Neovictorian reviews “Love in the Age of Dispossession” by Loretta Malakie

Love in the Age of Dispossession
Loretta Malakie

This is a deceptive book.

Oh, it delivers what it promises, and more, but in the beginning there’s a little essay about the decline of rural America, farm country (in this case, Upstate New York) and Le Grande Remplacement. Then for a while it plays at being a Generation X teen romance. A high school Goth girl is sitting on a park bench in a small town in Upstate New York: “It’s 1993, and when a boy loved a girl he made her a mixtape.”

Catherine “Kitty” Burnes is an Irish-Catholic wannabe rebel who’s been accepted at Ivy League schools, but there’s a sense that Something Is Not Right with her world. The first part of the novel subtly hints at the coming troubles, the emptying and degradation of small town America and the great White die-off that would follow. But on first reading you might think it’s something else, an almost photo-realistic description of one young American woman’s life, upwardly mobile, out of the sticks and away from the hicks and on to New York City, the vibrancy and the multiculturalism and the thousand different ethnic restaurants. The media ecology around her—and us—relentlessly tells us this is what we want, the pinnacle: Freedom! Freedom from, from neighbors who know your business, your stupid high school friends and limits on your “self-expression” and, most of all, freedom to have sex when you want, with whom you want, without pain or fear or guilt. By the time Kitty arrives to live as an adult in New York, the relentless propaganda for Erica Jong’s Zipless Fuck is well into its second generation. And instead of fulfillment, it delivers anomie.

The sequence of events here is a deadpan, devastating parody of what Cosmopolitan and Sex and the City and a score of network comedies have sold to rest of America as The Good Life: Kitty goes to Cornell, Kitty goes to Europe (though we read only the barest details of her time there), Kitty goes to New York City, Kitty goes to law school and clerks for a federal judge. And none of it satisfies or fulfills or brings any real happiness, because she’s detached, from her people and her nature as a woman. She knows something is wrong. Always something is missing.

It’s tribe that’s missing, the home ground, people who know you, knew you as a towheaded child and still see that sun-kissed hair when you pass them on the street as an adult, people who know what to expect from you. New York is the land of constant, wearing uncertainty, except for those for whom it is the home ground.

Ms. Malakie delivers a surprisingly complete and colorful picture of those for whom the city is home ground, especially the Orthodox Jews that Kitty ends up spending time with. She captures the essence of their comfort with each other and the city. For a time, during law school and after, Kitty associates with them almost as a substitute family, though eventually the inherently unsatisfactory nature of these relationships come home to roost. The novel also has two vividly drawn, college-educated Black New Yorkers and one Black affirmative action nightmare. As unrepresentative as former may be of the average, they lend a certain verisimilitude to work life in the city.

The art of the book is in the building; building complexity as Kitty grows up, building realization of the existential crisis she and her people are facing. The last section, which could only be spoiled by any explicit description of events, builds toward Kitty’s realization of her true nature and of what can redeem her, and us.

The novel has some imperfections that a good editor would have caught, notably some rather heavy-handed foreshadowing earlier in the book that could have been cut. These imperfections are far outweighed by the skillful, gradual increase in tension and depth as the story unfolds, and a moving last section that delivers on the book’s premises and the promises the reader has come to expect from what came before.

Love in the Age of Dispossession subtly and movingly shows the pathologies of feminism, modernism and materialism. More importantly, it artfully discovers and describes the life-affirming alternative.

Neovictorian is the author of Sanity, a Novel.

