A Shameless Shabbos-Shiksa: Priti Patel Shills for Israel

If you thought Harvey Weinstein looked creepy, take a look at Stuart Polak:

Stuart Polak of CFI

Lord Polak, as Stu became thanks to David Cameron, is currently receiving some unwelcome attention in the British media. For such a small minority, Jews certainly get involved in a lot of scandals, don’t they? However, Lord Polak hasn’t been molesting women or, as might seem more likely, molesting children and small animals. Instead, as a proud and patriotic British Jew, he’s been busy on behalf of the only nation that matters to him: Israel. He was director of Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) for twenty-six years. The Jewish Chronicle, no less, has described how “under his guidance, CFI became the biggest lobbying group in Westminster, holding lunches for 700 guests, making countless Downing Street visits, and developing contacts throughout Israel and the Middle East.”

Vibrant Vacation

The scandal he’s now in goes like this. In August this year, he was present at unauthorized and unrecorded meetings held between Israeli officials and the International Development Secretary Priti Patel, a high-testosterone female politician who had taken her prime-ministerial ambitions on holiday to Israel. Among others, she met the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yuval Rotem of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, and Gilad Erdan, Minister for Public Security, Information and Strategic Affairs.

High-T fem-pol: the vibrant Priti Patel

Those are important people, but she didn’t bother to involve her own government in the meetings or to have any minutes taken. What was she up to? Well, inter alia she seems to have been discussing ways to send more British taxpayers’ money into Israeli bank accounts. And a lot of that money already heads there: “It’s a little known fact that over 20 per cent of the medicines that the NHS [National Health Service] uses come from Teva, an Israeli company, and it’s rising, heading towards 25 per cent.” Patel wanted to fund the Israeli army’s aid work in the occupied Golan Heights, which isn’t recognized as Israeli territory even by the very pro-Zionist Conservatives, and to give British aid money to Israeli organizations working in Africa.

Would all that have been good value for money? Who cares? What matters is that it would have been good for Israel and for Patel herself, who could then have relied on more help from Conservative Friends of Israel with her political ambitions.

Of Mice and Ministers

But her scheming has come undone. What she got up to in Israel should have been enough for her to be removed from office, but Theresa May is a weak prime minister and would have allowed her to stay. However, Patel has now resigned for failing to disclose even more meetings with Israeli officials: on 7th September, she met Gilad Erdan again, this time in London, and on 18th September she met Yuval Rotem again, this time in New York. She has apparently had a great deal to discuss with representatives of a foreign power and Lord Polak was present “at 13 out of a total of 14 meetings.” But no White Briton seems to have been there: only Jews and Patel herself, a British-born Indian Hindu.

Priti’s puppeteer: Benjamin Netanyahu

This is an extraordinary situation. I would call it a clear case of treasonous conspiracy, but somehow that doesn’t seem appropriate. Despite being born here, Patel clearly isn’t British. This country is merely the base for her career. From a Jewish point of view, she’s an ideal servant: a highly ambitious and unprincipled Hindu who has no concern either for British Whites or for the Muslim Palestinians displaced and mistreated by Israel.  As I’ve already noted, she wants to become prime minister. She doesn’t seem very bright, with a degree in Economics, Sociology and Social Anthropology from Keele University. And the Daily Mail claims that “her tenure as International Development Secretary has been a crushing disappointment.”

Shameless Shabbos-Shiksa

But what do intelligence and competence matter in British politics? Theresa May, David Cameron and Tony Blair got the top job not by exhibiting those qualities, but by diligently following the golden rule: Serve the Tribe. The repulsive Alastair Campbell, Blair’s thuggish and unprincipled press secretary, has said recently in the Jewish Chronicle that Blair “was conscious of the need to have very, very good relations” with “the Jewish community,” which wields enormous financial and media power despite its tiny size.

Patel is conscious of the same thing as Blair and she might easily have got away with her outreach to Israel. Indeed, it’s likely that this outreach has lasted far longer and involved far more than she has now been forced to disclose. Patel is a shabbos-shiksa: she serves Jewish interests in return for funding and friendly media coverage.

But this scandal is not receiving the analysis it deserves in the British media. The BBC has managed to discuss it at length without mentioning either Lord Polak or Conservative Friends of Israel. The Jewish Chronicle hasn’t been so inhibited:

Stuart Polak: the Westminster veteran at the centre of the Priti Patel storm

Ennobled by David Cameron two years ago, Lord Polak is a veteran of Westminster’s corridors of power. He has taken literally hundreds of Tory MPs to Israel over the years, educating them about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and securing their support in parliamentary votes and the public arena. Under his guidance, CFI became the biggest lobbying group in Westminster, holding lunches for 700 guests, making countless Downing Street visits, and developing contacts throughout Israel and the Middle East. …

He is likely to be horrified by the headlines and coverage around the Patel trip. As long ago as 1990 he told the JC what motivated him — a desire to “put as much as possible back into the community” …

Those in the community who cringe at the thought of Israel being involved in another lobbying story, following the Al Jazeera secret filming row at the start of the year, will also despair. “There are so many antisemitic conspiracy nutters [i.e., lunatics] out there — they love to believe this stuff. It’s a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream,” said one leading figure.

For Lord Polak it is unclear how damaging the episode will be. Insiders — including those who have known him for years — describe him as a “hard character to read” and someone who largely operates “below the radar”. That may be the case, but he is at times a prominent figure around Parliament. The day before the Patel story broke, he was deep in conversation with Gavin Barwell, Theresa May’s chief of staff, for a considerable amount of time in a public area. Hardly the stuff of secret backroom deals.

Another Westminster source may have hit on the best explanation for the peer and politician’s actions last summer: “I think they knew they were not doing the right thing. They took a gamble and screwed up. Love him as I do, Stuart may have got too cocky for his own good. He’s helped Priti’s rise — and her fall.” (Stuart Polak: the Westminster veteran at the centre of the Priti Patel storm, The Jewish Chronicle, 7th November 2017 / 18th Cheshvan 5778)

Speaking as an “antisemitic conspiracy nutter” myself, I have to say that I don’t “love to believe this stuff.” I abhor the enormous influence wielded by the tiny Jewish minority across the Western world. And I have no choice about whether to believe this latest example. The facts speak for themselves. A Hindu politician has plainly been conspiring with British and Israeli Jews in pursuit of Jewish interests and personal gain.

Priti Patel seems much less likely to become prime minister now, but one can hardly fault her methods. By diligently serving the Tribe, she was merely doing what Theresa May, David Cameron and Tony Blair did before her. Unlike her, they got away with it.

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  1. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Has GCHQ not debriefed this shabbos-shiksa Patel person and the bad-guy-visaged Cameron-minted Lord? Why are they both not forbidden access to Parliament and parliamentarians, and charged with treason? (By gum: Patel is still drawing a parliamentarian’s pay check!) And really, someone should tell Patel not to deck herself out like a Christmas tree.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Any phrase commencing with ” as I understand it “, is excruciating to the ears of anyone who wrote a 98 on their Formal Logic final. Its probative value ? ZERO !

