Shakespeare’s Case for Marriage & (Eugenic) Procreation

Long before Darwin, our European ancestors often had a sense of the objective reality of heredity and of the moral duty of reproduction. A powerful example of this is provided by William Shakespeare’s so-called procreation sonnets (numbered 1–17), which ceaselessly exhort a mysterious, male young friend to marry and raise children.

Shakespeare argues that, for a good person, childlessness is a kind of selfishness: one’s personal qualities can only live on in one’s biological posterity. He tells his friend of “the true concord of well-tunèd sounds / By unions married” (8) and urges him to have a son and thereby “your sweet semblance to some other give” (13).

Shakespeare posits a eugenic instinct in men, whereby they are sexually attracted to beautiful women so as to perpetuate that beauty:

From fairest creatures we desire increase,
That thereby beauty’s rose might never die,
But as the riper should by time decease,
His tender heir might bear his memory (1)

For a good and beautiful person to not have children is a kind of selfishness, which Shakespeare compares to death, a barren tree, winter, and a loss for the world. The superficially pleasant and free life of the single means keeping one’s beauty all to one’s self; several times, the poet uses doubles entendre suggesting masturbation — and its barren end. This is selfish given that one’s personal qualities are a rare blessing from Nature:

Nature’s bequest gives nothing, but doth lend,
And being frank she lends to those are free:
Then, beauteous niggard, why dost thou abuse
The bounteous largess given thee to give? (4)

Shakespeare describes singles’ “self-love” as a “tomb” (3). He says of the unmarried: “of thee this I prognosticate / Thy end is truth’s and beauty’s doom and date [i.e., end-time].”  (14)

In contrast, to have children means the consolation of seeing them mature even as we age. Through them, we achieve a kind of immortality and generously share one’s good qualities with the world’s future generations:

Be not self-willed, for thou art much too fair
To be death’s conquest and make worms thine heir. (6)

And nothing ’gainst Time’s scythe can make defense
Save breed to brave him when he takes thee hence. (12)

Shakespeare says of having children: “Herein lives wisdom, beauty, and increase” (11).

The Bard eloquently writes of the transience of all things: “everything that grows / Holds in perfection but a little moment” (15). In begetting children, we engage in a heroic struggle and “Make war upon this bloody tyrant Time” to preserve the “lines of life” (16).

In his final procreation sonnet, Shakespeare emphasizes that a mere written record of someone’s existence, such as a poem, is a poor substitute for actual, living descendants. He says:

If I could write the beauty of your eyes,
And in fresh numbers number all your graces,
The age to come would say “This poet lies:
Such heavenly touches ne’er touched earthly faces.”
. . .
But were some child of yours alive that time,
You should live twice, in it, and in my rhyme. (17)

Shakespeare’s procreation sonnets reflect the fact that our ancestors, long before modern evolutionary science, had an instinctive sense of the objective reality of heredity and of the moral aspect—indeed, duty— of reproduction. Indeed, these truths were obvious to every young mother and father who, gazing into their child’s eyes, could see those of their own parents, living on.

Westerners today are increasingly single and childless well into their twenties and thirties. To use Shakespeare’s felicitious phrase, they are “beauteous niggards.” Whereas in the 1950s, a young White man in his mid-twenties was likely already the breadwinner of a growing family, today he is more likely to be single, unemployed, and/or living in their parents basement, watching sportsball and playing video games (a status highly unattractive to women). I doubt the rise of loneliness and the economic and social-status decline of White men, ushered in by the 1960s cultural revolution, have been conducive to personal happiness.

The world is a vast cemetery of tribes and nations, most long-forgotten, a few living on only in the history books. Every person of European descent ought to realize that the Western and European nations are intrinsically beautiful and valuable, that our ancestors have made a literally incalculable collective contribution to the world, and that the perpetuation of our nations and of our kind is a supreme moral good.