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  1. jerry Cornelius
    jerry Cornelius says:

    Victorian values brought me here, and as usual, I Have to go off topic, although there is a Victorian connection.
    As a child, my mother took my sisters and I around Museums and art galleries, because they were free and also they gave me a cultural view of the world and also my own land as well. Manchester in the UK.
    At the Manchester art gallery, John William Waterhouse had many pieces, in fact, the best Pre Raphelite collection in the UK. As I grew up I always had a love of Waterhouse art, especially the symbolism behind the work. I returned the favor by bringing my mother to an exhibition of Albrecht Durer’s work at the Tate in London and also my Brother to William Blakes exhibition at the Tate as well.
    Imagine my horror when I hear this…
    ”The reason why I invited five performance artists to Manchester Art Gallery last month – Lasana Shabazz, and the drag collective Family Gorgeous: Anna Phylactic, Venus Vienna, Liquorice Black and Cheddar Gorgeous
    – was to ask them to respond artistically to various works in these
    historical galleries with an audience of gallery-goers. This was to help us consider these artworks in a non-binary way. The takedown of Hylas
    and the Nymphs happened at the end of this event”
    Sonia Boyce MBE
    The Guardian newspaper called waterhouses work ”Mediocre and semi pornographic (To my Knowledge this is practically the only waterhouse piece that depicts breasts–They were Nymphs-!)
    God only knows what the ”performance” was like, Boyce called it subdued.
    Waterhouses Hylas was put up later but the whole show disturbs me.
    The vacant spot was filled with what I could only describe as a childlike two-dimensional picture of a black man, no doubt the Guardian art critic was probably cooing over the cultural depth of this piece.
    Why do I get the impression that its a kind of ”I am the king of the castle, and you are the dirty rascal” mentality? If its white we replace it with black. How petty, but real.
    I am Also a lover of weird fiction by H P Lovecraft(not everyone’s cup of tea) Lovecraft’s stories depict invasion by Dark cults from swarthy types, a creeping menace). Quite an impression by the Master of the Macabre.
    Lovecraft, the father of this Genre was penniless and an autodidact.
    I recommend him.
    Recent HPL had a bust which was given as a trophy to new writers, as an award.
    After an online petition, 3,000(HPL,s readers run in the millions) leftists signed a petition decrying Lovecraft as a racist and the statue was changed to a ”black woman”…/world-fantasy-award-drops-hp-lovecraft-as-prize-ima

    —the Woman is Octavia Butler—
    I grabbed a book by Octavia, a so-called sci-fi book and as I had predicted within the first three pages it was splicing in the slavery angle–(my writing JC-)
    People would have to be familiar with Lovecraft to get his angle on things-I understand that it is not for everybody, but I feel personally attacked when my man. HPL is attacked. It is hard to explain but readers like myself look up to their favorite writers, these ppl lived in poverty, before the celeb age, but were committed, to see them pulled apart is unbearable.
    S. T Joshi who was an editor and intro man walked out of the convention in Disgust(Good on him)
    Anyway, I apologize for my illiteracy but hope people can get my point (I also am an autodidact, so lack in conventional training) But it is important when I see good men and women(Some of my fav authors are women) taken down.

    • Karen T
      Karen T says:

      I believe that I got your point, but regardless, I enjoyed your comment and also appreciate Lovecraft.

      • Karen T
        Karen T says:

        p.s. Orthodox Jews? They befriended the country bumpkin? Sure. I had a Jewish friend, very conservative, and even she despised them. She married a Gentile and they branded her a whore.

        • Earl Oill
          Earl Oill says:

          I would guess that prior to the 20th century most Jews were Orthodox, with the accompanying attitudes. I would also guess that non-Orthodox Judaism is a side-effect of the socialist movement. But these are just guesses.

  2. T. J.
    T. J. says:

    Hollywood votes to remove Trump’s walk of fame star

    They are saying it is because his disgusting treatment of women and “other things” but what about Bill Cosby and Weinstein and others, who’s stars are staying? Things have gotten so disgusting lately with the hollywood elite it is beyond description.
    After the actions of EXCLUSIVELY JEWS yesterday, it is time to say it like it is.


    The Jews own Youtube, Apple, Facebook, Spotify and more, and they banned conservatives. This means the homosexuality, transgenderism, and hatred towards white males and Western civilization, is all directed by JEWS. Let’s be to the point here. If Jews own those platforms, and they don’t want anyone on them with an opinion that does anything other than destroy western civilization and enable perversion, it is obviously the Jews pushing it all.

