Social Psychology As Anti-White Pseudoscience

For me, the most frightening thing in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949) isn’t the “men in black uniforms” mercilessly beating Winston Smith in the Ministry of Love with “fists,” “truncheons,” “steel rods,” and “iron-shod boots.” And it isn’t the silent machine that allows the inquisitor O’Brien to “inflict pain on” Winston “at any moment and to whatever degree” he chooses. No, it’s something that Winston doesn’t find painful at all:

Two soft pads, which felt slightly moist, clamped themselves against Winston’s temples. He quailed. There was pain coming, a new kind of pain. O’Brien laid a hand reassuringly, almost kindly, on his.

“This time it will not hurt,” he said. “Keep your eyes fixed on mine.”

At this moment there was a devastating explosion, or what seemed like an explosion, though it was not certain whether there was any noise. There was undoubtedly a blinding flash of light. Winston was not hurt, only prostrated. Although he had already been lying on his back when the thing happened, he had a curious feeling that he had been knocked into that position. A terrific painless blow had flattened him out. Also something had happened inside his head. As his eyes regained their focus he remembered who he was, and where he was, and recognized the face that was gazing into his own; but somewhere or other there was a large patch of emptiness, as though a piece had been taken out of his brain. …

O’Brien held up the fingers of his left hand, with the thumb concealed.

“There are five fingers there. Do you see five fingers?”


And he did see them, for a fleeting instant, before the scenery of his mind changed. He saw five fingers, and there was no deformity. Then everything was normal again, and the old fear, the hatred, and the bewilderment came crowding back again. But there had been a moment — he did not know how long, thirty seconds, perhaps — of luminous certainty, when each new suggestion of O’Brien’s had filled up a patch of emptiness and become absolute truth, and when two and two could have been three as easily as five, if that were what was needed.

“You see now,” said O’Brien, “that it is at any rate possible.”

“Yes,” said Winston. (Nineteen Eighty-Four, Part 3, ch. 2)

It wasn’t “a new kind of pain,” but it is a new kind of horror: the idea that the state can get inside your head and directly interfere with your mind. When Nineteen Eighty-Four was first published in 1949, that idea was only a literary nightmare. But every year that’s passed since then has brought Orwell’s nightmare closer to reality.

And be in absolutely no doubt: there are totalitarian people in Western countries today who would be delighted to use a mind-alteration machine against thought-criminals like those who write for and read the Occidental Observer. In fact, I came across one of those totalitarian folk just the other day. She’s a social psychologist called Amy R. Krosch, she works at Cornell University, and she’s recently been “designated” a “Rising Star” of the American Psychological Association (ASA).

The sickening souls of wicked Whites

Krosch’s Twitter page announces that she is “Queer” and prefers the pronouns “her or they.” She’s also married, with a “wife and bulldog.” American psychology has come a long way: from classifying lesbianism as a mental disorder to designating a lesbian fanatic as a “Rising Star.”

And Krosch is a fanatic, I’d say. An anti-White fanatic, to be precise, and that’s undoubtedly why the ASA is so proud of her. Krosch doesn’t agree with some famous words attributed to Queen Elizabeth I of England (1533–1603): “I would not make windows into men’s souls.” Amy Krosch does want to make windows into people’s souls. Just so long as they’re White people’s souls, that is, and just so long as Krosch can use what she finds to encourage hatred of Whites:

Discrimination may happen faster than the blink of an eye, especially during periods of economic scarcity, according to a new study from Cornell University. “Scarcity mindsets can really exacerbate discrimination,” said Amy Krosch, assistant professor of psychology at Cornell. “We show that tiny shifts in the processing of minority group faces under scarcity could have downstream consequences for inequality.”

In the first experiment, 71 undergraduate psychology students from a private university — none of which identified as black or African American — were asked to look at pictures of white and black male faces on a screen. Participants then awarded each face up to $10 based on “subtle perceptions of recipients’ deservingness.”

A control group was told $10 was the most each face could receive. But members of the experimental group believed they were randomly assigned only $10 out of a possible $100 to give away each time — a difference that imparted a sense of scarcity.

Scalp electrodes measured the time each study participant took to perceive recipients distinctly as human faces, a subconscious process linked to activity in the fusiform gyrus that is known to take just 170 milliseconds, or less than two-tenths of a second.

