Lies, Spies and Harvey Weinstein: Thoughts on Jewish Behaviour and the Pervnado

As a newspaper committed to improving the world, the Guardian is passionately pro-migrant and anti-racist. If a single migrant’s rights are threatened by racism and xenophobia anywhere in the world, it is swift to report, rebuke and provide a voice for the powerless. Deportation is cruel and unjust, the Guardian insists, and in the closing weeks of 2017 it has published the moving stories of a Jamaican in Britain, an Afghan in Germany and an Iranian in Papua New Guinea. These three vibrant migrants are all threatened with deportation by authoritarian states and, as we would expect, all three find a staunch ally in the Guardian.

40,000 unheard voices

So what happens when not three but forty thousand vibrant migrants are threatened with deportation by an authoritarian state? Have the Guardian’s cries of horror rung to the very heavens? Has it published story after story, defending the migrants’ rights and denouncing the state in question? Strangely, the answer is no. There have been no cries of horror and no stories. When I visited the Guardian’s dedicated section on “Refugees,” I did not find a single word about this heinous assault on migrants’ rights. The Guardian has turned off its principles and closed its eyes, just as it did during the decades of horror inflicted on vulnerable working-class girls in Rotherham.

Israel rejects enrichment

But the Guardian isn’t alone. As VDare has pointed out, this huge assault on migrant rights has been almost ignored by the Western media. Newsweek was one of the rare exceptions:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 28-member executive cabinet [has] voted unanimously to close Israel’s Holot detention center and give African asylum seekers three months to leave the country or face deportation to an undisclosed country. If they refuse to go, they will be imprisoned indefinitely. The proposal will now be considered by the Israeli legislature, where it is expected to pass.

“The infiltrators will have the option to be imprisoned or leave the country,” Israel’s Ministry of Public Security said in a statement. Officials also said that the mass deportations are meant “to protect the Jewish and democratic character” of Israel. The Israeli government says that there are 38,043 African migrants living in the country, most of them hailing from war-torn countries such as Eritrea and South Sudan, having illegally crossed the Israeli border between 2007 and 2012. …

“This is the right policy to ease the suffering of residents in South Tel Aviv and other neighborhoods where the infiltrators reside,” Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, who initiated the deportation proposal, said on Sunday, according to Voice of America.  … Netanyahu has even promised that he will “return South Tel Aviv to the citizens of Israel,” claiming that the African migrants “are not refugees, but infiltrators looking for work.” …

Critics say that Israel’s acceptance rate of asylum seekers from these nations is considerably lower than that of most developed countries; according to the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights, Israel has recognized only eight Eritrean and two Sudanese asylum seekers as refugees since 2009. … Israel and its partner governments say that it plans to give asylum seekers the basic necessities to start their new lives in a new country. But a 2014 investigation by Haaretz found that asylum seekers who “voluntarily departed” Israel for Rwanda “arrived in the country with no status, no permits and no path to livelihood.” Furthermore, “some were directed from Rwanda to Uganda with no warning and no infrastructure in place.” (Jewish Groups Denounce Israel’s Plans to Deport 40,000 African Asylum Seekers, Newsweek, 24th November 2017)

The closer you look, the worse Israel’s behaviour looks. Vulnerable African refugees are stigmatized as “infiltrators.” They must leave or face “indefinite detention.” If they leave, they will arrive in a strange country with “no status” and “no path to livelihood.” After liberals have overcome their nausea and investigated further, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz will tell them about “Theft, Extortion and Death: The Agonizing Stories of Refugees Israel Deported to Africa.” There will be much more agony in future — and most of the Western media just don’t seem to care.

The Semitic Filter

Why so? Well, I think this story has come up against what you might call the Semitic Filter. Because Jews are so powerful in the media, their attitudes and preferences have huge influence on what is reported and what isn’t. If a story suits the Jewish agenda, it will pass through the filter. If it doesn’t, it generally won’t. The truth or otherwise of the stories is irrelevant: Sabrina Rubin-Erdley’s hate-hoax of “gang rape on broken glass” was false, but sailed through the filter. So did the false story of the “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman brutally murdering the innocent Black teenager Trayvon Martin.

The story of Israel’s harsh treatment of African migrants, by contrast, is completely true. But the filter blocks the story because it reveals Jewish double standards. Jews in the Diaspora are overwhelmingly in favour of the warmest possible welcome for vibrant migrants, claiming that they feel a natural affinity with oppressed people fleeing for their lives. As Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner most movingly wrote in the Guardian: “When Jewish people look at Calais migrants, we see ourselves.”

