In the Land of Lies: Seeing, Saying, and Pseudotopia, Part 2

 “Yo blud, wot you mean?”

All of this is a direct result of mass immigration, as the journalist Mary Wakefield has admitted in the cuckservative Spectator:

In the [London] Evening Standard, Wayne, an ex-gangster from Plumstead, gave an interview in which he explained that the resettled kids from war zones had upped the ante in gangland. ‘In the last ten years, since the Somalis and the Congolese came to London, they taught us a whole new level of violence. These people had seen family members mutilated, so when they said, “I’m gonna smash you up”, us guys would be shouting, “Yo blud [i.e., blood-brother], wot you mean?” and they would just pull out a blade and juk [stab] you in the chest. It upped the speed and level for us British-born guys. We had to arm up to protect ourselves. It created an upward spiral.’

Not Amber Rudd, not Sadiq Khan nor Theresa May would ever speak publicly about this, for fear of seeming racist. But isn’t that in itself racist? It implies that the problem is somehow to do with skin colour, when any poor kid forced into a civil war might well be brutalised by it. We absolutely have a duty to offer asylum to children fleeing horrific circumstances, but we also have a duty to acknowledge the increased dangers the police face as a result. If we don’t, these multiply. (An odd new feeling has crept up on me — sympathy for the police, The Spectator, 21st April 2018)

Why do we “absolutely have a duty to offer asylum to children fleeing horrific circumstances”? In fact, we don’t have any such duty at all. To suggest otherwise is mawkish virtue-signalling that would have been dismissed with contempt not only by that great conservative hero Winston Churchill, but by all mainstream politicians well into the twentieth century. Somalia and the Congo are a very long way from Britain and the “children fleeing horrific circumstances” passed many safe places en route to this country. Now that they are here, they are reproducing the savage and barbarous culture of their homelands.

Virtue-signalling and vibrancy

Is that a surprise? Not to anyone with eyes in their head and brains between their ears. But in the Land of Lies, the wilfully blind are King. And I’m sure that the virtue-signalling Mary Wakefield and her family rarely, if ever, encounter that Somali and Congolese culture at first hand. They will live at a safe distance from the enriched areas of London, allowing the “absolute duty” of welcoming enrichers to fall on other people.

But let’s give the Spectator some credit: it also publishes the Islamophobe Douglas Murray, who has criticized Muslim immigration and even gone so far as to mention the Jewish role therein. He has recently asked a very important question: “Why do politicians refuse to tell it how it is on immigration?” Sadly, his answer was wholly inadequate. The subheading to his article ran: “It is the one issue where our leaders deny the wishes of their citizens.”

That’s like saying that food is the “one issue” where a dog-owner denies the wishes of his dog. If the dog wants food and doesn’t get it, then the owner proves that he is unfit to own a dog. He is failing to meet the dog’s most basic and important need. Similarly, if politicians “deny the wishes of their citizens” on immigration, they prove not only that they are unfit for office but that they are acting with conscious treachery. Immigration is not just “one issue” among many: it is, as Enoch Powell pointed out half-a-century ago, of vital, existential importance, altering a nation and its future in the most direct and intimate way.

Resisting the will of the people

Recall the Labour politician Roy Hattersley, who stood for parliament promising to serve the White working-class in the Birmingham constituency of Sparkbrook. Once elected, he chose to betray his constituents. Decades later, he openly boasted of his treachery in the Guardian: “I was able to resist Sparkbrook’s demands about the great issues of national policy — otherwise, my first decade would have been spent opposing all Commonwealth immigration.”

Hattersley called immigration a “great issue of national policy” because he knew it bore directly on the nation’s future. That was in the 1960s; today the future has arrived. Britain is an authoritarian surveillance state vibrant with the non-White pathologies of terrorism, rape-gangs, violent crime and political corruption. It is a Land of Lies where free speech is dying and the wilfully blind are King. Our new state religion of minority worship insists that Britain has been vastly enriched by mass immigration from violent, corrupt Third-World nations.

For example, where would the National Health Service (NHS) be without doctors and nurses from the Third World? Well, the NHS would be like the rest of Britain: far better off. Non-White doctors and nurses are far more likely to be corrupt and incompetent, particularly if they have acquired their qualifications in such hotbeds of cheating and fraud as India, Pakistan and Nigeria. Britain was the birthplace of modern medicine in the nineteenth century, when highly intelligent and competent Whites like Joseph Lister and Florence Nightingale began to reform a profession that had formerly done more harm than good to its patients. British medicine did not need non-Whites then and does not need them now. The NHS would be better off without them.

