Black Saints, White Demons: The Martyr-Cult of Stephen Lawrence

You read it here first. In 2013, my article “The Ruling Stones” pointed out that England had a new patron saint: Stephen Lawrence, the Black teenager murdered by a White gang in 1993. What I said five years ago has now become an official reality. The British prime minister Theresa May has announced an annual “Stephen Lawrence Day” on 22nd April, just before St George’s Day on 23rd April. The shabbos shiksa May was indulging in conspicuous minority worship, trying to overcome the damage done to her cuckservative government by the so-called “Windrush scandal.”

What’s up with the Brits?

However, it’s plain that Stephen Lawrence Day has been deliberately placed in the calendar as an attack on White Englishness. St George was England’s old patron saint and 23rd April is also the traditional birthday of William Shakespeare, the archetypal English genius. John Derbyshire put it like this at VDare: “No more of that white supremacist nonsense! The 23rd now dwells in the shadow of the 22nd, Stephen Lawrence Day.”

Mainspring of the martyr-cult: Dr Richard Stone

Derbyshire went on to express his usual bemusement at the state of his motherland: “What on earth is the matter with the Brits, that they have elevated this one regrettable but insignificant killing into a great holy martyrdom?” As I explained in “The Ruling Stones,” it wasn’t the Brits. Rather, it was a small but highly energetic minority that is hostile to the Brits. The guiding intellect behind the martyr-cult of St Stephen Lawrence has been an SJW called Dr Richard Stone, whose own website describes him as “a leading expert in social cohesion, anti-racism, and Islamophopia” and “a regular speaker around Europe at conferences on these topics.” Dr Stone is a part of an anti-White, pro-minority network that wields power at the highest levels of government not just in Britain but right across Europe.

From Alif-Aleph to Nisa-Nashim

Would John Derbyshire be surprised to learn that Dr Stone is Jewish and once served as the “President of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality”? Would he be surprised that Dr Stone’s “work bringing together British Jews and Muslims includes being a founding trustee of the Maimonides Foundation … and of Alif-Aleph UK”? I doubt that Derbyshire would be surprised. I also doubt that he would need telling that alif and aleph are the first letters of the Arabic and Hebrew alphabets. However, he might not know what “Nisa-Nashim” means in this article:

Jewish and Muslim women pledge to work together to combat hate

The largest conference gathering of Muslims and Jews in Europe has seen women from both faiths vow to work together to combat hate. More than 200 women took part in the Change Makers event on Sunday organised by Nisa-Nashim, Britain’s Jewish-Muslim women’s network, with sessions on topics ranging from the Middle East to self-defence. They bonded over food, poetry and yoga, and at one stage an afternoon prayer service was held side-by-side, with Muslim participants kneeling as Jewish women davened mincha [prayed] across the room.

Attendees at the central London conference travelled from towns and cities including Manchester, Leeds, Luton, Exeter, Peterborough and across London. A panel session included Helen Pankhurst, the activist and author who is the great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst; Gabby Edlin of the Bloody Good Period charity; Farzana Baduel, chief executive of PR firm Curzon; and Pinky Lilani, founder of the Women of the Future group. The debate was chaired by Nomia Iqbal from the BBC’s Asian Network.

Opening the event, Nisa-Nashim co-founder Laura Marks said: “Antisemitic hate incidents have reached a record level in the UK. Anti-Muslim hate crime has increased, both here and abroad. But what we are focussing on is the need to stick together — and genuinely support each other — no ifs, no buts, no what abouts, just friendship and support.” … (Jewish and Muslim women pledge to work together to combat hate, The Jewish Chronicle, 24th April 2018)

“Jewish and Muslim women unite against hate”

Laura Marks doesn’t mention that “Antisemitic hate incidents” have risen because of mass immigration by Muslims. As Mehdi Hasan said in the New Statesman back in 2013: “… anti-Semitism isn’t just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it’s routine and commonplace.” Laura Marks and her soul-sisters have to pretend otherwise, or they would undermine the anti-White and anti-Christian aims of “Nisa-Nashim, Britain’s Jewish-Muslim women’s network.”

