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The Observer is the Sunday edition of the Guardian. It published an editorial on the Huddersfield Horrorshow stating that the “victims of the horrific events in Huddersfield and other cities are not best served by a polarised debate on race.” It then proceeded to obfuscate in typical lying liberal fashion (“obfuscate” is from the Latin obfuscare, meaning “to make dark”). Here is some of what the Observer said, with my responses:

No words can do justice to the horrific abuse perpetrated by a gang of 20 men in Huddersfield, believed to be Britain’s single biggest grooming prosecution. The men plied vulnerable girls as young as 11, including those in care and with learning disabilities, with alcohol and drugs in order to sexually abuse them. The abuse included men raping intoxicated girls while others watched, sexual abuse with a drinks bottle and gang rape by men using plastic bags as condoms.

There is an understandable urge to react out of raw anger. Yet the most important question we can ask as a society — calmly, rationally — is how to prevent this sort of abuse from happening again. (The Observer view on dealing with child-grooming gangs, 21st October 2018)

In fact, the most important question for the Observer is how to conceal the truth and how to evade responsibility for its own role in these horrors. The Observer is still using the euphemistic term “child-grooming gangs” when the proper term is “child-rape gangs.” And it’s impossible to “prevent this sort of abuse from happening again,” because Britain contains millions of non-White men steeped in “the Patriarchy” that reigns supreme in Third-World bastions of “rape-culture” like Pakistan. The Observer has fully supported mass immigration and wants millions more non-Whites to enrich Britain with their rape-culture and misogyny.

But the vexed issue of the ethnicity of the perpetrators — they were all of Asian descent — has prepared the way for a kneejerk reaction and a polarised debate between those who argue that these men’s race and faith are the main factors driving these crimes on the one hand and those who strenuously deny that they play a role at all. (The Observer view on dealing with child-grooming gangs)

The Observer obfuscates: the men were all of Pakistani descent and nearly all were Muslim (one was a converted Sikh who may originally have been Muslim).

What lies at the root of such criminal behaviour is likely to be extremely complex. (The Observer view on dealing with child-grooming gangs)

It’s not “extremely complex” to feminists, who blame “such criminal behaviour” on The Patriarchy and its rape-culture. The Patriarchy and rape-culture are much worse in Pakistan and other Third-World nations, so it follows logically that feminists should oppose mass immigration from the Third World. They don’t, of course: they enthusiastically support it. That’s why they have to lie about its consequences and demonize those who speak the truth about it.

It is clearly wrong to imply, as many have, that faith and culture are the only driving factor. Profession may play a role: Asian men are more likely to work in the night-time economy, which gives them greater opportunity to exploit vulnerable children. (The Observer view on dealing with child-grooming gangs)

If the “night-time economy” explained these rape-gangs, they would have been a settled and familiar part of British culture in 1950, because the “night-time economy” was not enriched by non-Whites until late in the twentieth century. Furthermore, the “night-time economy” is still unenriched in large parts of the country such as Scotland. Rape-gangs are not flourishing there, because White men are not imbued with Pakistani rape-culture and Muslim male supremacism.

The disgusting prejudice towards the mainly white, working-class victims in places such as Rotherham and Rochdale was not limited to the mainly Asian perpetrators, but extended to the police and social workers. (The Observer view on dealing with child-grooming gangs)

“Social workers” are overwhelmingly left-wing and are avid readers of the Observer and Guardian. The British police have been trained in Guardianista ideology for decades. If these two groups exhibit “disgusting prejudice” towards the White working-class, this is because Guardianista ideology has taught them that Whites are all-powerful oppressors and non-Whites are powerless victims.

