Huddersfield Horrorshow: Another Non-White Rape-Gang in Brave New Britain

Like Friedrich Nietzsche, George Orwell is often and unfairly thought to have no sense of humour. But there’s a lot of humour amid the horror of Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949). Take the scene in which a group of workers at the Ministry of Truth conduct a “Two Minutes Hate” against thought-crime and then worship Big Brother with “a deep, slow, rhythmical chant of ‘B-B!… B-B!’ — over and over again, very slowly, with a long pause between the first ‘B’ and the second.”

The Ministry of Mendacity

Does the juxtaposition of “B-B” with “Ministry of Truth” remind you of anything? It should, because Orwell was satirizing the B.B.C., where he worked on propaganda for part of the Second World War. In Orwell’s novel, the Ministry of Truth was dedicated to lying and to the suppression of inconvenient reality. That’s why it was full of memory holes, “large oblong slits protected by wire grating” that “existed in thousands or tens of thousands throughout the building, not only in every room but at short intervals in every corridor.” Memory holes exist to destroy memory, not preserve it, as the novel’s hero, Winston Smith, sees in a torture-chamber at the Ministry of Love. His torturer O’Brien shows him a photograph proving the evil and corruption of the governing ideology:

“It exists!” he cried.
“No,” said O’Brien.
He stepped across the room. There was a memory hole in the opposite wall. O’Brien lifted the grating. Unseen, the frail slip of paper was whirling away on the current of warm air; it was vanishing in a flash of flame. O’Brien turned away from the wall.
“Ashes,” he said. “Not even identifiable ashes. Dust. It does not exist. It never existed.”
“But it did exist! It does exist! It exists in memory. I remember it. You remember it.”
“I do not remember it,” said O’Brien. (Op. cit., Part 3, ch. 2)

That’s how the BBC really behaves in the twenty-first century. When reporting restrictions were lifted at the end of Britain’s latest vibrant rape-gang trial, the BBC held the story up briefly before the eyes of the British public, just as O’Brien held a truthful photograph up before the eyes of Winston Smith. Then the BBC imitated O’Brien and dropped the story down the memory hole: in a day, it had vanished from news-bulletins. As far as the BBC is now concerned: “It does not exist. It never existed.”

A few of the vibrant rapists behind the Huddersfield Horrorshow

But the Huddersfield Horrorshow does exist. Like Rotherham, Huddersfield is a Yorkshire town that most British people couldn’t find on the map and that most foreigners will never have heard of. Like Rotherham again, White girls have been systematically raped and prostituted there by Muslim men, year after year:

Twenty members of a “vile and wicked” grooming gang have been convicted of trafficking, drugging and raping vulnerable girls in a harrowing campaign of abuse across West Yorkshire. It can now be reported that the ringleader of the group, 35-year-old Amere Singh Dhaliwal, was jailed for life to serve a minimum of 18 years after being found guilty of 54 offences, including countless rapes of children.

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said the crimes against 15 girls far exceeded anything he had previously seen. The gang’s “persistent and prolonged” offending, he said, was “at the top of the scale” of severity. … Jurors in the three trials heard how the men, mostly from Huddersfield, plied girls as young as 11 with alcohol and drugs before sexually abusing them in car parks, hotels, takeaways, snooker halls, on moors and by reservoirs across the region. Fifteen severely vulnerable girls fell victim to the gang between 2004 and 2011. One girl, aged 11 or 12 at the time, was abducted from a care home and supplied ecstasy before being made to perform sex acts, Leeds crown court heard.

Many of the victims described how they were plied with drink and drugs at house parties then raped “one by one” by the men, who used plastic bags as condoms. Dhaliwal was at the heart of the group, who referred to each other using nicknames including “Dracula,” “Beastie” and “Chiller” in monikers that were used in the three trials. The court heard the married father-of-two committed countless rapes, incited child prostitution, trafficked girls across the region and filmed their abuse on his mobile phone.