        GCHQ’s head is Jeremy [?] Fleming; as in Flemish-Flanders- Belgium. As in Flemish sheep-wool weavers who settled in Scotland/Ireland in the 12th. [?] century.

        Those Flemings there, are working on their genealogy using state of the art DNA tools, but regret ultimate uncertainty due to outside influences, as would any similar research.

        I’m certain they would be delighted to benefit from your ‘opinion’, enriching their data.

        Readers demand and deserve FACTUAL, preferably sourced information; while they do not demand infallibility.

        If memory serves, one of the four [?] fallacies in Formal Logic, is that of SWEEPING AUTHRORITY; i.e. it is common knowledge that so and so, etc., etc..

        Common knowledge ALONE, does not make a fact. Ibsen, in one of his plays has a doctor in charge of the local, lucrative spa, knowing of shortcomings in the water, say to his wife: But Darling I have the entire town on my side ! She replies: Yes, but are you sure that’s such a good thing ?

        Unsubstantiated facts, at the very least and necessarily, especially in a fact-based forum, have the effect of deconstructing one’s credibility. Starting with but not limited to the denial of the existence of the Atomic Bomb.

        • Rerevisionist
          Rerevisionist says:

          I’m amused you use your authority, such as it is, to pretend you know about ‘atom bombs’.
          Now I look, that comment referred to Matthew Gould from
          Who is supposed to be some director of something in a (((British))) government. Thanks for your correction – but can you be sure someone supposedly head of a spying outfit is in fact who you think? As you say, Common Knowledge ALONE does not make a fact.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            OF ” SOMETHING “…

            Much obliged for making my point. For one, I can think of Canaris.

            Over and out: for good.

          • Rerevisionist
            Rerevisionist says:

            For people who dislike the silly manoeuvres of people like ‘[REDACTED]’ let me repeat my point that it’s unlikely a head of any spy outfit would ‘come out’.
            (Mod. Note: ‘ReRev’, personal sniping at other commenters, however much you might disagree with them, is not the kind of “discourse” appreciated at TOO. Cut it out.)

  2. Mr Curious
    Mr Curious says:

    I admire you Americans for electing Trump, Germany for voting AfD, Slavic states for rejecting rapefugees. That wouldn’t be possible with Britpussies here, everyone is uber-cucked anti-Trump. Stiff Upper Brained.

    GB would be alcoholic if we took a shot every time the (((rats))) promoted coalburning in commercials.

    Every TV ad promotes the most trashy mudsharking a britpussies lap ot up like a northern marr swallows kebabs. Supermarkets M&S & John Lewis BOTH have pozzed out lies with a nice middle class White girl burning coal. Debenhams Christmas ad also. The worst offenders are bankd – the Switch ad has a dindu in a hideous terracotta suit subliminally telling White trash to ‘date’ him. Any White who still has his money in Halif*x (more like Rotherham) should just hand cut his parts off for their ads are non-stop coalburning psyops.

    M&S ad has a White burglar burgling a black man!!! SO STATISTICALLY ACCURATE!!! IF Iwere ti burgle a house, I wouldn’t be overweight & I saf wouldn’t wear a BRIGHT RED JACKET!!! M&S KL ads both portray classy White women like lovely Melania who are graceful
    & cultured & speak many languages. Britpussies don’t realize your tupical coalburner is a trashy, ugly, vulgar donkeytart like Katie Price who are borderline retards themselves a glottal stop like theu’ve never left Essrx. Or dregs like Dawn French.

    AdRats should be identifiable – either a gold star or dinces jat permanently worn. #RabbinicalSopistryLIARS


    • Michael Adkins
      Michael Adkins says:

      Mr Curious,

      Good points. We are experiencing the same campaign in the US promoting birthing more of those biracial (especially with Africans).

      There is a new twist in domestic violence ads. A white male is dating an African woman, but lo and behold he’s beating her. It’s a kind of killing two birds with one stone; miscegenation and domestic abuse. Of course one never sees a African male, a Jewish male or Japanese male beating anyone!

      • T
        T says:

        Great points. It’s also promoting a third item, black hatred towards whites, particularly in its further demonization of white males in the eyes of black males.

    • Aitch
      Aitch says:

      Have you seen the Butlins ad? Typical 21st century British family on holiday – glamorous white wife, African husband, and a bunch of hybrid kids.

      • T
        T says:

        If a person wants to understand what they’re now doing to Europe study closely the United States and its history where much of this first got put into practice. This has been a very long term project. The below excerpt was published in the US in 1870 regarding a description of the future 1970 citizen of a unified North American continent. What’s not stated and is only barely in between the lines is that this is simply the expected result of the emmasse predation and exploitation of many tens of millions imported in by diktat as wage slaves due to a refusal by all too many of a people’s elites (and hangers on) driven by self interest and greed to pay their own whatever the current local labor costs to do so were or would be (not coincidentally, this is exactly what drives ‘the scourge’ of chattel slavery). ‘Wage slavery’ is the much more accurate historical term for ‘cheap labor’, the systematic theft of labor being the difference between the prevailing cost (or what would be the prevailing cost, were the ‘immigration’ not taking place) to pay one’s own in any given locale and what they are actually paying the imported, not ones own person, typically referred to as an ‘immigrant’. I am in no way referring to generic wage labor when I use the term ‘wage slavery’ as some ie Marxists, Communists, socialists, etc, have much abused that term but specifically am referring to the phenomena I’ve described. The term ‘cheap labor’ (sounds like a low cost brand of toothpaste) is a term of propoganda invented by the chattel slavers and traders of the British Empire in the early 19th century to cajole the general public into accepting this very destructive and nefarious thing which is in reality a variant of slavery and which is far more destructive and virulent than the already ghastly chattel slavery. Neither variant, chattel or wage slavery, should be tolerated in any way. For this reason I strongly suggest in general not using the term ‘cheap labor’ but would suggest ‘wage slavery’ (or something else) instead for the very same reason I would suggest not using those other terms of propaganda ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ but instead suggest using something else. ‘Cheap labor’, so called, and the accompanying ‘mass immigration’ are quite simply chattel slavery and its trade monetized, and which got its start in the US and Britain in the latter 18th and early 19th century, getting a real head of steam going by the mid-19th century, and manifesting itself in the US Civil War. The US South, where chattel slavery had become entrenched, was not for various reasons going with the historic flow of the wage slavery (ie cheap labor, so called) system being pushed by the US North in conjunction on a more global level with the British Empire, and hence the war. I should add that at the start of the war in 1861, the local Anglo-Saxon work force (ie the local farmers daughters known as ‘the Yankee girls’, etc) of the US manufacturing center of Massachusetts had already largely been displaced by wage slaves imported in by diktat from French Quebec and Ireland, and they already had imported tens of thousands of Chinese wage slaves through the back door of the US state of California. Always by diktat, just as with chattel slavery. Durring the war much hype was made by northern propoganda that these imported wage slaves were ‘white European’, as opposed to ‘black slaves’, forgetting to mention and hoping it would go unnoticed about the tens of thousands of Chinese already imported into California. However, as Anglo-Saxon, Irish, and French in Europe now and in the US and Canada then could have told you, there are quite real differences between European peoples, some good, some not so good. And as the 1870 writer (one L P Brockett) of this excerpted chapter or the promoters of multiculturalism today would no doubt readily inform the reader, ‘great things have small beginnings.’ The US south had its own propoganda promoting what was at best a default nationalism. I say ‘default’ because the chattel slaving holding elites and hangers on there would have (as Virginia almost did in the years prior to the war) adopted the very same wage slavery (ie cheap labor) system the US north had, the only holdup being concern about guaranteed reimbursement for the loss of their four million chattel slaves, that huge expense to ultimately be borne by the vast non-slaving portion of the public, north and south, to pay for. Had that huge expense been borne by the public the whole country would have had the same wage slavery system (ie cheap labor) we have now a few years earlier than 1865. The real problem of powerful elements of a peoples’ elites and hangers on, north and south, being historically addicted to slavery and the accompanying refusal to pay their own the local value of that labor, was not redolved by the Civil War nor would it have been resolved by paying off the chattel slave holders as all indications are they would then have adopted the cheap labor system, the same system in place today. Anyway, the US northern soldier quite literally, despite the lies told to them, fought and died for the cause of cheap labor…ie wage slavery…much like the Confederate soldier, despite the lies told to them, fought and died for the cause of chattel slavery. Both ‘sides’ moral causes for that war were poor ones, both being in reality the promotion of and or the retention of slavery, and not in any way shape or form in the interest of the vast majority of the population, north or south.