The refugee-loving Rabbi

But Rabbi Laura is not speaking the truth. In fact, “when Jewish people look at … migrants,” they see more ways to atomize British society and undermine Britain’s native White majority. Israel’s behaviour gives the lie to the Rabbi’s schmaltzy claims of how “for the Jewish people, for thousands of years a dispersed nation without guaranteed safety, the sight of the Calais ‘jungle’ camp on our doorstep is especially painful.” Benjamin Netanyahu and his “28-member executive cabinet” don’t feel the slightest pain at the plight of migrants. Quite rightly, they put Jewish welfare first and seek to prevent an atomized society, rather than, like Barbara Roche and Rabbi Laura, to encourage one.

A Political Taboo

That’s why the huge story of forced deportations from Israel has been largely ignored by the Western media. It doesn’t suit the Jewish agenda and so doesn’t pass through the Semitic Filter. Not for goyish eyes. The Jewish Chronicle has covered the deportation story and remarked on two glaring facts: first, that “there is no standard naturalisation process” in Israel, “apart from the Law of Return that allows Jews and their family members to emigrate”; and second, that “changing the country’s immigration laws and opening an avenue for large numbers of non-Jews to move to Israel … remains a political taboo.”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “Ausländer raus!”

Does the refugee-loving Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner know about Israel’s cruel and xenophobic attitude to aspiring immigrants and vulnerable refugees? She should know all about Israeli policy, because she has dual British/Israeli citizenship and lived in Israel for fifteen years. She must know about the deportations planned in Israel and it would be very easy for her to write a stern article for the Guardian denouncing Netanyahu, who has boasted that Israel is now able “to deport the 40,000 remaining infiltrators against their will.” But she has written no such article. Her double standards are plain — or at least, they would be if Netanyahu’s boast had received more publicity.

Cubic Flair

It hasn’t, which is a particular shame when you consider that Netanyahu must now be susceptible to international pressure. He is the subject of no fewer than two police investigations and “has been questioned six times under caution by police looking into allegations he accepted gifts from businesspeople and colluded with newspaper publishers.” Israel is a highly corrupt country and Netanyahu, who belongs to the right-wing Likud party, may have been following a tradition established by one of his left-wing predecessors. The former Labour Prime Minister Ehud Olmert actually went to jail for corruption. But that hasn’t stopped Olmert continuing to help persecuted Jews, as you can see in this report about Harvey Weinstein and the Israeli spy-company Black Cube:

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the story was the paranoid raving of the strangest of conspiracy theorists, but it’s true: alleged multiple-rapist and disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein really did hire former agents of Israel’s Mossad spy agency to snoop on his accusers and on journalists who were planning to report the story that has rocked the world since the start of October.

In a long and meticulous investigative report published by The New Yorker earlier this month, journalist Ronan Farrow broke the news that Weinstein hired Israel’s Black Cube to spy on Rose McGowan — who accuses him of rape — and on Ben Wallace, a reporter at New York magazine whose story on Weinstein was ultimately spiked by his editors.

Hired via Weinstein’s lawyer — to ensure the secrecy provided by attorney-client privilege — the Israeli firm went to extreme lengths to get dirt on McGowan. According to The New Yorker report, the firm dispatched a former Israeli military officer to pose as a women’s rights activist, whilst hinting to Wallace that she also had an allegation to make against Weinstein. …

What’s more, as journalist Max Blumental points out, Weinstein has a long record of financial and political support for Israeli causes. Indeed, it was former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert — once of the Israeli Labour Party and with a prison sentence for fraud and bribery on his record — who first recommended Black Cube to Weinstein and apparently made the introductions.

Black Cube has offices in Tel Aviv, Paris and London. Given the company’s admission that it worked on a disgustingly unethical project to protect the man who may well turn out to be Hollywood’s biggest sexual predator ever, it is surely time for the British and French authorities to investigate the “business” activities of this mercenary spy agency. What else, we need to know, is Black Cube up to? (The Israeli spy company which protected Weinstein operates in London; Britain must investigate its activities, Middle East Monitor, 25th November 2017)

Whatever else Black Cube is up to, we can be sure of one thing: its activities are always designed to advance Jewish interests. And obviously Black Cube and its ex-Mossad operatives felt that assisting a Jewish sex-predator met that criterion. Mossad’s motto is “By way of deception thou shalt do war.” I would claim that Black Cube and the Weinstein scandal provide an excellent example of the Jewish attitude to information. For decades, Weinstein successfully concealed information about himself while exploiting information about others.

