Destroy the Goy: The Metaphysics of Anti-White Hatred, Part 2

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The Cancer of Human History

Note that Jared Diamond, supposed disciple of reason and realism, could not conceal his real feelings on the topic of European success and non-European failure. He spoke of the “stink of racism,” which is, of course, the stink of racism by Whites. He obviously likes the idea of African Blacks making “mincemeat” of Europeans and of Aztecs driving Europeans “into the sea.” In short, he’s a goyophobe, just like his co-ethnic Susan Sontag (1933–2004). In her most famous piece of writing, Sontag laid bare the anti-White hatred that is at the heart of anti-racism:

If America is the culmination of Western white civilization, as everyone from the Left to the Right declares, then there must be something terribly wrong with Western white civilization. This is a painful truth; few of us want to go that far. … The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, Balanchine ballets, et al., don’t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone — its ideologies and inventions — which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself. [italics in original] (See “Susan Sontag’s Jewish World,” Kevin MacDonald, The Occidental Observer, 17th October 2017)

Sontag indicts “the white race” as uniquely evil, uniquely culpable, and uniquely pernicious. In effect, she’s promulgating a blood libel that makes nonsense of leftist claims about human equality. The emotional fuel of anti-racism is hatred of Whites and the true aim of anti-racism is not equality but revenge. Jewish goyophobes like Stephen Jay Gould, Jared Diamond and Susan Sontag created this ideology using their high verbal IQ and their extensive ethnic networking in the media and academia. Blacks and other non-Whites, who could not have created this ideology by themselves, have nevertheless taken it up with great enthusiasm. Here is a recent example in the Guardian:

Is white America ready to confront its racism? Philosopher George Yancy says we need a ‘crisis’

In his new book [Backlash: What Happens When We Talk Honestly about Racism in America, 2018], philosopher George Yancy uncovers just how unprepared even well-meaning whites are for a courageous conversation about race. …

White America, all Americans, must witness the vileness. Backlash inundates its white reader with unmitigated reality, and asks white readers to dwell within a space of black trauma. And it asks the white reader to linger, to touch the truth about their whiteness and its complicity with that trauma. So, it dares to ask “good whites” to explore their racism, their hatred, their white racist microaggressions and complicity with white racist macroaggressions. The book is an outgrowth of a post-racial America that was always a lie. And it asks white readers, in the words of James Baldwin, to use it as a disagreeable mirror to look at themselves. …

White racism is thus a continuum, one that includes the KKK [Ku-Klux Klan], the loving white Christian and the antiracist white. Even good, moral white people, those who have black friends, friends of color, married to people of color, fight for racial justice and so on, don’t escape white racist injustice against black people and people of color; they all continue to be implicated within structures of white privilege and to embody, whether they realize it or not, society’s racist sensibilities. White people possess white privilege or white immunity from racial disease. And because of this, others of us, black people and people of color, reap the social, political and existential pains of that racialized social skin. …

White America needs to engage in a form of crisis regarding its false and oppressive identity. It needs to grapple seriously with why it needed to project its vileness onto black people and people of color in the first place. Perhaps it needs to see its emptiness, to truly love itself beyond its continued de facto segregated spaces, its insularity. The gift contained in Backlash offers an embodied way of rethinking, re-feeling and re-positioning what it means to be white. It is a gift that offers loss, which is so counterintuitive.

Today is white America’s time to weep, to become vulnerable, and un-suture itself, which means, for me, a process of suffering oneself to be seen, of remaining wounded. The gift of Backlash is a radical call to white America to tarry with its own racist vomit, and to linger with the stench of the racist catastrophe of which it is responsible, before any talk of “reconciliation” is even possible. (Is white America ready to confront its racism? Philosopher George Yancy says we need a ‘crisis,’ The Guardian, 24th April 2018)

Where Jared Diamond had the “stench of racism,” George Yancy has “the stench of the racist catastrophe.” And there’s more where that came from: Yancy speaks of “vileness,” “hatred,” “racial disease,” the “emptiness” of White America, and the “racist vomit” of White America. All this would be amusing if it were not so typical of Black self-righteousness and so redolent of the violence constantly directed by Blacks against Whites not just in America but everywhere Blacks come into contact with Whites, from South Africa to Britain.

The historical dice

Yancy plainly believes in the same blood libel as Susan Sontag. For him too the “white race is the cancer of human history,” uniquely culpable and uniquely — indeed innately — evil in its treatment of oppressed and traumatized Blacks. Recall his demand for a “courageous conversation about race.” By that, he means that Blacks will deliver a self-righteous monologue that Whites must accept without question. But his posturing bursts like an over-inflated bladder at the first prick of logic. If we’re all the same under the skin, it is merely chance that Whites oppressed Blacks and not vice versa.

Jared Diamond claimed that Europe had easily domesticable species and Africa didn’t (others disagree). That biogeographic luck translated into a technological and military superiority for Europe that, yes, Europeans chose to exploit in “racist” ways. But Black Africans would have done the same if the historical and biogeographical dice had rolled in their favour. Anti-racism states that we are all the same under the skin — intellectually, temperamentally and morally. Talk of “stenches,” “racist vomit” and “vileness” is therefore irrational and illogical. But such talk will continue, because anti-racism is no more based on logic than feminism is. Both of these ideologies are fueled on hatred and aim at capturing power, not creating equality. Both seek to privilege an innately virtuous in-group over an innately wicked out-group. For anti-racism, the in-group is non-Whites and the out-group is Whites; for feminism, the in-group is women and the out-group is men.

The central evil of history

Or rather: the out-group for feminism is White men. After all, feminism and anti-racism are what the Guardian would call synergistic: they work together to capture power and privilege for leftists. But there are huge contradictions within them that cannot be discussed within the mainstream. Let’s examine what anti-racism would regard as the central evil of history, that is, slavery. You might call it the worst patch of “racist vomit” splattered across the world by White supremacism and the deepest wound inflicted on the Black psyche by Whites. Logic dictates, therefore, the slavery must be deeply abhorrent to Black Africans, and particularly to those Black Africans who are educated enough to understand the true horror and depravity of the Atlantic slave-trade.

