The ABC’s of the Alt-Right: A Guide for Students

Preamble:  As a long-time professor on a number of American campuses, I have seen how universities work from the inside.  And for years before that, as an undergrad and then graduate student, I have seen how student life develops and evolves, and how important it can be for shaping future views and attitudes.  Now is the time to bring together these diverse sets of experiences and offer some insight and advice for current university students who seek to get more out of college than merely a degree.

Let’s start with the politics of right and left.  There has long been a “liberal bias” on campus, but for many years it was relatively benign; it consisted primarily of an openness to new ideas, an escape from dogmatic religion, a willingness to challenge traditional power structures, and an ethical idealism—all good things.  A liberal was a forward-thinking individual, selfless and civic-minded, and a participant in the global community.  In short: an enlightened person.

But then sometime in the 1980s, things began to change.  Campuses stayed liberal while national politics went ‘conservative’—but it was a conservatism with a twist.  Beginning with the presidency of Ronald Reagan in 1981, American conservatives made some significant shifts in policy, as compared to their traditional views: (a) they became more militarily activist around the world, anxious to project American power and to “bring democracy” to others; (b) religion—in the form of fundamentalist Christianity—became more important to civic and social life; (c) complex ideological issues got reduced to simplistic black-and-white, “us or them” terminology; and (d) Jews supporting Reagan became increasingly prominent and influential.  These new tenets came to compose a new brand of conservatism: “neoconservatism,” or neocon, for short.

Liberal college professors and administrators were generally appalled at these developments, and reacted accordingly.  They became more liberal, and more militantly liberal.  They grew determined to tackle the problem at its roots: at the level of college-educated youth, who would henceforth become increasingly indoctrinated in the key concepts of liberalism:  intrinsic human equality, intrinsic equal rights, over-socialization, radical feminism, excessive pity for the underprivileged, and the corresponding determination to impose such values on all Americans, and indeed on the world.  Such ideas took certain concrete forms:  anti-racism; advocacy for minority and immigrant rights; an inordinate celebration of multiculturalism and multiracialism; denigration of White culture, ‘White privilege,’ and White European civilization; functionally anti-male policies; attacks on the nuclear family; gay rights; and defense of gender and sexual-orientation ‘flexibility.’  But the militant liberals had one thing in common with the hated neocons: a prominent Jewish presence.  Hence anti-Semitism began appearing on the right (mainly concerned about mass non-White immigration and socially conservative) and the left (mainly concerned about the U.S. Jewish community’s support for Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians).

Meanwhile, caught in the vice between neoconservatism and radical liberalism, traditional “old” (“paleo”) conservativism struggled for its very existence.  The most prominent advocate was probably Pat Buchanan, a former candidate for president who opposed much of the neocon agenda.  Buchanan and other paleocons argued for a strong form of nationalism, and generally opposed much of the globalist agenda of the neocons and liberals.  They also opposed military intervention around the world; argued for protectionist economic policies; defended core concepts of classic Western civilization; advocated for “states’ rights” policies (i.e., that individual states should have considerable authority to establish their own laws); supported traditional but not fundamentalist religion; and generally opposed gay and minority rights.  As a consequence, they also frequently came into conflict with Jews on both the neocon right and the liberal left; as such, they have often been slandered as anti-Semitic.

Through the 1990s and 2000s, up to the present, militant liberalism has only increased on college campuses—dramatically so, with the election of Donald Trump in late 2016.  In that election, radical liberals were convinced that “their man”—Hillary Clinton—would win.  Bill Clinton was good, Obama was better, but Hillary was going to be the best.  Feminists were elated that they were finally getting a woman president: one who was ultra-liberal, pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, pro-immigration, anti-racist, pro-big-government, and more than willing to project US military power around the world to enforce these “enlightened” values.  They could scarcely contain their champagne corks.