And what what does Nisa-Nashim mean? Well, nisa is Arabic for “women” and nashim is Hebrew for “women.” Arabic and Hebrew are closely related languages, just as, for Jews like Richard Stone and Laura Marks, Muslims and Jews are closely related groups. In the words of one of Dr Stone’s many newspaper articles: “British Jews and Muslims are natural allies.” Against whom? Against the White and historically Christian majority, of course. Like many other Jews based in Britain, Dr Richard Stone has devoted his life to demonizing and undermining the White British.

Blasted to death

The martyr-cult of St Stephen Lawrence is Dr Stone’s greatest triumph. As I pointed out in “The Land of Lies,” the cult promotes the lie that Whites are an ominous and ever-present threat to the well-being of non-Whites. The truth is completely the opposite. Non-Whites are a massive threat to Whites, not vice versa. They are also a massive threat to each other, as this genuinely shocking story proves:

Abraham Badru, Black victim of a brutal murder

Police believe the killer of a personal trainer shot dead in a London street may have bragged about the murder, as the victim’s mother said he was targeted for testifying in a trial to bring rapists to justice. Abraham Badru, 26, was shot twice a month ago in Hackney, east London, most likely by a rented shotgun, police believe. The detective leading the murder hunt said the gunman fled the scene on a white bicycle, having ridden it into the area just minutes before the shooting on 25 March.

Badru won a bravery award for heroically stepping in to stop a gang-rape then testifying against those involved. His mother, Ronke Badru, said her son received threats from those involved in the attack, which happened at a house party in 2007. His evidence led to nine people being jailed, including one for life, but Badru had to leave London to continue his studies. He returned in 2016 only to bump into one of the people he had helped jail.

Badru’s mother said her son’s car was attacked with the mirrors and windscreen smashed, and the tyres removed. She said her son was trying to move out of the Hackney area at the time he was gunned down. She recalled the devastation when she was told her son had been shot dead: “I started shouting ‘My only child, my life is empty’. I started rolling on the floor. I was like ‘Who would choose to do this to Abraham? Who has he offended to that extent to take his life away?’ He was a very peaceful man, he wasn’t violent at all. A very respectful boy and a loving child. He loved everybody and was always at peace with everyone.”

Det[ective] Ch[ief] Insp[ector] Noel McHugh, leading the murder hunt, said the killer’s motivation was still not clear and a revenge killing for Badru’s rape trial testimony was being investigated. But McHugh stressed the motive could be something else, such as mistaken identity and said he was certain someone in the community knows who the killer is. … (Abraham Badru killer may have bragged about murder, police say, The Guardian, 25th April 2018)

A grieving Black mother whom liberals will quickly forget

Objectively speaking, that death was far worse than the death of Stephen Lawrence, who was stabbed once in a random encounter and might easily have survived. Abraham Badru was deliberately targeted by someone who fully intended to kill him using the most lethal weapon available. Whether it was a revenge-killing or a case of mistaken identity, liberals should be discussing and condemning this murder as loudly as they can.

Totally unacceptable

Here are my reasons for saying that they should. If Abraham Badru’s murder was a revenge-killing, that is completely unacceptable from a feminist point of view. A young man has lost his life because he testified against gang-rapists. And the murderer is still at large! If it was a case of mistaken identity, that is completely unacceptable from an anti-racist point of view. A young man has lost his life because he had a black face. And the murderer is still at large! But feminists and anti-racists are not discussing and condemning this murder, let alone trying to turn it into a martyr-cult. Why not? It’s simple. Although the victim meets all the necessary criteria, the villains most certainly do not.

Abraham Badru testified against Black gang-rapists. His brutal and carefully planned murder was carried out by a Black. In other words, his tragic death cannot be used to demonize and undermine the White majority. That is why it will flash through the British media like a meteor, briefly glimpsed and then gone forever. The Metropolitan police in London have spent more than £50 million trying to bring all of Stephen Lawrence’s killers to justice. They will not spend a fraction of that amount on trying to solve the murder of Abraham Badru.

Names that don’t belong here

After all, there are many other murders in 2018 calling for their attention, including those of the teenagers Oluwadamilolda Odeyingbo, Hasan Ozcan, Sabri Chibani, Lord Promise Nkenda, Abdikarim Hassan, Kelvin Odunuyi, Amaan Shakoor and Israel Ogunsola. Those are vibrant non-White names from a heavily enriched city. In some or even all cases, the dead teenagers could have easily been the perpetrators of murder rather than its victims. That’s the overwhelming rule in London: non-Whites murder and are murdered by other non-Whites.

