NPI Washington, 2016: Anti-Fa brutality, police indifference, and the inevitable media assault

The National Policy Institute (“NPI”) held a Conference in Washington, D.C., from Friday, November 18 through Saturday, November 19.  The subject matter of the Conference was “The Alt Right and Trump.” 300 people attended the Conference.

Conference registration was done on line.  The attendees were not scrutinized or “approved.”

At the Conference numerous well-credentialed speakers presented well prepared and thoughtful remarks to a well behaved and orderly audience.

The restrained and orderly behavior of the attendees was especially noteworthy because of repeated criminal attacks upon NPI supporters both Friday night and Saturday from so-called “civil rights protesters” as they have been called in the media.  They call themselves the “Anti-Fa” or “anti-fascists,” a term used by extreme Marxists against their enemies.

The “protests” went far beyond peaceful picketing.  The Anti-Fa were able to bully two restaurants in succession into cancelling the reservations for the Friday dinner.

When NPI was able to secure yet a third venue, the “protesters” were able to track attendees and proceeded to crowd around the entrance where they harassed patrons having their meals in the restaurant and those seeking to enter and to leave.  They became more and more excited and emboldened.

Many of them were wearing masks to hide their identities.

Feeling their oats, the Anti-Fa invaded the restaurant itself.  They charged up the stairway trying to reach the top floor where the NPI dinner was in process.

Fortunately, the Anti-Fa were blocked on the stairway and were not able to invade the dining room and to carry out whatever schemes they had in mind had they been able to achieve their goal.

We have some idea of what their intentions were because the “civil rights protesters” were carrying spray bottles filled with foul-smelling fluid with which they sprayed Richard Spencer, the President of NPI, who was among those who blocked off access to the dining room proper.

Invasion of a restaurant under these circumstances constitutes criminal trespass.

Criminal trespass is a crime.

Spraying people with foul-smelling liquids is not “cute.”  It’s not “funny.”  It’s a crime.  It’s called assault.

The Washington police made no arrests.

When NPI requested that the police make the Anti-Fa remove their masks, the police refused to do so.  The “civil rights protesters” apparently have a “right” to try to shut down peaceful meetings, to invade the premises of public accommodations en masse and to assault them.  And, at least according to the District police, they have a “right” to wear masks when they do so.

The bullying of two successive restaurant venues, the criminal trespass into the restaurant, the violent assault perpetrated upon the President of NPI and the wearing of masks so as to hide the identities of the perpetrators — none of these were matters that were of concern either to the police or to the mass media.

The next day the conduct of the Anti-Fa grew nastier, as is to be expected when they were permitted to engage with impunity in criminal acts while wearing masks.

The “civil rights protesters” recognized a conference attendee who attempted to interview the Anti-Fa along with her cameraman.  Without any provocation whatsoever five or six of the protesters then brutally attacked the cameraman.

They knocked him to the ground.  They proceeded to savagely kick and pummel him while they chanted “Die, die, die.”  Had one of the kicks hit the victim in his neck, the “civil rights protesters” could easily have fulfilled their terroristic threats of “Die, die, die” and he could have been killed.

As it was the victim’s injuries were “limited” to bruises and a bloodied head.

The female interviewer, fortunately, was not beaten, kicked, or subjected to death threats.  The Anti-Fa (or civil rights protesters) “only” sprayed her down with an insect repellent.  This also is an assault.  It can potentially do severe damage to the eye and permanently impair one’s vision.

This time the police did arrest at least some of the perpetrators.

However, no effort was made by the police to make the masked participants in the “peaceful demonstration” remove their masks.

If there is any Ku Klux Klan left in America, one wonders if their “right” to go about the District of Columbia masked and to commit assaults upon attendees of liberal or minority meetings will get similar respect from the District’s police force.

NPI hopes that the potentially fatal or blinding criminal assaults upon the two attendees will actually be prosecuted and punished with an appropriate severity.

However, the history of the District on this matter does not give encouragement.  Last year at a previous NPI event, an Anti-Fa civil rights protester assaulted one of the participants.  She was arrested but the charges were simply dropped without the prosecutors ever contacting the victim.

No officer, speaker or Conference participant ever replied in kind to the violence and criminality of the Anti-Fa.  This restraint, needless to say, seems not to merit any note by the media.

Likewise, deliberate and violent assault appears not to be worthy of the prosecuting attorney’s notice so long as it is committed by the “right” type of criminal against a politically unpopular victim.

None of the crimes committed against NPI and its participants aroused any significant moral indignation in the mass media.  Most of the media did not report the crimes at all despite dramatic footage of the “civil rights protesters” kicking and beating their victim and of his bloodied head as he was taken to secure medical attention.  Reporting on sustained criminal violence against politically incorrect NPI does not fit the narrative.  A media dedicated to self-censorship knows better than to report such crimes because the facts do not fit the politically correct narrative.  The media are far more interested in reporting “all the news that fits” rather than the much vaunted slogan of the New York Times, “all the news that’s fit to print.”

