Thoughts on the Protected Race

Know that we have taken into our hand, custody, and protection Leo the Jew our goldsmith and all his affairs. And therefore we command that you keep ward and defend the said Leo and all his affairs, doing no hurt or injury to him.”
Proclamation of King John of England, 10 Nov. 1199

My office was created by law and designed to protect the Jewish people throughout the world. Think about that. The worlds greatest power is focused, by law and design, on protecting the Jews.”
Elan Carr, U.S. State Department Envoy on Anti-Semitism, February 2019

By almost every metric, Jews are the most protected ethnic group on earth. At the frontline of this protection, Jewish institutional security is heavily subsidised by taxpayers throughout the West. In Germany, the government provides an annual stipend of $15 million to the Central Council of Jews. In the UK, the government spends around $20 million annually on both security for Jewish institutions and “Holocaust education” designed to combat “anti-Semitic ideas.” This is in addition to the UK pledging almost $70 million for a new Holocaust memorial designed to achieve the same ends. Hungary has promised $3.4 million to “fight anti-Semitism in Europe,” and Sweden has handed over 2 million kronor for increasing security at Jewish institutions. France has invested $107 million in “fighting anti-Semitism” since 2015. This brings us to a grand total of over $215 million in “protecting Jews” and “fighting anti-Semitism,” and doesn’t even take into account spending in the United States (somewhere between $20 million and $50 million annually for frontline security at Jewish institutions), or the spending of Jews on their own defense (the ADL’s annual budget alone is in the region of $58 million). One gets the distinct and remarkable impression that, globally, diaspora Judaism probably requires something approaching $1 billion simply in order to feel safe.

Jews are protected in other ways. Since mid-2018, resolutions and other legal measures against anti-Semitism have been gathering in pace and increasing in spread. In May 2018, South Carolina became the first US state to pass the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, which effectively shuts down speech against Israel on college campuses by requiring  South Carolinas public institutions of higher education to take into consideration the [State Departments] definition of anti-Semitism for purposes of determining whether the alleged practice was motivated by anti-Semitic intentwhen investigating, or deciding whether there has been a violation of a college or university policy prohibiting discriminatory practices on the basis of religion. In February 2019, President Macron of France announced a “crackdown on anti-Semitism” that would involve dissolving three pro-White organizations, defining anti-Zionism as a form of anti-Semitism, and introducing new laws against “hate speech” targeting Jews on social media. Just a few weeks ago, Florida passed legislation defining anti-Semitism and making it illegal under state law. Tennessee has attempted to pass an Anti-Semitism Awareness Bill, and recently passed a resolution “fighting anti-Semitism” by declaring unequivocal support for Israel. This, of course, follows hot on the heels of the House resolution “condemning anti-Semitism” in the aftermath of Ilhan Omar’s now notorious remarks on the Israel lobby.

There simply isn’t another ethnic group elsewhere on earth that enjoys the same level of financial and legal protections enjoyed by Jews. Of course, the uninformed, when confronted with such a fact, might reply that this level of support is both needed and deserved. According to the received narrative, recent history suggests that Jews are the West’s most vulnerable and victimised group. All of these laws, and all of this funding, is therefore merely a response to an acute need. But recent history has nothing to do with Jewish protection, and nor are these measures responsive to any real immediate threat. In order to gain a full appreciation for what exactly is going on, we need to go much further back in time.

Should you ever happen to visit the English town of Lincoln, I recommend you pay a visit to the Jew’s House restaurant. As well as enjoying some fairly good cuisine, it will give you an opportunity to look inside one of the five surviving houses of Medieval England. The building was once, as the name suggests, a Jew’s house from the middle of the twelfth century until the expulsion of the Jews from England in 1290. Its last Jewish owner is said to have been Belaset, daughter of the moneylender Solomon of Wallingford. Belaset was hanged in 1279 for coin-clipping, a 13th century practice whereby (predominantly Jewish) money dealers would lightly shave gold and silver coins, eventually accumulating enough shavings to create new, illicit money. Jew’s House is not the only medieval home still standing in Lincoln. A short walk away is Norman House. Like Jew’s House, it was built around 1170 for a Jewish moneylender, Aaron of Lincoln, and also housed Jews until the expulsion.

‘Jew’s House’ Lincoln, England: This 12th century home is one of the oldest surviving town houses in England, due largely to the fact it was built for maximum security and durability.

The fact that England’s oldest houses are almost all Jewish in origin, and that two of them are in Lincoln, is no accident. Lincoln Jewry was both the most affluent and the most numerous of all medieval Jewish communities in England, and the survival of these dwellings owes much to two factors – Jewish wealth and the Jewish need for security. Jews had the money to build homes with expensive local limestone, and they had a desire to build very strong, almost impregnable, homes that could withstand the onslaught of both Man and Time. A key architectural feature is a semi-sunken undercroft that would have provided secure storage for the wealth of those residing in the living accommodation above. This relatively luxurious style of living was pioneered by the Jews who moved to Lincoln as part of the Norman conquest, and was based on the Jewish experience of living closely with Norman elites in the ducal halls of Normandy. The construction of such homes in 12th century England thus sent a clear message: Jews were an intimate part of the new elite; Jews were arriving predominantly as dealers in money; and, Jews expected to be hated and to require high levels of protection. One thousand years has now passed, and yet it is one of the remarkable features of world history that these three aspects of Jewish life haven’t changed at all. Jews remain an intimate part of the elite, Jews retain a ‘special’ relationship with money, and the facts outlined at the beginning of this essay suggest that Jews fully expect to be hated and require high levels of protection.