His treatment of the girls was “inhuman,” the judge said, including one occasion when he sexually abused a girl with a drinks bottle during a truth or dare game. At another time, an intoxicated 15-year-old girl was raped by a man in a “dare” by Dhaliwal, while others watched. It was “degrading and wicked,” the judge said. The girls were deliberately targeted for their vulnerabilities. All had troubled home lives, including one whose mother was unable to care for her due to drink and drug addictions. Two of the girls had mild learning disabilities. At least one girl attempted suicide and another had an abortion, jurors heard. One of the girls was thrown out of a moving car outside her home. She had bruises all over her face and was under the influence of alcohol and drugs. … (Huddersfield grooming gang jailed for abusing vulnerable girls, The Guardian, 19th October 2018)

But remember that Huddersfield and Rotherham are relatively small places. Much, much more of this abuse has happened in Yorkshire cities like Bradford, Leeds and Sheffield, as will emerge sooner or later.

“Many other perpetrators have not been identified”

And the full truth has not emerged in Huddersfield. Twenty men of “Pakistani heritage” were found guilty, but the story confirms what I said in “Rape-Gangs Unlimited.” Those twenty Pakistanis were merely “specimen defendants, selected when a ‘community’ contains too many criminals for the authorities to charge without embarrassment.” There are many more child-rapists walking free in Yorkshire, if the victims themselves are to be believed: “The court heard many other perpetrators have not been identified and girls spoke of being abused by men they heard being called ‘Mangos’ — a term used for men from Pakistan who did not really speak English.”

A few more vibrant rapists in Brave New Britain

Should the girls be believed? Well, who is most insistent that victims of sexual violence must always be believed? Feminists, of course. But just as in Rotherham, Oxford, Newcastle, Cologne and every other outbreak of brutal non-White misogyny, feminists have been conspicuous by their absence in the Huddersfield Horrorshow. And just as in Rotherham, Huddersfield has a Labour council and a Labour MP who have failed to defend the interests of White working-class girls. But the parallels are even closer, because Barry Sheerman, the Labour MP in Sheffield, is a staunch philosemite and Friend of Israel like Denis MacShane in Rotherham. Sheerman has regularly appeared in the British media to denounce anti-Semitism and condemn Jeremy Corbyn for his failure to obey Jewish orders (see here, here, here and here).

Sheer chutzpah

To give Sheerman his due, he did make some effort to help the abused girls in his constituency “back in 2008” when he was “approached by at least half-a-dozen of them” and “tried to raise his concerns in a parliamentary debate.” Alas, he now says that “the climate at the time was not conducive and the ‘negative reaction’ left him struggling to take the matter forward.” In other words, he tried a little and then gave up. He had more important matters to attend to, like working for Britain’s tiny Jewish community.

Barry Sheerman, Friend of Big Brother

His priorities are puzzling, because like nearby Rotherham and Barnsley, Huddersfield is “not a Jewish place.” But it is a Labour place and the Labour party has once again proved that it has an Orwellian title: “The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation.” In 21st-century Britain, the Labour party concerns itself with attacking the interests of the White working-class, not with championing them as it was founded to do.

Lammy lambasts Javid

Nevertheless, Labour politicians did erupt in fury over one aspect of the Huddersfield Horrorshow: a tweet about it sent by the Home Secretary Sajid Javid. The Black Labour MPs Diane Abbott and David Lammy “lambasted” Javid after he tweeted that: “These sick Asian paedophiles are finally facing justice.” Lammy and Abbott were furious that Javid had dared to point out the gang were all drawn from one small ethnic minority. Lammy said: “It does no service to the victims of this evil to pin the blame on any one group.” Abbott took a deep breath and said: “Attempts by authorities and now it seems the government to attribute these crimes to one ethnic group does nothing to support these vulnerable women in the way of social services, mental health services, or the resources needed by the police to bring all sexual predators to justice.”

Diane Abbott, Black Supremacist and Gasbag

These comments are wholly dishonest, because no-one is suggesting that such crimes are unique to any group. But such crimes are certainly much more prevalent among non-Whites than Whites, which is precisely why Lammy and Abbott do not want attention drawn to the “ethnicity” of the Huddersfield rape-gang. Their comments are also richly ironic, because Lammy and Abbott have never done anything to support the many thousands of White women and girls raped and otherwise abused by Muslims and other non-Whites. On the contrary, they’ve done their best to expand and worsen the plague of non-White crime by supporting mass immigration and demonizing Whites for “racism” and “xenophobia.”