That he colluded with an Israeli spy-agency on the advice of an Israeli politician is no coincidence: he took advantage of Jewish ethnocentrism and Jewish hostility to gentiles. After all, he was preying on shiksas whose plight seems to have roused no sisterly sympathy in the female journalists Rebecca Rosenberg, Mara Siegler, Jamie Schram, Danika Fears and Maria Wiesner. Rosenberg et al. wrote stories in “Weinstein-compliant scandal sheets” seeking to undermine Weinstein’s victims. Ann Coulter has condemned the journalists as “ugly girls taking their revenge on pretty girls.”

Main Currents of Judaism

That may well be so. But it could also be that they were ugly Jewish girls taking their revenge on pretty gentile girls. As Kevin MacDonald has written in his discussion of the Weinstein scandal: “Revenge is important — even critical — in understanding the main currents of Jewish behavior.” Weinstein has also been defended by the Jewish fashionista Donna Karan. And the convicted Jewish paedophile Jeffrey Epstein is alleged to have been assisted in his crimes by Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of the late Robert Maxwell, a Jewish tycoon who set a record for financial larceny that was surpassed only by the Jewish fraudster Bernie Madoff. Maxwell is also alleged to have been a sexual predator. So is Lou Pearlman, a Jewish music executive who ran another massive Ponzi scheme and had a “well-documented track record of robbing his [gentile] artists blind.”

Pervnado: Minority success at last!

Fraud and sexual abuse are predatory crimes in which Jews are hugely over-represented. This is another fact that the Semitic Filter is intended to block. For example, the Jewish comedian Larry David was strongly condemned in early November 2017 when he said of the “Hollywood sex abuse scandal” that: “I couldn’t help but notice, a very, very disturbing pattern emerging — which is that many of the predators — not all, but many of them are Jews.” A non-Jewish comedian would have lost his career for saying the same thing. Since then, the scandal has got bigger and extended beyond Hollywood. But it has not got any less Jewish, as the TV host Matt Lauer and the senator Al Franken can testify. Like the reign of the Alawites in Syria and the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union, the so-called Pervnado seems to provide more evidence of how predatory minorities can dominate and abuse passive majorities.

“A scarily lascivious Czech-Jewish editor…”

But does the Pervnado also say something about the male supremacism of Semitic cultures? Jewish men can behave very badly towards Jewish women too:

Dodging the pests at the JC [Jewish Chronicle]

Gloria Tessler recalls life at the JC in the 70s when “so many editors were lunging, touching and smooching”. … Girls had to manipulate, charm and edge their way out of sexual harassment at the JC. Yes, the JC! When I started here in my 20s, back in the 1970s, I was the only woman reporter and I could not imagine lasting out the week, so many senior editors were lunging, touching and smooching. If you were not agile enough to manage a pre-emptive escape, life would be a true battlefield. …

The way to stave off these men’s unwelcome advances was to keep talking about other things, reminding them of their wives and children, praising their brilliant articles, charming them, until they slowly — very slowly, if ever — began to see you as a human being and not a sexual plaything. …

But worst of all, was the day when I walked into one senior executive’s office. His door bore a red light, so I politely knocked. Once inside, I turned to face him — to find he had exposed himself. Shocked and disbelieving, I offered some gibbering excuse about the editor needing to see me, and made a quick getaway. This was something you read about in the papers; half-dressed blokes leaping out of bushes in the park, not something you expect in a newspaper office. …

Working freelance in Fleet Street proved easier, apart from a publication where I tried offering stories to a scarily lascivious, Czech-Jewish editor with a mordant wit. He suggested lunch and the harassment began in the taxi and ended in a restaurant where he had booked a private room. With his hands groping everywhere except the salmon en croute, I managed to free myself and flee in time, lamenting later that I hadn’t sold a single story. (Dodging the pests at the JC, The Jewish Chronicle, 9th November 2017 / 21st Cheshvan 5778)

Fleet Street was London’s newspaper district. Did Gloria Tessler find “working freelance” there “easier” because there were fewer Jewish males than at the Jewish Chronicle? I would suggest so. I would also suggest that Jewish feminism is, in part, a projection onto gentile society of Jewish female resentment at Jewish male behaviour.

