Measuring the Islamization of France and Belgium: 20% of Newborns Given Muslim Names

Unlike in the English-speaking world, most countries in Continental Europe sadly do not collect official statistics documenting the ethnic situation. In France, the mainstream media goes so far as to desperately claim that the Grand Remplacement (Great Replacement) of the indigenous French population, which is visible in every city, is a mere “conspiracy theory.” The media hacks, who for the most part work for or are subsidized by the state, really take their fellow-citizens for fools.

Meanwhile, intrepid, genuinely independent citizen-journalists are doing the work which the official media refuses to do by trying to measure this development. The nativist French website Fdesouche recently published the percentage of newborns given Muslim names in France and Belgium, according to official statistics.

As can be seen, France and Belgium have experienced similar developments, with the granting of Muslim names rapidly rising from 5-8% in 1995 to around 20% today:

Fdesouche had previously found that one third of newborns in France were tested for sickle-cell disease, a procedure usually performed if the infant was of African or Middle-Eastern origin. Given that Muslims by no means make up all of France’s non-White immigrants, the data is broadly congruent.

We find that in Belgium as elsewhere, the Muslim and immigrant population is overwhelmingly concentrated in the major cities and notably the capital city of Brussels. However, the percentage of Muslim births has more than doubled in Flanders and has quadrupled in Wallonia in just over two decades. If current policies are maintained, Western Europe will be an Islamic continent before the end of the century.

I don’t need to tell you about the dire fate faced by women, (White and/or Christian) minorities, and science across the Islamic world. In addition to the regular terrorist attacks committed by Muslims in Europe, our nations will be vulnerable to the kind of vicious civil conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims that we see in Bosnia, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria.

The increase in the Muslim population appears to have halted in the city of Brussels however, just short of a majority. Fdesouche explains this development through the following factors:

  • The granting of “mixed” first names (Adam, Liam, Mila, Sofia, Sarah, Linah . . .) which we count for half in our numbers . . .
  • The rising cost of living in the Brussels region which is potentially leading to a transfer of the population outside of the capital towards areas in Flanders and especially in French-speaking Wallonia.
  • Finally, the fact that the Belgian statistical agency did not mention names appearing only 5 times in a given year (3 for INSEE [the French statistical agency]) which automatically excludes certain “exotic” first names, which are more likely to be of Islamic origin.

Brussels has become more economically prosperous in recent years. Native Belgians represent an absolute majority of the population and non-citizens make up about a third of the population. However, many of the foreigners present are fellow-Europeans. There is a large French population and there has been a massive influx of southern and especially eastern Europeans, notably Romanians. Incidentally, the presence of Gypsy beggars from Eastern Europe is now an unavoidable sight in most of Western Europe’s major cities. This “activity” is highly organized, as the Gypsy clans have made a business of it, making regular trips “home” back to Eastern Europe (in fact, they are originally from India, descending from the lowest Hindu castes).

We ought to be cognizant of the fact that the “global cities” appear to be quite economically and socially viable for the foreseeable future. The most intelligent of our people, indeed of the entire planet’s population, are moving to Silicon Valley, New York, London, Paris, Brussels, and so on. The functionality of these cognitive elites seems to more than make up for the masses of low-quality immigrants. There is a working modus vivendi whereby the rich Whites and foreigners drive out dysfunctional minorities through rising property prices, inflicting them on the hapless White middle and working classes in the suburbs.

The surveillance/welfare state is largely capable of jailing/baby-sitting minorities as necessary, as we see in Michael Bloomberg’s New York and across Western Europe. Each city becomes more or less residentially segregated quite naturally, with the metropolitan Whites generally moving beside fellow Whites despite their “anti-racist” sentiments (see the situation in New York and London). Furthermore, the foreign ethnic groups generally form no single ethnic and/or religious, but are themselves divided into innumerable ethno-religious groups: this limits political conflict insofar as no single group is large enough to have undisputed power. Where only two or three ethnic groups can credibly vie for power, this tends to be a major cause for ethnic civil war. Our “global cities,” while being forces for dysgenic reproduction and ethnic entropy, appear quite sustainable for the time being.

But for how long?

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  1. Framp
    Framp says:

    According to Eurostat’s statistics it was Poland, which absorbed the largest number of immigrants in 2017 in EU (Germany was second).
    The total was 586 thousands, 87,5% of them Ukrainians. Estimates state their approximate number at 2 mln here. Many would like to go farther West in pursue of higher wages, but they would be farther from home, too, so there is a trade-off to solve.

    Many landowners are happy, because even substandard housing bears good profit. Major banks have services in Ukrainian, including infolines. There is no visible pressure on labor market (unemployment rate, however falsified, is at 3,5%, exactly equal to Germany’s).

