Populism in the Liberal Mind: A Review of Brexit: The Uncivil War

I recently had the opportunity to watch Channel 4’s made-for-TV movie The Uncivil War, which recreates the story of the June 2016 British referendum on withdrawal from the European Union, commonly known as “Brexit.” Personally, I am not a fan of biopics and docudramas covering very recent history. More time needs to pass before we can get the perspective necessary to judge events. In the case of this film, the storytelling is very much distorted by the contemporary manias of the liberal mind. That is instructive in itself.

The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Dr. Strange . . .) as Dominic Cummins, the chairman of the official Leave Campaign. Cummins is portrayed as brilliant, irascible, and indeed intellectual (he’s spent all spring reading Thucydides and Tolstoy, we are told with no subtlety). He’s a maverick, who would flourish if only the suits would let him play by his own rules, a typical TV trope. Cummins is too smart, too ahead of the curve for the old-fashioned British politicians to understand. He’ll have to impose his online campaign strategy by hook or by crook. And he did so, with great success. We are never shown Cummins’ motivations in leading the charge for Brexit. He comes across as largely amoral.

As depicted in the film, Cummins’ main strategic decisions are twofold. First, the rejection of any collaboration with Nigel Farage and UKIP. For you and me, Farage may be a funny bloke to watch on TV, but he and UKIP are a pretty thin gruel indeed. Hovever, for the writers of Uncivil War, these folks are already beyond the pale. They are no more than unscrupulous troglodytes. In particular UKIP financier Arron Banks, played by Lee Boardman, is portrayed as gratuitously vicious and petty. Second, a ban on explicit discussion of immigration by the Leave Campaign. Instead, Leave would emphasize the EU’s cost to the UK (allegedly £350 million per week) and potential Turkish membership of the EU. (That’s a good dog whistle, since Turkey is, ridiculously, an official candidate country to join the EU, although is unlikely to join for the foreseeable future.) These two strategic decisions tell you how policed things are in mainstream UK politics.

The film is a good example of the congenital inability of the contemporary liberal mind to come to grips with national populism. On the one hand, there is an ostentatious effort to show ‘empathy’ and ‘understanding’ for Brexit voters, who have been “left behind.” On the other, even the slightest mention of “immigration” in political discussion — let alone particular sources or problematic populations —  is clearly affirmed be to evil. As far as the writers are concerned, any campaigning against immigration is simply morally beyond the pale. The film almost goes so far as to blame the ‘uncivil’ anti-EU campaigning for the assassination of Jo Cox, a pro-EU Labour Member of the European Parliament.

Of course, in the end the British people voted to leave the EU by a majority of 51.89%. In politics, as I believe Richard Nixon said, there is no prize for second place. Liberals today are sore losers indeed and are doing their damnedest to prevent Brexit from happening (just as they, along with much the Republican Party, have systematically worked to prevent the implementation of many of President Donald Trump’s campaign promises).

When reality does not go the way someone expects or wants, the sensible response is to be self-critical: Why were my expectations misplaced? Do I have assumptions that prevent me from understanding the world? Most liberals however have opted for a less intellectually demanding but more immediately gratifying route: scapegoating.

I have been amazed at the media-political Establishment’s ability to come up with the most far-fetched excuses for having lost the Brexit vote — much like Hillary Clinton and her apologists in the United States. The most popular are Russia-related conspiracy theories, one more hair-brained than the next, which make Alex Jones look grounded and mellow by comparison. In Uncivil War, we are darkly shown how the Leave Campaign used social media and the Internet (in 2016) to . . . reach out to new potential voters.

Those dastardly devils! Using the media to further their interests. Liberals would never do that.

Cummins is shown working with hip North American IT consultants who dramatically bring their equipment into his office in a dangerous-looking chest. (What does it contain? Anthrax? Uranium? USB sticks?) We are also treated to brief guest appearances of Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer (the wealthy American tech entrepreneur and contributor to Trump’s 2016 campaign). We are made to understand that these evil figures are wielding a malign influence from the shadows.

These sorts of conspiracy theories go right to the top of the globalist power structures. The nefarious forces they see everywhere are the glue which keeps them zealously together as supposed “more community” against the forces of darkness. As Wikileaks recently observed, French President Emmanuel Macron has been peddling such claims regarding Brexit:

The film makes no attempt to acknowledge that people engaged in Right-wing politics (which, whether liberals could ever recognize it or not, entails no small amount of personal adversity) might be doing so for rational, idealistic, or even understandable reasons.