That behaviour is now receiving attention on a hitherto unprecedented scale. The Pervnado has already blown Harvey Weinstein and other big Jewish names from the heights of media power. If rumours at previously reliable gossip-sites are to be believed, some even bigger Jewish names may follow.

Harvey and Hillary: Who’s Laughing Now?

Jewish power has relied heavily on controlling information and forbidding pattern-recognition. Like so many other things, that has begun to change. If the staunch feminist Hillary Clinton had won the presidential election, it seems highly likely that staunch feminists like Harvey Weinstein would still be committing their crimes safe from scrutiny. That seems paradoxical, but the paradox is easily resolved. Clinton and Weinstein were always lying when they claimed to want improved lives for ordinary women.

They pursued power, not principle, and their decline has allowed some heretical truths to emerge. Liberalism is very bad for women and Jewish dominance is very bad for Whites. As the Pervnado continues to blow, those truths will be exposed even more.

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  1. Ricky
    Ricky says:

    Jews hate the classic Nordic look of blonde hair and blue or green eyes. That’s why blonde men and women are always villains in their Hollywood movies. Most non-whites are somewhat jealous of white beauty, but with Jews it’s pathological and they have the power to act on it.

    • Mountain Man
      Mountain Man says:

      I don’t agree. Swarthy people, in general, LOVE blonde women.

      That goes for Jews, Mexicans, South Americans, African Negroes, you name it.

        • Apocryfoollus
          Apocryfoollus says:

          Indeed the fair skin & golden hair is the highest prize, but for it to be so beyond the reach it inspires a hatred in those unable to embody such themselves, hence their goal to disembody that which is elavated, all in the name of reparating equality which is the very antithesis of Love.

  2. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    While zipping through this, IMO, over all, very well written and on point article, one thing of notice jumped out at me;

    Concerning Pattern Recognition:

    This time recognizing the behaviour patterns of writers on the White Right;

    The continued pattern on the White Right (or White Nationalist/Separatist/Advocate) Scene to point to Israel in a backhanded sort of “…praising…” way,
    whenever it comes to limiting “…Foreign Infiltration…” into “…Israel’s…” territory.

    For Example;

    Israeli quite rightly builds walls.
    Israeli quite rightly limits non-Jewish migration.
    Israeli quite rightly deports African economic Invaders/Migrants.
    Israeli quite rightly protects the material wealth of its Jews.

    What next?…,

    Israeli quite rightly serves as a stolen piece of land from the primordial North African Arabic Inhabitants and now slaughters those same primordial Native Sephardic (Islamic or Christian) Inhabitants and gives their lands to a horde of Ashkenazi, Turkic, Slavic, and North-Western European Mongrel “…Jewish…” Interlopers?

    I get the point the author is trying to make with respect to the hypocritical activities of “…Jews…” inside traditionally White lands as opposed to the activities of this same Tribe of Mongrel Criminal “…Jews…” in Israel,
    but surely,
    there must be something wrong with condemning the activities of one half of a Race of Psychopathic Maniacs who, no matter where on the planet they reside,
    reside outside of a Stolen Criminal Safe-Haven Nation [Israel]
    praising the activities of the other half of this same Race of Psychopathic Maniacs who reside inside of a Stolen Criminal Safe-Haven Nation [Israel]…, is there not?

    It is almost as if one were like the many “…Appeasers of Jews…” in the hopes of eventually being granted some sort of favourable treatment when and if after all Whites have been successfully rounded up
    and either raped,
    raped then slaughtered
    or just plain enslaved, raped and then slaughtered,
    that the author is virtue signaling the actions of some Jews with respect to what they are doing with “…stolen goods…” [Israel] to gain favourable treatment by all Jews.

    IMO, if one is going to cite the activities of a Race of Criminals in one aspect of correct behavior, then one ought to, at the very least, show respect to those who have been used as target practice by these Criminal Jews, and preface this reference with the recognition of the overall illegitimacy of the Criminal State [Israel] to begin with.

  3. Jason
    Jason says:


    Thanks for the great article, Sir. This is a great example of Jewish scams and double standards-promoting the alien invasion in USA and EU, but deporting aliens from Israel.

    The Jewish motto is:

    Aliens for thee, but not for me.
    Open borders for thee, but not for me.
    Tolerance for thee, but not for me.
    Multiculturalism for thee, but not for me (they want to keep Israel a Jewish state).
    Easy Divorce for thee, but not for me (In Judaism, a woman cannot unilaterally divorce, the man has to give her a “get”).