But it didn’t turn out that way.  With Trump’s upset victory, many academic liberals ‘snapped.’  They were in shock and denial.  They simply couldn’t believe that a “misogynistic racist” could have won the presidency, especially over their beloved Hillary.  So they redoubled their efforts.  They vowed to drive out all remnants of conservative thinking; to harass any faculty that failed to demonstrate fealty to radical leftism; to hire only the most militant—preferably female, preferably of color—faculty; and to punish right-leaning students.  They created “safe spaces” for fragile egos.  They condemned “hate speech” and instituted “speech codes.”  They hired yet more “diversity officers” and promised to step up efforts to cater to any offended minorities or protected classes of individuals.  Everyone, it now seems, had their protectors and defenders—everyone except White males.

Enter the alt-right, otherwise known as the dissident right.  In one sense, it is the natural outgrowth of paleo-conservatism: a kind of return to classical ideas of nationalism and political self-sufficiency.  But it adds new angles as well:  an emphasis on biological realism, in which evolution and genetics are seen as strongly influential in determining human characteristics; an explicit defense of White interests and White European civilization; and an explicit and active critique of Jews and Judeocentric policies.  And indeed, these can be seen as the three main pillars of the alt-right:

(1) Biology is destiny,

(2) Whites and White culture deserve to be protected and defended, and

(3) Jews pose an overriding threat to White interests. 

(Jews, incidentally, like all Latinos, are not White—not in any relevant sense given genetic differences and, more importantly, their lack of identifying with White European civilization.)  Among the wide-ranging dissident right, we see additional points of concern and variations on these themes, but in general, we can roughly define the alt-right movement as centered on these three concepts.  The first, on biology, is proven more and more true by the day; new studies repeatedly show that, to a very large degree, biology and genetics determine what we loosely call ‘human nature,’ and that these phenomena have a corresponding effect on society and culture.  The second is straightforward and obvious:  if Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, and so on each have a right to their cultures and ethnic integrity, so do Whites.  The third becomes clear whenever one takes a look at the objective data regarding Jewish presence and Jewish influence in academia, government, media, Hollywood, and high tech.  Jews are massively over-represented in all these fields, and constitute a force in themselves; with their highly-effective ingroup strategy, they manage to reinforce their own wealth and power.  In fact, this becomes their overriding priority: an increase in Jewish wealth and power.

A Brief Manifesto.  The dissident right, then, advocates for White culture and White interests, and does so in a way that is aligned with science, history, and rationality.  When it veers into the realm of politics, it effectively becomes a form of White nationalism:  the idea that Whites should be self-governing and self-determining, and that, like all ethnicities, they have a fundamental right to do so.  As with ‘alt-right,’ there are varying definitions in the literature.  But there seems to be a broad consensus that White nationalism accords with the following ideas:

  • The White race is of inherent value to humanity, has created the lion’s share of Western civilization, science, and technology which have benefited all peoples; the White race therefore deserves protection and defense.
  • Whites globally are under threat, due to (a) declining numbers, (b) declining physical, mental, and moral health, and (c) loss of political autonomy and self-government.
  • Some of the threats are sociological, economic, or environmental in nature, but others arise from deliberate and intentional actions by anti-White parties.
  • The global Jewish lobby has an intrinsic interest in seeing a general decline in White well-being and a loss in White political power. They and their non-Jewish supporters pose the primary direct threat.
  • Racial and cultural diversity has a net negative effect on human societies.
  • All humans are, by nature, best suited to live in social and environmental settings from which they evolved—societies that are broadly racially homogeneous and monocultural. Humans have little or no evolutionary experience living with diverse races or ethnicities, and doing so causes inevitable problems.
  • From the early Industrial Revolution, modern society has enabled the mass movement of people from indigenous to foreign lands. Left to their own initiative, people will always attempt to move from ‘worse’ to ‘better’ societies, but if this happens en masse, it will contribute to the decay of the very societies that they seek out.  Such movement must therefore be stopped.
  • The only long-term solution for many present-day problems is to restore human society to its natural and original conditions—racially homogeneous and monocultural, broadly speaking. This entails political separation and/or repatriation of minority peoples to their native lands.
  • The above goal can only be achieved, in the present world, by confronting and undermining Jewish power.

These are eminently practical and realistic issues.  Nothing here entails violence, hatred, misogyny, or other such evils.  These are simple statements of fact; and they lay out a roadmap for any White society that hopes to survive and flourish in the long run.