The reality of inter-racial murder in Britain

Non-Whites also murder, rape, and rob Whites. But the police find it more difficult to solve crimes committed by non-Whites because of the rule against “snitching” (like “Fed,” the word was popularized here by American gangsta-rap). This is another reason for saying that the murder of Abraham Badru was objectively worse than the murder of Stephen Lawrence, after which all the White suspects were quickly named to the police by their “community.”

Another meteor-murder

And those White suspects were not involved in gang-rape. The White working-class despise rapists and paedophiles, classifying them as “nonces” and subjecting them to ostracism and violence. That is not true among non-Whites like Blacks and Pakistanis, who commit sex-crimes at much higher rates and in a much more organized way. You could describe sex-crime as a recreational activity among some vibrant non-White communities.

That was evident in another of Britain’s many meteor-murders, briefly glimpsed in the media and then gone for ever. If you ask British liberals who Stephen Lawrence was, pious expressions will fill their faces and they’ll be able to tell you at great length about his “horrific” death at the hands of evil White racists. If you ask British liberals who Mary-Ann Leneghan was, you’ll get blank expressions and no reply. But on all objective criteria, the murder of Mary-Ann Leneghan was much worse than the murder of Stephen Lawrence:

Mary-Ann Leneghan, a long-forgotten nobody

A teenager wept today as she told how she knelt side by side with her friend Mary-Ann Leneghan waiting to be murdered by a gang of men who had raped and tortured them. The 19-year-old woman, who can not be named for legal reasons, broke down in front of the six men accused of stabbing 16-year-old Mary-Ann to death. But the witness, who was in turn shot in the head but “miraculously” survived, went on to identify five of the six men in the dock at accused of the murder. The woman began her evidence at Reading Crown Court [in January 2006].

She described how she and Mary-Ann, her friend of 10 years, had been abducted and forced into the boot of a car as they sat in the car park of the Wallingford Arms in Reading, Berkshire on May 6 last year [2005]. She said they were taken to Room 19 of Abbey House Hotel in the city where they were beaten with a metal pole, ordered to strip, forced to perform oral sex, raped, and had boiling sugared water thrown on them.

She said the pair were shown guns and a knife, constantly told they were going to be killed and heard that they would be taken to Prospect Park in Reading. During the first day she hardly flinched as she recounted the graphic details without being hidden by a screen. But today she wept as she told how, as she was raped by a man wearing white jogging bottoms, another man said: “We are ready to go now, let’s leave these bitches now, come on let’s do it.”

She told the jury that she understood this phrase to mean “the final stage, that we were going to die, that they were going to kill us.” She said she, together with Mary-Ann, was taken out of the boot of the car and forced, stumbling and wiping blood from her head, across the park. She said the pair had been ordered to kneel on the ground side by side and were told to put pillow cases over their heads by two men, one wearing a bandana over the lower half of his face and the man with the white jogging bottoms.

With the six defendants just feet away Mary-Ann’s father sat with his hand over the mouth as the girl continued. Asked by prosecutor Richard Latham QC, what happened next she paused for around 30 seconds before looking straight ahead at the jury and saying “she [Mary-Ann Leneghan] was stabbed”. The court was told that the knife-man had been the man with the bandana and asked where on Mary-Ann’s body the man had put the knife she said: “Her upper body, her chest, her breasts, everything. She was asking ‘please not there, please not there’ whatever area she was referring to, and crying and pleading,” she said.

She told how the man with the bandana got angry saying words to the effect of “shut up”. She said that Mary-Ann then fell in a ball on the ground but the stabbing did not stop. “He got more angry because she wouldn’t sit up, he was telling her to sit up because he wanted to slit her throat… He was stabbing and then she fell,” she said. “They said something about wanting her to die slowly,” she added, before she broke down in tears. … (Friend weeps over Mary-Ann murder, The Daily Mail, 20th January 2006)

Rape, torture, murder: the killers of Mary-Ann Leneghan

Why did British feminists not turn that horrible murder into a martyr-cult? It’s simple. Although the victim meets some of the necessary criteria, the murderers most certainly do not. The “six men” were all Black except for a Muslim Albanian “asylum-seeker.” The leader of the gang, Adrian Thomas, was the son of a Black immigrant, Tony Thomas, who later expressed his contrition at being a “fringe father” to his string of illegitimate children.