    For the Judaists, lying and scamming is Job 1.

  4. Armor
    Armor says:

    Jewish power relies a lot on the lack of accountability and democratic control over their activities in politics, the judiciary, the media, academia, banking, and other private and public institutions. If you denounce them, you may be fined in Europe, or lose your job in the USA. I think the same lack of accountability and democratic control is what allows them to break sexual norms with impunity.

    The Weinstein case reminds me of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a former Jewish head of the IMF. In France, he had been chosen by the Jewish media, and by an unaccountable small team at the top of the Socialist Party, to be the next President of the country. Every rigged opinion poll said he was the most popular politician in France. Unfortunately, he jumped upon an African maid in a New-York hotel, and that was the end of his presidential prospects. Then we learned that everybody knew he was a sex pervert who couldn’t control himself.

    The lack of accountability means that some political candidates are not vetted in any serious way. Hillary Clinton is not Jewish, but her selection as the Democratic candidate, in spite of her bad health and character flaws, shows that the primary system is rigged. It isn’t a democratic system. In such a system, you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that something sinister really happened behind the pizzagate story.

    • Anthony Clifton
      Anthony Clifton says:

      what proof is there that Hillary isn’t a satanic piece of shit…?


      as a global crime syndicate enabler and Mass Murder participant
      she certainly qualifies by behaviour patterns & lying
      or substantial misstatements of fact…

      Remember the Due Process rights of the Davidians..
      Vince Foster, OKC…& “countless” other examples…

      Yes Hillary is a “Jewish”…. 100% certified…USDA.

    • Ken
      Ken says:

      Armor, The system is not rigged. Unfortunately, you still believe the the system was created by the people for the people. This never has been the case. The system works a designed. It has been falling apart for quite sometime now but it is a different story. But don’t worry, the (((masters))) will come up with another system, ‘by the people for the people’ and we will buy into it as so many times before.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        So-called elections merely decide which nominee wins. The nomination process itself is determined by a few people in illegal Cuban-cigar-smoke-filled, antique leather arm-chair penthouse chambers with sound-proof doors and electronically swept for bugs.

        Stouffer’s Pine Isle Resort, in Gainesville, Georgia, lost such an $ 800 ” bug “, when, two days before their 1997 Bilderberger Conference, they moved my friend Jimmy Tucker, the then SPOTLIGHT’S ‘ Bilderberger Hound ‘, from one room to another; just for one night. Before everyone had to vacate for the secret conference attendees.

        We had hosted Tucker during his four-day coverage of the 1996 Conference in King City, north of Toronto, and drove down to Gainesville to join his demonstrators.

        One demonstrator, retired from US Army intelligence,
        ” swept ” Jim’s reassigned room. He found four bugs. Three distributed over the walls, behind the plaster and one stitched into a cushion of the couch. Removing them from behind the walls would have been more than obvious, and costly to the guest. The cushion was simple; just a pulled thread.

        Literally while checking out at the desk, a suit approached the clerk and whispered to him. The clerk then asked Jim whether he might have accidentally removed something from the room that wasn’t his own property.

        Jim assured the clerk that he had not and we moved him into his next room at the adjacent Hilton; followed by the protestors from near and far.

        All of us reassembled at the pub in the basement and Jim showed us the bug, with ensuing hilarity. A white napkin underlay made for a fine photograph, reproduced in the Spotlight, as part of his reportage.

        One wonders why any hotel would have such a ” special ” room or rooms. Who knows of it, and who has the duty to assign a guest there; and, most significantly, on whose behalf.

        Any of the authors here and in the remainder of the groups might want to take this under consideration; also when traveling abroad for conferences. Simply don’t have confidential talks in your rooms.

        Nor, for a moment, should you assume privacy at a nice table with attractive table-lamps and vases with flowers. In 1992, I managed the needed renovation of the famous Strand Café, in Luebben, in formerly East-Germany. [ Web page ].

        My friend Heinz of aforementioned ‘ Round-Square Conference ‘ relevance, asked me to renovate his wife’s huge destination-Restaurant in the Spreewald; itself a UN Bio-sphere already in communist times.