        Not coincidentally in this, as all are former members of the British Empire and where chattel slavery and its trade, and now its heir apparent, wage slavery, have reached their zenith, its the Anglosphere countries such as the US, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, that are the hotbeds of ‘multi-culturalism’ and its promotion.

        Below is excerpted from pg 515 of the 1870 book One Hundred Years Progress of the United States. The specific chapter was entitled Marvels that our grandchildren will see; or, One hundred years’ progress in the future

        The Coming Man

        “But the future man of the American Republic will be a thoroughly composite being. It is not simply the union of the Mongolian and Caucasian types to which we are to look forward, but an agglomoration of almost all races and nationalities to make up the coming man. The old English of New England, Virginia, and the Carolinas, already blended with Huguenot, Norman French, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, French, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian blood, will receive from the Canadian French on the one side and the Hispano – Americans on the other, an accession of French, Spanish, and Portuguese blood not wholly free from an admixture in all degrees with the Northern Indian, the aztec, and the negro races, and these, with the blending in our own Southern and Southwestern States with the African stock, and the combination in the not distant future of Chinese, Japanese, Hindoo, Malay, and Polynesian, will give to the average American of a hundred years hence, a darker complexion and very different intellectual and moral characteristics from those which we possess today…”


        • T
          T says:

          The promoters of multi-culturalism at the high levels learned a lot from their experiences in the latter half of the 19th century. Upon China’s being first flooded with drugs and then ultimately crushed when it attempted to resist the physical and cultural debasement of their people, ie their defeat by the British Empire in the two Opium Wars, China became increasingly unstable and Chinese in great numbers were prepared to flee their ancient homeland in the mid 19th century. Powerful elements of the elites of the Anglo-Saxon and Jewish people (and their hangers on) within the British Empire and the United States at that time had great hopes of ‘importing’ tens of millions of an estimated potential four hundred million strong Chinese laborers into both the US and Australia as wage slaves and thus completely displacing the then largely Anglo-Saxon populations in both places. Despite a determined effort of several decades they would fail in this during the 19th century but it was certainly not due to a lack of trying. The below are some examples amongst others that can be found from that time where these hopes (plans?) were expressed openly in the media of the day.

          They learned since that time the power of positive reinforcement and conditioning such as the advertisements mentioned in this thread promoting the mixing of races. As for race itself they’ve learned to not even overtly acknowledge its existence much unlike in the 19th century (though they do just that all the time despite themselves and only barely between the lines). They also have learned since then that applying positive reinforcement does wonders when promoting widespread drug use to cause societal disruption and breakdown, as opposed to clumsily using guns as was done in China with the Opium Wars to enforce a drug trade, which tips the hand that you may have hostile intent and unnecessarily creates within the act its own resistance. Compare what was done to China in the mid 19th century regarding opium as what was done to the then 90 percent European population of the 1960’s US (and what is being done now to what remains of that Euro population in the US?) where with much work from the corporate mass media this drug use was made to look ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ and ‘anti-establishment’ where in reality it was very much promoted by powerful elements and hangers on of the establishments of the US and UK, the very same type of elites who had promoted the exportation of opium into China and the importation of Chinese wage slaves by diktat into both the US and Australia during the 19th century, the very same types of elites and hangers on whom had been heavily involved in chattel slavery and its trade in the 18th century. While these elites and hangers on core natures haven’t changed since those times they have learned.

          They learned that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

          Further excerpts from pg 511-515 of the 1870 US book (quoted in the prior entry re ‘The Coming Man’) One Hundred Years Progress of the United States. and its chapter entitled Marvels that our grandchildren will see; or, One hundred years’ progress in the future

          ‘The Chinese question, viz., whether the Chinese and other oriental nations shall be allowed to swarm into our territory and take the place of our present laboring classes and whether, if, as is probable, this right is conceded…’

          ‘The Chinese will come to us, mainly, like some of the European immigrants, as candidates for filling our more menial positions; they will be house-servants, washermen, railroad laborers, miners, laborers in the field, &c…’

          ‘The Chinese question, viz., whether the Chinese and other oriental nations shall be allowed to swarm into our territory and take the place of our present laboring classes and whether, if, as is probable, this right is conceded, they should be admitted to the same political and social privileges with ourselves…‘We say it [‘the Chinese problem’] is in one sense already solved, because it is evident that we can not, if we would, keep them [the Chinese] out, as they are now arriving upon our Pacific coast at the rate of several thousand a week, and already number about 150,000 of our population. ‘Regarding this point as settled, and believing as we do that before 1880 we shall have 5,000,000 of Chinese on this continent, and before 1900, 20,000,000 or 25,000,000…’

          In a Spring 1874 edition the Pall Mall Gazette of London expresses its pleasure that hundreds of thousands of Chinese are being utilized as “cheap labor” (as mentioned previously, much more accurately referred to historically as ‘wage slaves’) in such far flung places as North and South America, Hawaii, and in Australia, but laments that there is growing worldwide resistance to this phenomena. The newspaper, besides referring to this “anxiety and alarm” as “out of proportion”, comments that there is…

          ‘A dread of what might happen if capitalists could command and control these vast hordes of workmen as against men of their own race, has made the labouring class, at any rate, blind to their good qualities.

