Orbán: EU Leaders are “Slowly But Surely Turning Indigenous Europeans Into a Minority”

The Hungarians recently celebrated the sixty-second anniversary of their 1956 Revolution against communism, which was cruelly put down by the Soviet Union, to which the West responded with purely verbal opposition. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán took the opportunity not only to commemorate the Hungarian struggle for freedom but to explicitly warn his fellow Europeans about the single most important issue facing our civilization and family of nations this century: the reduction of our people to vulnerable minorities in their own historic homelands. As far as I am aware, this is the first time a European head government has explicitly spoken out to defend the interests of “indigenous Europeans”: this ground-breaking and historic event which was under-covered by the mainstream media.

Orbán’s speech makes for inspiring reading and listening. In his opening, he noted that:

According to one of the laws of mathematics, if we multiply two negative numbers, the product is always a positive number. This is a truth which is difficult to comprehend. If we translate this strange truth into the language of history, the main lines of Hungary’s past are suddenly revealed to us. Almost all our revolutions and freedom fights have ended with a negative result: defeat, victims, reprisals. But somehow from all this a positive result has eventually emerged: survival, nation and freedom. 

We should recognize this truth whenever we feel downcast or discouraged at the course of events. I personally am confident that our people can only learn from their mistakes: the greater the suffering, the greater will be our self-correction and our renewal.

Orbán is obsessed with the survival of the Hungarian nation and with the heroism necessary for that survival. While World War I led to the splitting apart of Hungarians in different territorial states, the Soviet occupation after World War II not only ended the country’s freedom but threatened to annihilate “our culture— the Christian Hungarian culture that succeeding generations had created over the course of a thousand years” in “the very heart of Historical Hungary.”

With the end of the Cold War and liberation in 1989, Orbán could not imagine that the destruction of Europe would come from the West through political correctness and displacement-level immigration:

Not even in our dreams could we have imagined that one day . . . European nations, including us Hungarians, would be facing challenges not seen since the distant past. Not even in our dreams could we have imagined that Europe would be endangered not by external military threats, not by American or Russian ambitions, but by itself. Who would have thought that the most successful continent on Earth — which has created the most thriving culture, the most advanced technologies, the world’s best schools and the highest living standards humanity has ever seen— would within a few years be sliding downwards, drifting towards the brink of ruin?

Orbán affirms the importance of national identity and the nation-state in enabling the freedom and dynamism of the European peoples in the modern era. Against globalists pushing for an open-borders “European empire” which coercively imposes Afro-Islamic migrants on free nations, he argues:

European people are born the sons and daughters of nations. When a European comes into this world, they are German, French, Italian, Polish or Hungarian. This is the order of history and nature. When a small child speaks for the first time, they say their first words in Polish, Croatian, Swedish, English — or Hungarian. This is why Europe is different from the other continents. Europe is the homeland of nations, and not a melting pot. And so who would have thought that the imperial idea — which has repeatedly left Europe in ruins – could reappear? Who would have thought that others would seek to tell us who we should live alongside in our own country? Who would have thought that Hungary or Poland would be attacked on the basis of fabrications, or that threats would be leveled at Romania and Slovakia —and even Italy? . . . 

Europe’s greatness, strength and glory has derived from nations both competing and cooperating with one another. Nations have respected one another’s rights, protected the interests of their citizens, were able to cooperate well, and shared the blessings of peace, growth and security. The passion in the hearts of patriots has inspired self-sacrifice, selflessness, scientific breakthroughs and magnificent works of art.

In arguing for a “Europe of Nations” rather than a single, multicultural empire, Orbán is echoing the views of others, such as Raymond Aron, who argued that the homogeneous European nation-state was “the political masterpiece” and “the masterpiece of history,” enabling unprecedented solidarity in societies numbering in the tens of millions.

Orbán says of the globalist vision:

Brussels today is ruled by those who want to replace an alliance of free nations with a European empire: a European empire led not by the elected leaders of nations, but by Brussels bureaucrats. Believers in a European empire are also in government in a number of European countries today. This is how we can know what that brave new world will be like if it is up to them: the appearance of increasing numbers of men of fighting age arriving from other continents and other cultures, within our lifetime shaping European cities in their own image, slowly but surely turning indigenous Europeans into a minority; terror as a part of life in large cities; political manipulation an everyday reality, justified on the grounds of the rule of law; and freedom of speech and the press which only extends as far as the freedom to echo their ideas.

