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ChristmasFrame-199x300rTHANK YOU to those who have contributed during 2017. I’m not sure you really realize your support is critical to our success and our ability to fulfill our unique niche of providing fact-based, well-written articles on White identity, and White interests.

We also present honest discussions of the critical importance of Jewish influence in the decline of the West and on Jewish and Israeli influence on the disastrous US foreign policy in the Middle East. The topic of Jewish influence is more or less missing from many sites that emphasize White identity and interests.

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It’s been a banner year in many ways. We have solidified a consistent group of writers that TOO readers have come to know and follow avidly — people like Dr. Edmund Connelly, Guillaume Durocher, Dr. Robert S. Griffin, Dr. Andrew Joyce, Tobias Langdon, and Dr. Tom Sunic. We understand that with the Ph.D.s and footnotes, we are not for everyone on the Alt Right. But we fill an important niche with our articles—different strokes for different folks.

Your support is important for many of our writers, and it’s safe to say that we are now competitive with other Alt Right websites in paying them. As always, the financial base for projects like TOO is dwarfed by the financial resources of our enemies. Nobody is getting rich here, or even making a living by writing for TOO, but your support is a huge psychological and financial boost for many.

We are living in very exciting times. Donald Trump’s presidency was greeted with a great deal of hope and fanfare on the Alt Right and I continue to believe that his heart is in the right place on the central issue of immigration — building a wall, deporting illegals, ending chain migration, lowering refugee admissions, banning travel from terror-prone countries, and lowering total numbers of legal immigrants remain high on his agenda, although it’s no surprise that these policies are intensely opposed by the left and by major components of the GOP.  Since immigration is really by far the most important issue for the Alt Right, we should cheer this.

And because immigration and the “Trump as White supremacist/Hitler/racist” meme are now in the forefront of public discussion, there are more and more manifestations of hatred toward Whites (as I often emphasize on my Twitter account [@TOOEdit]). Racial polarization continues to get more and more obvious. We see very public expressions of hatred toward Whites and their culture. The increasing media presence of the Alt Right is part of that. For us, racial polarization is good — a necessary condition for a breakthrough to power and influence.

Other components of his policies are far less desirable. The tax cut is a creature of the wealthy, corporate component of the GOP rather than anything approaching populism. The rich and upper middle class really don’t need tax cuts, while the middle class will get a very small tax cut that will make no difference in their lives.

Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is frightening because it indicates an attempt to mollify the NeverTrump neocons which would be likely to translate into better media coverage for a beleaguered president. The truly frightening prospect is that Trump may accede to the neocon hard line on Iran, including war. The prospect of a US war with Iran is not in American interests but has long been a goal of Israel, AIPAC, and neocons. It would be disastrous for the United States, Iran, and the entire Middle East with the exception of Israel.

I am not at all happy with the Trump Administration’s policies that reflect outdated libertarian/Conservatism Inc. attitudes on health care. The GOP will get hammered by its White working class base in the next election cycles if these trends are not changed. And their policies on the environment and national parks do not reflect the long history of racially conscious Europeans pioneering environmental preservation. Net neutrality could end up being a nightmare for the Alt Right as ISP’s are pressured into making it difficult or costly to access Alt Right websites.

Christmas-bell-36ccBut overall, we should be optimistic. Donald Trump’s presidency is a game changer and has a very real possibility of success. The Mueller investigation seems to be crumbling with every new indication of bias by Mueller’s team and by the FBI.

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and Merry Christmas!

Kevin MacDonald


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