Thoughts on the Sky King

On August 10th, 2018, Richard Russell, 29-years-old and married, a baggage handler at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, who had no training as a pilot, and who as far as anyone knows had never flown a plane before, took an empty 75-seater twin-turboprop Bombardier Q400 plane and flew it for about an hour over Puget

Richard Russell

Sound, executing wild, dangerous, and highly impressive maneuvers, rolls and such, all the while engaging in a self-effacing chat with an air traffic controller, before—in all likelihood with suicidal intent–plunging into sparsely populated Ketron Island 25 miles southwest of the airport, demolishing the plane and ending his life.

White advocacy social media and websites picked up on the story in a big way, depicting Russell as a kind of folk hero in a time of whiteness under siege, white manhood in particular.  Three Twitter posts quoted in an article in this publication:

I think he feels the pain of an entire race being exterminated but can’t quite articulate his depression. 

Literally this was the whitest hijacking ever. The guy just flew around the water and crashed so others wouldn’t be at risk. 

The blue checkmarks will hate Rich because in the last moments of his life he was free and that terrifies them more than anything else. 

Very quickly, Richard Russell became a meme: “The Sky King.”

While I was highly impressed—amazed, really–with the audacity of Russell’s stunt, and his courage, and his remarkable, apparently unschooled, capability as a pilot, I have qualms about setting him up as a representative or exemplar of white manhood.  I don’t buy that Russell felt the pain of an entire race being exterminated (a bit of an overstatement); that just flying around and crashing a plane is the whitest way to hijack; that he was free in his last moments—driven and doomed and regretful are better descriptors of his state of being; or that he terrified anyone not in the immediate vicinity of his escapade and confronting what he might do with that plane.  But the gist of my concern is expressed in the following two paragraphs:

When I was a kid, on Saturday mornings I used to watch “Sky King” on television, a half-hour adventure show.  The lead character, Schuyler “Sky” King, was an Arizona rancher and airplane pilot.  He looked out for his niece Penny and nephew Clipper, who lived with him on his ranch.  Using his Cessna airplane, the “Songbird,” Sky would track down criminals and rescue lost hikers, things like that.

As I think about it now, I’m glad there wasn’t an episode where Sky, with no regard for what would happen to Penny and Clipper, steals somebody’s plane and takes off without clearance, radios the tower that he is broken and has a few screws loose (which Russell did), and then does some loop-de-loops before destroying both the plane and himself; and where then somebody comes on telling me, “Hey, how about that—The Sky King!–quite the man, huh?”

To my way of thinking, white men (and of course, women) when they aren’t distracted from who they are, and are aware of their power to be autonomous and self-determining, don’t allow themselves to be defined by what non-whites and self-hating whites think of them.   No matter what obstacles are placed in their way, they don’t come on as victims or messed up.  They don’t put themselves down, and they stubbornly refuse to be without hope.  They build themselves up; they don’t abuse themselves with substances, bad habits, anything.   They expand and create; they don’t contract and destroy, whether it be property or themselves.  They don’t blame others for their status in the world, or ask for handouts and double standards in their favor.  Other people do those kinds of things.  Whites when they are true to themselves choose not to, and they understand it is a choice, that they aren’t marionettes on strings.

The exchange between Russell and air traffic control included this:

Russell: Hey, do you think if I land this successfully, Alaska will give me a job as a pilot?  

Air traffic control: You know, I think they would give you a job doing anything if you could pull this off.   

Russell: Yeah, right!  Nah, I’m a white guy. 

My read of this is that Russell is saying Alaska wouldn’t give him a pilot’s job because he is white, that he has no chance, that’s it’s all bigger than he is.   Where did he get this idea?  How would he know something like this for sure?   Has he thought about what this defeatist attitude costs him?  Who’s telling him that he has the power to decide for himself what it means to be a white guy and to act accordingly (like bust his ass to become an airline pilot for Alaska)?

White people worthy of the designation are responsible to their worlds.  In Richard Russell’s case, he shows up for work at the airport on time rested and clear-headed and throws bags better than anybody, and he takes pride in doing that, he doesn’t bitch about his job.  And he honors his marriage vow to his wife, cherishes her and is there for her 100% forever; he doesn’t decide it’s good idea to make her a widow.  And the weekend coming up, he spends time with his parents and siblings.

They aren’t Sky Kings to be sure (nor was Russell as far as I’m concerned), but looking at this from a racial angle, the White Kings, call them that, were Russell’s anonymous white bag handler colleagues, who on the day Russell stole and destroyed a multi-million-dollar airplane someone else had created, did their damn best with the bags until the last minute of their shift and stopped off on the way home, if they could find someplace open, and bought their wife a dress.   And if they had children, got them something nice, and the next chance that came up, read a story to them or took them fishing.

Nobody, nothing, makes a fleeting shooting star that leaves but shattered wreckage and a corpse out of a true white guy.  It comes down to an individual, existential, choice white men (and women) must make for themselves, nobody can make it for them: “No matter what is going on in my life, I’m not thinking and acting like a loser or a lesser or a malevolent or damaged being!  NO!!”

Those of us with a public voice need to point out the harsh realities currently facing white people; but we need to be careful that it doesn’t lead, in both our audience and in ourselves, to gloom-and-doom and despair—look what they’re doing to us, those bad people, ain’t it awful–with the unintended consequences of giving people a good reason to shortchange themselves and us a good reason to condone what they do.  At the same time that we point out problems—which, don’t get me wrong, is a very valuable thing to do–we need to point the way to do-able solutions.   Knowing how things work and what’s wrong isn’t enough

So important, we need to hold up a positive vision to every white man and woman, boy and girl, and to ourselves: that they, we, now—not later, now, no excuses—stand proud and tall and, moment-to-moment, decision-by-decision, the very best we can, start living a productive, honorable life, in alignment with the highest standards of our race and heritage.  The particulars of how that plays out for each of us will depend on our unique capabilities, interests, and possibilities.

We with a public voice should point out examples of white people who have had it tough in their lives—where we would understand if they had succumbed to their circumstances–but who are nevertheless giving their all to living with decency, generosity, responsibility, effectiveness, and racial consciousness and commitment, and reaping the rewards of personal pride and a sense of self-worth that are the consequences of that, even if they aren’t as successful at it as they would like.  Feeling gratified, satisfied to the core of our being, and at peace, comes from giving everything we have in us to climbing the mountain even if we don’t get to the top.  Where we pay the painful price of self-disapproval, even self-disdain, is when we accept a reason, from wherever it came, for acquiescing, not even trying, for giving in, for giving up.

Just before he ended his life, Russell said, “I’ve got a lot of people that care about me, and it’s going to disappoint them to hear that I did this. I would like to apologize to each and every one of them.”  It’s touching to read that; he was obviously a sensitive and caring person.  That acknowledged, I’m going to do everything I can to see that those aren’t my last words, or the last words of anyone who hears my voice.

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  1. Gary
    Gary says:

    Richard Russell, 29 years old reportedly, was one of the melanin-blackballed heterosexual
    post-millennial males condemned to fierce discrimination (“affirmative action”) for the
    rest of his life. No matter what his skills he was doomed to be lose out to every female,
    non-white, illegal, etc. when a choice position was offered.

