A Reply to Jordan Peterson

Celebrity intellectual Jordan Peterson has written a blog post, “’On the So-Called ‘Jewish Question’,” the inner quotes indicating he doesn’t think this is a real issue—something that only “reactionary conspiracy theorists” would propose.  His blog includes a link to Nathan Cofnas’s criticism of The Culture of Critique. No links to my replies—which may provide a clue about his intellectual honesty.

Indeed, one must wonder about the seriousness of someone who thinks he can settle an issue that has gotten the attention of some of the most celebrated thinkers in Western history with an 1100-word blog post.

Peterson has become popular because of his courage and knowledge in opposing political correctness. He stands up for men and for individual responsibility. To his credit he achieved celebrity status via social media, not as a creature of the mainstream media. Much of his stature rests on his use of scientific data in his arguments.  I and many others certainly appreciate this approach; he is particularly cogent in discussing sex differences and gender politics. There is not enough of this in public discourse.

However, my confidence in Peterson’s trustworthiness was shaken by his shoddy treatment of the Jewish Question, including name-calling directed at my own work. This is part of his broader offensive against identitarians, people who defend their group interests. For Peterson there are only individual interests (a bit strange for someone who approves of evolutionary biology, a subdiscipline that encompasses kin selection theory and, for humans, cultural group selection). For Peterson to admit there is a Jewish Question would be to concede the reality of group interests—not only families but religions, ethnic groups, and nations.

In the West, failure to acknowledge group interests is suicidal for its traditional European-derived populations. As a result of the imposition of massive non-White immigration and multiculturalism by elites unresponsive to popular attitudes, the traditional populations of these societies are slated to become minorities in lands they have dominated for hundreds, and in the case of Europe, thousands of years. In the West, these migrants have typically established identitarian groups intent on pursuing their group interests and with increasing power to do so as the traditional European-derived populations (which uniquely produced individualist societies) dwindle. While I would love to live in a European-derived individualist society, under such circumstances it is suicidal to pursue an individualist strategy as things are now. And unless there is drastic change, it will only get worse in the future.

Those preaching an individualist ideology fly under the radar of political correctness because they eschew White identitarianism. But, if present trends continue, the individualist culture of the West will become a distant memory as these new peoples assume power in collaboration with White social justice warriors who are already championing the very policies that Peterson abhors. Already in the U.S. the non-White voting share of the Democrat Party is 44%, and this will only increase in coming years as the Congressionally approved yearly influx of more than one million continues. The faith of the individualist is that these newcomers will readily become good Westerners and that the ethnic politics that looms so large now will become a thing of the past—a fateful gamble that will end in disaster as politics becomes increasingly racialized (~60% of Whites vote Republican, and Whites account for 90% of GOP votes), achievement differences among the various groups become a potent source of political friction, and there are declines in social cohesion and willingness to contribute to public goods. These changes are disastrous for the traditional White majorities of the West.

Peterson presents a case that Jewish IQ can explain all aspects of Jewish achievement and influence, using an estimate of Ashkenazi IQ in the 112–115 range (and using 115 in his calculations)—somewhat higher than Richard Lynn’s estimate of 110–112. He argues that Jews are discriminated against in admissions to elite universities, citing this Newsweek article. But the article discusses only discrimination against Jews “early in the last century”—certainly true. But what does that have to do with the present?

In fact, Jews are very substantially overrepresented at elite universities even correcting for achievement scores, as demonstrated by Ron Unz, (summarized here).   Unz describes Jewish intellectual decline, as measured by performance on a wide range of competitions, from the National Merit Scholarship competition (which emphasizes verbal achievement, a traditional Jewish strength), to math and science prizes. In explaining these findings, Unz points to increasing Jewish complacency and lack of effort, supporting his argument by noting that some recent Jewish standouts have been more likely to be immigrants from the former Soviet Union and therefore more likely to be highly motivated. One gets the image of third- and fourth-generation Jews, born to wealth and a sense of entitlement, seeing no need to work hard to ascend to elite status—and being quite correct in that assessment. Further, he notes that an increasing percentage of Jews come from the Orthodox, a group with relatively low IQ.

On the basis of academic achievement, Unz estimates that Jews should be around 6% of top students, far lower than the ~25% found at Ivy League universities, terming this gap “totally absurd and ridiculous.” “Over the last decade or two, meritocracy and Jewish numbers have become opposing forces: the stricter the meritocratic standard, the fewer the Jews admitted.”

Using an IQ of 130 (which may be a good measure for a meritocratic admission to an elite school) and assuming a high estimate for mean Jewish IQ of 115, 2.1% of the White population would score above 130 while 15.8% of Jewish Americans would.  This yields 4.2 million Whites and 948000 Jews with IQ≥130, assuming along with Peterson that there are 200,000,000 Whites and 6,000,000 Jews. This indicates that Whites should outnumber Jews approximately 4.3 to 1 at these institutions. If you took the top 1% as a good measure (IQ = ~135), these results would be less striking, but remember, these results are calculated using a measure of average Jewish IQ that is at the high end of estimates.

But in fact, the percentages in the Ivy League as tabulated by Unz are about equal.

Peterson makes his case by using a cutoff of IQ ≥ 145 which lessens the Jewish/non-Jewish ratio substantially but is irrelevant, not only to the great majority of elite university admissions, but also to the great majority of jobs in elite sectors of the economy. Moreover, taking billionaires as an indication of high IQ (>145) is problematic because Peterson fails to produce evidence that billionaires are typically in that very high IQ range. A study by Jonathan Wai found that 57% of billionaires went to elite universities (which Wai interprets as suggesting an IQ in the top 1%) and 88% graduated from college—hardly indicative that billionaires as a group average 3 standard deviations above the White mean in IQ (≥ 99.87% of the population).

Further, some industries have vast Jewish overrepresentation that cannot be explained by higher Jewish average IQ. All five of the major Hollywood studios were owned by Jews during the first decades of the movie industry—a monopoly by any other name. And although the industry has become more complex in recent decades, Jews retain a predominant position in the media, both in terms of ownership and production, and this has documentable influence on media content in line with the attitudes of the mainstream Jewish community and to the left of the wider culture (here, xlvi–lvi).

Linking Jewish liberalism to the personality trait of Openness is problematic because liberalism is not a notable characteristic of Jews in Israel where parties on the left and center-left are a distinct minority. Meretz, which takes positions similar to mainstream Democratic and Labour politicians in the U.S. and the U.K. respectively, polls around 4% and Zionist Union around 20%. Together they account for  around 27% of the Jewish vote. Although the immigration of Ashkenazi Jews from the Soviet Union was expected to boost the left, this failed to materialize as these immigrants proved to be strongly ethonationalist (including the Yisrael Beytenu party headed by openly racialist Avigdor Lieberman). I realize that Israelis on average have a lower IQ than Ashkenazi Jews in the U.S., but surely this cannot explain the general lack of attraction of Israeli Jews to liberalism.

Regarding the personality trait of Openness, Peterson’s claims are not based on studies of Jews but on general findings in the literature, typically based on the responses of university students; these are then extrapolated to Jews. In general, while there are significant correlations between IQ and Openness, they do not explain much of the variance. For example, a paper co-authored by Peterson found a correlation of .30 between Openness and g and correlations ranging between .11 and .30 between g and the 6 facets of Openness, with an average of .2.[1] This means that at the high end, the correlation explains around 9% of the variance in Openness; among the facets the range is between 1% and 9%, with an average of 4%. As a result, knowing that someone has a high IQ is a poor predictor that the person is also high on Openness.[2]

Moreover, the general take-home message of The Culture of Critique is that the movements I describe were not open to innovative ideas or disconfirming evidence. Participants slavishly worshiped charismatic leaders, like Freud, Boas, Trotsky, and Luxemburg; they formed mutual admiration societies by citing and promoting each other. Dissenters were simply expelled or ignored.

Such behavior fits well with the dynamics of historical Jewish groups in traditional European societies. These were characterized by strong tendencies toward authoritarianism, with the rabbi literally having life-and-death power over his group. This authoritarian atmosphere was also a prominent aspect of the Jewish intellectual and political movements discussed in The Culture of Critique. Rather than being open to empirical inquiry and experimentation, dissenters from orthodox positions, such as Freud’s proposed Oedipal Complex, were simply expelled and often defamed in the process. These were all movements connected to the Jewish left.

Historically the Jewish left has not distinguished itself by tolerance or promotion of civil liberties. One need only think of the high Jewish participation rate in communist and communist front organizations through the 1950s, and their role as an elite in the Soviet Union during the period after the Bolshevik Revolution at least through the 1930s—the highpoints of mass murder, ethnic deportations, and political repression. In the U.S., the Jewish left has consistently supported a top-down model of elite control and opposition to populism (here, p. 193ff). In this regard it’s interesting that the left in the U.S. and elsewhere in the West is increasingly authoritarian, especially on college campuses where dissenters are publicly shamed and harassed, and dissenting speakers are forced to cancel or are greeted with disruptive, often violent demonstrations­ from the left—hardly a sign of Openness as traditionally understood. Liberals cheer as White identitarians are de-platformed, and broadly defined “hate speech” is increasingly subject to legal penalties in Western Europe and to informal but nevertheless effective sanctions in the U.S. Such laws—which hardly fit with the classically liberal society championed by Peterson—have been promoted by Jewish organizations throughout the West.

In general, Jewish political attitudes have not been correlated with social class in a similar manner to non-Jews (“Jews earn like Episcopalians [actually more], but vote like Puerto Ricans,” as Milton Himmelfarb had it).  The gap between economic interests and political ideology dates at least from the 1920s. Indeed, for the entire period from 1921 to 1961, Jews on the Central Committee of the CPUSA were much more likely to have middle-class, professional backgrounds and were much more likely to have joined prior to the economic difficulties of the Great Depression. Further, New Left radical students during the 1960sn came disproportionately from highly educated and affluent families. Even successful Jewish capitalists have tended to adopt political beliefs to the left of the beliefs of their gentile counterparts.

Or consider Charles Silberman’s comments on the attraction of Jews to “the Democratic party . . . with its traditional hospitality to non-WASP ethnic groups. . . . A distinguished economist who strongly disagreed with [presidential candidate Walter] Mondale’s economic policies voted for him nonetheless. ‘I watched the conventions on television,’ he explained, ‘and the Republicans did not look like my kind of people.’ That same reaction led many Jews to vote for Carter in 1980 despite their dislike of him; ‘I’d rather live in a country governed by the faces I saw at the Democratic convention than by those I saw at the Republican convention,’ a well-known author told me” ((A Certain People, 347–348).

This indicates that other reasons must be explored for understanding the Jewish attraction to the left, in particular how Jews see themselves and the wider society. Treatments of Jewish identity among leftists (discussed in Chapter 3 of The Culture of Critique) indicate complex and even self-deceptive Jewish identities. A common theme, apparent, for example, in Norman Podhoretz’s Why Are Jews Liberals? is the “lachrymose” view of Jewish history. This perception of Jewish history is a fixture of Jewish education and self-identity. In this view, Jewish history in the West has been one long veil of tears, from the Roman destruction of the Second Temple, through the expulsions of the Middle Ages, the Russian pogroms of the late nineteenth century, culminating in the Holocaust. The main motivation for the Jewish intellectual movements discussed in The Culture of Critique was the utility of these movements in combating anti-Semitism. During the 1920s and 1930s, a major reason for widespread Jewish attraction to the Soviet Union and communism was because anti-Semitism was outlawed in the USSR and Jews were well-known to have prominent positions throughout elite echelons in the society.