These are surely the most striking elements of our daily reality: ruthless suppression and economic destruction of those voicing ideas and facts incompatible with the ruling elite’s ideology, and the reduction of us “indigenous Europeans” to minorityhood. The reduction to minorityhood of indigenous Europeans will make them live only at the mercy of new Afro-Islamic majorities who will have little inclination to respect our rights or our liberal traditions — the rule of law, freedom of speech, individual rights against the state. Like the Christian minority of Lebanon, the Serbian minority of Kosovo, or the Tibetan minority of Tibet (already submerged by Chinese immigration), the Europeans would live under constant threat, beholden to an alien and hostile majority.

Orbán observes the mass immigration into Europe, and particularly the invasion of some two million migrants from 2015 onward at the instigation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, was allowed willingly by the EU’s leaders despite the opposition of public opinion:

Those who want to mold the European Union into a European empire are all, without exception, supporters of immigration. They have made the admission of migrants the litmus test of being European, and expect every country and nation to become multicultural without delay. Now we can see that they deliberately failed to use their enormous police and military capability, and they deliberately failed to defend Europe from the migrant masses. If we were able to do it, they could have done so too. What was lacking was not the ability, but the will. Even today, the Brussels vanguard and the other leaders who are opposed to nation states see migration as a chance, an opportunity. They see it as a chance to replace the European Union of nation states with a multicultural empire of mixed populations, smoothed into a unity: a Europe without nation states; an elite separated from its national roots; an alliance with multinational power groups; a coalition with financial speculators. This would be paradise for George Soros.

Orbán is being realistic: and in line with Western political thinkers since Plato and Aristotle: a diverse citizenry, lacking any common identity or solidarity, is far easier to control and exploit by unscrupulous elites who themselves, of course, are very attached to their own identity and group solidarity. Critics of European integration have indeed long noted that many involved in the project seemed to reduce human beings to mere rootless atoms, which can easily be manipulated by international forces.

For Orbán, Soros is the personification of globalism and the forces that would destroy Hungary, often seen as an appeal to anti-Semitism. Haaretz:

One of Fidesz’s campaign ads warned that “the day after the election, the opposition will start to settle migrants in the country,” urging voters to stop “Soros’ people” from forming the government.

Orbán’s campaign against Soros is omnipresent in Hungary. Hungarian media have even reported that schoolchildren believe he’s “the devil” and use his name as an epithet on the playground. The morning after the election, Soros’ face is still plastered on Fidesz party posters and stickers all over central Budapest….

The campaign against Soros has long been criticized for using subtle – and not-so-subtle – anti-Semitic language and imagery. 

Returning to Orbán’s speech, he urges us choose nationhood over globalism:

Let us choose independence and the cooperation of nations over global governance and supervision. Let us reject the ideology of globalism, and instead support the culture of patriotism. The world can be richer and mankind can be better if the earth is populated by the diverse world of nations. We believe that every nation is special and unique in its own way, and can be a shining light in that segment of the world which is entrusted to it.

He is convinced of the value of families, historical knowledge, and patriotic feeling to a society’s flourishing:

We believe in strong families, we look upon our history and traditions as something exceptional, we celebrate our heroes – and, above all, we love our country. We do not want to surrender it – and shall not surrender it – in order to accept any empire or global governance. We do not want to erase our national feelings, but in fact we want to encourage them and set them free to release and liberate the capabilities and talents within Hungarian people. 

In a sea of betrayal among Western political leaders, Viktor Orbán’s has been a lonely voice warning us what is to come. He has affirmed the importance of European nations’ demographic and cultural recovery again and again, as necessary to our civic freedom and indeed to our very survival. Let those who have ears, listen. Given the recent spread of populist governments, opposed to immigration and supportive of European fertility, in Poland, Austria, Italy, and elsewhere, it seems that many are indeed awakening.

In commemorating the Hungarian struggle for freedom, Orbán spoke of the survival “indigenous Europeans.” In doing so, the Hungarian prime minister was speaking out for freedom of all Europeans. “Indigenous Europeans”: this is a concept which all European patriots must come to embrace!

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