“Nah, I’m just a White guy”: “Sky King” and White Male Suicide

“It is this which makes suicide easier: for the physical pain associated with it loses all significance in the eyes of one afflicted by excessive spiritual suffering.”
Arthur Schopenhauer, Über den Selbstmord

A few days ago, Rich Russell, a 29-year-old baggage handler at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, took a a twin-turboprop Bombardier Q400 that had been parked for the night, and flew it 25 miles before deliberately ending his life by crashing it on the sparsely populated Ketron Island. Rich appears to have made a point of avoiding injuring or harming others in his pursuit of a cinematic, and, one assumes, adrenaline-fueled exit from this life. Among the particularly poignant aspects of the moments before his death was Rich’s determination to execute a barrel roll before making his way to Ketron Island. There was also his interaction with an air traffic controller, during which a nervous, distracted, emotional, and clearly troubled Rich attempted to make humorous small-talk. At one point the following exchange took place:

Rich: Hey do you think if I land this successfully, Alaska will give me a job as a pilot? 

Air traffic control: You know, I think they would give you a job doing anything if you could pull this off.  

Rich: Yeah right! Nah, I’m a White guy.

We will never know what combination of reasons led this young man to take his own life, but this particular exchange certainly resonates strongly with a growing problem: White men, specifically, are taking their lives at terrifying rates, and these rates are getting worse. Another sign that there was something deeper in the nature of Rich Russell’s death was the response from the Alt-Right community on social media. Rich was quickly given the admiring and sympathetic hashtag #SkyKing, and whereas the mainstream media and all aspects of the political Left appeared to ignore the story altogether, Alt-Right accounts were notable for changing their usernames to include plane emojis, producing tribute videos, and expressing sincere condolences for the loss of a young man everyone would be proud to call a son or brother. Even setting aside the epic nature, if that’s even an appropriate terminology, of Rich’s death, this suicide clearly touched a nerve. Why?

One reason is that the Alt-Right, more than any other Western cultural or political group, is already keenly aware that White men are being forced into existential crisis by contemporary social and political developments. This crisis is quite literally killing us. In 2015, two Princeton economists found that the death rate among white, middle-aged men, rather than falling, like with most other groups, was rising. According to suicide prevention expert, Dr. Christine Moutier, middle-aged White men account for 70% of deaths from suicide each year. Nine-tenths of them are from a lower socioeconomic class. The crisis has engulfed the West as a whole. Britain is in the grip of a male suicide crisis. Men in the UK, aged 20 to 49, are more likely to die from suicide than any other cause of death. Two months ago it was announced that “male suicide rates in Australia are an epidemic.” In France, a person commits suicide every hour, and among young people aged 15 to 24 suicide is the second cause of death after road accidents. Meanwhile, in Bavaria, a state that enjoys low unemployment and high average income, suicide takes more than double the lives of road traffic accidents.

Aside from instances of personal, individual trauma, there are three layers of explanations for this unfolding and worsening catastrophe, only some of which are discussed with any merit in the mainstream media. These three layers can be broadly defined as cultural, sexual, and racial. In the realm of culture, it is clear that Western civilization has fully entered a stage of sterility and degradation, resulting in a pervasive meaninglessness in human life. An unavoidable factor in this context is the rise of technology and the aftermath of the industrial revolution, or at least the spirit which accompanied these developments. Two key texts identifying this malaise are Martin Heidegger’s The Question Concerning Technology (1954), and Ted Kaczynski’s The Unabomber Manifesto: Industrial Society and Its Future (1995).

For Heidegger, like Max Weber before him, the advance of modern industrial science in explaining everything naturalistically led to the “disenchantment of the world.” As humans tended more and more towards the view of their surroundings as merely potential resources to be exploited as much as possible, our ability to lead worthwhile and meaningful lives was put at risk. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the development of “human resources” as a central aspect of all employment practices. With this development, the sterile objectification and interchangeability of man was essentially complete, and “the good human” became “the one most flexible and able to deal with shifts in the marketplace, pluralities of cultures, changes in social norms etc. In their adaptability, human beings in the technological age share a ‘style of being’ with everything else, because everything is now valued in terms of its flexibility and efficiency. Modern technology, in other words, has changed our taste or sense for the world.”[1] This, we might say, is the first step on the path to despair.

The culture of modern technology, moreover, with its emphasis on unending exploitation of resources and hostility to obstacles of any kind, is inherently antagonistic to any “non-fluid” aspects of human life: biological sex differences; borders and nation states; religious or Romantic notions of purpose or higher meaning in human life; or even the idea that a man might have one career in a single field. In fact, our entire education system is now built on providing students with sets of “skills” rather than expertise in any particular area — the goal being the production of a pool of potential employees able to adapt to a wider variety of work situations. The Financial Times is now advising young graduates to prepare for at least five careers in their lifetime. Many people are therefore graduating college without even the faint hope of a path or grand project by which to navigate their working lives. Their existence is rather doomed from the outset to be dominated by transience and interchangeability, rendering them, quite literally, as just another set of spokes for the technological wheel.

If Heidegger was correct in implying that humans possessed a greater sense of Being when they were more connected to the land and the objects around them, then the spirit of the industrial revolution has been a cruel thief indeed. Our ancestors left the mountains and fields for the cities and factories not just for the superficial ease of wage labor and escape from periodic famine, but also because of the promise of participating in a larger project: they would make things, and through these things they would contribute to Western expansion, progress, and empire. Until the mid-twentieth century, the industrial revolution could be said to have fulfilled its part of the bargain. But today, in the post-industrial West, we are cut off from the mountains and fields, and also from the larger vision. The factories are closing or already closed, and the great projects of the West now lie abandoned, scorned and stigmatized. Technological economic life, the very basis of supporting one’s material existence in modernity, is a wasteland devoid of true meaning. To compensate, we use technology to develop ever more devices that will create more free time, but, in doing so, we plunge ourselves only into existential boredom. We escape from this numbing state via a seemingly endless supply of petty amusement and entertainment. When this finally fails, we find our lives entirely unfulfilled and undirected by culture. We have taken the second step on the path to despair.