Within the control group, test subjects took about the same amount of time to process faces of either race, and distributed money to them evenly. But in the group that perceived resources as scarce, participants took “significantly longer” to process black faces than white faces on average, the study found. The researchers also showed that these perceptual delays related to anti-black bias, in which participants allocated less money to black faces.

“It’s taking them longer to see a black face as a face, and the extent to which that’s happening then predicts how much they discriminate against that black individual,” Krosch said.

Krosch’s team ran a second set of experiments that imaged brain activity to test whether the “impaired” visual processing of black faces was linked to a devaluation of faces and then to biased behavior.

The scans revealed dampened activity in the striatum, a brain region involved in valuation and reward processing. That suggested that test subjects may have devalued black faces they saw as “less face-like” or, in a sense, less human. Dampened fusiform and striatum activity correlated to less money given to black recipients. This study was funded by the National Science Foundation. (When money is scarce, biased behavior happens faster, ScienceDaily, 29th October 2019)

That’s a report on Krosch’s paper “Scarcity disrupts the neural encoding of Black faces: A socioperceptual pathway to discrimination” (written in collaboration with David M. Amodio of New York University). And this is an interesting part of the report: “…undergraduate psychology students from a private university — none of which identified as black or African American…” Krosch didn’t want to find anything untoward in the brains of Blacks, so she excluded them from her study. I think her research was (and is) motivated by hostility towards Whites and intended to encourage more of the same. And note the phrase “none of which,” presumably the wording chosen by Krosch or one of her collaborators. The phrase should be “none of whom,” because the students are human beings, not animals or inanimate objects. Does the use of “which” mean that someone in “Krosch’s team” was “devaluing” the students and seeing them as, “in a sense, less human”? Quite possibly.

Punims on Parade

And if you’d like a look at Krosch’s team, here’s a selection of progressive punims (Yiddish for “face”) posted at Krosch’s Social Perception and Intergroup Inequality Laboratory, or Krosch Lab for short:

Punims on Parade: Members of Krosch Lab

Ms Krosch herself is on the far right (photographically speaking, I hasten to add), but her punim deserves a closer look. Here’s another photo of this fascinating scholar:

Amy Krosch, assistant professor of psychology (PSYCH).

Amy Krosch, Rising Star of the American Psychological Association (with Greta Thunberg for comparison)

Krosch has a broad, testosteronized punim like that of the fanatical Swedish climate crusader Greta Thunberg. Now, I was rebuked in the comments to my last article at TOO for “draw[ing] attention to minor deficiencies in [the] physical beauty” of the journalists Stephen Daisley and Tanya Gold, but I don’t think the rebuke was valid. As the great Chateau Heartiste has often pointed out: “Physiognomy is real.” The ugliness of leftism as an ideology is often reflected in the ugliness of leftists as people. I also agree with a fascinating article at National Vanguard arguing that “Jews themselves are an unattractive and, on average, ugly people” and that “Jews, as a group, oppose beauty.” In fact, the Talmud advises Jews not to regard physical beauty as important in marriage: “For ‘false is grace and beauty is vain.’ Pay regard to good breeding, for the object of marriage is to have children” (Taanith 26b and 31a).

The full spectrum of human diversity

Is Amy Krosch Jewish? I haven’t been able to find proof that she is, but I’ll adapt what I said about the journalist Stephen Daisley in “Jeremy’s Jackboots.” One thing is sure: she behaves as though she’s Jewish, with unfailing anti-White hostility and insistence that White prejudice is to blame for all non-White failure. And Ms Krosch has obviously been recruiting people for Krosch Lab in the same White-hating mould:

Our lab respects and values the full spectrum of human diversity in race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, body type, socio-economic background, age, disability, and national origin. We strive for inclusion and diversity in achievement and sustained excellence through our research, training, and outreach, and actively seek to promote people underrepresented in psychology. Students of color, women, first generation students, and other underrepresented folks are strongly encouraged to apply to join the lab. (Social Perception and Intergroup Inequality Laboratory / Krosch Lab, November 2019)

No, it is not true that Krosch Lab “respects and values the full spectrum of human diversity”, because it’s clearly hostile towards Whites in its research and towards men in its recruitment. Does anyone look at that photo of “Krosch’s team” and think that the punims belong to sane, objective scholars who are conducting a disinterested search for truth? I hope not, because to me they don’t appear to be objective or truth-seeking at all. I don’t think their punims look particularly intelligent either, but that’s not surprising. This is psychology, after all, and all sensible observers knew long before the current “replication crisis” that large parts of psychology are a crock of shit. Krosch’s field of social psychology is at the heart of the crisis, but psychometrics is notably immune to it.