As the Holocaust Educational Trust says…

But Sajid Javid himself was prepared to speak only part of the truth, because the phrase “Asian paedophiles” should have been “Pakistani paedophiles.” And Javid fully supports the vast anti-White apparatus of “anti-racism” and “diversity.” How could he not? He’s a shabbos goy who regularly appears at Jewish venues to heap sycophantic praise on the group that has funded his political rise and given him friendly media coverage:

Sajid Javid’s speech at the Union of Jewish Students’ Annual Conference 2014

Shalom Aleichem [Hebrew for “Peace be with you”]. Thank you for coming, and thank you for inviting me along today. It’s always great to see young people getting engaged with the political process. … A century ago William Howard Taft called anti-Semitism a “Noxious weed”.

A century later, I don’t want to see that weed taking root in any aspect of British life. That’s why I will always be proud to stand up and resist calls for boycotts of Israel. I know that such calls are nothing more than a smokescreen for the oldest hatred. That’s why I am proud to see the government taking real action against anti-Semites who want to gain a foothold in Britain’s universities. We’re denying a platform to extremists who would abuse our freedoms in order to sow the seeds of division.

And that’s why I’m proud of the work we’re doing with the Holocaust Educational Trust. We’re paying for two teenagers from every British school to visit Auschwitz, letting them see for themselves the horrors of the Shoah. I had the privilege of joining a group of children from my constituency when they visited two years ago. I’ve read a great deal about the atrocities of the Nazi regime. And I was extremely moved by the permanent Holocaust exhibition at the Imperial War Museum.

But nothing can prepare you for the experience of actually being there. The Prime Minister [then David Cameron] found that for himself when he visited this week. I’m sure everyone who goes to Auschwitz is touched by what they see in different ways. For me, I will never forget the sight of a case filled with thousands upon thousands of shoes taken from those who were murdered. Mixed in among them there were countless tiny pairs that had clearly been stolen from the feet of children.

As a parent — and as a human being — it’s a sight that will live with me forever. As the Holocaust Educational Trust says, when we understand where prejudice leads, we can stop it in its tracks. … [Etc, etc] (Sajid Javid’s speech at the Union of Jewish Students’ Annual Conference, 14th December 2014)

Shabbos goy Sajid Javid

But what is the central lesson of the Holocaust? If we look at Israel, the central lesson is obviously that Jews must retain control of their own destiny by refusing to allow mass immigration. Jews are determined that no hostile outsiders will ever be dominant over Jews in Israel. But if we look at Western nations, the central lesson of the Holocaust is that Whites must lose control of their own destiny by permitting endless mass immigration by hostile outsiders from the Third World. If Whites resist this invasion, they are being “racist,” “prejudiced,” “hateful,” and “xenophobic.” At least, that’s what Jews and shabbos goyim like Sajid Javid all say.

Civil war is on its way

They’re lying. The Huddersfield Horrorshow, like all the rape-gang scandals that went before and all those that will follow, is an example of what non-White Muslims are doing to Whites while they are still a relatively small minority in Britain. As their numbers grow, their behaviour will get worse — much worse. That’s why they and all other non-Whites have to return where they belong. More and more Whites are beginning to understand this, including the bulk of the British army. Ordinary soldiers have reacted defiantly to the discharge of one of their comrades “for the ‘crime’ of posing for a selfie with Tommy Robinson.”

Tommy Robinson is a shabbos goy like Sajid Javid, but ordinary soldiers support Robinson because he wants to expose and end the activities of Muslim rape-gangs rather than cover them up and prolong them. After the discharge of the Robinson-fan, ordinary soldiers had these messages for their traitorous, politically correct senior officers: “They can’t discharge us all!” and “#IAmTommy.” Civil war is on its way in Britain and in many other Western nations. When it arrives, the military and the police are not going to side with the traitors and shabbos goyim at the top.

After the civil war is over, we can begin trials for those politicians, bureaucrats, journalists and academics who were responsible for the Huddersfield Horrorshow and all other vibrant enrichments committed against ordinary Whites. I am not Tommy, but I am White and I want my country back.