The Jewish strategy among Europeans has always been predicated upon high-risk, high-reward ventures. For much of the last thousand years, this primarily involved exploitative financial relationships that were incredibly lucrative but contributed to tremendous hostility among non-elite European populations. The standard method of balancing profit and danger was to form a relationship with very strong elites, and to implicate those elites in the sharing of profits (thus also ensuring they would suffer a loss from any attack against Jews). Throughout European history, when attempts to forge or maintain such relationships failed, the results of high risk ventures were disastrous for Jews, as resentment from below was finally allowed to fully vent. This can be seen in instances where the power of the monarch weakened (e.g. the expulsions of Jews by Edward I as a response to the rise of the barons), where there was a break between the death of a king and the coronation of another (e.g. killings of Jews around the coronation of Richard I), where the monarch was immovably hostile to Jews and their interests (e.g. the creation of the Pale of Settlement by Catherine the Great), and where popular support for government elites and their authority collapsed rapidly (e.g. Weimar Germany and the subsequent rise of Adolf Hitler). Very high levels of elite protection are thus seen by Jews, not entirely without reason, as absolutely essential to the continuance of Jewish communities and their behaviors among European populations.

Writing on Jews and the State in medieval Europe, Robert Chazan writes that “the Jews were normally accorded substantial protection by the secular authorities. This meant warnings against violence when passions were inflamed, efforts to put down violence when it did flare up, and finally the imposition of penalties when the attempts at protection failed and Jews suffered loss of life and property. The basic thrust of governmental policy towards the Jews was protection.1 [emphasis added] Kevin MacDonald has argued that Jews have excelled as flexible strategizers, and this ability to adapt to circumstances is certainly in evidence in relation to the need to secure privileges in the form of elite protection. Jewish historian Yosef H. Yerushalmi has pointed out that wherever Jews lived they tended to establish liaisons with “the highest governmental power available, whether that of emperor or caliph, count, duke, or king, bishop, archbishop or pope.”2 Yerushalmi described such relationships as a “direct vertical alliance.” Magda Teter has laid emphasis on the flexible manner in which Jews approach the establishment of direct vertical alliances:

At the beginning of their settlement in Poland, Jews forged a strong relationship with monarchs, who issued privileges and assured the Jews’ protection. When Poland’s balance of power shifted from a strong monarchy to a decentralised nobles’ republic, the Jewish relationship with the king was transformed into a symbiotic relationship with the powerful nobles. Jews’ reliance on royal protection was transferred to reliance on the nobles. First kings, and then the nobles, often placed Jews in positions that often gave them authority over Christians.3

As well as blending financial interests with the nobles, another feature of the early modern period through to the nineteenth century was intermarriage between Jews and the European aristocracy. This was quite literally the physical joining of interests, perhaps the ultimate protection against suffering a backlash from the elite. By the early 20th century, the scale of Jewish intermarriage with the British aristocracy was such that it led L.G. Pine, editor of Burke’s Peerage from 19491959, to write in 1956 that the Jews have made themselves so closely connected with the British peerage that the two classes are unlikely to suffer loss which is not mutual. Given the trends of history in the centuries prior to the 1950s, it’s extremely difficult to imagine that this occurred by accident, or without some level of conscious or unconscious design.

As flexible strategizers, Jews were more than capable of handling the transformation from aristocratic rule to social democracy that occurred between the 19th and 20th centuries. As an interregnum of sorts, however, there were early problems with Jewish security while the new form of direct vertical alliance was established. A general rule worth operating by is that where the elite is pro-Jewish or tied to Jewish interests, Jews are likely to be reliable supporters of the governmental status quo, to support strong government, and to be against the freedom of the individual (e.g. see overwhelming contemporary Jewish support for gun control). Conversely, when elites are perceived as less inclined to support Jewish interests, Jews are likely to be vastly over-represented among anti-elite elements, as radical socialists, and as regicidal revolutionaries (e.g. the Bolshevik Revolution). Where the form of government merely weakens, Jews are forced to reconfigure their strategies in a more time-consuming, but no less pressing, manner. Indeed, a key feature of 19th century socialism was a strong anti-Semitism that rejected Jewish claims to being part of “the people,” and many anti-Jewish socialists portrayed such claims as opportunistic and cryptic strategies to secure power anew under the new form of government. One of the most memorable statements of the era in this regard is the French socialist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon’s remark that far from being a genuine socialist, Karl Marx was “the tapeworm of socialism.” Proudhon (1809-1865), seen by many as the father of anarchism, regarded apparently socialist Jewish “allies” like Heinrich Heine as “nothing but secret spies” whose hidden agenda was merely to secure Jewish privileges and protections under the guise of social justice – a perspective apparently lost on the ignorant hordes who today believe themselves to be anarchist “Antifa” while striving to protect similar “tapeworms” in their midst.

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: “Marx is the tapeworm of socialism.”

As social democracy became ascendant, Jewish strategies to maintain privileges and security had to make significant adaptations. Most obviously, social democracy was ostensibly the move to protect mass interests over those of an elite. Since Jews were an intimate part of the elite, this would necessarily lead to a decline in power, unless Jews could undergo a transformation in the popular mind into a more generic “mercantile elite,” “bourgeois elite,” or even most audaciously, masquerade as part of the proletariat. It was in eastern Europe that the clash between Jews and the interests of the masses became most acute. Faced with increased calls for freedom and democratic representation, the Tsars sided with the masses rather than the Jews, freeing the serfs and withdrawing protections and privileges from Jews. I would argue that this move, rather than the specific content of Bolshevism or Communism, was the most decisive factor in the eventual rise of the Jews against the Tsar and the Russian aristocracy during the Bolshevik revolution. The apparently incongruous position of Jews fighting alongside the peasant class against the elite wasn’t altogether lost on contemporaries. As one Ukrainian Communist put it in 1876, “The weight of the Jewsexploitation is great and their harmfulness unlimited If we find it possible to preach revolution, and only revolution against the nobles, how can we defend the Jews?”4 But Jews did want to be defended, and if they weren’t going to be defended by the Tsar, and they couldn’t trust the masses, then they would simply disguise themselves as part of the proletariat (Proudhon’s “secret spies”) and establish their protections and privileges themselves.