Exploiting, not understanding

I don’t know whether Ms Krosch’s paper is a crock of shit too, but it’s certainly a crock of Krosch. And she’s trying to tip it all over Whites. This is what Krosch Lab says about its scientific mission:

We aim to understand the persistent and wide-spread inequalities that exist between groups in America. We investigate social and economic factors that amplify discrimination, and the basic social-cognitive, perceptual, and emotional processes through which the goals and motivations of decision makers influence their behavior toward members of their own and other groups. (Social Perception and Intergroup Inequality Laboratory / Krosch Lab, home page, November 2019)

Again, I don’t think Krosch Lab aims “to understand the persistent and wide-spread inequalities that exist between groups in America.” I think it aims to exploit those “inequalities” by blaming them entirely on Whites. I also think that Krosch’s team is recruited, in Vox Day’s words, from “those who hate us, hate America, hate the West, and want to destroy everything that is good, beautiful, and true.”

How psychology works

Krosch’s team would never be able to invent a mind-alteration machine like the one described in Nineteen Eighty-Four, but I think they would be very happy to use one. I also think some of them would be very happy to use the pain-machine described in Nineteen Eighty-Four. I can read their psychology in the age-old way by looking at their faces. Amy Krosch, of course, prefers more up-to-date methods, using “scalp electrodes” to probe activity in the fusiform gyri and striatums of bad-thinking goyim.

Quiet White Cornell vs Vibrant Black-Enriched NYC

Well, let’s adapt Christ’s words and say: “Psychologist, probe thyself!” I think Amy Krosch is full of hostility towards Whites and probably towards Christians too, and that people like her oversaw and staffed the torture-chambers and murder-squads of communist regimes during the twentieth century (see Kevin MacDonald’s “Stalin’s Willing Executioners”). And I would be very interested to know what “scalp-electrodes” might reveal about her attitudes to Whites — and to Blacks too. A study comparing Jews, Blacks and Whites in their reactions to Jews, Blacks, and Whites would be most interesting — but of course, it will never be performed for several reasons, most notably, that Jews may well score quite differently from Whites, and in a not-so-flattering way.

For example, it’s interesting that Krosch says that part of “What most excites [her] about Cornell” is “living in a quiet and beautiful small town (especially salient after 10 years in NYC).” But New York City is much more racially diverse than the town of Ithaca, where Cornell is set and where the population is “84.14% White” but only “2.93% Black or African American.” If you compare New York’s ratio of “44% white (33.3% non-Hispanic white)” to “25.5% black,” you will see that Amy Krosch has followed Tim Wise, Michael Moore and countless other anti-White leftists who attack Whites while living in very White places.

After the porcine Stephen Daisley read my “hit-piece” against him in “Jeremy’s Jackboots,” he announced that “I’m not sure how their description of me as ‘a warm supporter of Muslims and free-speech-hating Muslim organizations like Tell MAMA’ squares with the line ‘he cares only about the welfare of Jews’.” Well, it’s quite simple. People like Daisley support whatever they think “is good for Jews.” And so they are warm supporters of mass migration by Muslims into White nations. But they would hate Pakistanis, Somalis and Moroccans to flood into Israel. And they would hate Tell MAMA to set up a big office in Tel Aviv. That wouldn’t be “good for Jews.” However, people like Daisley needn’t worry: none of that is going to happen. Israel is a sane (if highly corrupt) nation and doesn’t seek its own destruction. And it certainly doesn’t pay psychologists to demonize the Jewish majority. But White nations, in complete contrast, are presently seeking their own destruction and White nations do pay psychologists to demonize their White majorities.

The sickening souls of wicked Whites (again)

The possibly Jewish Amy Krosch is merely one example. The almost certainly Jewish Sheldon Solomon is another. He’s recently appeared in the Guardian explaining how Whites are driven by their “sheer existential dread” and “fear of death” to support Donald Trump and to oppose “[i]mmigrants, including those who practise different religions, such as Muslims and Jews.” Solomon’s research has revealed that “Christians” who were primed with thoughts of their own mortality “had more favourable impressions of other Christians and more negative impressions of Jews.”