The next layer of explanations for the catastrophic Western male suicide epidemic concerns the revolution in sexual relations. As well as being stripped of meaning, the modern working and educational environment has been thoroughly feminized. Well-paid industrial jobs have all but disappeared, and they’ve been replaced with unskilled work, low-wage roles that privilege female-oriented “skills,” or fluid occupations that are part of the rise of the bloated, sanitized, meaningless, non-productive, and expressly politically correct “corporate managerial class.” Affirmative action policies, explicit or not, are leading to the influx of women at all levels of the education system, displacing men as well as marginalizing male learning preferences. One of the great lies of the “equality” scam is that it is without costs, and that it is merely about “fairness.” Nothing could be further from the truth. What “equality” in fact achieves is an unbalancing, and a redistribution that involves loss of power, influence, and meaning for the section of the population deemed ‘privileged’ by the ideological fashion of the moment. In the United States, the academic performance of boys has been in decline since the 1950s. Similar patterns have been observed in Canada, the U.K., and Australia. In fact, in Australia, educational standards as a whole have collapsed almost entirely in sync with the fact “male teachers are becoming an endangered species” in the country.

The marginalization or feminization of males in educational and working environments proceeds unchallenged because of the widespread demonization of masculinity in modern, sterile, resource-focussed culture. Jonathan Bowden once opined that “masculinity is a sacred thing.” Channeled aggression, stoicism, self-control, ambition, a keen sense of honor, and, when necessary, well-ventilated fury, are indeed sacred aspects of Western masculinity and have been marked in our souls since before The Iliad inscribed them in literature. And, for centuries after Homer, these traits were admired, praised, and worked into poetry and art. Today, however, all aspects of masculinity are designed as undesirable, declared “toxic,” and scheduled for “management” by the feminized technological state. The Boston Globe, Psychology Today, and even the British government insist that boys should be encouraged to play with dolls to make them “more caring and nurturing,” which is “something that is just as appropriate for boys as for girls.” Such rhetoric ignores and marginalizes the fact that males have cared for and nurtured their families for many thousands of years – in a male way. What such initiatives actually aim to do is not make males caring and nurturing, but to make them caring and nurturing in a female manner. They seek the eradication of masculinity.

They also disseminate the myth that there is something inherently wrong and dangerous about being a male. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the proliferation of the “rape culture” meme. It is one of those glaring contradictions of Leftist thought that Cultural Marxists should preoccupy themselves so intensely with the idea that all Western men are potential rapists, while cheering the mass immigration of actual rapists from the Third World – a development that has led to probably the greatest rise in sex crimes in the history of the West. White men are thus confronted with the confusing, and, in some ways, soul-destroying vision of White women showing open preference for low IQ foreign sex criminals over their own kind.  The consequent resentment is only part of a larger breakdown in sex relations that also links heavily with the feminized, resource-focused Western divorce system, which looks at men not as fathers and humans, but as bank balances and custody hours. In response, males increasingly reject marriage, turning to movements involving, on the one hand the total rejection of relationships (MGTOW, or Men Going Their Own Way), or pick-up artistry (itself a transient, fluid, nihilistic and novelty-based product of the resource-focussed society). Perhaps most disillusioned are the Incels, or Involuntary Celibates, those who simply can’t find a mate given the state of contemporary sex relations. This particular movement is home to a great deal of despair, and has contributed a number of notable suicides.

A third layer of explanations for the explosion in White male suicides involves race. We now live at a time where almost every project or endeavor is measured according to prevailing ideological dogma, and where the primary measure is the number of White males that project or endeavor will involve. “Too many White men” is today perhaps the greatest condemnation, moral and otherwise, that can be levelled at any film, play, book, sport, academic discipline, civic institution, or government. The absence or elimination of White men, the social “folk devil,” thus becomes an inherent moral good within the culture. Given this state of affairs, it wasn’t at all surprising when, last year, Maine Democrats were caught on video laughing about rising suicide rates among White males. They undoubtedly felt this was acceptable because their targets had already been thoroughly dehumanized by culture, by feminism, and by the racial dynamics of the contemporary multicultural state. Of course, the most material manifestation of the “too many White men” idea is affirmative action. We will probably never have exact figures for the number of White men excluded from employment in the society built by their fathers, and all in the appalling name of “equality.” What we do know is that the very existence of affirmative action is a demoralizing affront to the dignity of every hardworking White man in America, and wherever regulations like these raise their poisonous head. Most poingantly, their demoralizing effect is etched into every syllable uttered by Rich Russell when he balked and said “Nah! I’m a White guy” before turning into the sunset.

Faced with such an overwhelmingly oppressive atmosphere, it certainly isn’t surprising that more and more White males are finding themselves in places of despair. But is suicide the right answer? Or is such a question even valid? The subject is close to home. When I was aged 20, my best friend of the same age hanged himself. After an extremely difficult childhood and the frustration of a career path, he was walking on a razor’s edge emotionally. Then he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him. Days later he was dead. We had been more or less inseparable since we met as five year olds. He was like a brother, and I found his death absolutely devastating. In some respects, I still do. In the aftermath, one is confronted, after the numbness, tears, and anger, with a feeling of indignation. These people, after all, deprive us of them. And, despite its inability to bring our loved ones back, we question the morality, or “rightness” of that. In my mid-20s, with some of these questions still circulating in my mind, I found Schopenhauer’s essay On Suicide, and I read it again in the hours after hearing of Rich Russell’s final journey. In that essay, I found not only answers to the moral question of suicide,  but also, in the aftermath of Rich’s death, to the differing responses of the Alt-Right and non-Alt-Righters to it.

In Schopenhauer’s view, “it is only the monotheistic, that is to say Jewish, religions whose members regard self-destruction as a crime.” The reason for this is not any definitive prohibition in scripture, of which there is none, but rather the realization that suicide is “an ill compliment to him who said that all things were very good…It is another instance of the obligatory optimism of these religions, which denounces self-destruction so as not to be denounced by it.” This passage really resonated with me because Left-Liberalism is nothing if not a modern, secular religion imbued with mandatory optimism. We are constantly told that things are getting better, that “diversity is our strength,” and that “equality will make things fairer.” Dissent from this prozac-fuelled vision is viewed almost as a form of mental illness. Is it any wonder then that such a mass culture, with such tendencies, would look on even the most spectacular of White male suicides with nervous confusion, missing entirely its meaning or greater significance? Left-Liberalism, Schopenhauer might say, ignores, marginalizes, and even laughs at White male suicide so as not to be denounced by it. The Alt-Right, sensitive to cultural decline, and attuned to the pain of despair, saw Rich Russell’s denunciation for what it was, and responded accordingly.

