Dr. Frank Salter on Germany’s Jeopardy

Dr. Frank Salter has produced a sober, scientifically based assessment of the likely consequences of Germany’s disastrous policy toward  migration from the Middle East and Africa. The subtitle appropriately asks, “Could the Immigrant Influx ‘End European Civilization’?” The answer, of course, is that it could and may well do so if current trends are not reversed.

Although terrorism and the recent mass sexual assaults in Germany certainly focus the public’s attention on the costs of massive unselected immigration, the far greater problem is loss of a traditional sense of national identity as bound up with a particular people and culture, “leaving citizenship a hollowed-out legalism” — what is often termed the “proposition nation” concept of citizenship dedicated only to abstract Western ideals of freedom and democracy rather than protecting the interests of a particular people. The ideology of the proposition nation is now well established among the political and intellectual elites throughout the West, its plausibility deriving from what are seen as the past disasters resulting from nationalism in Europe. Indeed, as Dr. Salter notes, atoning for National Socialism is an explicitly stated goal of Angela Merkel’s migration policy.

The outcome of the present policies is utterly predictable decline in social cohesion, with far-ranging costs in terms of increased conflict and crime, and a lessened willingness and ability to contribute to public goods such as welfare and health care. Dr. Salter reviews data showing that ethnic diversity is correlated with a host of undesirable outcomes. People in ethnically diverse societies invest less in social capital, they cooperate less, are less prone to engage in volunteer work, and there is less trust among citizens. He reminds us that evolution occurred in ethnically homogeneous groups. The hunter-gatherer mentality that is a critical strand of European culture evolved in small, face-to-face groups where trust and reputation were absolutely critical.

But even in the larger, ethnically homogeneous societies that characterized Europe until recently, there were high levels of trust and cooperation, resulting in willingness to spend on an array of social welfare programs, such as national health insurance. While the migrants who are making Europe increasingly diverse benefit from these programs and are often dependent on them, the prediction is that such programs will be discontinued or underfunded in the future as there is less willingness to contribute to such public goods for people who are unlike self. Minimally, the White citizens — who will disproportionately be paying taxes to support these programs — will be less willing to contribute to programs that are disproportionately used by the migrants and their descendants.

Dr. Salter lists some of the consequences of conflict in Europe — ethnic segregation and no-go areas in France, the sexual exploitation scandals in the UK. Right now the massive sexual assault in Germany from very recent migrants is  making headlines — finally, after a 4-day blackout. Some stories are so big that they just can’t be suppressed by what the Germans call the “lying media.” But, as Dr. Salter notes, it will likely be worse in the second generation, pointing to data showing that second-generation children are vastly more likely to commit crimes.

Thilo Sarrazin has already warned Germans about the consequences of non-European immigration in his book Germany Abolishes Itself. 

Sarrazin documented the slow pace of integration of Turkish immigrants into German society and economy, their disproportionate reliance on government welfare and their higher fertility. He found that slow assimilation was caused by the Islamic religion and lower educational outcomes were caused by persistent ethnic tradition.[xvi] When he wrote this, Angela Merkel was already German Chancellor. She condemned Sarrazin and endorsed his removal from the Deutschebank board, an omen of her 2015 radicalism and intolerance.

Given the (genetically influenced) low IQ and academic achievement of the new immigrants compared to native Germans, there will be ethnic stratification in which ethnicity is correlated with social class — a poisonous situation indeed. As we have noted many times on TOO, this results in the racialization of politics in which people vote along racial/ethnic lines. And because realistic, scientifically based assessments of ability have been purged from the media in favor of leftist narratives of victimization, the poor economic achievement of non-Whites is ascribed to invidious and pervasive White racism. As Dr. Salter notes,

By the second generation poorer immigrant groups, especially those that are culturally or racially visible, become susceptible to radicalization by ideologies that legitimate grievances. These ideologies help immigrants rationalise their low socioeconomic status and sense of alienation by making them out to be victims of white racism. The ideologies are acquired from universities, schools, the media, social workers, politicians and ethnic leaders.