The wise punim of Sheldon Solomon

Bad Christians! Blameless Jews! At least, that’s what Professor Solomon of Skidmore University wants you to think. I think he’s an anti-White propagandist, not a objective scientist. Many thousands of his academic colleagues are the same. But social psychology is merely one of many corrupt anti-White disciplines flourishing in Western universities. All the same, it’s one of the most disturbing anti-White disciplines. You should have no doubt: what Orwell described in Nineteen Eighty-Four is what people like Amy Krosch and Sheldon Solomon would like to do. And it’s what they will do if we allow them.

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  1. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Much as I like reading Mr. Langdon’s work I couldn’t finish the article. I’ll finished it later. But for now I’ve had enough.

    The “study” gratifiyingly confirms what they’ve already told us.

    “Whites Bad/Us Good! Ugh!”

    It’s also obvious they live in an irony-free world.

    Because the “study” attracts attention because of the “prestige” of the institution.

    And that prestige was there long before they showed up on the scene, let alone long before their hostile takeover.

    The implication being that her reputation, and her “study” of White evil, both deserve serious public attention and unquestioning approval because both emanate from a prestigious institution created by the very people the study is being used to convince the public to hate.

    This isn’t logic, this is paralogic, as in paralogism, ie; an unconscious violation of one’s own logic.

    Their “thinking” can be reduced to a bunch of strung together paralogisms.

    Again, this is why Schopenhauer said that nothing about Judaism can be confused with reason.

    When enough of this kind of “thinking”, or pretzel logic, infects the minds of an institution’s leaders, the full functioning of that institution becomes an impossibility.

    And this kind of thinking has contaminated our social-institutions – all of them.

    The only recourse left is force.

    But force is ultimately destablizing.

    This is why I continue to say that what we’re really witnessing is

    The Pyrrhic Victory of Jewish Supremacy Inc.

    JSI is good at social intrigue and sabotage.

    But they are not at all good at social-management.

    Maybe sensing this is why they’re currently engaged in a Fire Sale where everything must go, and with only one buyer – China.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      “Maybe sensing this is why they’re currently engaged in a Fire Sale where everything must go, and with only one buyer – China.”

      Perhaps there are 2 buyers as Netanyahu proclaimed to India: “We are making history together It is a marriage made in heaven, and we are implementing it on Earth.”
      The very same thing he said of China.

      Typical words of a sociopath who has inflicted catastrophic damage on a person and simply moves onto the next victim leaving all the debris in his wake. I don’t think the US will ever recover.
      God help them.

    • J. Eric Smith
      J. Eric Smith says:

      Yes, China is clearly the new tool to be prisonkeeper of the goy as the Muslims were created to destroy the Christian (much more research on the birth of Islam thru the Nazerenes is needed). They have settled their score with Russia and are ready to wreak their revenge on the American Republic that dared to stand up for humanity. America needs a white revolution, though many blacks would be onboard as well, I think. As Gerald Celente says: “A white supremacist nation doesn’t elect a black President”.

  2. SS
    SS says:

    As a person who scrutinizes the faces (and voices) of vloggers and e celebs looking for racial and ethnic clues, I find your article quite interesting.

  3. Michael Fury
    Michael Fury says:

    “In the academy. His psychologists,

    Critics, philosophers, apologists

    For every perversion of tradition

    And natural order took their mission

    Seriously, and from their campus

    They sent forth without compass

    A great wave of students intent

    On drowning the stricken Occident

    In chaos they learned to call progress.

    Marcuse gave them license to regress

    To beastial sex and mock the family,

    The cradle of self, as anomaly.

    His anthropologists professed the races

    Have no meaningful differences

    And so to prefer one’s own kin and kind

    Was evidence of a backward mind.”

  4. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    It would be very useful to analyze and understand why they exist, and that motivates anti-whites.
    According to Chinese General Sun Tzu (The Art of War) one of the main things is to know the enemy to know how to face and defeat him.
    Interesting Link on Human Intelligence ..

    • Chetley
      Chetley says:

      For this we have Prof. MacDonald, his trilogy and his new book on the nature and pathology of Western Man.

  5. Jack D.
    Jack D. says:

    Good article.

    At the risk of over simplifying world history I think it can be safely said that it’s always been a battle between the haves and have nots…..unhappy/ugly/fat/poor/loser/unintelligent people will always envy and even hate those who are happy/handsome/slim/wealthy/winning/smart people.