But neither can culture nor their own racism be taken off the table as contributing factors in explaining how individuals become perpetrators. It would be preposterous to suggest that the sexual exploitation of children is concentrated among people of a particular ethnicity: it goes on everywhere. (The Observer view on dealing with child-grooming gangs)

It is not at all “preposterous” to suggest that “the sexual exploitation of children” is “concentrated” among “people of a particular ethnicity.” White men still outnumber Pakistani men in Yorkshire and some White men in Yorkshire sexually abuse women and children. But it is plain that Pakistani men are committing much more and much worse abuse there than White men are. In other words, “the sexual exploitation of children” is “concentrated” among Pakistanis. The Observer has to deny this plain reality or its risible ideology of “human equality” would collapse.

But it is certainly plausible that within different cultures sexual abuse might take different forms, or manifest itself in different ways, and, if so, it is crucial to understand that.

It is imperative, though, to be clear that exploring this question to inform the prevention of abuse in no way implies whole ethnic or faith communities are more likely to sexually abuse children than others. That’s why the home secretary’s careless, simplistic tweet about the case was deeply irresponsible. (The Observer view on dealing with child-grooming gangs)

In other words, it is “imperative” for Britain’s liberal elite to continue denying the truth. Quite clearly, men from some “ethnic or faith communities” are much “more likely to sexually abuse children than others.” Blacks and Pakistani Muslims are still minorities in Britain, but Pakistani Muslims are the majority of those gang-raping and prostituting White girls in Yorkshire and elsewhere, just as Blacks are the majority of those committing gang-rape in London against women and under-aged girls, a disproportionate number of whom are White.

There will almost certainly be another trial, another set of horrifying revelations. To complement the review of the institutional failures that allowed child sexual exploitation to happen, we also need to improve our understanding of how and why these men commit their vile crimes, with no potential explanation off the table. But the sad reality is that this is unlikely to happen in a climate where everyone from the home secretary down is so quick to fill in a narrative that best serves themselves, not the young victims. (The Observer view on dealing with child-grooming gangs)

It is to laugh. The Guardian and Observer don’t have the slightest concern for the “young victims.” As the Labour MP Ann Cryer said of her attempts to expose the similar horrors taking place in her Yorkshire constituency: “I couldn’t get The Guardian interested. Its reporters seemed paralysed by political correctness. When I wasn’t being openly accused of racism and religious hate — my name was on the website Islamophobia Watch — I was painted as someone who didn’t understand Asian culture.”

The Guardian and Observer are still lying, still obfuscating, still refusing to admit responsibility for their role in these horrors. That’s why editors and journalists from these newspapers should be right at the top of the list of those who will one day be put on trial in Britain for treason and for “crimes against humanity.” Rape is a weapon of war, as the Guardian has so often told us. Decade after decade, liberal journalists have collaborated with non-White rapists waging war against Britain’s Whites. See above.

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  1. Michael Adkins
    Michael Adkins says:

    As long the British male bows down to the hipsters, hennetasters and thralls rape is the future of his children (male and female).

  2. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    The Guardian pens a weasel worded deflection to avoid opening the can of worms. The obvious solution is to ban all Pakistani immigration. Not only in Britain, but across the West. As you said, it is entirely justified: organized child rape is an act of war, and in times of war one does not welcome the enemy with open arms.. How is it that China can round up all of its Muslims and force them into re-education camps, yet not one of our politicians has the spine to suggest simply closing the door? And for those born here, bring back the death penalty and keep a very close eye on them and anyone even remotely connected to them.

  3. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Regrettably, it is simultaneously selfdeprecating but also essential to pick this type of article apart; despite its facile and repeated utter disregard for simple Logic. Leaving numerous confirmed and corroborated facts aside for the moment.

    For our Formal Logic final, our Professor composed a lengthy purposeful self-spun Op Ed piece; on first reading appearing entirely logical. It took me an entire hour to find the single kernel falsifying its entirety.

    This Observer crap is meant to be ‘ observed ‘, [ in all its senses – not yet under penalty ] as opposed to being read and comprehended critically. This untreated, party-politics-plied deflecting sewage [ or sewerage, for our British readers ] would not even have made it into the first lecture as a training exercise of the course referred to.