On the one hand, I find this sort of thing quite sad. It means dialogue is quite impossible with a very large percentage of our so-called educated class. On the other hand, it is a good thing: when liberals are so tone-deaf, so closed-minded, so stuck in a sandbox of their own making, they have little ability to understand the world or counter the rising tide of nationalism and populism.

Personally, I think Brexit is an important symbolic development. Brexit was voted for and Brexit must be implemented because the globalists don’t want it. It shows that the globalist power structure is not invulnerable. Brexit is a spear thrown at the globalists, proving that they can indeed bleed. To not implement Brexit now — after two insufferable years of hysteria, moral blackmail, and intimidation on the part of the liberal politico-media elite — would be outrageous.

Leaving the EU will not solve Britain’s economic and demographic problems. Economically, Britain will get some money back from the EU and will have to negotiate a new place in the global economy. It’s true that there may be short-term disruption and that Britain’s relationship with the EU was actually in some respects quite unique and optimal (the UK is not in the Schengen area of free movement and not in the eurozone). But I have no doubt the British, who have almost always been among the most economically dynamic nations in Europe, will be able to thrive in their new position.

More importantly, the EU was not in fact the source of Britain’s demographic problems. True, the indigenous English and Celts of Britain are being replaced by virtue of the EU’s free movement of people, but mostly by European migrants. For the most part, these are quite assimilable and hard-working, and represent relative demographic gain. (The only exception would be the considerable number of Gypsies from Eastern Europe, who as EU citizens currently have a right to move to the UK.) Worryingly, net migration of EU nationals to the UK fell to 74,000 in January-June 2018, the lowest in since 2012, while the share of non-EU migrants rose to 248,000, the highest since 2004.

Is that what Brexit voters were voting for? There is a serious risk that endless Brexit discussions, with certain politicians perpetually dissatisfied with the UK’s relationship to the EU, will suck up all the ‘patriotic’ discourse and activism in Britain. That would be a grave mistake. British patriots need to keep their eye on the ball: national sovereignty, good relations with their fellow Europeans, and, above all, keeping Britain British!

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  1. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    “national sovereignty, good relations with their fellow Europeans, and, above all, keeping Britain British!”
    What the so-called liberals will never talk about is the ultra liberal John Cleese stating that “London is no longer an English city” and that the “parent culture is dying”. Cleese buys into having other cultures around, just not so much of them. That’s why he’s said that he’s moving to the Caribbean because the country is in a mess.

    I have friends (doing well for themselves Remainers) living far outside London, both North and South, who think Cleese is dead wrong, and that all of the Brexiters are foaming at the mouth racists waiting to implement a new 3rd Reich once Brexit happens. The disconnect is truly astounding.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      If the well-off British in the countryside are really more afraid of the Third Reich than they are of the Blackees and Pakis, then the UK might as well sink into the ocean as Atlantis did so long ago. It’s all over for those people.

      • Curmudgeon
        Curmudgeon says:

        I am in no position to comment on whether the people i know are representative of the others in the same economic circumstances and location. It just caught me off guard that they cannot see that the EU is anti-democratic. They actually believe that the EU parliament, not the massive, untouchable bureaucracy is the driving force behind the ever tightening noose. These people are successful professionals, and, so I thought, intelligent. I often reference a long ago conversation I had with an old Italian immigrant, whose sons were in university. It was along the lines of ‘it doesn’t take a big education to see what’s happening in this country. My boys are in university but is seems the more they learn, the less they understand.’ He made no bones about not wanting non-Whites as immigrants, but alas, his sons had been indoctrinated in the vibrant benefits of multiculturalism.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Carolyn, take heart ! The renowned Israeli historian, Benny Morris, prophesies, that Israel will demographically self-destruct [ as well ], and that those who can, will flee to the United States. You in Texas, with all those ” open spaces – which you love “, will, at last, be able to pave them over with box-stores.

        How is your Texas legislation coming along, which, like that of 27 other States, demands, under penalty, signed undertakings from persons and businesses involved with the State in any capacity, to oppose BDS !

        Perhaps you share Hobson’s Choice with GB.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Have they been subject to Jewish thought control?

      Are they expected to break free? How can they do that if they are unaware?

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Franklin Ryckaert says:

      “…Cleese buys into having other cultures around, just not so much of them. That’s why he’s said that he’s moving to the Caribbean because the country is in a mess…”

      He is moving to the Caribbean ? Gosh, and how white is the Caribbean ? At least the UK is still 86% white (according to the census of 2011).

