Orbán: EU Leaders are “Slowly But Surely Turning Indigenous Europeans Into a Minority”

The Hungarians recently celebrated the sixty-second anniversary of their 1956 Revolution against communism, which was cruelly put down by the Soviet Union, to which the West responded with purely verbal opposition. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán took the opportunity not only to commemorate the Hungarian struggle for freedom but to explicitly warn his fellow Europeans about the single most important issue facing our civilization and family of nations this century: the reduction of our people to vulnerable minorities in their own historic homelands. As far as I am aware, this is the first time a European head government has explicitly spoken out to defend the interests of “indigenous Europeans”: this ground-breaking and historic event which was under-covered by the mainstream media.

Orbán’s speech makes for inspiring reading and listening. In his opening, he noted that:

According to one of the laws of mathematics, if we multiply two negative numbers, the product is always a positive number. This is a truth which is difficult to comprehend. If we translate this strange truth into the language of history, the main lines of Hungary’s past are suddenly revealed to us. Almost all our revolutions and freedom fights have ended with a negative result: defeat, victims, reprisals. But somehow from all this a positive result has eventually emerged: survival, nation and freedom. 

We should recognize this truth whenever we feel downcast or discouraged at the course of events. I personally am confident that our people can only learn from their mistakes: the greater the suffering, the greater will be our self-correction and our renewal.

Orbán is obsessed with the survival of the Hungarian nation and with the heroism necessary for that survival. While World War I led to the splitting apart of Hungarians in different territorial states, the Soviet occupation after World War II not only ended the country’s freedom but threatened to annihilate “our culture— the Christian Hungarian culture that succeeding generations had created over the course of a thousand years” in “the very heart of Historical Hungary.”

With the end of the Cold War and liberation in 1989, Orbán could not imagine that the destruction of Europe would come from the West through political correctness and displacement-level immigration:

Not even in our dreams could we have imagined that one day . . . European nations, including us Hungarians, would be facing challenges not seen since the distant past. Not even in our dreams could we have imagined that Europe would be endangered not by external military threats, not by American or Russian ambitions, but by itself. Who would have thought that the most successful continent on Earth — which has created the most thriving culture, the most advanced technologies, the world’s best schools and the highest living standards humanity has ever seen— would within a few years be sliding downwards, drifting towards the brink of ruin?

Orbán affirms the importance of national identity and the nation-state in enabling the freedom and dynamism of the European peoples in the modern era. Against globalists pushing for an open-borders “European empire” which coercively imposes Afro-Islamic migrants on free nations, he argues:

European people are born the sons and daughters of nations. When a European comes into this world, they are German, French, Italian, Polish or Hungarian. This is the order of history and nature. When a small child speaks for the first time, they say their first words in Polish, Croatian, Swedish, English — or Hungarian. This is why Europe is different from the other continents. Europe is the homeland of nations, and not a melting pot. And so who would have thought that the imperial idea — which has repeatedly left Europe in ruins – could reappear? Who would have thought that others would seek to tell us who we should live alongside in our own country? Who would have thought that Hungary or Poland would be attacked on the basis of fabrications, or that threats would be leveled at Romania and Slovakia —and even Italy? . . . 

Europe’s greatness, strength and glory has derived from nations both competing and cooperating with one another. Nations have respected one another’s rights, protected the interests of their citizens, were able to cooperate well, and shared the blessings of peace, growth and security. The passion in the hearts of patriots has inspired self-sacrifice, selflessness, scientific breakthroughs and magnificent works of art.

In arguing for a “Europe of Nations” rather than a single, multicultural empire, Orbán is echoing the views of others, such as Raymond Aron, who argued that the homogeneous European nation-state was “the political masterpiece” and “the masterpiece of history,” enabling unprecedented solidarity in societies numbering in the tens of millions.

Orbán says of the globalist vision:

Brussels today is ruled by those who want to replace an alliance of free nations with a European empire: a European empire led not by the elected leaders of nations, but by Brussels bureaucrats. Believers in a European empire are also in government in a number of European countries today. This is how we can know what that brave new world will be like if it is up to them: the appearance of increasing numbers of men of fighting age arriving from other continents and other cultures, within our lifetime shaping European cities in their own image, slowly but surely turning indigenous Europeans into a minority; terror as a part of life in large cities; political manipulation an everyday reality, justified on the grounds of the rule of law; and freedom of speech and the press which only extends as far as the freedom to echo their ideas.

These are surely the most striking elements of our daily reality: ruthless suppression and economic destruction of those voicing ideas and facts incompatible with the ruling elite’s ideology, and the reduction of us “indigenous Europeans” to minorityhood. The reduction to minorityhood of indigenous Europeans will make them live only at the mercy of new Afro-Islamic majorities who will have little inclination to respect our rights or our liberal traditions — the rule of law, freedom of speech, individual rights against the state. Like the Christian minority of Lebanon, the Serbian minority of Kosovo, or the Tibetan minority of Tibet (already submerged by Chinese immigration), the Europeans would live under constant threat, beholden to an alien and hostile majority.