    Media don’t report scandalous incidents, my personal experience is that they are polite and hardworking.
    Putting historic grudges aside, both nations benefit from the state of affairs.

  2. TJ
    TJ says:

    A more nuanced looked at the first chart. I have redrawn it, using logs [logarithmic] scaling on the vertical scale. Logs show a constant percent change for any unit of measurement. Then hooked the [new] data points together with a french curve. The growth rate has been receding over the years, and actually became flat just last year. The chart looks like a wave breaking- like the giant wave I body surfed at San Clemente in 1986, when the I was strong enough to survive such activity.

    In short, the worst may be over. I used the log scale analysis on population growth rate of California. I think the worst is over, and population may start declining in a few years. House prices since the Great Society also look like a wave breaking- each bull market shows smaller and smaller percentage gains.

    If these waves do break, the worst may be just beginning. . .one agony replaced by another. . .

    The “s” curve of growth and development- worthy of study.

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      Stratospheric debt, rising interest rates, highest inflation expectations for 5 years, and investor complacency just shy of 30-year highs – what could possible go wrong?

      I fear a major market dislocation would see Trump gone and things go full Soviet.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        And we all remember the documented history of how the last ‘ dislocation ‘ was manufactured in 29: how, and by whom and to whose assets-redistributing benefit.

        Things will go full Bolshevik in America first; then in Russia, followed by a resources- and energy-strangulated Europe. Senator McCarthy will be frowning down on us between re-reading his files on the House Un-American Activities Committee.

  3. Tom
    Tom says:

    It’s not just the upper cognitive elites that don’t experience first-hand the life-decay that non-western “immigrants” bring to the west. It’s also every unionized and benefit-coddled school teacher, every Marxism-inspired university professor, every government bureaucrat on a lavish pension, every well-paid media pundit, every faux Christian pastor that lives off of his flock, every well-off Jew that thinks America and Europe still have too much of a Gentile character, every successful Asian-American that wants to lose himself in the supposed comfort of blending into a majority non-white America, every Black millionaire that virtually achieves orgasm at the thought that it’s now time for whitey to deserve historical redress for his “crimes”, and of course every effete and pampered college student that is under the delusion that his campus-inspired consequence-free diversity utopia can peacefully exist in reality. The only people who suffer diversity in the west are the poor, middle class workers, and middle class business people who can’t afford to sell their homes and move to “crime-free” areas whenever barbarians move into their neighborhoods. If western working-class patriots had only to fight against a deranged minority of rich left-wing capitalists, we’d be home free by now.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      Explain how “unionized workers and benefit-coddled school teachers” do not experience decay. Unionized workers are the target of mass immigration. By creating more supply of labour, wages and benefits are suppressed. The “benefit coddled school teachers” are affected one generation down the road. The cult of diversity demands that the school staff reflect the school population, which means preferential hiring for non-whites over the children of the White teachers. This is repeated in every other workplace that the children of White teachers may want to work. Everybody is affected, sooner or later. When the Brown and Black masses reach a critical mass and revolt, the elites will be under siege and their lives in danger. To think otherwise is folly.

    • Bruno
      Bruno says:

      It is now Halloween and I’m on my way to bringing a grand child to a friends home. I would like to say that I just obtained an email it was more than fascinating. I think it was from the Washington Post. It noted that black life matters and a few other groups had obtained $100 million. Some of the money came from the Ford foundation. The bottom line is that it looks like the flight is just beginning.

      In fact, much of the behavior reminds one of the solidarity revolution. Where I reside almost all of the mainstream media is against EuroMan. Time, and all probability, unless the majority start to engage in serious fighting the consequences might be more than unpleasant. Let us not forget the Bolshevik Revolution. Adding to this , Students of history can recall how the communist ,after Eurocide I ,Nearly won.

      Tom, I always enjoy your pen. You are a quality person.

  4. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    A worrying trend. I take umbrage, however, with the claim of “regular terrorist attacks committed by Muslims in Europe”. I can think of no such event that doesn’t look like a well-choreographed joint-venture between the Surveillance State, MSM, and minority agencies, with the real pay-off of coralling disgruntled, confused whites into the counter-jihad, stand-by-Israel corner. “By way of deception….”

    Ersatz terrorism poses no threat, and may even be functional to elite lifestyles in cities which “appear to be quite economically and socially viable for the foreseeable future.”

  5. Homeless
    Homeless says:

    NYT’s Goldberg in opinion piece is saying ‘we can replace them.’ ‘Them’ refers to white nationalists. It doesn’t get much clearer than that. I fear that was the intention all along.

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