In other words, the murder of Mary-Ann Leneghan could not be used to undermine and demonize the White majority in Britain. On the contrary, it was an unusually horrible example of how much Whites have been harmed by non-White immigration. It raised deeply heretical questions about non-White criminality, psychopathy, misogyny and irresponsibility. None of those questions could be answered in ways acceptable to the left. That’s why feminists didn’t care about six brutal misogynists torturing, raping, and murdering two “bitches” (from the Daily Mail story cited above).

Hearts of Stone

At least, the men did their best to murder both girls, but one of them very luckily survived the bullet that was meant to kill her. As I said: on all objective criteria, the murder of Mary-Ann Leneghan was much worse than the murder of Stephen Lawrence. But goyophobic Jews like Dr Richard Stone don’t apply objective criteria. The only thing that matters to them is whether a tragedy can be used to undermine and demonize the White majority.

That’s why Stephen Lawrence, a Black youth who died from a single knife-wound, is now England’s new patron-saint. It’s also why Mary-Ann Leneghan, a White girl who died after torture, rape and repeated stabbings, is long-forgotten. And don’t forget: Abraham Badru, Black victim of a brutal murder, will soon join her in oblivion. Dr Stone and his fellow anti-racists care only about harming Whites, not about helping Blacks.

Appendix: The Lawrence Cult in Historical Context

The warrior St George has been replaced as England’s patron saint by the martyr St Stephen, whose role will be quite different to that played by the original martyr of that name. The New Testament describes how the ancient Stephen, “full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people” (Acts 6:8). He rouses the enmity of a “synagogue” of Jews, who haul him before “the council” of Jewish elders on false charges of blasphemy.

Stephen is undaunted. Among much else, he tells his Jewish opponents that they are “stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears,” resisters of “the Holy Ghost” like their prophet-persecuting fathers before them. And now they have become “betrayers and murderers” of Jesus Christ. As one might expect, the Jews do not take this criticism lying down:

7:54 When they heard these things, they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed on him with their teeth. 7:55 But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up steadfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God, 7:56 And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.

7:57 Then they cried out with a loud voice, and stopped their ears, and ran upon him with one accord, 7:58 And cast him out of the city … 7:59 And they stoned Stephen, calling upon God, and saying, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit. 7:60 And he kneeled down, and cried with a loud voice, Lord, lay not this sin to their charge. And when he had said this, he fell asleep. (The Book of Acts)

Stephen thereby became the first Christian martyr, which literally means “witness” (μάρτυς in Greek). By being stoned to death, he witnessed not only to the truth of Christianity, but also to the hatred and malevolence of its Jewish enemies. St Stephen, who forgave his own murderers, represented an in-group of loving Christians against an out-group of hate-filled Jews. This became a recurrent theme of Christian martyrdom. Many centuries later, in “The Prioress’s Tale” (c. 1290), Geoffrey Chaucer described the murder of a Christian boy by Jews who are angered by his songs in honour of the Virgin Mary. Chaucer adduces this “martirdom” as proof of how “oure firste foo, the serpent Sathanas, … hath in Jewes herte his waspes nest.” That was fiction, but medieval Europe had many martyr-cults devoted to Christian children who had allegedly fallen victim to ritual murder by Christ-hating Jews.

All of these cults bore witness to the goodness of an in-group, Christians, against the malevolence of an out-group, Jews. And Jews often became an out-group in another sense: they were regularly expelled from Christian lands as alleged exploiters, manipulators and subverters. In 1290, for example, Edward I issued his infamous Edict of Expulsion, banishing Jews from England with the enthusiastic support of both the nobility and the general population. Whatever the rights and wrongs of such expulsions, which were also sometimes directed at gypsies, one thing was very clear: gentile nations did not need Jews or any other minority to survive and prosper.

But that is a blasphemous idea in the contemporary West, whose new state religion is not Christianity but minority worship. The martyr-cult of St Stephen Lawrence bears witness to the goodness of an in-group, ethnic minorities, against the malevolence of an out-group, the White majority. The cult is clearly pathological, because the state apparatus of a White nation is now working against the interests of Whites. However, this pathology has obvious parallels in the behaviour of animals whose nervous systems have been subverted by parasites. For more on this topic, see my articles “Verbal Venom: Biological Parallels for Western Pathologies” and “How to Cure a White Zombie: Ants, Crabbs and Societal Control.”

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