The Murder of Maria Ladenburger: A Fatal Lack of Vitamin “R”

I don’t know the exact nature of the death of Maria Ladenberger, the daughter of an EU official who was recently raped and drowned by an Afghan migrant, who had been let into Germany by Angela Merkel, but I suspect that the real cause of death wasn’t an excess of water in the lungs but rather a deficiency of Vitamin-“R”.

Vitamin R, in case you haven’t guessed it, is Vitamin “Racism,” yes, that word again, a word that is applied to everything from Nazi death camps to so-called “microaggressions,” and since we don’t have actual Nazi death camps anymore, or even KKK lynch mobs, it generally refers to people feeling slightly uncomfortable or suspicious of people of other races and cultures whose ways they don’t particularly understand or like.

This may seem somewhat trivial for most of us most of the time, but for a young woman cycling along a deserted path late at night, it has rather a lot of utility. She was apparently returning home from a party after 2:37am.

Like William Blake’s famous Tiger, this crime is almost awe-inspiring in its fearful symmetry, although it is a symmetry of a bleak and unforgiving Manichean kind  —the evil, ingratitude, and brutality of the Afghan is almost perfectly matched by the innocence, generosity, and vulnerability of the “privileged” German girl.

The scene of the rape was a cycle path — created by Germans keen to create a clean, healthy, and well-functioning society, only for it to be used as a sordid and convenient location for the throwaway lust of someone from a savage and brutal society. The manner of Maria’s death seems especially galling — dumped and drowned with apparent contempt, presumably as post-coital Islam reasserted its fake morality over the killer’s temporarily lust-purged mind and manifested itself as shame and disgust with the raped kufar meat.

As for young Maria, it seems clear that she had been steeped in what James Lawrence recently referred to as the Cosmopolitanism of her EU flunky parents, and had fully taken that ideology and identity to heart.

She was studying to be a doctor — yes, Medicin Sans Frontier. etc. — and was, of course, helping out at the local refugee center (yes, every German town now had one thanks to “Mother” Merkel).

This place may be where she first came to the attention of her rapist and killer, or it may not be. But this fact alone points out her glaring naïveté — a young, attractive women placing herself in the vicinity of the deep sexual frustrations of young Muslim men separated from their own women and the substitutes for women that their culture provides out of grim necessity; meanwhile Germany pays for cute little lectures on picking up German girls that succeed in sending out a signal of weakness rather than actually helping Mustafa and Mohammed score with Helga and Hannah down at the local Eurodisco.

It is not just individuals who now lack Vitamin-“R”. Germany and Sweden show that it is also states and societies, especially those marked out for destruction. But it is found in its most tragic form in cases of young women raped and murdered.

It is glaringly obvious that Maria was a person completely lacking in this vital mental vitamin, the age-old antidote to the naive acceptance of dangers we don’t understand. Maybe she had no warning of the actual attack, if her assailant leaped from his hiding place, or maybe she actually stopped for him. But she at least knew the situation, i.e., that her town was full of young male strangers.

To any rational person, it would have seemed an act of extreme foolishness to cycle alone along a deserted path that late at night. But for someone with Maria’s background and clear lack of Vitamin-“R”, to even think like that would have outraged not only her anti-racist sentiments, but probably her feminist ones as well,

Had she lived it is not improbable that her beliefs would merely have pushed her into a different kind of death — a self-sacrificing career in the NGO or public sector, serving the rising invader population, with one to zero children herself.

Sadly but not surprisingly, Maria’s values are shared by her parents. Her father is a senior legal official in the EU whose main goal seems to be to displace the traditional people and culture of Europe. One might think that he would rethink his commitment to importing rapefugees, but in lieu of flowers, he asked that donations be given to Bangladeshi Catholic Church whose homepage states, “We support refugees and asylum seekers with family sponsorships in refugee dormitory Bissierstraße in finding accommodation or employment transitions.”

This is another example of who Christopher Donovan has called the Amy Biehl Syndrome in which altruistic Whites are murdered by the people they are trying to help, followed by parents who forgive and commiserate with the murderers. White pathology indeed.

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