Are suicides merely weak cowards? Schopenhauer adds: “We hear that suicide is the most cowardly of acts, that only a madman would commit it, and similar insipidities; or the senseless assertion that suicide is “wrong,” though it is obvious there is nothing in the world a man has a more incontestable right to than his own life and person.” It is the act of will in exercising this right over themselves that prevents me from condemning those who choose this path. My own interpretation of the death of Rich Russell was that Rich decided in his last moments to seize his life, and, as Heidegger would have it, quite literally “live towards Death.[2]” Faced with a life stripped of meaning, only a death imbued with meaning, or at least some semblance of control or self-determination, remained. Almost every aspect of Rich Russell’s final moments were self-determined – from the conversation with the ATC to the barrel roll against the sunset. He could not determine how he lived, so he resolved to determine how he died.

These remain mere speculations, and this topic remains sensitive. The goal here is not to offend, but it is perhaps to alarm. We are facing a huge crisis. The more sensitive souls among us are the proverbial canary in the coal mine. A deep rot has set into Western culture, and it will need to be rooted out before we lose too many good people – indeed, before we lose “too many White men.” Of those that depart, perhaps the best we can offer is not to condone, and not to condemn; but to say merely that we understand.

Appendix: Selected comments from Alt-Right Twitter Accounts (with permission):

“I think he feels the pain of an entire race being exterminated but can’t quite articulate his depression.” Tolerant Fellow.

“It’s unsettling. So human, vulnerable, and brave at the same time.” The Frog of War.

“This is the most united I’ve seen all of these different groups in a while.” National Apacheism.

“Literally this was the Whitest hijacking ever. The guy just flew around the water and crashed so others wouldn’t be at risk.” Sherman McCoy.

“The blue checkmarks will hate Rich because in the last moments of his life he was free and that terrifies them more than anything else.” Titus of the Dreamlands.

[1] M. Wrathall, Heidegger (London: Granta, 2005), p.101

[2] Heidegger himself viewed suicide as an “inauthentic” approach to Death, but his argument has been critiqued by scholars as philosophically lacking, and owing too much to his Catholic background.

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  1. Philosoraptor
    Philosoraptor says:

    The unabomber was a high iq normal American at a time when such people were picked up by elite universities young. He went to harvard a very young 17 year old and once there was subjected to a sociological experiment by Jews. Ostensibly it was headed by a WASP but when you hear the names of the others involved and what it actually entailed it leaves you with no doubt Jews were behind it.

    To summarise he was made to write down all his values,fears and hopes in a psychological study. This writing got extremely personal and intimate. He was then put in an interrogation room with no warning about what was going to happen (and after being told that it was in some way related to his pastoral care) and he was sat opposte a young (((student lawyer))). The lawyer then proceeeded to ruthlessly demolish his ideals by essentially using ((pilpul)) i.e he wasnt argiung in good faith. The unabomber being then a somewhat naieve young man with little street smarts took all of this hugely personally (as he and others were expected to-its what those who designed the study wanted to do) and was almost destroyed by it. He lasted one year as a junior lecturer before dropping out.

    Thus was born Americas first mass murderer who targeted Universities.


    • Patrick Griffin
      Patrick Griffin says:

      This was my first thought when I heard about this. It has a very ‘hoaxy’ feeling about it………….I leave it to others to try to prove or disprove it but it has a hoaxy smell to it

      • B. Smith
        B. Smith says:

        I checked out those materials. Standard smoke-blowing by those who don’t even know what they are talking about.

        They have facts wrong like talking about how did he get it out of the hanger when it was parked off to the side, how did he unlock it (it doesn’t lock like a car – duh).

        How could he take off without a “transponder” code?
        What? LOL. As if a transponder code is what makes a plane fly. (Later it seems by transponder they mean radio). How could he take off without permission? WHAT? It is easy: You release the brakes roll to the runway, advance the throttles, hold her straight enough to stay on the runway and she flies off when airspeed is sufficient, possibly with a little pull back on the yoke being necessary on some aircraft in some configurations.. No radio/transponder/permission required!

        And all this about “uh he didn’t really do a barrel roll”, or alternatively “no way he could do a barrel roll” he must be a fake.

        Actually he DID exactly what he said: A barrel roll (a poistive gee rolling pitching manuever that though impressive to see is in fact low stress aerobatic manuever well within the capabilities of almost any aircraft including airliners (look up what the Boing test pilot did with the boeing 707 prototype — twice).

        Anyhow he should have pitched up into the roll but he started with what looked like a plain an alieron roll and let it fall through at first then adding pitch making it a barrel roll. He didn’t roll out on the same heading as at the entry so he wouldn’t score high in an aerobatics contest but it was his first try in a real airplane and in a transport class craft at that).

        It was this incorrect initial entry that tipped the axis of the manuever downward so far and led to using up ALL the airspace. But he did a very nice job of not panicing and yanking the wings off. And he did do a nice right rolling pullout instinctively it seemed to be heading back onto that initial heading.

        I’m sure the intercepting fighter pilot saw it, and thought something like “Come on kid, pull it through, keep rolling, don’t pull it too hard, use your airspace, now easy up! Good job!” And then smiled happy to see the success, wondering at what he might not have dared to try himself, and yet grim to see the waste of talent, the dead end-ness off it.

        As a pilot who has flown a number of different aircraft, flown simple aerobatics, and used the ATC system many hours under many circumstance, it seems quite realistic to me what he did.

        And sufficient flight sim time would allow a naturally able individual to take off and fly about, and even do some sloppy aerobatics — landing would have been the killer — but he “didn’t plan on landing it”.

        So yeah, it was for real guys, the physical (and the spiritual), facts line up.

        • thenewnationalist
          thenewnationalist says:

          You have rather dishonestly mischaracterized what was said in the article. On the unlocking issue take it up with William Waldock, a professor of safety science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, who said operating the plane would have required knowledge, especially when it comes to undoing several locks and brakes, and starting the engines.

          On the transponder issue you have inserted a slick straw man. The article refers to the transponder as related to his communications to ground, not the mechanics of takeoff.

          As far as claiming a baggage handler with video game experience could pull off that manueveur in a large commercial aircraft- it is you blowing smoke.

      • Trenchant
        Trenchant says:

        Why are we even privy to this dialogue? In the real, post 9-11 world, communication between plane and air-traffic controllers is conducted on secure frequencies.

  2. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    Please resolve the conflict between “Nah, I’m a White guy.” and “Nah, I’m just a White guy.”

    This is a war against The Culture of Critique and we don’t need to give them ammo.