          In an article that’s reminescent in certain ways of the biblical rendition of Christ’s temptation, the Gazette attempts to pursuade its readers that the Chinese as cheap laborers do work others won’t do, are great cooks, are excellent gardeners, etc. The writer attempts to induce guilt, and lastly, almost beggingly to the reader, makes the claim that untold wealth is to be taken from the Earth if only the Chinese could be brought in to do the work. Finally, the writer acknowledges that peoples’ resistance (particularly from Europeans in Australia and North America) as to their physical, cultural, and economic replacement, by the importation of Chinese wage slaves is strong, and everywhere things are tending “to their discouragement.”

          It would be over a hundred years yet before they would develop the perfect ideological vehicle to make the world safe for cheap labor…or so they would think. They would call this ideological vehicle with its integral anti-race campaign ‘multi-culturalism’.

          Chinamen Out Of China

          ‘OF late years we have heard so much of “Chinese cheap labour” from various parts of the world that it is somewhat difficult to realize the fact that not more than 200,000 Chinamen are working in foreign countries at the present time. Even this number is quite an outside estimate. America and Australia have so far been the favourite resorts for Chinese emigrants…’

          The below excerpt is from pg 118 of the 1853 book The New Rome produced by the major US establishment publisher GP Putnam (now Penguin). This remarkable book is something like a geopolitical future history of the world, with an emphasis on the United States and the United Kingdom and is well worth the time to read.

          …the day will not be far distant when America will number more Chinese than Caucasians..

          ‘In August, [1852] the number of Chinese emigrants in California was estimated at 50,000…and the Anglos having learned to understand the value of these
          patient laborers, and to treat them accordingly, the influx will soon be greater than ever. If it is as well supported by the masses of the mother country, as that from Europe has been, the day will not be far distant when America will number more Chinese than Caucasians…From these relations we may calculate upon an emigration of American businessmen to China, in return for that of Chinese laborers to California.’




        • Rerevisionist
          Rerevisionist says:

          Very interesting piece. But I think it omits such questions as transporting them, housing, feeding, medicating, policing etc the cheap labour. The question is not generally raised, of course — and not surprisingly, as ‘cheap labour’ in Britain is housed etc at public expense, i.e. using Jewish paper money loans, from which they draw interest, to pay for housing, ‘education’ etc. Probably Hindu cheap labour in the (((British))) Empire used a similar principle. This is where tightly-knit secretive Jews have an advantage, as they control between them the various businesses or quasi-businesses. I can’t believe the outcome is to the benefit of any once-stable nation, but the overview, and facts and figures, however well-known to Jews, never make it to the Jew-controlled media.

          • T
            T says:

            Rerevisionist posted…Very interesting piece. But I think it omits such questions as transporting them, housing, feeding, medicating, policing etc the cheap labour. The question is not generally raised, of course — and not surprisingly, as ‘cheap labour’ in Britain is housed etc at public expense…

            Yes, those costs with chattel slavery used to be borne by the slave owner. With the wage slavery system, adding insult to injury, the individual being preyed upon (more often than not coming from a broken and defeated people just as with chattel slavery) pays their own way to have their labor stolen…ie being paid maybe half at times what the normal prevailing rate is (or would be were it not for the ‘mass immigration’), ‘cheap labor’ not being given that special monicor for nothing. As for the ‘housing, feeding, medicating, policing etc’ you mention, and I might add educating that the chattel slavers used to pay for, with the wage slavery system those costs, as you have alluded, have been simply dumped on the non-wage slaving public to pay for, ie the vast majority. These costs have just about utterly destroyed the US state of California, which large numbers of people now flee from annually, and other US states are following suit. The person practicing wage slavery, driven just as with chattel slave ownership by financial self interest and a disregard towards their own people, and a refusal to pay the local costs of the labor to employ one of their own people to do the work, gets their ‘hit’ of stolen labor by simply paying to the wage slave (ie the cheap laborer) substantially below what ever the prevailing or normal costs of the labor would be. I say substantially below, ie maybe hypothetically half or a quarter below (though not a pennies on the dollar difference as it wouldn’t be worth their time and effort). No doubt with wage slavery they are stealing less labor per capita as compared to the antiquated and cumbersome chattel slavery system, however due to the shear volume of the predation (ie 50,000 chattel slaves transported yearly at the height of the Atlantic slave trade in the late 18th century compared to millions of wage slaves imported into the US alone in past recent years) they are actually stealing far vaster amounts of labor corporately than the chattel slavers could ever have dreamed of. Though with this greater efficiency and far greater value in the amount of the labor stolen wage slavery comes with it a far greater destructiveness (ie its greater genocidal qualities on both people preyed upon and those by diktat on the receiving end) than the already ghastly negative effects of chattel slavery.

            Much of thid was observed by the prominent US based economist Henry Carey in his 1853 book The Slave Trade which extensively analyzed and compared both the competing southern chattel and northern wage slave systems (ie ‘cheap labor’ so called) then operating in the US and concluded that both were simply variants of slavery, and hence the book’s title.

            Slavery, in the form of wage slavery, is the very basis of the ideology of multiculturalism.

            Chapter XIII.
            How Slavery Grows In Ireland And Scotland.

            It [cheap labor]is the slave trade of the last century reproduced on a grander scale and on a new theatre of action.

            Out of 99,000 that left Ireland for Canada in a single year, no less than 13,000 perished on shipboard, and thousands died afterward of disease, starvation, and neglect; and thus it is that we have the horrors of “the middle passage” repeated in our day. It is the slave trade of the last century reproduced on a grander scale and on a new theatre of action.


        • T
          T says:

          I certainly see ‘cheap labor’ as a term of propoganda (much as the terms ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ are) and a cover for many things, one of which is race replacement as you term it, and why I strongly suggest generally using alternate terms…such as ‘wage slavery’ instead of ‘cheap labor’. It was the people whom had been heavily involved in chattel slavery during the latter 18th and early 19th century whom came up with the all too nice sounding term to sell people on it, in particular those involved with the merchandising/trade aspect of slavery within the Anglosphere from what I can tell…ie powerful elements and hangers on of the elites of the Anglo-Saxon and Jewish peoples. Basically with wage slavery chattel slavery and its trade was monetized and this has since manifested itself historically in the incrediblly destructive ‘cheap labor’ and the accompanying ‘mass immigration’ we have heard so much about in the centuries since. Being that the immorality and amorality of slavery was not then therefore in reality truly dealt with, despite what we are told people then should have a solid awareness that powerful elements of those elites which are now pushing the ideology of multiculturalism are quite literally unreformed slavers. At the high levels they quite literally do see the wage slaves as animals, just as they saw the chattel slaves. In that light it shouldn’t be seen as a surprise or coincidence then that the term used by industry, finance, and government to keep track of the wild beast of the field such as blue fin tuna and geese, etc, is ‘migrant stock’, which is exactly the term used by industry for the wage slaves (ie cheap laborers), also termed ‘migrant stock’.