    He was a married baggage handler stuck in the most menial low-level employment
    in aviation at minimum wage. Imagine the derision he suffered from his wife and
    his high school chums. Menial workers often wear their bodies out by their forties.
    My grandfather died at 60 doing such work. His doctor observed he had the body
    of an 80-year-old man.
    Professor Griffin, you avoided such a fate as boomer or pre-boomer before the
    stark reality of affirmative action for white males became all pervasive. Most
    post-millennial white males voted for Trump. They know the score.
    Living in Vermont you have not faced the full blast of anti-white racism
    that dominates the USS Titanic.

    I had taught chemistry and physics at an inner-city high school for decades
    when it was re-organized into so-called Small Learning Communities.
    The leader teachers of the SLCs were Cultural Marxist brainwashed millenials
    who were born after I started teaching. Mostly were so-called minorities. They
    proceeded to ostracize older white male teachers upon the arrogant
    assumption that older white males were inherently racist and incompetent.
    I retired after 2 1/2 years hateful harassment including the silence treatment.

    Luckily work never was the center of my life. At 44 I started travelling 4 months
    a year with my wife. (I was at year-round school teaching 4 months straight followed
    by two months off.) We own our home outright and both have 100% pensions
    and 100% medical/dental coverage for life so my early retirement at 57 was not a
    problem. However, many older white males were forced into early retirement poverty
    by the same arrogant punks that ostracized me.

    What choice did Mr. Russell have?

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Who can say even with merely a degree of certainty, that they would not choose assisted dying if faced with terminal cancer. Familial, religious and philosophical consideration may well fall away in lieu of being drugged 24/7. There is no ‘ one size fits all ‘.

      Adversity can act in either direction: cow you or make you resolute. My family and I were bombed out four times in Berlin, by inextinguishable phosphorous bombs purposefully [[[ designed ]]] in structurally duplicated German Village, Utah, setting the entire building ablaze, but leaving the heavy walls standing, thereby merely collapsing the four-storied interiors onto the usually effective reinforced basement ceilings.

      While forcefully evacuated to the ‘ safer ‘ south east our train was strafed by Red Airforce fighters and fighter bombers. On April 21, 45, we were literally overrun by the Red Army, most but not all of which followed that Jewish swine and Stalin intimate Ehrenburg’s exhortations, fashioned on the Talmudic Amalek genocide:
      ” every man, woman, child and animal…”, published every day in his column of the Red Army’s daily THE RED STAR.

      The source of my own sworn enmity, making me a proponent of Patton’s dictum.

      In the film ” Patton “, he is addressing a graduating class at West Point. Pearl-handled revolvers in open holsters. ” There are among you a number of bastards here today, prepared to give their lives for this country. Well, let me tell you, the only way to win a war is to make the other bastards give up their lives for their country ! ”

      That ! – or nothing.

      • B. Smith
        B. Smith says:

        I’m glad the adversity acted in the direction of survival for you and your family.

        I’m glad you survived to testify.

        Few listened, but some have heard.
        And more will know the truth of that.

        And what was done to Germany then, and since then, will not be forgotten when the days of justice come.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      While I am not taking issue with the rest of your comments, Gary, I wonder about this statement:

      “We own our home outright and both have 100% pensions
      and 100% medical/dental coverage for life so my early retirement at 57 was not a
      problem. ”

      The US national debt is about $21 trillion. The System is decaying and putrid. White people as percentage of total population is going down. Just about everyone is sick and wants medical treatment no matter how useless it is in the sense of securing overall health, so they are always coming back for more. Overt violence against, and hatred of, white people is increasing in every area. Most white people have few (if any) children who will take care of them. Etc.

      So, I would not feel too comfortable about those pensions and medical coverage. The days of nice comfy nursing homes, hospitals, and tons of kids looking after us and grandchildren adoring us is, I think, over. We can’t depend on any of what our parents and grandparents just took for granted.

      R. Russell was both perceptive and farsighted.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        exlib: Absolutely. And it’s because he didn’t that I lost interest in the story, immediately. He went out with a whimper.

        The assumption here at TOO and other sites concentrating on White Interests is that White Genocide is bad. I think so too.
        But it’s always a good idea to play Devil’s Advocate, especially with our most cherished beliefs, just to see if they hold up.

        So, another perspective on the matter is that if Whites were wiped off the face of the earth tomorrow it wouldn’t even be a tragedy. Who cares? So?

        I think one of the reasons Whites are in the postion we’re in today is because not enough of us are asking and answering that question. Maybe we’ve never thought of it, or maybe we have but still have no answer, or maybe we’re afraid of the answer. Even those of us railing against White Genocide just take it for granted that we should be around forever, without ever saying exacxtly why. But the whole point is that we can’t take this for granted. Otherwise we’re a people without a purpose, a real purpose beyond simple survival. And that indeed is the case for many, including our whimpering Sky Pilot.

        In fact, for anyone reading this who might be interested in responding, I would love to hear an answering to the question Why should Whites fight for their survival? And, What are our chances? And, What if we beat ’em back and secure a future for our people. Then what?

        Individuals die and no one whimpers. Entire people do too. Just read a good history book (one written pre-WWII, or even pre-20th century). So why not Whites? What makes us so damned special?

        No one who cares about our race, really cares, should be afraid of these questions and should have at least something in the way of an answer. And yet, I’m not aware of anyone writing about this. I’m not saying they haven’t. But I’m not familiar with anything on the subject.

        When we’re going through a hard time and start asking ourselves “Why me?” a good answer that might help one stand up straight and take notice of their situation and what they might be able to do to get out of it, it so respond with,

        Why not me?

        • B. Smith
          B. Smith says:

          Indeed, why not me / you / each one of us? And why not now, today, in some appropriate way now, and more later…?

          Why we shouldn’t go extinct?

          If you don’t know that answer without being told you are half-way to extinction already!

          Going into why we are good and should continue is a weak gambit. It is entirely true that the white race is good and should continue, that it is the apparent highest expression of the divine will of the creator on this planet, and many other good things.

          BUT we don’t need to justify our existence. In fact it is the fantasy of the enemy to force us to have to individually justify our existence or be killed.

          We exist, we have the right therefore to struggle to continue to exist. Done.

          If we have the strength we will continue.

          This has been covered. William Pierce, Kevin Strom, and others the National Alliance leap to mind. H. Millard and his “Homeless Jack” stuff. There are others too. And you will read between the lines and implications on the side from digesting William Gayley Simpson, or even in Heidigger beautifully prolix precision.

          Among ourselves we have many, myrian, beautiful resons why we should continue to exist, but to the enemy we owe them nothing, no answer but this:

          * We exist.
          * We shall continue.
          * Try to end us and we will end you!

          And that is the way of the world.
          Mighty strength + Mighty race soul = survival.

          That is the might.
          That makes right.
          To continue our beautiful races ascension of the upward path to our glorious destiny.

          The enemies are too stupid, or to morally depraved if they are smart, to understand our beautiful reasons.