    Though a selfdeprecating waste of time, we have to kneel in the gutter to oppose this crap, lest they think we imbibed it; untreated. Leading to high-fives and recommendations for pay raises all around, to be Observed in the editorial [[[ board-room ]]].

    Thanks for doing the mucking for us, Mr. Langdon — we owe you your upcoming Dry Cleaner bill.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      I heard that interview. He just sounded deranged.
      But it’s the same logic they’re using in Europe, ie;
      “The only way to save Europe (or US Democracy) is to let us destroy it.”

      Again, the point is not so much that they’re evil (which they are) and doing what they are doing (which they are). It’s that we have yet to organize and defend ourselves. I think one reason can be found by looking at how the public forms.
      There seems to be three stages.

      1. Emergence: a loose community becomes a public when direct experience isn’t enough. People become aware that consequences in one part of that loose community effect people in other part. With awareness comes union.

      2. Division: The public become so big it gets divided.

      3. Disappearance: The public gets buried in the all too much. It gets lost. It becomes even more of a vague abstraction than it ever was, eventually remerging in special interest groups; in some cases, bizarre and resentful splinter groups, and then they unite and become a new public. In this case, Identity Politics.

      And that’s bascially what’s happened. Our problem isn’t that we have yet to re-emerge, it’s that we’re not even allowed to. Unless we start saying, “The hell with it.” and begin taking steps out of the wasteland we’re in now, then we’re pretty much just waiting for the inevitable. Some might find that situation intolerable and decide to go out swinging. It very well may be.

  4. Philip Smeeton
    Philip Smeeton says:

    This abuse will only end when we have deported every single muslim and other type of immigrant criminal. Those that should be held to account are those that allowed this mass-immigration of people that are totally incompatible with our culture. These pakistanis are the real racists, they have nothing but contempt for white people. We that care, we British must do everythng in our power to win this war. The alternative is being torn apart by the barbarity of Islam and the savagery of Africa. A descent into darkness.

  5. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    “Furthermore, the “night-time economy” is still unenriched in large parts of the country such as Scotland.”
    I offer the following only half seriously:
    – In the first half of the 70s, Pakistanis were becoming ever more visible in Scotland, and the natives were, as the saying was at the time, not backward about coming forward, to address it. A Scottish friend suggested that “Pakis” be given free tickets to an Old Firm (Celtic – Rangers) Cup final. He thought it would work well, as both teams’ supporters hated Pakis almost as much as they hated each other, and the Pakis would well understand that they weren’t welcome. In context, this was at a time when Glasgow was considered the most violent city in Europe, and where 25,000 Rangers supporters, almost all Glaswegians, had gone to Barcelona for European Cup Winners Cup final. The Spanish police made a big mistake in setting the dogs on some drunken supporters invading the pitch near the end of the game. The result was that Barcelona was trashed.
    The Pakis knew what to expect if they started enriching the Scottish lasses.

  6. Floda
    Floda says:

    Problem is Britain cannot Vote them out, it’s impossible. In Germany’s last Federal elections the anti-immigrant AFD (Alternative for Deutschland) Party received just shy of 13% of the vote which translated into 93 Members plus a staff of up to 6 for each gaining entry into Berlin’s Bundestag. By contrast, the UKIP party then led by Nigel Farrage, with a similar percentage of the British Votes gets just ONE seat in Westminster. Germany has a form of ‘proportional representation’ while Britain has ‘first past the post’. The Brits can’t win unless there is an earthquake of sorts. This is why Britain’s hostile elites are sleeping more soundly in their beds than are their co-horts in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and of course the USA. I’d say it will have to get rough in the UK one day, hopefully soon, before its too late.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      The first past the post system is designed to keep power in the hands of the elite. Every “new” political party starts as a narrow issue party, and draws support from the fringes of the established parties and the “woke” population disenchanted with the established parties. As the “new” political party broadens its issue or adds issues, it may draw more from the same pool as before, but it will never displace, on a national level, the original established parties.
      In a Federal Election about 20 years ago, one riding (seat) in my province had 5 candidates up for election. The difference between the winner and the 3rd place candidate was 188 votes, and the winner received 28.3% of the vote. Yet in Parliament, he behaved as if he had won the majority of votes, while ignoring the wishes of the majority on many issues. First past the post is an illusion of democracy.

