A great New Year’s Resolution: Subscribe to The Occidental Quarterly

The Winter issue of The Occidental Quarterly is out. It’s really one of the best we’ve ever put together, and, at 136 pages, certainly the longest. It contains great articles and review essays by writers well-known to readers of TOO, including Nelson Rosit, Dr. Ray Wolters, Dr. Andrew Joyce, Guillaume Durocher, F. Roger Devlin, and Dr. Tom Sunic. I also have a lengthy review of an important book on the influence of the Catholic Church on European history — part of my book project on Western origins.

Subscription information is available on the TOO website, only $60 for the print version (plus access to the electronic version), $30 for the electronic version only. It’s a great gift, perhaps especially for people who are not aware of the perspectives we highlight. We are now approaching the break-even point on costs.

The Occidental Quarterly - Winter 2016-2017
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