Jews, White Guilt, and the Death of the Church of England

“Wrong theology in this area has been bound up with wrong action, giving legitimation for Christian support for persecution and discrimination of Jewish communities and eroding the recognition of Jewish people as neighbours whom Christians are bound to love … Christian communities may wish to consider whether there could be suitable opportunities in their public worship to focus and express repentance for Christian involvement in fostering antisemitism.”
“God’s Unfailing Word,” Church of England Faith and Order Commission, 2019

If it can be said that Europeans are today largely blind to Jewish aggressions, then Christians are among those fumbling around in deepest darkness. Historian Jonas Alexis once remarked that, contrary to older Christian anger at depictions of Jesus and Christianity in the Talmud, no such reactions are evident in relation to the modern Jewish comedy in which “Jesus, Christians and the cross are routinely mocked, even obscenely treated.”[1]

Jewish aggression against Christianity is, of course, nothing new. In the fifth century, edicts had to be pronounced banning Jews from burning and desecrating crosses, and Socrates Scholasticus reported in Historia Ecclesiastica that Jews had taken a Christian boy during Purim and crucified him.[2] In his Princeton-published Reckless Rites: Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence (2006), Elliott Horowitz pointed out multiple cases of Jews urinating on, and otherwise exposing their genitals to, crosses from 12th-century Germany and 13th-century England.[3] Even today, Daniel Rossing, a former advisor on Christian affairs to Israel’s religious Affairs Ministry, has commented on anti-Christian violence in Israel, which peaks during Purim. “I know Christians who lock themselves indoors during the entire Purim holiday,” he says. And yet, while Christians are spat upon and assaulted in Israel, and mocked and obscenely treated in the Diaspora, the majority of Christians remain among the most guilt-ridden and philosemitic of Europeans, applauding Zionist wars that kill their sons, and lauding a people that has done more than any other to overturn traditional Christian moral values. It is one of the most glaring contradictions in this age of contradictions.

The latest chapter in this sorry state of affairs is that the Church of England has, in its latest official treatise, decided to announce formal repentance to the Jews for centuries of putative injustices, as well as the Church’s unconditional adoption of Zionism. The Guardian explains:

Christians must repent for centuries of antisemitism which ultimately led to the Holocaust, the Church of England has said in a document that seeks to promote a new Christian-Jewish relationship. … The document, God’s Unfailing Word, is the first authoritative statement by the C of E on the part played by Christians in the stereotyping and persecution of Jews. Attitudes towards Judaism over centuries had provided a “fertile seed-bed for murderous antisemitism”, it said. Theological teachings had helped spread antisemitism, and Anglicans and other Christians must not only repent for the “sins of the past” but actively challenge such attitudes or stereotypes.

I must confess to an overwhelming fatigue when reading statements like this. They blend a profound historical ignorance with the most septic obsequiousness. The first instinct is simply to protest, and then to try to provide a litany of factual correctives. But I have carried out this Sisyphean task so many times, and in so many prior articles. I now find myself asking only why we should even offer explanations or responses to such accusations as “the part played by Christians in the stereotyping and persecution of Jews.” We owe nothing to the Jews. Any Christian intellectually and morally weak enough to be convinced that he does, probably isn’t worth the effort of convincing otherwise.

But how is it that yet another major Western institution has collapsed into White Guilt, in the process rendering itself pathetically pliable to Jewish manipulations? Having read God’s Unfailing Word, I argue that total Jewish dominance in the academic production of histories of the Jews and anti-Semitism has played a major role in shifting opinion in philosemitic directions. This has been amplified by Jewish activity in so-called “interfaith” dialogue, which has been ongoing internationally for over a century and has served Jewish interests exclusively while undermining Christian theology, especially those elements that made Christianity beneficial to Europeans in the past. This poisonous combination possesses lethal power because the Church of England is already in its death throes.

The Diseased Church

The publication of God’s Unfailing Word is reflective of the Church of England’s already-established position as the compliant lapdog of a GloboHomo master. The Church of England is one of the most homosexual-friendly denominations on Earth, going so far as to allow “gay clergy” to live with their partners in secular “civil partnerships.” In February 2018, the Church of England’s Education Office even published a policy supporting degenerate sex education among children which includes the statement that “Pupils should be taught that humans express their sexuality differently and that there is diversity in sexual desire.” Newcastle’s Anglican cathedral attracted attention in June, when it was revealed the church would host a weekend-long LGBT festival that included a panel discussion on “Queering the Church.” One of the four panelists was a Church of England curate who identifies as ‘non-binary genderqueer transgender.’ This is a church in the grip of terminal disease, and its policy on LGBT issues is unlikely to change the downward trajectory of its attendance, which has declined 1 percent/year in recent decades.

At the heart of this disease is the Archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the Church of England, Justin Welby, a man who looks like ten minutes of manual labor would actually kill him. He is the definition of all that is wrong in modern Man. Setting aside his uninspiring physical presence, Welby is a literal bastard, his mother Jane Portal having cuckolded her husband, the alcoholic Jew Gavin Welby (born Bernard Weiler) with her boss, Sir Anthony Montague Browne. The result of these chaotic origins is that Archbishop Welby/Weiler/Browne has fled entirely from any sense of meaningful identity, asserting in 2016: “I know that I find who I am in Jesus Christ, not in genetics, and my identity in him never changes.” If Welby limited himself to personal genetic oblivion there might not be a problem. A problem does, however, emerge, when Welby uses his position and influence to attack those who do pursue their interests. In 2016, when Nigel Farage told the press that sex attacks by migrants were “the nuclear bomb” of the EU referendum, Welby/Weiler/Browne told MPs in the home affairs select committee that he “utterly condemned” Farage for an “inexcusable pandering to people’s worries and prejudices, that is giving legitimization to racism.”

Archbishop Welby/Weiler/Browne: In need of a Jewish father figure

If that wasn’t bad enough, Welby/Weiler/Browne, who has confessed to struggling with his mental health, appears to have an almost Freudian desire to replace the Jewish father he thought he had with the current Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis. Welby/Weiler/Browne has taken to accompanying Mirvis on numerous excursions, echoing the Rabbi’s sentiments on almost every subject, and even arranging for Mirvis to provide the Afterword for God’s Unfailing Word. In his own Foreword to the same document, Welby/Weiler/Browne (one might call him Welby/Weiler/Browne/Mirvis) is glowing in his praise of Mirvis, and provides a delusional and ignorant elaboration of the history of Jewish-Christian relations:

In simple terms, the Church is being less than its true self when it refuses the gift of Christian–Jewish encounter. … Given the kindness, wisdom and scholarship of the Chief Rabbi, to count him among my friends is one of my greatest privileges. … Too often in history the Church has been responsible for and colluded in antisemitism and the fact that antisemitic language and attacks are on the rise across the UK and Europe means we cannot be complacent. I reflected on this as I stood alongside other Christian leaders in ankle-deep snow within the camp of Birkenau in 2016, amid the ruins of the gas chambers. … The Chief Rabbi has opened, with characteristic honesty and affection, a challenge upon which we must reflect. We cannot do that reflection honestly until we have felt the cruelty of our history.

Such sickly musings are nothing new. In 2016, the Guardian reported:

The archbishop said Britain had a “shameful record” on antisemitism. “As a nation, we have to recognise that antisemitism has been the root and origin of most racist behaviour going back for the last thousand years in this country,” he said. “We have a shameful record until very recently, historically. It bubbles to the surface very easily indeed. When we see it, it tells us there are strains and stresses in society. It is the canary in the mine.” Welby also said that hate crime against Muslims had increased, fuelled by irrational fear that resulted in a high level of prejudice. Integration of Britain’s diverse population was a huge challenge, he said. “It’s been the biggest failure of the Church of England over the last 40 or 50 years, in terms of how we’ve dealt with integration.” It was a “great cause of shame”, he added.

In September, Welby/Weiler/Browne took his level of shame-promotion to an entirely new level when he prostated himself in front of crowds of amused and bemused Indians, apparently in supplication for a mass shooting by British troops that occurred in the garden of Jallianwala Bagh some 37 years before he was born.