          True, a lot of the ‘immigrants’ aren’t working now as this all comes to a head and I would submit a planned collapse, but I wouldn’t say that in the past that was generally the case and is something relatively recent in this process.

          • T
            T says:

            Sometimes the mass immigration system with its accompanying fig leaf of mostly fraudulent ‘asylum seekers’ designed to provide a nearly unlimited supply of wage slaves reverts openly to its chattel slave origins…

            Migrant auctions in Libya ‘crime against humanity’

            22 Nov 2017
            ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia: Trading in human beings as witnessed recently in Libya is a “crime against humanity”, the chairman of the African Union Commission said Tuesday after a recent revelation of slave trade in Libya shocked the global community.

            Speaking at a press conference at the AU headquarters ahead of an AU-EU Summit scheduled for Nov. 29-30 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Moussa Faki Mahamat said an investigation would be carried out by relevant bodies and perpetrators – whoever they are – would be held to account.

            According to Mahamat, statelessness in Libya, absence of the rule of law and military factions worsens the situation of migrants. He called for a census to be conducted to determine the number of migrants languishing in Libya and “…identify those who want to return”.

            “I appeal to the African nations to provide logistical support to repatriate the African migrants,” he said referring to the migrants that have been stranded inside Libya unable to make the much-looked-for ocean crossing into Europe.

            Faki Mahamat further said that the EU’s policy of blocking migrants from crossing to Europe made the situation difficult.

            “I will raise my concern [during the EU-AU Summit],” he said, adding the “situation in Libya since 2011 is very difficult”.

            “Country [Libya] is divided into armed factions,” he said with the situation leading to terrorists, religious extremists and human traffickers to roam the land.

            The African Union will contribute to finding a solution to the Libyan crisis, Mahamat said and hinted that the previous peace agreement signed between the various factions in Libya had already failed.

            “The Libyan actors should revisit the agreement,” he said.

            Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry of Gambia – a small western African nation from which too many migrants are headed for Libya – issued a statement on Tuesday condemning what it described as “ongoing horrific and indignant reports on the sale of African migrants as slaves in Libya”.

            The Ministry called on “…the highest Libyan authorities, the African Union, the United Nations and the international community to undertake thorough investigations immediately in order to put an end to these gruesome atrocities which have no place in this day and age”.

            It called for “this topic” to be included in the upcoming AU-EU summit.

            According to the International Organization for Migration, Gambia is the second highest “producer” of migrants going through Libya to Italy, next only to Nigeria in percentage terms.


    • JM
      JM says:

      @Mr Curious
      “Or dregs like Dawn French.”
      How dare you saaaaar!
      “Sir Lenworth George Henry, CBE aka “Lenny Henry”, British stand-up comedian…”

  3. Mike
    Mike says:

    Another good one. The truth is a weapon serving us. The opposition are not pleased. Thus it is that Sean Parker writes:-
    God Only Knows What Facebook Is Doing To Our Children’s Brains –
    Then The Economist asks:-
    Do Social Media Threaten Democracy?

  4. Helen
    Helen says:

    There are myriads of Indian pharmaceutical companies whose products are good enough and much cheaper. I guess she is what someone would call a “race traitor.”

  5. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    As despicable as Priti Patel may be, the fact that she is a British (sort of), Indian Hindu pandering to Israeli interests demonstrates the success of multiculturalism! She has integrated herself, perfectly, among the White British brothel of Israeli political whores.

  6. Ger Tzedek
    Ger Tzedek says:

    Disgusting. How bad things are!!! Why not give away all of what remains of our wealth? She owes to Jews the fact that she came from barbary and sits in the halls of power of evil White men.

    Was thinking now. With the hindsight, Protocols of the Elders of Zion sounds more like a disguised manifesto rather than the botched work of conspiracy theorists.

  7. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    It seems that many of the Britkinder are now in the same ethnic death wish league as the Amerikinder, grasping for approval and lucre from their Jewish idols. A pathetic ship-of-fools, to say the least.

  8. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    Doesn’t surprise me.

    Hindus are two-faced. They have a long history of collaborating with and shilling for the British Empire. Plenty of Hindus went to other parts of the British Empire and shilled for their Anglo masters over Africans and others. And if the Anglos had treated the Hindu elites on more equal footing, they might have remained in the empire.

    Today, Jews rule the US that controls much of the world. So, Hindus are eager to collaborate with Jews as junior partners to expand globalist hegemony. Hindus figure that they will ride on the coattails of Jews and may even take over. After all, there are 12 million Jews in the world but 1.3 billion Indians who are still growing in population.

    Also, Indians and Pakistanis are taking over Anglo nations like UK, Canada, and Australia where the native white populations are totally cucked out to Jews.

    Jews find Hindus very useful. Hindus are opportunistic, cunning, shrewd, and willing. Perhaps down the line, Hindus will pose a challenge to Jewish power. Already, Hindus exert pressure on Jewish diamond trade.
    But even now, Jews see whites as main problem, and they use Hindus. Also, Hindus are more useful than Chinese. While China is mostly Chinese and united in race and culture, India is much divided. Just like an alien elite rules the West, an elite caste with alien origins rule India, and the cultural differences among regions and classes are vast in India. So, Indian elites feel alienated from their masses just like Jewish elites feel alienated from goy masses. So Jewish elites and Hindu elites see eye to eye. So, Jews and Brahmanic elites understand each other’s plight.


    New York Times denounces ‘pure blood’ in Poland.

    Globalists cry for Mixed Blood again.

    How did mixed-blood come about in the Ottoman Empire? Much imperialism and rape.

    How did mixed-blood come about in Latin America? Much imperialism and rape.

    How did mixed-blood come about in Central Asia? Much imperialism and rape.

    How does China intended to fix its Tibetan problem? Blood mixing.

    How did some blacks become mulattoes in the past? White Master power over blacks.
    How come white women are having mulatto babies? Black men as master race over cucked out white men.

    What did the US do in Vietnam during the war. Turned countless women into whores and race-mixed with them and left their kids behind.

    Sordid history of race-mixing indeed.

    PS. New York Times will be more consistent if it insisted on Israel allowing Right of Return and massive blood-mixing between Jews and Arabs. But Jews wisely try to minimize such.

    PSS. Even though Jewish-European blood is mixed, Jewish community made a great effort to minimize the mixing over the yrs prior to modern era. That is how the identity survived.
    As long as a people are not imperialist and don’t seek domination over OTHERS, what does it matter if they prefer their own blood in their own land? Sounds DEFENSIVE to me. Also, if Poles insist on Polish blood, then there is less chance that Polish women will become commoditized whores to be bought and sold by globalists.