But what logic dictates and what reality produces are often very different things:

A [Nigerian] couple who kept a man in servitude for almost a quarter of a century after illegally bringing him to Britain have been jailed for six years each. Emmanuel Edet, 61, a former NHS [National Health Service] obstetrician, and Antan Edet, 58, a midwife, kept Ofonime Sunday Inuk as a “houseboy” after telling immigration officials he was their teenage son when they arrived from Nigeria in 1989. Over the next 24 years Inuk worked unpaid up to 17 hours a day looking after the couple’s two sons, cooking, cleaning and gardening. For long periods of time he had to sleep on a hall floor. He eventually managed to alert a charity to his plight after the couple went to Nigeria for Christmas in 2013, and they were arrested the following March. …

The court heard that the sum he was in theory owed for his years of work ran into hundreds of thousands of pounds. … Inuk told the trial that his passport was confiscated and he was told that if he left the house he would be deported as an illegal immigrant. The gently spoken victim, who gave his evidence from behind a screen so he could not see his tormentors, said the Edets changed his name and added him to their family passport as their son when they brought him, aged about 13 or 14, to the UK in 1989 via Israel. He had agreed to go with them because he believed he would be paid and educated. He lived with the couple at several locations including London and Walsall, and kept a diary in which he catalogued his treatment at the hands of people he called “Sir” and “Ma”. (Couple jailed after keeping man as slave for 24 years, The Guardian, 7th Dec 2015)

Black slave-owners: Emmanuel and Antan Edet

Emmanuel and Antan Edet were highly educated Blacks who saw nothing wrong in keeping a slave for “almost quarter of a century.” A similar case occurred in America a year later, when the Nigerian couple Chudy and Sandra Nsobundu were convicted of forcing “a Nigerian woman to work nearly 20 hours a day taking care of their home and five children and home without pay for two years.” Slavery is part of modern Nigerian culture. It is also part of modern Filipino culture: the late Filipino-American journalist Alex Tizon won widespread acclaim for his essay “My Family’s Slave,” a moving and disturbing account of a woman who was exactly that: a slave to his family for fifty-six years.

Whites as modern slave-owners

But you can also find Whites in the modern West who keep slaves. Unfortunately for leftism, these slave-owners further contradict the unique evil attributed to Whites by anti-racism, because these Whites belong to allegedly oppressed minorities (and are undoubtedly genetically distinct from the White majority). In one story, The Guardian coyly describe some White slave-owners as a “UK family … based on Traveller sites.” In other words, the slave-owners were Travellers, a term used for English Gypsies and a distinct ethnic group in Ireland:

Eleven members of a Lincolnshire family have been convicted of a series of modern slavery offences after forcing at least 18 victims — including homeless people and some with learning disabilities — to work for little or no pay and live in squalid conditions for up to 26 years. The members of the Rooney family, who were based on Traveller sites in Lincoln, targeted vulnerable people, including some with alcohol or drug addiction, and deliberately looked for potential captives on the streets, Nottingham crown court heard.

The impact of the forced labour on the mental and physical health of the victims had been severe, prosecutors said, with some being malnourished, subjected to beatings and threatened. One of the victims was found to have been working for the family for 26 years. The Rooneys lured in their captives with offers of work and accommodation but once they accepted they were allocated dilapidated caravans mostly with no heating, water or toilet facilities, prosecutors said. Some victims reported having to use rudimentary toilets in the woods nearby. One victim was ordered to dig his own grave and told “that’s where you’re going” if he did not sign a bogus work contract. … The 11 gang members in the Lincolnshire case, convicted of fraud and slavery charges, used the money they made from their workers to pay for holidays to Barbados, cosmetic surgery and coaching at a Manchester United football school. (UK family found guilty of enslaving homeless and disabled people, The Guardian, 11th August 2017)

Genetically distinct: The slave-owning Rooneys

In this story, the villains were from an oppressed minority and the victims from the oppressive majority. According to anti-racism, this is not how the world is supposed to work. Minorities should be be saintly, not sadistic. Nigerians, Filipinos and Travellers should not be keeping slaves: they should be in solidarity with slaves, fighting to rescue them from White supremacists and their “racist vomit.”

Neither accidental nor anomalous

In fact, it was Whites who rescued slaves from minorities like Nigerians and Travellers. Furthermore, in each of the stories above the slavery was neither accidental nor anomalous. Instead, it was part of a deeply rooted culture in which the slave-owners regarded themselves as superior and fully entitled to enslave members of an inferior group. In short, racial supremacism was at work. All the vices attributed exclusively to Whites by anti-racism exist among non-Whites — indeed, flourish among non-Whites. That is reality, but leftist ideology is based on the denial of reality. It claims to seek equality while actually seeking power.

But its contradictions and illogicalities are no handicap when critics of leftism are easily silenced or discredited. Thanks to alternative media and the internet, it has become harder to silence critics and other dissidents. And although the left made frantic efforts to discredit Donald Trump, he won the US presidency against massive odds. Furthermore, scientific research is now moving decisively and unstoppably against the fundamental axiom of anti-racism. Human groups are not all equal in potential and racism does not explain non-White failure.

Two can play at that game

As leftist ideologies of unreality come under increasingly scrutiny, their true aims will become more apparent. Anti-racists don’t really believe in human equality. They are motivated by hatred of Whites, not by love of humanity. They have sought to deny Whites any positive identity while encouraging non-Whites to assert themselves in ever more self-righteous and aggressive ways against the White majority.

But identity politics only works for the left when it is a one-sided game. The election of Donald Trump showed us that Whites are beginning to play the game too. Now nationalist parties are rising or already in power across Europe, from Hungary and Poland to Italy and Austria. And when identity politics become a two-sided game, Whites will win.

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  1. Loren R.
    Loren R. says:

    I am kind of late to the woke party and I am hoping it is not to late to stop my replacement. I am amazed by how far the left has gotten while I have been supporting the Bushes, the Wall Street Journal and the Koch Brothers. All three of whom have been trying to destroy me and my family for a long, long time.
    We have been awakened now and are grateful for people like you who are getting the word out. The brain washing has been extensive and I am not sure what it is going to take to resolve this. I am non violent and I am hoping we don’t have another Civil War which is what the powers that be are pushing for. They really like war when it is on other peoples dime and with other peoples blood. It is ok to be White. White people have done an incredible amount of great things throughout history. And we are continuing to do so. It is ok to be White. Being proud of being White is not the same as being a White Supremacist.