Jewish Influence on God’s Unfailing Word

The Anglican tendency toward navel-gazing self-recrimination, which has assumed pathological proportions under the current Archbishop of Canterbury, has collided with Jewish dominance of the historical narrative. Jewish dominance in the academic production of histories of the Jews and anti-Semitism has played a significant role in shifting opinion in this instance. Notes at the end of God’s Unfailing Word reveal the document to rely heavily on ubiquitous, biased and factually dubious accounts of historical Jewish-Christian relations that have been written by Jewish academic activists (Jules Isaac [who was instrumental in orchestrating the pro-Jewish elements of Vatican II], Yehuda Bauer, Frederick M. Schweitzer, Marc Saperstein etc) or non-Jewish scholars who enjoyed lucrative and celebrated careers for their sympathetic portrayals of Jews (for example, the dreadful Gavin Langmuir).

Looked at objectively, this reliance in itself is maladaptive in the extreme. One struggles to find an equivalent case in history where one of two feuding parties fails to chronicle its own struggles, later adopts the narrative of the opponent, and thereby comes to perceive its entire history through the eyes of the opposing side. By way of explanation, we could suppose that the Church of England’s Faith and Order Commission desired an academic gloss for its theological musings and, since Jews and philosemites dominate the mainstream discussion of Jewish history and anti-Semitism, the Commission was forced to turn to Jewish sources. I don’t think this is a full explanation by any means, but it does provide some insight into the flow of ideas and intellectual influence, and should point to academia as one of the most important areas that must be contested if the West is to survive.

Even without its highly revealing endnotes, Jewish intellectual fingerprints are all over God’s Unfailing Word, where they catastrophically combine with a flamboyant Anglican penchant for weakness and subservience. The primary stated objectives of the document are essentially Jewish, being that of “challenging antisemitism,” and “working together [with Jews] for the common good of our society.” Of course, working with Jews for ‘the common good of our society” invariably means the familiar recipe of “fighting racism,” “rejecting homophobia,” “rooting out anti-Semitism,” and campaigning on behalf of migrants and ethnic minorities. In other words, Christian “tolerance,” always a volatile and deeply problematic virtue, has been weaponized in modernity as a primary engine for self-dispossession, pathological altruism, perverse virtue signaling, and moral self-flagellation.

Irrational shame, of the type exemplified and promoted by Welby/Weiler/Browne, saturates the pages of God’s Unfailing Word. The text, which purports to consist of “Theological and Practical Perspectives on Christian–Jewish Relations,” is remarkably one-sided. You will search in vain for references to the Jewish trade in Christian slaves, or the mass practice of exploitative usury. You won’t see any consideration of the impact of Jewish dissemination of pornography or the general degrading of morals. You will turn from page to page without encountering any mention of Jewish contempt for Christianity, and historical and contemporary violence against Christians. What you will instead find are multiple references to the assumption that “the Christian–Jewish relationship is a gift of God, endless rumination on “the persecution and prejudice experienced by Jewish people through history,” the blunt declaration that “antisemitism is a virus that may appear dormant but can all too easily be reactivated in all kinds of contexts,” and “the Church, which should have offered an antidote, compounded the spread of this virus.” [The concept of anti-Semitism as a virus, now clearly rampant in the Christian churches, is a Jewish contrivance. See here for further discussion.]

God’s Unfailing Word promotes nothing more than nicely packaged Jewish ideas, including the notion that there should be a “recognition on the part of the Church that it bears a considerable measure of responsibility for the spread of antisemitism,” and demands “repentance, for we are rightly reminded of the burden of responsibility the Christian tradition bears for its teaching of contempt over the ages.” Jews are completely absolved of any responsibility for anti-Semitism, and any idea they may have engaged in provocative or antagonistic behaviors, their only role being one of “grave suffering and injustice.” In order to address this assumed state of affairs, God’s Unfailing Word effectively redefines the theological and dogmatic positions of the church in much the same way as the Catholic Church did with the 1965 Second Vatican Council declaration Nostra Aetate.

A Redefined Theology

The Church of England now affirms that there has been a “difficult history” involving Jews and Christians, but only in the sense that Christians have contributed to “grave suffering and injustice.” The Church will henceforth teach that Christians “have used Christian doctrine in order to justify and perpetuate Jewish suffering.” Furthermore, they have “fostered attitudes of distrust and hostility among Christians towards their Jewish neighbours, in some cases leading to violent attacks, murder and expulsion.” Christians today must “reject such misuses of Christian doctrine” and engage in “repentance for the sins of the past.” This new theological approach, which raises White Guilt to the position of dogma, is explicitly explained as adapting to “scholarly research, particularly since the Second World War.” This is, of course, refers to the products of Jewish academic activism.

The historical narrative underpinning the new theology is laughable in its naivete. The mass presence of crypto-Jewish networks in 15th-century Spain, for example, which mainstream scholarship has established at one point threatened to overcome and infiltrate even the Jesuit Order, is held up merely as an example of the fact “the Church has never been without Jewish members.” Suspicion of Jews is argued to have been rooted less in the insincerity of Jewish converts than in “the underlying structure of antisemitism.” The authors of God’s Unfailing Word avoid further digression on Jewish behavior, for reasons one can surmise with little effort.

The section of the document concerning anti-Semitism is awful. It begins by pointing out that the Church of England’s College of Bishops accepted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism with its examples in September 2018. The document explains:

The examples highlight the way that antisemitism tends to weave together four interconnected claims, all of which should be vigorously resisted: (a) that there is something inherently wrong with Jews as a people; (b) that Jews always seek to control and influence others; (c) that because there is something inherently wrong with Jews, this influence is inevitably to the detriment of those others; (d) that therefore those with authority have a duty to restrict so far as possible the scope for Jews to exercise any influence over others.

The authors of God’s Unfailing Word insist that although “these pernicious claims appear in secular forms of antisemitism, … it is also clear that theological ideas have been used to support them in church contexts, thereby contributing to the persistent grip of the ‘virus’ of antisemitism.” Christians should mourn that “centuries of Christian government in European history include a long catalogue of anti-Jewish measures, such as legal discrimination and periodic expulsion, alongside bouts of communal violence leading in some cases to the massacre of entire communities.” Martin Luther, without whom the Church of England would not exist, is castigated because he “described [Jews] as demonic and called for the burning of synagogues.” England, meanwhile, is condemned as “the birthplace of what became known as the ‘blood libel.’ … England became the first country to order the entire Jewish community to leave, thereby seeking to be a Christian territory with no Jewish presence.”

The document then explains a total adoption of the perspective of the Jewish historical and activist Jules Isaac who, in 1947, began to wage a campaign designed to promote specific recommendations in Christian churches, mainly the Catholic Church, for the “purification” of Christian teaching regarding the Jews. The Church of England Faith and Order Commission adds:

Jules Isaac, who wrote on Jewish–Christian relations in the aftermath of the Second World War, saw a profound link between historic Christian anti-Judaism and the eruption of antisemitism in the twentieth century. If the first premise of antisemitism is the perception that ‘there is something inherently wrong with the Jews as a people’, then traditional Christian teaching that the Jewish people are collectively responsible throughout time for the death of the divine Christ, and therefore guilty together of deicide, imbues it with a terrible power. Isaac coined the phrase ‘the teaching of contempt’ (enseignement du mépris) to describe what he saw as key features of Christianity’s sustained hostility to Judaism from earliest times.

Christians are now impelled to apologize for this “teaching of contempt,” and engage in “ecclesial repentance for complicity with the evils of antisemitism.” The Church of England insists that “such ideas should have no place in Christian teaching and belief.” Christian communities are urged “to consider whether there could be suitable opportunities in their public worship to focus and express repentance for Christian involvement in fostering antisemitism, for instance in relation to observance of Holocaust Memorial Day.”

The cathedrals of Norwich and Lincoln have for centuries displayed stained glass windows depicting the boy martyrs William of Norwich and Hugh of Lincoln, both found murdered, and both determined by contemporary investigators to have been murdered by one or more Jews. The authors of God’s Unfailing Word now take some pride in pointing out that supplementary notifications have been placed near these windows, explaining them as:

a shameful example of religious and racial hatred, which, continuing down through the ages, violently divides many people in the present day. Let us unite, here, in a prayer for an end to bigotry, prejudice and persecution. Peace be with you: Shalom.