Simply having a relatively high IQ does not imply the sort of adversarial culture that is described in CofC. Whereas there has been a strong trend for Jews to have a very large influence on the media, on the creation of culture, on information in the social sciences and humanities, and on the political process, this has not happened with the Oveseas Chinese in Southeast Asia despite their dominating position in the economies of the region and their high average IQ. The Chinese have not formed a cultural elite in Southeast Asian countries and have not been concentrated in media ownership or in the construction of culture.

The following passage describing the political attitudes of the Overseas Chinese in Thailand could never have applied to Jews in Western societies since the Enlightenment:

But few seem to know or indeed to care about the restrictions on citizenship, nationality rights, and political activities in general, nor are these restrictions given much publicity in the Chinese press. This merely points up the fact, recognized by all observers, that the overseas Chinese are primarily concerned with making a living, or amassing a fortune, and thus take only a passive interest in the formal political life of the country in which they live.[3]

I conclude that Peterson’s analysis is inadequate to account for important aspects of Jewish achievement and involvement in the cultures of the West. I have often said that it would not matter that Jews are an elite if they had the same interests as the traditional peoples and cultures of the societies they live in. Given their high IQ and other traits and proclivities (including ethnic networking), they are bound to be successful in Western-type societies. The problem is that the Jewish elite have not adopted positions that are in the interest of the traditional European-derived peoples of the West and their cultures, particularly with respect to immigration and multiculturalism — an effort that continues into the present and characterizes the entire organized Jewish community. Peterson’s analysis is inadequate fundamentally because it ignores Jewish perceptions of their identity and how these perceptions intersect with Jewish involvement with the left in diaspora societies.

Peterson bows down to the powers that be and has grown wealthy in the process. He is the sort of “rebel” the multicultural elites like, one who participates in their censorship of those who would reveal the power of these elites and their hostility to Western peoples and cultures.

When Peterson begins to weep for our people, we can be assured he is a champion of truth.

(Originally posted on May 10, 2018.)

[1] Colin DeYoung, Jordan Peterson, and Daniel Higgins, “Sources of Openness/Intellect,” Journal of Personality 73, no. 4 (August, 2005): 825–858.

[2] The highest correlations for the facets (.28 and .30) are for Values and Ideas respectively. People on the high end of Values are politically liberal, while people on the low end are more likely to endorse rigid beliefs, such as the belief in one true religion. People high on Ideas like confronting complex problems. The same data are presented in this paper, cited by Peterson in his blog.

[3] Coughlin, R. J. (1960). Double Identity: The Chinese in Modern Thailand. Hong Kong and London: Hong Kong University Press and Oxford University Press, 169.


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  1. I'm Hiding
    I'm Hiding says:

    We need to all tell him to pick up a copy of The Greatest Story Never Told. There’s no way he will think it’s without serious consideration after that.

    • James
      James says:

      There’s a video on yt of someone giving him a copy of 200 years together.

      Raises more concerns.

    • D o boyle
      D o boyle says:

      Jordan peterson is like an anaesthetic he has been put out there by his handlers to put you all back to sleep. His Hook is that he talks what is common sence to most people. But in a world that is a being totally dominated by satanic perverts pushing mental illness es as normal lifestyles someone like peterson seems like some sort of intellectual genius which he certainly isnt.

      When comfronted with questions as to why the world is at this stage or how did we get to this point petersons overly long winded replys which is a decoy for intelligence will take you down some road where humans will always form into such groups because of some abstract non-existant evolutionary process lol

      If you bought this sorry you were punked by perterson. Psychology is in itself is bunk nonsence fine tuned by satanic pedophiles at the travistock institute.

      Peterson is a gold plated shill i live in australia but come from ireland he has been promoted highly in both countries and certainly doesnt pose a risk to the current order of things or you would never have heard his name. Peterson is an antithesis.

      • George Kocan
        George Kocan says:

        I have become a fan of Jordan Peterson because what he says now in his various appearances on You Tube and other places, I have been saying for some 40 years. I know that I am not a shill because pop-culture, meaning mostly the media outlets of information and entertainment which Democrats control, work hard to suppress the conclusions I have made about human behavior. Among these is the realization that sexual liberation brings political control, as exemplified in Peterson rebellion against having to use absurd pronouns for persons who suffer from gender dysphoria or against the silly notion that sex differences among humans do not exist.

  2. Like you/Guilty Too
    Like you/Guilty Too says:

    I think Peterson probably comprehends the issue, just doesn’t want to get mixed up in it from a negative standpoint. I believe he may be using the straussian techniques apropos “the art of writing and persecution” cf. Greg johnson’s classic essay. There is an Orwell essay on World War Two like this I believe. He brings up macdonalds name, but criticizes him. But Kevin Macdonald is someone most people would not even like to see mentioned!

    Notice the issue he completely omits; neocon pushing of the Iraq war and US involvement with Israel. These issues are monumentally topical and supported by well established academic scholarship—mearshimer and Walt! Peterson completely skirts these “questions.”

    • James Reinfeld
      James Reinfeld says:

      “Notice the issue he completely omits; neocon pushing of the Iraq war and US involvement with Israel. These issues are monumentally topical and supported by well established academic scholarship—mearshimer and Walt! Peterson completely skirts these “questions.””

      “His blog includes a link to Nathan Cofnas’s criticism of The Culture of Critique. No links to my replies—which may provide a clue about his intellectual honesty.”

      It is impossible to grant Jordan Peterson credit for intellectual honesty while he tries to make the winning arguments of critics of Jewish power go away by pretending not to notice them.

    • Overagainst
      Overagainst says:

      Strauss concealed his real argument in a trivial one, but did not say the opposite of what he meant. Peterson is simply displaying cognitive dissonance.

  3. Anthony Abruzzi
    Anthony Abruzzi says:

    Jordan Peterson is a brave man doing what he does and I like what his main focus is but he is not brave enough to stand up and be called an anti-semite so he takes the easy road and doesn’t criticize the jews. Being labelled as an anti-semite in Canada would get him banned from Youtube and possibly make him lose his university teaching job plus make travel to the US and Europe virtually impossible. He might have tenure but since the jews have total control in Canada, they would eventually have his tenure removed by careful manipulation of politicians and the media . The media and government of Canada treat “anti-semites” worse than axe murderers and child molesters.
    Remember the horrendous treatment Zundel got after he was deported to Canada awaiting deportation to Germany.



    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      You are quite correct about the effect of being labelled an anti-Semite in Canada. However, I’m less convinced that Peterson is afraid of becoming the next Denis Rancourt, than he is in being self promoting, understanding full well who is going to make him famous.

      On another note: Monika Schaefer has been imprisoned, for “holocaust denial” while visiting family in Germany, based on her yewtoob video “Sorry Mom, I was wrong”. There was no evidence she had said or written anything in Germany. She was also pilloried by the Zionist propaganda firm, operating as the CBC.

      • Anthony Abruzzi
        Anthony Abruzzi says:

        It is amazing how he is allowed to stay on youtube when others who say much less are banned. Does make you wonder does he have friends in high places.

        How does the Zionist German state see the demure violin teacher as such a threat to them. Does she have a bottle of magic Nazi spray that instantly turns crowds into heel clicking Nazis from one sniff? Does she have Hitler bottled up like a genie to be let out when the time is right? No, I think that this arrest speaks volumes about how insecure the Zionist German state feels when they must lock up a woman who posts a video on Youtube and lock up another 89 year old lady by the name of Ursala Haverbeck, who refuses to change her opinion on WW2.

        Do the German authorities feel that by imprisoning these people that it will send a message to others that no opposition to the narrative will be tolerated or are they just blindly following the dictats as written in the book? I think that it’s just become the latter where the German authorities are simply like the KGB or Stasi in the last days, just blindly going along and doing what they have always done to collect their paycheck and eventual pension.

        • Curmudgeon
          Curmudgeon says:

          The best kept secret in Germany is that the German “government” is an occupation government. There no peace treaty between the German Government and any of the Allies, and therefore the occupation continues. In the mid 1950s, the German Constitutional Court ruled that only the Armed Forces surrendered, not the Reich (State), and therefore the old Reich still exists. This article covers it fairly well:
          Of course, Peterson understands neither this nor the fact that all “Western” governments have been occupied by a criminal cabal.

          • pterodactyl
            pterodactyl says:

            The German government under Merkel is there today for one reason only – it is what the people voted for in free and fair elections. It is not the fault of any outsiders if the Germans (like the Swedes) are determined to vote against their own interests and to bring down their own country. In fact I am not sure if you can even call it treason when it is what a majority want.

            Only when the Germans are no longer safe and pampered will they start to vote differently.

        • Chris M
          Chris M says:

          ” I think that this arrest speaks volumes about how insecure the Zionist German state feels when they must lock up a woman who posts a video on Youtube and lock up another 89 year old lady by the name of Ursala Haverbeck, who refuses to change her opinion on WW2.”

          You might be right. But it could speak exclusively to their long-standing, world famous mercilessness. A point made long ago by Dostoevsky (and not just Dostoevsky).

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        “There was no evidence she [Monika Schaefer] had said or written anything in Germany.”

        I thought this too, for a long time. But I’m sorry to have to inform you that her brother filmed her while she was speaking for the video *in Germany*, and he uploaded the video *in Germany.* That’s why they can arrest her there, under their laws.

        I don’t think it’s going to end well, what with the two on trial together.

        • RoyAlbrecht
          RoyAlbrecht says:


          Maybe I missed a change in law, but Zündel,
          through an (((extra-territorial, multinational rendition))) was…,
          first deported from the (((USA))) to (((Canada))) and,
          once in Kafkada,
          thrown into solitary confinement for over 2 years, before being sent to prison in Jewrmany for another 5+ years (nearly six actually)…,

          Zündel’s so called crime in Germany was for contents on an American website that was owned by his wife!

          The contents of his wife’s website were perfectly legal under US law but could at the time be read in Germany due to lack of censorship software within the Feral Repugnant of Jewermany.

          Therefore I do not understand what difference it would have made where Monika Schaefer denied the Holocaust Lie of the Jews.

          Furthermore, Sylvia Stolz gave a lecture in Switzerland regarding issues surrounding free speech and the Holyhoax of the Jews.
          Upon her return to the FRG, she too was thrown in jail for 1+ years.

          Correct me if I am wrong, but my impression is that the Jews that control White countries just do whatever they want with people who blow the whistle on their multi-billion dollar investment of the holocaust story.
          Who is prepared to counter those Lying Filthy Jews?

    • Michael Adkins
      Michael Adkins says:

      Anthony Abruzzi,

      “The media and government of Canada treat “anti-semites” worse than axe murderers and child molesters.”

      Then the government must treat those who are anti-European in the same way, otherwise Canada is a “hypocrite.”

      • George Kocan
        George Kocan says:

        Canada actually prosecutes those who would deny the so-called “Holocaust” and otherwise challenge pop-culture. The socio-fascists who run Canada and other places do what they want. Hypocrisy means nothing to them–because they do what they want.