    • B. Smith
      B. Smith says:

      What is the conflict? He knew that as a normal working white guy he was “designated evil” and marked for destruction by the overlords of our poisoned civilization with extreme prejudice. A black, a brown, a sexual deviant, a woman, or a jew especially would get protection and support but not a white man. That is clear and factual.

      As far as the (((Culture of Critque))), OMG let’s not worry about “giving them ammo”. They have almost all the guns an ammo already at their command. We aren’t going to “win” by cleverly sneaking up on them with perfect manners and minding of our “p”s and “q”s and verbal phrasings… To hell with them (where they belong), anybody who listens to them anymore is an enemy or a dangerous fool.

      • James Bowery
        James Bowery says:

        The world isn’t the binary distinction between enemies and dangerous fools you make it out to be, just as a battle line isn’t a one dimensional locus.

        • B. Smith
          B. Smith says:

          I take your point but assert the following:

          Whether such complexity as you assert as the nature of the world is merely an illusory virtuality of the world created by white europeans, or really does exist in a white world at peace, in the existential struggle to survive that is being forced upon the white race things ultimately really will come down to just one question: Are you pro-white or anti-white?

          That is just the way things go when things go to hell — a law of nature if you will. And there really will be only allies, enemies, and fools.

          Those who want to live in the world you assert (and have other nice things like freedom, security, wealth, art, and a future), better hope, and better yet help, the white race to win those 14 words.

          Just my 14.88 🙂

  3. UkraineTrump
    UkraineTrump says:

    Living in Ukraine for more than a decade, I have seen happier men on farms, living near subsistence levels with little incomes (no more than $300 a month), than Western men earning more than $8K per month. These men have had one wife their whole lives, who are not particularly attractive after bearing three or four children. They spend most of their time shoveling cow manure, or butchering calves, or beekeeping. And they are more happier and satisfied, never entertaining a single thought of suicide, despite aching spines from decades of physical labor. They find immense joy in brewing a bottle of moonshine, going fishing at 5:00 a.m. or playing football on Sundays. So I am convinced the solution for the Western white man is to return to rural communities, renew his relationship to the land, renew his relationship to the Christian church and build fellowship with his fellow white brothers and sisters.

      • UkraineTrump
        UkraineTrump says:

        WOW It’s as easy as that? So let’s say that Rich decided to “stand up for himself” by forming the Traditional Whites of Seattle group. Then he’s exposed, doxxed, loses his job and becomes unable to find any employment besides working construction illegally, or painting houses. Which means minimum wage and not being able to afford marrying 98% of white women without children and STDs. We traditional whites have to come to terms with the fact that we have been defeated. We lost control of our cities, mass media, cultural institutions and educational institutions. It’s time to retreat and take control of those territories (and their institutions) that are still available to us. These are exclusively deep Red states and rural areas. Once we’re able to assert control of certain territories, then we can gain the strength and confidence to advance into the occupied territories (Blue States). This is the approach taken by Billy Roper, and I think this is most viable strategy we have.

    • TylerD
      TylerD says:

      I was in Ukraine not too long ago. Although life is “harder” there they do appreciate the important things in life (family, culture, hard work, etc.). Simple things are appreciated much more. I took the train from Kiev to one of the towns down South and peered out my window for the long journey. I looked at the small houses and small farms in the country side, older people tending to their gardens, and thought to myself do they really care that they don’t have the latest iPhone or millions of dollars. I doubt it. They seemed happy and content having satisfied their Maslow Hierarchy of needs. The men did seem content with their Babushka wives and four children.

      I saw something similar in the Philippines. I remember riding in a JeepKnee (sort of a taxi) and looking out at an older lady smiling in the doorway of her plywood shack with a dirt floor, extension cord to power lights, and a TV. She was watching her family playing outside in the street with this glow like she was the richest woman in the world. My Aunt’s brother-in-law saw me looking at this lady and commented, “See. That woman has barely anything and yet she’s happy/content.” I just nodded my head in agreement. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.

      @Michael Adkins
      European males will stand up for themselves when they have nothing to lose because the current system has so been rotted to the core it will no longer benefit them. They are still holding on to their comforts of modernity by playing along and staying compliant. Reality will slap them hard eventually.

      This current debt based fiat system will collapse along with the population eventually. Those that are self-sustaining in rural areas will have a better chance of survival. The latte sipping multicultural, urbanites, and immigrant section 8 city dwellers will not, once the productive European male tax payers no longer can prop up this system.

      • UkraineTrump
        UkraineTrump says:

        Excellent observations. I agree wholeheartedly. The entire American economy is an illusion that’s propped up by fiat currency and petrodollars. It will inevitably collapse. But the question is when will whites muster the will to unite and retake control of our institutions in America. Will it take an economic collapse and restarting all over again? Or can we start doing this without a collapse? For those of us who are woke, I propose a good first step is taking control of the cultural institutions of the Red States. We should abandon the Blue States, the megalopolises and their suburbs. And in waves, we settle the Red States and slowly infiltrate their schools, their universities, their governing bodies.

    • Thundertoad
      Thundertoad says:

      Ukraine Trump, this relationship with the land is actually the solution that the Ancient Wisdom, as recorded in the Creation Story, recommends as the solution to man’s existential crisis:

      “You shall work the land for your bread, and live by the sweat of your brow.”

      Why do people interpret this as a curse? It is the solution. It proposes ownership of land, and honest work. I have found this in my own life–I do skilled and unskilled physical work on my properties and am satisfied. When I was in inside sales, I was never more miserable.

      “In the Kali Yuga, the Thundertoad shall belch forth hideous ichors.”

  4. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    This is a v. good article.

    You said, “The marginalization or feminization of males in educational and working environments proceeds unchallenged…” Not only in school or workplace – how about mental institutions, too? I (an aging, married female with boys) had a male acquaintance in his 30s who had serious difficulties in his life that were not his doing; he could not be blamed for them. He really did try to make his way in society and the world.

    Anyway, he tried to kill himself about 7 or 8 years ago, but someone found him before the poison took hold, and he agreed to be put into some kind of low-level psychiatric unit (not an out & out high security nuthouse that you are committed into) for guys like him. One day, needing to talk, he phoned me up from the facility, asking me, “Guess what they made us do?” – and in an outraged, sneering tone informed me that he and his fellows there were forced to go into the kitchen and MAKE MUFFINS. He was pretty mad and contemptuous of this “healing project”, but laughed as well at the inanity of it. I joined him in his laughter while agreeing with him that baking, girly-style, was probably not going to cure his problems.