“Guilty until proved guilty”

But that is a truth that cannot be spoken. Minority worship is as rampant in the NHS as it is in parliament and at the BBC. White doctors may see that their non-White colleagues are incompetent or corrupt, but they must not act on the evidence of their lying eyes. If they do, they will share the fate of a White surgeon called Peter Duffy, who discovered that Whites who face allegations of racism in the NHS are “guilty until proved guilty”:

Consultant NHS surgeon voted Doctor of the Year ‘was forced to quit his job after three Asian colleagues branded him a racist when he raised concerns about their work’

A consultant NHS surgeon who was voted ‘Doctor of the Year’ was forced to quit his job after being branded a racist by three Asian colleagues, a tribunal heard. Peter Duffy, 56, alleges he was the subject of racism allegations from two Indian consultants Dr Kavinda Madhra and Dr Ashutosh Jain and Pakistani Dr Saleem Nassem.

Dr Duffy told a tribunal he reported one doctor for being unable to use an ultrasound machine, missing ‘several’ cancers and playing golf despite being asked to treat a patient with deadly sepsis. He also said he raised concerns over another he believed had bungled operations and been involved in overtime fraud. But the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust consultant urologist claimed at a tribunal yesterday he was subjected to ‘malicious, toxic and utterly false’ allegations from the three men over his ‘whistleblowing’. …

In a statement given to the Manchester employment tribunal Mr Duffy who is being advised by the whistleblowing charity Public Concern at Work, said he had suffered from heart problems as a result of his treatment and now had ‘chronic’ post traumatic stress disorder. He claimed another senior colleague had stood down after claims of racism were also levelled against him and added: ‘I believe a clear and sustained campaign of victimisation, vilification and disinformation was aimed at me by the clinicians who were responsible for the clinical errors, avoidable deaths and excessive, probably fraudulent work that were the subject of the my repeated protected disclosures. …’

In his statement Mr Duffy added: ‘It is difficult to overstate the sheer toxicity of these utterly false allegations. I was warned in my first few months in the Trust that I must at all costs avoid an allegation of racism against me. I was told that such allegations, even if entirely unwarranted can destroy careers and that the NHS tended to regard racism allegations as “guilty until proven guilty”. Unfortunately, I was unable to defend myself during this particular meeting, being entirely unaware that I was under attack or that the meeting ever took place until I was unemployed.’ … (Consultant NHS surgeon voted Doctor of the Year ‘was forced to quit his job after three Asian colleagues branded him a racist when he raised concerns about their work’, The Daily Mail, 19th April 2018)

Mass immigration harms White nations not only by increasing crime of all kinds. It also destroys the competence, efficiency and harmony of White institutions, from the health service to the justice system. After all, why would incompetent doctors from an ethnic minority admit their own faults when they can make a highly effective accusation of racism instead? Minority worship means that non-Whites are automatically privileged over their supposed White oppressors. The former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks has pointed out that Britain’s institutions have been “poisoned by the rise of identity politics, as minorities and aggrieved groups jockeyed first for rights, then for special treatment.” He even admitted that “the process … began with Jews, before being taken up by blacks, women and gays.”

A false accuser is honoured in Israel

But Rabbi Sacks has been contradicted by the verbose and self-righteous Jewish novelist Howard Jacobson, who has claimed that it would be “sacrilege” for Jews to make false or self-serving claims of anti-Semitism. I think that Jacobson is talking self-deluded nonsense. The Jewish mega-fraudster Robert Maxwell, born Ján Hyman Binyamin Hoch, made repeated accusations of anti-Semitism against those who accused him of fraud and malpractice. These accusations undoubtedly helped Maxwell-Hoch continue and extend his enormous financial crimes. And when he was exposed as one of the biggest fraudsters in history, did the Jewish community condemn his “sacrilege”? Not in the slightest. Maxwell still lies buried on the Mount of Olives in Israel, honoured for his work on behalf of the Jewish state. False accusations of anti-Semitism are very useful to Jews, just as false accusations of racism are very useful to non-Whites throughout the West.

That’s why we see so many hate-hoaxes in Pseudotopias like America, from false accusations of Islamophobia on the New York subway to false accusations of gang-rape at the University of Virginia. At least, sight-criminals like Steve Sailer see the hate-hoaxes. The mainstream media don’t. As Sailer points out, “hate-hoax” isn’t recognized by the mainstream media even as a concept, let alone a widespread reality. But Greg Cochran, another sight-criminal in America, is wrong to speak of “fools,” “barking-mad craziness” and “demented gate-keepers” when he criticizes those who insist on absolute racial equality and the Psychic Unity of Mankind.