So what is a young man to do today? Of course, for the few who are public activists, childlessness may allow them to specialize in White advocacy, the benefits to the race possibly outweighing their personal genetic loss. In fact, given the reality of ethnic genetic interests, an effective White advocate could potentially ensure the continuity of far more copies of his own genes than he could possibly achieve by even the most energetic parenting.

But we need our people to procreate as well. Low White birth rates in the context of mass non-White immigration are a scandal and a sign of a dying, decaying civilization. It certainly is not easy to reconcile married life with politics, let alone heretical politics. For most of us however, the answer is simple: find a young woman of beauty and good character, beget and educate fine children, that you and your nation live on in them!

The great English poet’s procreation sonnets are in perfect harmony with the first poet of the Western tradition, Homer, who immortally expressed the spirit of the Hellenic way of life. When the hero Odysseus had been away from home and his loyal wife Penelope for many years, he waxed lyrical about the joy and power of a happy marriage: “There is nothing nobler, nothing lovelier, than when man and wife keep house together with like heart and with like will. Their foes lament, their friends rejoice, but the truth of it all is with her and him” (Odyssey, 180–186).

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  1. Marian Van Court
    Marian Van Court says:

    Excellent article. It should come as no big surprise that people who share our beliefs have a very hard time finding mates, especially men. But there’s one piece of advice that I often give to them, and that is to try eHarmony. This way, you *automatically* rule out liberals, and eventually find someone who is maybe not quite as radical, but who should be able to carry on a calm conversation over dinner without starting a food fight. Here’s something I wrote for Counter Currents on that topic

    • T
      T says:

      Thanks for the intriguing e-harmony article Mrs Court. Perusing the link from the article in regards to your autobiography it’s plain to see that you’ve led (and are leading) a most remarkable life. I, and no doubt many others, am quite appreciative of the great stock that you place upon truth and honesty in the work that you do and in your life in general.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      Your article is interesting. A few years after your “vision” of a form of e-Harmony, I was staying with an acquaintance in the Fishertown part of Nairn, Scotland. A neighbour was a woman in her late 70s, who was very chatty. Her advice to this young buck was to find someone you could live with. Forget the romantic nonsense of the perfect mate, because the perfect mate doesn’t exist, and you’ll always be disappointed.
      I can’t say she was wrong.

    • Grauhund
      Grauhund says:

      Excellent points.Im 51 & I met my wife of 4 years on Christian Mingle. She is more liberal than I ( so was AH) but she is a Christian which means she at least recognizes the left’s corrosive influence. Sadly we are likely too old to have our own children but our Compatablilty is amazing. We took a premarital class which tested various aspects of our personalities and the conclusion was we either cheated or were nearly perfectly suited for one another. I told a friend and his results were similar but they now have daughter. Life if meant to be shared. Good luck brothers.

  2. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    This is most certainly true. I have often witnessed with dismay conservative gatherings populated by grey and white heads and few young. My conversations with such conservatives revealed that they had maybe two or three kids, if that. I am thinking that they somehow have lost awareness of their beauty, of their responsibility to carry on a truly superior culture. Margaret Sanger, prophetess of birth control and “Father of Modern Society,” said the purpose of her cause was allowing more children from the fit and fewer from the unfit. Somehow, European Americans have been convinced to think of themselves as “unfit.” Today, the fertility rate of American women is below replacement. Such are headed for extinction.

  3. Right man for the job
    Right man for the job says:

    The last paragraph of the essay gushes about the ‘joy and power of a happy marriage’ and Penelope’s loyalty. How nice! But the author apparently missed Homer’s account of the dalliance of the not-so-loyal Odysseus and his trysts with Circe and (loosely) Calypso; hardly a substantive exemplar of our Indo-European tradition.

    • Anon
      Anon says:

      Right Man For The Job

      Excellent comment. Penelope was faithful and Ulysses was not.

      Plus, leaving a prosperous kingdom in the hands of a woman and young boy wasn’t a good idea. The son was probably 8 or 10 when Ulysses sailed away.

      The Odyssey was a historical adventure action story. In reality, the biggest baddest warrior around would have invaded, married Penelope or a daughter and killed Ulysses’ son.