          They will only understand the fist that answers their foul obscenities, the bullet that answers their blow, or the future global white armies that push them all the way back to the sewers they crawled out of and make them answer the existential question.

          But you are so right: Why not us? Why not now?
          To be, or not to be.

        • Johnny Rottenborough
          Johnny Rottenborough says:

          Richard B—*Individuals die and no one whimpers. Entire people do too. So why not Whites? What makes us so damned special?*

          It isn’t a question of specialness, it’s the natural instinct of wanting the best for your children and their children, and the likelihood is that if whites were to become powerless minorities in their own homelands, their lives would not be worth living.

          The same answer applies to your question, Why should Whites fight for their survival?

    • Right man for the job
      Right man for the job says:

      I taught math and chemistry many, many years ago in a ghetto high school. Sometimes only four or five would show up for class, and seldom the same ones two days in a row. They couldn’t add, subtract, nor divide…only multiple, multiply, multiply! Glad you could maintain a balanced life for all those years.

      Gary notes: “They proceeded to ostracize older white male teachers upon the arrogant assumption that older white males were inherently racist and incompetent.”

      I was elected to the board of education for an elementary school district after having variously taught every level from third grade through graduate school, and sat on many dissertation committees. The nitwit administration and feeble educational staff seldom actually administered or taught, relying upon Chrome books (i.e., computers) and designating themselves as “educational facilitators.” Teacher meetings were amplified with gourmet pizzas ordered from high end eating establishments…often ordering more than needed thus providing a night’s TV fare for take-home freeloaders.

      Like bacteria in a petri dish, they formed clustered committees as cover for their ridiculous behavior. When their febrile reports came before the board, they contained left-wing stupidities which would embarrass seven Karl Marx.

      I asked one of the dolts a question about her perceptions regarding the major problems of education…without hesitation she replied “old white men,” not something that should be said to an old white man who decides her salary. She wasn’t even apologetic. I asked her if some of the old problem white men were such characters as Thomas Edison, George Washington, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln and so forth. She was paralyzed and speechless like a lump of coprolite (fossilized dinosaur poop). I then informed her that I might file a complaint with the state’s Department of Aging showing her elder abuse of me and her remarks with the US Commission on Civil Rights. Her types, as well as the effeminate, invertebrate male equivalents, never again appeared before the board while I was a member. After I left I had no knowledge of how many magnums of champagne they opened (on board expense, of course) to celebrate my welcomed departure.

      Sadly, Richard Russell’s unnecessary demise has the making of a Shakespearean tragi-comedy.

      Best wishes to you and your wife for a deserved retirement!

    • Richard Perkins
      Richard Perkins says:

      The tiny bit of information you can get about this guy on the web is very suspicious in itself. It’s now been two weeks and all the stories basically rehash the same information that they did on the first couple of days. Stories that are one-tenth as “sexy” as this one garner enormous amounts of digging into the background, psychological status, religion, friends etc. about people involved in them. I think the press has been told to just report a minimum of information about him because they might dig up something that government doesn’t want them to dig up as it could open a Pandora’s Box.

    • curri
      curri says:

      Communist Jew Mike Klonsky was the major figure behind the Small Learning Communities movement:

      Michael Klonsky (born 1943) is an American educator, author,[1] and political activist. He is known for his work with the Students for a Democratic Society, the New Communist Movement, and, later, the small schools movement.

      n the late 1960s Michael Klonsky became the national secretary of the Students for a Democratic Society,[3] which he joined as a student at San Fernando Valley State College (now California State University, Northridge).[4] He was one of five S.D.S. members arrested on May 12, 1969, when prank phone calls sent police and firefighters to the S.D.S. offices in Chicago.[3]

      In the 1970s he became a leader of the New Communist Movement which broke with the older Communist Party USA and its allegiance to the Soviet Union. He headed the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist),[5] in which role he was one of the first U.S. political activists to visit the People’s Republic of China.[5][6] Klonsky later became critical of Marxist dogma but stayed active in civil rights, anti-war and educational reform politics.

      Education research
      Klonsky became one of the leaders of the modern small schools movement. His academic work focused on small school size as a solution to the problems of inner city schools; his early research[7] on issues of school size and its impact on student achievement, school violence, and dropout rates, helped pave the way towards the development of thousands of new small and charter schools across the country. By 1996, he was the director of the Small Schools Workshop at the University of Illinois, Chicago>/blockquote>

      Kathleen Cotton and Mike Klonsky agree that ethnic minorities, poor students, and students who speak English as a second language benefit the most from small learning environments, but unfortunately, they are over-represented in urban school districts with the largest schools. As theDirector of the Small Schools Workshop at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Mike Klonsky has seen first hand what large impersonal schools can do to low-income and minority youth. “If you want places just to ‘warehouse’ kids,” Klonsky says, “[then] bigger is cheaper,” but if you are talking about making a connection to kids and improving graduation rates, then smaller schools are better. Along with fellow UIC Professor William Ayers, Klonsky lays out many of the arguments for small schools in A Simple Justice: The Challenge of Small Schools, published this year by Teachers College at Columbia University.

  2. Jay
    Jay says:

    Ah yes, because an average white guy has so much power over his life. If he just pulls himself up by his bootstraps and works hard, someone will notice and hire him!

    Is the author a boomer? This sounds like boomer rhetoric to me. Unless you’re already born into money/influence, you are not going to get anywhere in mainstream society as a white man. No one is giving handouts or even a level playing field. You are the bottom of the totem pole IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY. Our “leaders” have failed us. Either subvert the heirarchy or make your own to get ahead. Obviously this guy had neither option and was depressed in his dead end life in a system that was boxing him in. Better in his mind to end it and make a flash than fade away and be a nobody. Good for him.

    • Earl Oill
      Earl Oill says:

      I immediately and instinctively identified with the “Sky King.” Nobody is perfect, but subjecting his behavior to a tedious and tendentious critique is totally cuck and as you say ‘boomer.’ (Though I myself am a boomer.) If we white guys did not have our own flaws, we wouldn’t be in the sorry state we’re in, having to express ourselves on websites that nobody reads and that are in constant danger of being kicked off the net. Russell showed nobility in the midst of his craziness and there was something white about the way he kept a degree of politesse and consideration through it all. As I read my irritation with the author grew until I couldn’t bear to read any more of his sermon and I parachuted to the comments section. I hope he’s enjoying his early retirement from humanity.

  3. Karen T
    Karen T says:

    Prime Minister Trudeau (who I hate with a hate that is unhealthy) said “if you kill your enemy they win.” Like most everything else that comes out of his mouth, this statement is an inversion. If you kill your enemy you win. if you kill yourself you lose. He should have crashed that plane into 165 E 56th St. NY but considering the distance 2031 3rd Ave. Seattle WA would definitely have made a bigger statement.

    • B. Smith
      B. Smith says:

      Trudeau is a gift that keeps on giving.

      He is so bad at making his masters agenda sound good that one can almost wonder if he is on our side after all.

      But he isn’t.

      And I hate him too – lol — no matter how many Canadians he may red-pill through sheer revulsion.