    MUSLIMS do not own Facebook. So Muslims are not pushing the gay agenda. You won’t fix anything by chasing Muslims.

    Hindus do not own Youtube. So it is not the Hindus pushing abortion. You won’t do anything about abortion by consulting Hindus.

    Bhuddists do not own Apple. So it is not them pushing spying on everything, the Chinese may have made a few Iphones but there are no Bhuddists to blame for the spying.

    The ancient Hopi tribes do not own Spotify. So when conservative values are wiped off the platform, don’t look to the desert people to find out why.

    AND WHO OWNS HOLLYWOOD? Well, we all know the answer to that one, but you would not need to know it beforehand to know who would decide to wipe Trump’s star out. So let’s cut to the chase:

    Trump gave the Jews tons of weapons, and paid homage to the wailing wall, and turned back the Iran deal and THEN the Jews turned around and voted to remove his star, just because he’s attempting to jail a few of their child theives and molesters. Here’s the take out:

    You will support the Jew 100 percent, including their perversions, or you are gone. It won’t matter if you do for them many things that anyone else would love you for life for, THEY HAVE NO THANKS OR GRATITUDE, and the nanosecond you don’t pleasure them, all is forgotten and you are GONE. How do you like your master? Even a shitty boss will remember if you saved the company.

    They say the Protocols are a forgery. And at this point I’d have to say they are, because they totally skip the part about the absolute raw evil and thanklessness that defines the modern Jew. They were not an adequate warning. The protocols have been exceeded beyond the rantings of the wildest conspiracy theorist. No one ever really believed the Jews would get this much power. The protocols refer to control of governments and have nothing in them about bypassing governments and accomplishing political objectives via monopolies. Well, that’s how the Jews are going to do it, and the system of law is so subverted at this point that there is going to be nothing to stop it.

    We will now pay homage to the Jew from the bottom of a jack boot. They definitely plan to steal the next election and totally subvert all exposure of the theft. The attack on alt media which is epic in scope spans from Google censorship to communications intercepts to viruses, bugs, financial interference, ad banning and outright removal, NONE of which the leftist media has to deal with, PROVIDED you pay TOTAL homage to the Jew and ALL the perversions they push. Don’t you dare step out of line for even one tweet or your television show will be canceled on a pathetic line item whim and you’ll be thrown to the dust. That’s the state of the world now, they have gotten so powerful that resistance really might be futile.

    Correction: soft resistance might be futile.

    • Earl Oill
      Earl Oill says:

      The $64 question is how do they get away with it? How is it we’re all so dumb and unimaginative as to miss the root of the problem whose outer foliage is concerns, reasonable or not, with the behavior of Muslims, blacks, Mexicans, or space reptiles? How do we explain Jared Taylor? The first order of business is to find a way to formulate the issue that gives it legitimacy and doesn’t alienate the public. Also, it is necessary to make it possible to talk about the issue candidly without losing life or livelihood. Two thoughts: 1) find ways to provide reliable electronic privacy and anonymous communication; 2) find issues that embarrass and pursue them. Support by big-name senators for the planned, unconstitutional law against supporting BDS could be one. The reality of anti-gentile discrimination in Harvard admissions is another. (There is an article on this topic on Unz, I believe.) Palestine and the issue between Palestinian Christians and Israel is a third. It’s hard to imagine Hannity finding a way to rationalize supporting Israel against Palestinian Christians but he’ll try, and in doing so dramatize the problem with media conservatism. The Jonathan Pollard case needs to be mentioned whenever the expression “our only reliable ally” is heard, and the government’s refusal to investigate the Liberty incident need to be revisited. Finally, the recent offensive video from Planned Parenthood should be investigated and brought into public discussion.

  3. jerry Cornelius
    jerry Cornelius says:

    People who are interested can find this issue mentioned.
    Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter: “The gallery replaced John William …

    For an example of ”mediocre art replaced by ”Cultural genius”
    Whether you like PJW or not-I like to watch from time to time as he cheers me up in a never-ending bad news narrative-you need to see the video as it will show you what the pre-raphaelite artwork was replaced with–Must see-for the baby like tit for tat revenge of the left activity.