Orbán observes the mass immigration into Europe, and particularly the invasion of some two million migrants from 2015 onward at the instigation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, was allowed willingly by the EU’s leaders despite the opposition of public opinion:

Those who want to mold the European Union into a European empire are all, without exception, supporters of immigration. They have made the admission of migrants the litmus test of being European, and expect every country and nation to become multicultural without delay. Now we can see that they deliberately failed to use their enormous police and military capability, and they deliberately failed to defend Europe from the migrant masses. If we were able to do it, they could have done so too. What was lacking was not the ability, but the will. Even today, the Brussels vanguard and the other leaders who are opposed to nation states see migration as a chance, an opportunity. They see it as a chance to replace the European Union of nation states with a multicultural empire of mixed populations, smoothed into a unity: a Europe without nation states; an elite separated from its national roots; an alliance with multinational power groups; a coalition with financial speculators. This would be paradise for George Soros.

Orbán is being realistic: and in line with Western political thinkers since Plato and Aristotle: a diverse citizenry, lacking any common identity or solidarity, is far easier to control and exploit by unscrupulous elites who themselves, of course, are very attached to their own identity and group solidarity. Critics of European integration have indeed long noted that many involved in the project seemed to reduce human beings to mere rootless atoms, which can easily be manipulated by international forces.

For Orbán, Soros is the personification of globalism and the forces that would destroy Hungary, often seen as an appeal to anti-Semitism. Haaretz:

One of Fidesz’s campaign ads warned that “the day after the election, the opposition will start to settle migrants in the country,” urging voters to stop “Soros’ people” from forming the government.

Orbán’s campaign against Soros is omnipresent in Hungary. Hungarian media have even reported that schoolchildren believe he’s “the devil” and use his name as an epithet on the playground. The morning after the election, Soros’ face is still plastered on Fidesz party posters and stickers all over central Budapest….

The campaign against Soros has long been criticized for using subtle – and not-so-subtle – anti-Semitic language and imagery. 

Returning to Orbán’s speech, he urges us choose nationhood over globalism:

Let us choose independence and the cooperation of nations over global governance and supervision. Let us reject the ideology of globalism, and instead support the culture of patriotism. The world can be richer and mankind can be better if the earth is populated by the diverse world of nations. We believe that every nation is special and unique in its own way, and can be a shining light in that segment of the world which is entrusted to it.

He is convinced of the value of families, historical knowledge, and patriotic feeling to a society’s flourishing:

We believe in strong families, we look upon our history and traditions as something exceptional, we celebrate our heroes – and, above all, we love our country. We do not want to surrender it – and shall not surrender it – in order to accept any empire or global governance. We do not want to erase our national feelings, but in fact we want to encourage them and set them free to release and liberate the capabilities and talents within Hungarian people. 

In a sea of betrayal among Western political leaders, Viktor Orbán’s has been a lonely voice warning us what is to come. He has affirmed the importance of European nations’ demographic and cultural recovery again and again, as necessary to our civic freedom and indeed to our very survival. Let those who have ears, listen. Given the recent spread of populist governments, opposed to immigration and supportive of European fertility, in Poland, Austria, Italy, and elsewhere, it seems that many are indeed awakening.

In commemorating the Hungarian struggle for freedom, Orbán spoke of the survival “indigenous Europeans.” In doing so, the Hungarian prime minister was speaking out for freedom of all Europeans. “Indigenous Europeans”: this is a concept which all European patriots must come to embrace!

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  1. Karl Nemmersdorf
    Karl Nemmersdorf says:

    And why are the leaders of Western Europe not speaking like this? Because the High Culture of the West (AD 1000-1968), the high culture of the West European nations, the successor of the Classical High Culture, is dead. The Polish, Czech, and Hungarian nations were not part of this High Culture, and are not plagued by the sickness that killed the West. (Good for them.) The border of the High Culture lay at the boundary of the German/Slav junction. This is, at least, some evidence for this theory of mine. These Central European nations retain their healthy in-group instincts. No Rotherhams for them!

    • Framp
      Framp says:

      “The Polish, Czech, and Hungarian nations were not part of this High Culture, and are not plagued by the sickness that killed the West.”