How to Organize.  I now shift my focus to you, the student reader, and your efforts to make a positive impact on this troubled world.  So much of college life is pointless or trivial, but you now have an opportunity to create a truly transformative college experience.  In a very real sense, the future of our society lies in your hands.  You can act now, to make a real difference.

Here are some key points to keep mind, and some specific suggestions on how to move forward.  Readings cited here are included in the list at the end of this essay.

  • You have more power than you think. In a university, you are the paying customer.  Your tuition money pays a large share of your professors’ and administrators’ salaries.  Let them know that.  You are the future, they are the status quo.  You have ethics and high principles; they are just trying to keep their jobs.  Even a very small group, intelligently run, can have a huge impact.
  • Know your rights. You have the right to speak up and make yourself heard.  As long as you stay within the broad rules of the university, they can’t punish you.  Don’t let faculty or staff intimidate you.  It’s like dealing with a spider or mouse:  they are more afraid of you than you should be of them.  Be assertive but not obnoxious.
  • Organize. Create a student group or club that explicitly advocates for alt-right views.  Pick a good name.  It can be relatively innocuous, like “Campus Republicans” or “Campus Conservatives,” or it can be more confrontational: “The New Right,” “Dissident Conservatives,” “White and Right,” and so on.  Be creative.
  • Have concrete goals. Your group should, at a minimum, hold regular meetings.  Simply talking through things among yourselves and sharing ideas has value.  But you will likely want to do more:  bring in speakers; hold debates; organize panel discussions; “table” your group in a visible spot on campus; do fundraisers; write for your student newspaper.  Visibility and success breed more success.
  • Don’t let egos get in the way. This is not about who is president, or who has key roles.  It’s about the ideas and the mission:  to develop and communicate alt-right ideas on campus.  Leaders need to be self-confident, but if it becomes more about self-glorification, time to get another leader.
  • Plan for the future. There is constant turnover in student groups; some people lose interest, some graduate, some have personal issues, others just get too busy.  To sustain and build membership, you need to be constantly planning ahead.  Get to the younger students and recruit them.  They’re not “just freshman”; your group needs them, and every new class presents new opportunities.  Also, plan for post-graduation.  You need to sustain activity after you move on to your career.  This again presents new opportunities for action.  Stay in touch with fellow grads—and not just on-line.  Meet face-to-face.
  • Don’t make it a “guy’s club.” Alt-right groups tend to be heavily male.  Acknowledge this, accept it, but be welcoming to female participation.  As long as they buy into the main principles cited above, there is no reason not to welcome women.  You want members—and they represent half (actually, considerably more than half) of your student population.  Be respectful, and allow them full participation.  Listen to their ideas; they know better how to reach other women than you do as males.  They are smart and motivated.  They have as much equity in the future as you do.  Women are also good networkers, and may make connections that the guys tend to overlook. And besides, most all of us want partners in life, and this is a great chance for both genders to meet like-minded friends.
  • Have high standards. Try to avoid crude polemics, name-calling, dirty tricks.  Be mature.  You are a role model; try to act like one.  Intelligent commentary and well-organized events are much more effective than some graffiti sprayed on a dorm wall.
  • Be knowledgeable, be smart. There is much to learn about alt-right and dissident ideas.  Take the time to study, like a serious and intelligent person.  And not only online blogs, and not just Youtube videos.  Get actual books and read them.  The list below offers several good sources to start with.  And then be a good detective: follow up on interesting leads, hunt for clues.  Learn how to sift out the bullshitters and the nonsense.  There is a lot of bogus information out there, especially on the Internet; some of it is there to deliberately mislead you.  Be skeptical, and do background research.
  • Stay agnostic on religion. Conservatives tend to be more religious than average, and so you may well attract religious people.  Accept them, but don’t let theology rule the discussion.  Keep religious ideas safely to the side.  Be particularly wary of fundamentalists, who tend to be too irrational to be much good.  The same holds for so-called Christian Zionists.  Beyond this, there are good reasons to believe that Jesus, for example, is a Jewish construction, and serves Jewish purposes (read Nietzsche).  And in truth, all Christians (and all Muslims) worship the Jewish God, albeit with a different name.  In sum, best to let that dog lie.