Go to Appendix to Huddersfield Horrorshow: The Observer Obfuscates

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  1. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    “But what is the central lesson of the Holocaust?”

    I always understood it to be a shakedown racket for “survivors” by an opportunistic pathogen.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      C, I replied below before I read your comment. To assure the continued employment of those several NYC homespun Holocaust Compensation Boards, and not to run out of survivors, i.e. merchants’ stock-keeping-units, the second and third generation of those dwindling legitimate survivors have also now been included.

      Haaretz and others have been replete with articles by and about genuinely needy survivors who are getting a shamefully insignificant percentage of New York’s total take. The fraudsters and absconders on these Boards, often Russian recent add-ons, are fighting one another: with the fraudsters, disavowing theft always coming out on top.

      Of incomparably greater significance is the Holocaust as a cudgel against all who may say, yes but…! and against those trying to hold Israel to a standard of conduct, that wouldn’t regularly invite deflected indictments by the scorned International Court of Justice, always sycophantly seconded by Congress.

      [ I know you know. So this is for the uninitiated or passers-by, and not for those at least 150 years old: well, when added up ].

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          RR; at random:

          01 Perhaps it is of importance, even given Jewish Logic, that these survivors, needy or otherwise, actually existed. As opposed to having been profitably invented by one of their several kosher- kitchen-counter prepared compensation boards/committees: eagerly listened to by Berlin; holding their telephone in one hand while the other clutches the holocaust cudgel: or similarly holding a microphone and a cudgel before the assembled Bundestag.

          One such commissariat, beset by an unusual percentage of recent Russian employees, set about defrauding Berlin of ca. 57 millions, an infinitesimal fraction of the whole, for a great number of never born victims; exclusively kabbalah pursuant conceived in their minds.

          The lesser thieves remonstrated against the greater thieves, which religiously unacceptable publicity, as with widespread even lesbian rabbinic pedophilia, spilled among the public: gnawing on the foundation, built on blood soaked stolen sand, of their moral, universal, exclusive superiority edifice.

          02 Too many of the NOT ‘ genuinely needy survivors ‘, are those bejeweled and expensively coiffured Jewesses filmed in their opulently furnished apartments in the US, Israel and Europe, for Spielberg’s ” history ” video collection.

          03 Others who don’t legitimately fall under that original term are the second and even third generations: nor those who fall under the newer and profitable extension of having lived in all of Nazi-occupied Europe at any time. But, what would Finkelstein’s Holocaust Industry shrivel into, were the copiously legalized definition not malleable ?

          04 Also excluded from your questioned definition, are Otto Frank and their independent Foundation, the consummate and proven liars Wiesel and Wiesenthal, the many outed fabricators of “genuine” survival stories and books, including, but not limited to, the apple-over-the fence and subsequent NYC marriage romance, the loving, life sustaining and escapee-adopting wolf-mother and her litter: ad nauseam.

          All the rave and promoted in the press: excepting their later ascertained bull status; even by far-sighted Jewish individuals.

          05 Our media is replete with accounts of our veterans returning from our neo-con wars. Mutilated in mind, spirit and body.

          Surely they fall under every rational being’s definition of ” genuinely needy survivors “, deserving of our sympathy, empathy and assistance, irrespective of faith.

          06 On April 21, 1945, at age 5, I witnessed an entire column of Eastern German refugees, which was literally ground into an indistinguishable mass, including generations of families, children, their draft animals and last possessions. A great number of Red Army T-34 tanks had deliberately veered off the road onto its shoulders, where these unfortunates had stopped, their used-up and dwindling number of draft animals too exhausted to continue in the two feet deep April mud. Just like us, alas on the other side of the road, encamped 60 ft off it.

          The Jewish swine and Stalin friend Ehrenburg was the real instigator of this perhaps ritual slaughter, preached daily in their Red Star army paper.

          BUT on that 21st I would not have stopped mourning as only a child can, at a mangled family wagon, had I observed a menorah among its leftovers. Ever since, I have not conflated Ehrenburg and his current, obviously worldwide agenda-setting ilk with the ordinary, non-pot-stirring Jew. You yourself compile the long list of those who disagree with their own historical, current and certainly tomorrow’s misdemeanors, and therefor can’t be arraigned as our enemies.