The perceptivity of figures like Proudhon and the Ukrainian Communist was lacking in the overall movement, where Jews were dominant in intellectual and activist roles. Within weeks of the revolution, Jews were able to cancel all restrictions imposed on them by earlier Tsarist regimes and abolish the Pale of Settlement initiated by Catherine the Great. Between 1918 and 1930, anti-Semitism was legislated against and massive amounts of literature purporting to debunk anti-Semitic attitudes were disseminated as part of a society-wide “education” campaign. Plays and films were made portraying Jews and anti-Semitism in a strongly philo-Semitic manner, and trials of individuals convicted of “anti-Semitic crimes” were made very public. It was the 20th century equivalent of building the Jew’s House of Lincoln, now constructed not of heavy limestone, but of slick lies and oppressive legislation.

Today, Jews still reside safely, if a little paranoid, in a house built with lies and legislation. They have established “direct vertical alliances” with every Western elite, including the most “populist.” I smile wryly at the theatre of Viktor Orbán toying with George Soros, while he pumps millions into Jewish education programs throughout Europe educating people on the “dangers of anti-Semitism” and provides a European “hotline” for concerned Jews to call in the event that they feel a little insecure. The same situation prevails with the “populist” boy wonder Sebastian Kurz in Austria. Kurz recently unveiled a “Catalogue of Policies to Combat Antisemitism.” The policies, endorsed by Kurz and later to be introduced to the entire European Union, include:

  • a commitment of a percentage of GDP annually to fighting antisemitism;

  • barring antisemites from political parties and public office;

  • committing financial and other resources to guaranteeing security for Jewish communities in Europe;

  • making Internet companies liable for antisemitic content on their platforms;

  • and advising companies not to do business with countries or organizations that support antisemitism in any way.

Sebastian Kurz receives award from the European Jewish Committee’s Moshe Kantor for his compliance in a modern day “Direct Vertical Alliance”

These measures reach a level of protection for Jews not seen since the immediate aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution, and only contribute to the growing reality that much of our politics now seems to exclusively revolve around the issue of anti-Semitism. It used to be the case that Jews considered everything within the framework “Is this good for the Jews?” Today, it seems that our governments, media, and academia are preoccupied with the same question. This reality, of course, clashes dramatically with the narrative that Jews have no overarching influence in our politics and society. On this note, I might add that I was recently axed from Twitter for the ninth time. On my last two Twitter accounts, I pursued a strategy of presenting such glaring contradictions in short, witty comments – just enough information to make the point clearly, and just enough humor to make it stick in the mind. In very short periods of time, I amassed many thousands of followers before the accounts were invariably suspended for “targeted harassment” even though I never interacted with other users, and merely presented facts or witticisms. I don’t think I will now return to Twitter, but one of my last parting shots, before being reported by a delusional neurotic named Gabe Hoffman (who apparently claimed I insulted him personally, without evidence, despite the fact I never interacted with other users), was:

Jews are the most oppressed people in history and I know this because they used their extraordinary wealth, their near monopoly of mass media, their massive political influence, and their censorship of alternative viewpoints to make sure I got the message.

This is the central paradox of our time. Jews enjoy extraordinary privileges while presenting themselves as the most oppressed people in history. Were they oppressed when they lived in the fortress in Lincoln? When they received the personal protection of King John? When they received charters and special protections to live in the German principalities, complete with reinforced walls for the streets in which they lived? When they intermarried with the aristocracy? Were they oppressed when the Tsar and his family were butchered? Were they oppressed when they made anti-Semitism illegal, had show trials against anti-Semites around Russia, and flooded the schools and universities with information on how marvellous they truly are? Are they oppressed when they produce legislation for the European Union and have it imposed at their will? Are they oppressed when they dictate to Big Tech what is and isn’t allowed on their platforms, under legal penalty? Are they oppressed when they demand a percentage of the GDP of each one of our nations to protect them? Are they oppressed when a leading figure at the U.S. State Department says: “The worlds greatest power is focused, by law and design, on protecting the Jews.”

No. They are not oppressed. Oppression is having your hands cut off by the King’s men because you refused to pay your debt to Aaron the Jew. Oppression is being told what you can’t say in your country, your own land that your fathers sweat and bled on in the hope that you could one day walk on that soil a free man. Oppression is being made to hand over your taxes and a percentage of your GDP, without any vote taking place on the matter, so that it can be passed to a population already influential and extraordinarily wealthy. Oppression is being banned from participating in politics because you happen to object to the influence of foreign actors in the business of your own people and country. Oppression is when the wealthy and powerful use their influence to starve you financially into submission to their interests. Oppression is when you go to prison because you disagree with something written in the history books.

The situation, I will admit, doesn’t look hopeful. But just as history relates a tale of direct vertical alliances, and all that they entail, it also relates the stories of collapsing elites, uneasy interregnums, and the rise of figures who side with their people and reject such alliances. One day in 1290, the Jew’s House of Lincoln stood silent, cold, and unoccupied, its money vaults emptied, its past residents hanged or exiled. It stands today, to my mind, not as a testament to durability, but as a monument to hubris and a mockery of pretensions to invulnerability. I see a time when our contemporary hubristic constructions are hollowed out and left vacant by the sweeping rush of history.

1 R. Chazan, Church, State, and Jew in the Middle Ages (New Jersey: Behrman,1980), 11.

2 Quoted in M. Teter, Jews and Heretics in Catholic Poland: A Beleaguered Church in the Post-Reformation Era (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006), 28.

3 Ibid.

4 R. Wistrich, From Ambivalence to Betrayal: The Left, The Jews and Israel (University of Nebraska Press, 2012), 187.

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  1. Luke
    Luke says:

    The black pill I ingested after reading this article will take months to wear off.