  • Get political (1). Yours’ is a movement of major political importance.  You need to acknowledge this, and engage in political debates.  There are many local, regional, and national policy implications for the dissident right.  Engage at every level.  Make well-reasoned recommendations, and defend them against critics.
  • Get political (2). There are good reasons to think that the situation may be hopeless at the national level; the corruption may simply be too deep to be redeemed.  Rather than ‘fixing’ Washington, we may need to abandon it.  Consider a strong “states’ rights” position, even to the point of secession.  In a practical sense, White nationalism may only be realized in smaller political units than that of the monstrous, multiracial mish-mash of an American nation.  Start by reading Kohr.
  • Know your opponents. As an alt-righter, your main opponents are non-Whites, Jews, and liberal Whites (among both students and faculty).  Even some mainstream Republicans may oppose you.  Learn how they think, and what their ‘hot button’ issues are.  A calculated incitement of your opponent can be very useful.  Non-Whites, for example, typically get excited by talk of limiting immigration or of mass deportations of illegal aliens.  Jews get excited by talk of boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) against the state of Israel.  They also hate when prominent Jews are outed.  And they hate when someone questions the highly-dubious Holocaust story—see sources below.  Don’t be afraid to use these issues to your advantage.
  • Name names (1). In other words, be specific and detailed in your critiques.  Use facts, and check your facts.  Instead of saying “the Jews in the Sociology department are complaining about us…” say “Jewish faculty like Bob Greenberg and Joel Baumgarten in Sociology are complaining…”  Instead of railing against “media Jews,” rail against “Jewish media execs like Noah Oppenheim and Andrew Lack at NBC.”  Specificity shows that you know what you are talking about.
  • Name names (2). Here’s an interesting project:  Conduct your own ‘faculty diversity survey,’ to determine rough numbers of Whites, non-Whites, and Jews.  They are certainly pro-diversity, so they can hardly object.  Note:  you are looking for Jews as an ethnicity, not a religion (‘Jew’ can be either).  Print up a simple survey with a few specific categories:  White (non-Hispanic, non-Jewish), black, Asian, Jewish, Hispanic/Latino, mixed/other.  Responses will be very instructive.
  • Watch out for moles. Any moderately visible or successful group will very quickly attract attention, from both friends and enemies.  A well-worn tactic of the other side is to infiltrate successful groups and manipulate them from within—ideally, even take on leadership roles.  It is amazing how many Jews, for example, have taken positions of influence within nominally alt-right or dissident right groups; think of Andrew Breitbart, Larry Solov, Milo Yiannopolous, Alex Marlow, Ben Shapiro, and Joel Pollack, all associated with Breitbart News; or Stephen Miller, the alleged “White nationalist” in the Trump administration; or Michael Savage; or Matt Drudge.  Know your members, and look for signs of less-than-honest opinions. If Jews are admitted to the group, they must acknowledge the role of Jews in our current malaise.
  • Watch out for spies. In line with above, successful groups often attract quiet members who are just “taking notes”—and perhaps reporting out.  There’s not much you can do about this, but be aware that someone in your group may be looking for dirt.  Keep things above-board, and don’t give them anything to report.
  • Don’t demonize the masses. In general, it’s not good strategy to refer to your fellow students as idiots, morons, dupes, etc.  For the most part, you need them.  You are trying to win them over—even if they are idiots or dupes.  Educate them.  Be patient.  Be tolerant.  Figure out what is stopping them from accepting the truth, and slowly bring them around.
  • Insults are a badge of honor. Don’t take it personally when your enemies start calling you names.  In fact, welcome it; it’s a sign that you are succeeding.  And have no doubt, they will call you every name in the book: Nazi, racist, bigot, fascist, anti-Semite, Klansman, White supremacist, and so on.  Show poise; just let it roll off your back.  Point out that they don’t really know what they are talking about; most of them cannot even define ‘Nazi’, or ‘bigot,’ or ‘fascism,’ etc.  Be smarter than them, and use your knowledge to upstage them.  Show them to be the fools that they are.
  • Learn about the real Nazis. Since it’s inevitable that you will be called this, you might as well learn something.  ‘Nazi’ is short for National Socialist, and there is nothing inherently evil about either nationalism or socialism.  Adolf Hitler was arguably the first major alt-righter of the twentieth century.  He spent his youth in a social environment not so different from our own.  As a young man, he faced many of the same problems that we do.  His story is instructive; see the list below for some good sources.