      “If you kill your enemy they win” !!!
      Or the fake eyebrows peeling off !!!
      OMG how can he even be for real?

      And how can he be the “leader” (even the puppet-leader), of a country?


      He’s a clown traipsing through clown-world dispensing red-pills by mistake.

      If met him in a novel instead of real life would you even believe it?

    • Earl Oill
      Earl Oill says:

      You’re right but Russell is hardly the only one who is not deploying effective force against the enemy.
      We should form a political party and polygraph everyone who joins. That would be a start.

  4. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    The article is dismissive of the problem facing whites because it smacks of “conservative in name only” “white in race only” etc… The “White Knight” is the idealized nonsense of getting in touch with your “feminine side”. “Her happiness is YOUR responsibility” is the meme of the Western Female. You are to serve her and her interests only because as a White male you have generations of female subjugation to pay for. She can choose the black man (who has a bigger cock than you) because he’s more interested in pleasing her (he’s more interested in sodomizing her and pleasing his carnal lusts). Complete nonsense. The “Aryan”, the unobtainable, that was the folly of Adolf Hitler. An average Joe doesn’t have the luxury of stopping off to pick a pretty new dress for his Western Female. If he did she’s throw it on the floor, step on it and laugh at him for the arrogance of A) Assuming she would wear that non-designer label rag B) What a fool he is for thinking that would please her C) When he is he going to admit his mother is a bitch, his father a loser, his job dull…… all things leading to him not bringing home enough cash to buy her all the shiny beeping gadgets that the Talmudvision tells her the Jew and The Black would more than gladly provide her….. ad naseum. A complete fail. I give this article a D minus

  5. Mighty K
    Mighty K says:

    Gary I”m a Boomer who was among the first wave of affirmative action victims- graduated high school in 1969-the first year of affirmative action,which was initiated by President Richard Nixon (so much for relying on Republicans to protect the interests of Whites!) Despite graduating from college with distinction, Phi Beta Kappa, number 7 out of a senior class of 250, and scoring a 170 out of a possible 180 on the LSAT, I was turned down for admission at Vanderbilt Law School, while a black classmate with a GPA of under 2.5 out of a possible 4.0 and an LSAT score below 150 was accepted. Since graduating from Vandy Law without distinction near the bottom of his class, my black undergraduate classmate has held a variety of plum governmental positions, but washed out in the private sector,.and is now retired, the beneficiary of numerous government pensions, living the Life of Riley. Meanwhile, even though I graduated as a law review editor from a lesser law school, and have successfully raised a houseful of children in a 30 plus year marriage, I had to scramble for a living ala “Better Call Saul” my entire career. Since I spent so much money on private school, college and professional school tuition educating my children(no scholarships for Whitey) I have no retirement nest egg, and like General Custer, will have to “die with my boots on” to make ends meet. I just hope my health holds out. What to make of all this? First, even though i didn’t succumb to despair or defeatism, I can now attest that the racial discrimination I suffered was real ,with real-life consequences, and no, I didn’t overcome it in final analysis. I too thought that I would overcome-hope springs eternal in a young man’s heart, , but Ii’m here to report that we’re up against a stacked deck. Secondly, .stop the Boomer Bashing. I was an early Boomer, but was 3 years old when Brown v. Topeka Board. of Education was decided, 13 when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 became law, and 14 when the Voting Rights Act and the 1965 Immigration Act were passed. How am I or my generation responsible for the triumph of liberalism signified by those milestones, since we weren’t even of voting age at the time? By the time we were able to vote the cake was already baked.The guilt of your forefathers, if there is any, would seem to lie more appropriately with the so-called “Greatest Generation”, who were the adults in charge at the time. Quite frankly I don’t think any generation of white gentiles( Greatest Generation, Boomers, Gen X, Y, Z or the Millennials-did I leave anyone out?) has dealt successfully with Jewish power and influence( the real reason behind the success of modern liberalism) since before the Second Great Wave of Immigration from 1880 to 1920. Lay the blame on Chester A. Arthur-it was his presidency that allowed Jewish immigration in substantial numbers into America for the first time-the camel’s nose in the tent, so to speak.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Some time back we had a discussion here about Vanderbilt Law School.

      It had the unmitigated, but typical Talmudic chutzpah, to officially proclaim, that it would henceforth prefer Jewish applicants, because they were better read, brought a greater intellectual contribution and imagination [ no doubt ], greater IQ and curiosity, making for a better end-product.

      This mutes the question, so often posed here, whether this or that Jewish professor, installed here or there, exercises undue influence. This brazen wholesale announcement demonstrated, not only Jewish hegemony at work, but total Jewish control. Peripherally corroborated by the size of their on-campus Synagogue, rivalling the size of those in mid-sized cities.

      Preferring your black competitor over you, the White Christian, makes perfect sense, from their point of view and program.

      Several Jewish V students at large, voiced their disapproval of this overtly espoused Jewish supremacy. Without wishing to question their individual sincerity, I am reminded of the several programs in Israel and the Settlements, bringing Israeli and Palestinian youngsters together to learn to live in harmony; before the downplayed reality backdrop of who, ultimately, controls whom.

      Free PR in both cases.

      • B. Smith
        B. Smith says:

        They DO like to control both sides of the conversation, or the political choices, or as Tom Woods says: the content of the “3 by 5 index card of allowable opinion.”

        But the goyim know, hence the shuttening.

        Like Bane says: “A fire rises.”
        (And burns well in the kindling of detritus of their evil deeds – lol)

        Jewish pilpul is failing, it only works now in their echo-chambers, in their Plato’s Cave.

        We are still vulnerable but we are not hopeless.

        We are going to win this thing!
        And do the 14 words.

  6. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    Although it may be good to discount “Skyking” meme, I think the main psychological appeal was more subtle and profound:

    The point of state religions is to lower mercenary wages to the state by substituting spiritual for material compensation. The way a healthy state does this is to combine a carrot and stick:

    Stick: Wrap a virtual wire around the upper part of the virtual scrotum of the male population. This is not meant to castrate them but to remind them that they reproduce at the pleasure of the state. In the founding of civilization, this is simply an agreement, usually de facto but at times (Iceland) explicit, that the men will not challenge authorities to single combat to the death as is the pattern in sexual species, and in return those authorities will command their collective forces to, at the very least, defend the animal territory they could have controlled without the state. Also, if you violate the laws of the religion, you suffer eternal torment — perhaps starting while you’re alive.

    Carrot: You get eternal life and bliss in Heaven. You may also acquire wealth that can only be via the gracious things of civilization as offered by the state.

    Now… when you have a large portion of the male population that is finding the wire around their scrotum being tightened and yet they are still prevented from challenging the authorities to single combat, you _really_ have a problem you need to deal with. Feminism, sexual liberation, etc. tightens the wire. Putting these guys into positions where their sexual torment and bottled up aggression against authorities can be sublimated and directed requires things like foreign boogeymen, foreign wars and increasing police forces where sadism against other “problem” males is sanctioned. This can serve double duty by neutralizing unwanted males.

