Interview with Edward Dutton, the Jolly Heretic

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and thought it allowed me to get at some important questions in my research. Edward Dutton is an evolutionary psychologist whose book on Finland was reviewed on TOO by F. Roger Devlin. We discuss controversial issues related to The Culture of Critique, Dutton’s book on Finland, and my forthcoming Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition: Evolutionary Origins, History, and Prospects for the Future.

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  1. BC
    BC says:

    I have gotten to the point that I simply dismiss Jewish “scholars” or “intellectuals” because invariably it seems their thoughts and views are inextricably linked to their ethnicity. At some point, it always comes out in ways that invalidate or bring into question so much of what they postulate in other areas. Their core beliefs are shaped by their deep ethnic identity so why bother to listen to what they say when you have truly neutral and brilliant non-Jews who say it better and more factually? You have to listen very carefully but even people like Chomsky, when the rubber meets the road, will find justification for acts carried out by Israel that make no sense otherwise. I refuse to listen to Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, and Prager U. for this reason. Perhaps it is wrong but I see no purpose in listening to them.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Dear BC:

      What you say is neither idealistic nor scholastically unbiased, but it is practical truth many of us learn only through the school of hard knocks. Thank you!

      If I could distill your comment into four words it would be this: “Better safe than sorry.”

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Ayn claimed [lied] she got her name from Einar, a Scandinavian name. It is actually a Hebrew word which means infinite nothingness- although sometimes it means God. . . WIKI has cleaned this up over the years- you might get some decent results searching for AYN SOF.

      Nathaniel Branden [Natan Blumenthal] claims he got his name out of a phone book! Hmm, why is RAND found in BRANDEN? I was told by a (((friend))) who worked for these people [The Objectivist Magazine] in the late 60s that, with total certainty, “Branden” means Ben-Rand- Son of Rand. Well, if Rand is God, then Branden is Son of God.

      On the old Leonard Peikoff radio show a caller asked “is Ayn the Messiah?” Peikoff, under his breath- “let’s hope so.”

      • Curmudgeon
        Curmudgeon says:

        Einar is a man’s name in Scandinavia, roughly translated as “lone warrior”. Was Ayn really a closeted dyke?

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        The Nathaniel Branden Institute had a book service, selling books by known Communists such as Betty Friedan and Mortimer Adler. Betty was a card-carrying member of The Party.

    • Bruno
      Bruno says:

      Some very good thoughts. Overall I agree with you. I hope your thoughts advance and prosper. I also hope you are able to share them. I find it very sad that our side is big censored.

    • Aryan Seacrest
      Aryan Seacrest says:

      Oh yeah, Conservatism, Inc. Jews aren’t worth your time…but neither are the gentiles.

      Example on Chomsky? I recently watched a video where he says he looks forward to Israel ceasing to exist.

    • royAlbrecht
      royAlbrecht says:

      IMO, although Prof. MacDonald is to a large degree hamstrung by the very same academic principles that make his writings acceptable in wider academic circles,
      if he could express himself candidly, as he occasionally lets slip out, it sounds as though he feels just the same way we all generally do about Jews.
      This is a serious handicap in the battle to save Western Civilization.

      Jews on the other hand, through their use of psychological skullduggery underpinned by a vast hierarchical support network, armed with vast acquisitions of material, that has been essentially, through usurious and collusive means, stolen from the majority populations within whom they hide, are able to overlook many of these self-restricting behaviours that the Prof. MacDonald is bent on or forced into upholding.

      For example, eye-witness (White) documentation is out there that tells of powerful Jews debating amongst themselves how best to eliminate or even kill tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of White Nationalists, yet no one will/dare-to lift a finger to call those engaging in such acts to account.

      Yet, Prof. MacDonald is forced to walk softly and pull his observational punches, lest he have his site shut down, his funds cut off, his liberties taken away from him (prison is not out of the question), and even his life put to end, by the coordinated efforts of the majority of Jewish influencers that he documents.
      Jews, meanwhile, are generally free to proceed in a criminally conspiratorial manner with practically no such limitations.