From here, the Church of England moves to retreat from any theological claim that Christians might be God’s “chosen people.” For fear of placing Jews outside salvation, the Anglican Church now insists on a bizarre ‘acknowledgement of mystery regarding the claims of Jewish people,” which is a vague and cowardly method of asserting that “Jewish people since the coming of Christ nonetheless remain recipients of God’s promises.” Of course, this is necessarily a theology that makes the coming of Christ utterly redundant, since God’s promise can be fulfilled without a Messiah. The only explanation offered for this wholesale abandonment of Christian doctrine is that Christianity “carries a heavy burden of responsibility for antisemitism and its lethal consequences,” and “it has to accept that there is a mystery here that transcends its understanding in history, though its meaning will be revealed at the end of time.” This is perhaps the greatest ever example of “kicking the can down the road.”

Christian teaching is to be adapted in several areas in order to avoid insulting or stereotyping Jews. For example, there is a clear retreat from the position that the Old Testament serves as an obvious prophecy of the coming of Christ:

Those who teach and preach in the Church of England should avoid implying that the meaning of Old Testament prophecy points to Christ in such a direct and obvious way that anyone who denies it must be refusing to pay attention to the text or be somehow defective in their understanding. Such implications feed directly into the negative stereotyping of Jewish people that forms the fundamental structure of antisemitism.

As part of the Church of England’s fundamental revision of theology, God’s Unfailing Word also articulates a new orientation in relation to Israel. This new orientation is profoundly Zionist, even going so far as to insist that “the approaches and language used by pro-Palestinian advocates are indeed reminiscent of what could be called traditional antisemitism, including its Christian forms.”


Perhaps the most ironic aspect of God’s Chosen Word is that it isn’t good enough for the Chief Rabbi, who ruminates on the putative blameless nature of his ancestors in his Afterword:

As for my ancestors, their interaction with Christianity meant being faced with the brutality of the Crusades; it meant being forced to choose between converting to Christianity or certain death; it meant false accusations of sacrificing Christian children at Passover to obtain blood for matzah in what became the cruel Blood Libel; it meant requiring the great Rabbinic leaders, including a figure no less than the Ramban (Nachmanides, 11941270), to publicly defend their faith against prominent priests as part of the ignominy of the Disputations, resulting in censorship, violence and slaughter.

Mirvis acknowledges and celebrates “the document’s honest appraisal of the destructive nature and origins of Christian perceptions of the Jewish people,” but he expresses a “substantial misgiving … , despite the progress it undeniably represents and articulates. Namely, that it does not reject the efforts of those Christians, however many they may number, who, as part of their faithful mission, dedicate themselves to the purposeful and specific targeting of Jews for conversion to Christianity.”

In other words, the meaning of so-called “inter-faith dialogue” is the same as that of multiculturalism—Whites/Christians must forever make room for Jews and others. They must engage in endless groveling apologies. And they must never try to convert others or attempt to imply that they should acculturate to their norms. In short, the best position for Whites, in the eyes of Rabbi Mirvis, is crawling on their bellies like his good friend Mr. Welby.

That’s not my style. I think I’ll stick with the historical reality of Christian-Jewish interactions over the centuries, a reality that leads naturally to the teaching of contempt.

[1] J. E. Alexis Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism: Surprising Differences, Conflicting Visions, and Worldview Implications – From the Early Church to Our Modern Time, Volume 1 (Bloomington: WestBow, 2012), 300.

[2] D. Chapman Ancient Jewish and Christian Perceptions of Crucifixion (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2008), 238.

[3] E. Horowitz, Reckless Rites: Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2006),169.

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  1. Alexander Baron
    Alexander Baron says:

    There is an interesting defamation action going on at the moment. The loony left anti-Zionist Jew Tony Greenstein is suing the Campaign Against Antisemitism for calling him an anti-Semite after he tried to have their charity status rescinded.

    Doesn’t quite play into your narrative though, does it?

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      I see this a lot in Judophilics. First one finds an exception to a rule, Then one uses the exception to suggest that there is no rule. Is this talmudic?

      • Alexander Baron
        Alexander Baron says:

        Before you call me a “Judophilic”, check out what Organised Jewry say about me. You need to recognise the real enemy, and the Jewish religion it is not. You should begin by reading my article on victim narratives published originally on an Islamic website. The bottom line is that it is bad ideas rather than “bad blood” that is the cause of the current malaise. The parallels with feminism are stark.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          Oh I know that my real enemy is not just or even primarily the Jewish religion. The Jews, secular or religious, have the Talmud with its anti- gentile values in their cultural history(Actually the racist Hebrew Bible works almost as well}. But it very much is a question of blood as the jews are, relatively, a highly cohesive ethnic group. Anyway your tactic of finding Jewish exceptions to Jewish rules
          is an old one among organized Jewry

          I googled you. Can’t find anything

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          Alexander Baron: Spare us the suspense and please tell us:

          What does” Organized Jewry” say about you?
          On what basis is the Jewish religion “not the enemy” when the Talmud refers to non-Jews as beasts?
          Where is your article on “victim narratives”?
          What are “the parallels with feminism”?

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Give us the details.

      If you’re saying there are Jews who don’t go along with Zionism and exaggerated claims of Jewish victimhood, I think it’s safe to say that most of us — including the author — already know that.

      If that’s your point, all I can say is, “So what?”

      What does that have to do with this article?

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      @ Alexander Baron.

      We shall see how the “definition[s]” of “antisemitism” play out in an “English” court, because Mr Greenstein takes an older view that it entails hatred of Jews because of their inescapable identity, whereas Mr Falter and his organisation have a wider agenda regarding “political opposition to Israel”.

      The story of Stephen Sizer was an object lesson for all concerned.

      Personally I have never thought anyone should be attacked just because of how they were born or raised, but only for objectionable actions. Even the Arch of Cant cannot help his accident of birth. After all, both ancient Jews and modern Germans have entertained the view that Jesus himself was a mamzer, born out of an illicit union between a Hebrew and a Gentile.

      It is significant that decadent “liberalised” Anglicanism should swallow the accusation that “Christianity” is responsible for the “Holocaust”. Can we see the emergence of a new quasi-religious supersession in which the persecuted Son of God is replaced by the persecuted Chosen People, with the Cross replaced by the Gas-chamber and the Resurrection by the State of Israel?

      It is worth noting in this matter, however, that the Talmud itself ascribes the execution of Jesus to Jews, not Romans. The main reason for its destruction by Catholic and Lutheran clergy was not so much racial hatred but disgust at its references to Christ and his Mother.

    • Rob Bottom
      Rob Bottom says:

      How naive. Anti-Zionist Jews in the diaspora are merely working to distance themselves from the crimes of Israel and seeking to prevent Jewish victimization for said crimes. It’s an age-old Jewish survival tactic to divide their camp so that they are more likely to survive calamities, such as Israel finally getting its comeuppance. Thus Jewish anti-Zionism is some sense also “good for the Jews”. They, as you just did, can point to anti-Zionist Jews as proof that Jews are not a monolith. And should anti-Zionist Jews actually change Israeli politics to be a little less brutal towards the Palestinians, it would ultimately be a positive for the Jews as a whole, particularly with regards to how the rest of us view that nation. Yet make no mistake; anti-Zionist Jews can still benefit from in-group nepotism within the diaspora to the detriment of their surrounding populations. And If the diaspora is ever threatened, watch as these same anti-Zionist Jews scurry to Israel with the rest of them.

      • Ollie
        Ollie says:

        Rob, you are entirely correct . What is being used is called the sandwich . People in both camps to control the middle.