      • jerry Cornelius
        jerry Cornelius says:

        Let us not forget, Circe was a witch, who turned Odysseus’s men into swine or wild beasts, she was linked with Hecate. Odysseus got the better of her. Reminds me to re-look into the old myths, much can be learned

      • jerry Cornelius
        jerry Cornelius says:

        Also brings to mind Sinbad the sailor who encountered the old man of the sea, who tricked Sinbad and attached himself to his back thus making him a slave. Sinbad was a witty man who realised his mistake and outmanoeuvred the old man and dashed his brains.
        Sinbad the sailor is said to be an archetypal story with the same root as Odysseus and some say the Decameron.
        I love to read these stories. I always found this wisdom helpful in the real world, the reason for these epics.

  4. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Good article, Thank you, Mr. Durocher.

    We had two boys. They were homeschooled, and now both have college degrees and wives and kids of their own (mighty good looking kids, too, but then I might be a bit biased).

    As a German leader in the 1930s once said, “Family is the smallest legitimate form of government”

    A man of the People of Light who will not find a good woman and raise a strong family is (barring medical complications), in my opinion, little better than a self-serving eunuch. These may be harsh words for some, and I am sure there are exceptions, but there it is..

    • Michael Adkins
      Michael Adkins says:

      Tim Folke,

      “little better than a self-serving eunuch”

      Since the 1960’s European men have allowed themselves to become eunuchs. While each may believe he is serving himself, in reality he is serving others.

  5. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    In times past little need was there to promote child-bearing. The elderly, by and large, relied on economic support from their children. Self-interest speaks loudly.

  6. Karen T
    Karen T says:

    When Shakespeare was in his prime England’s population was approximately 5 million and it is now 66 million. The world population was estimated at about a half billion and is now 7.6 billion. Workers were necessary during the Industrial Revolution but machinery made them less so, and now with AI and robotics they are more useless. The third (developing) world’s imprudent breeding habits which at this point, we in the West are paying the consequences for in the form of aid and immigration is eroding our social fabric and safety nets and threatens the very existance of the West. Whites having children is desireable if one can feed and properly educate them, but attempting to play catch-up is pointless. Drastically lowering populations is the key to our survival.

    • Saada Mehdi
      Saada Mehdi says:

      But you will succeed convincing newcomers to change their breeding habits as well ? One could argue that your children might not perfectly educated, but at least their own children will have chances, the people as a whole as well.

      • Karen T
        Karen T says:

        The people as a whole are unthinking sheep, marionettes of the opinion makers. In another generation, if current cultural marxist trends continue, they will morph into Eloi.

      • Karen T
        Karen T says:

        No, but cloud seeding with skin penetrable contraceptives dispersed throughout non Western countries would be a rainfall to hope for.

  7. jerry Cornelius
    jerry Cornelius says:

    The Contraceptive pill has something to answer for, we have a promiscuous society and also a falling birth rate, kind of contradictory. we were told this was good. Now we are told we need to import people because we do not produce enough people.
    If we had not had this idiocy it would be better. For example; we have Paris Lees educating young women for the BBC who are going through puberty on what to do/feel etc, and Its a Man? ( but we have to enable this delusional behaviour by calling him- her) what kind of madness is this? To become a social commentator, say on Question Time In the UK you have to be some kind of degenerate (or MP), it is as if these people are seen as having some kind of superpower that we mere mortal heterosexuals do not possess.
    These are our Culture Heroes. It is a sad state of affairs
    On a happier note, Tom Daley and his husband have announced they are having their first child.

  8. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    What a dogs breakfast of memories and emotions go whirling through my mind as I read this.

    As a 10 year old, second generation, German refugee (Sudetenland) in Canada…,
    compounded with
    “Faux-Holocaust Lie of the [redacted] Jew” and
    Jew World Order vociferous whistleblowing…,
    I could write a chapter detailing my experiences just on this “…breeding…” topic alone.

    How to compress relations with females (and close friends for that matter) over a 45 year period into a TOO comment that is length-appropriate is one of those daunting tasks I must sadly forgo.