    A few years later he did succeed in launching himself into eternity. Muffins or no muffins. Friends, I could not make this up if I tried.

  5. Right man for the job
    Right man for the job says:

    French Jew sociologist Emile Durkheim (1858-1917) summarized his early research on suicides:

    Current international data indicate some racial and ethnic inferences:

    These rates may be higher in advanced countries for a reason suggested to me years ago by a medical examiner, namely that some actual suicides are unreported as such so as to permit life insurance collection, protect family privacy and to disguise actual events (e.g., the daughter of a policeman kills herself with father’s police revolver after a fight with her boy friend).

    Alcohol and drugs are significant factors in suicides. Jews are seldom boozers and thus do not statistical appear as significant. My ethic Polish grandfather, who grew up near a shtetl in Czarist Russia told me Pale local Jews, who peddled rotgut to foolish Polish farmers, never were drunk themselves; the Jews feared that, if drunk, the Polish farmers who had been suckered out of their money and farms would pick the Jews’ pockets to get their rubles back! I have heard similar stories in Poland when visiting there.

    The Jews admit suicide ONLY when their silly fables are made into “history.” They speak of it ONLY in terms of saving themselves from Gentiles or trying to punish their enemies (Samson baloney). The story about Masada. Revilo Oliver wrote: “It is likely that some Jews–how many we shall never know–did follow the example which, according to tradition, was set by the Jews in Masada when that fortress was retaken by the Romans in A.D. 73, and did kill themselves and their families rather than be temporarily polluted by drops of the hated Europeans’ holy water.”

    The most ludicrous Jew fable was written by Josephus (37-100), one of the most notorious liars who has ever inhabited this planet, who wrote about his ‘fight” with the Romans. Actually, he draws straws with his troops while in a cave and each of them commits suicide. Miraculously (!) Josephus is the LAST man standing…but then becomes friends with the Romans and later luxuriates in Rome after duping stupid Romans ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josephus#Biography ). Usual Jewish tripe about miraculous salvation, prophecies, loved by the elite of every empire, fabulous marriages, etc.

    Was this Josephus, famed liar of the ancient world? Or is it a modern day New Yorker?

  6. Joe Six Pack
    Joe Six Pack says:

    Great essay! Personally I think the West is committing suicide because we are too wealthy and if your material needs are met by wealth, what is next? You want to be liked. We are wanting to be liked too much and that is leading to the vast array of deprecatory actions listed in the essay.
    In my younger and more suicidal days I read The Savage God, a book about suicide and that cured me. I had a very light case of suicidism and was easily cured. The book makes much of the idea that suicide-by-Roman(like suicide-by-Cop) was a perfectly logical thing to do in the early days of Christianity.
    The Circumcellions(a Donatist sect) went around getting themselves slaughtered by the Romans(so they would head straight to Heaven). Rather than carry steel blades they carried wooden clubs they called ‘Israelites’ while they taunted the Roman soldiers.
    The book makes much of the idea that it was Saint Augustine who wrote the dogma that made suicide a sin. After that, in the 400s it was no longer perfectly logical to confess your sins, and having attained a state of purity…rush right out and tease a Roman soldier with your wooden ‘Israelite’ ,thus provoking him to spear you with his metal sword and send you straight to Heaven.

    But if dogma was the cure for Christian suicide in the 400s I recommend a dog for a cure in the present. A big dog over fifty pounds, one you can’t ignore and one you have to take on walks. I am on my fourth dog and being with an animal that is the embodiment of the nonce, with no concept of time, and an ever present slobbering curiosity is a sure cure for thinking too much. They need you and they live in the present. If that does not cure you of suicidism, you’ve got it bad. All cases of Weltschmerz should be immediately issued a big dog and a personal exemption from the leash laws(which are really restrictive White guy laws)

    A few years ago a friend of mine, George, hung himself. He was a guy I had known for around thirty years. Another guy, Paully, who knew George also, found the idea of suicide inconceivable. Paully said something like ‘Why kill yourself for nothing, I mean do it in fight but why waste your life?”
    Paully had always done poorly in school, or the Western form of Madrasa where you learn what is blaspheme like standing up for Whites, and what is Holy, deprecating your self and kind(‘Nah I’m just a White guy’). So Paully never learned to think too much and direct the arrow of analysis inward, Paully’s arrows were always pointing out.

    • UkraineTrump
      UkraineTrump says:

      Dude, you’re recommending that men adopt the cat lady approach for pumped-and-dumped unmarried women in their 40s. But instead, you suggest getting a dog. Why not have kids (which seems to be far more pragmatic and relevant in our current demographic crisis)? Perhaps she’s not the ideal woman you had hoped for. Perhaps she’s got some flaws. Perhaps she overweight and has some debt. But if she can prepare a chicken and rice dinner, goes to church with you and hasn’t been passed around a dozen frat boys, she just might be lovable. Children give you something to live for and hope for. When we’re raising our children, we’re molding the future in some way.

      • Joe six pack
        Joe six pack says:

        Thanks for reading my comment.
        Hey I have two full grown daughters who i have done my best to convince that the modern world does not look kindly upon YT. They have listened to me.
        The dog is the baby step for the suicidal, but more importantly the point is ‘dogs are not temporal.’ They are like that Tolle guy, they live in the Now. And it is just a lot easier to get a dog than a family.
        To build a happy family you have to have Hope and in my experience there is not a lot of Hope present in the suicidal.

  7. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    If he did commit suicide and if it was because he was white then the signal he is sending is truly scary. This young man believed that fighting back is impossible and better to die alone than crash the plane into enemy territory. A truly isolated individual. Sad.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      Apparently he and his family were big Christians. He himself was involved with a Christian youth group. He met his wife to be at a Campus Crusade for Christ.

    • B. Smith
      B. Smith says:

      What he did was like a flash of lightning revealing in a moment what on a darkened landscape lay.

      What he did was a warning NOT a thing to let our young men emulate, and a command to reach out to them and guide them to better paths.

      They may feel they have no reasson to live, hah, we will show them the light, and show them their destiny: To build a bridge over darkness, from the glory of our past to the greater glory of our race’s future…

      “You have no reason to live for yourself you say?”

      …Well sir, blah blah blah mope mope mope…

      “Then live to fight for the legacy your ancestors lived and fought to pass on to you!”
      “Live to fight for the star-treading shining ones our progeny will someday become if we can do now what must be done!”
      “How about that for a reason to live young man?”

