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It’s time once again for our annual fundraising drive. Things have been steadily improving since the deplatforming of a couple years ago. We have 10–15 people who have stepped up for monthly donations through their bank’s bill-paying feature. This is a convenient way to contribute and is totally under the radar—I haven’t heard from anyone who’s had a problem. Obviously things could be better. After paying for writers and other services we are just about breaking even, even though we lost a major donor who got worried that her foundation would come under scrutiny from the feds if a donation to TOO was on the books.

Such is life in America in 2019. It will likely get worse in the future, and much worse if the left manages to win back the presidency and the Senate. One or two more liberal-left Supreme Court judges would certainly gut the First Amendment, and then, in addition to corporate America, we’d have jail sentences and heavy fines for “hate speech.” Truth and scholarly integrity would be no defense.

But we’ll continue to carry on until that happens. We’ve had lots of great articles, and this will continue. Andrew Joyce’s recent article, “Jews, White Guilt, and the Death of the Church of England,” points out that academic writing on anti-Semitism by activist Jews is a major part of the problem.

I argue that total Jewish dominance in the academic production of histories of the Jews and anti-Semitism has played a major role in shifting opinion in philosemitic directions—amplified by Jewish activity in so-called “interfaith” dialogue, which has been ongoing internationally for over a century and has served Jewish interests exclusively while undermining Christian theology, especially those elements that made Christianity beneficial to Europeans in the past.

This is why TOO is so important. We are really the only outlet that deals with Jewish issues from an authoritative academic viewpoint. We are pushing back against this “total Jewish dominance,” appealing to open-minded people unafraid to deal with the reality of the historical record.

The following gives the information contained on our Donation page. Note that we have crypto-currency addresses for donations. It seems to me that the great asset about crypto-currency is that they are much more anonymo9us. Great way to go if you are into crypto.

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Using your bank’s bill pay.

Because we are not a recognized vendor, you would have to add TOO as a payee manually to your bank’s bill-paying feature with this information:

The Occidental Observer
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If you would like a tax deduction, you could put that in the payee information using an address line or add it to the payee line: Occidental Observer–tax deduction. This is the Charles Martel Society federal tax ID number: 36-4397594.

For non-recurrent donations, you can send a check or a money order to the same address, specifying if you want a tax deduction or not.

The Occidental Observer
1750 Delta Waters Rd Suite 102, #374
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Note: If you send a check or money order to the above address and do not wish to be anonymous, we would like to acknowledge your contribution. The easiest way to do this is by email. Please include an email address with your donation if you would like us to acknowledge it personally. Thanks!

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Your support is important for many of our writers, and we are trying our best to be competitive with other websites in paying them. Donations of all amounts are welcome. As always, the financial base for projects like TOO is dwarfed by the financial resources of our enemies. This is basically a one-person show in terms of editing and posting articles.  Writers are not making a living by writing for TOO, but your support is a huge psychological boost for many.

This is an exciting time. As we have pointed out many times, politics throughout the West is becoming ever more racialized. White people are increasingly concerned about the changes they see all around them, and Whites are definitely worried about becoming a minority. We know that politicians are forced to toe the establishment line when it comes to issues like immigration, multiculturalism, and Jewish power and influence. However, the presence of intelligent, well-written commentary on contemporary issues may well seep into their consciousness even though they can’t discuss issues the way we do. We are the conscience of White America in an age when there are vast temptations to give in to the system.

As these changes continue to accelerate, White people will increasingly identify as White and support causes that advance the interests of Whites. It is therefore critical to maintain an intellectually honest critique of the current regime. TOO is one of the few websites that deals explicitly with all of the enemies of our people and does so in a fact-based, rational manner.

– Kevin MacDonald, Editor

Why support the Occidental Observer?

  1. There are political reasons to support TOO:
    • Survival: Western societies, including the USA, are rapidly dissolving under the twin attacks of mass Third World immigration and domestic ethnic competition (“multiculturalism”, “political correctness”, “affirmative action”, “equal opportunity”).
    • Pride: Whites have been kicked around for too long. It’s time to stop white flight and to reclaim our cities, our schools, and our jobs.
    • Truth and Justice: There are also matters of principle. In a liberal democracy good policies result from the truth being told. Lies are not only a vexation to the spirit, they result in the sort of bad governance that is dragging down America.
  2. There are also operational reasons:
    • Euro-Americans need to build activist organizations able to rival the large minority agencies such as the American Jewish Committee, the ADL, the NAACP, and La Raza. We also need to challenge the academic orthodoxy that has smothered White concerns for generations. TOO is your champion. We are willing to step forward on your behalf. But the website can only be as strong as you allow it to be.
    • TOO needs to professionalize. We have set up TOO on a shoe-string budget. We are determined to do much more, with new departments and in-depth analysis of the issues that concern white Americans. There are skilled and knowledge professionals willing to join the TOO team. But volunteer labor can only go so far.
    • Small donations make a difference when multiplied hundreds of times. Donations are more effective when made regularly because this allows us to forecast revenue and plan new projects accordingly. That is why an automatic  bank payment  of $10 per month is more valuable to us than a lump-sum payment of $120 per year. (However, we will accept lump sums . . .)
    • Ultimately we want White majority organizations to be so strong that politicians feel that they have no choice but to listen to their concerns. The results of the 2014 election show that Whites are increasingly voting on the basis of their racial identity. This will continue as Whites feel threatened by the rising tide of non-Whites imported by our hostile elites. Even when we are excluded from the mainstream media, we give confidence to politicians who oppose the present regime.
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  1. Dan Reardon
    Dan Reardon says:

    I just mailed off payment for a print subscription and a small donation. Keep up the fine work!
    Dan Reardon

  2. Robert Mueller
    Robert Mueller says:

    In this post directions for automatic bank donations and one time donations are outlined. Reference is made to periodic credit card donations but no directions for same were included. How does this latter work?

  3. Eric
    Eric says:

    It would be nice if different organizations pooled and shared resources in order to cut down costs. There would have to be a certain amount of tolerance of disagreement. But as things stand now, those of us who want to contribute have an overwhelming number of choices, e.g.: Red Ice TV, David Duke, Barnes Review, Power of Prophecy, Christians for Truth, Christogenea, the Occidental Observer, American Renaissance, VDare, The Unz Review, Russia Today, E. Michael Jones, Scandza Forum, Greg Johnson, The American Freedom Party, Vincent James and The Red Elephants, Brendon O’Connell, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Eurofolk Radio, Stormfront, The Daily Stormer, Adam Green and Know More News, Rick Wiles and TruNews, Brother Nathanael, and many more. Anyway, it’s something to think about…And yes, some of the organizations and people I’ve mentioned are controversial and might even be plants. That, too, would need to be addressed.

  4. Mike
    Mike says:

    If you give your bank account number it is possible to send money from foreign parts and as American dollars..

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