Biocentric Political Thought in the Third Reich: A Review of Johann Chapoutot’s The Law of Blood

The Law of Blood
Johann Chapoutot
La loi du sang: Penser et agir en nazi
Paris: Gallimard, 2014
(English translation by Miranda Richmond Mouillot
Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2018, in press)

“I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.” — Walter Sobchak

In today’s culture, any nationalist activist, or really anyone who is politically incorrect, is liable to be labeled a “Nazi” and compared to Adolf Hitler. This is so even when the comparison is patently absurd and the person in question is obviously not a “Nazi”: whether the conservative French patriot Jean-Marie Le Pen, the anti-Zionist mixed-race Franco-Cameroonian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, or indeed the populist civic nationalist Donald Trump. Comparisons to fascism are also de rigueur whenever the Western politico-media Establishment wishes to demonize a foreign leader who refuses to kneel, such as Slobodan Milošević or Vladimir Putin.

The reason such individuals are called “Nazis” and compared to Hitler is typically not because of any formal ideological similarities — none of those above have ever championed a totalitarian dictatorship or any kind of systematic racial or anti-Semitic politics — but for more emotional, civil-religious reasons.[1] In the current culture, “Nazi” or “Hitler” is simply the meanest name one can call someone (hence the phenomenon of Godwin’s law) — the designated term for anyone violating the orthodoxies of political correctness. Political correctness, in turn, has steadily shifted leftwards and radicalized over the years. This means that, today, if people adopt the opinions of prominent anti-Nazis like Charles de Gaulle or Winston Churchill (who were both racialist proud of their White identity and moderately Judeo-critical), they will, however absurdly, be sure to be called “Nazis.”

However, eventually a reaction sets in. Nationalists and free-thinkers will tend to become curious: what did Hitler and the National Socialists actually think? Am I, the so-called Nazi heretic, really like them? Were they — the designated worst evil of human history —  really that bad? These questions — as writers such as Irmin Vinson and Greg Johnson have noted —  are irrelevant to the legitimacy of ethnic Europeans’ right to live and prosper in their own homelands.[2] Furthermore, and quite obviously for anyone who examines the topic, the fact is that there are innumerable differences between historical German National Socialism and contemporary European nationalisms and White advocacy.

Nonetheless, National Socialism remains a historically and politically important subject, the genesis and downfall of which remains crucial to understanding the development of Western civilization in the twenty-first century. We can then salute the French historian Johann Chapoutot who in his La loi du sang: Penser et agir en nazi has provided a formidable intellectual history of official thought in the Third Reich.[3] Chapoutot, who had previously written a somewhat less fair-minded but still useful book on National Socialist Germany’s infatuation with Greco-Roman civilization,[4] can be credited for showing why and how so many Germans found National Socialism to be both intellectually and emotionally compelling.

The merit of Chapoutot’s work lies in not limiting his study to Adolf Hitler and the top National Socialists, who really were just the tip of the iceberg in terms of intellectual history. Chapoutot has examined the works of the innumerable upper-middle level practitioners, philosophers, political scientists, lawyers, doctors, scientists, and others who thought and debated in the Third Reich. Chapoutot emphasizes that National Socialist Germany’s intelligentsia produced material which, far from being mere verbose propaganda, must be taken seriously intellectually. Strikingly, this work was utterly sincere: “the conviction of these authors cannot be doubted” (522). He has gone through a “colossal” body of sources, including “1,200 books and articles, 50 or so films” (25–26).

The basic gist of the National Socialist narrative was the following: with the decline of Christianity and the limitations of a materialistic Enlightenment, Europe in general and Germany in particular were affected by a growing sense of nihilism. The National Socialists proposed a total reformation of society around biocentric norms. This was based on the revolutionary insights of Darwin (which Hitler himself compared to the Copernican revolution), which revealed the natural evolutionary forces which had shaped all life, including all human life.

Chapoutot’s account is in significant accord with Kevin MacDonald’s description of National Socialism as a self-conscious group evolutionary strategy (GES) designed to further the interests a genetically-defined German people:[5]

All these manuals, treatises, pamphlets, doctrinal articles, brochures, films, etc., answer however in one way or another a common tacit or explicit question: what must be done to prevent the death of Germany? What norms should be followed so that German life grows and multiplies, and so that the Germanic race can project itself into a certain, distant, or even infinite future? (27)

By this criteria, German thinkers came to the horrified conclusion that the values of the past — namely of Christianity and of bourgeois modernization — both tending towards individualist-egalitarianism — were utterly maladaptive for the German people as a whole (“counter-selection” is a favorite term). These officials offered “a very profound Kulturkritik” of the past and a future-oriented, long-term project to reestablish society on firm foundations through a cultural and normative revolution (29).

Judges, doctors, policemen, teachers, and policymakers in general were invited to recenter their work — not on vestigial religious superstition or vague humanistic sentiments, nor on the abstract and ultimately arbitrary legal formalism of liberalism — but on biological realities. In particular, this meant making the German people, as a genetically-defined entity which would outlive the individual and was a prerequisite for culture, the be-all-end-all of all thought and activity. The Third Reich then had an entire class of intellectuals, in numerous fields and organizations, thinking, researching, and debating on the implications of heredity for public policy:

Having passed through the Academy, generally ennobled with the doctorate, many other authors of our corpus were high civil servants, an intellectual and practical elite who powerfully served Nazi political projects, and who established and legitimized them by using law, biology, and history. Werner Best, a doctor in law and a high official in the SD [Sicherheitsdienst, the SS’s intelligence agency], was no doubt the archetype, of one who did not content himself with doing, but who, always, explained, in numerous articles, how and why he acted. (26)[6]

These intellectuals did not feel themselves to be immoral opportunists in the service of the Third Reich, but were indeed proud of their contribution to a fundamental ideological and sociopolitical revolution.

There was considerable debate among these intellectuals, such as on the role of Christianity, the origins of Prussian virtues, the place of Charlemagne, Luther, or Kant in German history, foreign policy and imperialism, and the implications of Nordicism. A number of themes recur. The National Socialists considered their approach to be holistic, life-centered, scientific, particularistic, “consequential,” and sacred. The National Socialists emphasized, with absolute sincerity, the morality and quasi-religiosity of their approach. This justified ruthless killings in defense of Germany and the targeting of groups deemed undesirable. The latter was done, not out of sadism, as so many “Hollywood Nazi” portrayals falsely suggest, but as an emotionally-difficult task to be accomplished with a stoic sense of duty. The National Socialists observed that in Nature, violence is absolutely fundamental to the survival and development of life, and they sought to be in harmony with this cosmic reality. I propose that the National Socialist revolution must be understood not only as a nationalist phenomenon, but also a civil-religious one.

Chapoutot summarizes National Socialist ethics:

The life of the race was therefore the principle and the end of an openly particularistic and holistic normativity: one must act for the Germanic-Nordic race alone (or for the German people) and not for humanity — which is a dangerous and subversive chimera; one must act for the community, and not for one’s sole personal interest. These simple principles allow one to answer the questions posed by modernity. (23)

Hitler and the National Socialists attributed great idealism, cultural fertility, and state-building power to the Nordic race (but not superior intelligence). This was explained by the idea that northern Europeans’ Ice Age ancestors had been selected by a harsh, low-population environment for traits such as physical strength and social morality. Karl Astel — the rector of the University of Jena and a prominent eugenicist and anti-smoking activist — argued that during the Ice Age: “He who abandoned his companions, he who lied and tricked them, he was abandoned, and rightly so, when he himself needed his comrades, and he disappeared” (73). Historically, Nordicism was justified by observing that northwestern Europeans (more-or-less corresponding to nations within the famous Hajnal Line) and their descendants had contributed a massively disproportionate amount to Western civilization’s dynamism and innovations since the fall of the Roman Empire.

The excesses of German and Nordic ethnic-genetic particularism are probably the single most important cause for the fall of the Third Reich. Hitler took German identity and the existence of a north-south cline within Europe as essentially justifying the subjugation of Eastern European humanity as a whole as expendable inferiors, rather than as potential allies. In contrast, Western Europeans were treated much more gently. Fellow Germanic nations were sought out as allies.  Hitler was throughout his life a somewhat naïve Anglophile and dreamed of an alliance with the British Empire. Danes, Norwegians, Dutch, and Belgians were to be made fellow-citizens of a “Greater Germanic Reich of the German Nation.”[7] Indeed, by the end of the war, the Waffen-SS had recruited non-Germanic soldiers to the extent that it began to resemble a genuine European Army. The Germans failed, however, to make any serious efforts (i.e., by giving them a stake in the New Order) to enlist Poles and Russians, despite them being similarly anti-Semitic and anti-communist. It seems that Hitler’s disgust with multicultural Vienna and the Austro-Hungarian Empire made him opposed to any kind of Polish or Russian nation-statehood, considered to be unacceptable potential threats to Germany and/or to the Reich’s unity.[8] This reflected a monstrously misguided and self-defeating form of racialist thinking which failed to recognize the genetic closeness among Europeans. This was all the more tragic for Europe in that Hitler was quite cognizant of our continent’s smallness in the world. Far-sighted observers like Lothrop Stoddard had already identified the beginnings of the relative demographic decline of European humanity worldwide due to the rise of far, far more genetically-distant Asians and Africans.[9] I will write in the future on the reasoning, sometimes quite astute, behind Hitler’s tragically misguided European policy and his attitude towards the White race.

All this having been said, I would emphasize that political thought in the Third Reich, while contestable, is far more graspable and less “kooky” (“pseudoscientific”) than Allied propaganda or Hollywood-type narratives suggest. This is clear as soon as one clarifies a few terms which have, through a fairly conscious propaganda effort, acquired extremely negative connotations. The “Aryans” correspond to the virile pagan conquerors, now referred to by the no doubt intentionally clunky term “Proto-Indo-Europeans,” who gave Europe the majority of her languages and a considerable percentage of her genes (indeed, concerning India, mainstream historians still happily use the term “Aryan” to refer to the conquerors of the Sub-Continent). The term “Nordic” can be understood to mean northwest Europeans and was deemed a valid concept at the time by men as diverse Charles de Gaulle and John F. Kennedy.[10] The Germans tended to conflate Nordics and Aryans together, whereas recent genetic evidence suggests Europeans are descended from three distinct founder populations: Ice Age hunter-gatherers (particularly in northeast Europe), Indo-European conquerors (or Aryans), and Old European farmers (particularly in southeast Europe).

The Third Reich furthermore founded its action on a particular interpretation of history which, while often idealized and mythologized, was also partly based on facts. Many German intellectuals had long believed that the ancient Greeks and Romans had declined through miscegenation and dysgenics, and were generally intoxicated by reports of the blondness of Alexander the Great and the early Roman Emperors.[11] Furthermore, they observed that, after the fall of the Roman Empire, the historical fact was that the wandering Germanic tribes had founded the bulk of the great nations and/or monarchies of Europe including not just the German Reich but Frankish Gaul, Lombardian Italy, Visigothic Spain, Anglo-Saxon Britain, and Kievan Rus.[12] Furthermore, Germanic settlers had indeed proved a factor for civilization and commerce in Eastern Europe in areas such as Transylvania and the Baltic countries. The National Socialists were haunted by the belief that all these conquests and achievements had been made vain by miscegenation.

Chapoutot’s book gives us a sense that National Socialist Germany had within it, not just an intellectual subculture, but an entire intellectual universe of not only racial politics, but indeed biopolitics, borne by one of the most culturally advanced nations in the world. This intellectual subculture within Western civilization was completely smashed and effectively outlawed after 1945. Many of these intellectuals were driven by despair to commit suicide. Similar racialist subcultures, though typically not enjoying this level of state support, gradually declined in the United States, France, and other Western countries, in the wake of egalitarian liberal-communist consensus imposed by the victors of World War II.

Originally posted November 24

[1] Éric Zemmour, “The Rise of the Shoah as the Official Religion of the French Republic,” The Occidental Observer, May 12, 2015.

[2] Irmin Vinson, Some Thoughts on Hitler and Other Essays (San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2012). Greg Johnson, New Rights vs. Old Right (San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2013).

[3] The book will apparently be published in English in April 2018 as The Law of Blood: Thinking as Acting as a Nazi (Harvard University Press).

[4] Available in English: Johann, Chapoutot, Greeks, Romans, Germans: How the Nazis Usurped Europe’s Classical Past (Oakland, California: University of California Press: 2016). First published in French: Johann Chapoutot, Le national-socialisme et l’Antiquité (Presses Universitaires de France, 2008).

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[6] Other examples of these scholarly officials and warriors include:

  • Lothar Stengel von Rutkowski: “Eugenics specialist, for a time a lecturer at the University of Jena, he was also a poet and thinker, bard of the Germanic race, but also a practitioner appointed to the medical services of the Waffen-SS during the war” (37).
  • “In charge of ‘studies on the enemy’ (Gegnerforschung) within the RSHA [Reich Main Security Office], Franz-Alfred Six, university professor and SS lieutenant-colonel” notably published in 1942 the seventeenth-century texts of the treaties of Münster and Osnabrück, which had finalized Germany’s political division (361).

[7] A grandiose title which sounds less redundant in German: Großgermanisches Reich Deutscher Nation.

[8] On which see Brigitte Hamann’s excellent Hitler’s Vienna: A Portrait of the Tyrant as a Young Man (London: Tauris, 2010).

I would note in passing that Hitler’s reluctance to allow a Polish or Russian nation-state was in some respects quite rational: these would feed Europe’s unstable, war-prone balance of power system between states or, if integrated within a “Greater Reich,” would lead to the same problems that plague all multi-ethnic/-cultural states, from Canada to Yugoslavia. I note an irony however: multinational polities are typically most problematic precisely to the extent a society is democratic, because then journalists and politicians are free to stoke and appeal to ethnocentric sentiment. In contrast, multinational states can often thrive for a considerable time, so long as they remain confident autocracies, as one could see in communist Yugoslavia or in Singapore today. Perhaps a “Greater European Reich” including Slavic nations could have succeeded, though this went completely against Hitler’s own petty-German, aesthetic, and perfectionist sensibilities.

[9] Lothrop Stoddard, The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy (1920).

[10] See Guillaume Durocher, “Nordicism Today,” Counter-Currents, March 2, 2016. I was shocked to learn that upon assuming power in Allied-occupied France in June 1945, one of De Gaulle’s first actions was to order the institution of a more “Nordic” immigration policy, partly inspired by the example of the United States:

In terms of ethnicity, it is appropriate to limit the arrival of Mediterraneans and Orientals who have for half a century profoundly changed the composition of the French population. Without going so far as the United States in using a rigid system of quotas, it is desirable that the priority be given to Nordic naturalizations (Belgians, Luxembourgers, Swiss, Dutch, Danish, Germans). One could consider a proportion of 50% for this element. [Quoted in Alain Drouard, “La création de l’INED,” Population, n. 6, 1992, 1458.]

For Kennedy, see the reports on the future president’s diaries, e.g.: Tony Paterson, “A Berliner in 1963 — but did former US president John F Kennedy once admire Adolf Hitler?,” The Independent, May 23, 2013.