        In the attic of this stately building we found a locked room. Lacking a key we broke the lock. We found three tables, each the size of a card table with discoloration and dust marks the size and shape of a common, older, tape-recorder. A dozen or so thin wires had been hastily cut off. We traced them to the individual dining room-tables, lamps, vases and wall hung paintings.

        I wondered whether the STASI had the good manners to disconnect this system while Raisa Gorbachev and her retinue dined and spent the better part of a day there during their sojourn in East-Berlin to celebrate their 40th anniversary of their founding of their paradisical First Peasants and Workers State on German Soil. While Gorby also told Honecker, that he could no longer rely on the support of Soviet forces. End of Paradise.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner is the daughter of ” Baron ” Janner, former MP for Leicester and a Member of the House of Lords.

          She was his child, who, along with her mother, was sent out of town for a couple of days so that her pedophile, homosexual father, the HONOURABLE Member of the House of Lords, could camouflage his otherwise inexplicable absence from home.

          In merely one incident among many, stretching over a police-determined 25-year period, this swine, with the co-operation [ $ ? ] of a supervisor of an orphanage for boys, picked up a 14-year old pitiable, mildly mentally diminished kid. [ Media-published Police report ].

          He took this child to a Holiday Inn in Edinburgh. After vacating their room, it was searched by police, who found semen-soaked paper towels in the trash can and a dose of Vaseline, to assist his buggery, in the drawer of the night stand.

          This absolutely despicable Crown Prosecution Service sat on its protection-racketeering hands for a quarter of a century, to the consternation of the police.

          This child-molesting bastard Baron died weeks before the commencement of his trial, which necessitated the prior importation, but also departure, of a New Zealand Justice, at the total expenditure of millions of pounds.

          Even intellectualy or with respect to the Jewish variant on logic, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Absolutely anything and everything can be explained. Little utility in asking her as a Rabbi, Savant, about what she thinks their G-d has in store for her swinish, mendacious, religious and honoured lawyer father.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            I intended to append this to my below reply to the nature of this article. An interrupting phone call misplaced it here. The facts remain unaltered; but one should read it as a below appendage.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            Jolly good show – eyh what !!! you asinine, self-destructive majority electorate of the Riding of Leicester; for RE-ELECTING this unmitigated piece of baronial garbage more than once. For allowing your domestic and {{{ foreign }}} overlords, in concert, to crap on your great, allegedly democratic {{{ process }}}, so ‘valiantly’ fought- and bombed-for with so much blood. Just to increase Jewish representation in your, not their, Government.

            In the final analysis, you and you alone were the ” informed ” facilitators of these innumerable, and perhaps still unaccounted-for crimes of your {{{ democratically-chosen
            ” Honourable Member of The House of Lords ” }}}.

            Beyond shame ! 150 public lashes per assenting voter would not come near the total pain you caused to these already discarded children !

            [ Our intrepid Rerevisionist, as a British elector, should type-copy this comment, so as to cover its provenance, to obviate a redirection/misdirection/ anti-Semitism charge, in lieu of taking a position on the issue, and mail it anonymously to Leicester’s allegedly free local media.

            Though the majority here counsels activism, too much suitable, actionable material simply disappears down the archive chute ].

    • Lou
      Lou says:

      Having studied Pizza Gate [and seen the term ‘Fake News’ created to squash PG investigations], I assure you that child molestation and child trafficking does exist, at top levels.

      You tube, George Webb [a good jew].

      And study Laura Silsbys arrest and who saved her, huh?

      • John Walton
        John Walton says:

        Your claim is too vague to be worth anything. Either prove it or retire to the sidelines. The right thinks it’s fine to expend a lot of energy and have nothing to show for it. The left demands results. Learn from the opposition.

    • John Walton
      John Walton says:

      I suspect this is payback to Alan Dershowitz who lobbied for the guy and who has been going on Fox saying the allegations of collusion with Russia are legally worthless, which means a lot coming from a famous liberal Harvard professor. So in this case it seems like the master of “the art of the deal” got himself a decent deal, however obnoxious the beneficiary.

  5. Jett Rucker
    Jett Rucker says:

    Miss Iraq took a selfie of herself arm-in-arm with Miss Israel and posted the picture on her Facebook account with a sweet message advocating peace and love between the two countries. The media reports that Miss Iraq’s family has received death threats from the nasty Muslims living around them. NO report of anything similar for Miss Israel’s family and the lovely Jews living around them.