There was plenty of media indignation, however.  It’s just that the indignation was directed at NPI.

Indeed, the vast majority of people hearing about the conference experienced only the tsunami of media outrage over what the politically correct element considers to be significant.

This concerned what happened during the last 45 minutes of a two-day conference.

Richard Spencer, the President of the NPI, gave the final speech, concluding by celebrating the Trump victory with a  saying “Hail Trump,” words lifted directly out of the official song “Hail to the Chief” played and sung when the U.S. President enters and intended to celebrate Trump’s victory.

The media, however, being gripped by its confirmation bias to turn any movement promoting White identity into an expression of National Socialism, turned this into a suspicious version of “Heil Hitler.”

At the conclusion of Spencer’s speech the audience gave a standing ovation.

The media filmed the audience.  Several individuals whose identities are unknown to NPI gave Hitler salutes.  One is seen rushing to the front and repeatedly saluting so as to ensure that he can get prominence.

The vast majority of those attending simply clapped and dispersed.

End of story?


The media has erupted with wild claims of a Nazi rally in the Ronald Reagan Building.

Rachel Maddow, among others, informed her audience that “the room” erupted into Nazi salutes.  Several out of 300 became “the room.”

On the other hand, the Occupy Movement has been the subject of tender media reportage.  That movement featured not a few but many participants at its events who wore hammer and sickle shirts or carried flags displaying the hammer and sickle.  Many others wore shirts displaying the face of the Castroite communist terrorist Che Guevara.

The Occupy Movement participants who engaged in this conduct publicly demonstrated their support of a movement that has killed many times the number of the victims of the Nazi government. They showed their desire for a Marxist dictatorship which would scrap the Bill of Rights and every principle upon which our society is supposed to function.

There was never any media outrage about any of the Communist participation in the Occupy Movement.  You see, to mention the Communists wearing their Che Guevara shirts and carrying their hammer and sickle flags…that would be “McCarthyism.”

But it’s not “McCarthyism” when the media tags nearly 300 people as “Nazis” based on a few unknown participants giving Hitler salutes.

Likewise, the Communist Party itself formally endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.  The reaction?  Did the media demand that Hillary reject Communist support?  Did it express alarm that Communists desired her election?  No.

NPI does not engage in mass Hitler salutes at its events.

The New Left in the 1960s made a decision that it would not follow the example of the ACLU that banned Communists from membership when the Cold War broke out.

The Students for a Democratic Society sensibly enough said that they would allow anyone to participate.

NPI likewise does not impose strict conditions upon its attendees — except that they not engage in violent or criminal behavior.  If someone who is a National Socialist wishes to attend a function, he or she may.  Likewise, Jews and African Americans may come and, in fact, there were Jews and African Americans who attended the Conference without any incident.

NPI is not responsible for its attendees’ political beliefs.  “Audience guilt by association” is a parody of the Left’s parody of Senator Joseph McCarthy who never carried guilt by association to such a ludicrous barnyard level.

NPI does wonder whether the identity and motives of the Hitler saluters in the audience are legitimate.

We call attention to the fact that the most prominently displayed picture of the Hitler salutes was taken at the restaurant at the dinner on Friday night. It depicts an Asian female who participated (without incident) in the Conference standing with two males.  It has now been determined that the two males gave the Hitler salute were Jewish who were attending the conference to “check it out.”

NPI is as American as apple pie.  Its beliefs on matters like the radioactive race issue are not extreme.  They are the same views held by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

NPI’s expression of it beliefs is protected by the First Amendment…or in theory such expression is supposed to be protected by the First Amendment.  The denial of police protection to those who are repeatedly attacked by fanatics who are wed to un-American views and values like the Anti-Fa is a means of aiding and abetting the violation of our right to assemble peacefully and to seek redress for the wrongs being perpetrated against White European America.

Likewise, the rankly hypocritical and schizophrenic behavior of the mass media also constitutes media approval and sanction of violent criminal acts suppressing our First Amendment Rights.

This Hitler issue is a classic tempest in a teapot.  It is a contrived issue.  It is a non-issue regardless of the efforts of the Rachel Maddows of the world to make it the alpha and omega of the Alt Right and what the Alt Right is and what it wants.

NPI is annoyed by the way this “issue” has been handled.

However, NPI is not at all surprised.

Media bias is simply a fact of life in America as we saw in the starkly unfair and unequal treatment by the media of the two main presidential contenders.

NPI knows that if one is seeking to find fairness, one looks in the dictionary, not in the pages or on the screens of the mass media.


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