          Do you possess the necessary intellectual integrity to do that ?
          Or do you claim, that it is not our expressed intention, goal and necessity to become better than them, to honor our sacrifices and assurances to one another yet to come ?

  2. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Thank you for this article.

    “Civil war is on its way in Britain and in many other Western nations. When it arrives, the military and the police are not going to side with the traitors and shabbos goyim at the top.”

    You don’t know how much I want this to be true. I certainly hope you’re right. One way we’ll know we’ve won is when we can post our real names with impunity. Not being able to is yet one more thing adding fuel to the fire.

    If the other side senses, as you do, that civil war is coming, they’re going to pull all of the stops. Between accessing Law Enforcement Databases to find those on the wrong side of the law (many put there by the very people seeking to use them*) or the use of TI’s within the military. Speaking of which, I’m sure the hostile elite throughout the West would just love to microchip their entire respective militaries, and would if they were sure the consequences wouldn’t backfire on them.

    Still, I have to say, though they are certainly very powerful right now, the hostile elite are not as smart as they think they are. And we’re in no way nowhere near as dumb as they constantly protray us. Just the opposite, in both cases. A good thing to keep in mind as one way among many to keep up our spirits.

    *I don’t mean that in the sense of blaming the enemy. I mean that many who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law were simply cornered after having had all doors of opportunity shut on them. I feel deeply for those people, men and women, as it’s a position I barely managed to escape myself.

  3. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    01 Kudos for Orwell and the facts as he saw them early on, seconds before they turned into ” ashes – dust “. Probably Jewish war-mongering with Israel’s RE-creation as its war aims. Facts that were arduously pried from the British archives only after his book, and remainders of which are still classified until after the death of certain personages, privileged to continued protection. All in this ” freest and most transparent and democratic society of all times “: sharing, as consistently reminded by Netanyahu while nestling in, ” Israel’s Western values “.

    02 I read 1984 decades ago and appreciate the reminder of his employ in the BBC, and his persiflage of it; symptomatic off all of them at a quickening pace. Regrettably, these voids, where facts once abided, don’t effect their walls’ bearing capacity in the engineering sense as well.

    03 I apologize, but can’t resist equating your quoted description of those memory holes, with razor-armed chastity belts and me-too.

    04 Reversed, Orwell’s brick and mortar Ministry of Mendacity, becomes Zionism’s nebulous Mendacity of Ministry.

    05 I spent a memorable ten days over Christmas in Harrogate, Yorkshire, with an English friend, attending Heidelberg in 63. Perfection: apparently morphed into the unbearable in the overriding interest of their tribe.

    06 An ” image of Dhaliwal ” is available on the net.

    07 Your citation from the Guardian, that ” two of the girls had learning disabilities “, obliges me to again bring up that swine and MP of the House of Lords, Lord Janner, who took a 15 year old, similarly disabled boy out of a care home, transported him to Edinburgh and sexually abused him in a Holiday Inn room. 25 years of police reported abuse, not acted upon by a complicit Crown Prosecution Service: probably apprehensive about itself being charged in the [[[ media ]]] with anti-Semitic prosecution equating to persecution. Millions wasted in their idiotic off- Broadway, pepper-spray productions to sweep it all under the carpet in full view of a deliberately dumbed down and thoroughly bullshitted electorate.

    Janner, lest I or anyone forgets, was the Vice President of the World Jewish Congress, alongside its 800 million tax-evading Canadian President, fraudster Edgar Bronfman. Both eminently morally qualified to lead their innumerable NYC, WW II home-spun compensation ” Boards “. Defrauding Germany, on just one count, of 57 millions through fabricated victims’ lists, bringing the FBI itself to Berlin. Undoubtedly heavily dined and wined or whined by the local AJC office, explaining the honest clerical kindergarten arithmetic error. While our own impecunious seniors are shipped off by Merkel to cheaper, easterly death watches.

    Enough for the moment, but not finished !

  4. Larry Petersen
    Larry Petersen says:

    These facts go a long way in challenging the governments basic legitimacy and right to govern, and the realization there is no redress of legitimate grievances for white people within this system.