  • Stay healthy in body and mind. Again, be a role model.  Be better than the average slacker.  Watch your weight, and stay in shape.  Work out.  Get strong.  Cut down on meat, sugar, and junk food.  Avoid recreational drugs and heavy drinking—these things can destroy your focus and motivation.  Avoid mindless Internet surfing, and stupid TV reruns, and moronic Hollywood trash.  Get the airpods out of your ears, shut off the insidious Black rap “music,” cut down on texting and Instagramming.  You have a mission in life, and you need all your faculties to succeed.  Jews and liberals would like nothing more than for you to spend nights smoking pot and binge-watching their garbage on your laptop or phone.  Don’t give in to them.
  • Don’t get sucked into the technology. Along the same line as above, be very cautious about getting sucked into technology day and night.  Excessive gaming, Internet addiction, on-line porn, too much social media…these things pose real psychological and physical risks to your wellbeing—seriously.  Keep them all to a bare minimum.  And then get informed on the many risks of high-tech (read Kaczynski, for starters).
  • Be visible. Take some time to get organized, but once you are up and running, get the word out.  Put articles or ads in the school newspaper.  Post flyers around campus, or leave them loose on desks in random classrooms.  Scribble messages on blackboards/Whiteboards.  Go on the school radio.  Talk to local media.
  • Don’t get too stuck on ideological labels. ‘Right’ and ‘left,’ like ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative,’ are vague terms, and arguably are more harmful than helpful.  In reality, they don’t allow for much subtlety of definition.  Yes, you are alt-right, but don’t hang everything on this one label.  Many liberals have some conservative opinions, and many alt-righters hold some traditionally liberal views.  This is not a major problem, and don’t be pushing ideological purity tests on anyone.  Views shift over time, especially for college students.  Any student who thinks he has it all figured out has a lot to learn.  It’s not a weakness to change your opinions—it’s a sign of growth.
  • Don’t be “woke.” ‘Woke’ is one of those truly stupid labels that you should avoid.  It comes from Black slang (appropriately), and refers to a heighted sensitivity to racism, black interests, oppressed minorities—in other words, all those traditional leftist views.  It represents political-correctness run amok.  What you do want is people to “awake”—wake up to the false and distorted reality they have been living in.  But that’s entirely different.
  • Be persistent, take notes, follow up. This is just good organizational technique.  Write things down, because everyone forgets.  Get people to commit to tasks, and hold them accountable.  Acknowledge and reward those who follow through and get results.  It’s a long war, and nothing of value is won overnight.  Pace yourselves.  Don’t burn out.  Be in it for the long haul.
  • Use publicity to your advantage. Universities hate two things:  money problems and bad press.  Your group is a constant threat for the latter.  This is one of your few pieces of leverage over them.  Use it appropriately.  If you are succeeding, get the word out, not only on campus but among the public at large.  If you are under attack, publicize the implicit assault on your rights of free speech and association.
  • If they disband your group, go underground. An effective group will get attention, and a really effective group will get a lot of attention.  At some point, they—the university bureaucracy—may well concoct some reason to shut you down, even if you’ve broken no rules.  If they do this, publicize how unjustified they are.  Let your fellow students know that free speech and free expression are not welcome on your campus.  Then go underground.  Most universities are public institutions, and they cannot forbid your group from meeting—they can only withhold funding and institutional support.  If that happens, so be it.  Meet in the library, in the student union, or at a local café.  They can’t stop you from posting flyers, doing stuff on-line, renting small spaces, organizing events.  This can even have its advantages; underground groups have a lot more freedom than ones reliant on university funding.  Put this to good use.
  • Stay in touch, and network. Work with other student groups and other campuses, where possible.  Build alliances where you can.
  • Document your work. Write, publish blogs or hardcopy essays.  If you’re up to it, publish a small book (we can help you).  Keep track of successes and failures.  We all can learn from each other, and we should try to avoid repeating each other’s mistakes.  You are working not just for the present, but for the future.  Those to come will benefit from your hard work.
  • Speak the truth. Sometimes these days, just saying the truth out loud is a revolutionary act, one that calls for real courage.  The truth is on your side.  Be strong, be confident, and speak the truth.