      This is rather inexact. At best the cited nations had been a bit peripherial, nevertheless thoroughly mainstream. The difference is only the post-WW2 period. Under communism each country was ethnically fenced in, with next to none cross-border movement. The nations turned to family life, and relligion where it was strong, like in Poland, but not among the Czechs, who are largely atheistic. Social life was vivid, but celebrated in small circles. Everybody in this part of Europe understood well, that there is nothing to be done on the higher level, so people cared for themselves and waited.
      Thanks to subsequent “progress” this vivid social life is no more. People are more atomized, i.e. individualistic.
      There is another important, underreported factor –
      communism here was quite puritan in its own way. For example there was next to no prostituton (with pockets around hotels for foreigners, used by Secret Service to invigilate the visitors) and virtually no pornography.
      To sum it up, the most important difference beetween so-called Western and Eastern Europe is that the Eastern part is comparatively backward in terms of brainwashing, which only started here around 1990. But the PC forces are working dilligently to overcome our “backwardness”. Thanks God, there is still a lot to be done to close the gap with more advanced West.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:


      01 I was thinking of you and yours, when I commented on TOQlive Announcement. Some considered interviewees should not allow themselves to be featured undisguised prematurely. Do you agree ?

      02 A Czech Professor of History once told our seminar, that even ethnic Czechs had the peculiar habit of describing their own as ‘ Germans ‘, if they spoke also German and were of higher education and successful.

      03 I think, that ” High Culture ” went well beyond the Slav/Hungarian borders. Think of Christianity, that magnificent architecture of Budapest and their other minor and major towns and capitals. Think of the Dual-Monarchy and ‘ Bohemia ‘. Don’t forget St. Petersburg, where French was used.

      04 East Berlin had an uprising already in 1953, three years before Hungary. Which latter we glibly encouraged, only to stand around with our hands in our pockets when it happened. Of course support of 1956 didn’t rise to the occasion of even a regional conflict among nuclear powers, but why didn’t our experts, for once, keep their undereducated, undergraduate goddamned mouths shut ? Irving, in his 1956 describes the continued Jewish dictatorship, after that, best.

      Like the God Paris, lob the apple of discontent into the circle: then hightail it.

      05 It’s a delight, on You Tube, to observe that leader of UKIP and MEP Farage make kindling of those pompous, bought and paid for Chief Kommissars and pluck their goslings.

      06 That Brussels cacophony would be incomplete without the omnipresent and as always omniscient input of the Jews. Jockeying for NATO membership, Friends of Israel addressing all sorts of sub-Kommissariats as well as full Parliament. Ditto for Friends of the IDF, hubristically including their officers and Commando Leaders. Not to forget the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, Baron, MP Sacks, MBE, with hectoring and admonishing speeches, somewhat more aggressive than the last one cited here recently.

      07 Of course a European Empire will not suffice for [[[ them ]]], it will have to be flanked by a Russian Empire reaching from its western borders to the Sea of Japan. Whittled on daily by scripted CNN’s reindeers Tapper, Donna and Blitzen.

      08 I don’t disagree with a single word or sentiment in Orban’s address. Have you noticed the exclusively worthwhile faces of the crowds ? When he spoke of
      [ unappreciated ] attention/interference from the Reich, I felt that the applause was meant against Merkel.

      • Karl N.
        Karl N. says:

        Charles, I was thinking of doing it if asked. (I didn’t think I would be asked for quite a long time, if ever, anyway.) One has to risk something after all. I don’t have to worry about my job, and I’m pretty sure I appear in a Jewish file somewhere already.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          Karl, I fervently hope, that you are not overconfident about anything, including your job, if you have listened to and viewed the Aljazeera videos intently. A veritable handbook of their MO.

          Did you count the number of times, that the verb ” smear ” was excreted from their instructors’ mouths. What, exactly, would your employer be forced to do, if several parents were apprised of your, let’s say pedophilia.

          If you were asked to be interviewed, at least agree to be filmed from behind, with a preamble explanation, that everyone who read the Protocols or watched the Aljazeera exposes would understand and agree with; without detracting from your contribution.

          A tad premature Froehliche Weihnachten !

  2. Framp
    Framp says:

    PM Orban’s speech read in its entirety is first-class. Substitute in it the Hungarian surnames, places and events with the German ones and it could have been given by the Chancellor and Fuhrer himself.
    Very nice of him to mention brotherly Poland positively.

    And a historical proverb (in Poland usually shortened to the first two verses):

    in Polish:
    Polak, Węgier – dwa bratanki,
    i do szabli, i do szklanki,
    oba zuchy, oba żwawi,
    niech im Pan Bóg błogosławi.

    in Hungarian:
    Lengyel, magyar – két jó barát,
    Együtt harcol s issza borát,
    Vitéz s bátor mindkettője,
    Áldás szálljon mindkettőre.

    Exact translation of the Polish version may be as follows:

    A Pole and a Hungarian – two [pair of] nephews,
    [fit] To the sabre, [and] to the glass [tumbler],
    Both [are] stout-hearted fellows, both [are] brisk [lively],
    May them the Lord bless.

    Though the languages are quite impenetrable to each other’s people, but mutual sympathy is real. It’s a true blessing that both nations have patriotic leaders, who are on the same wavelength (professor Jarosław Kaczyński on the Polish side).