    Was Miss Iraq’s message of peace and love rejected by all those nasty neighbors in Iraq? Or was this a ploy on her part to get refugee status, and admission to the United States, for her family? IF the family did receive death threats, did Miss Iraq have to pay the callers to make those threats?

    It’s ALL theater – ALL fake.

  6. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    Israel’s behaviour gives the lie to the Rabbi’s schmaltzy claims of how “for the Jewish people, for thousands of years a dispersed nation without guaranteed safety, the sight of the Calais ‘jungle’ camp on our doorstep is especially painful.”

    But those peoples have nations of their own. They are not exiles. They messed up their own nations and move to white nations to leech off them like the parasites they are.

    If Jews are bothered by sight of a people without a home, then send them back to their own homelands.

    All those Africans have their own nations. Indeed, they kicked out British migrant-colonizers and reclaimed their own lands after WWII. So, they should strive to improve and develop their nations. But they must mess up their own nations with corruption and violence and then try to invade other nations to leech off them.

  7. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    What’s crazy is the West invites these savage lunatics and celebrates ACOWW(Afro-Colonization of white wombs) as the greatest thing as Brtis turn into Junglo-Saxons. Race-mixing with blacks will turn UK into something like North Africa.

    West used to be imperialist and colonized other people and lands.

    Then, other peoples rebelled and repelled white imperialists and colonizers.

    Whites apologized and admitted their wrong. They came to see imperialism and colonization as wrongs.

    But now, the West is inviting demographic imperialism and colonization of white lands by non-whites. West is saying IT IS A GREAT THING!!! Why? I thought the consensus after WWII was that imperialism and colonization are BAD things.

    Anyway, if the West invites colonization and demographic imperialism as a GOOD thing, what does that imply? That Western imperialism and colonization of the non-white world had actually been a good thing? Therefore, ALL nations should take inspiration from the West that now welcomes colonization and replacist demographic imperialism?

    That is the new template?

    The logic goes full circle.

    1. Western imperialism and colonization of non-white lands is good. Whites should colonize non-white lands.

    2. Western imperialism and colonization of non-white lands is bad. Whites should return to their own nations.

    3. Non-white colonization of white land is good, and whites should welcome it, and non-whites should demand more right to invade Europe. West should invite invasion.

    4. Since ‘western values’ are best, and since they are about inviting invasion, then ALL THE WORLD should follow suit and invite invasion.

    5. If invading and colonizing other nations is good, then the Western Imperialists had done nothing wrong. After all, they had only forced non-whites to invite invasion. Nothing is as wonderful as inviting invasion.

    • John Walton
      John Walton says:

      You are running together colonization and immigration. They are different things. Blacks do not come from Uganda to England because Uganda has conquered England. They come because a certain globalist elite has conquered England and would like to weaken the nation and dilute the culture. In both Europe and America the colonists must be distinguished from the hordes they deploy in service of their schemes. Neglect of this distinction results from its being safer to attack blacks or Latinos than the people who are responsible for immigration policy and its agenda.

  8. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Hopefully Rabbi Laura never has a breakdown passing my property and comes in to seek help.

    If a too busy staffer of our too busy Conservation Authority were to spot her, they would sequester several acres for the preservation of this rare species of owl; scientifically listed as having a thumb as large as her index finger; but with apparently evolutionary lost webbing between them.

  9. Lou
    Lou says:

    Irish Savants blog, comment;

    Flanders said…Jews leaving on a jet plane: Atlanta

    “Late last night a sudden power outage shut down the world’s busiest airport. With the outage leading to both the FAA and Atlanta’s mayor ordering the suspension and grounding of all flights going both in an out of the airport while work was done to restore power.

    And …, “right in the middle of this over 12 hour supposedly complete air traffic shut down, a single plane was mysteriously allowed to leave the airport.”

    “By far the most popular suggestion is that this blackout was part of an operation to discreetly move some W80 variable yield nuclear warheads out of the country, and into the hands of the Israeli’s. The power outage being a necessary part of the ruse to blind nuclear detection devices that are standard at all major airports. The belief being this was all done to discreetly arm our military ally in a region where the current situation is becoming increasingly unstable and hostile.”

    • Mari
      Mari says:

      Everybody likes blondes, including blondes. Men have short hair so the hair isn’t that noticeable. But women have longer hair so it’s noticeable. Why do you think even women’sfashion Magazines feature blondes on the cover? It’s not for dark skinned men, it’s for the women readers.

