Rep. Steve King gets shamelessly racist — or not

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) caused a major liberal media meltdown by tweeting positively about anti-Islamic Dutch politician Geert Wilders and repeating his comments in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, “We Can’t Restore Our Civilization With Somebody Else’s Babies.

On the face of it, this sounds like a certain type of DNA — the DNA from our babies, not theirs — is a prerequisite for maintaining our civilization and culture. The horrors! Pass the smelling salts.

However, in explaining what he meant in a follow-up interview (where super liberal Cuomo states “[America is]known … as a bastion of diversity and it is an unqualified strength for us”), King makes it clear that he is all about cultural and genetic assimilation — that he opposes setting up of isolated ethnic/religious enclaves that remain isolated from the rest of society even after 2 or 3 generations. Indeed he looks forward to the day when all Americans look the same as a result of intermarriage, presumably some shade of brown, with genetically recessive blondness entirely eradicated. He is opposed to allowing people into the US (or Europe) who hate Western civilization, and he complains that the left is out to destroy Western civilization and “replace it with something entirely different.” He is unabashedly pro-Western civilization (“Western civilization is a superior civilization and we want to share it with everybody”), noting that the spread of Western civilization via the English language has been associated with increased personal freedom and higher standards of living.

Cuomo then presses the point, asking if Muslims, Jews, Christians, Italians, etc. are Americans, and asserting that “they are all equal … We don’t need babies from any one of those groups more than from any other of those groups.” Rep. King then seems to say that, although everyone is equal in the eyes of God and equal in the eyes of the law, not all groups contribute equally to society: “Certain individuals contribute more to society than others, and certain groups of people will do more on the productive side than other groups, that’s just a statistical fact.” Cuomo, being your standard liberal, says that these differences are entirely explained by differences in opportunity, whereas King puts the blame squarely on culture. But in any case, according to King, it has nothing to do with race: “It’s the culture, not the blood … it’s never been about race.” If children from other cultures were adopted into American homes (i.e., assimilated American homes), they would all grow up to be good Americans.

Rep. King certainly has a consistent perspective: Unassimilated enclaves of people within Western societies contribute less because of their culture. The key difference between him and Cuomo is that King thinks Western culture is superior and we should do our best to maintain it by assimilating other peoples to it and encouraging assimilated peoples to have more children. On the other hand, Cuomo doesn’t have a problem with multi-culturalism (although early on he makes a gaffe by stating America is a “melting pot” — anathema to today’s left) and presumably thinks that any differences in how much people contribute to society is entirely due to whether or not they have been held back by White racism.

Rep. King is certainly pushing the limits of acceptable discourse in mainstream America. His talk about “other people’s babies” certainly does sound like he is referring to DNA, but he deftly dodged the bullet by framing it in terms of cultural assimilation. Still, maintaining that Western culture is superior and that assimilation to Western values is essential is certainly not the program of the multicultural ideologues on the left. The left has unabashedly promoted identity politics for all the groups they are so intent on importing into Western societies, with the proviso that any inkling of identity politics for the Whites who invented the civilization is anathema. The inevitable result of this is the racialization of politics and an upsurge in implicit (and even explicit White) identity. After all, White people seeing manifestations of group solidarity every day on TV and in their social media — whether its Black Lives Matter protests, Mexican flags waved at anti-Trump rallies, or terrorism by strongly identified Muslims or calls for sharia law by Muslim groups in the UK — are bound to start thinking of themselves as a group, just like everyone else. Social Psychology 101: Visible outgroups, especially if they are noisy, aggressive and hostile, trigger a stronger ingroup identity.

In the wake of the election, even some liberals, finally realizing this, began to call for an end to identity politics. Those who sow the wind reap the whirlwind. Identity politics is profoundly antithetical to the liberal traditions of the West based on individualism.

On the other hand, from an Alt Right perspective Rep. King’s comments fall short of the mark. As race realists, we suppose that, even though some people are likely more assimilable than others, substituting other people’s babies wouldn’t work in the long run. Muslims, originating from the Middle East with its long history of societies fragmented into segmented, clan-based groups, seem to be particularly prone to maintaining their culture. Muslim culture is quite foreign to European liberal culture (especially on issues such as the rights of women); not even the benighted Chris Cuomo could think that simply supplanting Americans with Muslims wouldn’t change our culture and institutions.

And neither King nor Cuomo deal with the reality of race differences in IQ and impulse control which are so essential to success in navigating the complexities of contemporary society. Within American society, the racial gap in academic achievement continues, unaffected by the hundreds of billions of dollars expended on uplift programs for low-achieving minorities. European societies are now seeing the same pattern with African and Muslim immigrants.

Does anyone seriously think that importing millions of Black African converts to Judaism would maintain Israel as a Jewish state?

Despite King’s disclaimers, he seems quite aware that the left is eagerly awaiting the demise of White America. In a radio interview, he stated, referring to people like Latino activist Jorge Ramos, “Their effort here is to be celebrating because the United States is moving towards becoming, the whites becoming a minority, a majority-minority within the country according to what their plan is.”King also recommended that listeners read the novel, The Camp of the Saints, by French author Jean Raspail, “a book about Europe being overcome by immigrants which has also frequently been referenced by top Trump adviser Steve Bannon. The book has been criticized as presenting a racist view of immigration.”

On the whole, then, King would seem to be at least implicitly White and probably, if you got into his heart of hearts, he really does get it. Realizing that non-Whites are eagerly awaiting Whites becoming a minority has a way of doing that.

Also, King’s saying that Western culture is superior does flirt with the possibility that something about European genetic uniqueness fed into the triumph of the West. And if there is indeed something genetically unique about the peoples who created Western society — a genetic basis for Western individualism, then of course one could not recreate European civilization with peoples from a different gene pool. What’s so amazing is that liberals like Cuomo believe with absolute certainty that this could not be the case. It’s an a priori  moral certainty, not subject to debate and immune to all the data from behavior genetics and the long history of ethnic and religious conflict. And if you don’t subscribe to such ideas, you are an evil person — a moral cretin rightly outside of the morally defined ingroup.

Sorry, but that’s pure ideology, a poisonous ideology that is obviously contrary to the legitimate genetic interests of European-descended peoples and the legitimate interests of European-descended people to create their own cultures. The left has replaced the utopia of a classless society with the utopia of a kumbaya future where all ethnic and religious groups will live peacefully together in mutually supportive relations with each other. King realizes this is ridiculous, predicting “Blacks and Hispanics ‘will be fighting each other’ before overtaking whites in population.” Black/Latino tensions in the Los Angeles area are well known.

With the experience of how those classless utopias created by the left actually functioned, with their economic difficulties (now recreated in Venezuela), their lack of personal freedom, and millions of state-sponsored murders, one should be permitted to at least entertain an opposing point of view within the mainstream media: As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Multiculturalism will not end well.

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