The Occidental Observer Year-End Fundraiser — Including Observations on the Current Political Scene

ChristmasFrame-199x300rTHANK YOU to those who have contributed during 2020. I’m not sure you really realize your support is critical to our success and our ability to fulfill our unique niche of providing fact-based, well-written articles on White identity and White interests.

We also present honest discussions of the critical importance of Jewish influence in the decline of the West and on Jewish and Israeli influence on the disastrous US foreign policy in the Middle East. The topic of Jewish influence is more or less missing from many sites that emphasize White identity and interests.

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We are living in very dangerous times. The looming Biden-Harris presidency could very well be a disaster for the dissident right. The left is now completely dedicated to eradicating free speech on issues related to race, immigration, and anti-Semitism. Just recently the journal Personality and Individual Differences retracted a paper co-authored by J. Philippe Rushton linking skin color to aggression, not because it was factually wrong, but because it was “harmful.” There’s no doubt in my mind that websites like TOO will be in their crosshairs if they ever manage to abrogate the First Amendment. I don’t think such laws could pass SCOTUS muster now, but they have already promised to pack SCOTUS, and the legal infrastructure rationalizing such actions is well in place via liberal-left law professors.

Christmas-bell-36ccThere’s little doubt that the left is determined that a populist with Trump’s rhetoric will never become president again. They aim to do this by massively increasing immigration, by adding D.C. and Puerto Rico as states, and by institutionalizing their ability to commit fraud in elections. Like millions of other Americans, I firmly believe that the election was stolen but obviously the courts are unwilling to do anything about it. If the courts reversed the election, there would be massive violence and media outrage like no one’s ever seen, and the courts simply have no stomach for such a scenario. The fact is that, with the exception of a few conservatives on FoxNews, the entire establishment opposed Trump, including all the legacy media, the big newspapers, and the social media companies, Wall St, Silicon Valley, and academia. Web searches were biased, and negative stories about Trump were censored, most notably the well-documented Hunter Biden scandal that clearly compromises Joe Biden and makes the president of the United States beholden to Chinese interests via lucrative financial ties and the possibility of blackmail. So after four years of hatred and investigations and impeachment attempts that went nowhere, Trump is finally out.

And for what? Trump really didn’t manage to change much of anything despite all the bleating about him destroying democracy (how?? by allowing the Democrats to steal the election?). His administration slowed down immigration and the refugee industry, but that’s very temporary given Democrats are back in power. Whatever Trump’s intentions — and we might have seen some very beneficial effects on domestic policy if he got a second term, his administration didn’t manage to accomplish many of the promises that attracted the dissident right.

But his anti-globalist rhetoric and promises terrified the establishment while attracting tremendous enthusiasm from a very large swath of Americans. His stump speeches while campaigning terrified the establishment, not only because of his rhetoric and promises, but because of his charisma — the fact that his demeanor and his slogans had vast crowd appeal. For our hostile elite, this is a stark reminder of 1930s’ Germany when a spell-binding orator managed to get a very modern, well-educated populace to be enthusiastic followers.

With their power in the media, the academic world, and as political donors, Jews from the far left to the neoconservative right were central to the continuous vilification of Trump from the moment he announced his intentions to run for president — the negative comments on Mexican immigrants and Europe not being Europe any longer because of immigration infuriated them.  This is now the end game that began with the Immigration Act of 1965, accompanied by incessant propaganda about the benefits of multiculturalism and, in recent decades, the evils of White America. I always thought that they would just let it happen gradually. GOP candidates and presidents like the Bushes were just fine—gradual was okay, like upping the temperature little by little while cooking the proverbial frog until it’s too late. But Trump gave a glimmer of hope that all this could be reversed. It had to be stamped out and prevented from ever happening again. That’s the game, and I’m not at all sure we or our civilization are going to survive this.

And the surest way to ensure that something like Trump never happens again is to ensure a permanent Democrat majority, as has already happened in states like California. But I also believe that they will ramp up the security state via the possibilities of technology for control. Covid is providing a golden opportunity to impose authoritarian restrictions and increased invasions of privacy. Websites that offend establishment sensibilities continue to be deplatformed from financial companies — lately VDARE has joined sites like TOO in being victimized in this manner. And there are proposals to limit air travel if people refuse vaccinations. The great reset is upon us.

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