  2. anarchyst
    anarchyst says:

    The beginning of the end of traditional Catholicism was sealed with the infiltration of the Catholic Church Vatican II Ecumenical Council of the 1960s by Jews and Protestants who were involved in the “modernization” of the Catholic Church.
    Much Catholic ritual and doctrine was discarded or changed, in order to reflect the “age” that we live in, as well as the promotion of the absolution of the Jews for Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death, despite vitriolic Jewish hatred of Jesus Christ and Christianity which exists to this day. The fact is, the Jews DID get the Romans to crucify Jesus Christ and DID accept full responsibility for his crucifixion and death. As is the case today, they got others (Pontius Pilate) to do their “dirty work” for them…
    Abandoning the use of Latin in the Mass destroyed its universality. Previous to Vatican II, one could attend Mass anywhere in the Roman Catholic world and understand the meaning of the Mass.
    Prohibition of the celebration of the Tridentine Mass (except by special ecclesiastical permission) pushed many Catholics away from the new Modern Mass and the New Church, in general. It took a brave Archbishop Lefebvre and the Society of St. Pius X to push back” against Vatican II and re-legitimize the celebration of the pre-Vatican II Tridentine Mass and other Catholic rites.
    In pre-Vatican II times, the priest (celebrant of the Mass) was considered to be a part of the congregation, and a representative of the people.
    By turning the priest around to face the congregation, the priest was no longer a representative, but an actor, diminishing his status and importance.
    One area where the Catholic Church could improve itself involves celibacy, which is NOT Church dogma or doctrine. Celibacy was put in place during the middle ages in order to keep Church property from being inherited by family and relatives of priests and bishops. Celibacy was based on purely financial considerations, nothing more. It is interesting to note that Episcopal (Anglican) priests who convert to Catholicism can bring their families with them to the Church while Roman Catholic priests are denied marriage.
    It was a grave mistake by the Church to de-legitimize pre-Vatican II principles.
    Fortunately, there are Catholic organizations that subscribe to pre-Vatican II principles, one being the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX).

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Isn’t it true that at some arcane doctrinal level the Catholic Church still holds the Jews responsible for killing Christ?

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        From Wikipedia “Dogma in the Catholic Church:”

        “A dogma of the Catholic Church is defined as ‘a truth revealed by God, which the magisterium of the Church declared as binding.’ The ‘Catechism of the Catholic Church’ states, ‘The Church’s Magisterium asserts that it exercises the authority it holds from Christ to the fullest extent when it defines dogmas, that is, when it proposes, in a form obliging Catholics to an irrevocable adherence of faith, truths contained in divine revelation or also when it proposes, in a definitive way, truths having a necessary connection with these.’…Not all teachings are dogma…Not all theological truths have been promulgated as dogmas…Most church teachings are not dogma. Cardinal Avery Dulles pointed out that in the 800 pages of the Second Vatican Council documents, there is not one new statement for which infallibility is claimed.”

        Sorry, Jews. It doesn’t appear that you’ve been let off the hook after all!

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          Thanks Yes, that is it. I read something like that in E Michael Jones awhile back.

          Since white americans are so vested in christianity, catholicism, albeit all its corruptions and irrationalities would be the best way to go for the white future. Vs the Jews it is clean at its core – Traditional Catholicism. Calvinism with all its derivatives is really Judaism 1.0

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Incidentally, I would hope the same is true of the Anglican, Episcopalian, Lutheran, and other protestant churches. In my experience, the requirements of being an Anglican or Episcopalian are quite simple. There is nothing in them that even mentions Jews as far as I know. I trust that you can safely get baptized and go to church while paying no heed to the silliness and degeneracy going on around you. You don’t have to buy into it.

  3. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    My word, what a pathetic, philosemitic degenerate the Anglican Church now has as its “leader”. As many a street savvy Negro would typically say: “this White dude is one silly ass fool”.

  4. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    ‘Look at the puny mannikin on his belly!’ That must have been how the amused Hindus and Sikhs in the photo above saw Welby, who is, albeit still so hard to believe, the head of the C of E. But who cares? There’s much, much worse:
    ‘… the Church of England’s College of Bishops accepted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism’! I did not know this. God help us.
    From Dr Joyce’s account of Welby’s God’s Unfailing Word, it is clear that this blasphemously named work is intended to be the catechism that compels Anglicans to believe that the amateurish IHRA document is not at all the shamelessly self-serving staking-out by some Jews of a staggeringly huge moral territory as their exclusive jurisdiction. Rather, the IHRA document is God’s Unfailing Word. This title must have been fed to him by Ephraim Mirvis.

  5. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    “…We owe nothing to the Jews. Any Christian intellectually and morally weak enough to be convinced that he does, probably isn’t worth the effort of convincing otherwise.”

    Quite correct up until the above statement…, which is where I would take a different variation in the play…

    1) Jews deserve to be vehemently attacked whenever (((they))) shriek about being owed something.

    A Jew must “…taught…” to be so terrified of being identified as a Jew and,
    on that basis alone,
    being thrown into Guantanamo by a Naturally Superior Aryan.
    Like from the time of Harod of Jerusalem,
    when gentiles were first being trained to roll over at hollow squealings by packs of threatening Jews…,
    Jews must be retaught their place among the lesser life forms on the planet.

    The Aryan must re-educate the Jew to NEVER dare open “…its…” mouth in public for fear of reaping what (((“its” ethnic cohort))) is long overdue.

    Imagine being in a situation where one is the only honest [Ger]-rman amongst a mixed herd of White Cattle that are proxy controlled by a small but unified and viciously conniving Pack of Jews.

    When being attacked in such a situation the honest [Ger]-man, although knowing that the ENTIRE crowd all deserves to be bitch-slapped [Whites] and sh!t-kicked [Jews] …, respectively…,
    [please pardon the crude language…, but that’s just how I feel]
    also realizes that the deck is so stacked against him that the best the [Ger-]man can do is avoid confrontation.
    This is a markedly different approach from the “trying-to-convince…” approach that the Author is tired of.
    Rather it is a cathartic and remedial approach that revitalizes the Aryan Spirit !

    Again, I must rely on a Mel Gibson Production…, Brave-heart…, where William Wallace rides into the field of battle before the blood letting begins, during the negotiating stage and being asked,
    “…Where are you going?”

    Wallace answers quite correctly…,
    “I’m going to pick a fight!”

    Times are not the same as today as they were in Harod’s time and are more akin to the “…turning point times …” of Wallace’s.

    In Harod’s time, Jerusalem was on the outskirts of the Roman Empire…, that is to say…, weak, outnumbered and untenable.

    However, up until 30 years ago, the internet was practically non-existent, the Jew Stream Media was in control and Donald Trump was not President of the USA.

    No longer are we Whites obliged to see things from a “…cup half empty…” perspective.

    Today we must dare to see and say things from a “…cup half full…” perspective.


    “…the church would host a weekend-long LGBT festival that included a panel discussion on “Queering the Church.” One of the four panelists was a Church of England curate who identifies as ‘non-binary genderqueer transgender.’ ”

    Normally one would ask, “What is; ‘non-binary genderqueer transgender.’? “, but this is one of those situations where I choose to remain willfully ignorant.
    Nevertheless, I could not help laughing at the surrealists nature of the picture.

    The fact that the author points out the rate of decline of the Church at 1% per year leads reminds me of the boarded up windows of all Catholic churches in Goa, India,
    Whenever one such skelitl remains of a church is resurrected it is in the form of a Techno-music, Trans venue replete with drug dealers, whores, gang murders, and meth addicts.
    Church buildings are somewhat like inner city Detroit real estate; to be had at 10 cents on the dollar and transformed into Jew Temples of iniquity where money changes are invited to set up shop.


    “It [anti-Semitism] is the canary in the mine.”

    More to laugh at there!
    Anti-Semitism is finally being recognized as the Wild African Elephant in the China Shop that it is and will soon be justly rewarded with a .600 Nitro Express bullet.


  6. Ludwig
    Ludwig says:

    This well written piece was infuriating to read for what it reports.

    Giving credence to the one sided and deceptive histories of “jewish suffering” by jewish media generally, is despicable but understandable as they make no bones about practising dual morality. But contemporary church fathers doing so is an example of wilful suspension of reason when reason is the appropriate tool to deal with the knowledge of past history. But this suspension no doubt is to allow delusion. The delusion presumably allows them to dress up in virtue their cowardly prostration.
    Dressing up cowardice or deception in virtue is disgusting but the insufferable attitude of the rabbi is not only ironic but churlish to the extreme!

    • Amy Armadillo
      Amy Armadillo says:

      This is on today’s “conservative” site Ace of Spades:

      “As if it hadn’t been blatantly obvious for about 1,000 years, the life of a European Jew as valued by its society is worth less than the life of any other denizen of that rapidly decaying, once-great mini-continent.

      “Leave. As soon as possible. Sadly, what is coming is not anything out of the ordinary for Europe, as they are great fans of murdering Jews. France, Spain, England, Italy, and of course Germany (the current champion that has retired the trophy) and almost every country to the East…they love their Jew killing.”