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      Yes, I wondered much the same. Jews presumably intend to leave the US in unresolvable debt, with (e.g.) pension pots dependent on worthless paper, vast overseas debts for which whites have to work (or failed paper money making trade with Anglo/US impossible), and fantasies of past glory. The Chinese have had experience with Jews causing war with Japan, and profiting from genocides in Korea, Vietnam, etc, plus ‘Communism’ inflicted by Jews. So why not India? Jews might be able to make money by generating more wars between Muslims and Hindus. What wonderful prospects.

      • Rerevisionist
        Rerevisionist says:

        As long as a people are not imperialist and don’t seek domination over OTHERS, what does it matter if they prefer their own blood in their own land? Sounds DEFENSIVE to me.
        Interesting comment. We all need to understand the Jewish parasitism model, which is to straddle many countries. We tend to think in terms of simple maps, with contiguous countries all more or less self-contained. If Jewish power is removed, so that wars might be confined between neighbours, in many cases the costs of war would presumably greatly exceed benefits. It’s only the Jewish ability to suck assets from many countries, like dry rot roots, that allows localised military groups to be hypertrophied. With wars happening all the time ever since about 1900, this seems incredible. And yet it may happen.

    • T
      T says:

      My guess is Andrea that they may well attempt another tact in lieu of or in addition to the Moslem immigration one, if they are not already pushing it…that of ‘cheap labor’ (so called) that the Polish people must have if they are to have any hope at all for their future…indeed that they must have if the sun is to have a chance of even coming up tomorrow over Poland.

      In Germany they got the foot in the door by diktat with the Turkish ‘guest workers’ in the years following the war. They’ve been pushing it (cheap labor) for the Japanese too now for decades and the Japanese have been resisting it. The promoters of multi-culturalism at the high levels utterly despise the Japanese not due to their race per se but rather as they have been naturally resistant to the promotion of the cheap labor ‘kool aid’ and have refused to partake of it and have thus escaped its divide and conquer, divide and rule aspects all under the cover of ‘diversity’ and ‘anti-discrimination’ laws. People are told at every chance that the Japanese economy is stagnant and the Japanese people (it is implied) are quite unhappy…if only they would open themselves up to wage slavery (the much more accurate historical term for cheap labor, specifically in reference to rather than paying ones’ own the current local labor rate the importation of an alien or other ‘immigrant’ whom will do the work for less pay, often much less pay) all would be made well. Of course this causes much physical and cultural destruction to a people on the receiving end..ie lost jobs, depressed wages, higher crime, etc. It is also genocidal. So you have to sell it to people as good for them and hence the promotion of the ideology of multi-culturalism financed by capitalists and enforced by their controlled opposition, the reds.

      The below was published almost 14 years ago by the BBC regarding Japan and they’re still working on them.

      ‘The difficulty, however, comes when considering unskilled labourers, who are currently not allowed to work in Japan.
      And they are just the kind of people Japan needs most as its population ages, according to Tony Laszlo, director of an anti-discrimination organisation in Tokyo.
      “In 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, you have to ask yourself who is going to be finding the holes in the tunnel and patching them up so people don’t die, who is going to be climbing the buildings to wash the windows, who is going to be building bridges and fixing bridges, and the answer is you don’t have these people,” he said.
      Illegal labour could take up some of the slack. Japanese authorities say there are 250,000 illegal immigrants, the majority of whom entered the country on a temporary visa and over-stayed. Many of these people are thought to work as unskilled labourers.
      But the government wants to halve that number in the next five years, and it does not appear ready to legalise unskilled foreign workers…’

      Then there is the divide and conquer, divide and rule aspect. While the below happened to be published in the state of Israel it could just as easily have been published in other times and places regarding the Roman colonia, or the ‘plantation’ of Ireland, etc. It is excerpted from a paper published by an Israeli university which analyzed how exactly ‘immigrants’ (in this instance Mizrahim, which are akin to Jewish Sephardim) were being used to displace the natives.

      The excerpted paper from a now defunct website was entitled ‘Between National and Local: Political Mobilization among Mizrahim in Israel’s ‘Development Towns’

      ’..the immigrants usually serve three main functions: cheap labor to replace native groups; settlement in the ‘frontier’ (periphery); and control over the natives and their land (Stasilius and Yuval-Davis, 1995). These dynamics generally result in the maintenance of hegemony.’


    • Nick Dean
      Nick Dean says:

      Enoch Powell was an anti-nationalist throughout his life and throughout his political career.

      See for example my straightforward recording of his anti-nationalist history here, posted almost a decade ago:

      “Powell hadn’t objected to the British having the ‘whip hand’ over Africans and Asians. And while later he came to think Africans and Asians had a right to boot out the British, he never seemed to get around to saying the British had a right to boot them out. I can’t see why he’s such a hero to some nationalists.

      “He once wanted to be Viceroy of India, but by the early seventies he was begging Indians to vote for him as a Midlands MP (look at that ‘smile’ – what a wierdo!), and by the late seventies he was an Ulster Unionist. No nationalist he.”


      — Just the facts, Voltaire1964.

      The image I scanned from Simon Heffer’s biography, is here: http://postimg.org/image/u4wlull1l/

      That is Powell on the campaign trail grinning for the camera while appealing for the Asian vote to show he isn’t waycist. A man-child as well an an anti-nationalist.

  9. T
    T says:

    It was a long time getting to the situation and people should have a good grasp of how it may well have came about. The below excerpts are from a lengthy and quite revealing article written by James Parton and published in October, 1870, which appeared in the then very influential Boston, Massachusetts based Atlantic Monthly magazine. The periodical, which originated in 1857, is considered to be one of the oldest and most-respected magazines in the United States. It is now a still quite influential publication based in Washington, DC and called simply The Atlantic. In 2017 it was announced that a majority stake of the journal had been acquired by the Emerson Collective an organization operated by Laurene Powell Jobs, the former wife of Steve Jobs.

    The 1870 article was titled ‘Our Israelitish Brethren’ which would translate into more modern English as ‘Our Jewish Brothers’ and is well worth the time to read from start to finish…

    ‘In London one of the noted clubs is Jewish, and there are so many Jews in the city government that they may almost be said to have the controlling influence.’

    ‘Our Israelitish brethren, besides sharing in the influences which are mitigating all creeds and liberalizing all minds, are now subjected to a trial peculiar to themselves. From being persecuted everywhere, they are beginning to be honored and sought. The grand example of the youngest of the nations [the United States] in protecting all religions equally, while recognizing none, has had its effect in improving the condition of the Jews throughout the greater part of Christendom and beyond Christendom. Within the recollection of men still young, Jews have been admitted to the British Parliament, where, I am informed by a distinguished Rabbi, who gloried in the fact, no Jew has ever sided with the party of reaction, except one, and he a renegade. The Jews to-day in the House of Commons vote on important measures with John Bright. The professor of Hebrew in the London University is a Hebrew; and among the Jewish students last year at Oxford and Cambridge, one was a senior wrangler and another the crack oarsman of his college. In London one of the noted clubs is Jewish, and there are so many Jews in the city government that they may almost be said to have the controlling influence. Happily, the Jews are not proselyters, and can be aldermen without using their office to get a sly advantage for their synagogue. Among the seventy-five thousand Jews in London, there are many business men who, despite the double Sunday, hold their own against Christian competitors, to say nothing of the much greater number who have no Sunday at all. There is one Jewish clothing-house in London that has thirteen stores and employs eleven thousand people.’