    On the bright side, Israel’s recent attempt to annex the Moon was a miserable failure, but probably proves that the Moon is anti-Semitic.

  2. joe six pack
    joe six pack says:

    In the Wikipedia entry titled ‘Wealth and Religion” the ‘protected class’ is so vulnerable they are NUMBER ONE in income.

    And from here, the Occidental Observer, an article by Thomas Dalton, ‘A brief Look at Jewish Wealth’ he says:

    “Let’s draw a plausible inference. If Jews control around half of all wealth at the top, it is reasonable to infer that they may hold a similar share throughout the wealth hierarchy[15]—at least among, say, the top 20% of wealth-holders, who collectively own more than 90% of all household wealth in the US. At any rate, the following is an attempt to use that inference to estimate total Jewish wealth in the U.S.

    So, how much money is this? In 2018, the Wall Street Journal reported that the total assets of all private households in the US hit $100 trillion for the first time ever.[16] If American Jews own or control half of this, then it comes to some $50 trillion. Now, this demands a moment of reflection. If Drumont’s numbers were shocking, this one is absolutely jaw-dropping. Think of it: American Jews possessing $50 trillion—or for those numerically challenged readers, 50,000 billion dollars. If the true numbers are anything close to this, perform this thought experiment: Think of how much power one man with one billion dollars possesses; now consider the equivalent of 50,000 such individuals, working more or less in unison. That’s the financial power of American Jewry.”

    In a materialist non spiritual society focused on GDP and your own individual job status it is hard to fight the Benjamin$. This protected Jewish uberclass has more money than God and uses it to increase their own power. Rather than feeling a noblesse oblige sort of duty, they are a Hostile Elite who ‘loathes the nation it rules” (Gerlernter).

    AND Since they are the only ones who know what is right (Tikkun Olam) and they are smarter than everyone else, the end justifies the means. Thus, it is right and good to use the USA as a Golem for world conquest. Once the world is under control, everything will be alright in our earthly Utopia.

    “Therefore we deserve to be protected.”

  3. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    Thank you Dr. Joyce for an excellent article.
    I was jewd by my mother who had a jewish father
    The jew side of her family told me:
    When KE1 expelled the jews only 1/4 left Egland.
    The family rabbi represented England on the Jewish council until c.16t h century
    They met every 7 years in Jerusalem
    My ancestor resigned because the eastern jews took over (demographics). Most eastern jews are descended from converts because the rabbis wanted a bigger congregation = more money.
    A ancester lived in the French court in c.12 century. (My brother and mother lived under royal protection in ww2!) The Dauphin made her pregnant. Her father contacted Jerusalem.The reply said she was to marry an old jewish teacher at the Uni.of Paris. Her children were jews , of course. Two sentences of advice and two pages of loathing and contempt for the French, the Church, Christ and hatred for the gentiles for ever.
    I detest Nuttyahoo and the Israel pretend jew gang
    These East Europeans are a disgrace.
    They are not Jews.

    • Sicklemore
      Sicklemore says:

      ‘They are not Jews.’

      Excwpt of course they are.

      By the way how many undeclared Jews would you estimate there are?

      • Edward Harris
        Edward Harris says:

        Thank you for your correction. I should have said that the Eastern Jews do not have biblical Jewish blood, according to my Rabbi ancestors.
        I don’t think it matters how many Eastern or unknown Jews there are. The problem is the Jew controlled USA, especially the Yankee North.

        • Sicklemore
          Sicklemore says:

          ‘I don’t think it matters how many Eastern or unknown Jews there are’

          Really? I happen to think it is quite important. Still just to humour me perhaps you could give me an estimate seen as you use this supposed conflict between them to bolster your points.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      These East Europeans are a disgrace. They are not Jews.

      This reads like a poor man’s parody of the tired old No True Scotsman gag, itself now less a true gag than something to gag on.

      The misfortune of Mr. Harris’s youthful indoctrination certainly prompts sympathy, but on the evidence of his comment, he has not completely shed its effects yet.

  4. Steve
    Steve says:

    Dr. Joyce is utterly brilliant. I need to read some of his books. Any recommendations on which one to start with? I didn’t write this before.

  5. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Dear Dr Joyce,

    Thank you for yet another brilliant analysis of a strange social phenomenon. Your final comment gave me pause, though:

    ‘I see a time when our contemporary hubristic constructions are hollowed out and left vacant by the sweeping rush of history.’

    I have to respond with ‘for goodness’ sakes, get that rush going, moving like fury, asap.’ For by golly, Jewish excesses are now far too many, and far too insolent. I heard only today that the highly respected, brilliant Professor Sir Roger Scruton was sacked [sic] by the half-witted shabbos goys of the stupidest Conservative government we have yet had. Sir Roger had been serving without remuneration as the chairman of a commission called ‘Build Better; Build Beautiful’. His ‘offence’ was a remark of his in the Spectator:

    ‘Anybody who doesn’t think that there’s a Soros empire in Hungary has not observed the facts’. (There were two other ‘offences’, but the real one was the one I’ve quoted, for sure.)

    So here we stand: a prominent English scholar and gentleman in the finest English tradition may not voice his accurate perception if its subject is Jews. And Jews do not even have to lift a finger to insult this exemplary scholar who dared to note a fact that Jews don’t like (i.e., he voiced a ‘trope’). The horrible little shabbos goys will jump to do the insulting for them, in the expectation of swift bakshish. How ever did HM Government manage to hit this profoundest of pits?

    • EHopkins
      EHopkins says:

      Oppression is being a woman who works constantly in the workplace and home, who pays taxes for general law and order, while social safety no longer exists because it has been undermined and eroded by the taxing hostile elites—the first hostile invaders—who have imported more hostile invaders.