      Everybody at Ace, Front Page Magazine, Breitbart, American Thinker, Drudge, Gateway Pundit and every other Jewish-owned “conservative” site exists to propel the Jew-as-victim narrative. It’s infuriating.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Do you mean that Jews literally OWN these sites? I know that is true of Breitbart and Drudge but also the rest?

      • Ludwig
        Ludwig says:

        The war is being waged in earnest against European genes, culture, solidarity and institutions. A jewish totalitarian utopian messianic world is being built around us and on top of us.

        Jewish “victim” status shields their actual destroyer/subverter identity. But it’s also a self fulfilling prophesy that confirms and solidifies that victim status. This gives them cohesiveness and absolution in their own mind for the genocidal behavior they visit on their competitors.

        The small jews know another reaction is coming and they are already preparing fertile ground for confirming their victim status.

        To dismantle their subterfuge or lying shield would mean our accepting outright war. But James Bowery said it …. we are prevented from talking about what is happening to us and the war being waged against us. So those of us who understand can’t fight the war effectively while our naive compatriot casualties are mounting.

        The spearhead of their victim-hood is the holocaust (HC) which, as most of us here know, has no factual basis.

        The scholarship dismantling the HC has already been done but the 30 year old message has been hindered so it’s been very slow in dissemination and the uptake. But rest assured the dyke has a crack in it that widens over time albeit slowly. The internet has accelerated the dissemination of HC truth but so have our war casualties accelerated with our enemy also gaining ground.

        Sometimes I’m not very sanguine about the future but other times I believe we’ll pull through.

  7. milan
    milan says:

    Thank you for this Dr. Joyce. thank you!!!!!

    and the only thing I need reply is wow if the Jewish people knew, really knew, what they are creating they would be the first to flee for their lives into the caves and hide. And what is it that they are creating? They are creating an idolatry the likes of which has never be seen or experienced in the entirety of the human race. They think and believe that their coming savior is going to establish a kingdom of God on earth. But in rejecting their true savior Christ Jesus they are empowering a satanic creature instead. This though they are completely oblivious of and any talk of them still committing the sin of idolatry after what they experienced under Isaiah and the Babylonian Captivity is a place they simply can’t go. They can’t accept it and so as Christ said when you see the Abomination of Desolation know that it is near even at the door. I would love to know how the Anglicans interpret the Abomination of Desolation?
    For those of us in the know it is very simple:

    I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him. John 5:43

    “He will show no regard for the gods of his ancestors or for the one desired by women, nor will he regard any god, but will exalt himself above them all. Instead of them, he will honor a god of fortresses; a god unknown to his ancestors he will honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and costly gifts.” {Daniel 11:37-38}

    The Jews are and always have been in the sin of idolatry and this is all we as Christians need to tell them and warn them of what is coming shortly to planet earth. Likewise, tell them about what is taught in the book of Zechariah and the terrible wailing and crying that they will experience upon seeing the Christ of God. Imagine, if you will, one having spent a good portion of one’s life rejecting and even cursing the true Messiah only to turn around and see Him with your own eyes! The pain of this will be excruciating, the people’s remorse so severe that, as Zechariah teaches, the Lord God will declare:

    “On that day, I will banish the names of the idols from the land, and they will be remembered no more,” declares the Lord Almighty. “I will remove both the prophets and the spirit of impurity from the land. And if anyone still prophesies, their father and mother, to whom they were born, will say to them, ‘You must die, because you have told lies in the Lord’s name.’ Then their own parents will stab the one who prophesies.” (Zechariah 13:2–3)

    Idolatry will be wiped out for good. In the meantime, all we currently have are lies, lies, and more lies, and this from the city of Jerusalem and in the name of God! Shocking, isn’t it? Typical isn’t then that the book of Revelation refers to the city of Jerusalem as Sodom and Egypt? {Revelation 11:8)

    As for the Church of England, O good grief, more Goyim traitors!!!!!!!!!!!! Like the Freemasons who probably makeup the vast majority of the priesthood as they do so many other churches what is their greatest desire? The rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple and believe me the tribe would never have gotten as far as they have today without these traitors among us. Never. One therefore can forgive the Jews for being blind and deceived but it is these fellow brothers that deserve to be disciplined and punished ultimately.

    They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us. 1 John 2:19

    The only question left now is on being prepared for I figure this fake god of theirs is about to step forward onto the worlds stage and with it Armageddon.

    More on this subject can be found in Gerry Fox’s books especially one entitled Lies, all Lies. Hard to imagine or believe that to find truth one needs to bypass the bishops and popes for an uneducated labourer? How did this happen lol?

  8. vespasian
    vespasian says:

    “Jewish aggression against Christianity is, of course, nothing new.” I would not only dispute your assertion but argue to the contrary, as christianity has atomized its populations to the point of powerlessness in the face of jewish collectivism. I didnt get a chance to comment on Dr MacDoanlds last article, but the individualism inherent in christianity has had the EFFECT of individualizing populations (the personal savior concept is a psychological divide and conquer strategy), created a false worldview (militarism is the correct worldview), and misdirecting focus into the absurd idea of an afterworld (jews don’t believe in an afterlife). The fact of the matter is christianity is, and has been the reason for jewish domination over our societies for centuries and if christianity didn’t exist, the jews would invent it because it has been such a disorientating, confusing, disarraying and atomizing effect on western man. Your too wrapped up in it to see it. It’s not whether something is true or not, only the effect it has on behavior, and that behavior has been extremely destructive.'_War

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Look, I am an unbeliever myself but our kind has got to get over this anti Christian thing. The Jews didn’t run the Middle Ages. The Catholic Church had them in some sort of harness and at least defined nascent neo liberalism as the sin of usury. Traditional Catholicism was a form of Christianity. that deserves a certain respect given what has happened to us post reformation. Protestantism was a relapse into the old testament. Protestantism adopted or sacralized Jewish behavior – the Protestant ethic = and turned the Jew and the Semophile loose on white people. A lot of white people find great meaning in the Jesus story. It is not going anywhere pagan or rationalist. I would be very happy to see a great revival of traditional catholicism among white protestants. A new Counter Reformation which would include a Tridentine revolution against contemporary Rome. I would call that progress

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Christianity will not survive the debacle of its very own self-fulfilling EndTimes prophecy . A new religion of { The PRIME DIRECTIVE } for the survival of mankind beyond The Solar Extinction Event will be the only viable option for anyone interested in IMMORTALITY // Eternal Life .

  9. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    This Anglican theological policy statement is breathtaking. I guess it is really just an official affirmation of defacto Anglo and American Protestant and liberal Catholic attitudes towards Jews going back at least 85 years to the “Good War” But it brings to my attention the absolutely central need for those of us who are still white to try to confront the Holocaust and the World War 2 fairy tale about the Big Bad Wolf HItler if we are ever going to regain our stature as a legitimate people. World War 2 semophile mythology is THE guilt chain for white people. Many effectively anti semitic theorists have cogently argued that to take on the Holocaust and its accompanying anti gentile Germanophobia directly plays to the strongest of the Semophile suits. I have given this argument credence But when we have reached the point where Christians can be led by Jews and Semophiles to not just effectively but also literally renounce Christianity – for that is what this document does -, than I now wonder if its time to make de hoaxing the Holocaust with its anti Euro gentile precedent setting Germanophobia the paramount issue. Can it really get any worse than the Church of England’s primate effectively prostrating himself before the Jew who crucified his God?

    By the way I say this as an as an atheist and non Anglo who was raised in a more traditional Catholicism Yet even I am experiencing feelings of humiliation at the deracinated spectacle which the Church of England is offering up before the world

    • Yamamoto
      Yamamoto says:

      We have confronted the Holocaust, and it definitely happened, and it was both a terrible tragedy and mistake for us.

      As for Christians claiming that the Jewish race crucified Jesus, doesn’t that sound a lot like saying all whites genocided the Jews? It is ascribing blame at the racial level. No sane or decent person would do that. This is why Christians don’t do it.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        I believe your pen name Yamamoto was the Japanese Admiral who designed the Pearl Harbor sneak attack. Conclusions could be drawn from that

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        There was no Holocaust. The Jews were put in work camps. About 100,000 died from typhus as the war was ending and food and medicine were in short supply.

        The “Holocaust” was an invention by Jews working for the Psychological Warfare Division of SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force). According to the Red Cross, only about 380,000 people died in the camps, most of them non-Jews.