  2. Seek
    Seek says:

    It is as if Enoch Powell never happened. Even UKIP’s Farage walks softly, as if on his toes, when addressing the overlap of race and immigration.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Gerard Batten, the current leader of UKIP does NOT walk softly. This is why the MSM in Britain currently have a news blackout on him and hardly ever mention him or interview him. The Daily Mail newspaper (the largest circulation paper that recently switched sides to the Left after getting a new editor) had a hit piece recently on him – with no right to reply. If you read his Twitter posts he describes the refusal of the media to interview him, despite leading the ONLY party that wants a proper Brexit.

      Meanwhile, Farage, who left the UKIP party, now wants to return, and is stabbing UKIP in the back at present as they are now talking about immigration since Farage left, and Farage wants them to keep quiet on that subject – for some reason. So the TV media love Farage at present, especially as he keeps talking of a 2nd referendum (which will put him back in the spotlight and be good for his career). Farage now says he will set up a new party – which will split the vote of the right.

      The author says UKIP is thin gruel. This is true, but all they need to do is two things:
      (1) End hate crime laws (you can get 2 years prison for facebook rants against mslms)

      Andrew Emery jailed 2 yrs

      (2) Make it illegal for Twitter & Paypal etc to close accounts on the basis of politics

      Just these two things alone would be a game changer.

      This is why we have to support the ‘thin gruel’ instead of infighting over whether such and such a person might be Jew-friendly or not. That is like being taken to the gallows and all you are worried about is that the egg for the last meal was hard when you asked for a soft-boiled egg.

  3. conradcgaarder
    conradcgaarder says:

    Curmudgeon, Cleese never admitted that. He uttered some nonsense about the “dishonesty” in politics. Of course he’s leaving because London looks too much like Africa.
    As for you, Durocher; yes, Brexit won’t solve Britain’s demographic nightmare. But it is astounding that you call Farage “thin gruel.” Get this straight, there would never have been a Brexit, ever, without Nigel Farage. He purposefully avoided any talk of “non-European immigration” because that’s all the BBC and Channel 4 and the rest of the globalists were waiting for in order to pounce on and destroy him as a “RYE-CIST.”
    Farage made Brexit. All you’ve done is write an article for Occidental Observer, which almost nobody reads. See the difference?

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Conrad. Your very comment proves, that you are not a
      ” nobody “, and that/since you apparently read TOO: at least once.

      I too choked on the ” thin gruel “, having followed Farage closely, if not completely. Repeatedly reading the Riot Act, as an MEP, to those venal, short-sighted, incoherent, non-elected Kommissars [or is the plural form Kommissarim ?] in Brussels and Strasbourg is a pure pleasure. That cesspool, which ingratiatingly denigrates itself by permitting uniformed Israeli Junior Officers to lecture its various applauding Committees, emulating an operational Situation Room, or Lagebesprechung, in Oberkommando der Wehrmacht terms.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Charles Frey – have a look at recent Twitter comments by UKIP leader Gerard Batten and you will see that Farage puts himself first and would rather there was a 2nd referendum than the problems of immigration get mentioned.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “Cleese never admitted that.”

      Yes he did. There’s a video of him saying that London is no longer English. The title of the video is, John Cleese: London No Longer English.

      “As for you, Durocher”
      “Get this straight”

      What a tough guy. This isn’t a youtube comment section or a bathroom wall. In my work I’ve seen wayward pre-teens respond with more self-control
      when addressing someone they disagree with. Pull yourself together.

      “All you’ve done is write an article for Occidental Observer, which almost nobody reads. See the difference?”

      The above comment is why self-awareness is so important. You’re so totally devoid of it that, in your anxiety to criticize and attack others, you end up exposing yourself as angry and childish. If you really believe what you wrote, that TOO is a site “almost nobody reads”, then why let it trigger you to the point where you have to fire off a response that makes you sound like an adolescent troll angrily pounding the keyboard from his mother’s basement?

      Think before you push send. I did.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      conradcgaarder UKIP under Farage were very thin gruel because Farage does not want to talk about mass immigration from Africa or muslim countries being a problem for this country.

      That certainly makes UKIP under Farage very very thin gruel – almost water.

      The good news is that the new leader Gerard Batten is thicker gruel and sees things as they are, and knows right from wrong. Batten wants to save his country – Farage loves his career more and knows the MSM will smile at him as long as he stays on-message when it comes to immigration.

  4. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    (Mod. Note: Charles, I’m just now viewing the first comment(s) to this article. (Long day here!) I haven’t “wiped” any comments (yet). I suggest you re-submit your comment and we’ll see if it shows up in my queue.)