    Suffice it to say that I long for the day that some truly deserving idiot gives me legal grounds to inflict upon him some cathartic vengeance.
    This may be a pressure relief valve one may not wish to be standing in front of.

  9. Hammerheart
    Hammerheart says:

    The reality on the ground is not as simple as some of the people (maybe 1 is under 50) on here make it sound.
    1) The economic situation: it’s a different economy. There’s a set of people in the tech & finance etc who are doing well/OK & they can still afford to have a family before they turn 40. Good for them. That’s gone away for the rest of white America.
    At least officially, money problems/stress is at or near the top of the list of things that damages or even causes breakup of long-term relationships especially marriages.
    The degree-to-employment system especially STEM is only possible for basically that set & the wealthy (as I think we’re all aware). I thought real White Nationalism involved being brutally honest about this situation/fact and saying many of those in this set’s attitude (of “F you jack, I’ve got mine”) is unacceptable for White survival; the class war ie between whites is amongst our biggest problems. By the time you’ve gone through all these hoops & maybe had a few to several non-productive life experiences (eg relationships that go nowhere, and today it’s the female that won’t commit) you’re in your early to mid 30s. In my (extremely white) family, the mere concept of even contemplating family ie with children prior to getting the requisite degrees etc & in particular a lot of money was more-or-less literally inconceivable. (My experience here possibly is not representative, but as time when on I realized my mother–raised as a far-right quasi-nazi conservative Republican family in the upper 3% etc–was anti-family as far as I was concerned. Someone doesn’t have to be intellectually sophisticated to latch onto the “the world’s overpopulated” type memes.)
    To not be forthright & honest about the economic aspect–these cultural demands (by “good, properly raised” families) virtually ensure a white male will not be raising a family while young, because our White thinking demands economics (“success”) before procreation. (NS literature [et al] offers a very different POV, based on the idea that biology is more important than economics.) The concept of being poor & starting out just no longer exists; & this is a black-&-white cultural difference between people only 1 or 2 generations apart. Females have been conditioned to expect a rich prince (but see below point #2).
    The cynical (I don’t believe “conspiracy theory” is appropriate) view would be that low white reproductive rates were the intended outcome of these values (a conclusion very hard to avoid after a coldly objective analysis of the WASProtestant “Work Ethic”, the horror of large families, etc).
    Our race for centuries made Money and Property more important than people, including babies/offspring.
    Japan is suffering from similar problems & while I readily grant serious differences between Japanese culture & mentality viz whites, I think plenty could be learned from their situation.

    2 Most young women today are toxic to a greater or lesser degree. We’re not supposed to say it or discuss it but that’s the cold hard truth.
    Females have been inculcated with an idea that a child is their personal property, & everything else flows from this notion (which is predictable once one genuinely understands female psychology; & I thank KMD/TOQ for bringing “Sexual Utopia in Power” et al by Prof Devlin to our attention). Once the male partner is viewed as a decorative doodad that can be dispensed with literally on a whim, any possibility of having a true lifelong relationship, previously known as “marriage” with such a creature, is impossible. (Of course there are exceptions, & before someone goes into a NAWALT loop, but they are so rare now that one might as well be one of the rubes who believes they’ll win the lotto every week. Even brainwashing starts to falter when one repeatedly has an experience in which certain essential elements remain the same [& for which the consequences are severe].) Wondering when your girlfriend is going to wake up on the wrong side of the bed & decide to dump you is now the least of a guy’s worries; one is walking on eggshells waiting for the bomb with a hair-trigger to go off. Social media now means ugly stuff that a vindictive ex-girlfriend may say/do can now be spread to large numbers of people in a matter of minutes. (I have a much older male friend who was a computer engineer his entire professional life…who was not on Facebook etc. His wife one day had the Wake-up-on-wrong-side-of-bed,-“I-feel-‘Unhappy'” thing & in short order filed for a divorce [this was an absolute bolt out of the blue for him] while badmouthing him on social media, of which he for months was unaware [until mutual friends pointed it out to him, & the damage was done].)
    Higher intelligence & educational level (& an upper-middle/middle-upper upbringing) seems to virtually guarantee this problem.
    The sole remaining option is to marry outside one’s class & educational level, which is a crap shoot/russian roulette–it can work, it can go badly wrong, too.