    As I look at that picture of those 6 women I have a feeling they may not have a real active social life – other than frequent “girls’ nights’ out”. Is their hatred of White males mainly due to failed heterosexual relationships?

    Up until about 10-15 years ago I was still recommending my two adult kids to consider going to college as a way of career enhancement but it’s become very clear that colleges have almost all become hotbeds of leftist`activism. Better to pursue a career in the trades or work/study programs at local/state colleges who seem to be not as (badly) affected as larger “name” schools.

  6. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    “He’s recently appeared in the Guardian explaining how Whites are driven by their “sheer existential dread” and “fear of death” to support Donald Trump and to oppose “[i]mmigrants, including those who practise different religions, such as Muslims and Jews.”

    And what if we were? What if there were no other issues, which there are, than the simple survival of our people in numbers large enough for safety and prosperity? So what? Would we be the first race to feel this way? The only race to feel this way? These leftists and jews suggest this stuff with this perpetual awe in their voices, like they’re shocked beyond words at the fact that white people also feel the tribal call to protect themselves and their territories. Yeah, we don’t want to go extinct. No one does. We don’t want our families threatened by hostile usurpers. We don’t want the specter of racial violence as a daily part of our lives. What part of that is so incredibly difficult for jews and the left to understand?

    • SS
      SS says:

      Yet, the Jews are the first ones to leap up and cry out that “It’s 1939 again!” and if whatever or whoever they don’t like is not stamped out, it will lead to someone trying to kill all the Jews.

  7. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    Jewish Sheldon Solomon recently appeared in the Guardian explaining how Whites are driven by their “sheer existential dread” and “fear of death” to support Donald Trump and to oppose “[i]immigrants, including those who practise different religions, such as Muslims and Jews.”

    After the US opened its doors to Jews and enabled them to become the richest ethnic group in the West. this is what we get in return. Jews are trying to break whites’ control over our countries while they insinuate themselves into the ranks of the coloreds. Jewish audacity and treachery is bottomless

  8. Eric
    Eric says:

    If a name starts with K and includes SCH, it is almost certainly a Jewish name. Solomon is definitely a Jewish name. As for psychology, it is mostly (not completely) a pseudo-science, along with other social “sciences.” Just reading Krosch’s report should indicate that to any intelligent person. You don’t even have to consider the purely speculative (we think that when the brain does X it means Y) and false “correlation = causation” (the brain did X, therefore Y) aspects of the study. The selection of the research topic itself shows bias. Bottom line: the social sciences mostly exist in order to disguise political activism as “science.” I would only make exceptions for subfields such as evolutionary psychology, ethnography and the sociology of knowledge.

    Yes, white people in America are paying Jews to demonize and destroy white people.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Hi Eric,

      I spend years in Europe and did translations of major popular Western thoughts and (thus), to say the least, know about names. Erick, they change their names. Eric, “vich and wicz” are common endings amongst Slavs. Many Zyds adopted such endings, when they sought to blend into society and become “Polonized.”. When they moved to Germany they changed their name endings to “Witz.”

      Ah, names. Mrs. Rewka Einstyn becomes Rosie Erving, while Mr. Meir Hanstyn becomes Morris Hanson. Just for kicks let’s just touch a couple of famous personalities. Erich, Maxim Litvinov, was one of the most famous Soviet Ambassadors to Washington. He was (also) Stalin’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. Erich, he was born to an opulent Jewish banking family in the Polish city of Bialystok. Erich, his birth name was Meir Henoch Wallach.

      For fun, if you have time, look at some of the birth names of those who were counseling Germanic and Slavic leaders (politicians). Yes, counseling them in both civic and cultural affairs. It’ll knock your socks off.

    • Oracle
      Oracle says:

      “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. “ Sun Tzu

      We have to concentrate more on the fact that our people and our civilization built the now usurped organization of the University. None of the usurpers understand why science, logic, truth are important. All of them believe the study of the ethnically determined concerns like Maimonides is as legitimate as the study of logic. All of them believe they can ‘decolonize’ the universal knowledge that happens to have been brought to the world by European men. That is where they are wrong and that is their very great weakness.

  9. bruno
    bruno says:

    Mr. Langdon:

    I just got up and commenced reading your article. I want to thank you. It was truly excellent. You deserve credit. I always use to discuss such pieces amongst friends in various countries and my take was that such intellectual pondering have to be considered as scholarly. In other words, often folks reiterate that they’ve only composed, say, 25 scholarly works. Well, that’s not true, cuz research, footnotes and knowledge has to be deemed of as part of the whole… This effort of your pen had plenty of substance. You are a brave fellow and I take my hat off to you. Our people require more of your kind.