[11] Some historical sources also suggest Genghis Khan was red-haired and gray-eyed, a fact to be borne in mind for Hitler and Heinrich Himmler’s otherwise incomprehensible belief that the Mongol was part-Aryan.

[12] On the enormous role of the Germanic Franks in founding Europe as we know it, see: Robert Bartlett, The Making of Europe: Conquest, Colonization, and Cultural Change, 950 — 1350 (London: Penguin, 1994).

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    • IW
      IW says:

      Right – that omission is a serious one.

      Maybe the writer omitted a word here?
      “In today’s culture, any nationalist activist, or really anyone who is NOT(?) politically correct, is liable to be labeled a “Nazi” and be compared to Adolf Hitler.” 

        • John Boyd
          John Boyd says:

          There’s always the issue of the psychic unity of a bi-polar spiritual leader with dictatorial powers of his people. But hindsight is 20/20.

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      @ Rerev:
      You forgot to mention the money monopolist Central Bank – integral plank of the Communist platform – and the profound changes in the balance of power that this institution has wrought on society.

      • Karen T
        Karen T says:

        Trenchant, it’s pyramidal. A bit below the $cap$ you will find Aipac, B’nai B’rith, ADL, the American Jewish Congress etc. Towards the middle are Barbara Spectre, Noel Ignatliev etc and various Jewish presidents of Universities and media conglomerates as well as the anti-human, anti-nature techies such as Frank Rosenblatt, Marvin Minsky and Ray Kurzwell. Towards the base are the likes of Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Eli Roth etc. who bring up the question as to why these talentless pigs are pushed as cutting edge in popular culture. The base is often clueless, and more often than not clued in Jews who support all of the above.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          As usual, unceremoniously dead on. Hope to never encounter that ” talentless pig” Sarah Silverman for her ” so called ” joke, for the entertainment of all : ” They accuse us of fucking crucifying Christ; well if I met him, I would fucking crucify him again “.

          I would happily spend a year in jail for blackening her eyes to the point she would never need eye-shadow again on that gutter-snipe Jewish Princess grimace.

          Try to even imagine the reverse; of deeply insulting her religion with its un-differentiable ethnicity. If the director did not instantaneously hit the kill switch, this ” comedy show ” would be sued into bankruptcy. This same death being experienced by the channel or even entire network, which dared to gratuitously further insult these millennial victims.

    • Jacobite
      Jacobite says:

      One missing item would be the discussion of the Jewish/Leftist attempts to overthrow the German Government, beginning in 1918 and ending only in 1933. Germans were quite aware of what the Jews/Bolsheviks were doing to Russians in the USSR, as well as their attempts to conquer Poland and Hungary in 1920. Just as in the US, Jews were everywhere in German in film, theater, publishing, and (almost exclusively) cabaret, mocking, disparaging, and suppressing German and Christian culture. Magnus Hirschfeld was Germany’s own Hugh Heffner, although with academic pretensions that Heffner didn’t bother with. Unlike tpoday’s Americans, Germans objected to relentless attacks on their government, religion, language, and culture. Again unlike today’s Americans, they were willing to stop the relentless attacks.with all necessary violence. The reason why Leftists/Jews everywhere call their enemies ‘Nazis’ is because the Nazis were the last people to have successfully fought and defeated Jews anywhere.

    • IW
      IW says:

      Oswald Spengler in ‘The Decline of the West’ posits Fascism on a higher level than communism; others do as well. ‘The Communist Manifesto’ clearly reveals intent to destroy individual man and anyone who has seen its effects (as in East Berlin) knows what happens to individual incentive. Destroying Germany was (ongoing) a priority for the Bolsheviks. Communism is not about a better life for “workers”, it’s about slavery of the many and enrichment of a certain few, live an well in Washington now.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        Saying Fascism is more evolved than Communism is like saying that one pile of human waste stinks less than the other.

        I’m a long time TOO reader and someone with extensive experiece with Jews and Blacks on one side, and a mother, brothers and sisters who favored those two groups over their own every time, on the other side. Seeing the consequences of this on their children is TOO article-worthy. I don’t enjoy being vindicated in that way. The children aren’t to blame. But it seems impossible that anyone could miss the irony. And yet it was missed.

        But the third part of this Tripartite Insanity is meeting, reading, or listening to race-conscious Whites fixated on National Socialism. They’re literally the inversion of the very thing they despise.

        It’s easy to dismiss their pretentious effort to speak as the sole voice of all Whites. But since they just won’t go away one feels compelled to respond. And my response is this; Fascist and National Socialist thought is best characterized as “Penetrating Silliness”, or, the extraordinary ability to grasp the situation but totally miss the point.

        This is not about ideology, it’s about race. And the best of our race have transcended ideology. They’ve learned the secret of what our best Art and Science have to offer, an awareness of the instability of all knowledge and representation.

        It’s not so much Whites, or European culture and it’s geographical extensions, but the White man’s stablization of all high-level problem-solving and significant innovation as a positive value that is the top most bough of human evolution. And, for from wanting to rule the world with it, as is constantly asserted but never proved, the White man actually, in his noble, but misguided generousity, wanted to share it with the world.

        I would say that it’s exactly this that serves as the foundation for the unconscious and irrational hatred much of the world has for Whites. But especially the Jews, whose obvious lust for power far exceeds that of any other group and so naturally sees our extraordinary acheivement as THE obstacle to their ultimate goal, to rule the world. And it’s exactly their desire to rule the world that makes their success mankind’s failure (and theirs too, of course; or, as a Jewish friend once said to me long ago, “We’re the smartest and dumbest people at the same time.”).

        In fact, this would be the real reason behind Susan Sontag’s famous comment of Whites being the cancer of the human race. And now we’re back to why Communism and Fascism are inversions of each other. What do they both have in common? An unidentified (to them) obsession with social stability. An obsession going back thousands of years.

        What the behavior of people in general and the intellectuals on both sides of the ideological fence in particular symbolize is their collective fear of innovation, especially in matters beyond science and technology.

        What we are witnessing today is the world’s obsession with social stability recoiling before the innovative power that the White man has made so mighty.

        This is the explanation for the anti-White bias we’re experiencing today and why it has spread as fast as his power of innovation (that they’re all, for the most part, the beneficiaries of).

        From this perspective Fascism and National Socialism is a betrayal of the White man’s greatest acheivement, and therefore a betrayal of the White man. In short, Fascism and NS is a form of self-betrayal. The sooner we ditch these ideological absolutes the better our chances of survival. Because that, and not ideology, is what it’s all about.

    • T. J.
      T. J. says:

      >>>His private conversations, however, though they do not overturn his reputation as an anti-Communist, qualify it heavily. Hermann Rauschning, for example, a Danzig Nazi who knew Hitler before and after his accession to power in 1933, tells how in private Hitler acknowledged his profound debt to the Marxian tradition. “I have learned a great deal from Marxism” he once remarked, “as I do not hesitate to admit”.

  1. Irene
    Irene says:

    Hitler(and Western people in general) correctly considered Russians to be Asiatic barbarians, To this day Russia is ruled by oriental despots;
    Why would anyone want to ally with an aggressive and corrupt regime?

    • Karen T
      Karen T says:

      You’ve insulted my baba, one third of my bloodline, who was not Asiatic or a barbarian. She loved classical music and took me to the ballet whenever it was in town. She was a classy redhead.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Irene, I believe your conceptualization is too collective. I, for one, enjoy the Russian people and believe that Slavic women have a great deal to offer a man. At the very least they are CENTERED and are the product of a continuous culture and centripetal force, not centrifugal force, as in Western YourRape.

      INNER-DIRECTED people are always more difficult and problematic to understand and interact with, because of inherent self-sufficiency. The fact is that they need you LESS than the Outer Directed cuck and Beta Male/De-Gendered Female.

      I look at the World through the lens of an engineer. I care only for what works, not fancy, caprice, hope, idealism, or nostalgia-a pernicious disease. Individuals should marry and produce viable and strong offspring with the best mate they can find, be it within the Indo-Europeans or Asian stock. All have mean intelligence of their respective cultures that is very close to ours. All are the descendants of cultures that have achieved the highest form of organization, aesthetic, art, and learning. It is beyond obvious that Eastern Indo-Europeans and Asians achieved High Culture much before Western Man learned to substitute something else besides his own hand to wipe his bottom after a bow wowel movement.

      Let’s get out of our comfort zone and stop chewing the cud of Western superiority in all things for all time.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          Karen: And your point is? Well, there isn’t one, without a number, frequency, motivation, and identity. It is instantly disposable and designed for emotive purposes. Flushed already.

          Try harder and put-leeze, easy on the trite and tired. East met West and intertwined a long time ago. While you were in the bathroom, the train stopped and loaded and sped on.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          The logical fallacy here, A.C., is so glaring, it stands embossed. Since when did an unspecified percentage of a whole mean, imply, infer or lead close to a conclusion that represents a whole or the entire set:

          I suspect a minor is using your log in on your computer.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Some of the ‘ Western people ” , to wit that part of ” Hitler’s ” Wehrmacht which was billeted on Dostoyevsky’s estate Yasnaya Polyana, or Clear Fields, north of Moscow, took loving care of it as one of Russia’s, not the Soviet Union’s Kulturgut [ major cultural, timeless possession ].

      That was described to our tour group in 1963, by its caretaker, a Soviet retired officer. Contrary to anti-German hear-say bs, spread in all other books and media.

      These people have a long tradition of classical culture. Merely check the You Tube selections. Right after the transmission of today’s Opera on CBC, the moderator described his presence when the first opera was performed in Toronto’s major hockey stadium, Maple Leaf Gardens.

      Igor Gouzenko, the Ukrainian who defected from the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa, was usually pictured with a bag covering his head. Underneath was a man who could not possibly look more than the ideal Aryan.

      Without our eastern-European and western-Russian kin we are lost. On of the peripheral reasons for the daily promoted Russophobia.

    • Winston
      Winston says:

      Then why Germanic elite is historically the most prone to Jewish swindle, if it is allegedly superior? The real traitors are those who import the importers and some day you will have to face the ugly thruth: the descendants of Neanderthal Germanic tribes are the ones who always made deals with the Jews while harming their own people.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Winston – The Germanic elite is NOT historically the most prone to Jewish swindle; where did you get that idea? I think you’re talking about the British nation – which transferred it also to its offspring, the United States.

  2. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    This forthcoming book could well be an historical springboard for Anglophones, of an honest persuasion, to better understand the real nature of the Third Reich. That is, if it is indeed balanced and truthful in its analysis, (and if that is the case), that it is not slandered and demonized as NS Germany has been. Further, with a name like Johann Chapoutot, one has to wonder if he is an Alsatian who is bravely and forthrightly presenting real history, for a refreshing change?

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Junghans; A marvelous pastime to contemplate what is not useful for the future. Couple this undertaking with Victorian and Edwardian landscape architecture.

      • Junghans
        Junghans says:

        We’ll see, truth in history is never a fool’s errand.
        I’m hopeful, though not overly optimistic, about the interpretation and tone of this forthcoming book, as Harvard and its publishing ‘press’ are now firmly in (((enemy))) hands. It is a regrettable cohencidence that 2.5 % of the U.S. general population now makes up such a disproportionate number of faculty and administration, and about 67 % of Harvard’s graduate students. Harvard is literally churning out tomorrow’s nation wrecking cadre.

  3. Lancashire lad
    Lancashire lad says:

    It ought to be remembered that the Nazi creed was officially Christian (point 25 of the party program). You can construct all sorts of ideologies by selecting in a biased way from the wide range of publications produced by a literate society.

    • Irene
      Irene says:

      The core belief of Christianity is universal salvation through Jesus, the only God(or son of God). Abrahamic monotheism and monogenism are at total odds with the nationalist worldview: you can’t embrace both!

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        My heart votes for Christ; my head for nationalism. If my head were to lose, then there will be no choice at all in the future.

        In the meantime I will indeed embrace both.

      • Lancashire lad
        Lancashire lad says:

        There is a universal offer of salvation and there is a biblical theology of nationhood in the great commission (“make disciples of all nations”, Matt. 28.19). So it would depend how you defined nationalism. All nations can find their way to God.

      • Curmudgeon
        Curmudgeon says:

        Christianity is not an Abrahamic religion. Would any sane Christian really be prepared to sacrifice his child ritually for a voice he hears? The Abrahamic god is Baal, to whom children were sacrificed by burning. The New Testament reference to ‘your father being the Devil’ is the connection and of course rejection of Abrahamic burnt offerings.

    • Arch Stanton
      Arch Stanton says:

      To make fundamental changes to a culture, one cannot begin with “Everything you know and believe is wrong and I am here to show you the right way.”

      While Jesus was strongly opposed to Temple law and culture, he had to work within the confines of the reigning religious theology to run his opposition to the corrupt sacrificial system. His answer was to fulfill Temple law and its prophet’s prophecies. What better way than to say, “Let me show you the ways of your corruption.” Likewise, Hitler had to work within the confines of the Christian belief structure that had long permeated Europe.

      Notably, Jewish communist did implement overnight proscription of all religious structure, excepting of course Judaism, replacing “god” with the Soviet terror state. However, the Jew’s idea of changing a culture has always been to slaughter everyone, man, woman and child, failing to immediately fall lockstep into line with either their “god” or godless state. Yet even obsequious compliance to (((their))) merciless dictates has never been a guarantee Jews will allow one to continue living.

  4. cronkitsche
    cronkitsche says:

    After 70+ years of censorship, a working historian has addressed and evaluated in scholarly depth the ideas of a defeated, advanced nation-state of Europe, and placed those ideas in the mainstream of 19th and 20th century thought, society, and politics. Over against the mythicization and media fantasticization of this body of thought and history of action we have a discussion to think with. It has taken 7 decades and the sacrifices, defamations, and imprisonments of many men and women for this to become availible. Finally we can think and talk rationally about 25 years of European history.

  5. John
    John says:

    German thinkers came to the horrified conclusion that the values of the past — namely of Christianity and of bourgeois modernization — both tending towards individualist-egalitarianism — were utterly maladaptive for the German people as a whole

    It seems to me that the bible makes it pretty clear that the different races cannot live harmoniously together.

    Daniel 2:40-44 (NIV)

    40 Finally, there will be a fourth kingdom, strong as iron—for iron breaks and smashes everything—and as iron breaks things to pieces, so it will crush and break all the others. 41 Just as you saw that the feet and toes were partly of baked clay and partly of iron, so this will be a divided kingdom; yet it will have some of the strength of iron in it, even as you saw iron mixed with clay. 42 As the toes were partly iron and partly clay, so this kingdom will be partly strong and partly brittle. 43 And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay.

    44 “In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever.

    Here’s Young’s Literal Translation of verse 43

    Daniel 2:43
    43 Because thou hast seen iron mixed with miry clay, they are mixing themselves with the seed of men: and they are not adhering one with another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

    And then there’s what Jesus said in Matthew 18:17

    17 If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector.

    In contrast, most Christians today think they have to bend over backwards being nice to “pagans” to prove they’re good Christians and not bigoted.