  3. HMK
    HMK says:

    It is great to hear someone with courage to speak the truth. It is just a matter of time before the citizens of other European countries elect leaders with the same sentiment.

  4. Prof. W.
    Prof. W. says:

    It isn’t accurate to describe what the (((globalist))) are ruthlessly pursuing as a ‘European empire’. ‘Jewish empire’ would be more to the point.

    A truly European empire would be the greatest thing in the world, protecting and strengthening European DNA and not attempting to poison and genocide it, rejecting Jewish interests and ambitions once and for all time. An empire built on truth and European vision, brilliance and beauty and not Jewish lies and violence and degeneracy.

    When the public discourse gets to that point and we have genuine leaders opposing Jewish hegemony I’ll be happy.

    So may it be.

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Franklin Ryckaert says:

      Yes, the attempt to destroy all European countries by mass non-White immigration is a Jewish plot. The Jews cannot function however on their own due to their small number. Thus they have co-opted European traitors who work for them and are mostly the “public face” of the plot. Together they form the “hostile elite” Kevin MacDonald talks about.

      The Jewish motivation is four-fold :
      1) Paranoia, 2) Supremacism, 3) Revenge, 4) Destructiveness.
      Jews fear “another Holocaust” and to prevent that from happening they have decided to reduce European populations to impotent minorities. But pathological paranoia is not their only motivation. Europeans due to their intelligence, creativity and spirit of freedom constitute a major obstacle to Jewish world domination. Therefore they have to be neutralized. Jews also want to take revenge on Europeans for centuries of perceived persecution culminating in the Holocaust. Finally Jews like to destroy for the sake of destruction. One can see that in the way they eagerly try to corrupt the culture of Europeans.

      There are only about one million Jews in Europe. Instead of letting them destroy us in order for them to feel happy, it would be cheaper to send them all to Israel. That is, not only the little Jews or the middle Jews, but also the top Jews, who control finance, politics and media.

      No real violent persecution of Jews is necessary to make them leave Europe. Only the sense of “rising anti-Semitism” is enough. For example Jeremy Corbin’s critical attitude towards Israel is enough to make 40% of British Jews consider emigration. See :

      • Framp
        Framp says:

        “No real violent persecution of Jews is necessary to make them leave Europe. Only the sense of “rising anti-Semitism” is enough.”

        Unfortunately, it may not be the case. The Jew will cry insecurity and oppression even under protection of an armored division for each. This is the trick they play. It’s clearly visible in their present state. It’s armed forces, with hundreds of nukes, are already able to destroy the whole world ten times over, but when a Palestinian volleys a stone over the Gaza Wall they shout a new Hoxyco$t is coming.
        This is a faked paranoia used to get yet more from the goyim in every way and form. After all they are the most persecuted ones, by mentally sick goyim, who are unjustifiably hostile, arguably due to a genetic defect (not yet scientifically proven, but science progresses).
        It would be of greatest value to finally accept, that there is no way to satisfy a Jew. Their endless dissatisfaction is eternal. But there is hope, too. They may psychoanalyze one another Freudian-style and overcome their multitude paranoias, but they need to want it. With young generation it’s much easier – it’s sufficient to stop brainwashing them towards paranoias and the paranoias will not develop.

      • Curmudgeon
        Curmudgeon says:

        Well put Franklin. I would add that YHWH is the Destroyer.
        I find it interesting that even self declared non-religious/secular Jews seem to be hardwired to create havoc and be a victim.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Correct. The leadership of Poland and Hungary, and all the other east European leaders, deal with Israel and praise/defend their national Jews, denounce antisemitism and worship the Holocaust fable which demonizes National Socialist Germany. It was National Socialist Germany that removed the overwhelming population of Jews from Poland and from Hungary too. And you better believe they don’t want them back, but they won’t say so.

      These states always have and continue to receive money from the West, which they are loathe to give up. Why not leave the EU and be truly independent and ethnically pure? They hope to have their cake and eat it too. The least they could do is to stop playing the anti-nazi game just to keep getting the special aid. Poles also behave like Africans/Jews by moving in droves into Western Europe to work and live. They don’t plan to ever leave either. The Polish government supports that, meaning Poland is a failed state. Without feeding off the EU and the United States, Poland would return to the dump it always was. Mr. Durocher ignores that, as he ignores so many realities because of his anti-Hitler world view. That is the source of it.

      The truth is that Adolf Hitler was making Europe what it SHOULD BE and he was stopped by the Jewish power which had totally infiltrated the Allied powers. This is the only truth that can save us. Sticking with the Jewish narrative yet trying to remain ‘independent’ will never work in the long run. They will come after you too.

      • Franklin Ryckaert
        Franklin Ryckaert says:

        “It was National Socialist Germany that removed the overwhelming population of Jews from Poland and from Hungary too.”