This last point bears repeating:  You have justice and truth on your side.  Your cause is just.  You have the weight of history behind you.  Many great thinkers of the past and present stand at your side, ready to help.  Don’t give up, don’t apologize, don’t surrender.

There are people around who can help with questions, problems, or advice.  The TOO editor is available ( and I can assist as well (  We both know how to get articles and books published, if interested.  Don’t hesitate to reach out.  Good luck; we’re counting on you.

Suggested readings:

Dalton, T.  2015.  Debating the Holocaust (3rd ed.).  Castle Hill.

Dalton, T.  2016.  The Holocaust: An Introduction.  Castle Hill.

Dalton, T.  2019.  The Jewish Hand in the World Wars.  Castle Hill.

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Suggested websites:

50 replies
  1. PaleoSam
    PaleoSam says:

    While recommending that students be “agnostic on religion” one can’t help but note that Dr. Dalton throws in a few unnecessary swipes at Christianity — which is still the religion for the vast majority of white people. That’s a quick way to alienate them. Practice what you preach, Dr. Dalton.

  2. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    (Jews, incidentally, like all Latinos, are not White—not in any relevant sense given genetic differences and, more importantly, their lack of identifying with White European civilization.)

    Well intentioned, but not reflective of Reality. “White” Latinos are South Americans (strangely Brazilians are excluded) who are genetically pure European stock and “middle class, educated” from south of the border. They only differ-and have much more racialist consciousness than the average “White” European, Northern Hemisphere lukewarm racial stalwartness. Maintaining their bloodlines is overarching, just as living in de facto segregated neighbors in their home country. “Latinos” and “Hispanics”, as terms of description are abominable for precision. My wife-naturalized and nationalized Brazilian- and I refer to them as mulattoes or mestizos. That is precise and factual.

    See, South Florida is the fishtanks for all varieties. Many Cubans of pure European ancestry make a special point of division from any other Cubans of “mixed” heritage. There are a LOT of very smart and prosperous Cubans in S. F. Don’t make the mistake of even inferring that they are less than fully White. They tend to be 1950s-ish traditional and over-achievers. If only more of us were adamant and firm about our progenitors and descendants!

    The Cubans I’ve met are fiercely proud of their heritage. They are also vigilant regarding genetic quality of prospective brides and grooms of their children. First, is respect and full acceptance of their culture heritage. Second, is the individual. Must come from a “good” family, be traditional, and eager to produce grandchildren. And must be a “producer”. The Governor of Florida is a Cuban descendent.

    Interestingly, most upscale Euro-Cubans are accepting of Northeast Asians, of they are compatible, smart, and respectful of Cuban heritage. Like I have said-here and other places-genetic and phenotype quality is what counts. Such unions produce quality offspring-in all respects-and function easily and completely as “Whites”. And, like I have said to many of limited cognitive ability or irrational prejudice, almost all Eastern Europeans (Slavs, Hungarians, Poles, etc) are part Asiatic, Mongol, Tatars etc, etc. Since relations and friends of ours have married Asians and produced high quality children with complete consciousness of their resident culture and milieu, there is no argument to be made against this. Only genetic quality, phenotype, fidelity, intelligence and right side of the mean matters. Or normative at least for the particular family’s average IQ.

    Would any parents not be happy if their son brought such a woman home?

  3. Wael Ahmad"
    Wael Ahmad" says:

    In one point (which is the most important), I fully agree with Dr. Thomas Dalton, and that is the grave danger that’s the Jewish powers poses, not only to white race, but the whole of humanity that’s outside the ” chosen people”, we are all goyim in their eyes, nothing make so much difference between us for them, not religions, not races, not cultures, not IQ levels, not anything makes a difference, to them, we’re all targets for their penetration, control, and enslavement, whether we are conservative, liberals, religious or atheists, in their minds, we are a cattle of gentiles.