      …Yes sir! Thank you sir! Hail Victory!!!…

      Let it go like that.
      Let the next lightning flash reveal our warriors advancing.
      And the next after that our victory.

  8. Gilbert Huntly
    Gilbert Huntly says:

    The only thing this essay doesn’t address is the loss suffered by the owner of the plane, which is a cost ignored, in this case. Had Russell, himself, owned the plane, I could more admire his act.

    • B. Smith
      B. Smith says:

      As a libertarian before awakening to race, white-genocide, the JQ, and the ensuing necessity for white national socialism or something very much like that I DO get your point.

      However this is cosmic combat at a much higher level.

      The (((enemy))) has looted almost all the wealth of our civilization through central banking, controls lawmakers and courts and governments, and vast organs of propaganda and mind control — they don’t worry at all about propertarian principles except as they can be used to pillage and rape and destroy their enemies.

      Rich Russel, ordinary decent oppressed white guy that he was, nonetheless, and no less for doing so unconciously, cut a slashing wound, and a revealing wound, into the side of the beast and the beast felt it, and felt fear.

      For the owner of the plane (the insurance company now I guess), I feel sympathy, but their loss is nothing compared to the looming loss of our race.

  9. Tom
    Tom says:

    I was an idiot liberal till I traveled to my European homeland, from my second home in America, over the course of a decade and was alarmed at the obvious proliferation of foreign faces there. It wasn’t a smattering; it was more like a deluge. From that moment on, I immediately understood that the West should basically be put on suicide watch. And those doing the watch should be die-hard nationalists. I sympathize with Sky King and the guy who blew his brains out in Notre Dame cathedral, but suicide is really a personal failing and ought not be romanticized. The West needs unabashed nationalists who refuse to succumb to the BS of multi-racialism.

    • UkraineTrump
      UkraineTrump says:

      What traditional whites need most is a strategy to retake control of their society. We need to assert control of those territories where our ideas are still widely held. These are the deep Red States and rural areas. We have been completely defeated in the Blue States and should retreat and regroup.

  10. Jack Highlands
    Jack Highlands says:

    Spergy I know, but I’m bothered by all the repetition about barrel rolls. Rich said he wanted to try a barrel roll, but he never completed one – perhaps he was trying when he crashed.

    Planes are like boats: they can move rotationally in 3 directions: pitch, yaw and roll. Pitching is fore and aft portions moving up and down, yawing is fore and aft moving side to side, and rolling is port and starboard moving up and down. Therefore, a barrel roll is a wingtip over wingtip, 360 degree roll.

    The maneuver that Sky King performed, with incredible grace and skill given we have every reason to believe he had never flown before, is an inside loop. It’s a lot like a back gainer in diving, but using power against gravity: the pilot climbs at an increasingly steep angle until he’s flying upside-down and in the reverse direction to that he started in, then continues the loop in a curving dive that he levels out of at the end. The two biggest potential problems are stalling in the first half and failing to complete the power-dive second half in time to avoid crashing. Examination of the Sky King vids shows how close he came to earth and water at the end of his inside loops: sheer beauty!

    PS: He crashed 25 km from Sea-Tac but that was after flying around the greater Puget Sound area for an hour and a half at a high speed for a Dash 8: he probably covered at least 400 km in that time, including circling Mount Rainier: very beautiful from the air.

    If exhiliration is happiness, Rich died happy.

  11. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    This is an interesting article. However, I believe that some of Mr. Joyce’s arguments are slightly off. While it is true that our “ancestors left the mountains and fields for the cities and factories”, most did not do it willingly. Our ancestors were already making “things”, whether cloth, furniture, pottery, or ironworks. A large number of them were in guilds. The merchant class depended on the guilds to make goods for export, as the guilds controlled the number, quality, and price of the “thing”. The (((middlemen))) needed to break the guilds in order to control markets. The breakup of the guild system allowed the industrial revolution to explode based on money/capital. Our ancestors were forced into factories and cities due to the breakup of the guilds and the land clearances of “the peasants”.
    Our natural law understands that every action has consequences. Today, that understanding is totally absent and has been viciously suppressed.
    The Luddite revolt is an example of the consequences of actions. True, the Luddites destroyed machinery, but the machinery destroyed was not labour saving devices, rather machinery that was replacing them and their skills. The official narrative, however, is that the Luddites were mindless thugs stopping progress. We are a thousand times worse off today, as every aspect of our life becomes a commodity. It is a soul sucking experience.

    • AS
      AS says:

      The break-up of the feudal system, the issuance of charters to cities and the emergence of the burgher class and the corresponding loosening of feudal ties in the country made it possible for wage slavery to eventually gain a foothold. It wasn’t until the destruction of cottege industry and the enclosure system that rural dwellers were forced to move to the cities. That happened during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries in Europe.

      • B. Smith
        B. Smith says:

        I too find myself appreciating aristocracy, heirarchy, and the fuedal system — thank you for bringing it up!

        What if a guy like Rich had known and been secure in his place in such a more naturally ordered system?

        As the cool AR guys say: It gets the noggin joggin!

  12. Christine Houston
    Christine Houston says:

    Sky King Beebow Russell
    In a country his ancestors founded he can’t even work in the trades due to a tilted table to minorities. So to escape they he got a college degree only to find a job as a baggage handler in the left coast. Most likely with student loan debt as well, he was working for 4 yrs at min wage. This generation of white males is in the worst shape of any generation. It’s white genocide via dis-employment.
    I don’t blame him one bit, the dis-employment of white guys like him is sanctioned by big companies like Alaska Airlines which I will never fly again. His only solace was being softly spoken to by another white man, not dying in a hospital with nurses who hate him due to his race.
    That’s a whole nuther thing is whites are not allowed into nursing school, if you die in a hospital or extended care it will be among people who dislike or hate you.
    RIP Sky King
    Went out on his own terms

  13. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    If you cannot live for yourself, then live simply to anger those who hate you. The Kali Yuga is upon us. We did not start it. We did not want it. But we will survive it. There is light on the other side of this dark tunnel. If we will not live long enough to see it, we must ensure that our children do. The reality of race is that each of us is merely a bridge from the past to the future. Each one of us creating a piece of the path for future generations to emerge onto. Each one of us may be of little significance on our own, but as a group, we can, and must, remain a force to be reckoned with.

  14. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    Nature is not cruel. Nature is just.

    What about all the botched suicides?