      • royAlbrecht
        royAlbrecht says:

        When poignant scripture from the Bible is relayed to the forum, it’s one thing to disagree with it and say why…, it’s another matter entirely when an idiot comes in here and insinuates that the person doing the relaying is cooped inside someplace like a paranoid recluse.
        I find ” sh!t on Marx’s ” name to be offensive, and every time I am confronted with it am repulsed.
        Moreover, this Jewboy to me is, on balance, is often disrespectful and low brow.
        Why is he allowed to be “ad homonym” disrespectful to commenters in this forum without Moderation?

  6. John
    John says:

    I tried to donate to the South African Family Relief Project yesterday (helping poor whites in South Africa) but got the following message when I clicked on the Paypal, Donate Now button “This recipient is currently unable to receive money”. It’s not even a political organization. The Jews are well and truly waging war on us whites.

  7. Tudor
    Tudor says:

    Few opinions:
    1. The Goths are not “Germanic tribes”. Many ancient authors were clear saying “the Goths that we called before Getaes”.
    2. Difficult to estimate how many local people saw in German settles a factor of civilization (at least in Transylvania-this latin name was given, probably, by Vatican, it is not a local name) when their land was taken.
    3. There are no evidences that was a Indo-European invasion in Europe. During the last Glaciation, Weichselian and Würm, the North of the continent was covered by thick ice. We are all the descendants of the so called Old Europe.

    • Guillaume Durocher
      Guillaume Durocher says:

      Hello Tudor. Thank you for your comment.

      2. I was under the impression that Saxon settlers built some of the most beautiful cities in Transylvania.

      3. How do you account for the Persians and Indians speaking similar languages to most Europeans?

  8. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    “By this criteria, German thinkers came to the horrified conclusion that the values of the past — namely of Christianity and of bourgeois modernization — both tending towards individualist-egalitarianism — were utterly maladaptive for the German people as a whole (“counter-selection” is a favorite term). These officials offered “a very profound Kulturkritik” of the past and a future-oriented, long-term project to reestablish society on firm foundations through a cultural and normative revolution (29).”

    Right. A perfect description of the basic outlines and seminal norms and accepted ways and means of Oriental Cultures. Germans saw individualized atoms splitting off from molecules and larger structures that multiplied effectiveness of individuals. They believed this portended increasing entropy and meaninglessness. Western Indo-European was becoming more and more OUTER DIRECTED, relying on and actualized by external symbols and stimuli. The endless philosophical “schools of thought”, descriptions of Reality, were all ever changing filters and prisms which Man was obligated and pressured to interpret the World and His place in it. Lack of continuity and longitudinal sequence meant sputtering, disruptions, and increasing weakness and dissolution of the Commons. That’s why it was called the Thousand Year Reich.

    For those readers who have never-and have no interest-in Oriental Cultures as comparative and relative to the West, I must inform you that there is much more out there beyond the Garden Wall of Western Civ. It’s a great machine, but the design contains many faults and weak components. It is failing due to internal weakness primarily, NOT primarily due to the constant onslaught and attacks from without, which is overwhelming Chewish in origin and design.

    I say again that there is a paucity of hygienic, prophylactic criticism and assessment of Western Man’s vulnerabilities and inadequacies. Certainly Dr. McDonald has outlined these, as has the above author. But more prescriptive and action detail is needed. Forget about the Family Research Council, The Graham Family, and all the rest of the traditional Christian based moral guidance. They have all collapsed due to internal rot and weakness, from the Chewish termite and bore worm.

    My view is that only a fraction of “White”-Western Indo-European-are salvageable. By that I mean genetically and congenitally fit for rebuilding the Herd. For that to happen, the best of Us will have to be autonomous and autocephalous in order to be viable as an entity in a growing hostile, unstable, and Satanic World. We are bleeding out, slowing and inexorably and continually. We are squeezed in a pincher movement. Chews from the top and Blacks, Mestizos, and Mulattos from the bottom. All trends and indicators of all types are against us. “Our Lands” is an emotive term, in the past tense. We will never reclaim anything unless we remove the Herd to safety and rebuild and restock.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      ” That’s why it was called the Thousand Year Reich.”
      The context of the Thousand Year Reich was that the NS view of what was “German” had been a state, in one shape or form, for a thousand years and the NS Reich was a continuation, not te beginning.

  9. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    Some remarks :

    1) According to Nazi racial doctrine out of the original Neanderthal population of Europe the Cro-Magnons developed and from them in Northern Europe the Nordics or Aryans. It is these Aryans who allegedly created all civilizations, not only in Europe but also in Persia and India.

    These ideas are refuted by modern science. The Cro-Magnons did not develop from Neanderthals, and the Proto-Indo-European homeland is not situated in northern Europe but in the region north of the Black Sea and non-Indo-European peoples have also developed civilizations (for Europe think Etruscans and Minoans, for Persia think Elam and for India think the Indus Civilization).

    2) The idea that Slavic peoples are “racially inferior” to Germanic peoples and therefore justified the colonization of their homelands by Germans (especially in Poland, Russia and the Ukraine) was the single most moral and strategic blunder that discredited the Third Reich and led to its downfall. The Nazis could have destroyed Communism if they had accepted the peoples of eastern Europe, who were fed up with Stalin’s genocidal policies, as their allies. Instead they were treated at best as their future slaves. Hitler refused the help of Russian general Vlasov who could offer an army of anti-communist Russians because that would mean these Slavic “untermenschen” would have to be treated as equals.

    3) Many misguided white nationalists still see Hitler as the poster boy of their ideology, ignoring the fact that he was not a pan-Europeanist but an anti-Slavic German supremacist, bent on colonizing eastern Europe.

    4) Nazi racial “science” was a mixture of real science, myth and prejudice.

    5) Nazi “art” was mostly stiff and politically programmatic, though of a better quality than the “social realism” of Communist countries.

    6) Like any other historical period, the Nazi period deserves objective critical study, avoiding both the Scylla of Hollywood caricaturization and the Charybdis of uncritical adulation.

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      What do you think of the idea that all the leading ‘Nazi’ were Jews? (See ). It sounds ludicrous, and yet it’s compatible with intentionally wrecking German policy, so that the presumed Jew aim of killing Germans and Russians would continue.

      • Rerevisionist
        Rerevisionist says:

        My question was aimed at Franklin Ryckaert. Like him, I used to assume the media picture of Hitler was basically accurate. But of course the (((media))) are liars. It’s perfectly possible that German and other feelings of outrage were channelled and directed to invent Hitler. Jews of course are aware of the possibility — see the (((media))) comments on Trump, comparing him with Hitler, and other Jew creations – they are mentioned all the time. There’s a similar Mathis piece on Mussolini as an actor. It’s a serious question but difficult to get the various commenters to take seriously.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Well, I’m shocked. Using the hoax-specialist Miles Mathis as a source here at TOO. Maybe Rerevisionist should also link us to Miles’ pdf in which he ‘exposes’ Kevin MacDonald and TOO as ‘controlled opposition.’
        Then we could all discuss that.

        @Rerev: I suggest you read my definitive article on the question of Hitler being part-Jewish here : You will notice that in my writing I don’t engage in all that tricky photo nonsense that Mathis indulges in. I just deal in the facts.

        And since you bring the question up here, I’m going to do another article on “all the leading ‘Nazi’s. I didn’t realize it was necessary, and I have the research I did in 2011.

        • Rerevisionist
          Rerevisionist says:

          Thanks; it’s nice of you to answer. But
          [1] You quote a lot on Hitler, but Mathis’ claim is that all the leading Nazis were in fact of Jewish origin. I’m hoping someone else than me can trawl through the online genealogies. After all, it is an important question.
          [2] The issue is whether the Nazis were in effect agents; and there are many cases of Jews funding fake oppositions – including in the USA and UK. In fact, it’s probably standard Jew practice around the world.
          . . . it’s possible Jews saw that after WW1, blockades, lures into war [I think], deaths, Jew control of German money, Bela Kun etc etc, Germans were very seriously sick of Jews, Maybe the thing was rigged up. Mathis has a very convincing look at improbabilities, such as Hitler being released from jail; a Rothschild being imprisoned – then later released; Jews being encouraged to emigrate to Palestine without any proper safeguards for Palestinians; failure to ally with Ukraine. And there’s also the issue that Germany went to war with Russia, but not with Jews controlling Russia. Time and again Jews arrange atrocities to provoke war, and the gulls go along with it, one it has been started. For example, Jan Lamprecht in South Africa has advertised anti-white killings and atrocities in South Africa for years, and is psyching himself up for war with blacks – but not with the Jews who started the whole thing after murdering Verwoerd, if he’s correct about that. So it is possible the Nazis were a fake, and that Germany was valued because of its science – something Jews had no idea about, nor their surviving Slavs.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Now I’m even more shocked but then I never looked at your website before.

            What you are doing, and all you are doing, is saying ‘this could have happened’ and ‘that could have happened’ because of another thing that happened that I can’t explain or I don’t like the explanation for. Also, because something is ‘possible’, we can consider it as being the case. This is called speculation and it is what Mathis deals in. You don’t mention his article on MacDonald – do you take those claims by Mathis seriously too? Do you want Kevin or a supporter to answer them?

            What’s missing is any proof of anything that says Hitler was Jewish; any pieces of REAL evidence. It’s the same with the other personalities of the Third Reich – even more so. And the Holocaust too, which is all claims and juxtapositions of events or claimed events, but no real forensic evidence of these claims.

            Yet you say someone should waste their valuable time searching for genealogies online, which don’t exist, to satisfy the speculations of Miles Mathis. No, Miles Mathis needs to prove what he ‘suspects’ and so do you. But of course he can’t, or he would. He specializes in disinfo.

          • Rerevisionist
            Rerevisionist says:

            @Carolyn Yeager (Nov 26th, 7.55 pm)-
            You don’t seem to understand the seriousness of the issue. It’s entirely possible the ‘Nazis’ were secretly funded and set up by Jews. The opium wars, Cromwell/Bank of England, Warburgs and the Fed in the USA, so-called ‘Labour’ party in Britain, United Nations, EU, takeovers of both Democrats and Republicans, invention of Freemasonry, coup in Russia — all were set up, or influenced, by Jews. The question is, were ‘Nazis’ in the same group? I was very anti-this view, but I have to admit, now, it’s possible.
            I’m unused to trawling genealogies, but they are REAL evidence. (And Mathis-style techniques could be applied to e.g. finance, if the sources were available).
            All hypotheses are speculation – what else could they be?
            His comments on MacDonald make serious points; e.g. if he was such a dangerous anti-semite, why wasn’t he sacked? And e.g. why doesn’t he say anything about the effect of Jews on science – in my view both a joke and a disaster? However, the German issue deals with a whole chunk of history, all viewed by Jews as anti-Jewish etc, as after 70 years they continue to say.
            It is possible Mathis is some sort of agent, but if so evidence is needed. And I would still like to read a reply from Ryckaert.

          • Franklin Ryckaert
            Franklin Ryckaert says:

            I’m sorry to say, but I’m not going to spend my time researching an extremely far-fetched theory such as that the Nazi leaders were all Jews with the assignment to destroy Germany. I put such a theory in the same class as the flat earth theory.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          Carolyn, signs in NY’s Central Park warn of a $ 500 fine if you fail to ‘ pooper-scooper ‘.

          Your below reply, once again, is as pertinent and accurate as it is useless. I’ve had that very same objection five or six times, in as many weeks, arguing about what constitutes a FACT [ as determined by FORMAL LOGIC AND WHAT DOES NOT ] .

          Therefore my last reply ended with ” Over and out: for good “; in other words ‘ every man for himself ‘.

    • JM
      JM says:

      @Franklin Ryckaert
      Thanks for this post. You move the discussion from the (often hypocritical) condemnation of the German racialism of National Socialism to providing the real answer to the military failure of the Hitler regime and in doing that, show the way forward to maximising the unity of all the European peoples.

      • JM
        JM says:

        Of course, given your points above it can be asked how much of this “anti-Slavic German (racial) supremacis(m)” was really just a justification and cloak for pure economic imperialism. This is an equally controversial question.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      I agree with your opinion, except for Vlasov. As you know, he was captured at the siege of Leningrad; as was Stalin’s officer son. Far from being sidelined by Hitler, he gave him a villa on Kibbitsweg in Berlin, Dahlem, only a few houses removed from the maternity-clinic where I was born at the ungodly hour of 2:30 on the morning of June 12, 39.

      In 93 I took the opportunity to visit Vlasov’s military HQ, at Camp Dabendorf, in the town of the same name, an hour’s drive south of Berlin, allotted to Vlasov and his troops by the OKW. Naturally, even four years after the East-German collapse, no signs were posted.

      I was obliged to enter a Restaurant and enquired of an initially suspicious owner about the Camp. He told me, as local intelligence central, that I was the first person after the war [ 48 years ] to enquire about the Camp. So much for our curious uninquisitive historians. If I had fifteen minutes he would arrange for a fellow, who worked as a teenager in that camp to show me around. After a coffee we drove ten minutes north: the Camp was off the west side of the main road.

      Only some ruins of the Komandantura were left as well as a large number of left-over fire places and their chimneys: as in Auschwitz. The materials had been understandably looted for uses of survival.

      This chap was a sort of mascot of the Camp, of Russian origin, remained there since and spoke fluent German.

      As such, he witnessed heated discussions between Vlasov and his senior staff, regarding German expectations after final victory, which ran counter to Vlasov’s demands for complete Russian independence, won in large part by their own blood.

      Just under a million Russians of all their nationalities defected to the Germans and largely ended up in the Organisation Todt engineering battalions, some fighting the Allies in the West, much to their disappointment and against their intent to defeat communism.

      Racism may have been a topic in Berlin salons but both the field officers and their troopers did not share it and regularly ignored or contravened any such orders. This site discussed at length the admixture of troops to the German forces from countries well outside of Europe’s orbit and dominant faiths.

      Entire closed units of Cossack cavalry defected during the first days of Barbarossa, right through the period when Germany was defeated in the East and had already withdrawn to Yugoslavia, where three Soviet fighters landed and sought asylum in Belgrade.

      At least we kept them out of western Europe, including Britain.

      You are welcome.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Thanks for your admirably thoughtful comment, Mr. Ryckaert. Sadly, your insight that when art and science are made subject to a political program, they become “art” and “science,” is as true for the United States today as it was for Hitler’s Germany or for the Soviet Union.

      One question: am I correct in thinking that in item (2), “the single most moral and strategic blunder” ought to be understood as “the single biggest moral and strategic blunder”?

      • Franklin Ryckaert
        Franklin Ryckaert says:

        Yes, that is right. It should be “biggest”. Thanks for the correction. This only betrays the fact that as a Dutchman English is not my first language.

    • Karlfried
      Karlfried says:

      Franklin Ryckaert,
      I adore your remarks. I agree and these thoughts are congruent with my own (I am German, farmer, 61 years old, living in Germany). Especially point two is the worst “mistake/ bad doing” (regarding both morality as well as the consequences for us) in German history. I have thought this way for decades from youth up to today. — Maybe the actions of Frau Merkel, September 2015, will be in the consequences even worse, but that is a thing of the future.
      Nonetheless, the first of the above said two horrible things has taken place and it is now part of the European and world history. We have to accept the facts and we must look forward.

      Looking forward: Germany/Austria is still situated in the middle of Europe. Our neighbours in the east are our natural partners. The influence area goes to the Baltikum and all eastern European countries. Vienna is a hub (central city) because it is situated much in the east geographically and because of the history.