Crypsis is not crazy

There is nothing crazy about cultural Marxism, which has steadily and remorselessly tightened its hold on the Western world since the end of the Second World War. As we can see from the careers of Stalin and Mao, denying reality can even be advantageous to ideologues. If you have reality on your side, you may be complacent about victory and feel inclined to be magnanimous to your opponents. If you don’t have reality on your side, you know that the key to victory is not truth but deceit, censorship and intimidation. Cochran condemns “the lies” of men like Stephen Jay Gould, Richard Lewontin and Ashley Montagu. But lying is a highly effective strategy in competition, as all biologists should be well-aware. Stick-insects are not really sticks and hornet clearwings are not really hornets.

Living by lies: a stick-insect

Instead, they’re defenceless insects that have protected themselves for millions of years by lying to the eyes of hungry predators. Ashley Montagu followed a similar strategy of crypsis, or concealment of one’s true nature. His name — Montague Francis Ashley-Montagu in full — sounds like that of an Old Etonian dandy, heir to an ancient earldom and many acres of Scottish grouseland. That’s not the image conjured by his real name of Israel Ehrenberg. Like Gould and Lewontin, Montagu was Jewish. That’s not a coincidence: Jews have been the hardest-working and most effective promoters of Pseudotopia.

America would not be a Land of Lies without them. Nor would Britain, France, Germany and Sweden. If we want to save the West, then the Land of Lies must turn into the Land of Eyes. We must see racial reality and act on what we see.

Appendix: Martyr-Cults That Didn’t Make It

Liberals claim to be deeply concerned about racism, sexism and bullying. They are lying. In fact, they are deeply concerned about advancing their own power and feeding their own narcissism. That’s why the following victims of violent hate-crime have never prompted martyr-cults like the one that surrounds Stephen Lawrence.

  • Lucy Lowe, 2000 — a sixteen-year-old English schoolgirl murdered with her mother and sister in an arson attack. The arsonist had been raping her since she was thirteen and had made her pregnant at fourteen. She was pregnant again to him at the time of her death, but feminists did not publicize her murder, there was no official enquiry, and no martyr-cult now surrounds her. Why so? Because Lucy Lowe was White and her murderer was a vibrant Pakistani Muslim. (More here)
  • Kriss Donald, 2005 — a fifteen-year-old Scottish schoolboy abducted by racist thugs simply because of the colour of his skin. After hours of terror, he was repeatedly stabbed, soaked in gasoline, set on fire and left to die in agony. The racist thugs had been emboldened by police inaction against their previous crimes, but anti-racists did not publicize the murder, there was no official enquiry, and no martyr-cult now surrounds him. Why so? Because Kriss Donald was White and his murderers were vibrant Pakistani Muslims. (More here)
  • Kimberly Fuller, 2005 — a nineteen-year-old English girl who was pinched on the buttocks in a nightclub. When she objected to this assault, she was stabbed in the neck by the man responsible and bled to death. Feminists did not publicize her murder, there was no official enquiry, and no martyr-cult now surrounds her. Why so? Because Kimberly Fuller was White and her murderer was a vibrant Pakistani Muslim. (More here)
  • Laura Wilson, 2010 — a seventeen-year-old English girl who, with the full knowledge of the authorities in her home-town of Rotherham, had been “groomed” for sex from the age of twelve by violent misogynists. After her abusers tired of her, she was repeatedly stabbed and thrown into a canal to die. Feminists did not publicize her murder, there was no official enquiry, and no martyr-cult now surrounds her. Why so? Because Laura Wilson was White and her murderers were two vibrant Pakistani Muslims. (More here)

Valaree Schwab, not a martyr

  • Valaree Megan Schwab, 2018 — a sixteen-year-old American schoolgirl who was subject to repeated bullying by a bigoted gang who didn’t like her taste in music. When she tried to stand up to the gang outside a food-shop in New Jersey, she was stabbed twice in the torso with a steak knife and died later in hospital. Anti-bullying activists are not publicizing the murder and we can be confident that there will be no official enquiry and that no martyr-cult will ever surround her. Why so? Because Valaree Megan Schwab was White and her murderer is Black, like the rest of the gang that bullied her. (More here)
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