  2. T. J.
    T. J. says:

    Here is an example of jewish bending of reality [like spoon bending of Uri Geller]:×600.jpg

    . . .turning negroes into whites. . .it seems [to me] that jews think that bending ideas or images is identical to actual altering of physical reality.

    Hmm- American pragmatism also teaches that [physical] reality can be bent. German idealism is the underlying basis of American pragmatism- German Idealism is also the philosophical base of the Frankfurt School [learned that quite recently].

    So things get curiouser and curiouser. . .

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “German Idealism is also the philosophical base of the Frankfurt School [learned that quite recently].” “learned that quite recently”, From who? And you believed them? There’s no connection.

      If the Frankfurt School says there is one, or, whoever told you, or wherever you recently learned about it, is of no account, because there’s no connection.

      Best way to find out is to read The British Empiricists: Bacon, Hobbes, Locke, Hume; The Germans: Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche; then The American Pragmatists: Dewey, Mead, James and Pierce. You can top it off with Morse Peckham’s Beyond The Tragic Vision and Explanation and Power: The Control of Human Behavior. There’s a common thread tying them all together.

      Then read the Frankfurts.

      There’s no connection.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        I never heard of Peckham. Thanks for the references, although I am disposed to be on my guard anent someone whose mind-set and terminology derive from behaviorism, a thought racket that could give the Frankfurt mob a run for its money any day.

        Perhaps of some interest is this link to a Kirkus Review capsule comment on Man’s Rage for Chaos. Whether the word choice is Peckham’s or the Kirkus reviewer’s I of course couldn’t say, but one or the other of them looks to be channeling Wallace Stevens, an insurance executive and poet who, unlike some hereabouts, would have had zero interest in drawing lessons from Star Trek.

        There would still remain the never-resting mind,
        So that one would want to escape, come back
        To what had been so long composed.
        The imperfect is our paradise.
        Note that, in this bitterness, delight,
        Since the imperfect is so hot in us,
        Lies in flawed words and stubborn sounds.

      • CuttingThruTheBullShit
        CuttingThruTheBullShit says:

        …and then ‘@Richard B’ go and read Dr. MacDonald’s evidence about Dewey in “Culture of Critique”.

        • Richard B
          Richard B says:

          @CuttingThruTheBullShit: I read CoC ten years ago and will read again now.
          Til then, what I’ll say is that, whatever connection there might be, there is a fundamental difference between Dewey (American Pragmatism) and Jewish Thought (esp. The Frankfurt School). American Pragmatism’s thinking is instrumental. The Frankfurt School’s is constitutive. Instrumental thinking exposes its ideas to a process of continuous feedback and correction. Constitutive thinking doesn’t, ever.

          In fact, this is THE difference between Jewish and Western Thought and why in so many ways in their most developed forms they’re incompatible. One is inflexibly Dogmatic and the other is, well, Pragmatic.

          Jewish Thought is irreconcialable with American Pragmatism. That’s why there aren’t many Jewish Pragmatists. It’s also why the universities have buried American Pragmatists. When was the last time you ran into someone who is familiar with their work and actually knows something about them?

          If they did they would know about the differences. They would know that the difference between The AP and the FS is the very source of, as KM says in the preface of CoC, the “conflicts of interest between Jews and non-Jews in the construction of culture and various public policy issues.” Just read Dewey and Tufts’ Ethics (a masterpiece of Western thought). It was aggressively anti-Marxist and anti-Idealist (and also aggressively anti-Fascist). Which is why no one knows that book, or “Creative Intelligence” or “Studies In Logical Theory.”
          And though one contributor to Creative Intelligence was Jewish (Kallen) he eventually became a Zionist.

          Whereas Kevin talks about documented Jewish “intellectual dishonesty” the Pragmatist were THE example of intellectual honesty; Kevin mentions Jewish “lack of empirical vigor”, the American Pragmatists were literally Radical Empiricists. Whereas Kevin mentions the “obvious political and ethnic motivation” of Jews, their “expulsion of dissenters”, and “collusion among co-ethnics to dominate intellectual discourse”, the Pragmatists never indulged in any of these things, just the opposite (maybe the should’ve, but that’s another matter).

          In fact, the Pragmatists thinking, being, much like Nietzsche’s, in spite of their differences, was not only instrumental and extremely modern, but multi-perspective and truly diverse in a healthy way. None of this is true of Jewish thought, at all, which in its intellectual foundations is postively pre-modern. Which I think accounts for that uneasy feeling many people have about the enormous success and power of Jewish Supremacy.

          In any event, there’s what Dewey (and the American Pragmatists) wrote and there’s what people have said about what they wrote. I’m interested in what they wrote, not ideologically motivated interpretations, or, misinterpretations.

          Never the less, I do look forward to rereading the rest of CoC. And if there’s anything in there related to Dewey that causes me to revise my point of view I’ll come here and do just that. But I don’t see that happening, because the absolute divisions between Dewey and the American Pragmatists and Jewish thought were there long before KM and the rest of us were born. And those divisions remain to this day.

  3. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    How frequently have we read in the Israeli press, mostly Haaretz, of particularly East European girls being lured to Israel with normal jobs, only to end up in primarily Russian-Jew run brothels. These entrepreneurs who know the value of their white girls to their clientele.

    Kept in slavery by their whoremasters’ confiscation of their passports, living, additionally, in degrading crowded conditions. Many dozens of them; alone by my count.

    Young girls from Quebec often seek jobs as domestics in Ontario to learn English.

    Ca. 40 years ago, after leaving a friend’s home in Toronto’s affluent Forest Hill Village, I drove past a young girl of average height struggling with a suitcase almost her size. She had to set it down every few feet.

    I gave her a lift to Toronto’s Union Station, from where she had a return ticket by train to some outpost in Quebec.

    She was aware, that Union Station was some three miles distant. Why didn’t she take the Avenue Rd. bus I asked her. She didn’t have the then 25 cent bus fare.