  4. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    Peterson’s brand of “individualism” is, like that of neolibertarians such as Austrian School of Economics, Objectivists and even fellow alt-media celebrity “intellectuals” like Stefan Molyneux, founded on group protection of property rights. So they’re mere placeholders neutralizing genuine individualism, which would recognize that a young man who has not signed a contract, social or legal, is “entitled” as a natural individual, to every natural right possessed by a young male of any species. The principle such natural right accorded him by nature — nay, required of him by nature, is to take what he can to viably reproduce. If you want a civil society, you can achieve it either by forming a group to gang up on such a young man to keep him in line, or you can offer him a contract that he will voluntarily sign without the duress of a gang threatening him.

    It is that offer of a contract that a young man will voluntarily sign without being under duress of a group threat that neolibertarians exist to elide so that Marxists and their ilk offer a superior alternative to society. Hence neolibertarians are Marxist moles. They aren’t “useful idiots” because they are manifestly not idiots. They are doing the commies work as a fifth column among peoples congenitally disposed to genuine individualism.

    • jr kipling
      jr kipling says:

      Google.. “At least I still have the Constitution” you will be directed to images of whites being beaten, isolated or displaced while pretending Mark Levin style that all that matters is “Da Consteetushun”. The point is that to those groups displacing whites.. The Constitution means nothing. It is a scrap of paper that old white men bother about and has nothing to do with them or their group needs. So too other libertarian delusions about “social contracts” and “individual rights” and principles of non interference and mutual respect. These are the totem gods of white men, nothing more.

      • inthemix18
        inthemix18 says:

        Lets stop using the phrase “Google it” once and for all. If you despise Zionism or better yet the group thats behind it , by using that phrase, your only helping them.. And Levin. What a total Tool.

      • James Bowery
        James Bowery says:

        The evolutionary psychology of “Da Consteetushun” is ignored at the peril of whites. I’ve provided a paradigm within which “Civilization and Its Discontents” can be reoriented toward a pro-white psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and, ultimately, an antidote to the Frankfurt School. Few have bothered to try to respond with any seriousness — although many have thought they were responding with the standard fare of ridiculing “Da Consteetushun”.

        It is an auto immune disorder — making white nationalists attack whiteness by getting the cart before the horse and whipping the horse dead. While I am vastly more sympathetic toward such “white blood cells” attacking the body of whiteness in their autoimmune frenzy than I am toward virtue signaling anti-white whites, it is, nevertheless, a form of lesser self-indugence that has no place in a war machine.

    • Michael Adkins
      Michael Adkins says:

      James Bowery,

      Do European males in the homeland and Diasporas have reproductive rights or have they become eunuchs?

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        MA you didn’t ask me, but please permit me.

        Males become eunuchs only by one method.

        Castration: counseled by that other Jewish swine, competing with Ehrenburg, Morgenthau Jr. [ FDR’s multifaceted Secretary of the Treasury ] for the entire, remaining reproductive German male population; thence deported to far-flung islands.

        The women would have their ethnic peculiarities bred out of them by imports. A work in progress.

        Germany would be splintered into innumerable independent pre-Reich municipalities. All their industrial base was to be stripped aiming at a pitiful medieval peasant existence. This dismantling, encompassing all zones of occupation, was all but completed. The stolen plants and equipment rusting into the ground in the SU, where unloaded.

        My own mother, along with dozens of other women [ there were no men ] was forced, 18 hours per day, to pull out railway tracks and load them on flat-bed rolling stock, en route to the SU.

        Slave labor, but for a cubical daily loaf of scientifically-constituted, quite tasty, whole multi-grain Red Army bread for five of us, a widow and her two infants.

        Churchill, that abject drunk, apparently having forgotten his famous 20’s article in that London paper, in which he so accurately depicted what happened during 17, on the other hand, sought to breed Goldhagen’s German predisposition for murder out of us by simply shooting a mere 50,000 German POW officers.

        When I hear Jews, and some of their playthings speak of Western Values these days, on a daily basis, particularly as in contrast to all those ‘other’ bad people in the world, I need to bury my head in the toilet.

        Nothing but mealy-mouthed propaganda in the service of their second orchestrated attempt at 17, [ buy one – get one free ] torn out of their bloody fangs at such incalculable costs to our kind.

        The short answer to your question: Not yet, and with God adding to our self-help – never !

      • James Bowery
        James Bowery says:

        No one, least of all males, have “reproductive rights” unless specifically codified in positive law (and supported by nature). As for being “eunuchs” I’ve written about parasitic castration as applied to humans, and in particular, white males going back over a quarter century. See a 1992 Usenet group soc.men post “Race, Gender and the Frontier” which put the current hubbub about “incels” in the context of human evolutionary dynamics to a first order:

        Part 1 and Part 2.

        The definition of “eusociality”, as involving not merely “specialization” but, most definitively, “reproductive specialization”, necessarily entails the evolutionary emergence sterile worker castes. Moreover, As Nowak et al have shown, bolstered by E. O. Wilson’s field work showing exceptions to Hamilton’s Rule in the evolution of eusocial insects, the sterile worker castes are more properly viewed as having been parasitically castrated by the reproductive caste.

        The mixing of populations from deep in Africa with the frontiers of human expansion is resulting in parasitic castration of the populations evolved in lower population environments.

        Euroman has an additional dimension of heritable individualism which is easily exploited so long as indoctrination infrastructures can be captured by parasites. This is the invariable outcome when civil authorities pretend to cut a deal with Euromen in which Euromen enjoy collective territorial defense and in exchange for giving up individual force. Civil authorities, now insulated from single combat, protected, first, by “The King’s Champion” and then by gangs called police and military, inevitably betray the Euromen under their command as those authorities are surrounded by socially sophisticated foreign “parasites“:

        “2. In modern usage, a trencher friend; one that frequents the tables of the rich and earns his welcome by flattery; a hanger on; a fawning flatterer.”

        • James Bowery
          James Bowery says:

          Here’s an anecdote that just occurred, since anecdotes seem to be greatly appreciated by the commentariat here:

          While watching an interview with a Facebook founder, Chris Hughes, he mentioned his “husband”. I knew nothing about Chris Hughes but I’ve been on record before describing a pattern I’ve seen in Silicon Valley where goy males in relationships with Jews end up being “sexually awakened” to their gayness. So I smelled a Jew — and not just Zuckerberg. Going to Chris Hughes’s Wikipedia page disclosed that he was raised an evangelical Lutheran and went to Harvard. There he got in on the ground floor with Zuckerberg — an original Facebook programmer. He’s worth under $500M which is peanuts for ground-floor founder of a company of that market cap. So right off the bat he’s being buggered by a Jew. However, I was still expecting his “husband” to be a piece of work. Here’s the “money” quote on him:

          Both of his parents are medical doctors; his father, Steve Eldridge, is a radiologist, and his mother, Sarah Taub, is a family physician.[4][5][6] His mother was born in Petah Tikva, Israel, to Jewish refugee parents, and his father converted to Judaism.[7][8] Eldridge held Israeli citizenship.

          Parasitic castration in action.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            Your last sentence is validated by what precedes it.

            I disagree with your statement on anecdotes. They very often flesh out at times dry, long, highly specialized comments. They are a vital part of an in any case vanishing social history.

          • Karen T
            Karen T says:

            An anecdote pertaining to vanishing history – Here in Canada a statue of Canada’s founder John A. Macdonald has been removed from Victoria City Hall, while a park, Janni Park, has been named in honour of the founder of Pakistan.

          • Chris M
            Chris M says:

            And all of this – ALL of this – is possible for one reason devoid of any complexity.

            When a Jew or non-White is attacked Jews and other non-Whites don’t say “One of us was attacked.” They say, “WE were attacked!”

            And Whites?

            Until that changes everything else is, as they say, “Academic.”

            But, can that change? Think of simple and obvious thing you needed to change in your life, but couldn’t. Or, not easily (reason? cause simple isn’t easy). Now apply that to the most complex race of them all.

            To the extent we can do anything we will see what we’ve seen so often in our history. Complex problems will be solved by powerful individuals capable of form a critical mass that help moblize a larger public.

            It’s either that, or we go extinct. One thing is for certain, if we go, those who hate us go. Of course, at this point, I could care less about them. But, it just goes to so that they are so obsessed with their hatred of us, and so laughably self-engrossed, that they just how dysfunctional and maladaptive their most cherished beliefs are.

            And that is absolutely something we could use against them. If only we could rise about surface differences long enough to unite for ourselves and against them. Stranger things have happened in history.

          • pterodactyl
            pterodactyl says:

            Chris M : “It’s either that, or we go extinct. One thing is for certain, if we go, those who hate us go. Of course, at this point, I could care less about them. But, it just goes to so that they are so obsessed with their hatred of us, and so laughably self-engrossed…”

            Re the way those who hate us will suffer when we are gone:

            They would realise this if they thought about it, ie thought of consequences in a logical way, but humans are not wired to form their political views this way ie by careful thinking. Rather, humans are controlled by animal behaviour instincts, not logic. Their animal behaviour side tells them how to think politically (eg individualistic or group-loyal) and then after opinions are formed, they try and rationalise them.

            Perhaps the arab-type wiring of Jews gives them a hostility to other tribes and they act on this – without ever pondering about the consequences.

            Just as the individualistic Westerners reach out the hand of friendship to the third world and invite them over to share their lands with them without ever thinking what the West will be like in 50 years, ie consequences.

            Once opinions are formed, after this we try to rationalise them. Contributors do so in this blog – eg some trying to find some advantage for Jews in France who are STILL inviting muslims to France even as the Jews themselves are being driven out. There is no self-interest being followed by these Jews. Only hostility can explain this, not self-interest.

            Others try and find self-interest for banks in S.Africa – trying to work out who is going to make money as a rich nation reverts to the jungle – obviously there is none, especially for bankers, who will gain nothing from tribes living in the wild, which is how it will end. There really is no need to look for self-interest explanations when it comes to global politics.

            Similarly, the Jews will be much worse off when the West becomes third world. The fact that they do not desist now we are starting to wobble badly shows they are not thinking of consequences or of possible self-interest

            Consider the men lining up to volunteer to sign up for WWII in Britain. In any queue was there a political discussion about borders and territory? No – intellectual arguments never took place – behaviour instincts were activated, the men signed up, and anyone who dissented was called a traitor. All the people did was accept a few sentences of lies from their govt, and they were happy to accept and repeat (and believe) them. Proper thinking was not part of the process. So the young men were prepared to go off and die ‘for their country’ and ‘to defeat the Nazis’ without knowing in any depth what the War was about. The point is, there was no self-interest involved, it was merely activation of instincts.

            Millions of men joining in a War in order to smash each other’s country to bits which had no self interest for either side in so doing. You bomb London, we bomb Dresden. Where is the self-interest?

          • James Bowery
            James Bowery says:

            pterodactyl writes: “Consider the men lining up to volunteer to sign up for WWII in Britain…”

            Consider the difference between that mode of group action and the mode of group action engaged in by others in your examples.

            It’s a difference that makes all the difference:

            It will determine the fact not only of the white race, but of the planet.