    Upon my return to the Jewminion of Kafkada in my late 30’s, I was faced with the usual Collusive Jew Inspired insanity of having my marriage dissolve,
    my child taken away from me,
    being gang stalked and sabotaged at every turn,
    being totally alone with no one to turn to as even my family had partially abandoned me and partially joined with the Jew and the Ex-wife to destroy me. Having all avenues of employment and education cut off and no one to turn to, I decided to hang myself.

    I had the rope around my neck all nice and snug and proceeded to get up on the chair to tie the other end of the rope to a steel water pipe.
    As I was tying, in order to ensure that once I kicked the chair away the rope would not let me touch the ground, I pulled rather tightly on the rope before tying it to the pipe and it cut off the remaining blood circulation to my head.
    Apparently that was enough to slow the blood circulation to my brain enough to cause me to pass out before being able to tie off the rope.
    When I came to I was on the floor in a cloud.
    It was at that moment that I resolved that this must have been “…a sign…” telling me that this was not my time to die and that I should just pull myself together and keep moving forward.
    The point I am trying to make is that, “…Nature…” has a way of pulling people out of trouble in the nick of time.
    Yes you can say that stupidity saved me, but there have been numerous times during my travels that “…fate…” just happened to save me and I am sure everyone has had the experience where “…luck…” just happened to intervene in the nick of time…, and so we live to fight another day.
    We all have our theories regarding these near misses, mine happens to involve “…Friendly Spirits..” watching over us.

    By my early 40’s the (((destruction of my life))) had been more or less completed and I retreated into a basement hole of a new found friend in survival mode while trying to figure out what the hell just happened to me in a few short years!

    That’s when a search engine brought me to Dr. William Pierce, Ernst Zündel, Edgar Steele, David Duke, Dr. MacDonald, Paul Fromm, and the then struggling gaggle of White Nationalist sites that occupied the web.
    Although I had experienced most of the global building blocks in the narrative of (((White Genocide))), the above and many others who specialized in their respective fields brought order to my chaos.
    Suddenly I realized that war, in fact, was being waged against me and that I was not delusional for accepting this reality!!
    That changed everything…, I was no longer alone!
    From then on I thought, “…well, if it’s a fight (((they))) want, then a fight they shall have!”.
    Had Rich Russell only realized (((whjew))) was largely responsible for his misery, he probably would never have taken his own life to begin with.
    However, just in case he insisted upon suicide he, would have probably taken that plane and flew it, not with a barrel roll, but with a tonne of TNT, into a building wherein an American conference,
    not unlike the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism convened in Israel,
    was taking place.

    IMO, if you are going to go, you may as well take a few of (((them))) with you.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      Highly interesting comments, Roy. It is absolutely true – Nature is Just. I didn’t realize you had had such a difficult life.

      Rich Russell did not kill himelf in the way you recommend because he was a Christian. If a serious Christian, though, he would not have committed suicide at all, but because he wanted out so badly, he thought he’d do it in a more Christian way, i.e., don’t hurt anyone else. Except, as someone here mentioned (Gilbert Huntly) he ruined the aircraft owned by others. Maybe insurance would reimburse the owner, but still, it would take some time to arrive at a settlement and find a replacement airplane. Also, insurance companies are always looking for excuses to not make major payouts and in this case they could refuse the owner’s claim by saying that he did not follow security procedures. Blah blah. (I worked for an insurance company, and how I hate them.)

      • RoyAlbrecht
        RoyAlbrecht says:

        “… I’m getting sick of this cognitive dissonance…”

        “..Cognitive Dissonance (hereinafter noted as “C.D.”) ; n.
        A condition of conflict or anxiety resulting from inconsistency between one’s beliefs and one’s actions, such as opposing the slaughter of animals and eating meat.”

        The cure for anxiety or conflict as a result of C.D. is Spiritual Enlightenment.
        Belief (or the…, “act of believing”) in itself entails a certain amount of C.D. because it relies on a three dimensional framework of (ir)rationalization to understand a world that transcends, at the very least, into an expansive, 4th dimension.

        Through the death of the flesh, one experiences life on exponentially expanded basis and
        with ones return to the flesh,
        one retains this experience and ceases to believe but actually “…knows…” that all of life is a continuum and not an “…either-or…” juxtaposition.
        after S.E.,
        the anxieties that spring from “…inconsistencies..” in life become perfectly conceivable and “…mutually inclusive…” realities.
        Moreover, since the Satanic Jew Von Rothschild,
        through his Legion of Jews and those who have surrendered their souls to “…it…”,
        more or less orchestrate the present world paradigm,
        on an ” Anti-Nature/negative feedback Principle “…,
        yet ”
        Nature ” operates intrinsically on a “..Positive Feedback Principle…” …,
        without direct knowledge of the Spiritual Transcendence of life,
        the immature man is constantly fraught with having to (ir)rationalize his way through a World that is rife with seemingly endless amounts of conflict.
        Furthermore, if we replace the (((Satanic Orchestrator))) with a “…Divine Conductor…”,
        the world paradigm will also align with “Nature” and C.D. will gradually be replaced with a more “profound understanding” of life.
        We do not live in a Black and White world, but rather a “Black-Grey-White” world that is inside of an expansive universe where anything is possible…, including the overthrow of the Satanic Jew World Disorder.

    • Chris M
      Chris M says:

      “However, just in case he insisted upon suicide he, would have probably taken that plane and flew it, not with a barrel roll, but with a tonne of TNT, into a building wherein an American conference,
      not unlike the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism convened in Israel,
      was taking place.

      IMO, if you are going to go, you may as well take a few of (((them))) with you.”

      You beat me to it. I was wondering if anyone was thinking the same thing. Now I know.

      In any event, things could move in that direction sooner than later. It very well may be.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Were there not two other similar occurrences: one in Houston and one in Manhattan, where two small planes were flown into specific offices to avenge some grievances ?

      Additionally, perhaps Rich knew, that he wouldn’t have met the owners at his ‘Christian’ group’s gettogether. Just like Larry Silverschwein, conversely, would have known, that the re-insurer Allianz, of his numerous insurers for his WTC, were headquartered in Munich, not far from ” that ” Beer Hall.

      I would give my left arm for unfettered access to those Allianz files on that WTC claim. Undoubtedly incomparably more informative than that ” Official ” report by not disinterested parties.

      ” Today all of you here hear us. Soon the whole world will hears us, and those responsible for this will hear from us !!! ”

      Well, ca. one million heard nothing except the last blast that killed them. Including the 450,000 children, whose death was approved of on national TV by that witch Albright, and the 4,000 plus US soldiers.