    What were her circumstances ? She was working as a domestic for a wealthy Jewish family. Slave-wages for 18 hours per day, including two toddlers. Wages irregular and in arrears. A request for some pay degenerated into an argument and she found herself on the street.

    The thieves responsible, being already more than imposed upon by their religion to being a light unto all the world, couldn’t find the quarter for her bus fare. Never mind wages owing. Just hire the next victim.

    Hopefully Karma has their address on file.

    • Earl Oill
      Earl Oill says:

      It’s important to remember that the Yancies of the world serve at the pleasure of the Diamonds. The racism industry is a Jewish project and so are the feminist and gay lib enterprises. It is a serious logistical mistake to talk as if blacks or Hispanics have any real power. The median black net worth is 1/20 that of whites. Most people have some sympathy for blacks, women, and gays, but Jewish writers and activists ratchet this sympathy up into a condemnation of the whole culture. Jews see themselves in every victim group and in speaking hatefully of the oppressors of these other groups they are denouncing everyone who doesn’t like Jews. The racism industry functions to keep blacks voting for Democrats who, once elected, carry out the Jewish social agenda, which consists of various measures whose unifying theme is anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-white. White and black people could get along well if Jews would stop trying to rile the blacks up for their selfish ends. In speaking of Jews I don’t mean to include all Jews, but a significant portion who actively or passively support the hostile propaganda campaigns of ADL, SPLC, AJC, AIPAC, etc.

  4. Marieinbethpage
    Marieinbethpage says:

    Obviously this is an excellent article with the same flaw that all articles of this type contain. “The emotional fuel of anti-racism is hatred of whites and the true aim of anti-racism is not equality but revenge.” But why the hatred, why the need for revenge? Why are we so unwilling to call out the elephant in the room, envy. Two
    parts to this article and not one word about the motivation of envy underpinning anti-whiteness. This is an important concept because envious people are willing to destroy themselves if it means hurting the object of their envy. This explains Rhodesia and South Africa also.

      • Andy
        Andy says:

        Thank you very much for posting that link. It’s a big read but looks most promising.

        Kind regards

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      “But why the hatred, why the need for revenge? Why are we so unwilling to call out the elephant in the room, envy.”

      Envy may play some part in this jewish hatred for White Europeans, but I don’t think it is the dominant motivating factor.

      I, too, used to ask myself this question regularly – once I became fully red pilled on the JQ after discovering American Dissident Voices radio and the late Dr. William L. Pierce back in the early 1990s. In the beginning, I remember thinking to myself – hey, why would jews decide to wage a genocidal war against White Europeans – after we “rescued” them from those ornery Germans during WW2? At that point, I was not yet fully red pilled – but, the more I listened to Dr. Pierce and his frequent and always brilliant lectures that talked about history and especially the period that encompassed both WW1 and WW2 and the decades after, the more red pilled I became.

      Finally, the light bulb came on over my head. The history of relations between White Europeans and jews for well over 2,000 years – has always been best described as a relationship between a Host and a parasite. White nations have repeatedly tolerated some degree of jewish parasitism – as long as it has been limited to a scale of being a minor nuisance. But, being the highly predatory parasite that jews are – once jews manage to acquire wealth, they then reach for power and once they attain that power – they lack any sense of self-restraint and will always push their parasitism and subversive agendas too far. This has always resulted in a White backlash – and the jews wind up getting kicked out of another White nation.

      That, in a nutshell, was what happened to them in Germany. Or, more accurately, it was what Hitler and the National Socialists tried to do until international jewry managed to snooker the USA and the UK into going to war against Germany where White men killed other White men who were simply trying to free themselves and their nation from the jewish subversive menace.

      So, to understand the #1 reason why jews harbor such an intense hatred for White Europeans – one has to grasp this single fundamental truth: The jews know full well that they are a race of parasites, and they’ve come to grips with this reality in the same way a termite understands that they are a destructive force for a human home. So, when White Europeans snap out of whatever trance they’ve been in that has previously distracted them from noticing the parasite who has been exploiting them and who have been working to subvert, break down, vulgarize and weaken their society and decides to act out against the parasite – and seeks to remove it before it destroys the host, this is what drives the jewish hatred for White Europeans.

      They hate us because they want to feast off of us, they want to exploit us, and they want to vulgarize and subvert our societies – but, once their behavior becomes too noticeable and once the damage they are causing becomes too difficult to ignore, White Europeans have risen up and dropped the hammer on them. Usually this hammer includes giving them the boot out the door and prohibitions on ever allowing them to come back.

      In other words, jews are demanding that Whites permit them to feast off of us without any resistance. Since most Whites will not agree to this arrangement – they hate us for it and seek to demonstrate their vindictiveness by destroying our race and our nations.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      What’s the Nietzsche said, “Mediocrity always needs to find a way to revenge itself upon the world.”

      There’s also a great chapter in Hume’s A Treatise of Human Nature titled Of Malice and Envy.

    • jb
      jb says:

      Envy isn’t the main underpinning, greed is. Anti-racism is just a ploy to stay close to whites in order to exploit them, and the hysterical nature of Jewish and non-white screeching comes from parasites who are afraid of losing their meal ticket, of having their fangs removed from their victims. They never advise the one solution that would spare them the pain of “white racism” – racial separation. Envy has little to do with it. Whether they envy us or not they want to rob and exploit us.

      The first idea that needs to be spread is that one. Take away all the emotional poppycock about :”anti-racism” and give its real agenda: keeping a white slave. Economic and other forms of exploitation. Parasites keeping their hosts. The emotional aspects, the hatred of us, is secondary. It’s the underlining colonial power relationship that is important.

      The second idea is to attack the lie that blacks are economically oppressed in this country. The reality is that they live far above their abilities by sponging off of whites, and if you took those white subsidies away their society would collapse to the level of Haiti or the Congo within a few years. Go to every web site where this issue pops up and point out this truth. Be polite about it, but insist upon it.

  5. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    As this two-part essay is one of Mr. Langdon’s very best efforts, I rather regret that he doesn’t have a part 3 waiting in the wings!

    Even so, I wonder whether he hasn’t missed opportunities, here and there, to make a point rather more decisively and finally than he does. Take, for example, the opening reference to Susan Sontag’s reputation-making slander of the entire white race, its accomplishments, and its very history. The oft-cited remarks are certainly probative in her case of anti-white hatred, but why not also identify the particular source of that hatred and its underlying rationale—which she points unequivocally to in the next paragraph but one? Here follows the passage I refer to.