    Pozdrawiam Cie i Sto Lat (I wish you good health and hope you live a 100 yrs.)

  10. tito perdue
    tito perdue says:

    Just imagine, sirs, that you were a white nationalist and suddenly your VISA card will no longer send money to sites deemed unacceptable by the company. Imagine you were an author (like me) and suddenly AMAZON will no longer offer your books for sale. That PayPal no longer will transmit payments to disapproved sites, that Twitter and FaceBook won’t accept your business, that your best friend has suddenly decided he can’t be a white nationalist any longer, (he needs his job), that National Review doesn’t want your subscription, that on-line newspapers will not print your comments however so courteous they may be. Imagine in short that you’ve been blacklisted.

    Try it! It’s the creepiest feeling in the world.

  11. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    Andrew Carnegie established the university that employs Krosch . The Carnegie Wiki bio shows many indicators that he was most likely a member of the ILLuminati. — the secret society within the secret society of Freemasons . Also , the Wiki article on Carnegie Mellon University shows many indicators that it is a major ILLuminati institution . A few of many salient ILLuminati indicators is the close ties to one of the most widely known of many ILLuminati capitols — Hollywood USA ; another is the top ranked ( thanks to Bill Gates ) CMU computer sciences school ; another is its top rank governmental affairs school ; another is its plush funding by the U.S. DoD . Just to name a few indicators .

    Carnegie became one of the wealthiest of men in the world . However , he ( as well as the vast majority of people worldwide ) apparantly subscribed to the delusion of attaining a permanent international peace . A part of the Wiki article on the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace __

    ” At the outset of America’s involvement in World War I in 1917, the Carnegie Endowment trustees unanimously declared, “the most effective means of promoting durable international peace is to prosecute the war against the Imperial Government of Germany to final victory for democracy.” In December 1918, Carnegie Endowment Secretary James Brown Scott and four other Endowment personnel, including James T. Shotwell, sailed with President Woodrow Wilson on the USS George Washington to join the peace talks in France.”

    An excerpt from the Wiki bio for Carnegie __

    ” The creation of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in 1910 was regarded as a milestone on the road to the ultimate goal of abolition of war.”

    There is a wellknown simple truism among virtually all combat veterans around the world that is asserted in a vulgar way to render the meaning unambiguously __

    Fighting for Peace is like Fucking for Chastity .

    Accordingly , the great wealth of Carnegie was no guarantee of ILLuminati wisdom on the matter of International Peace .

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Pueblos sin Fronteras, the group responsible for organizing migrant caravans to the United States, is funded by George Soros’s Open Societies Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Carnegie Foundation (the exact name of the latter escapes me). Henry Ford is probably spinning in his grave because of what his foundation has become. The oligarchs accomplish a lot of their mischief through non-profits, foundations and NGOs (non-governmental organizations), which often receive taxpayer funding. Corporations do their dirty work as well. Is it just a “cohen-cidence” that Facebook appeared right after the government decided to abandon a program that would have spied more extensively on Americans? The genius of Facebook is that people give out all their information voluntarily. As for censoring dissenting voices, the government need not do that if corporations take over the “public square” and do it for them.

  12. Pat Etheridge
    Pat Etheridge says:

    It’s the same old story. “They” promote notions of universalism that they don’t apply to themselves, and when they find others not subscribing to the tenets of this fraudulent universalism, they attack them with enthusiasm. In times of scarcity, all humans naturally retrench and reserve limited resources to those in their immediate group. The perceived sin is that whites still instinctively retrench into their own racial group in such situations, like everyone else. These “researchers” will not find whites blameless until any white sense of racial identity has been thoroughly amputated. We’re getting there, but these kinds of slime-dripping “studies” are intended to help things along faster.

    For those of us who have time, I would suggest seeking out publications containing the results of this “research,” in order to pose a few intelligent and contrary opinions in the comments sections. It is important to make dissent; it encourages other consumers of this intellectual bilge water to do likewise.

  13. Valkyrie
    Valkyrie says:

    Krosch is a probable jewess, by my estimation, although ‘Krosch’ is not a name exclusively used by jews.