      • Sophie Johnson
        Sophie Johnson says:

        ‘… social safety no longer exists because it has been undermined and eroded by the taxing hostile elites—the first hostile invaders—who have imported more hostile invaders.’

        Right, EHopkins. But we are doing nothing about it. Sad, that. Instead, we watch, or look away in embarrassment, as that ‘hostile elite’ destroy the careers and income capacities of our best and fairest, and haul them through court after court (Alison Chabloz) and imprison them (Jez Turner), our Shabbos goy judges their willing helpers. Whom can we blame but ourselves?

  6. royAlbrecht
    royAlbrecht says:

    “…Of course, the uninformed, when confronted with such a fact, might reply that this level of support is both needed and deserved.”

    Think again…
    The “…uninformed…”, as you call them…,
    in the face of today’s overwhelming amount of Jew-Criminality and whistle-blower-content on-line…,
    has to be either
    mentally retarded or
    benefiting from the overall Jewish scheme to wipe out European man and replace him with a more mentally disabled sub-species.

    Supporters of Jews would tend to reply with something far more passive-aggressive like;
    “…I do not share that opinion…” or
    “…Your facts are not the same as my facts…”,
    without ever having done even a rudimentary search into the Jew Problem… Why?…, because they know and profit from the Bloody Truth exactly as you have described it !


    “… Kevin MacDonald has argued that Jews have excelled as flexible strategizers, and this ability to adapt to circumstances is certainly in evidence in relation to the need to secure privileges in the form of elite protection.”

    There can be much more said on this topic than has been stated above.

    1.) Jew strategies and tactics can be evidenced as an;
    A.) synchronous movement…:
    Vast populations of Jews that are members of thousands of different organizations
    (I.e. lobby groups, religious orgs., international mass media, political representatives and N.G.O.s from all levels of government and throughout almost every nation,
    international academia and more recently,
    privately held, social media and on-line commerce platforms…,
    and the above tentacles say nothing of the millions of
    “…duped, non-Jewish, yet Jew-cow-towing petards, from every social milieu imaginable…”
    that move almost in unity both in timing and in language),
    B) As a movement that is being coordinated from a single hierarchical point with instructions being relayed from the top down with respect to language, timing, and intensity.
    This hierarchical structure,
    due to the relatively colossal network that it wields,
    is most likely a collective of “sub-orbital flying” Rabbis who advise a kind of Satanic, Jew-in-Chief Leader.
    Just take the recent NZ killings as an example.
    Not only were the Jew-Organs spouting in unison with respect to White condemnation and Anti-White legislation,
    (((their))) associated Mossad hit squads were conducting simultaneous assassinations of so called Hezbollah supporters all over the world!
    This is NOT a coincidence!

    I mention the above simply because Jew tactics regarding preemptive brainwashing of the masses are employed in a similar synchronistic manner when (((stolen))) and maladapted language and/or revelatory remarks that originate with sites like TOO are made.
    Copy-cat biographies or cosmetic enhancements that make future (((killers/assassins))) resemble genuine White Nationalists,
    or lay the psychological connective ground-work to give the perception in the public mind that connect future acts of international terrorism with (((White-Nationalist, Racist, Supremacists))).
    The outcome is the same…, We will be blamed…, and the ground work for the blame is being build as we discuss amongst ourselves!

    (((Their))) co-ordination goes beyond rational group strategizing and verges on what Jews like to call “…the occult…”,
    but to which I simply refer as, “…tapping into deeper states of consciousness…” where problem solving and strategizing can be sped-up, made more complicated, and where contingency plans are thoroughly and preemptively prepared for should any aspect of (((their))) original plans fail.

    The above is also a large reason why I advocate for early, Aryan-style, Self-Exploration.
    Not only can one NOT expect to out-work one’s opponent if one is working with hand tools and one’s opponent has power tools,
    but if one is to out-work the opponent one must “…devise…” tools that make the opponent’s tools quasi-obsolete.

    Key in this adaptive ability is that Jews gain representation in every group.
    For if one group falls out of favour in the eyes of the new emerging power, they can usually count on at least a basic “…survivability protection…” from even those few Jews on the inside of the newly ascending movement.
    For this reason, I personally would never trust “…Milo Blahblah-opolis…” of the newly minted Alt-Right,
    or any identifiable Jew within our ranks.
    The likelihood of leaks or treason are very high amongst (((them))).


    • Julie
      Julie says:

      Hi RoyAlbrecht,
      Can you expand what you mean by “Aryan-style, Self-exploration,” please? Also, what type of “tools” might you be referring too? (For example, We can’t even get a decent influential movie produced.) Thank you.

      *All posts and of course Dr. Joyce’s writing are awe-inspiring (albeit depressing as well) making me proud to be part of an amazing Family-Race.

      • RoyAlbrecht
        RoyAlbrecht says:

        One difference between Aryans and Jews…, regardless of what mongrelized blend (((they))) stem from…,
        is that Jews are less physically resilient than Aryans…., to say nothing about pre-frontal cortical endowment.

        Moreover, Jews,
        judging by their very actions and priorities, are intent on deriving satisfaction through hedonism or control over and the “…waddling in…” material opulence.

        Aryans on the other hand, tend to place a higher priority on superior plains of existence, philosophical depths, Altruism, creativity, deeds of outstanding merit…, meant not necessarily for themselves.., etc.

        I have met my share of Rabbinate over a lifetime of travels and
        at first it shocked me that,
        what I expected to see,
        based on my own perspective as an aspiring, German, S.S.-Samurai-style, Monk-like being,
        turned out to be nothing more than slovenly, licentious, cigar smoking, perverted, obese, flat-footed boars wearing the garb of Orthodox Priest, Kippahs and scruffy unkempt filthy beards with side locks.

