When Tanveer Met Asad: Vibrant Vignettes from the Modern West

Is there such a thing as an admirable murderer? I’m not sure, but I do know a good candidate for the title: a New Briton called Tanveer Ahmed. He was the devout Sunni Muslim who drove hundreds of miles in March 2016 to hold a theological debate with a devout Ahmadi Muslim called Asad Shah.

The debate consisted of Tanveer stabbing and stamping Asad to death outside the shop owned by the latter in Glasgow. I don’t admire the murder, but I do admire Tanveer’s behaviour afterwards: he made no attempt to evade justice, pleaded guilty without hesitation, and happily accepted the long prison sentence that he received in August 2016. If Britain still had the death penalty, I’m sure that he would have accepted that just as happily.

Murderers for Muhammad

And why not? Like his hero Mumtaz Qadri, “The Martyr with a Machine-Gun,” he had committed murder for the noblest of reasons, defending the honour of the Prophet Muhammad and despatching a blasphemer to hell-fire. He had a subjective feeling of certainty and he acted on it in a way that has strengthened his version of Islam. Mainstream Muslims do not believe in rationalism, scepticism or liberal democracy. They marched in large numbers around the world to express their outrage at Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses (1988) and the Muhammad cartoons published in Denmark in 2005. They did not march to express outrage at the Charlie Hebdo massacre or the murder of Asad Shah.

Tanveer Ahmed in the Daily RecordMurderer for Muhammad: Tanveer Ahmed

It’s easy to understand why: they didn’t march because they didn’t feel outrage. Tanveer Ahmed’s methods of debate have many supporters in Britain, some of whom were in court to hear his sentence. As he was led away to begin it, they chanted in solidarity and he shouted in Arabic: “Muhammad is the prophet; he is the only one!”

The chants were a little thing that said a lot. Can you imagine what would happen to White nationalists who noisily supported an ethnically motivated murderer inside a court?

Non-White Privilege

I think White nationalists who acted like that would be arrested and charged under Britain’s ever-multiplying laws against thought crime. But Tanveer Ahmed’s supporters were left alone. They had non-White privilege, like the supporters of Mark Duggan, the hard-working Black gangster and father of six whose shooting by the police in 2011 led to the righteous looting and murder of the London riots. In 2014, the jury at a public enquiry into Duggan’s shooting found that the police had acted lawfully. Duggan’s supporters reacted as Blacks so often do when they do not get their own way: with self-righteous aggression.

London riots and Mark DugganFruits of vibrancy: the London riots and Mark Duggan

After delivering their verdict, the jury had to be rushed to a “secure area” because, in the Guardian’s euphemistic words, “anger in the courtroom spilled over.” The Dugg-thugs then took their self-righteous aggression outside the court, where some of them were “held back by police from physically confronting the police chief in charge of armed officers.”

If they had been White nationalists, they would have been arrested and prosecuted. As it was, they had non-White privilege and could safely behave like savages.

A Deadly Blow against Hate

Their behaviour was another little thing that said a lot. How does a liberal democracy function with people like Tanveer Ahmed, Mark Duggan and their supporters in it? “Less and less well” is the simple answer. Where non-Whites are concerned, the British state is afraid to enforce the rule of law not merely on the street but actually inside a court. That’s where Ahmed’s supporters openly chanted in celebration of sectarian murder and Duggan’s supporters forced a jury to flee for safety.

It’s no surprise, then, that non-White rape-gangs have been free to operate for so long in places like Rotherham and Oxford. But liberals don’t worry about any of that, because they hold firm to this simple dogma: any amount of vice in a minority, no matter how vast, can be outweighed by any amount of virtue, no matter how small. That’s why they’ll swiftly forget the murderer Tanveer Ahmed even as they continue to promote the cake-baker Nadiya Hussein. As I described in “Let Them Eat Cake,” liberals think that Nadiya has struck a deadly blow against hate by winning a baking competition whilst wearing a hijab.

Culture of Consanguinity

She has single-handedly proved that Britain would collapse without its vibrant Muslim population and Nadiya’s cake recipes. Or so liberals want us to believe. But even as they promote the Nadiya cult, she inadvertently lets slip the truth about the harm Muslims are doing to Britain. After baking the cake for the Queen’s ninetieth birthday, she received another signal mark of liberal esteem in August 2016: she appeared on the BBC radio show Desert Island Discs, where she talked about her life and chose the eight records she would like to have on a desert island. There were headlines about the racism she said she had often experienced, but another revelation in the programme was much more interesting and important. See if you can spot it in an earlier interview:

She grew up as one of six siblings, and cooking was always at the centre of family life. … Her childhood was exceptionally happy, and she describes with warmth trips to Bangladesh and a home filled with family and food.

“As a child my life felt like an adventure, because my dad is such a fun guy. I had a brother and sister who were in and out of hospital a lot – one had a congenital heart problem and the other had a cleft palate. But my parents never stopped smiling.

“They always had time for extended family: every weekend it was 50 people for dinner.” (Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain: ‘I wasn’t thinking about representing Muslims, I was thinking about my bakes’, The Guardian, 12th October 2015)

Congenital heart problems and cleft palates are often caused by inbreeding, which is very common among British Muslims. It lowers intelligence, shortens life-span and causes huge expense to the National Health Service. It also promotes clannishness and hostility to outsiders. But don’t think that British liberals do nothing in response to this very serious problem. Quite the reverse: they promote inbreeding by allowing lots more Muslims to immigrate into Britain every year.