    White males are acting the way they are because they know the game is rigged & they can’t win. Anti-white “anti-racism” means consciously or subconsciously they are aware it is impossible to confront the reasons why (the game rigged etc).
    That said:
    I personally was never the partying, videogames playing type. (If anything I was rather serious and sobre, etc.) I’m not trying to further bash my fellow white males, but honesty compels me to say:
    The video games, partying and/or substance abuse (alcohol, cannabis, whatever) and various other behaviours (many of today’s of which would have caused one of my parents to possibly for real hit me with a bat) are not helping anything. I understand they’ve been f’d over, brainwashed by liberal white mothers (our main problem, again, one we’re not supposed to talk about) from the day of their birth, the culture, clever tech robber barons who know how to trigger brain addictions, etc; I get that. But white males are engaging in a lot of behaviour that is counter-productive, & in the end serves as, as I say, “anaesthesia”. It is very hard to persuade someone to decline anaesthesia & take agony on the chin, which is what asking them to stop these behaviours amounts to. “Why bother, bro? I mean, it’s not like by NOT playing videogames every day & getting wasted it/I will/can change anything. I mean, that would take a revolution or something, & that’s not going to happen.”
    It’s also highly unlikely (no disrespect) that Shakespeare will reach any of the kids or young adults. They have (or ought to have) the Bible, which thunders about God’s Law etc, which is doing some real good to a tiny handful of religious people in tight-knit religious communities, & practically none as far as I can see outside that.

    Note to Southerners: Forgive me having to paint with an overbroad brushstroke in a brief comment, but–
    Y’all need to get it into yer heads that your Southern communities are pretty dysfunctional these days, too, & it’s just going to get worse. The “Hideous Strength” is daily metastasizing in your regions too. (My mother lives in East Texas.)

  10. Hammerheart
    Hammerheart says:

    The real problem behind the other problems (including failure to marry, reproduce etc) is the despair that is at the heart of Western society: the feeling that it is all fundamentally pointless, meaningless, & hopeless.

    American Protestant Evangelical Christianity (Pentacostalism, Baptist etc) supposedly delivers a message of hope & purpose, but in reality pretty much just assures us that it’s all ending pretty soon (Doomsday/End of the world), so eat drink have sex etc, for tommorow we die (or are Raptured). This “Spiritual Materialism” (identified as a power of antichrist by theologians in the Orthodox Church) doesn’t really offer meaning outside of a (to be brutally frank) cult-like emotional state (hysteria). The Evangelical experiment to be “in the world–& look & act & party & rock music ‘praise worships’ & so on etc” in the end proved to be pretty thin stuff. It’s entertaining, it’s a lifestyle, it’s fun, you have a bazillion fellow-believers etc. The problem is real religion is real work, an alien concept to Americans.

    There is no hope, there are no answers; the girl in the professor’s classroom who said “But we whites don’t have a culture” is in reality the tip of the iceberg. America’s fake consumerism-materialism society only gets you so far: as long as traditional values are still operating compelling people to conform & behave (eg 1950s), all appears well; but in fact the patient has a cancer that will soon begin spreading. We’re now at the beginning of the diagnosis ‘You’ve got cancer, it has spread, & the first round of tests seems to indicate it has reached your lymphatic system’ (the Borkian AIDS of the American immune system metaphor); today’s news & life is what it looks like, & it can only get worse from here (including for groups insulated from the worst effects by their wealth/socioeconomic status who, for the moment, think they’re safe).

    I have Jew Joy Davidman’s number; I don’t need someone to take me to task for that. However, with reference to current problems, her book Smoke On The Mountain (with CS Lewis’ outstanding preface) is pretty much “a true bill of all Western civilisation”.