    • Titus
      Titus says:

      There is a reason we like to use “Molyjew”, instead of Molyneux, he slipped once that he was an Ashkenazi jew himself and had to confirm it after much denying, no wonder why he keeps parroting the “superior” ashkenazi intelligence every chance he gets. All this new celebrities of the internet are the new gatekeepers, just that.

  5. JR Kipling
    JR Kipling says:

    Kevin MacDonald accurately describes Peterson’s role in the media. I recognized Peterson as “typical academic” when he boasted of “saving numerous young men from the alt-right” on some talk show. For all his pretense as a warrior against PC conformity in the end he ends up conforming to it. What exactly is Peterson saving these young men for? Does he have any idea what young white men are up against in the real world where vast ideological and socio ecconmic forces seek nothing less than their extermination? Thats the reality of young white men.. a fight for survival. And Mr. Peterson has nothing to offer young men but a sort of fragmented, intensely lonely and fatally vulnerable life as “individuals” This is the individual life of the straggler animal left behind and fumbling in the growing dark with the wolf pack closing in. Peterson has absolutely no sense of reality out side of his academic safe space with his
    reserved parking space and secure pension, and of course media celebrity. He is a fraud and a dangerous one. The only hope for young white men to survive iss to bond intensely together around their shared culture and history and pool their mental and creative energies. Doing that they create a force that has overcome 2500 years of natural and cultural threats to become the the most successful civilization in history. Without it whites are doomed. And Dr. Peterson will be the last to notice or care about their extinction.

    • N Power
      N Power says:

      Heartbreaking words you write and very well put.. Young white and male is quickly becoming a large risk factor for unhappiness in this
      manufactured and isolating climate, any one who would dispute that is misinformed. White male priviledge? Hmm. But sexism and racism is wrong! (in the countries we generally built and died for)
      I think the elites are planning for this movement, and will just pit the left against the right, hence the funding towards Antifa and Marxist rallies seemingly everywhere (sponsored by money men mind you, red flag much?)

    • Lou
      Lou says:

      Why do you post ‘Doctor?’— All of a sudden his name and face are all over the place.
      He is poison.

    • Chris M
      Chris M says:

      “Mr. Peterson has nothing to offer young men but a sort of fragmented, intensely lonely and fatally vulnerable life as “individuals.”

      These are the best words, I submt, ever written about JBP. The quote should go viral.

      I would describe the Gatekeepers as the example par excellance of the refined wickedness of the Jews.
      The Good Cop to the Bad Cop anti-White Left. The Stefan, Jordan-type Gatekeeper gains the confidence of the impressionable, generally, though not always, fatherless young White males looking for a role-model and then leads them down a dark alley rendering them harmless to the Gatekeeper’s Jewish Supremacist masters. Thereby making them even more evil than their anti-White Left. And that’s saying plenty.

  6. Peter
    Peter says:

    “Indeed, one must wonder about the seriousness of someone who thinks he can settle an issue that has gotten the attention of some of the most celebrated thinkers in Western history with an 1100-word blog post.” Maybe Peterson isn’t as smart as we’re all told. Is he aware of the intellects that have criticized the Jews over the last 2000 years?

    I think this statement sums things up. “Peterson bows down to the powers that be and has grown wealthy in the process.” He knows he can get away with the other things he says, but the Overton window has not expanded enough for a high celebrity intellectual to discuss Jews publicly yet. We appear to be getting there, but it’s too dangerous for Peterson at this time.

    Mr. Peterson should visit this website, if he doesn’t already. He could learn enough to make himself worthy of his reputation.

    • Lou
      Lou says:

      Maybe Peterson isn’t as smart as we’re all told.–duh.

      Define ‘Smart’–High IQ?.
      Well read [what books?].
      Well educated [by who?].

  7. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    Peterson attended a conference of Jewish Canadians celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, where he proposed that people criticize Israel because they are jealous of its success, and he wasn’t being sarcastic. Here’s a youtube video of the speech he gave there. It leaves little doubt that Peterson is blindly philosemitic and unwilling to hurt the feelings of his circle (or risk its wrath and unpersoning).

    Here’s one version of an infographic making the rounds that even Ann Coulter commented on, showing the vast number of Jews inside of media organizations like CNN. Peterson’s claim that Jews are only disproportionately represented because they possess an IQ in the range of 145 doesn’t jive with the level of discourse, reporting, or even business sense demonstrated by such organizations. It does, however, explain the fiercely anti-American attitudes broadcast daily.

    Furthermore we have blatant examples of nepotism such as the head of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, who got that position because she’s the sister of Anne Wojcicki, the wife of Google founder Sergey Brin. Is Peterson going to claim that Susan Wojcicki was the best candidate for this job because she somehow earned it, or that she’s a genius, and not because she’s both part of the family and the tribe? If there’s evidence the rest of them operate in this way (and Jewish clannishness has been documented since the dawn of time) then Occam’s razor demands a thorough investigation into Jewish Supremacy.

    Meanwhile, everyone is still waiting to hear Professor Peterson’s take on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together, after a video of him receiving a copy of it and refusing to go into the Jewish Question went viral. I suppose like Faith Goldy, Peterson will deem this book “too hot to handle” and avoid discussing it. He is either being intellectually dishonest or he is a coward.

    • Lou
      Lou says:

      Peterson’s claim that Jews are only disproportionately represented because they possess an IQ in the range of 145…
      Oh, 110 becomes 145. WTH?

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Rob Bottom: Next month marks the 40th Anniversary of Solzhenitsyn’s Harvard Address. Not sure if Peterson is aware of this or if so whether he’ll recognize it in a video. Also not sure it’d be in his best interest. He might end up shining an embarrassing light on himself.

      Anyway, speaking of the 40th Anniversary of Solzhenitsyn’s Harvard Address, it would be nice TOO and others commenorate it in some fashion. Or simply share the video on its homepage. Something. It’s just such a great speech and more relevant now than ever.

  8. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    With regard to the Overseas Chinese in South East Asia , a segment of this group caused the Malayan Emergency (1948 – 60 ) by leading an almost mono – racial Communist insurgency ,thus a serious and violent attempt to distort the predominantly Muslim culture of Malaya was certainly made by OC immigrants.

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Franklin Ryckaert says:

      There is an explanation for this exceptional case :

      “The British authorities had attempted, immediately after the war, to form a Malayan Union – state where all citizens, Malay, Chinese and Indian, would have equal rights. This was rejected by many Malays and by the rulers of the various protected states under effective British control. Consequently the British withdrew the proposal and for many Chinese in particular this appeared as a betrayal after their community had borne the brunt of fighting the Japanese occupation.”

      Source : Wikipedia, Malayan Emergency, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malayan_Emergency

      For additional economic causes, see above article.

      • Franklin Ryckaert
        Franklin Ryckaert says:

        Addendum : For the rest, the Overseas Chinese, those so-called “Jews of Asia”, do not behave like Jews in terms of political and cultural subversion of their host populations.

        • m
          m says:

          @ FR: Chinese will always be Chinese first. That is, their first love will be China. Even so, there is a political hierarchy: Mainlanders are not happy with Taiwan KMT nationalists, and the reverse holds for Taiwanese. As Asians, Chinese do not automatically bond with other Asian nationalities; the reverse is again true. In fact, for the West it is a good thing that East Asian brothers and cousins do not get along very well. Unlike the racial category “Oriental”, my impression is that a Jew bonds with another Jew, as a Jew, regardless of country of origin.

          As a group, the Chinese diaspora does not generally seek to distort the host culture, preferring instead to live quietly, under the radar, or in their own ghettos (Chinatown). Usually you do not find them making trouble. Parents attempt to teach their kids Confucian morals, along with Western classical violin or piano. Although parents run their homes traditionally conservative, Chinese typically vote liberal Democrat. Chinese SJW political activism appears to be mostly limited to the left coast, but that is California for you. That said, it is a stretch to expect Chinese to bond with blacks or Mexicans.

          Needless to say, because of ethnic/racial ties to China, plus their love of money, Chinese ought never be allowed any classified government positions. Like Jews, they have a tendency to sell out their host country if given the chance. The scale of this betrayal is unknown to me, but you read about it pretty regularly. It is my impression that “American” Chinese traitors do it mostly for dollars, whereas Jews rat out America for patriotic reasons (that is, they do it out of an obligation to Israel). Again, I don’t know the scale of it, but rumor has it that the Mossad has a very extensive dual citizen spy network going over here. One would be naive to think otherwise. For their part, China does not allow dual citizenship, probably for this very reason–they don’t want foreigners spying on them.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Chinese will always be Chinese first. … [T]he Chinese diaspora does not generally seek to distort the host culture, preferring instead to live quietly, under the radar, or in their own ghettos (Chinatown).

            I wonder whether you have ever read or at least seen From a Chinese City: In the Heart of Peacetime Vietnam, by Gontran de Poncins. The author, a nephew of Léon de Poncins—known to many of us here for his detailed and profound analyses of twentieth-century Jewish subversion of Western institutions, a fortiori the Catholic Church—was there writing about Cholon in the 1950s, post-Dien Bien Phu.

            If you haven’t read it, I recommend it. Much time has passed since the book was written, of course, but the author’s observations of Chinese behavior and character and more generally his insight into human interactions and human nature are timeless and profound and hence still instructive.

        • Karen T
          Karen T says:

          Who are you trying to fool? The Chinese Communist Party have been working with Marxist Jews in Canada for at least 40 years.

          • m
            m says:

            @ KT Who are you trying to fool?

            No one. I would not attempt to fool anyone, and I like to think I am not a fool, either. It is important to understand context when attempting basic reading comprehension. Perhaps I was not clear, even though I pretty clearly indicated I was writing about the United States, and not Canada. Canada is its own special case–a basket case for the most part. And it’s been that way at least since the early ’80s, when the late Doug Christie (Canadian Free Speech League) attempted to bring some sanity into Canadian culture. But Canadians didn’t listen to him well. Did they? And it is important to point out that Canada would remain the way it is even if every Chinaman left yesterday.

            I would also point out that if Canadians are having a problem with foreigners, the final cause does not lie with the foreigner. One must not confuse cause with effect. It is the same with the Jewish question in the United States. As Romanian patriot Corneliu Zelea Codreanu wrote, “A country has the Jews it deserves.” As long as an indigenous population remains passive to its dispossession, even welcoming, then nothing can be done. In America most of it surrounds the dollar, which Jews have used as a weapon to excite and ultimately control the white man’s passions.

            Perhaps you can tell me whether it is true that, in Canada, locals are happy to launder converted yuan for their real-estate, hoping to get a nice price on investment, thus creating a bubble that dispossess the average Canadian? However, if I am not mistaken, recent Chinese imposed currency controls are working against this sort of thing. Something Canadians looking to make a fast buck had not themselves seen fit to enact, until last year’s “speculation tax” on real estate. Of course the real question is why foreigners are allowed to buy real estate at all? Until Canadians answer this question, placing blame on foreigners is wrongheaded.

            An even more pertinent question is why foreigners would ever be allowed into the political process? In that respect, Canada is like the United States, where citizenship is simply a piece of paper, essentially something traded and sold. But without this fact, the International Jew could never be a citizen. So that’s how it stands.