      A story to illustrate these connections: Once a year German companies have to count each item, each nut and bolt in the factory or shop and they must report the results and numbers into their documentation for the taxes. That happening is called “Inventur” and it is much work.
      Yesterday I was in a German “Baumarkt” (big shop for tools, house building items, the company name was “Hornbach”). The Baumarkt was filled with dozends of people counting items and scanning papers. It was a specialized company which did that work. The (very few) Germans were saying at which place to do what and the workers did the counting and scanning.

      In Germany, we have maybe ten million Turks, Arabs, negroes. But at this work, all of the workers were white, no exception, and most of them were (I guess) Polish students, at least all of them were east and southeast European young people. You can see that and you can hear that when they speak.
      At that point you can see the old connections between Germany/Austria and Middle and East Europe. They are similar to us.
      That is only a small story to give a glance how we work and feel in Germany. This story should not be over-interpreted (überinterpretiert).

      By the way: The picture of the book shows a family and especially the man is very North-German looking. I know this type, there a many of them in North-Germany (I come from the middle, there the people look different).

      • Irene
        Irene says:

        Karlfried: Your post could have been written by no one else than….Frau Merkel! The pro-EU nation-wreckers are all about “we Europeans all belong together”, we’re all bros and sis.
        Have you heard that recently the German police started stopping cars e.g. with polish car plates (racial profiling!) ? Thieves come over from Poland across the open borders to steal and then go back. One police officer was shocked at the amount of crime: one caught polish burglar alone was responsible for 2k home break-ins!

        • Karlfried
          Karlfried says:

          Irene, thank you for your comment. I think that your points are true. — Nonetheless, reality is much broader than that. We have “open borders” and that is a big crime. And many criminals from Poland and Romania come to Germany because ot the open borders. But they are not the Polish and Romanian folks (Völker). They are criminals who take advantage of the open borders. —

          And I told about the Polish and Romanian workers who (I hope so) will go home after their work is finished. In an ideal word (and we work for a good world) all people can stay in their respective countries and live peacefully. But in the reality in Germany of to-day, it is much more pleasant (or much less stress) to see European young people instead of Turks, Arabs, negroes. That is just a feeling, not a scholarly or philosophical work. It is just a small remark. — And another small story:

          We Germans work with small entities, our country is small and (in the German parts) clean and tidy.
          Around the year 1880 the industry was growing and Germany was copying everything from the industrial superpower of the time, England. One Englishman visited the German factories and back home again he was asked: What did you see in Germany? He said: Their technical standard and their factories are at a level that is much lower than the English. But I have noticed one thing: At every point in the factories, where some lubricating oil is dropping away, they have a small pot staying there and they re-use that oil. They do not waste anything.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            Karlfried, that Englishman’s remark, that they waste nothing must have been a very dated one.

            Bismarck’s Reich vastly improved on the British system and soon surpassed it to the degree, that the British determined, that Germany must be destroyed. When ? In 1911.

            The leader of Serbia’s ” Black Hand “, had contact with the British, who probably programmed Principe to assassinate Francis Ferdinand in Sarajevo. Dimitrovich [ ? ] of the Black Hand did not survive, indeed he may have died by ” the English Death ” [ assassination ], depriving him of writing his memoirs, which undoubtedly would have been translated into English: raising a few questions. These answers would have detracted from the official history of the clash between Vienna, supported by Berlin, and Pan Slavism, supported by St. Petersburg, with Serbia and others sandwiched in between.

            The facts are, that Germany was taking huge bites out of England’s exports, despite not throwing their injured labourers in the gutter; as in GB. As discussed here earlier, Bismarck institutionalized a broad social program and in 1883 commenced his health care system; still known by professionals concerned the world over as The Bismarck Model. He had to go, as did Hitler later, much for the same reasons. The costs in human lives and maiming be damned.

    • Irene
      Irene says:

      Anyone who have visited slavic countries knows that most of them are pretty primitive; even the houses in the countryside are sorrounded by high walls. Where I live everything is open: no walls!
      Slavic contribution to science is irrelevant: All of the 118 chemical elements of the periodic table were discovered by Western scientists – no exception to this rule!
      On top they are incredibly corrupt!

      • Karen T
        Karen T says:

        Pastoral is preferable, and nicer, than primitive. Besides, much of what the West envisages as progress or modernity is lifeless and ugly.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          Not only is ‘ pastoral ‘ preferable and nicer, but it also explains a country’s development at certain stages. I worked for a woman of German descent in Calgary. She was born in a sod hut in Nebraska. She was anything but ‘ primitive ‘.

          Eastern European and Russian farmers were abused and exploited by their Czarist overlords and {{{ incomparably }}} more so by the Bolsheviks. They never had an opportunity to come out from under Irene’s ‘ primitiveness ‘.

          Given Irene’s description of their ” corruption ” would suggest, that American politicians, lobbyists and corporate leaders visited there in droves to learn how.

          I share her joy for living in Shangrila.

          • Irene
            Irene says:

            Charles: Russian “farmers” were never farmers, they were serfs under tsarism: the right to own land was unknown to them. Russian bolshevism just carried on that wonderful peculiarity of Russian slavic superior culture. Yes, mother Russia is very traditionalist, to this day!

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            Irene, thanks for paraphrasing my comment to a great degree.The Bolsheviks did quite well, both at home and in their satellites in pushing their national cultures.

            East-Berlin’s offerings were superbly directed and performed; the Bolshoi and Leningrad Modern Dance Ballet Theatre are in no need of external approval, nor a half dozen others of their kind.

            A Torontonian, years ago, entrusted me with hiding, in the open [ the most secure place ], a defector from said Leningrad Modern Dance Ballet Theatre, until he had time to assemble his copious file for Immigration Canada. I put him to work and in two months he bought a used VW Golf Diesel.

            In 93 I visited his entire family and friends in St. Petersburg. Stunning wife with attractive mother and father, a Soviet, by then right-thinking Colonel. His wife’s girlfriend was even more beautiful: her boyfriend, a Georgian spoke fluent American. One and all from the deep end of the gene pool.

            Regrettably this accentuation of culture was largely intended to distract from the fact that all the stores were all but empty. And if something became available it was snapped up at insane prices after around the block lineups.

            We all should thank God that ” mother Russia is very traditionalist, to this day ! ”


            Take care !

          • Karen T
            Karen T says:

            Irene, I am predominantly German, partly Russian, so my opinions here are not biased. Not all Russians were serfs. My grandmother came from a landowning family. The (((bolsheviks))) confiscated their land and property, and she, a teenager, escaped with her young husband and with whatever coins and jewels they could grab, to Canada. She never heard from her family again, all presumed murdered. Serfdom however, and a much more cruel serfdom than ever occured under the Czars, is the future of the West if the present path continues.

      • JM
        JM says:

        Who developed the Periodic Table, a product of abstract science?
        The rest is a product of the needs of industry in which the Russians & the East were a few decades behind, but soon caught up. Then there was Tesla.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          ONE NEEDS TO DRAW A DISTINCTION between a country’s political system and the innate genius and formal education of the people serving it. The SU was far ahead of the Reich in most of their weapons technology, including in particular their aviation branch.

          E.g. Professor Ferdinand Porsche’s [ yes the very same ] Tiger-Panzer was a necessary ‘ reaction ‘ to the SU accomplishments.

          Not an easy but honest comment by someone all but personally overrun by ‘ broad-tracked ‘ T-34s in 45.

          • T
            T says:

            I had heard about the excellent and durable Russian tanks but not so much about the aviation. Can you elaborate on that a bit?

            The accounts I’ve come across did not sound encouraging in that area…ie the Russian aviation generally not having capability to go beyond 50 miles behind front lines for operations, poor radio communications and coordination for several years into the war, massive bomber fleets at Stalin’s instruction being sent deep into Germany on bombing missions in June or July, ’41, and being shot down almost to a plane, etc. Perhaps that was poor use and tactics of good material, but…

            I had heard of the earlier cooperation in the ’30s prior to the war between Germany and Russia regarding training. It was supposed to be ‘secret’ but accounts I’ve read declare the British knew from day one it was going on, in violation of post war arrangements, and for ulterior motives said nothing. I suspect that is true.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:


            01 The SU had a plane larger than Hughes’ ‘ Spruce Goose ‘ and with more engines.
            02 Its sheer size determined its amphibious nature, because no landing strip could accommodate it.
            03 Surely you have seen photos of their paratroopers amassed on their wings, holding on for dear life, before being dropped. An effective if somewhat windy affair.
            04 A German designed the superior Sturmgewehr ’43, the single-shot or automatic assault rifle, but it was left to Mr. Kalashnikov to vastly improve on it; making it less temperamental and cheaper to manufacture.
            05 After the War, we may have nabbed von Braun, but they did not go empty-handed.
            06 Their MIG 14 and later 21, in Korea were faster and had a better rate of climb than the F-86 Sabre, but, therefore, were also less maneuverable during close-in dog-fights. [ The same reason why the Royal Navy prevailed at Trafalgar ].
            07 Suvorov writes of Stalin deliberately stalling the mass production of an advanced long-range bomber, so as not to discourage an attack by Hitler. This bomber flew from Moscow to London over German air-space at such altitude as to be invulnerable to Luftwaffe fighters, not to mention FLAK. [ Oxygen-deficiency in relation to fuel mix carburation ].
            08 You couldn’t be more correct with you comment about inadequate SU training and planning, until later in the War, making less than good use of their superior to adequate materiel.
            09 You are equally correct in your information on German preparedness operations in the SU at that time, pursuant to the April 16, 1922 Treaty of Rapallo, west of Genoa, after an international conference at that latter venue.
            10 Courtesy of the Hotel staff where Luxembourg was murdered, we spoke of all those details of her death, but, shamefully and negligently, all of us here never uttered a word about that very fatal Treaty calling for SU-German rapprochement; affording Germany the circumvention of almost all of the Versailles restrictions.

            [ As The Mother of all Asides, google ” Christ of the Abyss “. In 69 the tour group I was guiding stayed in Rapallo’s Imperial Palace Hotel, where the Treaty was signed. Directly from its docks we took a day’s excursion to that most beautiful Portofino. En route we stopped and saw glimpses of that submersed statue of Christ. Incredible, haunting images on Wikipedia and elsewhere ].

          • T
            T says:

            He, he, yes, I’ve seen the pictures of the Russian mega plane with the large number of Russian paratroops placed in rows on top of the wings. Just getting it off the ground was no doubt something of a technical achievement. The Soviets seemed to have had a thing for building things on a huge (though not necessarily always workable or practical at times) scale. Moscow University comes to mind in terms of this ‘bigness’ and I’m not sure how much of that aspect of things is about Soviet Communism attempting to overawe both its own adherents and would be adversaries with Soviet might or was reflective of something more organic within the Russian people themselves. Russia is a big place after all. Maybe it was a peculiar combination of both.

            Having said that the Russians have produced excellent engineers in most every field; they did put the first space satellite in orbit and the point regarding the AK-47 is well taken.

            The Christ of the Abyss photos are beautiful.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          @ Franklin

          Wikipedia: In 1869, the table was published by Dmitri Mendeleev, [2] who built upon earlier discoveries by scientists such as Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier and John Newlands, but who is nevertheless [wrongly] generally given sole credit for its development.

          The first person in history to discover a new element was Hennig Brand, a bankrupt German merchant.

          • Franklin Ryckaert
            Franklin Ryckaert says:

            The Wikipedia article says that Mendeleev was unaware of previous work on the Periodic Table :

            “…Unaware of the earlier work on periodic tables going on in the 1860s, he made the following table…”

            But of course Wikipedia is controlled by Jews, or in this case by evil Russians…

    • Lucy
      Lucy says:

      As an untermensch of Polish descent, I thank you for your kind – and wise words- dear Franklin. Those who do look down on us just because many of us are equipped with slightly higher cheekbones (I experienced it in a negative way in Sweden before the country was invaded by veritable aliens,.i.e. people from MENA), ignore the fact that the Mongolian/Turkish assault on the Slavic genes took place such a long time ago that we barely have anything else from it in us than the a bit less Aryan appearance.

      Now a bit off topic: Poland is since many centuries “enriched” by a special minority that not neccessarily differs much from the majority when it comes to the physical appearance, which makes this minority undiscernable to unskilled eyes but their negative influence on the society shouldn’t be ignored. People from this minority naturally differ a great deal from the Slavic Poles (and Poles of German or Russian origin) because they have European, by Christianity imbued, values only on the surface. At present you find those “Poles” on influencial positions in the “nationalistic” government, the parliament, the mass media and in the “total opposition”, of course, as all sides must be played. (The Roman Catholic church is not spared from this enrichment, the Vatican II was a big step forward .)
      Even though I grew up under the “dictatorship of the proletariat” and have after that lived forty years in the Mecca of political correctness, Sweden, I’m shocked when visiting Poland by the hostility to all Russian that now reigns supreme. Nothing patriotic in it, anyway from a genuinely Polish perspective. Neither can I see anything patriotic in their ranting about Germany’s obligation to give Poland war reparations!

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Lucy, several months ago I pleaded with you to give us a report on a certain theatre production, staged in Poland, Vienna and a YUG successor state. Your mother tongue and ” when visiting Poland ” eminently qualify you for this, as does your work for a Swedish university, if memory serves.

        This piece of so-called art, with adequate reviews, showed Christ descending from a cross constructed of military olive-drab painted gasoline canisters of German WW II make and vintage. An equally insulting, defamatory and sophomoric attempt at symbolism.

        All performers were entirely nude of course, befitting modern theatre, except for Christ wearing only his crown of thorns.

        After He descended to the ground, front stage, he raped an equally nude woman on the ground from behind, perhaps symbolizing his purported wife.

        I saw this on a video clip but can’t locate it.

        Could you not please, at your convenience, give us a reportage of the venues, script, the director/producer and reviews.

        I confidently predict, that your comment/reportage would be the most frequently read here, and the most shared world-wide. Certainly sharing it with churches of any denomination would be worthwhile. I undertake to personally cover Ontario’s second largest County before mailing it to all and sundry. And with glee to our Provincial and Federal Parliamentarians.

        If it proves sufficiently insulting the memory of the living, instead of merely the dead, perhaps we can sponsor a complaint to the Polish equivalent of the celebrated western Human Rights Commissions.

      • RoyAlbrecht
        RoyAlbrecht says:

        This comment makes sense to me.
        In Reykjavik, Iceland, there are 2 types of Poles and they are difficult to tell apart on a phenotypic basis.
        One type is ensconced in city government, Jew labour force, and the criminal underclass and they are mostly just plain obnoxious.
        However, outside of the core, there is the other type: very kind hearted, diligent, clean, etc…, and they are difficult to tell apart at first sight…, but completely wonderful people.

    • Armor
      Armor says:

      Franklin Ryckaert: “1) According to Nazi racial doctrine”

      I’m sure people in the Nazi party had many theories that kept evolving.

      “2) The Nazis could have destroyed Communism if they had accepted the peoples of eastern Europe (…) as their allies”

      That idea sounds very theoretical to me. I don’t think Russian soldiers were free to leave the Red Army and switch to the German side.