      With all of its warts, at least with a dictatorship, you know who the enemy is.

  7. Framp
    Framp says:

    The loathsome felonies perpetrated on these defenseless children are endlessly appalling. Add to this passivity (in essence support for these crimes through negligence) on the side of authorities, politicians and LM (Loudest Media – self-named Main Stream Media), and we have a full-blown, suicidal dystopia.

    Two thoughts come to mind. First, the white females have additional reasons to turn their backs on white men, who have proven themselves weaklings, unable to protect even the most vulnerable – the children. Second, there is a severe shortage of heroism and self-sacrifice among us. It looks like not even one of these tortured girls’ fathers, uncles, grandfathers has shot, or otherwise destroyed, a single one of these Pakistani predators. Not one! Likewise, thus far, not a single commander of a coastal defense ship has opened fire on a boat full of illiterate primitives, who are coming to Europe to culturally enrich our ten-year-old daughters by means of gang rapes. It’s more than a crisis, it’s beyond madness.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Framp: There was an aritcle from AR many years ago where locals, guys and girls, confirmed that the girls were literally throwing themselves at the Pakitansis. One local guy saying that the girls treated the local White guys like they were invisible. This was before TSHTF. Then, TSHTF. When it did, the White men in those areas more than likely just turned their backs on the girls figuring they had it coming.

      People from Nietzsche, Faulkner, Orwell, each in their own way, have talked about how women go into a frenzy when it comes to power. And, sadly, that’s all the girls could see in them – power. Power in the sense that they were something new, exciting (at least to the girls) and fit in perfectly with their PC Indoctrination. And, the point of PC Identity Politics is that protected groups are place above criticism. A position not even God occupies today.

      Anyway, the girls were still high on the PC power when TSHTF and they couldn’t stop it. That’s bad enough. What gets me are the girls who are completely innocent. In that case, there was an article here recently talking about how fathers were arrested (for tresspassing I presume) for trying to rescue their daughters. So, your point, though well taken, is not entirely accurate or fair. The real point is that WE aren’t united.

      If a non-White is attacked (or, fakes an attack), they don’t say, “One of us was attacked.” They say, “WE WERE ATTACKED!” and immediately spring into action.

      And Whites?

      • Framp
        Framp says:

        It’s good to act collectively, in many cases it may be the best way to act, but an individual action may be good, too. The mixture of both ways of action looks healthy to me.
        And I will address the following sentence in more detail:
        “In that case, there was an article here recently talking about how fathers were arrested (for trespassing I presume) for trying to rescue their daughters.”

        Thanks God, there were fathers, who “tried” to rescue their daughters. It looks like they were in a way disciplined and abandoned further escalation. For me, however, most drastic escalation was fully justified, and a matter of necessity.

  8. Peter McLoughlin
    Peter McLoughlin says:

    If you haven’t read my book “Easy Meat” you won’t be aware that the cover-up was forensically dissected by me as far back as 2014. I deliberately aimed for this book to still be current in 2024, so I had to project the likely path the scandal would take. The second edition came out in 2016, to mark the fact that the cover-up had moved into an advanced stage: the trials are proceeding but are no longer reported until the final day. In this way the state can adjust the statistics on convictions whilst still ensuring the Islamization of Britain proceeds without any hiatus. Even so, no more than 1% of the rapists are being convicted. Police in the town of Rotherham have over 400 suspects they are still tracking down. In the town of Newcastle over 500 are being deported.