            All of this is why Jordan Peterson walks off the stage muttering, “I can’t do it!” when asked about the Jewish question. He probably knows the interconnected truth, but is not man enough to face up to it. That is why he is an “individualist.” And that is why he will never be able to confront root cultural questions. Questions which, as Dr. MacDonald points out, are not individualistic in essence.

            Lastly, you are correct, I have not visited Vancouver. Why I would ever want to do that is something I could never hope to explain to myself.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            I would not attempt to fool anyone, and I like to think I am not a fool, either.

            Now that this comment thread has been reopened, allow me, in the spirit of good-fellowship, to point out something that caught my eye three months ago. Both from the degree of its indentation in this thread and from the applicability of its wording, I am pretty sure that Karen’s comment was directed, not at your remarks, but at those of Franklin Ryckaert higher up the queue. Nor, I think, did Karen mean to be rude or dismissive toward whoever was its object. I read her comment as a reproof (again, to FR) no more severe than suggesting, say, that it might be time for him to wake up and smell the coffee—though in this context perhaps lapsang souchong might be a better caffeinated beverage choice than coffee.

            In a similar vein, I recall something an old friend once said to a colleague of his at SUNY Binghamton. The latter made the mistake of grandly declaring, “You cannot destroy an idea by force of arms,” in the former’s presence. My friend’s reply, “Tell me, have you met any Albigensians lately?” ended the discussion in an outburst of laughter from all present, including its target. (Alas, it seems that the retort didn’t terminate the colleague’s penchant for defaulting to clichéd cant as a first resort.)

  9. Acton Bell
    Acton Bell says:

    I don’t trust people who seemingly arrive out of nowhere, already hailed as a star. What has Jordan Peterson said that is not already known to people of intelligent awareness or simply basic common sense? He is now both a star and according to his Patreon page, Peterson makes $183,319 CD from the donation service, over $20,000 more than what he already makes as a professor. He is cashing in on this very grotesque situation. Apparently he will not go all the way and call out the major culprits. He is either lying, is ignorant of history, or does not want to know the truth. He prefers focusing over the symptoms and not the causation, therefore he is unable to provide a correct diagnosis. Jordan Peterson, file under “Gatekeepers”.

      • George Kocan
        George Kocan says:

        Jordan Peterson gained fame on the internet among conservatives and young persons. He provoked the ire of socio-fascists in Canada by refusing to submit to the ideology of sexual liberation which involves the replacement of sex with “gender” by a process of “social construction.” I appreciate that effort and his success because I have had the same concerns for many years and have had no success in making a dent in the public mind. I applaud Peterson for what he has said and not for what he has not said. Rather than personal attacks, I advise that his critics go into the public square and themselves say what they want him to say.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          I applaud Peterson for what he has said and not for what he has not said.

          As you are probably well aware, you are applauding him for being an exemplary temporizer, sycophant, and lapdog of the (((powerful and influential))). Since you are older than twenty, you surely should have grasped by now that the mind-set of a speaker or writer is often more clearly indicated by what he omits than by what he includes, especially when that speaker or writer is aspiring to be acclaimed a “public intellectual.” (What an absurd expression! It calls to mind its frequent analog, the public restroom.)

          Rather than personal attacks, I advise that his critics go into the public square and themselves say what they want him to say.

          Have you really failed to notice that that is precisely what Professor MacDonald has done here and what a score or so of other critics have tried to do in what you risibly call the public square, an environment that its (((gatekeepers))) ensure is about as open to the public as the Fort Knox vaults?

          Your entire comment is so tendentious that I wonder whether Peterson owes you a bundle of money that, every other recourse having failed, you hope flattery will induce him to repay!

  10. Max
    Max says:

    Jordan Peterson is a Jewish shill. Make no mistake about it. Controlled opposition, to be more exact.

    Throughout history, it is a truism that Jews have played all sides to win. They have been on the political Left, the Right, and all shades in between.

    They have blended into societies by changing their names to deceive business partners, ostensibly changed their religion while practicing Talmudism in secret, engaged in usury and spread degeneracy to weaken their host nations.

    All in all, they have worked collectively to pursue what is good for the Jew, despite ideological and political differences.

    The fact that Peterson labors under the misapprehension that Ashkenazi Jews have higher IQs, without informing us as to the particular measures (arithmetic, science, etc), is telling. Jews probably do have higher verbal IQs, but does that build and sustain cities?

    Peterson also ignores the fact that Jews regularly cheated in achieving very high SAT scores back in the 70s which enabled an influx of average Jewish students to embed themselves within the sacred halls of universities like Harvard, and from which it has been downhill for extremely capable non-Jewish students ever since. Peterson also ignores another blatant fact, which is that Israel would not and could not survive without the welfare it receives from Germany, the US and other places.

    Ashkenazi Jews make up well over 90% of Israel. And Israel itself has an IQ ranking of below 100 (33rd on the table). If they’re so smart, why haven’t they built a self-sustaining economy, without the billions in annual handouts?

    I’ll tell you why; it’s because this IQ meme is a patent fraud. Jews excel in trickery, deception, double-talk, etc. While this may require a higher than average verbal IQ, it is not enough to build sustainable civilizations. Most Jews don’t build, they destroy. Not what they’ve built, but what others have built.

    Jordan Peterson is an intellectual lightweight and spineless coward. The quicker he is put out to pasture, so much the better.

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Franklin Ryckaert says:

      “…Ashkenazi Jews make up well over 90% of Israel. And Israel itself has an IQ ranking of below 100 (33rd on the table). If they’re so smart, why haven’t they built a self-sustaining economy, without the billions in annual handouts..?”

      Ashkenazi Jews make up 42,7% of the Jewish population of Israel, which in itself makes up 74,6% of its total population. Some 20% of its population consists of Arabs. That explains Israel’s comparative low IQ of 94.

      As for the widespread idea that Israel is a “welfare state” with no self-sustaining economy, see my comments on this subject on the article Happy 70th Birthday Israel (Gag) on Renegade Tribune, here :www.renegadetribune.com/

      • The Big E
        The Big E says:

        Usually when the IQ average of Sephardic Jews is noted, the number usually falls between 95 – 98. Just a side note. As to “sol kashberg” calling Peterson the “Henry Rollins” of academia, that’s exactly what I thought the first time I heard Peterson speak. Mr. Rollins is a total fraud, and nowhere near the courageous, independent, macho persona he tries to project to the public. I know this firsthand. He is a disingenuous, calculating coward, just like Mr. Peterson.

      • WhiteRace IQ
        WhiteRace IQ says:

        I will cite Philippe Ruston’s review of Dr. Richard Lynn.

        Israel Jews have IQ of 97. Below that of the average White.

        Source: Personality and Individual Differences 40 (2006) 853–855
        Lynn Richard, Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis, Washington SummitBooks, Augusta, GA, 2005, 318 pp., US$34.95, ISBN 1-59368-020-1

        “Lynn breaks the Israeli IQ into three components: 40% Ashkenazim (European Jewish) with a mean IQ of 103; 40% Sephardim (Oriental Jewish) with amean IQ of 91; and 20% Arab with a mean IQ of 86,.”

        Results in IQ of 97 for Jews in Israel.

        (The remaining 20% Arabs with lower IQ, reduces Israel IQ to 94)


        Philippe RushtonDepartment of PsychologyUniversity of Western Ontario, London, Ont., Canada N6A 5C2
        22 November 2005B

    • Phillip Richards
      Phillip Richards says:

      ‘Ashkenazi Jews make up well over 90% of Israel’

      Fraid not. slightly less than half are mizrahim- Jews of Arab origin who were basically straight from the middle ages when Israel was founded. Apart from a not insignificant slice of these populations who had positions in colonial administrations, the low level of Arab civilisation and the traditional Islamic disdain for Jews tended to result in most of these Jews being only slightly above the Arab average (85 ish). You should read about the disdain Ashkenazi Israelis have for Morrocan Jews in particular and also the comments of the early European Zionists in regard to Arab Jews.

      I agree with your sentiments though the supposed superior iq is basically down to hostile system gaming. They had a scam going in the 1920’s where they collected and indexed college prep questions as a way of predicting future questions and preparing Jewish students for them. They had a similar system going after informal Quotas were lifted in the Ivy leauge in the 1950’s. Also there are many (purely anecdotal) commentaries from immedietly after Jews immigrated into the United States saying how unintelligent Jews supposedly were.

      When confronted by the fact that Richard Lynn’s estimate (yes it is only an estimate) of 112 iq (not 115 as is always claimed) is taken from three or four studies of students from selective Jewish day schools (i.e there was the selection effect of selecting already above average students in the school application process) with absoloutely tiny sample sizes (one study had a sample size of only 70 students) Jewish advocates on sites like unz.com are literally left splitting hairs talmudic style, arguing about which Ashkenazi populations are part Arab Jew/ gentile European both of which are supposed to lower the iq of the genius race.

      It is likely that thier iq is higher than the White European average, I would put it instinctivly at around 104/105 very heavily skewed towards the verbal. For an urban middleman class that actively selects against dullards (Jewish culture is very education oriented and many Jews that are not intelligent are marginalised) that is not all that impressive. For a race so specialised and so prone to self promotion an iq of 104/105 is not exactly great guns. A very important point is that there are many White subgroups (Episcopalians e.t.c) that match these numbers. Of course there are many more Whites than there are Jews and even at genius levels (145iq and up) there should be 5 times as many whites with genius level iqs.

      Another thing to point out is that in Israel another factor depressing national iq are the ultra orthodox (haredim) who are basically tradtional Jews out of the eastern European sthetl with a culture that requires them to live as if they were in the middle ages. Most of these actually are Ashkenazi and they tend not to have high iqs (no testing has been done but thier culture forbids secular education and anecdotally they often struggle in the Israeli jobs market- thier communities subsit on welfare just as they do in the United States). This could possible be due to inbreeding- they have huge families (12 kids) and live in closed communities away even from other religious Jews. However it is often said that high Jewish iq comes from a selection effect caused by talmudic study. The high rate of dysfunction in the dropouts from the ultra orthodox lifestyle suggests that they as a group do not have a higher iq than the White average.

      Look at Vox day’s breakdown of Ashkenazi and Israeli iq data he basically proves this with simple math. There is no way Ashkenazi Jews have an average iq of 115 (one standard deviation from the white mean). This number is obviously just promogulated to cover for the incredible ethnic nepotism that Jews show one another which is in itself another form of hostile system gaming. One of the reasons why it is generally not challenged more is that it fits neatly into the HBD concept of genetic iq. Whites are supposedly as distant to Jews as Blacks are to Whites (one standard deviation 15 iq points) and so you can talk about low black iq without being a White supremacist by pointing to the exact same difference in iq to account for Jews success.

      Unfortunately there is no evidence for this and when Jordan Petersen was confronted with an iq breakdown that started at 115 iq (the supposed average Ashkenazi iq) he went off on a crazy irrelevant tangent and took as his starting point 140iq which he tried to correlate with the percentage of U.S Jews who are billionaires thus proving what a fraud he really is.

      • Lou
        Lou says:

        JP has so many you tubes.
        I suffered thru more of his talks.
        He mixes, among many things, Ole Testament with Harry Potter,
        BioPsychology, Science [and pseude science?].