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      (Mod. Note: Charles, stick to the topic. Go Daddy isn’t the topic, and nobody here is going to “investigate” Go Daddy. You suspect them of chicanery? Go get ’em. And BTW, you don’t come across as a “shit disturber” if you stick to the topic, nor does my note imply that you are. I don’t “owe you one”. Get back to commenting on the topics.)

  5. bruno
    bruno says:

    This article was painful for me. Decades ago I resided in the workers’ paradise. I supplied news to the western media, did research and translations for a think tank. Often trips to London would be immensely enjoyed. One made many friends and personally saw districts involve into American-like Flint-Saginaw-Camdens.

    When the masses started coming from the Caribbean and other places I personally witnessed the character of the beloved English people alter. Even the Boobies had a different mood in their every day interaction with the general public.

    When in London I would purchase several books and fill up my car trunk. They would be brought back two E. Berlin, Grodno, Wilno, Leningrad, Wausau and other cities. Because I had the ability to travel quite extensively it soon became evident that London was no longer enjoyable. All kinds of excuses would be made to avoid traveling to that metropolitan arena.

    Eventually one was able to avoid driving to that once-World capital of culture. Robert Putnam was absolutely correct in his research pertaining to trust among those similar to themselves. He may have been coerced into backtracking, but the obvious, despite government, political and media propaganda, is easily seen by all those not trying to deceive themselves.

    Recently I read a thick book about to life of Lloyd George. He was the ultimate politician and would switch sides without any scruples. Comparing him to those now running the anti-majority show in London and Western Europe speaks for itself. It wasn’t long ago the politicians like Schultz, Merkel, May… would face death for destroying their nation. It was not unusual for such a scum to have accidents and or be hung. Today people like Billary not only run free but I protected by the Soviet-type Monopoly media.

    Today’s scenario of riots in the streets against the Western EuroMan majority has one reminisce about the 1920 – ‘30s. Back then the 1930s Germany nearly became Red. The Poles stopped the Red Army outside of Warsaw. Had that not occurred perhaps they would have been know Eurocide II. This makes one wonder about the European psych when it comes to brotherhood. All one has to do is think of the Gates of Vienna and/or the Mongol invasion being stopped, in the city of Legnica from overrunning the German states. There were many such events. All one has to do is think about I will brother Magyars, Serbs and others being over run by the Ottoman Empire. Will EuroMan’s family ever be able to defend itself again?

    Today we can see flashes of light in the darkness by Viktor Orban, Beata Szydlo, Jared Taylor, Keven MacDonald and others. However, on the other side of the tracks are the armies George Soros and others in addition to the nemesis of mankind and his transnational networking.

    Behind closed doors I would often converse about the transformation of Manchester and London attempting to become copies of Detroit. This piece it Is extremely hurtful as one recalls a different era and wonders if Western EuroMan Will survive.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      “Will EuroMan’s family ever be able to defend itself again?”

      The good news is that the shared threat of immigration means that old feuds are being forgotten about and often we see the comment ‘no more more brother wars’.

      It will be difficult for the anti-white globalists to instigate another white on white war. Their current tactic is to destroy us by immigration, but one side effect is that it is actually waking people up and making people politically aware and choose sides.

      Another very strange phenomenon of modern times is that the bias of the media is no longer restrained or hidden, and perhaps this too is waking people up.

  6. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    A quick bit of research shows the script by James Graham (fittingly, now working on an adaptation of 1984), is based in part on “Unleashing Demons: The Inside Story of Brexit” by Craig Oliver, himself depicted in the film. Wikipedia informs us that Oliver is hardly an objective source. Besides being Controller of English news output for the unapologetically globalist BBC Global News, and a director of BBC World News Limited, it says:

    Since 2016, following the EU referendum, Oliver has been in a relationship with Lucy Thomas, Britain Stronger in Europe’s deputy director, who he worked closely with during the campaign.

  7. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “It shows that the globalist power structure is not invulnerable.”

    I couldn’t agree more. In fact, another example that speaks to this very point can be seen in the recent interview, which turned out to be an embarrassingly unsuccessful interogation, between a young, snot-nosed member of the hostile elite and the Prime Minister of Malaysia held at Oxford.

    I didn’t even finish watching it when I stopped to copy it. Then I continued to watch it and was so glad I copied it. It’s a beautiful, heart-warming video, and highly recommended.

    Video: Dr M: Unfair to Call Me Antisemtic and it’s Malaysia’s right to deny Israel entry.

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