  5. Michael Adkins
    Michael Adkins says:

    Let’s cut to the chase, the Abrahamics will rape as long as the British male allows them to do so.

  6. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    If I may, yet another unsolicited remark on the Russian language.

    If a very rural Russian Jew Kulak were to attempt to read your article HUDDERSFIELD HORRORSHOW he might well commission its translation into Russian, for his local [[[ Community ]]] paper. He might point out to the editor that its Ph.D. author approves of the diversity/bedlam in Huddersfield, because, after all, he himself calls it Horrorshow.

    A word that couldn’t come closer, in transliteration, to the Russian word ” good “, as long as the last syllable is accentuated. Google Russian for good and click on the pronunciation. And at least feign a smile ! We all need one intermittently.

  7. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    Most readers here still don’t seem to understand that Islam, like Christianity (as it became), are both Jewish constructions, with Islam arranged after the fashion of Judaism, incorporating systematic lies and violence.
    See which includes material on Islam and its Jewish basis. In the case of each of these other constructions, there is a myth of hostility with Jews which they are careful to use. Hence the putrefaction of the ‘politicians’ mentioned in the article.

  8. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Tobias, A spot on article.
    A factual but wholly disengenuous counter argument goes something like ‘ White men account for the largest group of paedophiles in the UK’; as if stating the obvious somehow diminishes the actual characteristic of the veritable racist rapers from Pakistan. The girls are ‘white meat’ and ‘who should shut-up for the sake of diversity’. I have conflated two quotes there but both from our rulers- in -waiting. Eerie silence from the “me-too” campaigners?
    In this new perverse political paradigm the labels are evolving with 2nd generation Africans labelled as ‘English’ (Wikipedia) and ‘Whites’ are ‘white British’: a sub-category who need to ‘temper and moderate their language’. Ah yes, black is new white and ‘islamaphobia is the new anti-Semitism’.
    A couple of weeks ago in London-West End a young girl holding a sign to elicit both money and pity. The sign slogan said ” Too ugly for prostitution, too honest too steal”. This said so much about Britain today, a Britain with rabies.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      T G, that sign, whether intentionally or not, obviously spoke volume upon volume not necessarily linked to her financial situation. Regrettably these little vignettes, which say so much, get lost in the greater picture. Thanks for capturing it at least for our minds.

      And good luck on that other Island, on which I repeatedly spent many happy months: whose people I learned to love in equal measure to loathing its elite. Commencing with their 1911 Morocco conference, where it was determined that Germany must be destroyed; not at all negating the ” sole guilt ” clause of Versailles. The Clause bucked by the Germans as contrary to the previous draft or Vorvertrag, but enforced by the Royal Navy post-war blockade, starving, according to its own White Paper, 800,000 of the most vulnerable people to death. Itself peanuts compared to the subsequent Kaufman and Morgenthau plans.

      My Russian Russian-Professor once humorously admonished our seminar, never to ask a Russian how he is – unless prepared for a half hour reply. I probably inadvertently added that chromosome to my DNA during my visits there. My mind wanders but it doesn’t stray.

      • T.Gilligan
        T.Gilligan says:

        Charles, I am a regular reader of the articles on this site and your comments are invariably informative, so thanks.
        Recently read Orwell’s (Eric Blair) biography. He was advised not to criticize Jewry in England at the time. He had financial struggles and worsening health and book publishers & agents were Jewish so toeing -the- line was necessity.
        Seen an lady Indian doctor last week and she self-censored her language by the term ‘asian’. Political correctness is mandatory she informed me: if she has a Pakistani patient and verbally stated during the conversationshe was an Indian to said patient then ‘you are building a wall between you’. Therefore, generic terms only apply.

  9. Jim Russel
    Jim Russel says:

    If you want to know the full story of Eric Blair aka George Orwell, read the 1992 book “The Larger Evils: 1984, The truth behind the satire,” by W. J. West, Canongate Press, Edinburgh.

    The Larger Evils is not presently mentioned in the Wikipedia article on George Orwell, most probably because that book describes the still-secret spying program by MI 5, the real Big Brother.

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