        Moreover, just take a look at the Chabad Lubavitcher Jews who surround (((Western Political Leadrs))) during their photo ops in places like the Oval Office.
        One look at (((them))) and you can just feel in your bones that these (((filthy specimens of delinquency))) would be most incapable of attaining anything of merit unless they were able to steal it or swindle it out of someone.

        Furthermore, since (((they))) openly regard themselves as Gods, one can probably infer that they are neither capable of,
        or even attempting to aspire to higher Spiritual States of being.

        Aryans on the other hand,
        by virtue of the many descriptions of past deeds and lifestyles,
        going back into pre-historical times,
        have a rich history replete with daring and death-defying feats of all every manner conceivable.

        Moreover, if Jews really were God’s Chosen, they would behave like beings who have cultivated, for an eternity, the seeking of communion with other Spiritual Beings…, which in itself requires the intestinal fortitude and sacrifice that only an Aryan is capable of mustering.

        Jews, judging from past observation, seek glimmers of spirituality through “…cheating measures…” like chemically induced “…sub-orbital…” states.

        In short, Spiritual Awareness is only to be had through the utmost rigorous adherence to a Spartan-like Existence, something the flat footed ((( [redacted] ))) is by his very usurious nature incapable of and simply disbelievingly able to attain.

        In my opinion, Heaven,
        the one Satan was cast out of,
        is actually all around us only on a finer plain.

        To be able to access “…It…” one must not only give all of one’s Self in “…Its…” pursuit,
        one must show the piety and subservience required to be assisted and admitted by those who preside there.

        The Aryan World has the Olympics, the Jews have the Maccabi Games.
        The former is still largely a True Representation of Supremacy,
        the later is a collection of (((flat footed retards))) pretending to be great.

        • Lad
          Lad says:

          “…the seeking of communion with other Spiritual Beings…, which in itself requires the intestinal fortitude and sacrifice that only an Aryan is capable of mustering.”

          You are very enthusiastic, but I think you need to calm down slightly. The ‘communion’ with other ‘spiritual beings’ would appear to be available to just about any old fool with a ouija board… or are you referring to a specific sub-set of ‘spiritual being’?

          Anyway, this is all pretty well off topic.

          • RoyAlbrecht
            RoyAlbrecht says:

            1) What makes you think I am not, by my very nature, intrinsically calm ?

            2) RE: “…off topic.”

            IMO, Dr. Joyce has, as evidenced by the continuous stream of published essays here at TOO, given…, Another…, precise yet compressed exposé scratching at the vastness of Jewish power and the synchronicity with which it is being wielded.

            However, IMO, at the core of Aryan Man’s past and present inability to stem and claw back at this ever expanding malignant Jewish reach is Our lack of Spiritual Will.
            Whatever pointed insights, rational laws or other measures Whites seem to take, We always seem to be a few steps behind the Jew’s abilities to push (((Its))) deconstructive paradigm one step closer to European Man’s demise.
            Therefore, to take the long view on (((the problem))), We will not be able to put a stop to (((the insanity))) unless we tilt the playing field back in Our direction.

            That “tilting” will of course benefit from any tactical maneuvers we can come up within the interim,
            but must be implemented within a tandem framework of strategic reconstruction of Aryan Man’s (especially the off-spring thereof) Spiritual Will.

            To someone who has spent about a quarter century in attaining a limited amount of Spiritual Insight, your “oiji board” comment seems rather infantile.
            As science progresses, consensus will one day be that man does in deed have a Spirit (or whatever we choose to call it).
            Moreover, anyone who is at all familiar with one’s own what…,
            for the benefit of the non-believers…,
            can be called; Quantum-Gravimetric nature
            (to veer clear away from Ouija Board wise cracks)
            would understand the very “…on-topic…” connectedness of my arguments.

            At the risk of rambling on, one last point if I may…
            TOO staff and commenters seem to be composed of a rather large contingent of nominal Catholics.
            Personally, although baptized German Lutheran, I consider myself an aspiring Disciple of Christ…,
            denomination be damned.
            What that entails is just about anyone’s guess these days, but knowledge of one’s Spirit sure makes things easier.

            Nevertheless, to say that,
            the Father, the Son and the…,
            “…HOLY SPIRIT…” are;
            “ topic..”,
            is like saying,
            “Money is off topic when it comes to Jews”.
            Among the many things I pay reverence to, in varying degrees is,
            “…Tough Love Fascism…”,
            and in the Spiritual World,
            Christ is my Supreme Fascist Leader.

            But induced experience of the Holy Spirit…,
            varied portions of which may exist in all matter (((except possibly Jews 😉 )))…,
            will, in my mind, be a definite game changer vis-à-vis the battle to subdue that Satanic Jew.

  7. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    Easier to withdraw support for the government and its private sector affiliates than to dissolve the nexus of Jews and State.

  8. Dave Bowman
    Dave Bowman says:

    There are no worthwhile words to say or to add, except that this is instantly and beyond a shadow of doubt one of Mr Joyce’s very greatest and most perfect essays, at this site or any other. Moving effortlessly from a beautiful stone house in “olde England” to a keen and targeted analysis of the international political scandal of Jewish wealth, power and ruthlessness can hardly be imagined to be the easiest or most obvious transition of thought or theme – but here it is simply brilliant, and masterful. These words are also, most importantly, memorable, thought-provoking, utterly convincing, and emotionally-stirring, in equal measure.

    And somehow, however unlikely, the soaring, perfect penultimate paragraph beginning “No. They are not oppressed” reduced me quickly and helplessly to tears of rage and homicidal fury – followed quickly by tears of joy that someone with a scalpel-sharp brain and an iron will understands the full truth of what we face… and will not retreat from it, when the time comes, by one single step.

    Protection ? Jesus Christ, yes… They will need protection… and very much more. But alas, at the critical moment their “protection” WILL desert them once again, exactly as before, because of the mendacious, thieving, chameleon parasite monsters they are and have always been. They will be removed, as before… but hopefully for the very final time in our history. Dear God, Come the day.