    However, I think what is now going on is a large population of these tormented young males are just not seeing the point of what they call “Clown World”. Moreover, the foreign boogeyman has been imported and elevated to the status of Jesus Next Door who, if you dare think of attacking in defense of your territory, even if they take your best women and abuse them (and your women seem to like it because, after all, where are the Real Men nowadays anyway?) your mere emotions are pounding the nails into the hands of Christ. There aren’t enough circles in Dante’s Inferno for you.

    So, now…. we have a large population of young men who genuinely have nothing to lose — not because they are “losers” or because they won’t “apply themselves” to “getting ahead” — but because their women hold them in contempt, their authorities have betrayed the founding agreement of civilization and they aren’t even permitted perverse outlets normally used by the perverse authorities.

    This, my dear Dr. Griffin, is a massive military resource entrenched in the physical infrastructure of Clown World — capable of amazing feats of heroism — waiting proper direction.

    To the healthy mind, that’s the primary psychological appeal of this young man’s dramatic suicide.

    • James
      James says:

      The academic study KMac just tweeted:'_Decreased_Support_for_Highly_Identified_White_Politicians

      This study confirms that high status whites provide political support to the group they find most threatening. At present, minorities, as a group, are most threatening. Moreover, the degree of threat is amplified by social instability. In other words, minorities are running a political extortion racket and high status whites are paying them. This creates an incentive for minorities to further destabilize society to increase the threat. This results in higher payouts from high status whites to minorities.

      So… in the context of this graph:

      The conclusion is obvious. Young white males are well advised NOT to “suck it up and buckle down to serve the economy and social stability,” as Dr. Griffin does, but rather to organize in such a way as to destabilize society and do so identifiably as young white males. This is entirely the fault of the white elite and those advocating on its behalf such as Dr. Griffin — even though that advocacy is indirect.

      The problem here is that supposed “leaders” of young whites, like Dr. Griffin, aren’t thinking about how best to direct this explosive energy and are, instead, seeking ways to stabilize society ultimately to no higher purpose than to pay off minorities that threaten white elites.

      As Machiavelli warned:


      Although the Romans succeeded happily in being liberal to people, yet when danger came upon them from Porsenna coming to assault Rome in order to restore thy Tarquins, the Senate apprehensive of the plebs who might want to accept the Kings than to sustain a war, in order to assure themselves (of the plebs), relieved them of the salt gabelle and all other taxes, saying that the poor did much for the public benefit if they reared their children, and that because of this benefice that people should submit itself to endure siege, famine, and war: let no one who trusts in this example defer in gaming the people over to himself until the time of danger, for it will not succeed for him as it succeeded for the Romans; for the people in general will judge not to have gotten that benefit from you, but from your adversaries, and becoming afraid that once the necessity is past, you would take back from them that which by force you gave them, they will have no obligation to you. And the reason why this proceeding turned out well for the Romans was because the State was new, and not yet firm, and that the people had seen that other laws had been made before for their benefit, such as that of the appeal to the Plebs: so that they could persuade themselves that that good which was done, was not caused so much by the coming of the enemy as much as the disposition of the Senate to benefit them: In addition to this the memory of the Kings, by whom they had been ill-used and injured in many ways, was fresh. And as similar occasions rarely occur, so it rarely occurs that similar remedies do good. Therefore Republics as well as Princes ought to think ahead what adversities may befall them, and of which men in adverse times they may have need of, and then act toward them as they might judge necessary ((supposing some case)) to live. And he who governs himself otherwise, whether Prince or Republic, and especially a Prince, and then on this fact believes that if danger comes upon him, he may regain the people for himself by benefits, deceives himself, because he not only does not assure himself, but accelerates his ruin.

    • The_Mechanic
      The_Mechanic says:

      At some point in the not-too-distant future, some preponderance of White women will stop asking themselves “What’s sexy now?” and begin to ask instead “Who’s going to protect me?”
      We may have an opportunity for real change then, but it will be a landscape that’s hard to predict.

      • B. Smith
        B. Smith says:

        One thing for sure, I think, is that (most) women will rationalize their beliefs (usually subconciously), to confirm to the group they percieve to be about them.

        Because deep down (in spite of any feminist foolery), they instinctively know they are vulnerable, and want to raise children who are very vulnerable.

        This natural evolutionary signal is jammed by the enemy in a number of ways:
        1. Television (and its anti-white virtual reality) — not an intrinsic problem, it was invented by a white man of good character, but a problem by who controls it.
        2. The atomization of white culture by.
        – duping women into the workforce.
        – breaking up of white ethnic enclaves with “diversity” poison.
        – like Bob Whitaker (of “The Mantra”), said: Chasing down the last white person.
        3. Government intervention
        – in divorce, abortion, tax-subsidized single parenting, etc.

        We have to stop the bad things but what we really have to do is (re)create an environment where a woman has to conform to pro-white ideal in order to garner support, protection, and co-operation in the production and raising of children.

        Not easy but as a group effort we can make it happen. I think.

        Just like most men will follow a strong leader that is proven to be loyal to them, most women will automatically conform to the group around them instinctively.

        We have to be those strong and loyal leaders for men, and we have to provide/impose those groups around women.

        I think.

  7. Dave
    Dave says:

    No promotions for white men until gender/race equity is achieved, i.e. not in our lifetimes. Scott Adams calls this phenomenon the “diversity ceiling” and he quit two jobs because of it. Lucky for him (and us) that there’s no affirmative-action in cartooning. I suspect a great deal of the West’s economic miracle was from white men putting in extra unpaid effort in hope of promotion; without that, they just show up and sullenly do their time.

    Another reason to seek a better job was to impress white women as potential husbands and fathers, but now that those women are getting affirmative-actioned into those jobs themselves, what do they need us for? Richard Russell had a wife, but what chance was there that she could ever quit or go part-time to have a baby?

  8. J-J...
    J-J... says:

    Yeah go out in a blaze of glory. And that barrel roll was almost Rooster Cogburn fence jump worthy; but, leaving behind a wife & other family inexcusable.
    Of course he’s responsible for his actions but, the @#$%^ who’ve accomplished (((their))) goal – destroying the American middle class man’s way of life – are responsible too. I’m too old anymore to think this world owes anybody a break , or a even really a chance – but Sky King, I wish the guy had gotten just one more.

    • Right man for the job
      Right man for the job says:

      Schopenauer succinctly analyzed suicide…it happens when the terrors of life outweigh the terrors of death.

  9. B. Smith
    B. Smith says:

    We all wish we had been able to pull Rich Russel out of his metaphorical power-dive before it became a real one.

    BUT, just saying “be tough”, Don’t give up, etc. IS NOT going to be enough — we actually have to start helping white people. We have to fight for our people and make life better for them. Otherwise we will keep loosing white guys to grinding abuse and depression and hopeless ness and losing white women to the brown and black death. Not everbody can hack it on their own — perhaps many cannot.

    In whatever way each of us can (without committing self-destruction), each of us has to think and do every day: What can I do for my people? Is this good for my people? Is there some white person I can help today? tomorrow? This weekend? When?

    Otherwise we have no right to talk.

    Help a white guy today!
    Wise up a white woman today!