      Why do you think that about 90 percent of dolls are blonde? Blonde hair is beautiful and people, all people of all races like it.

  10. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    More than a couple of things respecting this article:

    01 Olmert not only apprised Weinstein of that Mossad outfit, Black Cube, but he himself was accused of sexual harassment, ONE MONTH AGO, by none less than the crime reporter for the IDF Radio. With more women coming out of the woodwork.

    02 Benjamin was investigated for far more than collusion with a publisher. He tried to intimidate one into friendlier coverage, reached an agreement, then picked a better bet, promising the cancellation of the license of the former. Typical. Not even Jews know better than to deal with Jews.

    03 He was also involved in shady deals in Israel’s so-called purchase of gifted and subsidized German subs, as well as with a friend getting a contract to establish a private company to exclusively maintain them.

    04 Irregularities in falsely reported and unlawful personal expenses, investigated by the police, are legion.

    05 The normal-sounding name of Robert Maxwell, SHOULD have been outed by his originally Czech name: Jan Ludvic Hyman Binjamin Hoch. One of several children of his father, a Jewish Orthodox, IMPOVERISHED CATTLE DEALER. Certainly not going hungry as long as he could differentiate tainted sellable meat and diseased, but not yet deceased cattle from that of his family’s personal consumption.

    Mention of his particularly heinous crime of emptying his 401 companies’ employees pension funds would not have lengthened this article unduly. Nor would have a mention of that abominable British Government promising tighter legislation, then allowing the same thefts thereafter TWICE IN A ROW, two years apart: with the defrauded taxpayer picking up the welfare costs in lieu of higher, paid-into and earned pensions.

    06 Also a link to the Daily Mail article with its photographs of Prince Andrew walking in NYC with subsequently convicted peadohile Epstein would have lent an additional demonstrable dimension.

    07 As WOULD have the photo in the same article, depicting Prince Andrew with his arm around the bare midriff of Virginia Roberts, who claimed to have had sex with Andrew: vigorously and royally denied in later court filings. [ As with Roberts and Harvard law-Professor extraordinaire Dershowitz ].

    08 The phrase: Jeffrey Epstein is alleged to have been assisted in his crimes by Ghislaine Maxwell, would have been all but taken out of its mere implication, by the abovementioned photo, depicting Andrew, that Prince, with Virginia Roberts: WITH THAT SUPERPIMP AND US SOCIALITE GHISLAINE MAXWELL, [ ALSO SUED ], HOVERING BEHIND THEM WITH A SELF-SATISFIED SMIRK OF MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

    09 Etc.

    10 Etc.

    What were and are our sins to be eternally and universally condemned to be ruled by this super-feces of this world ?

  11. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Another great, incisive article about the ‘people of the double standard’, Tobias. One really has to seriously wonder about the bovine state-of-mind of the White ‘passive majorities’ mentioned in the article. Most Whites seem to be agog at the illusional Jewtopia that that has bewitched them, and appear clueless about their denigrating, self destructive programming. The reality is, (most unfortunately for Western Civilization), the psychological Hebraic neurotoxins seem to have most Whites locked in a lethal death grip.

    • cronkitsche
      cronkitsche says:

      I’ve wondered about the timing of the Harvey Weinstein sacrifice, about why a magnate of H’wood was allowed to be successfully attacked, w/ the cooperation of all the heretofore silent media now, and not 10 years ago. If sexual transgression of even powerful, famous Jews can be grounds for exile or prosecution, then the way is opened for the same successful attack on gentiles. The path to effectively attacking the president they had inadequate control over has been opened.

      • Junghans
        Junghans says:

        Could well be. Jewry does seem to be playing the sex card. Since Trump is such a buffoonish walking paradox, one has to wonder what he will do when (((they))) really have him publicly cornered. In a political/constitutional, Lincolnesque crisis scenario, when he is totally flummoxed and Jewed out, which way will he barge? And, will the military that he he has surrounded himself with, play along?

        • John Walton
          John Walton says:

          If they can get him to do what they want him to do, no need to impeach him. Trump has a lot of effective supporters in people like Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan and a number of lesser figures. It wouldn’t be easy to get rid of him without creating an unpredictable crisis, or so I think.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            John, I think he will largely do away with himself, regrettably, in 18 and permanently in 20: perhaps with his entire party; for decades to come. Those commutations are a bridge too far, as is the Embassy relocation. The combined Three Musketeers above, though I like them, will be irrelevant in the bigger picture.

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