    One last comparison, which I hope won’t seem farfetched. The Jews left the ghetto in the early nineteenth century, thus becoming a people doomed to disappear.[*] But one of the by-products of their fateful absorption into the modern world was an incredible burst of creativity in the arts, science and secular scholarship—the relocation of a powerful but frustrated spiritual energy. These innovating artists and intellectuals were not alienated Jews, as is said so often, but people who were alienated as Jews.

    Surely this paragraph gives the lie to every claim ever made that Sontag’s indictment-diagnosis was nonpartisan and nonsectarian. The fact that the essay’s closing paragraphs are so seldom quoted indicates the contrary: namely, that she was hustling to vindicate and enhance the power, privilege, and wealth of her Tribe as surely as the latter-day whores and pimps and grifters Mr. Langdon names throughout his article do regarding theirs.

    What a pity, then, that the paragraph above wasn’t blockquoted immediately after its more famous companion. Note, though, that my drawing attention to this matter should not be taken as a subliminal complaint that the hatred coming toward us from the Jews is something that’s soft-pedalled hereabouts—hardly!—but it does seem a pity to pass up so golden an opportunity to underline a critical point that our foes never tire of fallaciously denying.

    What is more, as it happens, and as many habitués of this site will recall, Brenton Sanderson—who has become virtually an intellectual hero of mine—wrote a three-part essay examining the morally and artistically degenerate direction taken by that “powerful but frustrated spiritual energy,” a direction that has transformed both the high and popular cultures of the West into bare, ruined choirs where sweet birds scorn to sing.

    The problem with being awakened to the nature and extent of the Jews’ hostility toward the formerly white and Christian West is that one soon finds himself wondering whether he’ll ever again get a decent night’s sleep.
    *Persecution mania? Toxic sentimental solipsism? Or maybe just a consummation devoutly to be wished?

  6. Karen T
    Karen T says:

    “The white race threatens the very existence of life itself.”
    Marvin Minsky who claimed that humans are merely machines, co-founded the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AI laboratory. Ray Kurzweil advocates merging the human mind with machines creating a type of modern high tech golem. Tel Aviv is one of the Top Ten technologically influential cities in the world, rated by Wired and The Economist as second only to Silicon Valley, which, at present, is being overrun by East Indians. The first cell phones were developed at the Israeli branch of Motorolo, the majority of Windows NT and XP operating systems were developed by Microsoft Israel. Micro chip technology was developed at Israel Intel, as well as Voice Mail and Instant Messenger. Life as part of the Natural World seems to hold very little importance to most members of the tribe.
    “The White race upset the ecological balance of the planet.”
    China is the planets biggest polluter, their soil is contaminated and their water undrinkable. They have driven elephants, rhinocerous and tigers to the brink of extinction. Animal cruelty not only in China but throughout Southeast Asia is inhuman and beyond barbaric…bears are kept in tiny cages to painfully extract their bile, dogs are skinned alive and tortured due to the belief that extreme pain sends an adrenaline rush into the poor creatures making their meat tastier. Beaches in India are littered with human feces, water is polluted with human feces. If the water in India doesn’t kill you the air will. In 2015 about a million deaths were attributed to air pollution, in China over one and a half million deaths.
    Meanwhile in England, Alfred Newton published the series Desirability of Establishing a ‘Close Time’ for the Preservation of Indigenous Animals between 1872 and 1905. The Coal Smoke Abatement Society was founded in 1898 by Sir William Blake Richmond. The National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty was formed in 1894.
    In America, John Ruskin, William Morris and Edward Carpenter advocated against “pollution and activities harmful to the natural world” leading to John Muir setting up the Sierra Club in 1892. Woodrow Wilson founded the National Park Service in 1916.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      Beaches in India are littered with human feces, water is polluted with human feces. If the water in India doesn’t kill you the air will. In 2015 about a million deaths were attributed to air pollution, in China over one and a half million deaths.

      Don’t you see – what you say is correct but it’s all our fault in the first place. It will always be our fault no matter what. “Heads I win, tails you lose”

      We can’t argue our way out of any of this under the present circumstances.

  7. Richard Phillipot
    Richard Phillipot says:

    ‘But what logic dictates and what reality produces are often very different things:’

    The case of the Nigerian couple who enslaved that man by claiming he was their son is a very common thing in African culture. In North America it is estimated that 400000 slave were imported by the slave trade. In Haiti (the worlds oldest black republic, founded by ex slaves and the poorest nation in the western hemisphere today) there are estimated to be around 700000 child slaves. These Children are called restavecs which is a portmanteau of the French phrase rest avec meaning to stay with. Children are sold by their parents or farmed out by orphanages to wealthy Haitians or Haitians with remittances coming from relatives abroad and are treated terribly. You might assume that before guilt tripping Whites, blacks in America would seek to root out such a barbaric custom in a country only 1,888 miles from America and one founded out of a desire to end slavery but as we all know slavery is a staple of African culture and is found in all black societies historical and modern. I recommend to everyone that they should read Gedaliah Braun’s (Eugene Valberg) Racism, guilt and self deceit particularly the parts about where Caribbean domestics working in America will not work for black (wealthy) families because they are treated particularly poorly. Also I recommend the part where he describes how the townships in South Africa around the time of the ANC election victory were run as total dictatorships with brutal punishment even as ANC cadres were complaining about the oppression blacks supposedly suffered under Apartheid. The point was that blacks will use oppression narratives to weaken the will of Whites but quickly forget about fairness where they hold power thus showing that there are racial differences in morality. This happened all over newly independent Africa in addition to South Africa later.

    Also read up on the Zimbabwean doctor who earned a large salary in the U.K as a general practitioner who benefited from a confiscated farm and when approached by a Daily Mail reporter showed no remorse/shame whatsoever. This farm had been bought after independence and the White owners evicted while this gentleman who had no experience in farming confiscated their crop. This also reminds me of the Zimbabwean farmer Ben Freeth (related to the farmer Mike Campbell) who traced down the widow of the government official who stole his farm-his farm was appropriated at the start of the confiscations- who showed no remorse even after this policy had essentially destroyed Zimbabwe as a state. These stories serve to show that black people are different in their morality and that even rich/ middle class blacks when given the opportunity will engage in outright theft when there is no possible punishment for it.