    “Thank You” simply cannot possibly cover it, Mr Joyce. But on behalf of all who have read – and whose yearning hearts have been moved – by pictures of a once-happy, strong, wealthy, confident, settled, FREE England before we were shamelessly betrayed… Thank You.

  9. milan
    milan says:

    @ Dr. Joyce,

    I too thank you for an amazing article and wish to point you in the direction of a remarkable thesis written by an unknown named Gerry Fox and his book Climate Change the Work of God. In that book and his other 2 one will find what one needs. Truly fascinating and amazing material.


      • milan
        milan says:

        @ Trenchant

        “Climate Change” is an anti-white, élite-driven scam.

        I like the words Scientists are at a loss to explain ‘certain abrupt meteorological events that pop up and now and then.’

        like for example:

        A military base?

        in light of such a sentence shouldn’t we be saying hmmmmm with a question mark?

        “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail, which I reserve for times of trouble, for days of war and battle? Job 38:22


        given the enormous amount of teaching on climate change within the biblical scriptures you may want to rethink your position.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          The foremost lesson to be learned from the Scriptures about everything to do with climate is that it, climate, is one of the many things over which the Creator has given His creatures no control.

          As the hallmark of all of the Establishment’s soi-disant thinking on Climate Change® is that human beings and their machines (with a minor assist from bovine flatulence) have been changing the climate for ill but are now lucky enough to have some really smart Jews in their midst who can forestall further damage and possibly even reverse it—for a stiff price, need I add?—it surely ought to be clear to those who look to Scriptures for as much daily guidance as “milan” evidently does that the only appropriate response to people associated in any way with this racket is “vade retro, Satanas” or one of that phrase’s many vernacular equivalents.

  10. milan
    milan says:

    By the way it would be good to re-comment here this from another blog post it is so relevant to the discussion

    A quote by a Col Edward House with a sentence that resembles a sentence in the Book of Revelation:

    “[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a National system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging.
    By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer not being able to work and earn a living.
    They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges.
    They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two would figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability.
    After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call “Social Insurance.”
    Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner; every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.”

    Again what really gets me is the uncanny way in which this sentence mirrors the words from the book of Revelation about:

    “Every American will be forced to register or suffer not being able to work and earn a living.”

    “He forced everyone to receive a mark in either their hand or forehead and that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark which is the number of his name” Rev. 13

    Is that uncanny or what?

  11. Edward
    Edward says:

    “As flexible strategizers, Jews were more than capable of handling the transformation from aristocratic rule to social democracy that occurred between the 19th and 20th centuries.“ I believe this group was able through various strategies—some of which are mentioned in this article—to effect this social change from aristocratic rule to social democracy. What is the best way to ensure non-participation in a democracy, just make certain the would-be participants are not born.

  12. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    “…we have taken into our … protection Leo the Jew our goldsmith … we command you … do no hurt or injury to him.”

    The above proclamation of King John of England in 1199 is just one more “proof” that Jews have gotten to their place of power in Europe and associated White countries because of the GREED and AMBITION of White rulers, landowners and aristocrats, and that the common people would have stopped them if allowed to.

    As the powerless serf class rose to middle class burghers and managerial rank, they too adopted the attitude of tolerance and “going along” because of their developing access to money and power. There is simply no doubt that Jews have been facilitated from the beginning by our own people, and that this is what has to change in order to solve “the Jewish Problem.” What we are seeing is White unwillingness to change, or maybe inability to change what is a common human weakness that we are prone to. Compare it to diseases that strengthen wherever conditions are favorable.

    In other words, it comes back to us, and it always will.

    Just as a reminder, Adolf Hitler was the single courageous and morally righteous leader who managed to resist this weakness, and who, with the help of his followers and his entire nation, had a plan to solve the Jewish Problem—which was to remove Jews from Europe. It was the combined force of the most powerful White nations on earth that went up against him and destroyed him. This cannot be denied, yet we wring our hands and bemoan why we are at the mercy of Jews.

    If we refuse to remove Jews from our midst, we must develop an immunity or resistance to their most potent weapon.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        I didn’t mean literally develop an immunity. And since that is not really possible, Hitler was doing the right thing by removing them. We must never forget it was white men who stopped him — British, French, American mainly — when we talk about the “poor white man” under assault today. It rings hollow.

  13. Paul Nehlen
    Paul Nehlen says:


    This was a long, enjoyable white pill of an essay. We’ve been spreading it around as per the usual crowd and I can happily report your writing is still held in quite high regard.

    All the best,
    Paul Nehlen

  14. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    What about Washington’s neverending trillion-dollar wars in the middle east? They look to me like the central star in the security project.

  15. m___
    m___ says:

    Is the author by any chance Jewish? When not it should be stated in clear language, and reference to the parameters and perimeter. Hard to habit, the Internet promising “anonymity” in the mind of most, even today.

    The Jewish middle classes are largely financed by taxpayer money. In France this is as evident as in the US. These are the workerbees of media, justice system, finance, oops betting industry.

    The “vertical” link between Jew elites and Jewish middle classes is functional. The vertical link between North-Western European descend elites and their “constituency” is severed completely. The apparent middle classes of European descend now hold on, by submission to Jewish elites. Well deserved.

    Western European elites of significance, completely sold out.

    This cannot be reproached to the Jew and his circular interests, his loyalties to his own, his complete negation of inclusiveness and progress. The adherence to “psychological”, relative values.

    The abject above state of history, must be presented as a bill to the corrupted elites of European peoples, there is nothing to be saved at the top but the hardware. No alternative systemics, detached from the realms of existing society means de-composure and humiliation. Only a hefty dose of “Jew” thinking and acting can wreck the balance of no power to maybe something better then third world environments.