    This fraud academic’s ‘wife’ is a jewess: Sarah Gunthe, until recently:

    “Dir of Partnerships @AstraeaUpdates – LGBTQI fund for racial, economic & gender justice globally.”

    As far back as 2013, this ‘Gunther’mongrel jewess was promoting her ‘wife’s’ Salon endorsed garbage:

    “In three experiments, “we found that conservatives were more likely than liberals to categorize a racially ambiguous person as black than white,” a research team led by New York University psychologist Amy Krosch writes in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.”

    The largely jewish owned and controlled MSM provides these individuals and their organisations and their subversive agenda-pushing ‘programs’ and NGOs a public platform (that is, of course, denied to opposition voices and views and information to the contrary).

    Clearly, this ‘academic’ has an AGENDA and has pursued that same agenda over a number of years.

    Note also, the ‘wife’, jewess Sarah Gunther

    (who identifies as ‘white’, when politically expedient)

    “Hey fellow white women, this is an excellent and important piece.

    former DIRECTOR at The Astraea Foundation – #LGBTQI foundation for racial, economic, social & gender justice globally

    The Astraea subversive org, which appears to be funded by a large number of jews, targets attacking Indigenous Europeans and Indigenous European interests as a rallying point for non-white and pervert coalition building, in the guise of:

    “activists who were rising up against white supremacy”

    This militant, subversive anti-White (anti Indigenous European) NGO, in operation since since the late 1970s, is engaged in ‘victimhood’ (proxy for jew interests and proxy for capitalists oligarchy interests agenda serving) coalition forming:

    “From our first cycle of grants in 1980, we’ve existed to retaliate and to expand the very spaces that (((white supremacy))), capitalism, xenophobia, economic injustice, and sexism seek to shutter”

    “Here in the United States, this hostility came to a head in November with the ushering in of a presidential administration intent on denying us––as (((queer people, as women, as migrants, as black and brown people)))––our right to exist free of persecution. ”

    This perverse front organisation, in which the Krosch lesbian is also involved per 2016 report, is engaged in aggressive subversive activities targeting 62 nations abroad:

    Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice

    “In 2016, we funded over $3.5 million in grants to 190 organizations in 62 countries. ”

    Eight year term former Executive Director, mischling jew lesbian J. Bob Alotta, referring to her background:

    “paternal and maternal lines of my family”

    “They are people who knew exile (both politically and self/economically imposed) They came from Russia, Iran, Georgia and Sicily. They were Jewish and Catholic and cantors and mystics both deeply religious and fervently atheist. ”

    The credentials of this anti Indigenous European, militant, subversive, largely jew-funded and jew lesbian attracting, coalition-building and global political and social co-opting, front organisation come into clear focus when once notes the partnership of this subversive NGO with USAID:

    “The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) recently announced its New Partnership to Promote LGBT Human Rights Abroad. Astraea is one of the organizations who will be involved with this ground breaking public-private partnership.”

    “As you noted, we’re partnering with USAID for this four-year program. The Partnership is very purposefully aligned with our work and mission. It is a partnership both Astraea and USAID took a lot of time to craft. ”

    This organisation, in my opinion, is not only a front for its jewish capitalists sponsors’ jew ethnic interests agenda and political interests furthering activities; it has also acted as an arm of US foreign policy agenda abroad and as a front for subversive US capitalist hegemony projection of INFLUENCE ABROAD.

    USAID’s operating expenses 2012 were $1.35 BILLION and program costs were $20.83 BILLION worth of federal government (representing capitalist interests) used to exert influence abroad and USAID has a history (and no doubt continuing association) with the CIA footsoldiers of oligarchic capitalists interests:


    “…1960s and early 1970s USAID has maintained “a close working relationship with the CIA, and Agency officers often operated abroad under USAID cover.”

    The J. Bob Alotta lesbian individual associated with the USAID partnered subversive lesbian NGO has now moved on to: Mozilla Foundation (of Firefox browser fame).

    What passes for Western ‘academia’ and utopia-hustling NGOs, that co-opt various non-White and non-mainstream interests in a coalition against Indigenous Europeans and their interests, are obviously frauds with an agenda – and agenda that also serves oligarchic capitalist imperialism seeking to divide and conquer both at home and abroad.

    • Valkyrie
      Valkyrie says:


      Got my lesbian jews at Astraea mixed up:

      Sarah Gunther
      Dir of Partnerships Astraea

      Thus references to ‘former’ and ‘until recently’, do not apply in her case.