        The “6,000,000” number appeared numerous times before the war, beginning as early as 1905. “6,000,000” Jews were “being killed” or “about to be killed” in Russia and Eastern Europe.

        When the number of dead at Auschwitz was lowered from 4 million to a little over 1 million (with similar reductions at other camps), the magic 6,000,000 number didn’t change.

        There were no homicidal gas chambers in the camps in Germany. And the only “gas chambers” at Auschwitz were for delousing bedding and clothes.

        The “fire pits” Eli Wiesel claimed he saw at Auschwitz-Birkenau couldn’t have existed because that camp complex was built on marshy land with a high water table.

        Apart from the roughly 100,000 Jews who died in the camps, an unknown number were shot as partisans, terrorists and saboteurs and for committing atrocities against Germans and German soldiers.

        As for the Treblinka, Sobibor, etc., camps in eastern Poland, no remains of dead Jews were found there.

        When Anne Frank fell ill, she was put in a camp hospital. So much for the idea of “death camps.”

        The camps had post offices, theaters, playing fields, libraries, infirmaries, camp money (which you can see pictures of), and even a swimming pool for the inmates at Auschwitz, with no work on Sunday.

        The Allies broke the German code — unbeknownst to the Germans — and monitored reports from the camp commandants to Berlin. Those reports included daily death tolls, which ranged from zero to ten or fifteen inmates from all causes.

        Read “The Great Holocaust Trial” by Michael Hoffman and find out what people said when they were put under oath and cross-examined in a court of law.

        Christians holding Jews responsible for crucifying Jesus is not ascribing blame at the racial level, but at the theological level.

        The Talmud expresses hatred and contempt for Jesus and for Christians. To be Jewish is not to be indifferent to Christ or to be neutral about Christ; rather, it is to hate Christ and to seek to subvert or destroy Christendom.

  10. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    As one who practices the animist traditions of our people, I know only the most cursory about Christianity from the times my parents stuck me in Sunday school so they could go to fancy lunches without me. My view of mainstream Christianity is that it has become a font of weakness and voluntary subjugation. True Christians ought to take it back and be un-shy about doing so. I wish true Christians well in their struggle. Remember, this fight is bigger than our factions, and a lot of us animists are quite willing to stand beside true Christians to win this war.

  11. Eric
    Eric says:

    The churches today are not Christian and haven’t been for a long time. A true Christian understands that Christianity was never a Jewish religion, that Jesus was not a Jew, and that the Israelites were not Jews. God’s promise to Abraham was that his “seed” would make great nations. The Jews have not done that, only Christians have.

    The Jews in ancient times were Edomite/Canaanites who gained power in Judea when the Israelite tribe of Judah was taken into captivity in Babylon. Christ called them children of the devil in the Gospel of St. John. The fake Christianity that exists today is a falsified Judaized Christianity. God has always wanted His people to stand up to evil, not bow down to evil.

    Jesus came for “the lost sheep of Israel,” not for everyone. It is clear in the Bible that only His people can hear His word. The Jews, as St. Paul said, are the enemies of God, of Christians, and of all mankind. Their so-called religion — as shown by the Talmud and Kabballah — is not just immoral, it is satanic.

    It is clear that Judaizing began at the very moment Christianity was born. It was born in the midst of opposition and subversion mostly caused by the Jews. So it is not surprising that the Church adopted the all-too-mild policy of “Sicut Judaeus non” (do not harm the Jew) when it’s policy should have been “Expel the Jew and have nothing to do with him.”

    Because of this mistake, the Jewish Trojan Horse entered the gates of our cities. And as we turned further and further away from being Christians, thereby offending God, He left us to our own devices — that is to say, at the mercy of the Jew.

    And so it is today. The result is that there are few Christians and the world is ever more corrupt and evil. For false Christians, the consequences are profound. They believe that they are saved. But “strait is the gate” that leads to Heaven. They shall not be passing through that gate.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      The Jews in ancient times were Edomite/Canaanites who gained power in Judea when the Israelite tribe of Judah was taken into captivity in Babylon

      Eric, Where do you get this understanding of who the Jews were or are? I am not being argumentative

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Here’s a listing of my source material (apart from the Bible – 1611 KJV)

        Bertrand L. Comparet: lectures (should be on YouTube if not censored) and the book “Your Heritage”.
        Pastor Sheldon Emry: “An Open Letter to any Minister who teaches ‘the Jews are Israel”
        Dr. Wesley A. Swift: “The Sword of Truth,” “Standards of the Kingdom,” “Anti-Christ in the Pulpits”
        Jacob Elon Conner: “Christ was not a Jew: An Epistle to the Gentiles”
        Ted R. Weiland: “God’s Covenant People – Yesterday, Today and Forever”
        Denis Hanan and H. Aldersmith: “British-Israel Truth”
        Dr. Lorraine Day: “Who Rewrote the Bible?”
        Texe Marrs: “Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star” and “Holy Serpent of the Jews”

        websites and publishers: (I’m not that familiar with this site)

        Publisher: Kingdom Identity Ministries

        Of course, mainstream churches as well as organizations like the ADL and SPLC consider these websites and authors to be racist neo-Nazis — just as they consider those who write for TOQ and TOO to be racist neo-Nazis.

    • Yamamoto
      Yamamoto says:

      I feel that it is obligatory, for the sake of other readers of this site, to express disagreement.

      What you have said is a rather strange opinion. Not representative of other commenters, and certainly not representative of the writers of the site.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Yamamoto: I could say the same about you, and with more justification, based on your comment about the Holocaust.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      @ Eric

      This is a version of Israelite theories (British, Aryan, or whatever) that are not supported by anthropological, historical, linguistic, or scriptural evidence; cf. Hebrews 7.14, John 4.22 & Matthew 28.19. I do not however share the satisfaction that only a small number even among white Anglo-Saxons who share this particular theology will escape the torture to be suffered eternally by billions of other humans.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        You’re drunk the Kool-Aid. I can’t help you.

        Maybe you should abandon The Occidental Observer as well. It doesn’t give a Judaized account of reality, which seems to be what you want, judging (if memory doesn’t fail me) from your other comments on this site.

        Contrary to your claim, my account is indeed supported by the anthropological, historical, linguistic and scriptural evidence.

        • David Ashton
          David Ashton says:

          @ Eric

          Personal abuse is no argument, and your memory should recall that I try to read widely and double-check assertions while I also trying to speak my mind – whatever Jews, anti-Semites or anyone else might think, subject only to rational and factual correction which you have not supplied.

          Study of British Israel and related theories once had its initial attraction, until I bothered also to study the meticulous critiques by competent scholars. As for TOO, I read whatever and as much as I like, but would note that much of the British Israel stuff is not compatible with the first two parts of Dr MacDonald’s trilogy.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            If I haven’t supported my arguments — apart from a list of books, pamphlets, and other sources (posted above) — neither have you supported yours. You simply dismiss what I say as “not supported” by the anthropological, historical, linguistic and scriptural evidence.

            Well, I say you’re wrong. And referring to “competent scholars” is an appeal to authority and begs the question of scholarly competence in general.

            The Academy and established churches have hardly been paragons of the disinterested search for the truth. I wonder how many of these scholars you’ve consulted happen to be Jews. No matter. The Church is so Judaized now that the goyim can be relied upon to do the Jews’ dirty work for them.

            Why don’t we just agree to disagree and leave it at that? People can do their own research and make up their own minds.

            In the meantime, I would ask white nationalists and alt-righters who consider themselves to be Christian how satisfied they are with the Judaized Christianity that exists to day and whether it might not be a good idea for them to explore alternative points of view.

            Of course, they can always abandon the faith — and over 1,000 years of their European heritage — altogether.