    At every opportunity the British state covered up this industrialised rape, and the media are controlled by the state. Since my book was first published, the earliest conviction uncovered to date was in 1975. It was in Rotherham and in detail is no different from any of the stories unfolding now. Considering it takes a year or so for a trial to complete following a complaint, we can assume the rapists in that case were operating as early as 1973. That’s 45 years ago. There are girls who are groomed nowadays whose mothers were also groomed. When one understands how long this has been going on and how geographically dispersed it is, then the concept of English men going “Paki bashing” in the 1970s and 1980s no longer seems a mystery.

    I’m the only person publishing statistical data on these trials, yet my work is ripped-off by organisations promoted by the liberals. My data tracks those trials which were fully reported and those where the trial has been covered up. Since 2016 virtually every trial that was reported only on the final day was a trial where everyone was a Muslim. The propaganda role of this concealment/publishing is clear: raise the profile of cases of grooming where there are non-Muslims.

    The key fact is not that these men are Pakistanis. The media cover-up moved into the advanced stage following three trials in which the rapists were Somalis, where some of these Somalis justified what they were doing on Islamic grounds (Muslims from other countries have also justified what they were doing in terms of their religion).

    I’m confident that by 2024 my book will demonstrate that anyone could have done what I did: hunt down the data going back to the 1980s and show that every layer of child-protection in Britain knew of these gangs for decades, yet denied that they knew anything.

    One of the key events was in 2004, when the self-proclaimed “anti-fascists” teamed up with black rights organisations and the complicit police and the BBC to proclaim that only racists believed this was going on. By 2010 the “anti-fascists” were in league with the Muslim Council of Britain, declaring the grooming gangs to be “a racist myth”.

    There is even evidence that these gangs are operating in the USA. Americans show little sign of learning lessons from the rape of Britain. In 2024 I will write a ten-year anniversary edition, to show how accurate my predictions were. Sadly, virtually nothing will have changed. It’s almost five years since the first edition came out. Not one newspaper has reviewed the book, not one journalist in Britain has contacted me for comment. They’ve contacted me to ask for details of Tommy Robinson (co-author of my book “Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam”), so the media know how to contact me.

    As predicted in the first edition, we’ve already had several vigilante killings because of the grooming gangs. And there are likely to be more of these.

    • P.J. Broby
      P.J. Broby says:

      Mr McLoughlin — Thanks very much for your book, which has been recommended at the TOO before. Like the rape-gangs themselves, the cover-up exists because British politics are controlled by a “hostile elite” and its shabbos goyim. Sue Berelowitz, the Deputy Children’s Commissioner who did her best to plug the “It happens in all communities!” line, is an excellent example of that hostile elite at work. And now that you have posted at the TOO, the hostile elite will add another big red star to your “Racial Enemy” file.

      Here’s one of the references to your book:

      But Labour isn’t alone in its treachery, and the problem of Muslim sex-crime began well before the 1990s. For a detailed study, I recommend “Easy Meat”: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery(2014), issued by the Law and Freedom Foundation in the UK. The study doesn’t admit the racial aspect of the problem, but it’s an uncompromising indictment of our ruling elite, who have first allowed mass immigration by violent Pakistani misogynists, then ignored the consequences for decade after decade.

      Also here:

    • Arlene Johnson
      Arlene Johnson says:

      Dear Mr. McLoughlin,

      You mention 1973 as the beginning of this atrocity. What I was wondering is if any of these grooming gangs came from Iran then? As I’m sure you realise the Shah of Iran was on the throne in Iran then, to be deposed by the CIA in 1979.

      I have written and published a biography of the shah, because I know top secret information from a man who knew the Shah personally. Entitled The Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi: Victim of His Times ISBN 97809725798-3-4, it proves that the CIA installed Khomeini into power who follows the Koran to the letter.

      The Shah was tolerant of all religions enabling them to worship in their own way in Iran. I have a paragraph in the first chapter that states, “Ali told me that Islam teaches that Christians, Jews, and Islamics are all religions by the book. Therefore, he believes and I believed that no Christian or Jew would be killed by a Moslem. So it came as a shock to me that now we see Christians being murdered by Islamics. That can only be explained with the rising to power of the Ayatollah Khomeini.”page 22

      I have 4 chapters in this book regarding Bashar al-Assad, because he, too, is tolerant of all religions, one of the reasons why the west is trying to get him out of power too.