        Yes that was 3 million Jews from Poland and 400,000 from Hungary and what happened with them after they were “removed” ? Hitler wanted to “remove” also millions of Slavs from Poland, Ukraine and Russia, but that was fine because he was making Europe “as it SHOULD BE”, right ?

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Franklin, you are just plain wrong but keep repeating the same lines because you don’t have a real argument on this score (plus you get your numbers from Wikipedia). Hitler did NOT “want to remove millions of Slavs from Poland, Ukraine and Russia.”

          It was the NS government and party that set about rebuilding/renovating the Polish infrastructure as soon as the battles were won. Germans organized the population and made the territory livable again. It wasn’t called “Poland” anymore (officially) and wasn’t going to be either. There has not always been a named Polish state, you know. The Poles were better off materially (and would have continued to be) under German administration, but their thing has always been that some of them demand “independence” and their own “glorious” Polish republic on the map.

          But the point I need to make is that while around 3 million Jews were eventually removed from the General Government, there was not another 3 million Poles who disappeared. NO. That comes from playing with population figures, and is well researched info but censored. See
          http://carolynyeager.net/search-wwii-mass-graves and then try to refute it. You won’t be able to; that’s why you come up with your emotional arguments.

          NS Germany would have done the same with Ukraine and western Russia. In both places, they had programs to educate and support the local populations as soon as they moved into an area. It was Jews and Bolshevik hardliners who undermined that in their violent ways. It was an ideological battle that was taking place; the only people the NS’s wanted removed were the bolsheviks. Why do you defend bolsheviks and Jews over white Germanic people? You are Germanic yourself.

          • Franklin Ryckaert
            Franklin Ryckaert says:

            “…Germans organized the population and made the territory livable again… It wasn’t called ‘Poland’ anymore…The Poles were better off materially(and would have continued to be under German administration…”

            Even if things were as “innocent” as you depict (and the Wikipedia article about ‘Nazi crimes against the Polish nation’ is all a lie), still people have the strange wish not to be “organized” or “administrated” by foreigners. That would be COLONIALISM and is resented by all healthy nationalist nations.
            And no, we Dutch didn’t like to be “organized” or be “administrated” by the Germans either. That’s why we had a RESISTANCE, of which my father was a part, so you now understand my attitude (and of 99,99% of the Dutch population).

          • Framp
            Framp says:

            Yes, the infrastructure was rebuilt, and the Poles were arguably better off.

            For a society to live it’s good to have a functioning infrastructure. Its reconstruction is often inevitable, especially after wars. The reconstruction may be seen as an expression of victors’ generosity.
            Besides, wartime Poland squandered no money or other resources on follies, like military, because she was under protection of the mighty German forces. This allowed to redirect at least 1 million men to more useful tasks, like rebuilding infrastructure.

            Besides, wartime Poland economized in many other ways. For example, schooling ended at vocational level. No higher education for Poles – total waste of time and resources. In exchange the brightest Poles, admittedly few in number, got unique opportunity to excel as shoemakers, bricklayers or welders (welders were in high demand). This way they immediately started contributing to the wealth of the nation.
            The above and other measures were very beneficial for Poles, because the single most important thing for everybody is to be better off.

            Sadly, the ever dissatisfied and rebellious Poles didn’t appreciate all the good bestowed on them by generous Germany. Maybe they inbreeded too much with Jews (this explains the whole thing), etc., etc., etc..

            It’s only wise to attack a subject concentrating all your force at one point. For example, otherwise valueless light, transformed by a laser can be a formidable weapon. Accordingly, let’s all pray for resurrection of National Socialism, which will make all of us better off again.

          • Carolyn Yeagerc
            Carolyn Yeagerc says:

            Congratulations to your father for helping to make Europe safe for Jews. I can see you are so proud of him. Plus he named you after the great patron of Jews, Franklin Roosevelt!
            And even today, the Dutch are still proud of themselves for resisting Adolf Hitler and protecting Jews, yet there you are pretending to be fighting for a Jewish-free Europe. It staggers the mind! Oh, but you insist on it being through humane measures because God forbid the colonialist Dutch should be known as a cruel or racist people.

            ” … people have the strange wish not to be “organized” or “administrated” by foreigners.” True, but the thing is, if you always do what people WANT rather than what they NEED, you end up with what we have today.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Framp —
            I had hoped you might address the actions of the Republic of Poland, created by the dictate of the Versailles Treaty, toward its minority German population. Then you might become an honorable Pole. What you wrote is clever in its way, but totally avoids taking any responsibility for what befell your people after they THOUGHT they had Germany by the balls.

            The German-Polish war was YOUR idea. Hitler set aside the legitimate interests of his own people trying to avoid that war. But the Polish leaders pressed on, secretly encouraged by the British Foreign Office and President Roosevelt. Poland had even mobilized days before. Germany had legitimate claim to Danzig, plus ethnic Germans were being terrorized and killed while appeals fell on deaf ears. So on Sept. 1, 1939, Poland’s doom was set; German forces invaded with strength. But lo and behold, neither France nor Great Britain joined in on Poland’s side. They declared war on Germany and then sat back and watched the slaughter.