  16. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    The question is how to solve the problem, if it can be solved. There are certain factors working on our side here in the United States: 1) the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech; 2) the Second Amendment guarantee of the right to bear arms; 3) 80% of Americans still claim to be Christian. The problem with number three is that most Christians wrongly believe in “Judeo-Christianity,” a contradiction of terms that is preached in virtually every Christian church as well as by the Jews themselves. So the churches, virtually all of them, preach the very opposite of Christianity.
    Factors working against us are Jewish influence over our politicians, the media, publishing, law, banking, finance and industry. In a free society, nothing can be done directly to overcome this influence. Publicly denouncing the Jews will destroy your reputation, career, even your life. And censorship by private businesses (such as social media companies, Amazon, etc.) cannot be fought against on the grounds of free speech because it is only government (at all levels: federal, state, local) that is not allowed to ban free speech.

    So what to do? I might be too optimistic in saying this, but I think the Jews are overplaying their hand — as they always have done throughout history — and people are waking up in spite of the censorship. And attempts to have the government engage in censorship (evidenced by the State Department equating criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism and various states punishing the boycott movement against Israel) are bound to fail in the courts. The same is true of public universities punishing protests against Israel.

    On another positive note, I believe that Christians are starting to reject their own churches’ Judaizing of Christianity. I would also, as a Christian myself, like to think that God will intervene. My own Christian faith tells me that God wins over Satan in the end.

    But it would certainly help if Christians worshiped God instead of the Jews! It would help if they educated themselves enough to see that Jesus was not a Jew, that he rejected the Jews who rejected him (and still reject him) as children of the devil, and that the Jewish Talmud is filled with hatred of Jesus and Christians as well as contempt for all people who are not Jews.

    The Church preached all of this in the past: In the late 1800’s, La Civilta Cattolica — the official publication of the Roman Catholic Church — noted all of the problems discussed in this article and then flatly said that the rise of the Jews was God’s punishment for Christians who turned away from their own faith during the Enlightenment.

    And what a punishment! But this is how God punishes (or you might say, “enlightens”): He leaves us to follow our own foolish devices and then take the consequences for doing so.

    But, back to more practical matters: Non-Jews everywhere must withdraw their support in every way they can from the institutions of society that have been corrupted by Jewish influence. Don’t watch TV. Don’t go to the movies. Don’t subscribe to newspapers or almost all magazines. Don’t use social media when it censors. Don’t make donations to your college. Home school your children together with other parents. Don’t vote — unless it’s to support a politician who wants to end Jewish influence. If you’re in debt, get out of it if you can. Don’t pay the usurers. Join together with like minded Christians to form real Christian churches. Being part of a church gives you the protections of freedom of religion under our Constitution. A church can tell the truth about the Jews, even if nobody else can.

    At the same time, don’t promote violence. It has never worked in the past. It is a loser’s game. If you join a violent movement, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is infiltrated by the FBI, and those infiltrators will be the ones who encourage violence the most in order to damage the reputation and credibility of the rest of us.

  17. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    Those of you that refer to them as “jews” and obediently capitalize the spelling are showing your training. They’re khazarian frauds. I remember when blogging on Bro Donate’s site (the supposed jew convert Milton Kapner) he would go through all posts and change any intentional spellings like joo to Jew and would capitalize any lowercase spelllings of jew. That’s the first sign of being a ratzy joo because they always demand tribute. Anyone that capitalizes the word also is showing their goyish subservience by capitalizing.

  18. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    “Sweden has handed over 2 million kronor for increasing security at Jewish institutions”
    It is actually much more than 2 million as has been proven by the Swedish journalist
    INGRID CARLQVIST, who discovered the following facts about Barbara Lerner Spectre, a Jewish woman from the U.S. via Israel who set up the organization “The Paideia Institute”, with approximately $4 Millions Dollars from the Swedish government that were given to her when she began to accuse the Swedish central bank of having dealt with “Nazi-gold” supposedly stolen from Jews during WWII. The Swedish government did two or three investigations, but couldn’t find any evidence for the Jewish allegations.

    As Carlqvist says: “These Jewish organizations didn’t settle for this, and the Swedish government decided to give Paideia 40 million Swedish Kroner, about 4 million US Dollars, to set up the institute. Not for looted gold, for there was none, but “as a gesture”.

    : “When they were negotiating with the Swedish government, they told the government: “If you don’t give us this money, behind us we have the World Jewish Congress, and we will tell all the world that Sweden is an anti-Semitic country.”
    Same old tactics.

  19. Simpleton
    Simpleton says:

    “Jews had the money to build homes with expensive local limestone, and they had a desire to build very strong, almost impregnable, homes that could withstand the onslaught of both Man and Time. ”

    There is a rumor that the so-called holocaust memorials that dot every state are actually “fallout shelters” (heh); i.e. safe havens intended for use by local Jews when the inevitable backlash arises due to Jew’s persecution of beleaguered whites. Allegedly the “holocaust memorial” buildings contain hidden underground, reinforced bunkers that are stockpiled with emergency supplies of food and water, arms and ammo and that they will serve as vaults for Jewish portable wealth in the event of an uprising of the deplorable proles and peasantry.

    This rumor, if true, indicates that the phrase “never again” is not merely a hope, but an active plan. The name attached to these fortifications, “holocaust memorials,” resonates with “never forget” and displays the Jew’s clever use of double entendre. Obvious too, becomes their reason for forcing the issue of disarmament of the America’s rural population.

    • Guy who likes evidence
      Guy who likes evidence says:

      That is a very creative/imaginative “rumour”. Where did you happen upon it?
      Is there any evidence at all to support its veracity?

      I’m not saying that it isn’t possible, but then lots of things are possible.

  20. Rob Dolan
    Rob Dolan says:

    Joyce is always great. A major asset to the movement.
    Unz is down. Must be those powerless victimized merchants.

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