And because this has been a top-down revolution engineered by elites, citizens are not given a meaningful opportunity to vote on issues like immigration policy. Nationalist parties have been formed throughout Europe, but they are vilified by elites in the media and are quarantined in legislatures, so that their influence is minimized. Only an absolute majority will change the situation, and the new immigrants become voters who will support parties that continue these immigration policies and continue the generous welfare benefits. Indeed, Muslims were crucial to the election of traitorous French President François Hollande.

Dr. Salter also notes that ethnic diversity results in loss of civil rights because there are calls for ending traditional liberal freedoms, such as free speech, including especially by nativists who criticize immigration policy. Indeed, the first response after the Cologne attacks was not only to scrub media reports of any mention of the ethnic origins of the criminals, but also to delete Facebook messages that commented on the ethnic nature of the attacks. This is a Tweet I put out on January 2 when the media were still in containment mode:

Laws infringing on free speech, particularly free speech related to immigration and, of course, the holocaust, are already in place in many areas of Europe. The situation will only get worse. Social media are now being policed. As a recent Washington Post article noted:

German authorities … have reached a deal with Facebook, Google and Twitter to get tougher on offensive content, with the outlets agreeing to apply domestic laws, rather than their own corporate policies, to reviews of posts.

It’s predictable that the response to incidents such as the mass sexual assaults in Cologne, Hamburg, and Stuttgart will be enhanced police presence. And when an army of police actually prevent an outbreak of violence, it  will be greeted as a triumph of multiculturalism by the media — “You see, it can work; things are going just fine,” despite the likelihood that many, especially women, will not attend such celebrations at least in the near future. And what a price to pay for being able to have public events. New Year’s Eve celebrations in many areas were marvels of police state surveillance. This is not the culture we want to live in.

A theme of TOO is that Jewish organizations have universally continued to advocate for high levels of immigration and altruistic refugee policies while simultaneously advocating intensification of police-state type controls on thought and behavior to ensure Jewish security (see Andrew Joyce’s “On the return of the protected Jewish minority in Europe”). Having your cake and eating it too.

In the long run, multiculturalism can’t exist without powerful social controls on speech and behavior. As I noted in The Culture of Critique in a passage on the future of multiculturalism in the U.S.,

One may expect that as ethnic conflict continues to escalate in the United States, increasingly desperate attempts will be made to prop up the ideology of multiculturalism with sophisticated theories of the psychopathology of majority group ethnocentrism, as well as with the erection of police state controls on nonconforming thought and behavior. (Chapter 8, pp. 310-311)

Dr. Salter makes the important point that the genetic tendencies underlying the decline in social cohesion are a constant, whereas cultural variables (such as the high-flown moral rhetoric accompanying the welcoming of immigrants) can change quickly.

Indeed culture can change quickly, and we must hope that it will. But a major force upholding the current dispensation is the media. He points out that a media monopoly is necessary for maintaining the current attitudes on immigration and has been in place for decades — another major theme of TOO and one where we emphasize Jewish influence and Jewish ethnic identity as a critical factor.

It comes as no surprise that Merkel et al. frame their policy in terms of love for humanity, but in fact it is a cruel policy, likely to produce suffering across Europe.

She sells her open door policy as humanitarian. But in reality this is a cruel policy likely to produce suffering across Germany and Europe. She has failed to consider the interests of individual European nations or of Europe as a whole. Europe’s political class has, in effect, embraced the most aggressive form of multiculturalism, in which the establishment forms an alliance with minorities to dominate the majority.

The suffering the open door policy will bring – the inequality, including the special evil of ethnic stratification, the collapse of welfare, the crime, the slums and no-go areas, the degradation of women, the racialization of politics, the decline in wages, the loss of national cohesion, the growing sense of loss and alienation among Germans and immigrants alike, the accelerated replacement of Europeans in their ancient homelands, the constriction of civil rights and the pervasive chaos – all of this will last for generations.

Merkel is doubly cruel because she is stripping developing societies of their more educated and industrious people. The inevitable fall in European foreign aid will hurt poor countries around the world, caused by the stagnation of European economies and decline in social capital.

The question remaining is how long before the political reaction becomes intense enough to defeat the political/media/academic class. If this reaction fails to materialize, it will indeed be the end of Western Civilization.

A transcript of Dr. Salter’s video may be found on his website, Social Technologies.

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