      I wish we could test a similar scenario in the future. I’d like to see a Western European government break free of the anti-White movement and try to spread the revolution to other countries. For example, what would happen if Poland sent helicopter commandos to Berlin to decapitate the German government and the German media? How would the army, the administration and most people react? Would they applaud the coup? Would they remain passive?

      “5) Nazi “art” was mostly stiff and (…)”

      It was a political movement, more than an artistic movement! Even so, they were great at creating new uniforms for the army. I agree that Arno Breker’s statues may look a little stiff. In any case, they did a great job of denouncing phony and deliberately ugly modern art. I’m sure it improved people’s lives and gave more work to legitimate artists.

      “6) Like any other historical period, the Nazi period deserves objective critical study”

      If you think objective critical study is possible, you should apply your method to the present. But if people cannot agree on what are objectively the best policies for today, I don’t think they can agree either on what was right and what was wrong in Hitler’s Germany.

      Actually, I hate the idea of objective critical study. When you read about historical figures, it is natural to feel sympathy for some of them, especially the nationalists, and anyone persecuted or vilified by the Jews. It isn’t a matter of being objective.

    • cronkitsche
      cronkitsche says:

      Modern science has limited relevance to the politics and ethos of the 20th century mass industrial state. Humanity lives, derives its motive energies, and acts on the myths, not the graphs and functions of science (see C S Lewis’s incisive & radical formulation at the end of his review of Tolkien’s LOTR) Peter Drucker attempted to address the needs of this new societal form, the mass industrial state, in “the Making of Economic Man” (1939); even a cosmopolitan Ge rman physician and travel writer, Colin Ross, went for the National Socialist idea (see George Bailey’s “Germans”,1974) over the managerial-logistical model . Heroic and self/group-affirming myth meets our needs; immanentistic managerial models and exhortations, and ethological-genetic demonstrations, do not.

  10. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    “The excesses of German and Nordic ethnic-genetic particularism are probably the single most important cause for the fall of the Third Reich. Hitler took German identity and the existence of a north-south cline within Europe as essentially justifying the subjugation of Eastern European humanity as a whole as expendable inferiors, rather than as potential allies.”

    Hitler tried to make allies out of the Poles, and even the Russians, but they were not interested. They tried to play him, to gain advantage. Their preference to fight him was the reason for both invasions. So how would his continuing to take their abuse have prevented the fall of the Third Reich? Do you know your history, Mr Durocher?

    “The Germans failed, however, to make any serious efforts (i.e., by giving them a stake in the New Order) to enlist Poles and Russians, who were often similarly anti-Semitic and anti-communist. […] This reflected a monstrously misguided and self-defeating form of racialist thinking which failed to recognize the genetic closeness among Europeans.”

    The Germans failed … of course, it must be a German failure. Not a Polish failure or a Russian failure or a European failure. This is just a continuance of the general blame put on Germany by agreement of all the others, and of course we know why. Hitler certainly had no respect for the already racially-mixed French, nor did his troops, and did not want Germans to follow in those footsteps. Thus, Germans had to lead. The “genetic closeness among Europeans” is your idea, but not everybody’s.

    So you tell me, Guillaume Durocher, if we don’t admire Hitler from the period of 1920 to 1945, then who in Europe should we admire instead? This is a serious question, not rhetorical.

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Franklin Ryckaert says:

      A serious answer to your serious question : We should admire European politicians such as the leaders of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary who refuse to accept “refugees” and let their countries become “multi-cultural”. Especially the leader of Hungary Viktor Orban deserves our highest respect. The new leader of Austria Kurz is also promising. You don’t need to be a “Hitler” to save Europe.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        No, no, no, mr ryckaert. You are being disingenuous. Who from Hitler’s time should we admire? Not fair to compare the 1930s-40s to 2015-17. Of course, you can’t name a single leader and neither has anyone else. I knew that was the $64 million dollar question.
        And neither has anyone here the knowledge to respond to my historical references to Poland’s refusal to make an alliance with Germany against Russia. All we have here is Christian moralizing. Poland only wanted to side with Britain and France against Germany. Poland’s goal was to take over Berlin and that is a fact. There are lots of facts that Durocher ignored while expressing his opinions in his book review.

        • Franklin Ryckaert
          Franklin Ryckaert says:

          Hitler did indeed great things in restoring Germany in a very short time, but his major moral and strategical blunder remains his wish to colonize the Slavic East.
          Even John de Nugent, whose admiration for Hitler is so great that he claims to be his reincarnation, acknowledges that. Having said that, it doesn’t mean we should not condemn the egregious war crimes committed by the Allies.

          • Guillaume Durocher
            Guillaume Durocher says:

            I would second Franklin’s comment.

            Madam Yaeger: Thank you for your comment. You may admire whomever you wish. Please send me relevant links on Hitler’s offers to the Poles and the Russians. For my part, the failure to even grant the Poles a rump state and Hitler’s blood-curdling comments on Moscow and Leningrad in the Table Talk seem clear enough. I believe we should acknowledge both Hitler’s virtues and faults, as with any other historical figure.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            Had the ” egregious war crimes ” not merely been condemned, DECADES LATER, but put on the docket at Nuremberg, that ” lynch-mob “, as the Chief US Judge referred to it, would still be in session.

            Merely google NEMMERSDORF to get at least a partial idea.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            @ Guillaume and Franklin et al:

            In any analysis one has to consider facts at any specific time and their chronological cause and effect progression/deterioration thereafter.

            Initially Hitler demanded cessation or diminishment of the 50,000 Reichsmarks levied on Berlin for each passage of each train to East-Prussia: necessary to keep it supplied, to afford it exports for income; also in terms of mere familial contacts.

            This train had to pass through the ‘ Polish Corridor ‘, consisting in large part of territory taken from Germany, contrary to Wilson’s 15 Points, directing local plebiscites, again, most of which came out in favour of remaining German. But contravened for a myriad of reasons; not the least a hefty share of the ca. 8 million Polish vote between Buffalo and Chicago.

            Even before the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, to invade Poland on the same day, Warsaw engaged in jingoistic language of being in Berlin in six weeks, [ also referred to by Yeager ] were certain hypotheses to develop. Their Ambassador in Washington reported on inordinate Jewish pressure on America to join the war.

            Tit for tat repeating itself then erroneously devolves into pre-determined policies.

            17 days after Hitler, the SU invaded Poland, conveniently making Hitler the fall-guy.

            Hitler was in the middle of the 20s skirmishes with the left, with Liebknecht and Luxembourg and was well informed of the several thousand SU imports in 23 to help their Revolution along. He was also well-advised by the head of his Fremde Heere Ost, or Foreign Armies East, General Gehlen who had plugged into the remnants of Soviet opposition in Russia. [ Gehlen later worked for the US, burdened by truck-loads of ‘ documents ‘ and detailed maps, which found themselves into US Army Field Manuals; unaltered and as studied in part by myself ]

            Moscow had bragged of its internationalist intentions and World Revolution since before its official inception. Now it had the means and most of it in its forward positions, kilometers and less from the German line.


            And what of Churchill’s certifiably idiotic OPERATION UNTHINKABLE utilizing 100,000 reactivated German POWs, A WHOLE THREE WEEKS AFTER THE REICH’S UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER, to attack Eastern Europe and bomb Moscow and beyond ????? to whitewash his previous supreme idiocy at Yalta ?

            This liberation of Russians, real and imagined, would have unleashed nationalistic, revanchistic, Jewish and again communist severe opposition, calling for even more severe measures to quell them all.

            Where would you three, and any others plot that on your luxurious maps of morality ?.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Once again, you avoided to (could not) answer my $64 million dollar question. Instead you repeat your usual complaint that Hitler “wanted to colonize the Slavic east,” ignoring that it was already colonized by the Jews/communists. Hitler wanted to drive them out. How was he going to do it with the very people who allowed it to happen? … despite that they proclaimed their desire for their freedom. They were disorganized … and do you think he had arms enough to supply all these undisciplined people (for them to throw them down and run away at the first sign of attack? Hitler was a realist, not a moralistic fool.

            Then, to distract, you bring in the nutcase John (de) Nugent, who went off the rails a long time ago already. You don’t make any points with me that way.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            @ Guillaume Durocher

            Thank you for replying and asking for more information. While there are many good sources for this information, I think the best one overall to explain my position is from my own website: (This is soon to appear in a book form.) And don’t fail to read the 3 added articles linked at the bottom.

            If I’m allowed by the moderator, I’ll post another comment with some further sources for you to consider.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            GD – if you want to really learn something about Polish history, this book published in 1939 before September 1st, is a good choice. It gives an up-to-date look at Poland between the wars and how it handled all the territory it was given. Do not look down your nose on it – it isn’t Jewish-inspired history.
            Hitler’s speech of 22 June 1941, on the occasion of the invasion of the Soviet Union.
            And this one, published in 1940, is relevant in a general way, I think:

          • Poupon Marx
            Poupon Marx says:

            And I will third Franklin Rykaert’s position along with Mr. Durocher. One must look at Hilter objectively and through several prisms and lenses. I have stated that Hilter STARTED well and beneficently, but that wonderful brew turned to rancid and toxic waste. All the hallmarks of mental illness are there. The ranting, the pure emotionalism, hyperbole, delusion and even hallucination. Did he or did he not lobby his generals, pushing them, pressuring them to prepare for war with Russia? I believe history is clear on that point.

            I cast aside the irrelevant assertions of German superiority on any spectrum re this discussion. It is not germane, but may be very German. Obviously, German innovation and efficiency in almost all things industrial and mechanical put them in a very good position to earn and enrich themselves. The Bonzai and Bushido creed of Japan was put to good use as they gradually dominated many areas of production on the World markets.

            Looking at Hilter, I see not a well formed man, but a fractionalized one. There are traces of infantilism, petulance, and disturbing “womb like” feminine erraticism. He was in large part actor and barker.

            I doubt that he had WISDOM in suitable qualities or even adequate levels. Patience, good diplomacy, steady progress, could have resulted in Deutschland dominating its neighbors economically and indirectly. Most comments on Hilter that are slathering and sycophantic fail to juxtapose him alongside other historical figures that had presented to them a totally dysfunction nation and people.

            I much more admire members of the German General Staff as men and leaders. Compare Adolf to George Washington and his compatriots, and the heroes of the South’s War Between The States, and Adolph becomes-over time-lilliputian.

        • royAlbrecht
          royAlbrecht says:


          Although, I cannot see the benefits of belittling the Slavics because of their Mongolian genetic admixture and the obvious short comings when it comes to pre-frontal cortical associated characteristics,
          I am not about to pander to their Slavic delusional and largely false, self-righteous ranting’s of indignation at not being regarded as “…equal…” to Western Europeans with respect to intelligence, creativity, ability to form less corrupt and higher-productivity-level societies.

          More pointedly however, they (Slavs) may well deserve credit in some respects that Western Europeans …,
          due to their LACK OF MONGOLIAN ANCESTRY…,
          cannot claim a right to.
          For it may well be the genetic admixture of Mongolian DNA that gives these Slavic peoples the genetic proclivity to have higher levels of in group cohesion and therefore the ability to resist the Jew-engineered Islamic invasion of their territory.

          Often when it comes to genetics there seems to be a trade off of sorts…, a kind of…,
          “…Genetic Opportunity Cost..” if you will,
          among all life forms that gives each life form a niche advantage in one aspect at the trade off of other advantages.

          The mistake is made when the Jew has Us (NON-JEWS)believing that one “…niche…” is “…better…” than another…,
          which thereby infers condescension or superiority of those life forms who have convinced themselves of the superiority of one niche over another.
          This in turn leads to “…hurt feelings…” and “…temper tantrums…” that have been the start of many an unnecessary war…,
          much to the chagrin of the chameleon Jew middle man who deals to all side of the confrontation as the “duped idiots” set about killing themselves while Jews are gleefully enriched.

          The fact is that as time proceeds, realities dictate the need of one niche over another and that superiority and inferiority of characteristics are in the eye of the beholder.

          As it stands, Slavs are in fact at this moment in time SUPERIOR to Western Europeans when it comes to the characteristic of resisting invasions of hostile Jews and the destructive smaller brained Third and Second World Peoples’, characteristics that they bring…,
          not to mention the implicit genocidal goals these small brained people have allowed the Jews to consume them with.

          (I.e. Han-Chinese willingness to side with Jews in both cunning and intent to take over and exterminate Europe and Europeans as well as White North America because of falsely attributed (((European-British))) Chinese opium wars…,
          Indian hostility at being a subject of (((British))) colonialism and brutality…, etc.)

          Moreover, why should I not feel a sense of Superiority in my German ancestry?
          After all, it was the Germans who accurately pinpointed the International Jew as the Prime Culprit in almost every negative attribute or issue the planet finds itself facing at the present time.
          It was the willingness of almost EVERY WHITE NATION ON EARTH to shortsightedly side with the Jews in bringing about the fall of Nazi Germany.
          Now…, seventy years later…, the Jews have Us ALL in their grip yet you stupid Whites are still too afraid to admit Hitler was right and you (Allied Powers) all were wrong.

          Moreover, I refuse to blame TODAY’S Germans for not standing up to the Jews because GERMANY IS UNDER BOTH OCCUPATION AND MARTIAL LAW TO THIS VERY DAY AND NOT A SOUL IS LOBBYING FOR ITS FREEDOM !!

        • Curmudgeon
          Curmudgeon says:

          You stole my thunder with the links to wintersonnenwende. The site was a real eye opener when I first stumbled across it a few years back, particularly in those areas as it relates to the absolute hatred the Poles had for the Germans.
          Anecdotally, I have known many Poles and those of Polish extraction, since my early teens. They are hard working people and can be very nice. However, virtually all of them have an arrogance that I have only found among Jews. Oddly, face to face, the Jews are much more subtle in their arrogance.

    • Lucas wheeler
      Lucas wheeler says:

      I certainly admire Hitler above all other European leaders of his generation. Your pointing out that both the Poles and the Russians preferred playing Hitler to the point of war are appreciated.

    • Karl Nemmersdorf
      Karl Nemmersdorf says:

      Carolyn, Hitler never tried to ally with the Russians. He did indeed try with the Poles, and their leadership spurned him, but his aim from very early was to conquer and dispose of Russia as he saw fit. He stubbornly refused to consider giving the Russians any concessions whatsoever in order to gain their aid against Stalin. He insisted on an entirely free hand in the East.

  11. Tom Sunic
    Tom Sunic says:

    Good review. The word “Nazi” has become by now a flatus vocis, a meme of disapproval, a symbol of absolute cosmic evil, a metaphor for extraterrestrial demons surpassing the tales of the Ancients, such as the work of poets Hesiod and Vergil. The demonological labeling of Nation-Socialism was mostly the work of Frankfurt School scholars following the end of WWII. The word/adjective “nazi” was never in official usage in National Socialist Germany (1933-45); it had a pejorative meaning. The reason that there is today such an obsession amidst liberal- leftist scholars with the description of National- Socialism, aka “Nazism”, only proves that subconsciously they are full of appreciation for its cultural and political tenets.


    (Mod. Note: Tom, did you coin the term “flatus vocis”, or glean it from some old latin text? It’s pretty darn funny!)