      Here’s a comment by a man in England who has bought my new book, published this year:
      Arlene wrote an excellent book on the Shah of Iran and the Jewish interests that engineered his downfall that led to Khomeini!! This single act alone led to our current mess. The book is a very well crafted and written work of extraordinary scholarship.

      Please send me email using


      Arlene Johnson

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      “At every opportunity the British state covered up this industrialised rape, and the media are controlled by the state.”

      This is the only part of your comment in which I disagree. The BBC may be controlled by the British state, by the British state, and the “successful” political parties are controlled by the hostile elite. The hostile elite are the ones that own the media.
      That is why quasi-successful parties like UKIP do well and are given credence, while any real nationalist party, like the BNP are vilified, infiltrated, and destroyed. Nigel Farage has admitted his job with UKIP was to destroy the BNP. The BNP, and its predecessor the National Front were openly hostile to immigration in general, and non-White immigration in particular. The NF/BNP founder John Tyndall understood that the party would be infiltrated, and opined after his ouster in 1989 that Nick Griffith was the infiltrator.
      UKIP’s rise and the BNP’s demise would not have been possible without the media directing the British state on what to do.

    • Mari
      Mari says:


      Thank you so very very very much for writing that book. I’ll do with it what I’ve dine with other pro White books. I first did it with camp of the saints 25 years ago.

      I already placed an order with Barnes & Noble for 30 books. They will be shipped to me. I will donate one or two to college libraries in the area

      I’ll be sure to inform librarians it is a strong courageous feminazi exposure of working class misogyny patriarchal tale culture in Britain.

      That will ensure it will be classified under rape history and put in the same shelves as books about Josephine Butler and The Pall Mall Gazette’s exposure of child sex slavery in Britain.

      I feel than sneaking books into college libraries is a good way to counter act the brainwashing, better than if I set up a blog.

  9. Hubbub
    Hubbub says:

    It’s amazin’ that the Observer article treats the perpetrators, the Pakis, of these outrageous crimes as the potential victims while treating the real victims almost as afterthoughts or villains themselves: If these white girls hadn’t been around, then the Pakistani men would not have been tempted.

  10. PekkaL.
    PekkaL. says:

    Still, even after this brutal crime, the enemies are not the Pakis. They are the criminals here, no doubt. But enemies they are not, as a healthy white society could and would deal with criminals.

    Readers of these articles know, where the enemy hides. And who they are. And we all know that the so called liberals are just their footsoldiers to do the dirty work.

    In Finland, my country, the same thing goes on, not yet with grooming gangs and massive number of rapes, but the pattern is the same. Precisely the same. In the shadows are the enemies, who are ever so civilized and ever so well-meaning, but they only want destruction and chaos.

    They do not care about the Pakis, they would spit at them, if there were no whites left. Pakis are for them only fools and suitable brutal material to use to incite hate and division. They WANT this hate, that is the whole idea, my friends. They WANT a divided society, because they are going to start, at their own sweet time, another “revolution”. This time there is no “proletariat”, no, this time it will be “minorities” and “racists”. Whites are “racists”, by definition. All others are “good guys”.

    The enemy wants to be seen as a “caring group”, but they only care about themselves, as we see in Israel. No brutality is too much, when THEY protect their “dignity”.

    But let me tell you, all they want is hate and division. They want to see another “Stalin”, another mass murder. They will finance, they will manipulate, they will arrange false flags, they will write endless articles, but in the end of the day they want to kill us. No more, no less.

    It is enough to look at Russia after their “revolution”.

  11. PekkaL.
    PekkaL. says:

    If I may, I would like to add this.