    ‘In other words, the slave-owners were Travellers, a term used for English Gypsies and a distinct ethnic group in Ireland:’

    To be honest (as someone who has had a lot of dealings with Irish Travellers) the name Traveller is not really used for English Roma Gypsies. It is possible that while they have been inbreeding for hundreds of years and may form a population isolate, Travellers are not really a distinct ethnic group. They maintain for the purpose of getting government benefits in the United Kingdom today (Ireland had an assimilation program going on until the 1960s-many of the promptly came to England and never went back) that they are a separate ethnic group though this has not always been their story and their official explanation for their separate status is belied by the existence of traveller groups in the United States that have been there for hundreds of years. In order to cling to the idea that they are a separate ethnic group which has faced persecution ever since the time of the Irish famine and whose origins are lost to time they have resorted in Ireland and Britain to claiming that the American travellers, many of whom share surnames and all of whom follow the same behavioural/occupational/social mores are not really related to them. of course to anyone who has had dealings with travellers in the U.K and seen their cousins in America in documentaries such a claim is patently absurd. Travellers are generally looked down upon in Ireland and Britain and are often contrasted to the English Roma gypsies who are more of a mixed bag. You do have some Roma gypsies who are unsociable and commit crimes like the Irish travellers do but there are many who have found a modus vivendi with English rural life and many English people seem to like and/or romanticise them. This is almost unheard of in regard to Irish travellers.

  8. Marieinbethpage
    Marieinbethpage says:

    So what underpins this general hatred and need for revenge? Envy, which isn’t mentioned once in this article. White people need to know that envy is the lowly motivation. Envy has a unique trait, the envious are willing to destroy themselves to destroy the object of their envy. This trait of envy explains South Africa, Rhodesia and why Jews always trying to bring down the societies they themselves are riding so high in.

    • Tom
      Tom says:

      I agree with Marie that envy is a motivating factor in non-white racism. The purpose of non-white racism today is to eventually make it legally impossible for whites to succeed in any life endeavors. When white success is brought down, the Left will then claim that racial equality has been achieved, that whites were never gifted by Nature in the first place, and in fact that they are inferior by nature. All politics is racial anyway, so this is the ultimate goal of non-white racism – short of actual physical genocide.

    • Johnny Rottenborough
      Johnny Rottenborough says:

      Marieinbethpage—Joseph Sobran, writing in the April 1997 issue of Sobran’s:

      ‘The concept of envy—the hatred of the superior—has dropped out of our moral vocabulary. The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn’t occur to us, because it’s not a nice idea. Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.’

  9. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    Continually omitted in the “evil White” slavery narrative, is the fact that millions of Europeans were taken as slaves by non-White Muslims, for hundreds of years. From Russia to Spain to Iceland, Muslims of varying colour seized primarily women, as sex slaves. The males taken were often castrated. There were more European slaves taken into the Ottoman Empire, over a longer period of time, than there were Africans brought to North America.

  10. John King
    John King says:

    I am beginning to think that the whole narrative of white evil stemming from the slave trade is a giant con trick designed to deflect attention from the truly guilty party. Here is something from Wikipedia on the history of Lehmann Brothers. It mentions the slave trade, but does not elaborate. Over at Utz Review, today, a commentator on the recent article on the Neocons by Philip Geraldi noted that Lehmanns, after its founding in the 1820s in the southern US, quickly became the second biggest brokerage firm dealing with the buying and selling of slaves.

    “In 1844, 23-year-old Henry Lehman,[13] the son of a Jewish cattle merchant, immigrated to the United States from Rimpar, Bavaria.[14] He settled in Montgomery, Alabama,[13] where he opened a dry-goods store, “H. Lehman”.[15] In 1847, following the arrival of his brother Emanuel Lehman, the firm became “H. Lehman and Bro.”[16] With the arrival of their youngest brother, Mayer Lehman, in 1850, the firm changed its name again and “Lehman Brothers” was founded.[15][17]

    During the 1850s, cotton was one of the most important crops in the United States. Capitalizing on cotton’s high market value, the three brothers began to routinely accept raw cotton from customers as payment for merchandise, eventually beginning a second business trading in cotton. Within a few years this business grew to become the most significant part of their operation. Following Henry’s death from yellow fever in 1855,[15][18] the remaining brothers continued to focus on their commodities-trading/brokerage operations.

    The Lehmans were also involved in the Atlantic slave trade in the 1850s.[19]

    By 1858, the center of cotton trading had shifted from the South to New York City, where factors and commission houses were based. Lehman opened its first branch office at 119 Liberty Street,[18] and 32-year-old Emanuel relocated there to run the office.[15] In 1862, facing difficulties as a result of the Civil War, the firm teamed up with a cotton merchant named John Durr to form Lehman, Durr & Co.[20][21] Following the war the company helped finance Alabama’s reconstruction. The firm’s headquarters were eventually moved to New York City, where it helped found the New York Cotton Exchange in 1870;[18][22] Emanuel sat on the board of governors until 1884. The firm also dealt in the emerging market for railroad bonds and entered the financial-advisory business.”

  11. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Somewhere in Youtubeland I said in a comment that Jewish Supremacy is turning us into slaves. A Jewish person (or possible Shabbos Goy) asked sarcastically, in what way are we slaves? Here’s my answer. I’m sharing it because I think it’s relelvant to this excellent article. I hope anyone who reads it finds it helpful. I’ve given it the title, “Cognitive Dissonance in Jewish Thought”

    Slave = Someone who isn’t free.
    In this case, not free to love ourselves and defend ourselves.
    Any attempt at both is not only being invalidated, it’s being outlawed.
    No one can live without a sense of value and identity.
    Any attempt on our part to assert our value and expose your tactics are both simply and automatically dismissed as White Supremacist and Anti-Semitic.
    The constant use of both terms in response to anything we say exposes the very foundation of Jewish Thought. It’s Cognitive Dissonance.