        Some of it is so bad it reminds me of a little book called,

        JP says ‘dont interfere with yr kids skateboarding, let them learn from a fall’ type stuff.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “The fact that Peterson labors under the misapprehension that Ashkenazi Jews have higher IQs, without informing us as to the particular measures (arithmetic, science, etc), is telling. Jews probably do have higher verbal IQs, but does that build and sustain cities?”

      Absolutely Max.

      One way I look at it that makes it unmistakably clear is that there has never been and never will be a Jewish Plato, Aristotle, Dante, Shakespeare, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Neitzsche, Goete, Darwin, Dewey, James, etc.

      That and the fact that we created both Liberal Education and Liberal Democracy, two things that made their success, and not just their success, possible. Both all but gone now thanks in large measure to them. But also, it must be said, from the neglect of many in the middle class who, when it was offered to them in large numbers starting in the late 19th early 20th century (not long ago folks) they rejected saying it was too “Elitist”. These were the original snowflakes that paved the way for what was to come later.

      Also, speaking of liberal education, Henry Bienen, ex-President of Northwestern University, in an online debate about the university was asked during the Q & A (it took til the end of the evening before anyone thought to ask, none of the four even mentioned it, once) What’s the purpose – or mission – of a university?And Bienen’s answer was jaw-droppingly stupid. “To each his own.”
      In short, no intellectual standards, ie; Anarchy. Anarchy in the university.

      And aren’t they promoting anarcho-tyranny in the society at large that the students will enter into after graduation, unprepared? A rhetorical question that everyone here at TOO knows the asnwer to.

      He should be sued retroactively for educational malpractice and publically humiliated. But, of course, he won’t be. Just the opposite. Which, for those in the know, should be enough to discredit them and take a lot of air out of their baloon of invincibility.

      They want the prestige of our universities (something else they didn’t build) without lending any presitge to them (beyond skillful marketing to conceal what’s really going on inside the walls and halls of academe). And we have Henry Bienen, and not just him, as proof.

      Why? Because their intelligence is limited to cunning and dissimulation. They’re good at infiltration and subversion but not at social management. They were good at hiding and we weren’t good at looking, until now.

      This will lead to the downfall of their supremacy. The only real supremacy that exists today, of course. The contrary accusation of White Supremacy is laughable. Talk about victim-blaming.

      But the key point is the model they’ve introduced to the world, ie; the model of adopting (again, through subterfuge) the ideas and institutions of the West without being able to adapt to them. So, they simply infiltrate and subvert while demonizing dissent and pathologizing oppostion. Is that a sustainable model? It’s certainly not admirable. So, so much for us envying them.

      This model may have worked a couple thousand years ago when they established it. But they’ve only been able to apply it now. I just don’t see how it’s sustainable in a world that more complex and unpredictable then ever before. They might be able to subdue peoples, but they’re no match for reality, which always wins. Their complete defeat could happen at the moment of victory. It very well may be.

      In short, when it comes to living in reality, they don’t strike me as highly intelligent at all. In fact, just the opposite. This must have been what one Jewish professor of mine meant when he once said to a group of us very candidly, “We’re the smartest and dumbest people at the same time.”

      • WhiteRace IQ
        WhiteRace IQ says:

        The Jews have a lower IQ than Whites. Top scientists of all time: 1. Newton , 2. Pasteur, 3. Galileo, 4. Marie Curie, 5. Albert Einstein, 6. Charles Darwin, 7. Otto Hahn, 8. Nikola Tesla, 9. James Clerk Maxwell, 10. Aristotle.
        (with only 2 Jews out of 10, in this sample, Jews appear to be 1/5 as smart as Whites, thus the Jew jealousy of, persecution of, and sheer hatred of Whites, which led to the genocide of over 60 million Whites via Marxism in the Soviet Union labor camps.)


        • George Kocan
          George Kocan says:

          Does this include the 14.5 million Ukrainians who died from forced starvation by the commies?

        • RoyAlbrecht
          RoyAlbrecht says:

          Einstein was a typical womanizing, plagiarizing, Jew propped-up, fraud.

          The link you provided smells like sh!t…, excuse me…, like it has Jew strewn all over it.

          I do not know which of the remaining 9 people you listed is a Jew, but I will lay odds that there is probably a good case to be made that he/she is a fraud too.

          • Chris M
            Chris M says:

            Roy: Spot on about Einstein. I call him the Mark Zuckerberg of Physics. He is to the creation of the theories he’s given credit for what MZ is to the creation of Facebook. Both products of a Fake Culture.

    • Lou
      Lou says:

      Jordan Peterson is an intellectual lightweight and that is why he is popular.
      Or is he popular?
      Perhaps the media gives him the glow of popularity that he really doesnt have.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        Well, JordyBoy sure didn’t have a certain Heidi B. marching into his boss’s office, did he.

  11. Nathan
    Nathan says:

    I knew Peterson was not for me when David Brooks approved of him. In any case, out of curiosity I surveyed some of his videos, which all had the feel of an academic Dr. Phil or Oprah show to me. There were several videos of him with his daughter discussing their inherited depression for which (at the time) both were being medicated. Consequently, I would only recommend him as gateway or rest stop for those fellow travelers of the movement in the throes of emotional crisis, breakdowns, whatever, until they’re back up to snuff for the overwhelming and depressing truth. Whatever his illusions about the Jews, he does have an empathetic, if humorless, bedside manner for the troubled among us. Added to which, if and when they transition, his vocabulary of thought is still adaptable to white racial activism on many issues.

  12. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    IMO, Peterson is a cunning liar with a shallow talent for acting intelligently.

    Moreover, even though it may be politically incorrect to say so out loud,
    most people from All Races subconsciously realize that cranial (especially prefrontal cortex) size and intelligence some how seem to go together…,
    hence the lower IQed Races penchant for cosmetic “enhancements” that mask small forehead size or accentuate optical illusions of enlarged foreheads.

    Peterson’s penchant for throwing around,
    with over-exaggerated, manifestly obvious condescension,
    the names of professorial authors that uphold his lies (even when they do not!),
    combined with his above mentioned physiognomic
    “eccentric/intellectual” features,
    his ability to act like a deep thinking,
    somewhat persecuted by the left and
    quite skilled “blitherer” and
    the treatment he regularly receives between;
    “straw-man” opposition to fawned-over celebrity by the Jew controlled Canadian Establishment,
    point to a balance of probabilities that he is probably being set up to be the next “neo-Conservative” Prime Minister by the Canadian Jewish Mafia when that Retarded Megalomaniacal Jew worshipping Justin Trudeau reaches the end of his useful Jewish Tool Lifespan.

    Furthermore, the dark circles under Peterson’s eyes,
    among other indicators I shall not discuss here,
    point to health and lifestyle related issues/addictions with underlying stress factors as their root cause.

    Avoiding reality and lying for the Mass of Jews who control him like a marionette in order to line his coffers with silver Shekels has its Opportunity Costs.

    • m___
      m___ says:

      He does look stressed out, could he be the next Max Keiser who most evidently struggles with his demons?

      • RoyAlbrecht
        RoyAlbrecht says:

        IMO, because J. Peterson has been “outted”,
        not by the Alt-Right,
        but by traditional White Nationalists like those at TOO
        (who have and are IMO the highest average IQ cohort presently on the “political web scene”; > 120…, and also the “trend-setters” and “Princes of Political Punditry” amongst the White masses),
        J.P. will now begin his fade into oblivion and the Jews will be forced to dig themselves up another Straw-man-(Neo-)Conservative “out of nowhere” to replace the “…Unjust Truedont…” with once he outlives his usefulness to the Jews,
        who rule over Canadians like “Schlacht-Schneiders in a Pig Sty,
        has outlived itself.
        (((They))) will be forced to do this at considerable expense and inconvenience by the way.
        A testament to the “Danger” that a “Small Band of Truth Seekers” pose to a (((Malevolent Cartel of Liars))).

        More pointedly, what we here at TOO may fail to realize is that IMO, we at TOO are punching way above our political weight class.
        I believe that there are entities and individuals who stand with us to some degree with exponentially far more political, financial and, military clout than we have.
        The above does not include the (((multitude))) who have Anti-White sentiments and connections to (((Money Printing Machines))),
        who are either wrangling to support us without undergoing (((detection))) themselves or monitoring us to do preemptive damage controlling propaganda against us.

        The war is raging and, unbeknownst to or not by many, we at TOO along with a hand full of other web sites stand at the forefront of this War of Spiritual Principalities.

        What we say here has ripples that are felt in far flung power centres around the globe.
        We are to a large extent the King Makers and the Fake-King Breakers.

        Collectively We are IMO able to disrobe all False Emperors.
        We are the “go to source” for the inside scoop on reality.

      • RoyAlbrecht
        RoyAlbrecht says:

        I have been debating with Jewish Swindlers off and on since Kindergarten.
        Generally speaking, I just do not have the stomach for it anymore.
        ((They))) are Master Tongue Twisters and Inverters.
        One really needs a pen and paper at the ready to note the continuous stream of “…irrationalizations…” (((they))) throw at non-Jews during a debate…, and J.P. is NO exception to this rule.

        I understand the publicity benefits,
        which in turn affect greater White Awakening,
        that Hr. Prof. Dktr. K. MacDonald may gain by engaging with these Jew Constructed “Frankensteinian” Idiots…, but really…,
        most of us are just chuckling at the willful cognitive blindness and obfuscation/diversion that J.P. is engaging in when we read his responses.

        I truly admire and respect Professor MacDonald for his willingness to undergo the ground and pound, mundane task of having to repeat, for the umpteenth time, the mounds of information that contradict almost every syllable that J.P. utters.
        I doubt if I would have the patience for it anymore.

  13. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    Jews are not a religion. They’re Organized Crime. Always have been. They highjacked the Hebrew religion and then destroyed Christianity. One things for sure – TALK, TALK, TALK…. AINT GETTING IT DONE. Whites are being slaughtered all over the world from S. Africa to Des Moines by violent brown/black bottom feeders funded by Jews! Jews that STEAL the money from Gentiles. So we’re even funding our own genocide. That’s a FACT not conspiracy.

  14. Interesting
    Interesting says:

    My criticism of Jordan Peterson is that he should have done a better job pretending to critique the JQ. They are on to him now. Reserving a paragraph to lament the holocaust, for example, would have made it more believable. It is too obvious to me that his article, when you pay careful attention to its tone and intellectual content, was published intentionally to set the stage for MacDonald and others. It was such a weak first shot, and rebuttals were allowed to float right to the top. The JQ and related issues are now dripping into mainstream newsfeeds, while Peterson is able to save his role as a public intellectual. Peterson is a brilliant man. You will never find him publicly asserting anything that is anti-semitic, but it seems he will guide his audience to credible channels as much as he practically can get away with. That’s why so many of us are here now, reading MacDonald. It seems Peterson’s goal was achieved.

  15. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    Dr. MacDonald,
    A visit to the comments section of Peterson’s article is worth noting. Comments, when I checked, are running about 10 to 1 calling Peterson a lot nastier things than would be allowed to be said here. While his star may continue to shine, it is quickly becoming a supernova.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Curmudgeon: Could you give a video title or two with that have the kind of comment about JP you mention? Because literally everything I’ve come across is just chock-o-block full of sycophants and codependents oooing and aaaahing over him. It’s creepy and irritating. But mostly creepy.