    • T. J.
      T. J. says:

      Definition of flatus vocis

      plural flatus vocis

      a mere name, word, or sound without a corresponding objective reality —used by the nominalists of universals [Merriam Webster]

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        @ MODERATOR; DR. SUNIC; T.J.; ET AL.

        By contrast, Collins Dictionary is less etymological and more clinical:

        ” FLATUS — gas generated in the alimentary canal; from Latin: a blowing, snorting; from Latin flare: to breathe [and] blow “.

        A new word for me as well: explaining the prevalent simultaneous emanations from two orifices, resulting in the combined background noise in most Councils of State; foremost the Congress, while debating anti anti-Semitism, taxes and especially Foreign Policy.

        The path of these gases bypass the brain, whose intake through other orifices, such as ears or nose, are less important, because the electorate’s concerns are irrelevant.

        I rather suspect that Dr. Sunic also has a Collins Dictionary.

  12. Eric
    Eric says:

    Interesting article with lots of good insights. However a couple of points really went against the grain.

    1. “Were they — the designated worst evil of human history — really that bad? These questions — as writers such as Irmin Vinson and Greg Johnson have noted — are irrelevant to the legitimacy of ethnic Europeans’ right to live and prosper in their own homelands.”

    NO, Greg Johnson is incorrect. The moral nature and behavior of a group of people bears directly on the legitimacy of their claims to land. Even Yahweh, the Jewish god of the Old Testament, makes clear that their claim to land is based on their behavior.

    Perceived morality is a powerful weapon. The Holocaust narrative has been effectively used to deny legitimacy to European ethnic identity. The argument is that Europeans were so evil to Jews that they deserve equal treatment. If Europe succumbs to immigrants, the relentless promotion of the Holocaust will bear a great deal of the blame.

    The Jewish community has a much clearer understanding of how ethnic warfare actually works. Their great fable is David versus Goliath in which David, smaller and weaker than the Philistine champion, refuses to battle man to man and instead goes for Goliath’s head. This is what’s happened to Hitler. He, more than another man, brought the German people out of the great depression, gave them an unmatched sense of self respect and right to exist, and almost beat the Jews at their own game. So the Jews go for the head, using the weapon of perceived morality.

    Greg Johnson, on the other hand, seems to advocate disarmament. He wrote an entire article on the evidence for Stalin being a Jew, concluding that it’s irrelevant to European identity or nationalism. But he’s utterly wrong. If it was conclusively shown that Stalin was a Jew, then all hell breaks loose. Stalin has FAR more blood on his hands than Hitler. The mantle of the worlds worst mass killers would rise from German shoulders and descend onto Jewish shoulders. The Nazi claims would be re-evaluated. The Jewish right to Israel would evaporate. Their treatment of the Palestinians would take on new and far more sinister meaning. Questions would arise about the utter failure of the international community to prosecute Soviet Jewish KGB/NKVD/Cheka operatives who retired peacefully to Israel. It would be a disaster of almost stupendous proportions.

    I believe Stalin was a Jew, he looks exactly like a Jewish man I knew. My wife is Russian and says that most Russians believe Stalin was a Jew. Putin himself has stated that the Bolsheviks were at least 85% Jewish. It’s not conceivable that a group of militant Jews would be unaware of their ethnic identity and of the danger of revealing too much to the greater gentile world. Stalin and his Jewish co-conspirators had every reason to hide Jewish allegiances in the background. They also had the means to make sure they remained hidden.

    I’m not sure if Greg Johnson intentionally obfuscates, lacks philosophical depth, or perhaps I misunderstand what he’s trying to say. I’m reminded of Nietzche’s aphorism #238 in Beyond Good and Evil. Although it deals with men and women, I think it applies to the fundamental problem of ethnic warfare:

    – “To be mistaken in the fundamental problem of “man and woman,” [ethnic warfare] to deny here the profoundest antagonism and the necessity for an eternally hostile tension, to dream here perhaps of equal rights, equal training, equal claims and obligations: that is a TYPICAL sign of shallow-mindedness; and a thinker who has proved himself shallow at this dangerous spot–shallow in instinct!–may generally be regarded as suspicious, nay more, as betrayed, as discovered; he will probably prove too “short” for all fundamental questions of life, future as well as present, and will be unable to descend into ANY of the depths.”

    2. “The excesses of German and Nordic ethnic-genetic particularism are probably the single most important cause for the fall of the Third Reich. ”

    NO, that’s wrong. Ethnic particularism has very little do to with why a country loses a war. Did the Bolsheviks lose the war with the White Russians because of their excess Jewish ethno-genetic particularism? No. Did Cortez lose the war with the Aztecs because of his Spanish particularism? No. The truth is exactly the opposite. Ethnic particularism is probably the single most powerful motivator for military success. The incredible successes of the German military can be partially explained by their particularism.

    The primary reason why the Third Reich and Italy lost is because they were up against a much larger population base. It was about a 4 to 1 disadvantage. The total Axis population was about 120 million. (Germany, Austria, and Italy had 69, 7 and 44 million respectively). The Allies had over 410 million (USSR, US, UK and France at 190, 130, 50 and 42 million). The Allies had many other advantages, such as unfettered access to oil and critical resources. England ruled India, with a population of over 350 million. It’s amazing the Third Reich got as far as it did.

    You may claim that Germany’s racist policies alienated Americans, British, French and Russians. Actually, the Judeo-elite Fake Media intentionally painted a very skewed view of Germany. Just like they are doing with Russia now. Just like they did with Milosevic and Serbia, Hussein and Iraq, Kadaffi and Libya, and Assad and Syria now.

    The WW2 fake media highlighted anything that could be considered a German atrocity. They intentionally ignored Boshevik atrocities in the USSR, which resulted in the deaths of over 20 million ethnic Russians. They ignored the Soviet war in Finland. They ignored the exportation of Communism to China and to the rest of the world such as the Spanish Civil War. They conveniently discounted the well documented ethnic brutality of British, French, and US colonies.

    Nothing illustrates the double standard more clearly than the contrasting Allied treatment of Eastern Europe before and after the war started. The Allies proclaimed the German war with Poland as the most heinous event which ever occurred. Yet after the war started, they conveniently ignored the Soviet invasion of Poland just a couple weeks later. They refused to acknowledge the truth and importance of the German investigation into the Katyn Forest massacre. They NEVER recognized the right to freedom for any people repressed by the USSR. And after the war, the Allies drove out up to 14 million Germans from their old homelands in Eastern Europe. So much for Allied morality.

    – “In December 1944 Winston Churchill announced to a startled House of Commons that the Allies had decided to carry out the largest forced population transfer — or what is nowadays referred to as “ethnic cleansing” — in human history. … Millions of civilians living in the eastern German provinces that were to be turned over to Poland after the war were to be driven out and deposited among the ruins of the former Reich, to fend for themselves as best they could. The Prime Minister did not mince words. What was planned, he forthrightly declared, was “the total expulsion of the Germans… For expulsion is the method which, so far as we have been able to see, will be the most satisfactory and lasting.” … By mid-1945, not merely the largest forced migration but probably the largest single movement of population in human history was under way, an operation that continued for the next five years. Between 12 and 14 million civilians, the overwhelming majority of them women, children and the elderly, were driven out of their homes or, if they had already fled the advancing Red Army in the last days of the war, forcibly prevented from returning to them…. From the beginning, this mass displacement was accomplished largely by state-sponsored violence and terror…. problems arose with the UN’s 1948 Genocide Convention, the first draft of which outlawed the “forced and systematic exile of individuals representing the culture of a group.” This provision was deleted from the final version at the insistence of the U.S. delegate, who pointed out that it “might be interpreted as embracing forced transfers of minority groups such as have already been carried out by members of the United Nations.””

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Franklin Ryckaert says:

      “…I believe Stalin was a Jew, he looks exactly like a Jewish man I knew…”
      Appearances can be deceptive. There are no indications that Stalin was a Jew. See : Counter Currents, Nov 26, 2012, Kerry Bolton : Was Stalin Jewish & Does it Matter ?

      The “Russian” revolution was mainly a Jewish plot. It was planned, financed and initially controlled by Jews. Stalin rose to the top by superior cunning and cruelty and he fought the Jews not out of any “anti-Semitism” but as a nationalist he was against their internationalism.

      • Floda
        Floda says:

        Stalin’s real name in Georgian/Russian (don’t ask me) would be interpreted as ‘Jewison’ were it to be translated to English. Perhaps ‘Judensohn’ in Deutsch ? Where there’s smoke………

    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      Thank you Eric, for cutting through some of the lies, deceit, duplicity and hypocrisy constantly bandied about regarding Hitler’s Germany. As regards NS literature about Soviet Russia, there is plenty of it in the archives, and one might start with a copy of Kommoss’ book, Juden Hinter Stalin, erweiterte Ausgabe, 1944. Bradberry’s book The Myth of German Villification, and Goodrich’s book Hellstorm will also bring some clarification to the subject.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      JAHWEH, were he a subscriber to Haaretz, B’Tselem, Breaking the Silence, or indeed this site, in addition to innumerable others, would certainly rescind their right to their land: founded on their behavior.

      Even, of course rhetorically, were he to take their land back because of default, that would be irrelevant, as they ” have established facts on the ground “; as per Likud, their right coalition and the US Republikuds.

      The very same irreversibility pertained to Eastern European expulsions which were unlikely to have been in the mind of the then US Ambassador to the UN , as opposed to throwing a protective mantle over then nascent Israel.

      Let’s recall the arm-twisting of major allies and US protectorates, particularly in the South Pacific, to garner UN Israel approval votes. Major Islander voting states that only existed during low-tide. Or Firestone Tire dependent Liberia.

      None of this is intended to detract from your expert comment. Far better than anything paid for in any university.

  13. Armor
    Armor says:

    G.Durocher: “anyone who is politically incorrect, is liable to be labeled a “Nazi”

    “Politically incorrect” really means semitically incorrect. It is a polite synonym for “Nazi” and “antisemite”. The Nazis were vilified even before WW2 because the Jews didn’t like their policies. Today, the Jews dislike people who oppose race-replacement. That makes us Nazis too.

    “This justified ruthless killings in defense of Germany and the targeting of groups deemed undesirable.”

    Is that an allusion to the “genocide” of the Jews? Or to the “lesser” genocide of the Gypsies, the homosexuals, the cripples, the communists, the Slavs, or some other group? Actually, you don’t need to kill anyone to get rid of them: you just send the Slavs further East, the Jews to Palestine, the homosexuals and communists to re-education camps, the Gypsies to some other territory of their own…

    “This reflected a monstrously misguided and self-defeating form of racialist thinking which failed to recognize the genetic closeness among Europeans.”

    The French, English, Polish and Russian governments didn’t act as if they recognized the genetic closeness between them and the Germans. In fact, the French were in the process of increasing the non-White population in both Northern and Sub-Saharan Africa. Why would they do that? They didn’t think clearly. By contrast, Hitler in Mein Kampf was worrying about the prospect of a French-African mongrel nation spreading from the Congo to the Rhine. So, who were the misguided and short-sighted politicians? The French declaration of war on genetically close Germany was reckless.

    “the subjugation of Eastern European humanity as a whole as expendable inferiors, rather than as potential allies.”

    Jewish communists killed millions in Eastern Europe in peacetime. The Germans were in a different situation. They were fighting a war. In the end, whether or not the Germans had evil intentions, the Slavs are the ones who stole German territory both before and after WW2. They killed some of the German population in a number of different countries and expelled the rest. I guess there had been some conflict between the Germans and the Slavs for centuries. A trickle of migrants from Eastern Europe probably kept moving to Germany and settling there, even though the population density was lower in the East. After a few centuries like that, you would be left with an entirely Polish Germany. I can understand why Hitler liked the idea of expanding his country to the East, where shrinking German populations had lived for centuries.

    There are complaints about German claims of racial superiority, but after all, the English used to feel superior to the Irish (and to everyone else). Americans are ready to bomb every country in the world to bring their superior brand of “democracy”. In France, people in Paris, even though they didn’t have racial theories, used to think of themselves as the cream of the cream. From their point of view, it was only natural to destroy the Breton language. The industry, the research centers and all centers of decision in France should be in Paris. In case of war against Germany, just put the Breton infantrymen in the front line. By contrast, under the German occupation, it became possible, for the first time ever, to have a Breton speaking radio station. I like to think that if Germany had won the war, I would speak in the native language of my grand-parents, instead of French.

    “Western Europeans were treated much more gently.”

    Maybe because in France, Denmark and Holland, the Germans rarely came under attack by Jewish and communist guerrilla commandos.

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      @Armor — … The French, English, Polish and Russian governments didn’t act as if they recognized the genetic closeness between them and the Germans …
      Have you heard the expression ‘ZOG’ — Zionist Occupation government? After 1913 and the Fed, USA, UK, France, USSR and no doubt Poland and China were run by Jews and their collaborators.

      • Armor
        Armor says:

        You could hold Hitler’s Germany to a higher standard because it was no longer under Jewish influence. But with WW1 so recent, and with Britain and France getting ready to start a new war, it isn’t surprising that German nationalists didn’t celebrate the genetic closeness of all Europeans.

        • Rerevisionist
          Rerevisionist says:

          In theory, according to Jew media externally, it wasn’t under Jewish influence. Whether this was true, is another matter. I noticed there’s a 1922 front page of the New York Times online with its first mention of Hitler; assuming it wasn’t tampered with, it states explicitly that hitler’s ‘antiSemitism’ was a pretence.

  14. Armor
    Armor says:

    The accusation that Hitler, and not just him, but people in the national socialist movement, were German supremacists who looked down on other Whites is similar to the Jewish accusation of “hate crime”.

    In the old European tradition, what mattered was your actions, not how you felt about killing someone. But today, in the eyes of the Jewish media, and of some judges, a racial insult to a non-White is worse than the murder of a White person by non-Whites.

    I think too much is made of Hitler’s contempt for the Slavs. We need to know precisely who killed whom. We are not allowed to get that basic documentation about the Jews. At least it should be possible to know the truth about the violence between Slavs and Germans.
    – How many Poles and Russians did the Germans kill? How many prisoners of war? How many civilians?
    – How many Germans, whether civilians or prisoners of war, were deliberately killed in Poland, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, during and after the war?

    I read on Counter-Currents that the American historian Russel Stolfi said Hitler was responsible for the “massacre of 3.1 million Soviet POWs captured in the opening months of Barbarossa”. It is unlikely to be true, or we would have heard about it. But we need historians to give us the facts.

      • Armor
        Armor says:

        Not every wikipedia entry is part of a Jewish disinfo-conspiracy. The entry about Jerusalem artichokes is probably okay. But if the subject is German mistreatment of Soviet prisoners of war, wikipedia will definitely be full of Jewish disinformation. It is not an acceptable source of information.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Global Research is a Canadian GLOBALIST, left-wing anti-war group and this article was republished from World War II magazine – a magazine I am familiar with that only conveys the standard Allied war narrative.
            At the bottom we find: “This article was written by Jonathan North and originally appeared in the January/February 2006 issue of World War II magazine. The pictures and captions are from The Greanville Post.”
            Who is Jonathan North? Who knows?