    This isn’t grandpa’s or daddy’s white world — this is a genocidal antiwhite hell hole and we have to help eachother for reals.

    Enough, back to the fight.

    P.S. Mr Griffen, don’t worry about it too much — I am quite sure that everybody gets it: Richard gave us a tragic beautiful poetic inspiring thing that is working among us in various ways, BUT everybody knows the inspiration is NOT to emulate him but to fight to survive, and to help guys like him before it is too late, and to do the 14 words.

    And then go conquer the stars like we should be doing instead of all this evil (((Alien))) garbage.

    So don’t worry, Skyking may not be the END of despairing white suicides but taken properly he has given us the makings of the BEGINNING of the END.

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      Good luck with that one. Through Corporatism every White has been trained to F*k another over for a percentage. Remember the scene in Robocop where Bob Morton’s lackey Kinney gets blown away and the colored Affirmative Action exec asks Bob Morton: “Too bad about Kinney?” Bob Morton responds “That’s life in the big city.” – -That’s how it is.

      P.S. Whenever I see a Phd after a name and the person can’t administer a tetanus shot or stitch up a wound I read “My hands were too soft to get a real job. So I immersed myself in Jewish Marxist Propaganda to feign that I’m smart”. A Phd has nothing to spout except jewish Marxist lies. I will never ever call that person Doctor. Instead I spit to clear the bad taste of having met them from my mouth. BTW – I have two college degrees if anyone wants to accuse me of “intellectual envy”. College degrees are a waste of money in modern times. They’re pimping you for money and giving nothing in return except cultural brainwashing.

  10. Karl Nemmersdorf
    Karl Nemmersdorf says:

    Amen, brother. You said what must be said. Despair is stupid and self-defeating. We are far better than that. Suicide is not romantic. Victory is.

    • Earl Oill
      Earl Oill says:

      Hah, the right hasn’t won a victory since Macarthur landed at Inchon. Enjoy watching the statues come down until the impeachment gets underway..

  11. Robert Keith
    Robert Keith says:

    I am a former US Naval Aviator who finished up his 4 1/2 years’ service in 1959, having patrolled the far eastern Soviet coastline frequently escorted by Mig-17s. It was a lot of fun and well-paid. While I returned to college and a less exciting (and less well-paid) corporate career, many of my peers joined airlines as “retread” pilots with good salaries and perks.

    If Robert had known some of these guys, it is easy to see how he might have thought he had already missed the boat, but he obviously had taken too short a view of his life. If he had taken the trouble, and had had the patience, he would have noticed that. piloting was pretty much a white occupation, both then and still is now. I’m not saying piloting was for him, but I would tell others not to jump to conclusions when the issue is your life.

  12. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    When I was Richard Russell’s age I was still recovering from a massive nervous breakdown that zapped me at age 27, a “revelation” of inherited genetic vulnerabilities, childhood trauma, failed and frustrated relationships, and vocational incompatibility. I was variously diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder, psychotic depression and, finally, with an obsessive-compulsive disorder that had gone “black hole.” Certainly I could have exploited the crisis, as many do, to spend the rest of my life drawing social security disability checks but couldn’t stand the thought of being, as it were, a ward of my destroyer, without standing to hold this Federal monstrosity accountable for the Jewish horrors it had inflicted on me and my race (school destruction, forced busing, porn and drug addiction, demographic displacement, another war in the Middle East, etc.) I also had a relatively high IQ which, though impaired, nevertheless allowed me to wing a living of some sort and maintain insight. Medications no doubt assisted in shortening the episode by several months, thus avoiding ECT, but had their diabolical side effects—from ejaculations that felt like shards of glass cutting through the urethra to daily hemorrhoidal constipation even on an all-vegetable diet. Little wonder that a psychiatrist at the time, whom I questioned about the impact of the ordeal on my mortality, “reassured” me that I should make it to 60. Well, I’m 64 and walked 3 miles today and then jogged another 2. I’m the only person my age I know who doesn’t take pill(s) every day for something, although I do keep a yearly prescription handy just in case. Nothing does more for my self-esteem than to keep myself fit and prepared for what Dr. Pierce called the “revolutionary phase” of the movement, and I consider the rage I feel when I read the Washington Post or New York Times editorial page one of the healthiest emotions I have. I wish Richard Russell, with far more potential than I, had hung around to feel the same.

    • B. Smith
      B. Smith says:

      Yes it opened my eyes to the fact that “Jordan Sather”, whoever he is, didn’t even bother to collect the facts before fitting them to his interests.

      He says the story “makes no sense”, and indeed it is true that the fact-poor assumptions & insinuations serving his agenda-conclusion that he presented as if it were “the story”, did indeed make no sense except as low to mid-tier propaganda.

      He has some “interesting” theories I guess but he appears to know little or nothing about Airplanes, Air Traffic Control, Flying, the verifiable facts of the case, the subject Richard Russel, or anything else.

      Sorry Mr. Sather but you need to up your game if you wants to either get at the truth or mask it — in this video you accomplish neither.

  13. Bennis Mardens
    Bennis Mardens says:

    Our people have been brutalized, atomized, disemboweled.
    My God, look at what they are doing to Donald Trump! Mueller is probably going to destroy
    the entire Trump family, while Jeff Sessions and the GOP sit and watch.And we know who is doing it.
    Yes, we should try to keep a stiff upper lip, it’s true. But it’s not easy. I was a teacher in the ghetto, and they managed to screw
    me out of my pension. Non-whites ruined my life. I have had years of utter hopelessness, yet I shuffle on, trying to listen for God,
    and trying to find ways to help our people. But I can’t go public as a WN because I have to work for the rest of my life. I will never be able to retire. I’m toxic and bitter, but I try to fight it.
    I’m totally consumed by politics and the state of white existence. Most of the time it makes me sick to my stomach. Seeing the lies about Charlottesville was a wake up call. Seeing what’s going on in South Africa is another wake up call. This isn’t some little game;
    this really is a socially engineered ethnic cleansing of our people. It makes my head swim to think about it, and thinking about it is all I do.
    I pray that God will give me the strength and wisdom to figure out what to do and to carry on. But sadly we are seeing higher suicide rates because some people have lost hope. We’re at a turning point now, and either we organize and fight back or we are going to
    disappear from the face of the earth.

    • B. Smith
      B. Smith says:

      Dear Bennis Mardens,

      Brother I know those feelings, valid feelings, and how they can weigh you down.

      Maybe Rich Russel felt the weight too and broke free to fly away — materially and metaphorically both.

      But the point of not being able to take it anymore offers two paths: Ending one’s sojurn here in MidGard, or the emotional freedom, as you no longer fear dying, to act while still here.

      That is why sadly many of our people don’t want to know. It is such a burden, and you feel like you should fight it but how, you have no power, etc.