    This existential despair has reduced our white males to impotence & hopelessness about either their future or their people’s (country’s, whatever) future. White females have already absorbed the despair & as it were moved on–“Whites are done, time to move on; the future is Brown!”.

    What I am suggesting is that nothing less than a head-on confrontation with that core of existential despair & hopelessness (or at least sense of futility) will do a damn thing.
    In the words of John Marler in Youth of The Apocalypse: “The Last Genocide”. (No offence is intended: but, 20 WN books [many of them dictionary-sized eg CoC] requiring high intelligence etc did not change my perception-frame & my thinking as much as that ‘dumb little book’ by Marler (aimed at punk youth, of which I never was one): because it spoke to my heart. I didn’t immediately accept Marler’s ‘Come to Christ & the Orthodox Church’ thing, but he had directly addressed the dark, ugly, horrible truth in my heart. “The Last Genocide.”

    By the way, No, I am not seriously suggesting that most all young people are walking around consciously embracing Nihilism per se. It’s now more a zeitgeist that’s just in the air & absorbed by osmosis, whereafter it becomes a kind of ‘common sense’. That of course actually makes it all the harder to fight. It’s “obvious” on down the list–that Whites’ time is at its end, that now it’s everybody else’s turn, all good things come to an end, empires die including 1950s White America, etc. The entire concept of consciously directed meta-purpose is alien & indeed derided, discredited etc (micro-purpose is expressed as L/libertarian hyperindividualism, which is fine since it is highly corrosive of communal purposes), but–due to the unique White Psychosis insanity–allowed the other groups (Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Japanese, etc*).
    *Note: This is now becoming a problem as the “Weltfeind” (World’s-Enemy) is now beginning to go after “extremism” in these groups, ie nationalist, racial cohesiveness; however, the fundamental category of Identity per se (one is a Jew, a Muslim, a Hindu, etc) is still allowed (for now), whilst denied to Whites via the from-birth liberal, ‘objective’ brainwashing-mindcontrol. QED: Identity is allowed to every other human group except (Western*) Whites is a white person’s common sense now.
    *I have not been to Russia, so I decline to comment either way. What I can say from the substantial number of Russians I have met & interacted with is that while they may have a strong nationalist sense, I question that it is racial per se, I question that it is felt to extend to white Americans, & I question how the children of Russia will fare once the Weltfeind sinks its fangs into them (again).

    A critic of Allan Bloom’s Closing of the American Mind said something like “He seems to be suggesting we re-ignite religious intolerance & go back to ‘People taking their beliefs seriously’; problem is we know what that looked like & it might start the religious wars all over again’ etc. I of course am not suggesting a return to a slightly intolerant 1950s America for the sake of Jews being happily socially sequestered (the big neocon/Straussian/Dershowitz “Vanishing American Jew” thesis because life has gotten too “nice–I use the word carefully–these kids just do not have prejudices against anyone”); I am saying something, albeit regards our side, a la Bloom, “I am suggesting we not kid ourselves that solutions exist just because we want or need them.”

    Everything we’re doing is, in a real sense, just continually sticking fingers in the dam–as the water rises & the flooding is in fact getting worse by the hour–unless/until this nihilistic sense of pointlessness, hopelessness, futility etc is addressed.
    In my personal observations over the years, it is really only Whites (as a statistical whole) who are affected by this despair. Other races–whose personal situations, whose terrible political situation, poverty, terrible war in their homelands, etc–however sorrowed they are by these tribulations, the thought of existential despair–“What’s the point” so on–just does not seem to occur to these other racial groups (again, as an average etc).
    If nothing else, I hope to re-direct attention to this issue (which of course has been mentioned before in WN, TOQ, TOO, KMD etc circles). I’m not offering an answer per se, just insisting we not kid ourselves as to the real root of the problem: and that this is a uniquely White phenomenon. That, at least, could be a starting point for discussion.

    Literature has meant a great deal to me all my life & I really do wish with all my heart that it could be as simple as “Young man, go to thy Shakespeare’s Sonnets, & study his ways.’

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