Asad Shad’s murderer Tanveer Ahmed was one of them: he “came to Britain on a marriage visa more than a decade ago.” He is probably closely related to his wife, but that would not have bothered British liberals. Nor would his inability to speak Britain’s official language: as the Guardian delicately put it, he “does not speak fluent English.”

“The Lucky Country”

Ahmed’s lack of fluency in English is another little thing that says a lot. Why is Britain importing so many people like that? Only haters and xenophobes could ask such a question. The Guardian certainly doesn’t ask such questions about Asad Shah’s murder. Instead, it expresses its dismay at how a “sectarian dispute in Pakistan was played out in Glasgow,” just as it expresses its dismay at FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). Britain has imported Third World people and acquired Third World pathologies. Who could have seen that one coming?

But the suicide cult of liberalism isn’t active just in Britain. The Guardian recently published an article by an anonymous intensive-care nurse. This was one of her anecdotes:

Not long after that, I spent three night shifts caring for an 80-year-old grandmother who had been savagely raped and beaten with a fire extinguisher in her own backyard while she was gardening. The trauma to her brain was so severe that the neurosurgeons had to remove a third of her skull to relieve the swelling. Her family was devastated, and as her condition worsened on the morning of my last night shift, they begged us to stop her life support and let her pass away unaware of the horrors that she had suffered. We did. (I have seen death unite families and spill secrets that tear them apart, The Guardian, 25th July 2016)

It was an interesting crime, wasn’t it? I hadn’t heard about it before, but I had a hypothesis about the criminal, so I investigated further. My hypothesis was soon confirmed. The murderer-rapist turned out to be someone called David Samuel Ray, whose White-sounding name does not match his skin-colour:

David Samuel RayVibrancy veiled: David Samuel Ray

Grandmother bled to death after being raped by teenager in her backyard on Australia Day

A teenager went on a rampage which culminated in him raping and murdering an 82-year-old grandmother who had been raking leaves in her backyard, a court heard. The Court of Appeal in Brisbane was making alterations to the sentence for David Samuel Ray, who was 18 years old at the time of his offences on Australia Day last year. …

Ray stole a fire extinguisher from Mrs Temperley’s home and attacked her with it. Mrs Temperley had a skull swelling, broken nose, two fractured ribs, fractured sternum, bleeding from her ears and nose and a collapsed lungs. There were also tears in her genitals which resulted in profuse bleeding that ultimately caused her death.

Ray appealed the sentences of life for the rapes and also a 15-year term for burglary. The Court of Appeal reduced his sentences for the rapes from life to 14 years and three years for a burglary. Ray will continue to serve life for the murder. (Grandmother bled to death after being raped by teenager in her backyard on Australia Day, The Courier-Mail, 13th December 2011)

Like America, Australia used to be called “The Lucky Country,” because it was peaceful, prosperous and an excellent place for Whites to live. Like America, it isn’t a lucky country any more. But is David Samuel Ray a vibrant Black or a vibrant Aborigine? Blacks are even more over-represented among rapists of old women than they are among rapists in general, as the prolific offender Delroy Easton Grant has proved in Britain.

If David Samuel Ray is Black, then he was yet another foot-soldier in the Jewish war on White Australia that was discussed by Brenton Sanderson at the Occidental Observer earlier in 2016. Just as they have in the United States, Jewish groups in Australia have enthusiastically promoted mass immigration from Africa and the rest of the Third World. The same Jewish groups are, of course, firmly in favour of Israel’s border fences and tough laws against Third-World “infiltrators.”

Hate-Think in Hungary

What’s good for goyim isn’t good for Jews. But is mass immigration from the Third World good for goyim? I don’t think so. I think it’s extremely bad for all Western nations. Sixty years ago, that was an entirely orthodox opinion in Britain. This is an extract from Ian Fleming’s novel Diamonds Are Forever (1956):

[James] Bond had a natural affection for coloured people, but he reflected how lucky England was compared with America where you had to live with the colour problem from your schooldays up. He smiled as he remembered something Felix Leiter had said to him on their last assignment together in America. Bond had referred to Mr Big, the famous Harlem criminal, as ‘that damned nigger’. Leiter had picked him up. “Careful now, James,” he had said. “People are so dam’ sensitive about colour around here that you can’t even ask a barman for a jigger of rum. You have to ask for a jegro.” (Diamonds Are Forever, chapter 13, “Acme Mud and Sulfur”)

England isn’t lucky compared with America any more. Nor is Australia. Both nations have imported Third World people, acquired Third World pathologies, and lost First World freedoms. The Jewish community and the suicide cult of liberalism are perfectly happy with that, but neither the community nor the cult is omnipotent. It won’t take a majority of Whites to overthrow them. Quality is more important than quantity and some excellent minds are now working for the White nationalist cause. Where Viktor Orbán of Hungary leads, new leaders in other Western nations may soon follow:

All the documents released by the European Commission always contend that to solve European economic and demographic challenges we need people from outside, who come in and settle in Europe. This is a common standpoint from the European Commission. I am one of the few Prime Ministers who disagree with that. Not in Europe’s name of course, because I do not have the right to do that, but for Hungary I do! Hungary does not need a single migrant. Thus, for the Hungarian economy to work, for the Hungarian population to subsist, for Hungary to have a future, for that, we do not need a single migrant. (Viktor Orbán: Hungary Does Not Need a Single Migrant, Gates of Vienna, July 2016)

Without migrants, Hungary has rising wages rather than sectarian murders, rioting Blacks and raped grandmothers with fractured skulls. Twelve-year-old girls go to school there rather than being set to work by Muslim entrepreneurs as child prostitutes. Hungary is a stale pale nation and intends to stay that way. America, Britain and Australia used to be the same. There is no law of history that says they can’t be the same again.

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