    ‘Of the giant wrongs to which they [the Jewish people] have been subjected for the last ten centuries,—the huge Andersonville outrages,—few readers need to be reminded.’

    ‘Who can estimate the reparation which Christendom owes this interesting and unoffending people? How abundant, how untiring, should be our charity in judging the faults of character which our own superstition has created or developed!’

    ‘Of the giant wrongs to which they have been subjected for the last ten centuries,—the huge Andersonville outrages,—few readers need to be reminded. In the slaughter of the Jews of Seville, in 1391, thirty-five hundred families were murdered. In 1492, under Ferdinand and Isabella, three hundred thousand heroic Israelites preferred exile to apostasy. Many of them found a resting-place only in the grave or in the depths of the sea; for neither Portugal nor Italy nor Mohammedan Morocco would tolerate the presence of a people who would not comply with their superstitions, and who, by their frugality, continence, temperance, and industry, absorbed the wealth of every country in which they lived. Those who remained in the Peninsula suffered baptism, and were obliged to conform to the outward observances of the reigning church. Far more enviable was the lot of those who had accepted banishment. The favorite office of the Spanish Inquisition for two centuries was to “question” the sincerity of those two hundred thousand Jewish converts; and the national amusement was to witness the burning of Jewish Rabbis and Jewish maidens. Similar atrocities were committed, as we all know, in England, Germany, and France.’

    And what might help to explain someone with a seemingly Anglo-Saxon name such as James Parton writing an article entitled ‘Our Israelitish Brethren’ about the Middle Eastern/Asiatic Jewish people rather than a seemingly more logical article entitled ‘Our Germanic Brethren’ about the German people, being the Anglo-Saxons came from out of northern Europe where present day Germany is? There was and still is an unfortunate ideology adhered to by powerful elements of the elites and hangers on in both the US and UK whose adherents (somehow) believe that they are one of ‘the ten lost tribes of Israel’ and downplay (if they acknowledge or have an awareness at all) that their origins are in the historical and known Germanic tribes of northern Europe, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes. In the US after the 1776 Revolution this ideology was called ‘American Israelism’ but it is the same thing. While it existed throughout the US and still does American/British Israelism had a particularly strong historical influence in states of the northeast such as Massachusetts where Mr Parton’s article was published.

    A people’s elites, as well as the individuals that make up that people, should have no question as to their origins.

    ‘British-Israelism” is the theory that the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel comprise the bulk of the population of Great Britain, the British Commonwealth of Nations, and the United States of America….The movement was not without important followers among the aristocracy in this period, with such notables as Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George VI, and currently Queen Elizabeth II all embracing the tenets of British-Israelism…

    A few members of the British aristocracy had slightly different but nevertheless quite powerful reasons for becoming British-Israelites. The most illustrious example of this group would have to be Fleet Admiral Sir John A. F. Fisher, First Sea Lord of the British Navy during the First World War and the primary architect of 20th century naval principles. According to Admiral Fisher, Great Britain must be Israel because, despite the extreme stupidity of the Members of Parliament, it had managed to achieve an empire. This, combined with his great admiration for the American people, drove him to the conclusion that God had destined the Empire and the United States for leadership in a world union.

    He envisioned:
    ‘… a great Commonwealth–yes a great Federation–of all those speaking the same tongue [English] . . . . And I suppose now we have got [sic] Palestine that this Federal House of Commons of the future will meet at Jerusalem, the capital of the lost Ten Tribes of Israel, whom we are without a doubt, for how otherwise could ever we have so prospered when we have had such idiots to guide us and rule us as those who gave up Heligoland, Tangier, Caracoa, Corfu, Delagoa Bay, Java, Sumartra, Minorca, etc.? I have been at all the places named, so am able to state from personal knowledge that only congenital idiots could have been guilty of such inconceivable folly as the surrender of them, and again I say: “Let us thank God that we are the lost ten tribes of Israel!”‘

    Lord Fisher opposed the elitism of most British-Israelites, viewing the doctrine as a simple amplification of nominal Anglican Christianity, which he accepted whole-heartily. But his belief in the national promises of Israel directed his life in the service of his people. On his death bed it is said that he whispered in the ear of a close vicar: “Lord, in thee have I trusted, let me never be confounded.” And, in an epitaph it was said of him:

    ‘He confounded many enemies of Britain and spent his days and night working with might and main to protect God’s Kingdom and its enduring throne, upon which sits the seed of David.’

    This was the pattern of most British-Israelites who influenced, or were a part of, the ruling elites of English society. Their beliefs affected their actions, confirming their goals and giving them the tenacity to push forward in their quest for a greater Britain and the coming Kingdom of God.



    • T
      T says:

      The emboldened reference from the previous entry to ‘the huge Andersonville outrages’ which was excerpted from the 1870 Atlantic Monthly article is a reference to the then widely believed in the north (though now almost universally acknowledged to have been fraudulent and untrue) accusations that the south had engaged in planned ‘systematic murder’ by way of deliberate starvation of northern POW’s at the Andersonville camp. Further accusations made, also now acknowledged to be fraudulent, that innocuous health measures put in place to protect and preserve the lives and well being of prisoners such as innoculation against disease were turned upside down an made into ‘poisonous injections’ so as to ‘murder’ great numbers of the imprisoned Union troops. It was further claimed that the southerners had manufactured leather wallets for use by southern soldier and citizen alike made from the human skin of ‘murdered’ Union soldiers imprisoned at Andersonville. These accusations were accompanied with terms such as ‘cattle cars’, ‘slaughter-pen’ (the 19th century term for slaughter house), and cries of the phrase ‘never forget’. Announced plans by the US government to execute the entirety of the upper echolons of the political and military leadership of the defeated Confederacy on charges of ‘crimes against humanity’ based upon the fraudulent accusations regarding Andersonville collapsed in upon itself. The US had to make do with the execution of the solitary and hapless Wirz, the commanding officer at Andersonville, a person whom is now almost universally acknowledged to have been a wrongly charged and ‘convicted’ scapegoat to satisfy Union anger at the great losses it had incurred.

      Union general Lee Wallace, a member of both the Lincoln assassination and Henry Wirz military tribunals, and the author of Ben Hur, would create a painting (a sketch of which is viewable at a site linked below) of a Union prisoner said to have been killed for crossing the ‘deadline’ at Andersonville, the deadline being something all the POW camps, north and south, had. It was entitled ‘Over the Deadline’ and would actually go on tour to several northern cities in the years following 1865. This was part of what can only be described as something like a death cult in the mind of all too many northerners which centered upon Andersonville and the other southern camps and would only disappear (more or less) decades after the war in about 1900.