            As for “abuse,” I’d say that accusation amounts to the pot is calling the kettle black: “…will escape the torture to be suffered eternally…”

            As for MacDonald, I doubt that he considers himself an expert on Christianity — as opposed to Jewish evolutionary strategies — but I could be wrong.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Interesting that my replies (four in this comment section) on the Holocaust and on Christianity have been censored. I guess TOO has its own sacred cows. “This far and no farther…”

        (Mod. Note: nobody is censoring you. This mod doesn’t moderate 24/7, dang it! Moreover, this mod doesn’t give a damn what you may “think””, “either way, so long as you are polite, don’t troll, and stick to the subject of the article and the mission of TOO)

        • David Ashton
          David Ashton says:

          Though I support free speech and fair debate all round, this may not be the best place for a prolonged discussion as to whether, for example, the English whose language has an Indo-European basis, are “really” a lost tribe from among the Semitic people of the Hebrew scriptures. I read Conner some time ago, as well as other Christian Identity and BIWF material, and also detailed and pretty conclusive detailed counter-arguments online. The anthropology of Jews past and present is found in studies by H. F. K. Guenther, John R. Baker, Carleton S. Coon, Richard Lynn, and several recent thorough DNA investigations. Hebrews 7.14.

        • David Ashton
          David Ashton says:

          Let us agree to differ on TOO, at least over whether the English people descend from a Hebrew tribe, if not whether Jesus came from Judah (i.e. was Jewish). Reliable sources on biological anthropology are indeed still available for serious research. Christians and non-Christians have common cause in this world in protecting the Europeans and our shared heritage from several threats for our children and children’s children.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            My main position is that, theologically and spiritually, European Christians are the true heirs to God’s promise to Abraham. That, of course, is the position of both Jesus Christ Himself and St. Paul. That promise to Abraham was, among other things, that his “seed” would make great nations, which Christians — not Jews — have done.

            As for any kind of ancestral, racial or genetic link between the ancient Israelites and Europeans, the common view is that Middle Eastern and North African peoples, including the Israelites, were not Aryans. How could they have been? Just look at the people of those regions today.

            This common view ignores history. The Aryan people, who did not originate in Europe but settled it, also settled the Middle East and North Africa. Not just Greece and Rome, but — for example — Carthage (just look at a bust of Hannibal).

            Other than Egypt, there is no reason to think that there was much non-Aryan presence in that region. That remained true for at least 600 years after the death of Christ. At the same time, we know that ten of the twelve tribes of Israel were conquered by the Assyrians around 715 B.C. — more than 700 years before the birth of Christ. They were thrown out of their Kingdom of Israel. Where did they go? Most likely they went north and west, settling in Europe.

            Last, it is pretty obvious to me that one of the best ways to undermine Christianity is to claim that Jews rather than Christians are God’s Chosen People, that the Israelites were Jews, and that Jesus was a Jew.

            That’s what most Christians believe today. And we wonder why so many have left the church.

            I believe this issue needs to be addressed because a Judaized Christianity guarantees that a huge proportion of white Americans will never support white nationalism for as long as they worship the Jew.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” They shall not be passing through that gate.”

      “” Judge not , that ye be not judged . For with what judgement ye judge , ye shall be judged : and with what measure ye mete , it shall be measured to you again .””

      The above doublequotes is JC verbatim as given in the Christian NT Holy Bible , KJV , Book of St. Matthew , chapter 7 , verses 1& 2 .

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        I’m not judging. It’s not my decision.

        As far as I’m concerned, everyone should go to heaven. Any punishments meted out to people before that happens should be reasonable and proportionate to whatever crime was committed.

  12. Vehmgericht
    Vehmgericht says:

    I have to agree with Chief Rabbi Mirvis that the Archbishop’s abasement before the Talmud is insufficient. I would like to see Welby repudiate the antisemitic Gospel of St John, rebuke St Paul of Tarsus, and concede that Jesus of Nazareth was a false messiah whose actions unleashed untold suffering upon the Jewish people.

    Welby would then be free to take rabbinical instruction from Mirvis and undergo circumcision (conveniently Mirvis is a certified Mohel). What could be more gratifying than the conversion of this lukewarm Christian to Judaism at the hands of Rabbi Mirvis?

  13. Wael Ahmad"
    Wael Ahmad" says:

    ” To know who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”
    and I think that the majority of non-Jewish world population are fully aware of who rules them, THE JEWS, and the Jewish financial weapons of political, social and moral destruction, with it’s heavy and bloody price on humanity.
    And I also think that humanity have reached a tipping point, and the time of blow back against the Jews and their tools is near, and I ( as a Muslim), share with the Christian people, the same emotions of sadness and anger to see such a minimal fraction of human beasts, control and cause continuous suffering and oppression upon the overwhelming majority of humanity, and wonder what if this chosen race count for 10% of world population now? What kind of devastation we can expect?

    Let’s start to accept the slur of anti-Semitism as a medal of honor, let’s translate their Talmud to all the major languages of the world, distribute it all over the world, and let this demonic race be exposed everywhere.

    • Yamamoto
      Yamamoto says:

      The wording you use is dangerous, but my atheist heart goes out to you and your people.

      I should tell you that, even growing up as a Christian, I never had any kind of hatred for Muslims. I feel that the hatred for Islam is manufactured by the flagship “right-wing” media companies such as Fox News, which are obviously owned by Jews. The result is that many Christians have some kind of terror and hatred for Islam.

      It saddens me; it is not as if Islam is really much different from Christianity. I feel that the normal Christian belief is that Islam is a really close approximation to Christianity, which is the view that JD Grier, the head of the Southern Baptist Convention, holds. Yes, the Southern Baptists, the ones who they always tell you are foaming at the mouth with hatred, officially hold a rather conciliatory view of Islam. This would probably be the normal Christian view, if Christians were living in a world with no Zionist mass media. This is a common view of Christians who live in the Middle East!

      This is not to say that I want European peoples replaced with Arabs. Of course not. I do not want to be replaced by the white Amish or the white Mormons either. But that is, in my mind, not hatred of a people or culture, it is basic self-interest.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Islam is a heresy as far as Christianity is concerned. Jesus, according to Christians, is God in human form, not just some prophet.

        Saying that Islam is a “close approximation to Christianity” is like saying “Judaism is a close approximation to Christianity.” It is false doctrine. Jews reject Christ and Muslims regard Him merely as a prophet.

        Christians and Muslims can get along as long as they are masters of their own territory and do not share common space. But that’s as far as it goes.

        Israel is a sore point, of course. No Christian should support Israel, which oppresses Christian as well as Muslim Palestinians.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” … let’s translate their Talmud to all the major languages of the world …”

      I second the motion .

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Careful. Israel Shattock who reads Hebrew says the English translations are not honest. They play down the anti – gentileness of the Talmud

  14. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    Perhaps the Archbishop Welby/Weiler/Browne should watch the Al Jazeera documentary The Lobby. It shows that antisemitism is not a virus but a natural immune response to a foreign and deadly pathogen. He might then instruct all the churches in his domain to show it to their dwindling flock. I won’t hold my breath.

  15. Tedesco
    Tedesco says:

    Brilliant article by Andrew Joyce. He explains well the collapse of the once great Church of England. It has been turned inside out. It is now run by degenerates. This so-called church is useless.

    Sample quote from Joyce- “We owe nothing to the Jews. Any Christian intellectually and morally weak enough to be convinced that he does, probably isn’t worth the effort of convincing otherwise.” Exactly right.

    In general, Jews are swindlers and shysters. Only a fool would pay them any kind of reparations. The Jewish race is the most genocidal in all history.. Jews are not victims, they are perpetrators.

    I never believe their lies and deceptions. For example, I ceased watching TV by 2005. TV is the Electric Jew – all degeneracy, all the time, like Weimar Germany – only worse.

  16. Yamamoto
    Yamamoto says:

    “I know that I find who I am in Jesus Christ, not in genetics, and my identity in him never changes.”

    To be fair, that is a pretty common thing for Christians to say, no matter what kind of family they are from.

    On a different note, I see that Paul Singer has just forced the merger of Cabella’s and Bass Pro Shops, and subsequently forced the removal of the headquarters of Cabella’s from Nebraska. The result was a loss of 2,000 good corporate jobs for residents of a small town in Middle America, which led to the death of the entire town.

    For the Brits out there, Cabella’s and Bass Pro Shops are both comparable major retail chains for fishing and hunting gear in the US. They usually feature “zoos” of taxidermy mounts of a variety of great animals (rural Americans adore the crafstmanship involved), small Aquariums for the fish-lovers, a large tank to keep large fish of different varieties (sturgeons, gar, etc.), a laser-shooting arcade, and a little museum of hunting gear from the past. The shops usually have little holiday events around the year, mostly targeted to the kids. In other words, they are like redneck cultural centers.

    Needless to say, the boards of directors of Bass Pro Shops and Cabella’s strongly objected to these measures.

