our youth with the bile of ‘Whiteness Studies’ are so very careful to remind us that while race is a ‘social construct,’ only ‘Whites’ can be racist. Whites are ‘trained’ oppressors, who dominate and exploit simply by existing. We are the personification of ‘hate,’ and we can therefore never expect equal application of ‘hate crime’ laws. They are, in fact, ‘White crime’ laws –designed specifically for our people to be held on a leash. They are the rope that forces us to engage in the racial struggle for existence with one hand tied behind our back.

As Chief Tyler busies his overwhelmed mind in an effort to explain this attack, the Commissars have descended on little Florence in order to prevent the further slipping of the racial veil. Complicating the investigation, and adding insult to the Dawes’ injuries, the FBI has dispatched trainers to hold a two-day seminar in Florence on “appropriate decision making,” after the incident was reported. According to the police department’s Facebook page, “The class is designed to prepare first line supervisors for ethical and appropriate decision making in a changing world.” This is the verbose and meaningless garbage that passes for policing in our bankrupt age. Reverse the races for a moment. Imagine the Dawes’ were Black, and the mob was White. There would be no hesitation in designating the incident a ‘hate crime.’ There would be no FBI descending on Florence — unless they were hunting for a group dreamed up in the fevered imaginations of the SPLC. Little Florence would not be long in entering school textbooks as the site of a ‘massacre,’ and Mr Dawes would find himself hailed as some kind of modern Ghandi. Foundations might get named after him, funds would be raised for the family, and the media coverage would be nauseatingly copious. But the reality is that there will be no justice for the Dawes family.

Nor was there justice for the Whitaker family of Philadelphia. Around 5:30 p.m on Memorial Day, Paul Whitaker, 36, and his children were getting ready to leave his mother’s house to head home to Trevose, in Bucks County. Whitaker watched as his daughters and their cousins were approached by a group of neighborhood ethnics with whom he was all too familiar.

Tensions between the two sets of kids had been running high for months. The Blacks and Hispanics often bullied and teased his sister’s kids, who share the home with their mom and grandmother. “They were arguing, and I just told them all to get off the street,” Whitaker later recalled. “I didn’t want them to get into a fight.” The ethnics departed, and Whitaker went back about his business. But moments later a group of around 15 Blacks and Hispanics descended on the family home.

An unidentified Black man with the group stormed onto the Whitakers’ porch, where he punched Whitaker’s brother-in-law. Whitaker tried to intervene, but the man then ambushed him. He had something heavy in his hand, but Whitaker said he couldn’t get a good look at the object. “There were so many people on the porch; there were fists and hands flying everywhere,” Whitaker said. The uncontrollable Black punched and stomped Whitaker, slamming his head into the concrete until he was unconscious. Whitaker’s daughters, ages 12 and 14, tried desperately to protect him but caught blows to the head from several ethnic females. Whitaker, the girls and Whitaker’s mother — who injured her arm in the fracas — were treated at area hospitals. It took five stitches to mend the gash above Whitaker’s eye, his head was swollen for days, and his abdomen was badly bruised. Trisha Pellicciotti, Whitaker’s ex-wife whose daughters were assaulted, said the melee came after months of simmering racial tensions between the Whitakers and several Black and Latino neighbors. She astutely described the case as a hate crime. Besides her daughters, Pellicciotti said, her nieces and nephews, ages 7 to 12, witnessed the beatdown and are paralyzed with fear. “They’re prisoners in their own home,” Whitaker said of his sister’s kids. “They can’t leave, they can’t even go outside.”

It’s clear that this is another incident of creeping racial aggression. Pellicciotti has more insight in this respect than her ex-husband, who has said “”I just don’t understand this anger. … We grew up in that neighborhood; it’s completely changed around my mother’s house.”

Whitaker needs to understand that inter-racial aggression is a fact of life, and that when the demographics of his mother’s neighborhood “completely changed,” the most important change was the arrival of racial conflict on the family’s doorstep. The work of the Commissars, however, goes on quietly. News reports relate that police paperwork relating to the attack made no mention of any racial motivation. Police considered the case a matter of simple aggravated assault and ‘aimed’ to arrest at least one attacker. As of writing, no arrests have been made.

This isn’t surprising from the Philadelphia P.D. Back in early June Whites were forced to organize in protest at ongoing racial attacks and police reluctance to provide adequate defense. Between 150 to 200 people gathered at a street corner to protest a rash of what they openly stated were racial attacks at the hands of a gang of Black females. “These females have been terrorizing the neighborhood; they have robbed, attacked and beat others in our neighborhood,” event organizer Jack Owens said. A man who did not want to be identified says he and his 10-year-old son were among the victims. “I was attacked while sitting on my door step, basically for no reason at all,” the man said. Another woman who also did not want to be identified says the women attacked her inside her home calling her racial epithets when she tried to fight back: “Next thing I know, I hear, ‘white bitch we’re gonna fuck you up!’ … They’re inside spitting at me, pounding at my face, beating me.” The victims all stated that responding officers from the 3rd district did not even take a report or make any arrests. A report was finally taken after Councilman Mark Squilla got involved and there is at least now an internal investigation into why complaints from Whites were ignored. At time of writing, the feral Blacks have yet to face charges.