      Was this painting by Wallace and this described accompanying death cult also a possible manifestation of the unfortunate and absurd ideology of British/American Israelism and its effects on the minds of some?


      • PaleoAtlantid
        PaleoAtlantid says:

        In reality jews had nothing but contempt for useful idiots such as Admiral, later ‘Lord’ Fisher. They flattered him as being of the chosen bloodline, and he did his best to disguise his Ceylonese or Malay background. He was presented to the British public as a naval and strategic genius, but his mediocre talents only served to fuel a naval arms race with Germany.

  10. Nick Dean
    Nick Dean says:

    Ethnic Indian would be a better descriptor for Patel than Hindu, from a White or English Nationalist propaganda point of view.

  11. Ger Tzedek
    Ger Tzedek says:

    Was thinking that one day Holocaust would become too old and unfashionable. Silly me. Saint Agobard did comparably nothing, and was fashionable for 12 centuries, until Hitler unseated him. Holocaust will be around for another 3,000 years, whether there exist White people or not. Most obviously nevermind the truthfulness of a dogma that gets you in the pyre for questioning it. Nevermind Holodomor that happened in peace time, claimed twice as many lives, and where Jews had a very prominent role. Reparations never paid.

  12. Lynda
    Lynda says:

    I’ll bet Stu named his pet ferret : Fievel.

    Looking at that creepy smirk I don’t have any trouble believing the legend that Mongolian sasquatches were captured by the ancient Kazarian GokTurks in the lands of Magog.

    In the upper classes of the UK I think there is plenty of matrilineal ancestry from the sex pits of places like ancient Sarkel and Ghuzz.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Lynda, if you are not a divorce lawyer, you surely missed your calling. Would have regretted having you represent my wife : had I ever married.

      One of many ladies here who are, refreshingly, anything but wallflowers and profoundly aware. Love your unceremonious spunk.

  13. PPight1931
    PPight1931 says:

    “Patel is a shabbos-shiksa: “

    That’s rather uncalled-for isn’t it? After all, she (or her ancestors) may be of the Calcutta or Cochin Jews, or Bene-Israel, or hail from the “Portuguese”-mix antecedents of Goa, or The Konkan…..

    Idi Amin expelled some Asians.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      You appear to have completely missed the point of the article – even a perfectly-worded, even-handed, objective, easy-to-read mini-masterpiece like this one.

      Even according to the unreliable Wikipedia, Patel’s family originated from the Gujarat area of India. Gujarat is on the precisely opposite far-west coastal side from Calcutta, which is near the far-eastern inland border with Bangladesh. Gujarat is also more than 1100 kilometers north of Goa, which is halfway down the west coast. The family name Patel, which originally denoted a wealthy village caste, is most prominent in the Gujarat region, though of course like all names it has travelled far.

      All of which is completely irrelevant, as her precise lineage, blood-descent and ethnic history are not at issue. Her political loyalties are, and the term “shabbos shiksa” is wholly accurate and appropriate. By arranging and attending completely secret “informal” meetings with a range of senior Israeli politicians – in direct breach of a dozen different Westminster political rules and safeguards, and behind the back of her own party and Government – Priti Patel has shown herself to be a deeply traitorous, duplicitous, untrustworthy – and Jew-friendly – “elite” politician, who has immorally and shamelessly prostituted her integrity to the benefit of her career and elite future – and much more importantly, to the clear and obvious financial detriment of the indigenous White people of Britain, some of whom elected her to public office.

      As we all know very well, Jews will happily play any “card” at all – including a naive, self-willed, arrogant “British-Indian” card – against the hated White. All those who show themselves available to be “played” must be removed.

  14. Arc
    Arc says:

    On a related note, here is a link to a list of the NYC’s worst landlords. It’s right in The Occidental Observer’s wheelhouse:


    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      It as about decade or so ago when an emotional appeal was made to the Christian West to send aid money to assist poor Jews living in Israel, especially those who had just arrived. The whole schtick was on the order of Chews fleeing the pogroms and persecution. Sad faces, children clutching their teddy’s, shabby clothes. I would like to see the unedited version, where the director says “cut”. “It’s a take”. And then the “cast” starts laughing and food and wine are passed around, the shabby costumes are returned to the cloak room, and the participants laugh and sneer at the Stupid Goyim.

      • Helen
        Helen says:

        Congress brought 500,000 of them to the U.S. and put them on the welfare rolls. They are still funding their (((Russian))) cultural organizations.

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      And here we go again too–
      The Israeli government has even gone a step further by funding the official Israeli aid agency, IsraAID, which stationed “dozens” of full time paid staffers along the Greek coast at the time of the mass fake refugee invasion of 2015 to “provide material aid and support” to the Third World invaders coming ashore, and to help them on into Germany.
      [From newobserveronline.com]

  15. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    Indo-Europeans are hurtling down the winding mountain run, a vehicle with no functioning brakes or engine. Each corner creates more peril, as the greater speed approaches the tires traction limit. It is inevitable that this vehicle will succumb to centrifugal force on a curve ahead and plummet into the vertical abyss, destroying itself and ending its existence.

    This vehicle is the Indo-Europeans, which includes Western Europe, and the time of reckoning is fast approaching. We do not have much time left to secede from the ChewNighted States and form an ethno-state. The parallels of the Roman Empire are our template. The “Whites” of South Africa are the harbinger and omen of what befalls us here in the Northern Hemisphere.

    We, in our higher level publications, expend much energy and effort chronicling the perfidy, treason, and genocide of the Chews. However, there is a paucity of work that describes, diagnoses, or attempts to pinpoint WHAT IS WRONG WITH CAUCASIAN MAN. And doubtless, there are significant deficiencies among our “People”, so severe, that over millennia we have allowed a tiny fraction of psychopaths and sociopaths to bleed us, kill us, displace us. Outside of Indo-European Man, there is only Asians (people who are sufficiently sentient and posses higher aptitude), and they are not effected by Chew, and their cultures do not contain the open oozing perpetual wound of the Caucasian Man that has allowed/allows the (((Parasite, Virus, Pathogen))) free ingress to take over all aspects of Western Christian Corpus Deliriums.

    As I have said before, Chews and their workings are like corrosive sea water upon an ocean vessels metals. It is a constant. The salvation of the ship, i.e., us, is to reconfigure, revise, and restore ourselves. This is the only variable that can be manipulated at this time and epoch. First stage is an honest assessment of why, and what is and is not within us, that Chews can keep slashing and bleeding us out, without protest, action, or even exhortations of expected counter action.

    The present status of young American and European men and women is a disaster. Women in large part, have no interest in child rearing or family life. Men are continually de-masculinized. Testosterone levels of Western men are dropping precipitously.

    We need our intellectual and thinking classes to turn their attention and efforts to elucidating and edifying our weaknesses and inadequacies. And to prescribe remedies and overhaul.

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