      What freed me to carry the burden of knowing and the burden of being too powerless to change things was a couple of things I guess — maybe they would help you too:
      1. The essence of you really does go on. Not because of mumbo jumbo or religions but because I discovered the NDE people and how it maps to certain personal experience. You do go on BUT that is no reason to quit — you have to fight to be your best and to the very end.
      Somehow it is important to be here, to struggle in this vale of tears and wonder. They say you cant take it with you and that is true of the material goods but the experience is the treasure. If you were brave and true and good you will be glad you did. The craven, cowardly, traitorous, etc. are the losers after this life even if they “won” here in the world.
      …So that is one thing: You DO go on. The struggle here is important somehow. And the chance to struggle here is, as our ancestors knew long ago, the great gift of life.
      When I feel bad I open that angle in my mind that sees my ancestors going back 100,000 years and I say to them: “Thank you struggling to survive and giving me the chance to struggle too.”
      2. You are not alone:
      Every one of us white Europeans go back life by life, birth by birth, father and mother to father and mother, all the way back through everything that happend, back 100,000 years (when we tamed wolves and made them our partners and future companions among the stars), and so on.
      Every one of us is part of a family line, through ourselves if we have kids, or through our brothers/sisters/cousins/etc. if we don’t personally have kids — part of a family line that also stretches into the future.
      But will those future whites be few and hunted in a jew-run non-white zoo-cannibal planet? OR will they (and their dogs… and yes some cats too, okay), be flying their starships between their worlds across their interstellar empires ever onward and upward along the shining path toward the ultimate re-union with the creative force that drives us, that is alive in us white people so much more than others?
      Will that light, and our future people, fade out of the world? Or will it brighten and shine far down the halls of eternity?

      Mardens you are part of that past and that future I say, and no-one and no-thing can take that away from you.

      That past needs you to remember it. Those were our people, real people, and whatever their problems and pre-occupations they passed on to us the gift of life.

      That future needs you to help it manifest as triumph instead of tragedy. That future needs you to help pass on that gift of life, that gift of life that is in fact the fire of creation, the mind of the creator. It burns bright in our race and we must pass it on so our race can continue its destiny on the upward path. (The other races do their own thing as long as they stay off our backs, off our necks, and out of our way we shouldn’t care).

      So you are NOT alone, and you are NOT powerless. You are part of, were made a part of and cannot be un-made, you are part of a more epic story, THE epic story, that has ever been.

      The journey of the life force on the upward path back to the creator.

      Our race of shining ones has been an ourstanding servant of creation along this path — we cannot let ourselves be pushed off to our doom — we’ve come so far and there are such wonders to come!

      You are intrinsically part of our race, part of THE epic story, the UR-Epic of the life force returning to itself through its creations (ourselves a shining example).

      WE are all part of this. not alone, not one of us alone, all those people in the past are real, those in the future are real. You or I, we cannot “save them” alone, but we can do our part as part of the whole of our people.

      Maybe today all you can do is cheer yourself up by connecting to your ancestors and our future progeny through the channels of creation. Then maybe get something done that you need to. Then help some other white person to know something and accomplish something…

      That is a start.

      You see. Every little thing we do, or every little thing our ancestors did even way back when (flaking those flint tools, stalking that mastodon, taming that wolf), it all added up and helped us to survive, to rise.

      So do something good daily. And it will add up. And someday maybe you will help to do something bigger.

      Okay. Blah blah but I hope it was helpful. Lets tie it back to you and Rich Russell:

      1. You do go on. Just trust me on this. It isn’t like some religions say — not so rule bound, so narrow minded, so constrained, but you do go on. Richard went on. After he dove that plane into the woods he went on — nor sorry for himself but sorry to have abandoned his loved ones and wishing to have done, or to do better.
      2. BUT it matters what you do here. As horrible as it can be here, as crumpled and constrained is our being while we struggle here — somehow it is important. So embrace the struggle, take heart and do something good, that is what will matter to you when you resume your immortal essence. This really is true. I never believed any such things but experience is instructive (The vast experience of the NDE people now and through history, and a little of my own).
      3. You are part of our race and its epic story, we are all part of it, Richard Russell was, and in the Aeternal sense, always will be a part of it.
      And our race is a part, an important part, a shining example of a rich glowing thread of the story of the creator, the life force rising on the upward path.
      You are part of that and have your part to play.
      We all do. Richar Russel did (and I hope will do again).

      Lord of the Rings (A powerful reflection of the true story).
      Star Wars (the original not the pozzed mess of the later installments), well it was a bowdlerized but still essentially true reflection (before it was ruined by jews), of the true story.
      The Maha Bharatta? Yes that is a great reflection of reality as well.

      YOUR LIFE? Our lives? Richard Russels life?
      …all a part of the real story, the true epic, the UR-Epic, the real greatist story. We are all part of it and it cannot be taken away from us (only sometimes we can be gas-lit into closing our eyes and watching TV or holly wood movies instead).

      Bennis you have a role to play, in the real story of creation. Discover it, unfold it daily, play it to the hilt.

      And never let it get you down, not for long, because:

      * You are a part of it.
      * More than anything, it matters.
      * And you go on.

      Best regards,
      To you, to Rich, and to us all, the white race.

  14. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Thank you, Dr Griffin, for your wonderfullu perspicacious, empathetic writing. The exchange between Richard and traffic control certainly amounts to Richard’s declaration that no matter how talented a ‘white guy’ is, his talent will not be recognised or rewarded. Did this young man mean to land the plane, or had he decided on killing himself? On Dr Griffin’s account, the latter seems more likely. What really drove him to this point? Was it something like his having decided that no-one will give him the break that will let him exploit his talent, but his family will at least remember him as the one who pulled the spectacular stunt that showed just how very able he is?

    So was Richard sound of mind? Again, on Dr Griffin’s account, there is nothing to suggest that he was not. And this is the point of realisation that makes us fear hideously for our sons. Only our very aggressive response to what is systematically being done to them will change this heinous plot against the white male. We cannot do anything with reason; that will only make them laugh. In the light of the tragic loss of this fine young man, it is easy to understand why people say that civil war is inevitable in the US, the UK, and all the other ‘diverse’ societies — all of which, of course, are the once-white societies.

  15. Liam Kernaghan
    Liam Kernaghan says:

    “They don’t put themselves down, and they stubbornly refuse to be without hope.”

    Hush, hush; big boys don’t cry.

  16. Bruno Chapski
    Bruno Chapski says:

    Commentary here was more than about “Sky-Man.” It was interesting reading what several individuals had to say about life. Our existence is situational. There’s a lot of high-quality intellectuals, thinkers and others connected with this group. KMac has, for years, been one of my heroes. I’ve got a few minutes, so here’s a page.

    Consuming the various commentary here gave a lot; bestowed a privilege of seeing the unfolding of several Euro souls. One was fascinated that foundations were not elucidated upon. For example, when I was a kid I won road races and in the age the leather sole shoes could run 10 miles in 53 minutes (perhaps 49 – 50 minutes with today’s equipment). Motorcycle exploration tours would go from Coast to Coast. Back in those days, our interstates were routes. Most homes had one car to a family. If your bike broke down just about everyone would stop to assist you. People were the same and most trusted one another. I’ll get back to this.

    Morality, obligations and responsibility were the general core for most American families. As a youngster my first copulation was with a teacher. I was 13 years old. She hooked me. After that, I couldn’t get enough. Luck would have it that, by around the age 20, I was a dad. That meant all personal goals were put on hold. Love can override almost everything.