    Solzhenitsyn has well described the actions of our common enemy. In the gulag, the criminals (robbers, burglars, murderers, rapists etc.) were treated favorably compared to “politicals”. This is exactly the name of the game in all white countries right now. You can murder, you can rape, you can throw acid, you name it, it is just a “felony” and there is no limit in understanding the criminal. These criminals are well taken care of and they will always maintain their status as a citizens, in all respects.

    But beware, if you are a “political”. Then you have no rights, no help, no understanding and if the powers that be could decide, they would very much like these politicals to be beaten (and raped) daily in prison. Nobody would care.

    Our common enemy has nurtured an image that they are ever so clever, but they are not. They are simply repeating themselves. They are building a society which will put into action a Bolshevik Revolution 2.0.

    We have already the “proletariat” (Pakis, blacks, muslims generally, HBTQ’s (or whatever), feminists etc.) and we have already the “bourgeoisie” (read: all whites that do not produce children with proletariat). We have already the Pol Pot-style lunatic women and men, who can hardly wait to point out those that need to have some “re-education” (read: beating and after that killing) and we already have those women and men with us, who would want to report their children/parents/sister/brothers to relevant authorities as “facists, nazis etc.”. Take my word for it, they are being groomed for that and they are more than ready.

    Of course, the task is a daunting one, even for the Master of The Universe, as there is the nuisance of people complaining, when they are taken from their homes, but no worries, when the streets are populated with brutal vandals from far away, why the heck not? Then they will kick-start it with some brilliant “atrocities” and hey presto: Revolution Cometh!

    We are right now living at the time of 1890’s to 1900’s, so there is, with luck, another 15-20 years before the Real Harmageddon.

    Do you think that Russian families could imagine their mass murder at 1890’s? That almost all of them will be simply taken from their homes and simply killed? No, no, they would have taken you as a lunatic, if you told them that. Well, I tell you guys now, that your children and grandchildren will face exactly the same machine. Same masters, same methods, same same.

  12. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    I don’t think anyone’s mentioned that Jews own the media. This is the principal obfuscation. Another obfuscation is the fact that Jews invented ‘Islam’, all that time ago, and have a cryptic affection for their uneducated thuggesy.

  13. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    I don’t think anyone’s even mentioned that the media are owned and controlled by so-called Jews. Another obfuscation is omission of the fact that Jews invented ‘Islam’ and have many cryptic links to their low-intellect thugs. Yet another obfuscation is detail of the facts of rapes by whites, for example in WW2 and Vietnam. It’s sad that MacDonald’s myopic world view seems confined to bits of the USA.

  14. sylvie
    sylvie says:

    “It’s more than a crisis, it’s beyond madness.”

    Maybe, but it’s all very logical.

    The “established parties/powers/media” are in panic modus because “race” is the cornerstone of Allied politics since NAZI Germany. Although – except for Jews – NAZI Germany was no more racist than Britain/France and certainly less than the US at that time, the “liberte/egalite/fraternite” and “all men are created equal” stuff in Allied constitutions allowed them to go to war for superior reasons.

    Now that it becomes more evident every day that the subject is not only important but that “race” effectively destroys all White countries, their whole worldview – real or simulated – is coming down. And at the end of this process
    people could realize – horror of all horrors – that some unspeakeable ideology was not so wrong after all.

  15. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Thanks again Tobias.
    For the real gutter press I will put forward some apt synonyms for their masthead titles: The Hypocrite; The Ignorant; The Traitors. Never thought that the mere formation of ink on paper would emit a sickening stench. And the realisation that an entire metropolis could be constructed from ideas; and likewise, a whole society is before my eyes being destroyed by tyranny and lies.
    Since the immediate post-war period of 1947 and the soon to be created National Health Service, the ruling elites did want the working class English to have subsidised health care just for themselves: hence a trade-off for immigration.
    Pipe up and dissent from the sacred scripture of ‘diversity’ and the full-force of 70 years of honed brow-beating will bear down upon your head; pariah status, criminalised and a life in ruin.

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