    Cognitive Dissonance is when a response to a complex subject immediately collapses into a single variable (White Supremacy=Anti-Semitism) that automatically mushrooms into an absurd absolute (Whites Are Evil).

    Of course, this is what you start with. You didn’t wait for me to come along to start thinking this way. Jews have thought this way long before you were born, and you’ve been thinking this way long before you came into contact with me here.

    This is why Jews are abolishing our freedoms. Because it would be so easy to expose what you’re doing.
    Your response? More simple-minded Denial and Projection. In short, more Cognitive Dissonance.

    In fact, what’s happening today is even worse than what happens to a slave.
    A slave is at least useful for something. But Whites are being told we are useless and without value and, now that they’re trying to say “Whites have no culture.”, no identity. Obviously, the accusation Whites have no culture is just more Cognitive Dissonace.

    You’re not trying to “abolish Whiteness” (mere verbal weasling), you’re trying to abolish Whites. Your response? More denial and projection.

    One All Purpose Response to Everything is literally the definition of Psychotic.

    So your attempt at refutation in the form of denial turns out to be an affirmation in the form of a confession. However indirect it might appear on the surface, it’s obvious to the rest of us, because it’s happening to us! And you’re doing it.

    So, naturally, we want to defend ourselves. But, in your Inverted World a defense is an attack. And we’re going to continue to defend ourselves, as anyone under attack and fighting for their lives would.

    In spite of your presumptuous and psychotic arrogance, we don’t need your permission to love and care about and defend ourselves. By the way, and just for the record, we don’t want or need your approval either.

    Your Response? More Cognitive Dissonance.

    And this is where your single-mindedness of purpose, which obviously accounts, in part, for your success, turns against you and becomes the source of your failure (this is why not a few people have said, in so many words, that Jews are the smartest and dumbest people at the same time).

    The opposite of us being demonized and pathologized, of having our sense of value and identity attacked and our homeland taken away from us, is your equally insane demands to be valued unconditionally, placed above criticism, blindly obeyed and be granted your own Ethno-State THAT WE PAY FOR!

    Dante put the treacherous next to the Devil in his Inferno for a reason!

    And you have the gall to scratch your collective heads in wonder as to why you’re universally despised? A fact which even you acknowledge, albeit as victims via your impossible to believe in Myth of Innocence that says in effect “We never do anything wrong, things are done to us.”

    You come to be hated because you’re filled with hate, which your Myth of Innocence makes it impossible for you to see. Which is why, as soon as you gained access to the centers of power you imposed Hate Speech Laws, which you did for two reasons. 1. To cover your tracks. 2. So you could be free to hate us – and act on it, with impunity.

    People who think, talk, and act like this never question their own assumptions. They literally see themselves as synonymous with Truth itself, as God, as Supreme. Jews are the Ultimate Supremacists. And now we’re back to your relentless attacks on us.

    To conceal your pathology you project your behavior onto us. Hence the copy/paste response of White Supremacy (as if a Supreme people would ever be subject to such relentless and hateful attacks).

    And now we get to the difference between Whites and Jews.
    Whites are capable of self-criticism. We can admit when we’re wrong, apologize, and make amends (which is a change of behavior, not a mere verbal apology).

    Jews? NEVER! Which means you are, unlike us, constitutionally incapable of learning, change, and growth.
    So you should NEVER be given access to positions of power. You are a threat to, not just Whites, but to Humanity. You’re a cancer.

    How do you respond? By calling WHITES “the cancer of the human race.” ie, More Cognitive Dissonance.

    The Western man is marked by a Drive Toward Reality.
    Jews have a Drive Toward Supremacy!
    Whites can admit they’re wrong.
    Jews can’t and threaten the world with the Samson Option to prove it.

    And this is why not a few people, including other Jews, have referred to such people as the smartest and dumbest people at the same time. Because you can use your intelligence to infiltrate and subvert our institutions, you can adopt and co-opt them, but you can’t adapt to them. All the anti-White hatred in the world won’t change the fact that you’re no damn good at social-management.

    That’s why everything is collapsing all around you. Because it’s all based on lies. You’re even lying to the people you’re using as your proxy army against us. And not a few have woken up to that fact as well. Either way, what you’re doing is simply unsustainable. Your empire will fall. And those of us alive today will live to see it.

    Not one word of what I’ve said has to be believed. I merely invite anyone interested to see for themselves if it stands up to the reality we’re all living in.

    But Jews? They demand to be obeyed and worshiped. And when we refuse to respond to their insane demand to hate ourselves and worship Jews? You guessed it, more Cognitive Dissoance. More Hate, Denial, and Projection.

    We don’t need to ask you for premission to refuse to be your slaves.
    Worldwide Lovers of Freedom Unite! You have nothing to lose but the chains of Jewish Supremacy!

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        More importantly Hegel was right about Africans (c. The Philosophy of History: Introduction, p. 91-99 Dover Edition, Sibree (translator), and Schopenhauer about Jewish thought which he referred to as “that Jewish stench.” Which might have been where they got “the stink of racism” from. (c. Schopenhauer’s The Fourfold Root, and The World as Will and Representation, esp. The Appendix on Kant).

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          But Richard B, you have so obviously (not cleverly) sidestepped my question. You noncommittally admit the answer is yes (with “More importantly”), but will only commit to some academic, philosophic works of Jewish critique as important.
          Do you really think what you’ve written to me as an answer has any power to bring about change or relief from White displacement wrought by Jews? You can’t, but you are unwilling to go beyond your safe space of bookish words.
          “Worldwide Lovers of Freedom Unite! You have nothing to lose but the chains of Jewish Supremacy!”, you passionately write. How is this uniting to happen? You point to The Philosophy of History Introduction and The Fourfold Root. Really?

          • Richard B
            Richard B says:

            You scold and insult like a shaming parent because someone doesn’t respond the way you want them to? Is that your idea of change, relief, and unity?

            My comment and answer to you are relevant and useful, also well-written and well-reasoned. That you think otherwise is your perogative, but irrelevant to me.

            Also, for you to ignore everything I wrote in my first comment so you can zero in on whether “Hitler was right” was suspicious. Right about what? What does that even mean? You sidestepped your own question when asking it by being so vague.

            Are you a JIDF Troll?