    When attending a university I was sleep deprived. Forty hour weeks of working implied that lunch hours meant sleeping. For five years every available minute was spent educating and playing with two little boys. Dreams were being built for the future. Then something happened.

    In that era friends were losing their homes. This was to avoid sending progeny into dangerous environments. During that age, so-called political “representatives” determined that bussing would alleviate major problems facing this country. I saw the Detroit riots. Eventually media determined Whitey had not done enough for the disadvantaged and was thus responsible for 2,000 homes being burnt to the ground. About half a century later an anti-majority film verified Whitey destroyed MoTown.

    Not wishing to engage in an unofficial domestic civil war, while the Vietnam conflict was raging, a new car was shipped off to Europe. Thousands of dollars of fine furniture and material goods were sold for peanuts. Plane ticket for the family was purchased, a European home was rented, new furniture secured and schooling registration for children was successful.

    Earlier one would never have thought about such anti-majority events as bussing. Even reversed discrimination affirmative action never entered one’s mind. In Europe two little boys went to schools of tranquility and there was peace in ones heart. One could ambulate for a year without seeing what would become in the USA diversity-enrichments.

    Hard currency was obtained in a soft currency society. For example, back then one American greenback was officially worth about 10 zloties. Unofficially, the rate ran on the black market 100 to 300. A good job for the natives was about 3,000 a month. Because of an ability to function adequately in more than one Slavic language, I supplied (unofficially) news to much of the foreign media. In other words, I was able to buy cars and books for my friends. Most pertinent was the fact that I was able to have an enormous amount of free time, at a young age, to do exactly as I desired. Think of doing what your heart desires, year after year.

    Most all of the ruling apparatus rubbed shoulders with me. I had lunch with the leading journalists, film directors, authors and politicians.

    A hobby was to translate books for a think tank. Trips to Western Europe allowed me to purchase books for intellectuals and authors. As a kid I enjoyed visiting once-GB. In the 1970s trips to the UK were unpleasant. At times I thought I was back in Pistolvania or, Bulletmore. Nevertheless, one had an obligation to purchase research for the intelligentsia.

    It was at this time when a wife decided she missed America. Thus, she took one boy and returned to the states. After a divorce, one dated a lovely physician. After a while, one got sick of her obsession with money; “We could become millionaires in the USA!” In my way of thinking I was already a millionaire. I could go anywhere on Mother Earth and buy just about anything. I was already more than a plastic millionaire. I had friends galore, was as happy as could be, had found the best of concerts, decent motorcycle paths, could read to my heart’s content, could visit Amdom anytime. Thus, a little innocent country girl was found. We would live happily forever after and have five kids. Then, another situation occurred. Solidarity’s revolution sparked retribution. ZOMO troops smashed heads and we left for the west.

    Traveling around the USA provided enjoyment for about a year (when lackadaisically looking for a decent job). Eventually one became a counselor. Coast to coast motorcycle exploration tours demonstrated that Amdom had demographically altered beyond imagination. Who could have dreamed one’s beloved USA had about 90 unofficial official City States? Oh, what one could pen!

    After about 20 years, one’s lovely wife found herself a wealthy man. One then retired at an early age (about 52) and had dreams of purchasing a US retirement home for the winter months and (2) another home in Europe for Spring, Summer and fall. In Poland, Byelorussia and the Baltic States about 99% of the citizens were Euro.

    Then, a grandchild came into the picture. No move could be anticipated. Instead, the child was taught a foreign language, to read and write in two languages, to swim, ride a bike, skate and knowledge through loving education.

    This year we were to visit Europe. Next year we would spend six months in Russian where she could learn to function in a third language. Gilliam-Barre-Syndrome eradicated those plans. If Sky-Man sought to live, he too could have helped EuroMan.

    So you see, life is situational.

  17. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    “Suck it up and do your best” even if you’ll never get rewarded for it “because that’s who we are” is a cop out. This guy flipped out because he had no support group of other white men to turn to. That’s what we need to create by red-pilling as many of our brothers as possible. We need to take back this country, and contributing to that effort in even the smallest way (because most of your time is devoted to just trying to survive) will give people hope and a sense of purpose and accomplishment. The Jews have hundreds, if not thousands, of organizations that advocate for them. We need to do the same thing and look towards the creation of a white ethnostate.

    • B. Smith
      B. Smith says:

      Thank you for this Andrew.

      Every time I think of Richard Russel I think:
      “How come there wasn’t some red-pilled white man to notice his distress and guide him to the light?”

      “What can I do to ensure there is always somebody to help guys like Richard find out that their race needs them, and they need their race, and that maybe today is not the day to die, but to begin to become a warrior for your people?”

      And finally I kick myself: “How come I haven’t done it already???”

      Richard needed someone like us and we didn’t reach him in time. He gave us Sky-King.

      But from now on no more sky-kings, just more and more red-pilled white men determined to realize the 14 words.

  18. Bennis Mardens
    Bennis Mardens says:

    Thanks so much for the encouragement. Very kind of you.
    As others have mentioned, maybe the Sky King could have coped better if he had a support system of like minded white men. It really is a shame that the Jews disallow any organizations for white people. We are going to have to throw off those shackles and start organizing.

  19. Geremiah
    Geremiah says:

    Exhortations to emphasize the Work Ethic will not exorcise the shade of Max Weber. As he pointed out, at the spiritual level, the West constitutes a “nullity,” where those who flourish are most likely to be “specialists without vision” or “sensualists without heart.” While Weber addressed the most abstract level of Western culture, the radical inadequacy he identifies has inevitably manifested itself, among other ways, in the failure of the white race to defend itself. John Stuart Mill tells us that with small men, no great thing can be done. What can be accomplished when scientism has reduced the Western self to a physicochemical system?

    • B. Smith
      B. Smith says:

      The nail that I think we are all groping for — you hit on the head!

      With its veins cut by vandals the European branch of the tree of life withers….
      Deprived of the wells of creation and memory Yggdrasil dies…

      The lost symbol of being, the reason to live, and the will to fight will come from the spirit, will come from within.

      And that fire IS rising–or so I believe.

      Everything from the NDEs, The electric universe, The reality driven and growing revolt against the anti-religion of materialism, the Archetype of Western man rising from the forcibly silenced but now storm brewing waters down below the troubled mind of every awakening white woman and man — all these and more are wisps of fire, of the spirit whose too long absence you rightly lament!

      Creator’s fire to shelter and feed until it cannot be snuffed out again, not by all the principalities of evil powers.

      Like in Jungs vision of Wotan rising, Apollo returns, the sap surges through the tree of life again, the wells of creation burst forth, zephyrs of spirit gather and circle, growing, fixing to blow a storm.

      I would say that deep down it is nothing BUT the return of spirit, of our racial soul, that is driving us all (all us small but growing! men), along all our different ways, toward the restoration of our race — past, present, and glorious future.

  20. Bill Buckley
    Bill Buckley says:

    True, in that I can think of many targets within range of SeaTac that he could have valiantly attacked.

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