    Paul Singer is at it again, harming the people he hates (or the people he doesn’t hate. It doesn’t matter to him).

  17. Tea Toe
    Tea Toe says:

    The CofE died in 1978, around the time Thatcher stole our milk.
    We had a Rector in our lives on a daily basis who metred out religious discipline and patriarchal advice and then some Liberal woman took over; about the same time those strange travelling acting `troupes` started showing up at school, acting extremely weird and making us all feel very uncomfortable.
    The CofE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN ORG – in my mind, only the Bible and that therein is of the Christ and His Father: Our Father.

  18. Frederick Peterson
    Frederick Peterson says:

    If nothing else Andrew Joyce’s trenchant deconstruction of “God’s Unfailing Word” serves to underline the fundamental incompatibility of membership in a modern, mainstream Christian denomination and ethno-nationalism.

  19. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    My gut response to the article is that I don’t care how rich and powerful jews are, they’re just too silly to take serisously.

    But, actually, the #1 takeaway is that Jew Worship is inhuman and immoral.

    Morals have to do with alternative possibilities. Reflecting and deciding between good, bad, better or worse.

    Morals involve reflective choice and deliberate action.

    Morals make us human.

    But with Jew Worship there’s nothing to think about and only one thing to do. Worship.

    So, it’s inhuman and immoral.

    There are three things they want from us above all else. They want to be,

    1. placed above criticism
    2. loved unconditionally
    3. blindly obeyed

    And they consider anyone not up for that as inhuman and immoral.

    They can not and will not ever accept the obvious fact that just the opposite is true.

    In other words, they’re insane.

    And the insanity is getting easier to see.

    Like Milton’s God they’re growing dark with excessive bright.

    A phrase I never understood until now.

    In any event, there is no way this can end well. No way.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Morals have to do with alternative possibilities. Reflecting and deciding between good, bad, better or worse.”

      Exactly . Morals are always and everywhere about [ good for whom or what ] , [ bad for whom or what ] , [ better for whom or what ] , [ worse for whom or what ] .

      Clearly , morals are relativistic .

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      The jewish problem is B.S.- the Blind Spot of Narcissism. A blind spot is, by definition, unknown to those having it. . .[my idea]

      I recall reading Borderline Conditions and Pathological Narcissism [(((Otto Kernberg)))] 40 years ago. I can only remember one key idea: pathological narcissists cannot stand the autonomy of others.

  20. Seraphim
    Seraphim says:

    The total surrender of the Anglican so-called Church to Judaism is the end of the process of corruption, intimidation and brainwashing to which the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples were subjected since the Reformation by the Jews. It was not an internal process of Christianity due to ‘pathological altruism’, but it was initiated and advanced through dissolution of monasteries, destruction of churches, plundering of church possessions, beheadings, mass-murder of the old Christian aristocracy, under the ‘glorious’ reigns of the Tudors and the alliance of the English new ‘aristocracy’ of comprador upstarts and corrupt academics with Jewish money, which made it receptive to the “Zion theology” and its ‘Apocalyptic mindset’ (instilled through ‘THE Bible’ read as a novel – printing Bibles was a very lucrative business)).
    The ‘Anglican’ finally shed off the hypocrisy of masquerading as Christian, because the brainwashing of people is now total. No Christian reaction is expected. It would be criminalized anyway (as it already happens).

  21. secondelijah
    secondelijah says:

    It is truly sickening to see the sycophants substitute true Christianity for “Judaeo-Christianity”. The first Christians were Jewish-Christians and they suffered mighty at the hands of their fellow Jews. John uses the word “Jews” 71 times in his gospel in a derogatory fashion because he is referring to the Sanhedrin and the high priest. The messiah that the Jews did accept was Bar Kochba (called son of a lie by Jewish-Christians) and his revolt destroyed the nation but surprise, surprise he is considered a hero of Zionism (a muscular Jew). A huge back lash is building up. I refer the readers here to my website. Unfortunately, true Christianity was compromised very early on. Towards the end of the second century it had almost disappeared. There was a concerted effort to turn the church back to Judaism so much so that Paul declared that all of Asia had turned against him. He rightly said that his fellow countrymen were “contrary to all men”. The injection of a subversive fifth column is a well known tactic. You do know that many of the Jesuits were Jews? I think many here would enjoy my article on Isaiah 53 and the holocaust and could definitely benefit from my Apocalypse commentary. May I suggest to first read the short article kzb (about bar Kochba) and visit the blog. A big change is coming.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      Jewish reflections on Esther, including the “sons of Haman” hanged at Nuremberg, are also interesting. Jesus is called the Lion of the Tribe of Judah in the NT. Early Christians had trouble with Jews who did not accept his messianic role, but their influence within the Church thereafter is surely exaggerated in view of the longstanding blame on those Jews who reportedly clamoured for his execution (Matthew 27.25) and the development of a trinitarian theology. Rabbi Mirvis was still not satisfied with the “Church” of “England” and complained that attempts to convert Jews to Christianity were unacceptable, treating Jews as “quarry”, i.e. hunted down prey. To Jews who actually believe in orthodox Judaism, the traditional Christian view of Jesus as the Son of God is blasphemous and the very idea of a “New” testament to supersede the “Old” one is itself “anti-Semitic”.

      • secondElijah
        secondElijah says:

        That depends if you see the “Son of God” in a Trinitarian light. The nation itself is called God’s “son” and the OT covenant was that a Davidide would be God’s “son”. So, the concept of “sonship” which is intimately bound up with the Jewish concept of agency does not have to be Trinitarian which was a later theological development. Also, the OT is not replaced by the NT – once again false Christian dogma. Suppressionism understands the Christian church as replacing the Jewish church but how is this possible when there is only “one Church”? So, Christians have muddied the waters with false doctrines and forced conversions, Jews muddied the waters (early on) with persecutions etc and later on with subversion (many Jesuits were Jews)… no one has anything to be proud of.

        • David Ashton
          David Ashton says:

          Mainstream church communities – Catholic, Orthodox & Protestant have been officially Trinitarian for many centuries. Though christened as a baby and long interested in Christian apologetics I do not personally share this belief.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            secondElijah: The term you want is “supersessionism” (as in something superseding something else), not “suppressionism.”

            What nation are you talking about when you say that “the nation” is God’s son?

            Christian dogma has never been that the Old Testament is replaced by the New Testament.

            You ask how the Christian Church can replace the Jewish church if there is only one church? First of all, I’ve never heard of a “Jewish church.” Secondly, the “one church” is Christian, and Jews are always free to become Christians just like anyone else.

            Jesus presented Himself as God in human form. People were free to follow Him or not. Jews today choose not to follow Him.

            St. Paul explains the link between God’s promise to Abraham in the Old Testament and Christianity.

            We have good reason to believe that the descendants of virtually all Israelites became Christian. 10 of the 12 Israelite tribes were expelled from the Kingdom of Israel by the Assyrians around 700 B.C. They migrated to Europe and their descendants eventually became Christians. The remaining tribes were taken into captivity by the Babylonians around 585 B.C. It is less clear what happened to most of their descendants.

            The Jews were never Israelites and never the recipients of God’s promises. They were Edomites. They took over the Temple and conducted themselves not as a Godly people, but as a tribal rebellious people that dared to revolt against Rome.

            They wrote the Talmud — which is contrary to God’s law and to common decency — and they have wanted to avenge themselves on white people (Romans) and Christians ever since Rome demolished their temple and expelled them from the Holy Land.

  22. iHanna
    iHanna says:

    What should we do? What can we do?
    Do we confront them head on and call them out on their deceit? That is what sounds best. But if you are in certain places you risk jail. It’s a dilemma.
    But the rabbi Mirvis (sounds like Mabus doesn’t it :)) was born in South Africa, then spent time in Israel and ends up in Ireland as a “moral” leader.
    Whites have allowed this but only since their institutions have been tremendously weakened, especially these last 50 years (it really started escalating in late 60s about the time the Holocaust Industry started up & people like Henry Kissinger grabbed the levers of power).

    Let’s not blame one another. That is what Mirvis types want. Make that your NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: Stand together with your people. And those that have strayed and have been taken in by all the Liberal Left Hoopla? – treat them as prodigal sons/daughters. Don’t condemn them but continue to try to reach them…

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