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            @Richard B
            I’m sorry if you didn’t grasp what I was asking you. It’s a fact that I haven’t seen your name here before so maybe this is your first time commenting, and also that my 2nd comment was too vague.
            I was just pointing out that the one person who actually took courageous action against the Jewish behaviors you so intensely complained about was Adolf Hitler, not Hegel, not Schopenhauer. I think it’s a real shame you can’t give Hitler the credit he deserves, as DOING is light years more difficult than writing.
            If you click on my hyperlinked name you will see who and what I am.

    • T
      T says:

      To conceal your pathology you project your behavior onto us.

      When someone thinks they are perfect, and no one is, there is no mechanism for correction when error occurs. Constructive criticism (note, not bashing) is not tolerated by such a person, as after all, that person is perfect. However, as the years go by without correction, and that person continues on in their error(s), they get more and more out of whack and out of touch with reality, much like a ship which has lost its rudder will go more and more off course as time goes on unless the rudder is put back in place. However even so, the truth, even exact truth at times, has a way of coming out with the phenomena of projection where the truth about such a person is projected upon others. What they accuse others of is in reality true of themselves. And vice versa, what they say regarding themselves, is instead often true of others.

      If one were to find a case of apparent projection regarding advocates of multi-culturalism, powerful elements of the elites of the Anglo-Saxon and Jewish peoples and their respective hangers on being major players, it ought not to be surprising to find it on that famous old TV series Star Trek . At the heighth of the ‘Cold War’ between the Capitalist US and the Marxist Soviet Union in November, 1968 there was a broadcast of an episode entitled Day of the Dove . In the episode an ‘alien entity’ invades the ship, takes it over, and evenly divides the ships crew armed now only with swords with an equally numbered and armed group of Klingons whom have been brought on board as well. The alien entity promptly sets each group against each other, manipulating each side, and feeds on the hatred generated making it, the entity, stronger and stronger. The script makes it plain that from the beginning of the episode the ‘alien entity’ had been manipulating events to create the seemingly perpetual struggle on board the ship, where even the most severely injured crewman of either side is not allowed by the entity to die. (As an aside, during the Cold War the Soviets actually officially complained to the US about the Star Trek characterization of the Klingons believing it was aimed at them.)

      It only ends when both the human and Klingon crew identify and isolate the ‘alien entity’ and stops letting it manipulate them into fighting each other. The fighting having stopped and the hatred now largely gone as well, the alien entity is much weakened. When finally confronted openly at the very end of the episode, both human and Klingon forcibly tell the entity to leave which it does and literally laugh it off the ship, never to return.

      Star date…Armageddon. We must find a way to defeat the alien force of hate that has taken over the Enterprise. Stop the war now, or spend eternity in futile bloody violence.

      I’ve heard of their atrocities, their death camps…You have a few things to learn about us…The Federation doesn’t kill or mistreat its prisoners. You’ve been listening to propaganda fables.

      Then why are we behaving
      like a group of savages?
      Look at me.
      Look at me.
      Two forces aboard this ship,
      each of them equally armed.
      Has a war been staged for us,
      complete with weapons
      and ideology
      and patriotic drum beating?
      race hatred?
      Recent events would seem to be directed
      toward a magnification of the basic hostilities
      between humans and Klingons.
      Apparently, it is by design that we fight.
      We seem to be pawns.
      But what’s the game?
      And whose?

      There’s an alien aboard.
      It wants us alive.
      No doubt you will reassemble
      after I have hacked you to bits!
      You fool.
      Look! Kang, for the rest of our lives—
      a thousand lifetimes—
      senseless violence,
      while a-an alien
      has total control over us.
      All right.
      All right.
      In the heart. In the head.
      I won’t stay dead.
      Next time I’ll kill you.
      And it goes on, the good old game of war,
      pawn against pawn!
      Stopping the bad guys.
      While somewhere some… thing
      sits back and laughs…
      and starts it all over again.

      This is Captain Kirk.
      A truce is ordered.
      The fighting is over.
      Lay down your weapons.
      This is Kang.
      Cease hostilities.
      The cessation of violence
      appears to have weakened it.
      I suggest that good spirits
      might make an effective weapon.
      Get off my ship!
      You’re a dead duck.
      You’re powerless. We know about you.
      And we don’t want to play.
      Maybe—Maybe there are others like you around.
      Maybe you’ve caused a lot of suffering,
      a lot of history, but that’s all over.
      We’ll be on guard now, ready for you.
      So ship out! Come on! Haul it!
      Yeah, out already.
      [Kirk And McCoy Laugh]
      We need no urging to hate humans.
      But, for the present,
      only a fool fights in a burning house.
      [All Laugh]

  12. Sgt. Pepper
    Sgt. Pepper says:

    What I’d like Jared Diamond to explain is why asians (Japanese, Chinese, Koreans etc.) living in white nations are able to succeed.

    If whites are holding blacks down, then wouldn’t whites also be holding asians down??? Why are the “evil whites” giving asians a break???

  13. Sgt. Pepper
    Sgt. Pepper says:

    The difference between a wild animal and a wild human being is that a wild animal bites you with his teeth, whereas a wild human being bites you with his mind.

  14. Lou
    Lou says:

    Suspected child trafficking in Arizona. This is from you tube commenst [lots of information at UT],

    VERY interesting that the Mayor of Tucson, named Jonathan Rothschild, is also president of Casa de los Ninos—a home for “mentoring” abused children.
    He is also supporting a plan to spray the city with different chemtrail substances “to see what works best”. This is of course without the knowledge or consent of the population being experimented on
    He has basically run the City of Tucson into ruin. They are like the 5th poorest municipality in the US, and near bankruptcy. Oh, did I mention that he brought Monsanto to Tucson.
    His bio very carefully stays away from the foreign family ties and says he is a multi-generational Tucsonian—but it is coming out.

  15. Scott theodore
    Scott theodore says:

    White Europeans are as dumb as jewish people just in the exact opposite way!!!. We believe in principles and stick to them even when reality dictates we should be more flexible. We work hard even though it makes us slaves. We treat others well even though they treat is like garbage. We are as delusional as jewish people!!# individualism and pathological altruism is and always will be our demise. We can’t learn or change any more than they can. In the last analysis.

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