            This article is a ‘story’ that contains not a single source referenced. We depend entirely on its unknown author. It is merely war propaganda from the Allied-Jewish side — the side you are on, Franklin.

          • Franklin Ryckaert
            Franklin Ryckaert says:

            @Carolyn Yeager

            I am sure you will always find objections to any source that does not exonerate the German Wehrmacht from war crimes committed during Operation Barbarossa. So what happened with those 3,1 million Russian POWs if they were not starved to death ? Why is there no “revisionist” literature about that ?

            BTW, Global Research is not “globalist” it is exactly the opposite, it is anti-globalist. Some titles of its publications speak for themselves :
            The Globalization of Poverty, The Globalization of War, The Globalization of NATO.

          • Armor
            Armor says:

            FR: “you will have to explain what really happened with those millions of Russian POWs”

            Do you think the German army used to spend its time committing war crimes? Why would you like that idea? The message of the Jewish media is that the more willing you are to smear, condemn, and decry the Nazis, and White people in general, the better you are morally. I disagree!

            Our governments would certainly like to make us think that White people are murderous degenerates. My position is that historians need to do their work, but it is natural for the Germans to dislike the idea that their parents or grand-parents were genocidal maniacs. And it is natural for White people in general to dislike Jewish accusations against us.

            I looked for the words Russian + Prisoners on the website. I found an article by Mark Weber who quotes British and Russian historians:


            “Hitler himself urged Red Cross inspection of [German] camps [holding Soviet prisoners of war]. But an appeal to Stalin for prisoners’ postal services received a reply that clinched the matter: ‘There are no Soviet prisoners of war. The Soviet soldier fights on till death. If he chooses to become a prisoner, he is automatically excluded from the Russian community. We are not interested in a postal service only for Germans’.”

            Given this situation, the German leaders resolved to treat Soviet prisoners no better than the Soviet leaders were treating the German soldiers they held. As can be imagined, Soviet treatment of German prisoners was harsh. Of an estimated three million German soldiers who fell into Soviet hands, more than two million perished in captivity

            I didn’t read the whole article, just the first few paragraphs. I don’t know if it is an accurate account of what happened, but you should like it since Weber says that “more than five million Soviet troops are estimated to have fallen into German hands. Most of these unfortunate men died in German captivity” (malnutrition + maltreatment).

            What I like is that Weber quotes the Russian journalist Yuri Teplyakov, who wrote the book Stalin’s War Against His Own Troops. The theory is that the Soviet regime is largely responsible for what happened to the Russian prisoners. It had nothing to do with a national-socialist feeling of German racial superiority. We know that the Soviet regime was partly an anti-Russian Jewish dictatorship headed by a Georgian psychopath. Even so, the Russians obviously played a role in the death of their German prisoners. There is no reason to think that the Germans were motivated by ethnic hatred while the Russians only killed Germans out of love and a passion for racial equality.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          @Armor: I’m not writing this note to join a quarrel or initiate a new one. It’s just that I think it’s worth adding that Wikipedia is my own go-to place for old World Series and Super Bowl scores and NHL Rookie of the Year winners. Until the present century I got that stuff from the old annual World Almanac and Book of Facts, but I no longer know whether that once-indispensable reference tool is even still published (I wouldn’t bet on it).

          A pretty just overall characterization of Wikipedia was rendered by Bradley Smith: “Wikipedia is the first place to go if you want it quick, do not want much, and there are no ethical or moral issues involved” (Bradley Smith’s Blog, 11/19/2009).

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Armor, G. Durocher in his comment to me above referred to “Hitler’s blood-curdling comment on Moscow and Leningrad in the Table Talk” as condemning him to our disfavor. Really? Blood-curdling? I wonder if Durocher studied the entire Table Talk or just heard selected words?

      If he wants to learn of blood-curdling – not just words but – actions of the Russians against their enemies, he can listen to my series of podcasts reading “The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau,” or buy the book by Alfred de Zayas.

      And what about the Katyn massacres? What Stalin did to the Poles was worse than anything Hitler ordered. The Poles hate the Russians to this day, but not Germans. They flock into Germany. It’s all damnable Allied-Jewish propaganda.


      (Mod. Note: Carolyn, your entire last paragraph was [redacted] because painting with a broad brush and “blaming” those you have a hard time getting along with, individuals, organizations and “movements”, just doesn’t cut the mustard in this space. Feel free to offer your opinions about ‘history’ and offer (well-supported) critiques of articles here, but don’t feel free to gratuitously and snarkily slur others, whether those at this online journal or those associated with its editor.)

      • Guillaume Durocher
        Guillaume Durocher says:

        I have read the entire Table Talk, yes. (Sadly, only in the somewhat defective Hugh Trevor-Roper translation.) A very, very interesting read.

        • Franklin Ryckaert
          Franklin Ryckaert says:

          I have read Table Talk too. Here are some revealing quotes :

          “…When one contemplates this primitive world, one is con-
          vinced that nothing will drag it out of its indolence unless one compels the people to work. The Slavs are a mass of born slaves, who feel the need of a master… ”

          “…The Russian space is our India. Like the English, we shall rule this empire with a handful of men.
          It would be a mistake to claim to educate the native. All that we could give him would be a half-knowledge—just what’s needed to conduct a revolution..!” HTT p.33

          “…The foundation of St. Petersburg by Peter the Great was a fatal event in the history of Europe; and St. Petersburg must therefore disappear utterly from the earth’s surface. Moscow, too. Then the Russians will retire into Siberia.
          It is not by taking over the miserable Russian hovels that we shall establish ourselves as masters in the East. The German colonies must be organised on an altogether higher plane…”

          “…As for the ridiculous hundred million Slavs, we will mould the
          best of them to the shape that suits us, and we will isolate the
          rest of them in their own pig-styes
          ; and anyone who talks about
          cherishing the local inhabitant and civilising him, goes straight
          off into a concentration camp.. !”

          HTT p.616

          “…Above all, nobody must let loose the German schoolmaster on the Eastern territories ! That would be a sure way to lose at once the pupils he’d be given, and the parents of these pupils.
          The ideal solution would be to teach this people an elementary kind of mimicry. One asks less of them than one does of the deaf and dumb. No special books for them.. !” HTT p.354

          “…To teach the Russians, the Ukrainians and the Kirghiz to read and write will eventually be to our own disadvantage; education will give the more intelligent among them an opportunity to study history, to acquire an historical sense and hence to develop political ideas which cannot but be harmful to our interests. A loud-speaker should be installed in
          each village, to provide them with odd items of news and, above all, to afford distraction. What possible use to them would a knowledge of politics or economics be..?”

          “…In the field of public health there is no need whatsoever to extend to the subject races the benefits of our own knowledge. This would result only in an enormous increase in local population, and I absolutely forbid the organisation of any sort of hygiene or cleanliness crusades in these territories. Compulsory vaccination will be confined to Germans alone and the doctors in the German colonies will be there solely for the purpose of
          looking after the German colonists…” HTT p.425

          “…German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the mainten-
          ance of law and order throughout the occupied Russian territories, and a system of military strong-points must be evolved to cover the entire occupied country.
          All Germans living in the eastern territories must remain in personal contact with these strong-points. The whole must be most carefully organised to conform with the long-term policy of German colonisation, and our colonising penetration must be constantly progressive, until it reaches the stage where our own colonists far outnumber the local inhabitants…” HTT p.426

          In the light of these revealing quotes it is impossible to maintain that Hitler only invaded Russia “to fight Bolshevism” and not to colonize it. His racist attitude toward Slavs too is clear enough.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Very good, Franklin. Maybe you and Guillaume will cause readers to want to find out for themselves, and they will order my new CD set to listen to all of the Table Talk, with Ray Goodwin’s and my commentary and discussion included.

            This is my absolute last comment.


            (Mod. Note: Carolyn’s “last comment”??? I’ll believe that when hell freezes over, LOL! And, we’d all miss our history lessons too. Keep it coming, Carolyn.)

          • Armor
            Armor says:

            “…As for the ridiculous hundred million Slavs / … / anyone who talks about cherishing the local inhabitant and civilising him, goes straight off into a concentration camp.. !”

            Hitler was not just a politician and man of action, he was funny as well! But I don’t think there is any real connection between such talk and how the Germans behaved in Russia. If you are going to blame Hitler, it’s better to blame him for what he did rather than for his ill intentions.

            If you read the Daily Stormer, you will find over-the-top comments too. But we know that if White Nationalists seize power, what is most likely to happen is not harsh treatment of non-whites, but a lack of resolve on the part of the nationalist government. The new government may lack the courage to impose racial separation.

            Anyway, Hitler’s political movement didn’t boil down to one man. He didn’t have the power to implement the ideas you quote from Table Talk.

            “long-term policy of German colonisation” [of Russia]

            Well, as a Breton nationalist, if my country was geographically next to Wyoming and Montana, and if there was a sufficient number of army tanks and fighter planes in the national Breton army, I would be all in favor of annexing those states to Brittany.

          • Franklin Ryckaert
            Franklin Ryckaert says:

            @Carolyn Yeager

            I remember your programs with Ray Goodwin about Hitler’s Table Talk very well. I have listened to all of them at that time. I don’t remember you could convincingly morally defend Hitler’s positions as demonstrated in the quotes above.


            Yes, Hitler’s ideas were “funny”. Unfortunately they cost millions of lives.

            Hitler’s regime did boil down to one man. That was called the Führer Prinzip. To the exasperation of his generals Hitler, who micromanaged the military operations, made blunder after blunder but his generals could do nothing about it.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          Mr. Durocher:

          In part 5 of Mr. Wald’s series, I briefly described the amateurish forgery of Demjanjuk’s [ Ivan the Terrible ] ‘ Travnicki ‘ ID card with photo, in connection with Hammer’s self-importance in obtaining it from the Russians, for Israeli prosecution.

          The chief of Germany’s BKA [ FBI ] in Wiesbaden, Dr. Werner, called it a simple forgery after initial examination, giving a number of reasons. The Israeli emissary for this chore informed Jerusalem of Werner’s preliminary unfavourable examination, and, in return, was told to inform Werner to discontinue his effort.

          After the war, everyone who found themselves in central or western Europe designated as DP, quickly discarded any and all ID, uniform, correspondence, insignia etc. that could possibly incriminate them.


          Irving discovered the Goebbels’ Diaries to be a forgery. We all know the photo of a Ukrainian volunteer shooting a mother holding a baby, in the back. With the shadows in said photo not matching between the two adults. I have an entire book listing and showing forgeries, by all Allies. The IHR maintains a margin summary of Roosevelt’s manufactured map of Hitler’s planned invasion of the entire Western Hemisphere, used to get the US into the war; his speech being a welcome comic relief in Hitler’s Reichstag response.

          My simple question is: What is the proven, indisputable provenance of Hitler’s Table Talks ?

          Anyone at all, citing them, should know that.

          • Junghans
            Junghans says:

            Bingo! One certainly needs to be suspicious of something as incredulous as ‘Hitler’s Table Talk’. So, I went online searching, and found Richard Carrier’s blog site,, which really brings into question the authenticity, and accuracy of the Picker & Heim ‘Table Talk’ material. It seems that Carrier & Nilsson, two scholarly historical investigators, have some serious reservations about the material, and how it was manipulated. Essentially, ‘Table Talk’ is second & third hand “information”, based on hearsay, which was ‘recorded’ after-the-fact, containing questionable editing and interpretations, and which was then mis-translated from the French (from photo copied “German originals”). En Garde folks, skepticism is certainly warranted here.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            @ Junghans:

            If I were a senior lawyer in a firm, having carriage of a matter in need of deconstruction of a claim/assertion, even supported by a bundle of affidavits, based on what you researched above, I would save the firm’s money by not sending a lawyer to a hearing, but seconding the janitor instead; with assured success.

            Upon returning to the practice, reporting that the Court found their evidence to be more lacking than double- hearsay, therefore having zero probative value, I would even give the janitor a can of his cat’s favourite food. .

            What chutzpa to presume throughout that they can suspend our belief. Like they suspended that Saudi terrorist’s passport in mid-air long enough, after it survived the incineration, only to descend atop the WTC rubble after its collapse.

            Were I the handler of this passport-positioning, idiot magician-agent, I would personally flog him ripe for the ICU; union rules and consequent charges notwithstanding.

            Your above research alone, puts the burden of proof on those several commenters here who relied, without qualification, on Hitler’s Tafelgespraeche.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            I must respond to Junghans and Charles Frey, who, being ignorant of the controversies around Table Talk, think they have suddenly come upon some stunning revelation. It would be negligent of me not to.

            Neither Carrier nor Nilsson are well-regarded “scholars and historians,” and are not unbiased. They refer in detail only to Hitler’s comments on Christianity. If you accept what they say without investigation of your own, and without reading TT yourself, that is not “research” as Junghans calls it, but simply accepting what an Internet site says.

            FYI, David Irving says the Table Talk is authentic, as did Albert Speer who was present at some of the talks. The majority of historians accept them as authentic. TOO comments section is certainly not the place to debate the question.

          • Franklin Ryckaert
            Franklin Ryckaert says:

            @Charles Frey, Junghans, Carolyn Yeager

            If the authenticity of Hitler’s Table Talk is settled, then it is also settled that Hitler wanted to colonize the Slavic East while reducing the local population to serfdom. Hitler’s wish for Lebensraum in Russia is also expressed in Mein Kampf, the authenticity of which is not disputed as far as I know.

            So here we are : can we accept an anti-Slavic German supremacist as a shining example for us modern white nationalists, who seek freedom for all European peoples including Slavs, or do we have to reject him, no matter how much good he did for his own people and no matter how much he did to fight international Jewry ? For Carolyn Yeager, who does not call herself a white nationalist, that is not a problem, for us it should.

          • Junghans
            Junghans says:

            I am well aware of the ‘Table Talk’ controversy, and stand by my statement. Having read many points of view about the subject, I think ‘Table Talk’ needs a lot of scrutiny.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Armor, it’s easy to check. Over 2 mln Russian POWS “disappeared.” I’ve no time to look up sources as I’m on overload. Bottom Line: EuroMan on all sides suffered. It was a brother war. My dad and I call it Eurocide II. BTW prior to Eurocide II German citizens read more newspapers that those of England, Italy and France combined. That’s an unique accomplishment. I could write much more about their excellent industry, etc, but lack time.

  15. Cronkitsche
    Cronkitsche says:

    Two authors not mentioned in this immensely helpful discussion are Suvarov (“Icebreaker”) and Sturdza (“The Suicide of Europe”.) Suvarov argues that Stalin ruthlessly waited for Hitler to subdue western europe, then, prepared a crushing attack on Germany-which only Hitler’s preemptive attack thwarted–in order to conquer all of europe. Sturdza recounts rumania’s efforts to find any allies against the inevitable expansion of the soviets–only Germany responded. Germany in its determined and prudential war against Communist expansion found only 4 allies: finland, rumania, Italy, Japan. All of the rest of Europe preferred the Soviets. Hitler was right about the threat and the Allies were wrong. If, as Eric and Armor and Yeager do, we evaluate the National Socialist actions in light of this, the picture is transformed, and Hitler is revealed as a ruthlessly moral and heroic leader.