      Minor spelling error: ‘Gunthe’

      Should read: Gunther

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      ““In three experiments, “we found that conservatives were more likely than liberals to categorize a racially ambiguous person as black than white,” a research team led by New York University psychologist Amy Krosch writes in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.””
      Back in the 80s, I knew a woman, who was doing rehabilitation counseling for insurance companies. She remarked once, that virtually every single time she dealt with a person of mixed race (White+something) the person self-identified as being of the non-White race. She said that she asked one light skinned half Black (Black father, White mother), why he identified as Black rather than White? His answer was a blank stare for about 5 seconds, then something to the effect of, because my father says I am.
      I started paying attention to the self-identification of those mixed race people I dealt with, and the result was the same. Many of those people were “racially ambiguous”. If they self identify as being Black, why would it be surprising that White people would identify them as Black. Even closer to home, my S-I-L’s friend is lily-White, her husband is a dark skinned Black. The husband and the kids push the “Black” kids narrative to the hilt. The wife/mother goes along, but doesn’t push it. For non-Whites, it’s always been about being “the other”.

  14. Dave Bowman
    Dave Bowman says:

    As a mature man who has always prided himself on being Masculine, I normally do my utmost in fairness to see the best in even the plainest or most strikingly-different female face (and body). At best, most of us are very imperfect – and, after all, hardly to blame for the genetics we have been (un)fortunate enough to inherit. So all things being equal, I would have taken the same view of the luckless and frighteningly…different… Amy Krosch, who makes the demon-child Greta Thunberg look as if she has a good chance of growing up reasonably appealing.

    BUT….for God’s sake… Even taking into account her more-or-less clear, pleasing skin, and (perhaps) kindly eyes (yet like Tobias Langdon I could see her all too readily in the NKVD torture-chambers), all you have to do is gaze (I couldn’t for too long) at that godawful, enormous, appalling plasticine nose. I actually feel as sorry for her as I would for anyone seriously and endlessly disadvantaged by a crippling illness or gross physical deformity – for that is what that shockingly huge, male-Semitic nose is. I would be prepared confidently to lay money that she had a teenage-hood of massive and heart-breaking private loneliness, with scarce male invitations to dates, no inkling of what happens or how to behave when a boy gets her alone – and no invitation or companion to the High School or Homecoming Ball, or any other normal, happy, socially-essential rite of passage in her most vulnerable and sensitive years.

    And so, after a teenage-hood of relationship frustration and sexual misery… she’s a lesbian. Yes, of course she is. And, by way of compensatory achievement for her disappointments, she’s a fraudulent academic to boot (“Assistant Professor” ? Really ? At her age ?)

    And she is also, beyond a shadow of doubt, as inescapably and irrevocably Jewish as Jonathan Sacks ( more properly, “Sachs”). She even has his nose.

  15. Susan
    Susan says:

    The father of social psychology was Kurt Lewin, a Prussian-born Zionist Jew who emigrated to the United States in 1932. He developed Group Dynamics at MIT and the National Education Association (NEA) affiliated National Training Labs. He wanted to change attitudes and simply reasoned that the fastest way to do that is by manipulating people in groups. One of his studies with schoolchildren showed “democratic” leadership was superior to “authoritarian” leadership, back in the heyday of the attack on “authoritarians.”

    To add to Jack D.’s comment on envy, I agree. My husband and I watch cheesy old horror or sci-fi movies late on Saturday nights, and I’m always impressed at the succession of beautiful, slender young actresses who appeared in those innumerable films. At the risk of provoking more antagonism, the white race has had beautiful females in abundance, and some races haven’t. Nobody likes to see other people that make them feel inferior.

  16. Noreen
    Noreen says:

    Social workers and therapists are in the trenches mopping up the results of liberal social policies for low pay. These leftist University dilitantes get paid quite well to practice bad science.

  17. vespasian
    vespasian says:

    There is no question that social psychology has been weaponized. Chrsitopher Simpson wrote a good read entitled Science of Coercion (1994) which is a must read. He charts the humble beginnings of the field through the OSS/CIA, then into the think tanks like Rand, and finally into the university system, all by the same (((people))). He then describes how much of these studies were classified and remain so to this day. If your really interested in big picture insights into the extent this nation has been under social-psychological attack, this book is a good start.

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