      Just look at the abuse that Pres. Trump is forced to endure, while acting largely in the interests of Aryan Nationalist, at the hands of this same, largely organized, group of underhanded Jews, yet even Trump is to unable to state the obvious lest his base turn against him !

      In essence Whites are stuck defending a self-imposed, unilaterally undeclared war for survival
      while Jews are attacking with virtuosity, risqué and originality an overtly declared war upon Whites using the energies that Whites themselves are providing the Jews.

      This is the crux of the problem.

      The solution is to turn the tables (reset the paradigm) so that Whites can retaliate in kind while Jews are the ones who must think twice about every nuance they utter.
      Tucker Carlson of Fox is gradually moving in this direction and he should be supported in his efforts. He too was nearly shut down recently.
      His dumb faced and quizzical look is actually quite priceless, but in this expose of media bias and political collusion he talks of:
      “…COLLUSIVE, IMMORAL, UNETHICAL..,” while naming a raft of Jews and follows up with his trade mark retarded faced,
      “…Why is that?”

      Of course the answer is:
      “…It’s the Jews, stupid !”
      so I had to help him out a bit…, and leave a link to TOO while I was at it.

      We need to keep our eye on the ball…, the masses are waking up and there is no stopping this.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Bravo. Great comment. And no, it’s not wrong at all.

      Schopenhauer once wrote that nothing about Judaism can be confused with reason.

      By the time NIetzsche was writing the censorship or self-censorship was already under way. Even Wagner told Nietzsche to cool it about the Jews. That’s why I read the Antichrist as an attack on them far more than on Christianity. Though it’s that too, of course (and not without reason).

      He exposes their perservisty of thought perfectly with the question, “How can you get a God on a cross?” Why would they do that and why some of us would fall for it is the question.

      Once that weird trance between Gullible Goy and Jewish Supremacy is broken all hell is going to break loose. It kind of already is. And one of the reasons is exactly because their thinking, though superficially sophisticated, is simply too corrupt and peverse to take seriously.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        If you truly believe that insight and profundity are to be found in the childish Nietzschean comment* you quote, you ought to think twice before you next call anyone else superficially sophisticated.
        *Evidently one of the many things that Nietzsche either forgot or actively willed to unlearn was that eighteen hundred years earlier, Paul (in 1 Corinthians 1:23) had precisely anticipated and warned his hearers, then and to come, against the specious sophistication that Nietzsche manifests and you admire and second.

  2. BC
    BC says:

    A couple of other points worth making is this Dutton does the exact thing KM stated many others wrongly do, which is to point out that this Jew or that Jew didn’t do X, therefore you can’t say they all do this. KM made this very point early on. Just because Marx wasn’t strongly pro-Jewish he still, as KM said, lived among them and relied on them for is survival. I commend KM for having the patience to grant such interviews because it is important that others get the chance to understand his perspective. The greater good.

    The second point about Jews marrying up, I saw this constantly when growing up in Carmel, CA. Some of the wealthiest single or divorced women in Carmel ended up marrying Jews. And many of these Jews were not by any means physically or even professionally desirable. It seems Jews research and pursue partners based on wealth. I saw this over and over in Carmel. And these women seemed to have had no idea this was occurring. I would say Jews more than any other group actively seeks out and pursue partners who have wealth. In other words, these courtships are not organically determined, i.e., random meetings. There appears to be a network a Jews that monitor, inform and direct fellow Jews so that it may benefit the greater Jewish community by bringing in additional wealth and influence.

  3. silviosilver
    silviosilver says:

    I refuse to listen to Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, and Prager U. for this reason.

    These people are activists more than they are intellectuals. Although they often say sensible things, none of them will ever say anything explicitly pro-white, which is what is most needed. The only reason I pay them any attention these days is to get a read on the latest swill.

    When it comes to actual scholars, I prefer to read a book by a gentile than a Jew. That isn’t to say that all Jewish scholars are necessarily biased in a way that egregiously distorts the truth; it’s just reading them requires closer attention and more critical thought. If that is unfair, I don’t care. I prefer to err on the side of assuming a Jew is up to no good (in however small a way) than to assume his motives are above board.