  16. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    These past few weeks I have hosted a Chinese guest at my place. He says that his father was a professor and his grandfather was a military general in pre-Mao China where they were both forced to flee from or be executed during the Cultural Revolution.

    He has been living in Iceland for two decades now and, from my initial point of view,
    had in many respects “…graduated…” to a level of “…Western Civilization…” that most Third and Second Worlders seldom attain.

    As such, I took the risk of breeching most of the issues that this essay and the commenters cover and instead of continuing with the relevant parts of the discussion that revolves around Eastern Europe,
    I substituted them with China instead.

    Incidentally, one key point that I noticed about Northern Europeans, as opposed to the rest of humanity,
    is their detached objectivity when discussing even the most personal and critical points of contention.

    Jared Taylor exemplifies this to the Nth degree.
    Forgive the subjective characterization of the man, but to me, he often comes across with a sense of smug, calm superiority when being questioned over the issue of White Racial Survival.
    It’s almost as if he is discussing a theoretical abstract. That the results of which have no tangible bearing on the feelings of anguish, spilt blood and split bone that the conclusion of these events will entail…, not to mention the future ramifications for life on the planet.

    This behaviour used to be no easy task for me to imitate because I often found my gut instincts crying out to take (((someone’s))) head off as a result of the problems (((they))) are causing.

    Although Spiritual Enlightenment changed all the above for me and…,
    I can now be even more detached than the most “…obtuse intellectual Jew…” who is discussing the rape and murder of a White man’s daughter at the hands of a gang of Jew imported Pakistanis…,
    it took some doing to get there.

    Nevertheless, I am sorry to say that I am still human and that at times I forget that one had best refrain from engaging smaller brained Races in topics where high levels of emotional detachment are required.

    As such, it was not long before I let slip out terms like…,
    “flight from ‘YOUR’ own uncivilized,
    sh!t hole,
    bribery in academia,
    THIRD WORLD (this was the straw that broke the man’s back) and murder plagued societies”…,
    “YOUR movement to Europe and America only to replicate the mess YOU have created in YOUR own backyards here…”

    And for good measure I threw in the fact that we were throwing our doors wide open to YOU with free rooms, money, medical care, schooling, language learning, and a host of other things while YOU were undercutting our standards of living, bringing in crime, and organizing the inflow of your entire extended families to get in on the free for all.

    Well, it was not long before I had a frothy foaming terrorist-like, mad China-man (no longer the “Chinese man” I respectfully referred to) seething in MY kitchen,
    telling ME not to come to Asia lest I receive an anonymous bullet to the base of my skull
    before he proceeded to smash one of MY kitchen utensils to bits in MY own kitchen sink!

    I don’t own a TV or do Hollywood, so I need to devise my own forms of entertainment
    and he certainly was entertaining..,
    in a Jared Taylor detached sort of way.

    At the end of his tirade I merely pointed out that he had just proven my point about the uncivilized nature of his Race only to be accused of provoking him into going mad dog crazy!

    Comedy at its finest as far as I was concerned.

    All the usual behavioural patterns normally associated with Jews ensued including blaming ME for the turmoil in my tidy kitchen and his mind, as well as having him threaten ME with leaving MY abode because of MY behaviour.

    Throughout this surreal charade I sat calmly with legs crossed and head comfortably relaxed against the wall behind me waiting for him to finish venting.

    Of course, being an honored guest commenter and regular reader here at TOO has placed my perspective on this whole ordeal at a level so far removed from the ordinary earthling that I could probably induce the same effect in the chief Psychologists at most medical centres in Iceland, so how could I let this poor Chinese victim of Jewish mind control offend me?

    But after sleeping on the affair, this thought did cross my mind:

    “Is it possible that the Chinese man knows (((“…what is going on…”))) and is playing the “…Jewish-like Victim/Rage-Card…” to induce guilt and fear in me for questioning the Jew manipulated, Third World, replacement and take over of Germany, Europe and other (former?) White Nations?

    The Chinese man dons the garb of a hip Western tourist, from the flashy Gore-Tex Jackets to the throw-away, made in China, leather hiking boots (as opposed to the old, hand stitched, leather, Südtirol-style boots that Reinhold Messner wore).
    He prefers Western Women to his own Chinese women and
    indulges in name dropping of cities, institutes, things he likes, (((music))) he listens to and people he knows that read like a list of (((captive))) territories.

    But all in all, I reckon he is just one of the many Jew-induced deluded “…followers…” on the planet except he still retains a strong sense of his “…primitive(?)…” Han-Chinese pride…

    One can hardly fault him for his behaviour, but I have learned through becoming acquainted with him that;

    1) Orientals know they are moving into and taking over Our territories,
    2) That Jews are facilitating this take over and,
    3) That keeping Westerners in a state of mass delusion is a key factor in their (Chinese) success.

    But beyond all of the above I wonder how Slavs view the Chinese?

    Seeing that many Slavs believe,
    correctly or not I am not sure,
    both Hitler and the Allies either looked down upon or betrayed them to a certain extent either before or after the war,
    is it possible, more so since Slavic people have some Mongolian DNA in their ancestry,
    that they have done their own back door deals with the Chinese to repay the (((“…West…”))) for the way they were treated in the past?
    We all know that the Jews are doing back door deals with the Chinese,
    that if the Jews wanted to they could boot the Slavic nations both out of the European Union and Schengen in short order for not taking “…Islamic…” imports,
    but as of yet the Jews have done nothing but reprimand the Slavic nations.

    Moreover, one finds that throughout Schengen,
    wherever the Chinese have assets,
    they employ Slavic’s to be their front men in lieu of the preferable, but as yet harder to come by, Chinese slave labour they will eventually import to White lands.

    What a quagmire of intrigue to wade through.

      • RoyAlbrecht
        RoyAlbrecht says:

        Such a subtle compliment from such a towering academic. So subtle in fact that it was not till now that I noticed it. Thanks a lot Prof.Toben, life in Iceland, although materially adequate is far from Spiritually uplifting…, you made my “month”.

  17. Lancashire Lad
    Lancashire Lad says:

    This is interesting. The problem is that 1.200 books sounds a lot, but in a highly literate country of 80 millions, it leaves a lot of room for selection. Also, there was similar eugenicist literature in other languages and countries. The result sounds to me rather like Rauschning’s Revolution of Destruction of the 1930s, which exaggerates the differences between Germany and other nations and was in effect a war book. The footnoted truth may not be the whole truth, in other words.

  18. Stogumber
    Stogumber says:

    As a German I think that M. Durocher is too defeatist. I would stress the point that so much “Nazi intellectuals” survived and wrote important books after the war. And it is quite interesting to see in which way they modified their ideas – sometimes, but not always under public pressure. Even if pressure was a motive, pressure could (and can) be quite helpful: it enforces intellectuals to leave mere speculations aside and concentrate on the fundamental aspects of their theories and how to make them plausibe for people who don’t share these basic ideas anyway. In a lot of cases, “Nazi intellectual” literature indeed improved after the war.

  19. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    It surprises me that more don’t fend off the label by simply stating that the National Socialist Party a.k.a Nazis were Socialists, a leftist ideology. So is the accusation that you’re behaving like a leftist?

  20. Bruno Chapski
    Bruno Chapski says:

    Many geographical places in today’s Germany have no meaning in the German language. AH even altered numerous Slavic place names.

    We can only imagine how’s the world would be today if it were not for Europeans killing one another. I have argued that there is every possibility that without Eurocide II, in all probability, Germany would have been the most powerful state on the planet.

    Hitler was an absolute disaster for EuroMan. As for his intellectual capacity, when there was no hope of winning, after the end of 1943, he constantly affirmed that there should be no retreat. As a person with no education he constantly over turned demands of generals in the field.

    Moreover, he was a gambler. If London and Paris had acted in 1938 it would’ve been the end of him and the saving of tens of millions of Europeans. During the Sept. 1939 conflict with Warsaw few German troops were in the West. Had they attacked Eurocide II would not have lasted six years. No need to speak about his declaring war on the US and/or the production possibilities the the world against that with Berlin’s realm. Continued German military production was due to 8 million Slavic slave laborers and that speaks for itself.

    Further, the 1944 Warsaw Uprising against a civilian population that sought it’s own rule, when German troops had no chance of stopping advancing Soviets… after escaping from nearly a 2,000 mile eastern Slavic front speaks volumes. Over 200,00 civilians killed for what! And the revenge, after the devastation of places such as Byelorussia. Brother against brother, Crazy!

    In 1945, AH making Berliners fight millions of Russians implies the slaughter of countless thousands who had no chance of victory (and could have had future children). Eurocide II was not only unnecessary, it might have laid the foundation for the demise of EuroMan.

    I have been part of both E. Berlin and Warsaw and can understand why often post Eurocide II US officials had difficulty trying to decide if a person was a German or Pole and who could migrate to America. BTW no country had as many citizens who could understand the German language as did the Poland of that era. Also, hundreds of thousands of Silesians (Polonians) fought in the Wehrmacht.

    This article had lots of valid points. hats off to the author.

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      Yes but had Hitler been stopped there would be No Holyhoax fairytales to tell today’s brainwashed snowflakes. There would be no Christmas Holyhoax movies from Hollyweird to weep to as sad violins scratched out a pathetic tune. Moreover you would not feel guilt and shame and avert your eyes towards your feet as one of The Chosenites appeared within your field of vision.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Bruno Chapski is the least qualified person to write about Adolf Hitler because he is so consumed with hate and Polish chauvinism. I know you, Bruno, from way back and note you’re still spouting the same distorted opinions.

      No nation, no ‘people’ was more responsible for getting “Eurocide II” underway than Poland. They were used by the British and Americans for this purpose, and went along willingly looking forward to their ‘reward.’

      “If London and Paris had acted in 1938 it would’ve been the end of him [AH] and the saving of tens of millions of Europeans.”
      But that wasn’t London’s or Paris’ purpose – to save lives of Europeans. And I like the way you always use the word Euro and Euroman—you need Poles to be part of a European mass because as Poles they are non-essential and unimportant. Only Germany gave them status as their Eastern neighbor, shielding the fatherland somewhat from Soviet Russia. You don’t mention why London and Paris didn’t come to Poland’s aid when it was attacked in Sept. ’39 … as Poland expected.

      “8 million Slavic slave laborers “…”?!!
      “AH making Berliners fight millions of Russians” who were only going to respectfully liberate them, yes?! Who is crazy?

      To top it off – “Germans and Poles can’t even be told apart” – and Poles understand the German language better than Germans! Silesians were Poles!! Is that why they voted 95% in 1918-19 to remain a part of Germany, and were thereafter so persecuted by the Polish interwar government? Oh, great history you’re presenting, Bruno.

      Does Charlie know that Bruno is a holohoaxer?

      • RoyAlbrecht
        RoyAlbrecht says:


        I love the certitude in your writing style and the way you always back it up with reasons and sources.
        Moreover, you have a knack for singling out the flaws in peoples’ inaccuracies with the precision of a surgeon.

        I see Poles here everyday.

        They willingly work for the Jew hoteliers from construction to servicing for wages that undercut the indigenous market norm.
        They are largely insular, avaricious, uncouth, mean spirited, and cliquish.
        The only redeeming personality factor I can find in them is that, especially when they are plastered to the gills, they can be quite hospitable and respectful !
        That being said…, they are still preferable to Islamics or Africans by a country mile in that Poles can be very hard workers, generally are not condescending, and they too do not take crap from the largely hostile and cunning Islamics.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Roy, thank you for your nice words. I can’t quite imagine Poles in Iceland, but I guess they are everywhere there are some jobs to be had. Islamics and Africans are even more strange to imagine there.
          As long as Poles are given work to do that suits them they are fine. It’s when they get ‘ideas’ beyond their abilities; think they ‘deserve’ so much, etc. that they get in trouble, and cause trouble for everyone else. Thanks for describing your experience with them. I appreciate it.

      • Franklin Ryckaert
        Franklin Ryckaert says:

        “…“8 million Slavic slave laborers “…”?!!

        “…The Nazi Germans abducted approximately 12 million people from almost twenty European countries; about two thirds came from Central Europe and Eastern Europe.[1] Many workers died as a result of their living conditions – mistreatment, malnutrition, and torture were the main causes of death…”

        Source : Wikipedia, Forced Labour under German Rule during World War II.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          FR – The moderator has said comments delving into the “minutia of WWII” are not appropriate here. But I guess that only applies to me, not to anyone else, especially you.
          If I answered you, I would be in jeopardy of getting another lecture in place of my comment being published.

  21. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    I’m amazed how fixed in Jewish ruts are the thoughts, or at least reflexes, of pretty much everyone here. Let me put the view that Jews acted as local groups, in some cases indistinguishable from the locals, and linked together or ‘networked’ by long-established routes, and also by modern technical links. The links were and are kept very secret. For example the ‘Enigma’ decoding and the Bletchley Park listeners were not revealed at all until I think the 1970s. (((US))) secrecy with regard to Pearl Harbor still applies today. Jews must have high-tech communication systems, spying, and the rest, on a scale probably impossible to imagine.
    . . . . Jews in the 1930s may have information on their acts to end the First World War in mysterious circumstances, to direct money from recession-torn countries to Germany, and – in particular – their, Jewish, decisions to direct weapons and factories and industry to the USSR. It is obvious, today, that Jewish control of propaganda in the USA has enabled all the political parties, all the money, 9/11, frauds such as the holohoax, and endless wars to be controlled by Jews. In the 1930s Jews had similar powers in the USA, the UK, France, the USSR, and (I think) China. They had contempt for their local goyim, and also in every case goy collaborators and traitors. Think of the BBC for example, in those days supporting Stalin. And with people on the ground, it must have been easy enough to tap into local attitudes, assess, and change opinions on a colossal scale, and generate hatreds of the type Jews appear to love.
    . . . . . I’d suggest much of WW2 was simply scripted and staged. For example, Germany was a small country and had to be built up: the invasion of France was suspiciously rapid and easy, taking place after French Jews declared war, just as Churchill was piloted by his Jews into declaring war. The NSDAP was probably just another secretly Jewish outfit; genuine German patriots were taken out in the Night of the Long Knives, and Hitler was emphasised – and still is by the commenters here – rather than the activities of tens of thousands of Jews. The German airforce was arranged, I’d guess intentionally, to be unable to reach Moscow. The invasion of Russia by Germany was no doubt arranged to maximise white deaths, a Jewish desideratum. Check for yourself the anomalous events; there are many. I suppose people get a thrill thinking of their own countries’ heroic deeds, forgetting that in every case genuine nationals were paralleled by secret Jewish networkers, doing things they believed were in their interests, and collectively more powerful than all the other countries put together.
    . . . . . I’ve put some of this in my site where the ‘master race’ of course is Jews. It is very incomplete and inevitably speculative. And it’s irritating that people posing as academics and thinkers who might make some effort of their own, don’t.
    . . . . . If there are any serious people here, email my site with comments, if you like. Finally, allow me to repeat something of critical importance: there are no Jewish archives, there probably never will be, and Jews are abnormally willing to reveal nothing. Much serious methodology therefore has to be on the lines of Hercule Poirot, on an infinitely enlarged scale. Jews and their collaborators will lie, confuse, destroy, and timewaste, as usual. Please don’t blame me for that.

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