Fall 2018 issue of TOQ is available!

The Fall issue of TOQ is available to electronic subscribers. Just recently we were booted off Square, likely due to the activism of one Jessica Schulberg, who, one can be sure, has zero concern about advancing her ethnic interests (she describes TOQ as a “racist journal”). Given all the de-platforming and cutting off of financial services by the powers that be, it’s more important than ever to subscribe. We can’t let them win by shutting out our ideas. Only $30/year (4 issues) for digital version, $60/yr for hardcopy. Payments must be made by mail. Click here for all the details for subscribing.

TOQ Fall 2018

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  1. Tommy
    Tommy says:

    I subscribed earlier in the summer to TOQ, and, reading that the Fall edition has been released, I searched through the magazine’s website to find a file to download. Finding nothing, I wrote to the “contact” email and asked for instructions, and received a sarcastic message saying that instructions for downloading to Kindle are at Kindle. Until there are clear instructions as to where to find the pdf file to download, I would advise not subscribing, or you may lose your money as I apparently have.

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