            Considering the 20 years of misrule of all the minorities in Poland’s Republic, why would the Poles be treated any better in defeat than they had treated Germans and others after their defeat in 1918? So they didn’t have access to higher education. They had to do physical labor and building construction. What cruelty! At least they had clean water and places to live, food and family life, their schools and churches were open,utilizing the Polish language. That was much better than the minorities of the 2nd Polish Republic had been treated. It was the National Socialists who saw to that.

            After rebuilding Warsaw, the Poles destroyed their own capital in 1944 in their pointless Warsaw Uprising which the Germans had to put down, losing 3,000 German soldiers and 9000 wounded. Polish stupidity knows no limits. However, it’s okay because the USA would rebuild their country for them, and they could only benefit from showing the world the terrible destruction suffered by their country. In this, they didn’t want to be outdone by the Germans again. Although they were.

            But now, you all know better than NS Germany. You will not make those mistakes again. Yes, you are forging forward with your new Jew-friendly, Israel-trading, populist governments into a new day for Europe. Who can denounce those horrible National Socialists the loudest? Who can denounce antisemitism with the most punitive laws? You are not racists; everyone is equal and must be treated the same. Europe without nazi Germans will be better off.

            Go for it.

          • Franklin Ryckaert
            Franklin Ryckaert says:

            @Carolyn Yeager

            “…After rebuilding Warsaw, the Poles destroyed their own capital in 1944 in their pointless Warsaw Uprising which the Germans had to put down, losing 3,000 German soldiers and 9000 wounded. Polish stupidity knows no limits…”

            Yes the Warsaw uprising was “stupid” of the Poles since Germany was clearly losing the war and would soon leave the city anyway, but they didn’t “destroy their own capital”, that is what the Germans did and with characteristic German thoroughness : 80-90% of its buildings were destroyed, including all cultural monuments (but was Hitler not supposed to be an “artist within a warlord”?), and in the process 800,000 Polish civilians were killed. But you complain about 3,000 dead German soldiers and 9,000 wounded who “had to ” do it ?

            There is no understanding possible between NS and WN.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            It’s well known that Himmler ordered the destruction of all buildings from which polish snipers were aiming at and killing German soldiers. Just another example of how Poles are their own worst enemy.


            (Mod. Note: Carolyn, please stick to the mission statement of TOO, and desist from going into long-winded disagreements with other commenters over minutiae of “the past”. It’s “the current year”, after all. Thanks.)

      • Framp
        Framp says:

        You obviously don’t like to mince words.
        Good for you.
        It’s an undeniable fact that Poland received a generous gift from National Socialist Germany in the form of cleansing off the country from Jews. However Soviet Union’s contribution in the process was more sizable, as it incorporated Eastern Poland, where most Jews had lived or run away to from advancing German forces from the West.
        After barbaric expulsion of Germans from German lands incorporated into Poland in the aftermath of the war Poland, previously always multi-ethnic state, emerged as ethnically homogeneous society – in essence the only valuable result of the war for Poland.
        Indeed Poland gets money from Brussels, some 12B Euro last year, it looks impressive. This is some 2,3% of Poland’s GDP. If you have any grasp of economy, think about the following facts. Polish exports for 2016 was around $200B, 2/3 of which was achieved by foreign, i.e Western exporters residing in Poland. This alone shows, that Poland gets (low) wages, while Western companies get all profits. In exchange Poland gets E12B from Brussels, seemingly for free. And Poland is a substantial importer from the West, too. Under communism there were no Western products on the shelves, but lately I saw a garbage truck servicing my neighborhood, it was a brand new Mercedes.
        In short, the West makes good profit on Poland, which is more like an European version of China, not a parasite. It’s us who
        work for others.
        When Poland was promoted to the exclusive European club, we got also the freedom of movement. Unemployment here was severe, wages low, many left for work. Be assured that not the people left. The best live here very comfortably. Typical Polish emigre is a worker, single person or a father, who supports his family at home. A telling example Vienna. Large numbers of Poles work there, as a rule they return home for weekends, often trying to do their quota in four days in order to return on Thursday night. In the middle of the Sunday night they travel back, to start working early Monday.
        If Polish emigres don’t unconditionally adjust to local customs and laws, they should be expelled back without hesitation. If it’s not done it’s the fault of host countries and societies. For me the Brits are free to drown them in the sea.
        I personally don’t know of a single family, which emigrated, but I know a divorced mother, who returned from Britain with three kids (all Britons by birth, white British father), having lived there for almost 20 years.
        It’s easy to hector overseas developments from the comfort of America, which however has been on all fours vis a vis Jews for at least a 100 years.
        You kind of suggest that Poland should rebel and leave the EU and enjoy happy life, but it will not be done because greedy Poles prefer money for nothing. I hope I have hinted it may be otherwise.
        History of this part of Europe is very complicated. Simplified approach doesn’t help. Germans are outstanding people, arguably the best in this part of Europe, but not only them were harmed and not only them deserve honorable life.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          To Framp …
          1. You’ve left out a lot of history. The Jews rushed into the Russian eastern section, yes, and then continued eastward with the Red Army. The Wehrmacht continued fighting the Jewish partisans and clearing them out as they battled eastward over a huge territory. That’s why they didn’t come back to Poland. Also Poles did plenty of their own ethnic cleansing, with murderous enmity between Poles and Ukrainians killing many tens of thousands of each other in 1943.