    • Earl Oill
      Earl Oill says:

      PJW is someone who will look straight into the camera and tell you it’s a myth that Jews control Hollywood or led the Bolsheviks or persecute Palestinians or have disproportionate influence on our foreign policy. He’s such a kiss-up he outdoes the young Mark Steyn, of whom an Israeli woman once joked, “Mark’s not Jewish, he only plays one on TV.” One point in your review that caught my eye is that the heroine spends a lot of time schmoozing with Orthodox Jews. I have noticed that many cultural conservatives who have a natural beef with secular Jews make a big deal about how wonderful Orthodox Jews are, as if that will somehow balance the scale and protect them against suspicions of anti-Semitism. Believe me, Orthodox Jews are no prize either. They’re the guys who think they have a right to your liver if they ever need it.

      • jerry Cornelius
        jerry Cornelius says:

        Earl oill
        PJW may have his faults concerning the JQ and also his alignment with Alex Jones.
        My point is not the messenger but the place I heard what I heard. Trust me most of what I see and hear is bad news, so I occasionally kick back for a bit of light entertainment (pjw seems to avoid the JQ, but his evasion speaks volumes) I am no fan.
        Anyway, enough of pjw. My point, whether you were addressing me or not is that art has been hijacked and degenerated. If saatchi pays $5,000,000 for Tracey Emin’s bed it validates it on a $ basis. Most great artists were broke in their lifetimes, the same is true of writers. only in this age can artists become multimillionaires (generally) so art becomes a commodity when it should not.
        As I said, Sonia boyce and the five transvestites juxtaposed themselves deliberately with Hylas And the nymphs-Cannot anyone see what I mean?
        Hylas(a white man) replaced by Sonia Boyce(a black feminist woman) and the Nymphs replaced by a parody of feminine artistic values(Transvestites). She even said her mission was to make the way that art was viewed as non-binary.and created a performance culminating in ”The Takedown”(her words) Someone like her is not stupid and even had she not planned it, any fool could not help but see the juxtaposition.(I do not believe she did not)
        I am no fan of PJW but that does not invalidate what happened.
        William Waterhouse was called a Perv, yet freakish parodies like these transvestites were normal. To my knowledge that is his only picture showing breasts-(How else do you depict a nymph? A lesbian in underpants?), he is a pervert yet transgenderism is not even an issue, as far as the leftist Guardian is concerned.
        Look at the links and see the picture they replaced the ”mediocre H.A.T.N with-I just want ppl to look (twitter, links above).
        Saatchi, a Jewish advertising mogul knows a thing or two about the subversion of ideas/Art.
        Or maybe I am just paranoid. (his warehouse burnt down, taking his “‘brit art” with it, giving him a handsome return ! two birds with one stone)
        Or maybe Nature revolted.

        • Earl Oill
          Earl Oill says:

          I don’t dispute your take on the aesthetic issues, I just get upset when I see the name PJW like a bull shown a red cape, because he’s literally trying to get paid for (insincerely?) expressing outrage at reasonable criticism of Israel. I guess that doesn’t really distinguish him from a lot of more famous folks! But thanks for the review!

      • Karen T
        Karen T says:

        I haven’t read the book and so cannot offer an opinion. I did however check it out on Amazon where it is sold as a “coming of age” novel. It may very well be an insightful “coming of age” novel, but after years of reading TOO, touting a “coming of age” novel strikes a discordant note.

  4. jerry Cornelius
    jerry Cornelius says:

    For the record, I had to give the PJW link to show people the picture comparison and I knew I was going to get flak.
    I looked elsewhere which is why I gave the Guardian quotes(The Guardian is a newspaper in the UK- the Uk is a country off the west coast of Europe) I had no choice.
    I remember reading about a German man with a funny Moustache(George Orwell had one the same as well) This German chap was ranting and raving about Jewish Degenerate art supplanting traditional European Art.

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