Ten months ago in Mississippi a White, former Marine was left with brain damage by a crowd of racial epithet-screaming Blacks at an all night restaurant near West Point. Ralph Weems IV, 32, a former Marine who served in Iraq, has years of recovery ahead of him following the attack. The assault began when Weems and his friend David Knighten went to eat an early morning meal at a Waffle House. Knighten recalled that they were told by a Black patron that white people weren’t safe in the area. The pair went into the establishment anyway, and soon got into a verbal argument with seven Black customers. Knighten and Weems left after police were called to the scene and before any fighting broke out. Knighten and Weems then drove to a nearby Huddle House restaurant but they were followed by a large group of Blacks. After coming out of the bathroom, Knighten says he found a large group of locals surrounding his friend. They were all arguing. It all turned physical in short order and Weems was beaten down quickly by overwhelming odds. Knighten says he was unable to reach Weems to help. Knighten took severe injuries, but Weems was left on the floor kicked into unconsciousness. Knighten says that the crowd was hurling “racial slurs” at them during the attack.

But the Commissars have been busy here too. West Point police have continued to deny that this is a ‘hate crime.’ “This does not appear to be a hate crime,” Police Chief Tim Brinkley said in a statement. “We are investigating this as an aggravated assault. It’s very early in this investigation but thus far the evidence and statements suggest that a verbal altercation turned physical and somebody got hurt,” the Chief said. ‘Somebody got hurt’?

Not only is the nature of policing in these incidents nothing less than disgusting, the incidents themselves haven’t raised any moral indignation at all. White wrath has instead been mid-directed and focussed on the ‘folk devil’ of Eric Casebolt, the White policeman who responded for his authoritative, no-nonsense, approach to the chaotic aftermath of ongoing Black invasions of a swimming pool in a predominantly White area of McKinney, Texas. The disparity in reactions and portrayals between McKinney on the one hand, and Florence (which happened on the same day) on the other, offer clear insight into the diseased sense of morality that the mass of our people currently adheres to. We also get to see, in microcosm, moral lines being drawn in relation to land and territory.

Take, for example, the situation in McKinney. The Guardian, always a source of the most turgid contrivances of the Marxist scribblers, argues that the poor Blacks were forced to invade Craig Ranch, the predominantly White neighborhood, and seize their pool facilities because the evil Whites are still oppressing them through ‘soft’ segregation. So in this context, Whites have no right to defend what is theirs. They are morally compelled to share, even if this means a gradual (and inevitable) loss of quality in the area/provision/facility. And even if this ‘sharing’ is only the beginning of wholesale displacement. Contrast this with the media silence on cases in which Whites have been mostly dispossessed of their territory/facilities/provisions. Here, the lesson is that when Whites give way, their territory will gradually succumb to decay and degradation, and all against a backdrop of White victimization. The horror of White displacement will be smothered in a blanket of silence to hold up the rotten narrative of White evil. Only Whites take territory and terrorize the ‘Other’ within it.

This is the Kool-Aid narrative our society imbibes. Of course, there are those who refuse to sip from the well of lies, but the morality perverts ensure they are cut off quickly before dissent can become entrenched. Karen Fitzgibbons, an elementary school teacher in Lubbock, Texas, was fired for a Facebook post in which she wrote: “The Blacks are the ones causing the problems. … I’m almost to the point of wanting them all segregated on one side of town so they can hurt each other and leave the innocent people alone. Maybe the 50s and 60s were really on to something.” Fitzgibbons is the kind of independent, astute woman I would like teaching my children, but she aligned herself with the ‘folk devil’ Eric Casebolt and is thus anathema to the establishment. She will be deprived of gainful employment to the greatest extent that the system can achieve in this age of soft gulags. Casebolt, meanwhile, is in hiding amid threats to his life.

Surveying these, and many, many similar developments, I can’t help but conclude that ‘Open Season’ on Whites has begun in earnest. There were at least 19 Black-on-white murders in the first 15 days of 2015, and at least 136 so far this year. The police will not protect us any longer. They have been repeatedly castrated by too many cleverly orchestrated and propagandized media scandals, and our people’s expectations of policing have changed for the worse. Our deluded fellow Whites would rather froth at the mouth over the manhandling of a disobedient Black teen, than express indignation at the near-murder of one of their own whose only crime was trying to find somewhere to eat breakfast. Faced with total abandonment by the police, future White self-defense is likely to be increasingly pushed in the more radical direction of vigilantism and paramilitary action. From here it will probably be designated as terrorist activity.

And then, at that stage, the criminalization of White attempts to simply survive will be achieved.

I am reminded of “The Anti-Semite’s Catechism,” printed by the journalist and publisher Theodor Fritsch in 1883. Within it, Fritsch outlined principles that can broadly be interpreted as practical steps for White survival in a Jewish-dominated world. These took the form of a kind of “Ten Commandments.” In the context of what we have discussed above, the tenth bears mentioning:

Thou shalt use no violence against the Jews because that is unworthy of thee and against the law. But if a Jew attack thee, ward off his Semitic insolence with German wrath. 

Fritsch couldn’t imagine a world when Whites would be confronted with violence from masses of foreign races in Europe, or places where Europeans had established hegemony. He couldn’t imagine a world in which the police would neglect to protect their own people. We don’t seek or promote violence. We want only to be left unmolested. And yet we will eventually be forced to educate and organize in order to ensure that future acts of insolence on the part of our ungrateful guests are met with the utmost severity of our wrath.

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