      ” Those responsible “, in reality, and by overwhelming international consensus, heard nothing but continued their careers and are busily working on the next warned against ” foreign entanglement ” with Iran: not motivated by a dual loyalty, but rather a single one, including our twice salaried elected shabbos goyim.

      • RoyAlbrecht
        RoyAlbrecht says:

        “…that the re-insurer Allianz, of his numerous insurers for his WTC, were headquartered in Munich…”

        As a child, stories of Jews appearing in Germany with pockets full of money,
        almost before the 2nd WW had properly ended,
        amidst the wide spread poverty and misery of those times
        were rife amongst my German Elders.
        (((They))) moved in like sharks and gobbled up assets at literally “…fire sale…” prices.
        Had it not been for the hardships that were endured before (((they))) re-emerged from the wood work, Germans would never have been able to overcome the usury and abuse that followed after the wars end.
        (((Their))) dominant US backed positions within today’s Martial Law controlled German Infrastructure, ensures that Germany is regularly (((financially raped))) through legislative fiat.
        Mere expression of (((this fact))) entails criminalization with anything from a fine and a record to five or more years in prison.
        The insurance payout by Allianz to Larry Silverschwein is small peanuts compared to the bankrupting of the nation during the Monetary Unification after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
        From a several hundred Billion dollar National Surplus before monetary unification to a National Debt of nearly the same amount almost overnight wiped out hundreds of billions from the accounts of the government and put the unified nation onto a huge interest repayment plan.
        The (((insider foreign exchange dealers in the banks))) with the help of government leaders stole hundreds of billions from austere German savers and put the government into the hands of the money lenders once more.

        Quantitative Easing or Thieving in the USA is a similar form of legalized theft…,
        but then again, since Israel is the USA’s “…stead fast friend and ally in the region” (((they))) must be worth it! LOL

  15. silviosilver
    silviosilver says:

    I have had my differences of opinion with this author, but I cannot fault him for the tone and content of this piece: poignant and on point.

    It’s impossible to know for certain how Rich might have behaved in the same life situation but in a racially homogeneous society, but we can safely assume that the anomie created by mass multiracialism contributed to his woes.

    I have remarked before that if the process of white extinction was enjoyable, future generations might say of whites, yes, they went extinct, but it was such a fun ride all the way down, who can blame them? But, as Rich’s example demonstrates, it is not a fun ride; it is an ordeal.

  16. GUEST5
    GUEST5 says:

    In every workplace, whites are automatic second-class citizens, often supervised by rude minorities. They will get the worst assignments, as the employer doesn’t want to be accused of discrimination. Human resources doesn’t look out for their rights.

  17. Sutter
    Sutter says:

    “When I was aged 20, my best friend of the same age hanged himself. ”

    I have not had such a good friend hang himself, but I have had two friends who had brothers who killed themselves. One overdosed, I believe. He was working towards a physics PhD.

    The other was living with his brother at the time. He came home to see his brother hanging lifeless in his apartment.

    Both of the men who committed suicide were in their 20’s.

    Whites are unhappy. Don’t let stupid “well-being” surveys or silly hunky-dory people mislead you; this depression is real.

  18. Gnome Chompsky
    Gnome Chompsky says:

    I have many thoughts on this, not least having made myself clinically dead and a dimly remembered out-of-body experience. Many years ago.

    Two contradictory points to make.

    The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus presents, to me, the best argument against suicide.

    Recommended to all here. Unlike Sartre (Satire), the opportunist, Camus was a hero, even if he may have been on the wrong side in the Maquis, and everything he wrote is worth reading, but particularly that.

    Unlike Sartre, who with his wife, Simone the Bovine, set up as left-wing heroes after WWII, despite having been German occupation collaborators during it. Given her radio broadcasts in occupied France, it is a wonder that she did not have her head shaved and be forced to parade in the streets, like so many other French women.

    I repeat, I don’t necessarily consider the German cause to have been wrong, but Camus was far braver than Sartre. As he was in later years, too.

    Second point

    Western nationalists always banging on about Mishima, while pretending that he was not gay.

    However, his botched suicide (his lover botched the swordplay, although he did die, rather more painfully than he would have liked) was a pivot point in Japanese history. Used to the hilt by nationalist pols.

    So I appreciate how the Sky King mythos is effective, but it isn’t the same. It is nihilism rather than symbolic.

    However, I hope that it runs well as a symbol.

    Unrelated, the OP who is making conspiratorial claims does have some logic on his side, the USAF would almost certainly have scrambled fighters to follow the ‘plane.

  19. Will
    Will says:

    “In Schopenhauer’s view, ‘it is only the monotheistic, that is to say Jewish, religions whose members regard self-destruction as a crime.’ The reason for this is not any definitive prohibition in scripture, of which there is none, but rather the realization that suicide is an ill compliment to him who said that all things were very good…It is another instance of the obligatory optimism of these religions, which denounces self-destruction so as not to be denounced by it.'”

    Christianity is not a Jewish religion, it is altogether divorced from it (Rom 11:6, Gal 3:12). Jesus called his racial kinsmen (Jews) children of the devil (John 8:44) and then announced to the Jews they were no longer God’s covenant (“chosen”) people in Matt 21:43. Then he prophesied the judgment and genocide that was to come upon them.

    Old Testament Jewish religion approaches God on the basis of works, Christianity by faith. Jewish religion was done away with in Christ (Heb 8:13) and is considered illegitimate in the sight of God (Heb 8:8, 13). Talmudic Judaism is not monotheistic, its god is the Jew himself.

    And, there is a definitive prohibition in scripture. Thou shalt not murder. However, in Christianity, eternal destiny is determined by one thing alone, faith in Christ. Based on the comments of Rich’s parents he was a Christian and came from a Christian family. As such, he is in heaven.

  20. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    At this point, so bad have things become, that my only hope is that the next suicide pilot has a better aim. The MSM tells us, doesn’t ask us, tells us, to accept suicide bombers, pilots, drivers, stabbers, etc., thereby making themselves The Voice of Evil. In fact, their Evil is the one thing about the MSM that isn’t Fake.

    Obviously, no belief is worth killing others over (though this is a Western thought. Or,as HBO’s resident whore-of-opportunity Jon Hamm would say, a “White Thought”). But some ideas are worth fighting against. And, if you are going to choose to take your life and, by your own admission, interpret your despair as being both insuperable and connected to being White, then, well, share it with that part of the world working 24/7 to make you want to kill yourself. They have organizations and buildings the world over. Just ask around.

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