    That said, there are numerous Jewish writers I’d have no problem recommending, so I’m not really a fanatic about avoiding them.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      “That said, there are numerous Jewish writers I’d have no problem recommending, so I’m not really a fanatic about avoiding them”

      I would place a statement like this in the same category as I would place a statement by someone who proclaimed that they weren’t really a fanatic about avoiding bubonic plague carrying rats.

      • silviosilver
        silviosilver says:

        Well, you can do as you please, but you’ll probably find that very few people take you seriously in that case.

  4. jrackell
    jrackell says:

    I listened to one of Dutton’s podcasts on IQ saying among other things how execution in early modern times culled the population of its dumb violence prone brutes (IQ and violence, I guess being correlated), and how civilization needs such a ratcheting effect to get smarter and more civilized by discarding its losers at the bottom

    But evolution is such a strange narrative — our civilization is in its twilight, so really what hath all this intelligence wrought. Where are our dumb brutes who would hold the rapists of Rotherham to task, not in a polite op-ed sort of way, but in a more vigorous, brutish manner. Nowhere to be found, as their gene frequencies have been destroyed.

    Western civilization can do epic violence, but even WW1 and WW2 the warring sides were never really angry at anyone and I doubt the airmen who murdered the civilians at Dresden really hated them. The point being that our civilization has lost a pugnacious, quick to anger, more vigorous type of person — all to our detriments.

    And now, in extreme irony, millions of the very same types — of a different race — are being imported into Europe to completely reverse the process we went through. Did we take a wrong turn? We selected against our most dumb and brutish who would have gladly taken on the invaders, almost as a sport. Now, the men watch as their women are despoiled.

    • Karl Nemmersdorf
      Karl Nemmersdorf says:

      Indeed! Eighty years ago entire neighborhoods would have burned and dozens of Muslims died a violent death had one white girl been molested. Last year only a hundred “demonstrated” against the rape gangs in Rotherham, confronted by a bigger number of white counter-demonstrators. Sad. Western man is sick unto death. Fellaheen is all I see.

  5. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    As, or if, people waken to the Jewish Question, there are likely to be new developments, such as people newly perceiving Jews, and deciding to join the for money. And others deciding to act against them, perhaps by masquerading as Jews themselves, or by forming secret anti-Jewish groups modeled on Jews, or by subtly opposing Jewish power in (for example) law, and boardrooms (removing, opposing, cutting down shares held by Jews), in the media (shunning actors and others who promote Jewish lies). Maybe military and police people will subtly fight back. There may be more crits of Jewish fake science. Typical Jewish activities such as blackmail and paid thugs may grow against them. I can’t see any serious option but to approve such developments.
    . . . I’d suggest Dutton is the type who is careful to say nothing worthwhile about Jews. In fact it disappoints me that MacDonald wasted his time on Dutton.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I mean no offense to you in suggesting that you may well be selling Professor MacDonald short. He, like Roger Devlin, clearly sees Dutton as a man who regards evidence, both factual and behavioral, as the essential basis for social and evolutionary analysis. Absent the unfortunately highly relevant factor of _metus Judaeorum_, I don’t think that such a man could fail to be influenced—or at least have his thinking and expression affected for the good—by KM, who is inarguably as intellectually grounded and undelusional a man as is now living. That Dutton’s eyes don’t seem to be fully open yet hardly makes him unique, alas, even among the least corruptible and seducible members of our species.

      Although I would be saddened (but not truly surprised) should Dutton turn out to be yet another moral and intellectual temporizer in the manner of Jordan Peterson or John Derbyshire, I am more than content at present to think well of a man that KM thinks well of and to live in hope that he will use his evident gifts in the service of truth.

  6. Robert Dolan
    Robert Dolan says:

    marx might not have been “pro-jewish” but his overall goal was to
    rid the world of anti-semitism by implementing an agenda that will give jews
    total control over all of humanity.

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