          2 /3. Why does Poland need foreign (Western) businessmen, up to 2/3!, in order to have profitable exporting companies? What’s wrong with Polish people? You get low wages when your job performance doesn’t warrant higher wages. If Poles are relegated to “working for others,” it’s not anyone’s fault. It’s the reality of business/economy.

          4. Don’t blame me for being American. I would never complain and I count my blessings, but my heart is German, along with my blood. You suggest it’s the “complicated history” that causes Poles to be the way they are. That’s the excuse Liberals/Globalists and people like Merkel always use to renounce the clear-headed solutions offered by the Right/Nationalists.

          Are you suggesting that Germans have ever wanted to deny Poles ‘honorable life?’ Germans were always the best friends Poles had. Still, Poles always dreamed of taking German land and property. How can you justify the current demand that Germany pay reparations to Poland for the 1939 war … in the billions, says Jaroslaw Kaczinski !! Is that necessary for honorable life?

          You seem like a reasonable person, and even honorable. Germans and Poles should be friends; I don’t think that when they’re not it’s the fault of the Germans. I can say that Polish food is tastier than German food. I regularly buy a brand of Polish sausage made locally by a Polish family business. I can’t be all bad.

          • Framp
            Framp says:

            Germany invaded Soviet Union almost two years after Soviets had incorporated Eastern Poland. Please, take it at face value, that Bolsheviks exterminated all capable Poles (they had almost two years to do this, and they did it, with true Bolshevik efficiency). In the first hours after German attack they murdered off all prisoners in overfilled prisons. Surviving Poles were defenseless and remained defenseless. Subsequent carnage was a one-sided event, simply put Ukrainians murdered off remaining Poles. Like it or not, but this is plain truth. It’s irrelevant to point to this or other Ukrainian victim.
            I would gladly accept a part of guilt on the Polish side, at least in the name of unity of European peoples and our future, but I am at a loss, as there is none. This case is crystal clear.

            I share your “Germans were always the best friends Poles had.” to substantial extent. Limited space prevents me from responding fully.

            I don’t follow political theater in Poland. I remember Kaczyński might have said something to this effect, but I don’t remember when and on what occasion. I remember there were some reparations paid by Germany to some Polish individuals, some 30 years ago, possibly for “slave labor”. Back then I was an avid consumer of media productions. If memory serves me well, this matter was reported rather bashfully.
            I know (more correctly, I sense) that Poles want no reparations from anybody for anything.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            This is my last reply, but I really hope I will be allowed to answer. We were talking about Polish Jews, not Poles, supposedly 3 million of them. The Soviets killed many Poles, in the 10s of thousands it is true, but what happened to the 3 mil Jews? They deserted Poland for Russia, thanks to the Germans. Later they went to Israel, the U.S. and assorted other places.

            It’s wrong to play down the Ukrainian victims of the Polish nationalists just because you haven’t been told about it or are not interested. There was equal slaughter on both sides, but the Ukrainians may have gotten the better of the Poles. Revenge for the 2nd Polish Republic, you know, which was especially brutal to the Ukrainian minority.

            You wrote “I would gladly accept a part of guilt on the Polish side, at least in the name of unity of European peoples and our future, but I am at a loss, as there is none.”
            Wow! I’m not sure if you’re speaking about the Ukrainians or the Germans, but in either case, Wow! That’s on a level with pleading ignorance of the Polish reparations claims. https://www.dw.com/en/polish-president-seeks-wwii-reparations-from-germany/a-46063174
            Poland is not bashful about it.
            If you don’t keep up with Poland’s political news, maybe you shouldn’t be commenting as an expert on Polish/Hungarian goodness and deservedness. You conveniently dismiss/ignore that which doesn’t fit that picture.

  5. Michael Crew
    Michael Crew says:

    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Facebook will not allow me to even post this one sentence. Think about that.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Well, being who and what they are they probably do not appreciate the author of those 14 words, even though he has been dead for over a decade. Or, maybe Alan Berg has been elevated to Talmudic sainthood. Who knows?