  16. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    From a friend: I get that this guy likes European culture, which is white. But skin color is not germane. He may be right that Peterson is not following his own logic since he espouses evolutionary biology, but that’s where Peterson is wrong.
    All people are rational and the issue is strengthening then spreading Catholic European culture by promoting Catholicism. Catholicism is rooted in the genetics of the Jews after all. It’s not genes, it’s not blood lines, it’s not skin color, it’s a Catholic culture that pursues truth and persuades. Clearly European culture sans the faith isn’t worth a hill of beans once it left the true faith, the proof is in the pudding. It’s contracepting itself out of existence. Without the church European culture became the Enlightenment culture and may prove to be the worst culture to come along: Marxist Atheism, communism, Nazis and abortion come to mind.

  17. Mitchell
    Mitchell says:

    I’m always a little suspicious when one of these guys is that smooth and handsome and erudite. JP seems like controlled opposition to me.

  18. m___
    m___ says:

    The whole of the argumentation…

    Not a word too much, the promotion of individual achievement with no reference to context, billionaires and cognitive prowess, and on…

    Peterson is a shallow intellectual, a “conscientious”(one of his preferred terms for indicating thoroughness) ambitioner of dollars, a calculated conventionalist that colors within the lines. Catching the blander layers of society makes this formula successful times over. Any public intellectual almost, and refers to conventional credibilities, and poses as a contrarian to his audience. We call it the Chomsky bend, the Rossling(Hans) magic.

    Then. Constricting the context of the argument is a game the whole of the middle classes staples on. Any economist, any Wall street trader, any investment banker, any politician has no regard for rational argument. This element of strategy is present everywhere. Questioning whether a scientific backed argument could procure recognition and financial success is not feasible.

    Thus Peterson goes through a painstaking basing of his presentations. In his case, it must be assumed as the core of his success therapy. Level self-help. A professor who talks as a politician, dips an IQ variant and adopts a vocabulary to meet his audience. Patreon and You-tube, the tools for reaching the masses, the gate to the dollars, necessarily politically correct content, or being bumped. It all comes together in formatting and content to be deceitfully engaged.

  19. T. J.
    T. J. says:

    [semi off topic]
    Some “free” network TV: ELEMENTARY, CBS series about Sherlock Holmes


    One must turn off ad blocker for this to work. First aired 5/7- may not always be available, so look now. Watson is now Oriental female- of course. No credit given to Conan Doyle.

    This episode [“you’ve ruled put God”] is heavily about White Nationalism and how rotten we are. We want to kill all non-Whites. Christian Identity is mentioned. We are terrorists. If above link fails, do your own search- CBS, ELEMENTARY. once you get to the site look for the May 7 episode.

  20. Harold
    Harold says:

    (Mod. Note: “Harold”, TOO comments are not a dumpster for links. Make a comment which refers to the article, and it may be approved. Three comments filled with unassociated links … not so much.)

  21. WhiteIQ
    WhiteIQ says:

    For starters; Jordon Peterson’s article is self-defeating. He admits that Jewish identity plays a factor. Now, I’ve got too many things to say to fit inside this comment. So, I’ll try keeping it short. An elderly Christian Zionist explained to me that Jews provide financial aid to perfect strangers. This elderly woman thought that it was great !!! And, it explains why Jews can become so wealthy, so fast. This even works on an international basis. (For example: Jews in USA siphon money into helping Jews in Poland.)
    Also, I’ve worked frequently in Jewish communities. They use their solidarity to keep diversity away. Jews network amongst one another. and they prevent outsiders from accessing rental property. Jews also handle finances in this exact same manner. I could give thousands of examples…

  22. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    ” Participants slavishly worshiped charismatic leaders, like Freud, Boas, Trotsky, and Luxemburg; they formed mutual admiration societies by citing and promoting each other. Dissenters were simply expelled or ignored.”

    I think this is how they’ve molded Peterson. Keep in mind, this guy has CCA agents in LA. Come on! You can’t tell me this guy hasn’t been annointed. You can’t tell me he’s not being managed, handled and groomed. His success is just so contrived.

    Schopenhauer once said, The fatal thing about university celebrity is that their mediocre minds are extolled as great by credulous youth devoid of judgment.*

    Emerson, in his Uses of Great Men, said that even with great Geniuses there’s a tendency for “our delight in reason to degenerate in idolatry.” and that “the imbecility of men is always inviting the impudence of power.” But that “true genius seeks to defend us from itself” because “true genius will not impoverish, but will liberate…” But, in contrast, “It is the delight of vulgar talent to dazzle and blind the beholder.” This is Peterson in a nutshell. He’s a 100%, Grade A, 5 Star Charlatan.

    Just read the comment sections of his many videos. One sycophantic codependent after another (something he’s done nothing to recognize or discourage). A virtual army of ne’er do wells, a legion of the lost ready to fly off the handle with a knee-jerk reaction if anyone so much as questions his holiness. A**-holiness is more like it.

    Let him enjoy his 15 minutes. What’s his fame to us? We know what he is. A self-engrossed charlatan in love with the sound of his own voice. A typical academic scholar-critic who has sold his soul to the great temptation of academic life, moral pomposity. Not to mention that as an academic there is no organizing principle to his work. All you get is a smattering of ideas in so many videos with no common thread tying them together. How lazy and unprofessional can you get? And now he’s giving advice to teenage girls. His 15 minutes aren’t even up and he’s already become a parody of himself.

    He’s like some false prophet standing on the shore (in So. Cal no doubt) preaching to a worshipful cult sitting at his feet hypnotized by his every word, all of them totally oblivious to the tsunami surging ominously in the background and heading their way.

    *It’s an edited quote from The Fourfold Root of The Principle of Sufficient Reason. And he wasn’t just referring to Hegel.

    • WhiteRace IQ
      WhiteRace IQ says:

      That is interesting Jordan Peterson has CAA (Creative Artists Agency) agents in LA. What are their names and do you have a link or other evidence.I know he had a big sold out show in Los Angeles, which was very suspect from my view, because nobody here cares about him. This isn’t his kind of town.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        White Race IQ: JP mentions it himself in a video with the embarrassing title “My Secret for Thinking Clearly.”

  23. WhiteRace IQ
    WhiteRace IQ says:

    JEW IQ

    Jews like to pretend they have a higher IQ, citing very small sample studies, but the larger sample studies, such as Backman (1972) show a mean of 101 IQ.

    IQ 91.3 for Non-verbal reasoning
    IQ 95.1 for Short term verbal memory
    IQ 107.8 for Verbal
    IQ 109.7 for Mathematical
    IQ 100.975 avg
    Talk:Ashkenazi Jews/Archive 1 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Sephardics have a lower intelligence than White people. Source: Dr. Lynn: “Dr. Richard Lynn breaks the Jewish racial elements of Israeli IQ into two components: 40 percent Ashkenazim (European Jewish) with a mean IQ of 103; 40 percent Sephardim (Oriental Jewish) with a mean IQ of 91.”


    Worldwide Jews are a mix of 59% Ashkenazi (100 IQ) and 41% Sephardic (91 IQ).


    50 Sephardic, 50% Ashkenazi, in Israel
    20 Sephardic, 80% Ashkenazi in World

    5.8 million Ashkenazis outside Israel,
    2.5 million Sephardics outside Israel

    2.5 million Ashkenazis in Israel
    2.5 million Sephardics in israel

    8.2 total Ashkenazi Israel and world
    4.9 total Sephardics Israel and world

    “Census and Sensibilities”
    December, 1999

    In conclusion, despite Jordan Peterson’s belief in Jewish Supremacism in the atheist IQ department, the Backman (1972) study is actually the largest sample study still existing today, and it yielded an American Jew IQ of 101. As for Israeli Jew IQ the Lynn (2004) study found the Sephardic Jews with an IQ of 91, pulled down the Ashkenazi Jews considerably to yield an Israeli Jew mean IQ of 96.

    Jewish Supremacism, when it can’t be enforced via the Bible and the rabbi Jesus Christ, is enforced via secular atheist selective IQ studies in science. We find that once the Jewish Supremacism of the Bible was done away with that Jews hop on the IQ debate, still trying to maintain Jewish Supremacism. Because once people believe, have faith that is, in Jewish Supremacism, then the Jews don’t have to do any work, they have the willing goyim cattle slaves at their ready.

    Expect the Jews, and those Jews pretending to be Whites, to deny the Backman (1972) study, the largest sample study to date, so as to maintain the belief, the faith, that Jews are smarter and know best.

    • RoyAlbrecht
      RoyAlbrecht says:

      The content in the link you provided to the University of Western Ontario, department of psychology has been erased or moved…
      Jews are monitoring this site and Jews proxy control “…Western…” so I am not surprised.
      Nevertheless, I would still be interested in reading this paper.
      If you happen to have a copy of it or know of another link to it, please do tell.
      This Paper is significant because it allows me to refute,
      what I have sensed all along about the inherent stupidity of “…Moneyed Jews…”,
      with a peer reviewed source.
      Most of what I know about anything w.r.t. the JQ has been picked up from experience or from testimonials by credible sources along my travels.
      Lately, I am trying to flesh out my instincts with scholarly papers [something I am gaining an appreciation of since starting to comment here at TOO].
      A lot of middle class intellectuals demand this kind of “…proof…” in order for me to get them to take what I am saying seriously.
      Winning over one, mid-level, liberal, professorial candidate to “our” side has a significantly larger ripple effect than winning over a dispossessed low IQed leftist retard so having a peer reviewed source at the ready is of great assistance.

  24. Zippy
    Zippy says:

    Not a white identitarian but hoping for some insight on the following:

    It seems like a lot disgust with Peterson from white identitarians has to with his being steeped in 20th century psychology.

    That said, Peterson really does have affinity for what I consider to be the five civilizational pillars of American society ((i) Judeo-Christian, particularly Christian, morality, (ii) Anglo law traditions, (iii) Greek democracy, (iv) Enlightenment rationalism, (v) classical liberalism.)

    So here’s my epistemic question: my understanding of identarianism is that it’s more an offshoot of Counter-Enlightenment and 18th century romantic beliefs rather than rational or Enlightenment thinking. In fact, in many ways identitarianism is opposed the latter belief systems. That identitarians don’t like Freud is obvious. But what is more interesting is that identarianism is opposed, sometimes subtly, sometimes not, to these other civilizational pillars. And I wonder if that is also a basis for antagonism to Peterson.

    • RoyAlbrecht
      RoyAlbrecht says:

      “…White-identitarians, disgust, Judeo-Christian, antagonism…”

      Zippy, you should;

      1) change your name to Izzy,
      2) go sit in a corner and then re-read this article and comment posts 5 times over,
      3) go to the archives and pick out articles that catch your eye and read them for a month or two, and finally
      4) return here when you more fully appreciate the people with whom you (and I for that matter) are being allowed to associate with when you post here before asking questions that do not quite cut the muster.

  25. John Mackie
    John Mackie says:

    Peterson can do more good by NOT being antagonistic to the Jewish character of the cultural marxists he is patiently trying to destroy.

    Were he to tell it like it is he would soon be shut down.

    Of course he is smart enough to understand the problem.