  6. Tom
    Tom says:

    Personally, I don’t see a nation of men allowing they and their countries to be invaded and colonized by foreign walk-ins. I don’t think it’s in the instinctual nature of men. But it certainly is in the nature of women, with their uncritical nurturing sensibilities that they now cast far and wide to all of humanity since many do not even have personal children to fixate their gazes upon. So foreigners become a sort of substitute children for them. Western man has failed to control the anarchic matriarchy implicit in modern women and we are paying the price for this. It’s entirely possible that Islam will conquer the west because it knows how to conquer its women. But by the time foolish and short-sighted western women realize this, it will be too late. It’s hard to win a war against invaders when half of a native population is determined to aid the enemy.

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Franklin Ryckaert says:

      I’m not so sure if that is correct. Of course images of women with placards saying “Refugees Welcome” may create that impression. Furthermore, irrational feminists try to play down the rape plague by Muslims of which they themselves are the victims, but such women may be a minority. It is perhaps the same as with interracial marriages. Fewer white women are so inclined than white men.

  7. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    Irony of ironies. Even as Soviets lorded over Hungarians, they didn’t threaten Hungarian national identity and integrity. Soviets maintained strict borders. Soviets invaded in 1956 but with tanks and ONLY to restore communist order. Soviets were not trying to replace Hungarians with Russians or some other group. In contrast, globo-homo cabal that rules the West calls for massive permanent invasion by non-whites to colonize white lands and white wombs.

    So, even though communism was miserable and repressive, it saved Eastern Europe. Actually, Western Europe would be better off today IF Stalin had taken all of Europe. Stalin would have kept Europeans in Europe. He would not have allowed mass non-European immigration to Europe.

    Hungarians are right to remember and denounce Soviet tyranny, but at least privately, they should give the Soviets some credit for having saved Hungary, Poland, and etc. from the ravages of what would later turn into globo-homo madness.

    Also, because Poles and Hungarians suffered under both rightist(during WWII) and leftist(during the Cold War) regimes, they have no illusions about ideology and utopia. But because Western Europe know of only Nazi occupation, they turned anti-right and blind to dangers of the Left. Of course, today’s so-called ‘leftism’ has nothing to do with Soviet Union or Classic Communism that were about Power to Workers. What is called ‘cultural marxism’ is really ‘cultural capitalism’, decadence and degeneracy made possible to Too Much Hedonism and Leisure and funded by Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Silly Valley.

    Also, even though Jews played an instrumental role in early communism, they lost out in the long run because communism favors bureaucrats and machine politics, the kind the Irish have been experts at in the US. So, Jewish power declined in communist nations. In contrast, capitalism is perfectly suited for Jewish talents for business, contracts, money-lending, oligarchic power, and buying politicians with bribes. Jews failed in the communist east but became the lord of the capitalist west.

    In the end, communism was bound too fail. Too unproductive and repressive. But capitalism also spells doom because the group that is most adept at money-making takes over everything. Look how Jews use Wall Street and Google to control us all.

    We need Neo-Fascism but one that rejects the cult of personality and allows moderate democratic involvement of the patriots. A patriotic neo-fascist democracy that enfranchises only those who believe in the preservation of the race and nation. Liberal Democracy is materialistic and gives ammo to enemies of patriots. Neo-Fascism blends socialism with capitalism, with both systems serving the people, culture, and heritage. Voting Rights only to patriots, not to traitors and fifth columnists.

    • George
      George says:

      Andrea,I have read a lot of your blogs .Could you please name for me countries that Neo fascism has any chance of being implemented. Thanks

  8. Dominic
    Dominic says:

    BE careful of 5G, 5G is not just a surveillance grid.

    Even the smallest household 5G enabled device will be able to spy and report back conversations. 5G affects the brain and body. So it can induce moods such as depression and physical conditions such as cancer. So in affect you can call the smart 5G grid a spy, torture and murder grid. It provides the infrastructure enabled by AI (Artificial intelligence software) that a small but amoral group could use to control the masses and push through detrimental policies such as replacement immigration against stiff opposition.

    5G also kills off insects birds and the natural world. It is up to us to refuse smart meters change from a smart phone to a feature phone and become less beholden to technology. More reliant on exercising our brains.

  9. Framp
    Framp says:

    @ Carolyn,
    I would gladly debate you, but your tirades stretch too much. With each new post you offer new themes, many of them large subjects. In such atmosphere we will clarify nothing.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Please contact me at my website so we can bring it down to a specific topic to debate. I only bring up ‘new themes’ because they impact on the main issue of the guilt or guiltlessness of Poland in the tensions and troubles in Europe. Thanks. And thanks TOO.

  10. Gary Seth
    Gary Seth says:

    In terms of Ockams Razor , I would think that Middle Eastern Oil fueled financial
    dominance is driving the massive immigrantion policies .

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