    His loudly proclaimed denunciation of “The Holocost” falsehood (and everything that has stemmed from it) is nothing more than (intelligently) artful self-inoculation against the virus.

    He thinks he’s come up with a 1,200 word get out of jail free essay with his bell curve Jews/IQ long-tail/influential jobs Venn diagram in words. It’s cute but ain’t fooling me.

    Notwithstanding – all power to him. First we need to raise awareness of the issue broadly enough without drawing their fire.

  26. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    The sudden rise of Jordan Peterson reminds me of Oprah’s trajectory into fame and wealth. She was nobody; he is a standard issue university professor. Next thing you know, everyone has heard their names and they are stars of a sort.

    A weepy depressive on drugs telling young white men how to conduct themselves. Geeeeeeze.

    • George Kocan
      George Kocan says:

      According to the Jewish journal, “The Forward,” Peterson is enabling Jewish hatred. This is all so confusing.

      • Luke
        Luke says:

        How can the jewish Forward think that? Is it because Peterson pretends to fight and oppose Political Correctness, a.k.a, Cultural Marxism and jews are admitting that they invented that subversive poison?

        As far as I am aware, Peterson has never had the testicular fortitude to finger the jews and their Frankfurt School as the originators of Political Correctness.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Yep. As Schopenhauer said in so many words, the fatal thing about university celebrities is that their mediocre minds are extolled as great by credulous youth devoid of judgment.

      The evil genius of his handlers is their ability to exploit the character defects of the gullible, weak, and needy. They’ve simply encouraged JP to do the same.
      But we can help these young men and women. Instead of judging them and leaving them by the side of the road, so to speak, we can point this out, share our experience, be a power of example, let them know they’re not alone and we’re on their side, and let it go at that. Just the opposite of JP and his handlers unsolicited advice as if it was the final word.

  27. Breaking Your Filter Bubble
    Breaking Your Filter Bubble says:

    For all your talk of group interests, it’s individualism which has made European society so successful. Peterson has gained a much larger following than you have, which indicates that asserting this individualism is more effective response to identity politics on behalf of non-white immigrants. The vast majority of non-white immigrants to European societies come because they like our individualistic ideas. I’m a white person who grew up in an immigrant community, and I observed this firsthand. (I grew up in Silicon Valley–there are probably more Asians than whites there, and whites were a minority in my neighborthood, yet Silicon Valley is a global economic powerhouse. Singapore is similar, I understand.)

    The identity politics debate is incredibly toxic, and your average Tom, Dick and Harry of any race has very little interest in participating. Those folks who do participate are not representative of their ethnic group, whether that ethnic group is white or non-white immigrant. Peterson is coming to clean things up, thank god. You are just adding fuel to the fire.

    It’s not all that surprising that the overseas chinese feel little need to organize, given that they come from the world’s most populous country. The native population messing with overseas chinese would be like messing with a mama bear’s cub.

    90s political correctness eventually ran its course. Political correctness is once again running its course in this decade. The only way political correctness _won’t_ run its course is if people believe that the PC left is the way to stand up to antisemitic awfulness.

    The work of Ron Unz (who is jewish btw, not very nepotistic of him to write that article was it?) has been criticized: http://andrewgelman.com/2013/10/22/ivy-jew-update/

    “I realize that Israelis on average have a lower IQ than Ashkenazi Jews in the U.S., but surely this cannot explain the general lack of attraction of Israeli Jews to liberalism.” – Oh come on. You really don’t see how immigrants to an ethnonationalist state could find ethnonationalism attractive?

    “In this regard it’s interesting that the left in the U.S. and elsewhere in the West is increasingly authoritarian, especially on college campuses where dissenters are publicly shamed and harassed, and dissenting speakers are forced to cancel or are greeted with disruptive, often violent demonstrations­ from the left—hardly a sign of Openness as traditionally understood.” – Neither is the campus left particularly Jewish. Israel is extremely unpopular among the campus left.

    Jews were persecuted in the past, but nowadays people are more relaxed, and the Jewish intermarriage rate is high. However, I worry that authors such as yourself will revive the Jewish persecution complex.

    America is multicultural. The ship sailed on that one a long time ago. Our best bet is to bolster the individualistic culture that attracted so many people here in the first place. That is exactly what Peterson is having enormous success with.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      For all your talk of group interests, it’s individualism which has made European society so successful.

      Individualism is certainly what sets the West apart. But it grew out of a civilization that either supported or at least tolerated it. Now that that civilization is under constant attack by the Left in general and some powerful Jews in particular so too is its individuality. To refuse to see that so that you can dismiss out of hand those willing to point it out is to do what they are doing and to attack those INDIVIDUAL voices. It’s to undercut your own position and discredit yourself so you can attack Whites and defend Jews.

      “Peterson has gained a much larger following than you have….”

      All the birds can be flying in the wrong direction. It happens.

      “…which indicates that asserting this individualism is more effective response to identity politics on behalf of non-white immigrants.”

      Notice you say “indiciates” not “proves” because you can’t. If anything it’s an indiciation of consensus mentality. That’s all. What it would be easier to prove is that JP’s popularity is about a phenomenon we’ve seen often in the last 50+years, Implicit White group identity, since the majority of JP’s supporters are young White men.

      I’ll get right to the point, JP is popular now because large groups of young White men can exercise their freedom of assembly without shame and punishment, so far.

      But as the Left in general and Jews in particular are not only uncomfortable with Whites organizing under ANY circumstances, let alone to exhibit a feeling of pride in themselves, they absolutely forbid it, and have the power to stop any such organization from happening, certainly if the intentions are political for the purpose of self-preservation.

      This is what happened in C’ville. Which was a Deep State Pogrom (which the Jews in effect control, obviously) using Useful Idiot Left-wing proxies. The two forms of warfare conducted by Jewish Supremacy against the West for the last 100+years have been Covert and Proxy wars.

      No one can live without a sense of value and identity, no one. Just visit an insane asylum and see yourself (since that’s what they’re turning the West into you won’t have to travel far). And it is both of these things that Jewish Supremacy is attacking in Whites via relentless propaganda and in all of the West’s social-institutions and mass immigration from groups openly anti-Western and anti-White. There’s literally nowhere you can go where Whites and the West aren’t under attack.

      Except implicitly. That they’ll allow, as long as it’s controlled. And JP is most certainly controlled. A fact easy to prove and many here have done just that in their comments. KM included, of course.

      Your job is to troll this site and attack that position in an attempt to delegitimize it. You didn’t do a very good job. So, perhaps you should troll somewhere else. Or continue to comment here so we can continue expose the extent of your bias and dishonesty.

      In any event, to remain willfully blind to all of this is to not be brave, and so, we’re done tolerating moral judgments spoken in the contemptuous tone of a shaming parent from abject cowards. Your comment is just more denial, projection, and victim-blaming. Though admittedly a lot more hard-headed than most.

    • Bennis Mardens
      Bennis Mardens says:

      Breaking Your Filter Bubble is 100% FOS.
      I’m guessing he’s a tribe member, filled with hatred and fear of whites.
      Absurd to claim that whites want nothing to do with identity politics when it’s OBVIOUS that whites are awakening by the millions.
      Since ALL other groups unite AGAINST white people, white people have no choice but to unify, or face extinction.
      The dig against KMAC fell flat, especially here, where everyone has full knowledge of the importance of his work, as well as the bitter knowledge that the man has faced tremendous social pressures for speaking out against the hostile tribe that rules over us. THAT is the crucial difference between Jordan Peterson and Kevin MacDonald; Kevin MacDonald discovered a horrifying truth and revealed that truth, while knowing that he would pay a high price for his honesty. Jordan Peterson surely has had some of the same insights, but he is unwilling to face the social penalties that would come with criticizing Jewish power.

  28. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    As mentioned in this article, the Jewish over-representation in Hollywood cannot be explained by Peterson’s much loved “IQ defense”. It is one of the most obvious areas of Jewish nepotism, therefore Peterson dares not touch it.

    As Vox Day has pointed out, if the average IQ of Ashkenazi is 115, yet the average IQ in Israel is 94, then the Israeli Orthodox, Sephardic, and Arab populations would have to be mental midgets for the average to drop so low. What seems much more likely is that the 115 number comes from a subset of the Ashkenazi population that has been cherry-picked by Jewish authorities in the field, probably in an attempt to mask Jewish nepotism as achievement, which is precisely what Peterson is now doing. Shame on him.

  29. Fisk Ellington Rutledge IV
    Fisk Ellington Rutledge IV says:

    The thing that makes Jordan Peterson the enemy of Whites is that he is, and always has been, an open-borders globalist. Any virtues he might have are utterly insignificant given this one massive, evil fault. He’s just another Cuck gathering a following of frightened, clueless Whites who simply have not copped a sufficient reality check. And when Peterson talks about religion he sounds like a high-school teacher I once had who was a filthy hippy Jesus-Freak.

  30. Bennis Mardens
    Bennis Mardens says:

    I don’t punch right.
    I think JP is probably doing as much as he is comfortable doing.
    Same with Jared Taylor.
    I don’t think JP is a fraud. He’s a gateway. Alex Jones is a gateway.
    JP eats SJW’s alive and he’s fairly bright.
    But he’s in Canada, getting older, selling books, making good money.
    He’s not a full on shabbos goy sellout like Paul Ryan.
    He’s just not willing to take the heat that speaking the truth about Jews would entail.

  31. Michael Adkins
    Michael Adkins says:

    Ask Mr. Peterson two questions, (1) who benefited by the effort to make the conceived subhuman? (2) who will benefit most from CRISPR/Cas9?

  32. Karen T
    Karen T says:

    Jordan Peterson like that other manipulated traitor Winston Churchill suffers from debilitating depression. Whereas Churchill self medicated with alcohol, Peterson has been on prescription anti-depressants for many years. Not to belittle him for his illness, but there are YT videos of him sobbing. He is not mentally healthy and so is easily controlled.
    He has been referred to as “the stupid man’s smart person” and 12 Rules For Life confirms that label, common sense rules that parents and grandparents used to instill in children gussied up for the gullible. His evasion of the Jewish Question, attack on Dr. MacDonald, and push for disenfranchised young men to avoid identitarianism point to his being just another gate-keeper.

  33. Chris M
    Chris M says:

    “…there are 200,000,000 Whites and 6,000,000 Jews.”


    In that case I propose we settle our differences with a street fight.

  34. Bennis Mardens
    Bennis Mardens says:

    Breaking Your Filter Bubble is 100% FOS.
    I’m guessing he’s a tribe member, filled with hatred and fear of whites.
    Absurd to claim that whites want nothing to do with identity politics when it’s OBVIOUS that whites are awakening by the millions.
    Since ALL other groups unite AGAINST white people, white people have no choice but to unify, or face extinction.
    The dig against KMAC fell flat, especially here, where everyone has full knowledge of the importance of his work, as well as the bitter knowledge that the man has faced tremendous social pressures for speaking out against the hostile tribe that rules over us. THAT is the crucial difference between Jordan Peterson and Kevin MacDonald; Kevin MacDonald discovered a horrifying truth and revealed that truth, while knowing that he would pay a high price for his honesty. Jordan Peterson surely has had some of the same insights, but he is unwilling to face the social penalties that would come with criticizing Jewish power.

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