    From this primary point, I find myself in disagreement with Dr.Dalton with regard to the relevance of the other points in his article, regarding the racial harmony of a given society, it’s characteristics and purity, and how each community should be kept mostly homogeneous etc. because I think that it’s not the right time to discuss these matters, in front of the much greater dangers that are facing us by the Jews, and we should all unite to defeat it, and any kind of such divisions and quarrels are only beneficial to Jews.

    And in my opinion, in times of peace and equality, cultures and races interactions and exchanging are very enriching and pleasing to the souls, nobody can claim that western classical music belongs to the white race only, because it’s a humanity achievement, and all humanity enjoys it, the same applies to Jazz music, and all types of art, architecture, science and literature belong to the human race.

    Let’s concentrate on the common enemy of humanity first, and after we are free of it’s chains and clutches, I think that all minor problems and conflicts can be solved quickly and easily.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      “we’re all targets for their penetration, control, and enslavement, whether we are conservative, liberals, religious or atheists, in their minds, we are a cattle of gentiles.”
      Excellent point. You are either Jewish – or you are not. Simple.

      • SS
        SS says:

        If you think “Saving the Jews” is a very important American value and anti-semitism is huge problem, you are their cattle.

  4. Richard McCulloch
    Richard McCulloch says:

    Excellent advice for college activists.

    The prevailing anti-White bias goes back before the 1980s. My experience in the early 1970s fits everything described here. It has just become ever more extreme as Jewish and non-White presence and power increases.

    To put cause and effect in proper order, the extremism we see now long predated the election of Trump and is a reaction to Trump only in the sense that it has become even more manic to the point that they are pushing too hard and too fast without concern for the costs. They seem to have lost touch with reality in overestimating their power and misjudging the temper of the still majority White electorate, which will hopefully prove to be a huge mistake.

    The election of Trump was to a very large extent a reaction to this increasingly obvious anti-White extremism, especially as it intensified during the Obama era. Increasing racial polarization and White radicalization, exemplified by the growth of on-line White activism, were already well underway before Trump came down that escalator.

  5. John Carter
    John Carter says:

    All good stuff, right up to:

    “Cut down on meat, sugar, and junk food.”

    Lumping meat into the same category as HFCS and processed corn products is grossly inaccurate vegan propaganda. To the contrary, young men should eat meat as often as possible – ideally with every meal. Red meat in particular is nutritionally superior to almost every other food.

    The idea that meat is bad for you and should be minimized for health and environmental reasons is just a Jewish psyop meant to weaken White men. We need warriors, not scrawny hindus.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      ” Red meat in particular is nutritionally superior to almost every other food.”

      In small amounts or consumed only on occasion. Over time, regular consumption of any kind of flesh food in anything but tiny quantities creates an overwhelming desire for every type of sugar and alcohol (liquid sugar) you can think of. Pure protein and fat VS pure carbohydrate. This is not rocket science but a simple matter of balance. I know people trying to follow low-carb, high meat & fat diets. In time, they developed desires for chocolate, beer, etc. that they were ready to kill for.

      A heavy meat diet is eventually as stressful on mind & body as a life filled with endless, ongoing severe difficulties and unhappiness, requiring something with a loosening quality. Sugar/booze fills the bill. Or some kind of drug – weed will help you out, though over time it makes you irreversibly stupid.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        As Aristotle might have said, eat and drink what your body tells you it wants to eat and drink — but in moderation.

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          @Eric. That sounds good to me, but in this day and age, people think they want to eat and drink substances that try to pass as “food”; and they think they want these foods (constant cravings) because they are hormonally messed up and they are probably that way because they are toxic and/or deficient; and they are toxic because we are all stuck in a world that is poisonous in every way (not excluding living among enemies).

          Anyone under the age of, say, 60, has received dangerous “benefits” compliments of the medical industry and the results don’t necessarily show up right away. And so on and so forth.

          So, we have to study nutrition and health and figure out what is right for each of us. First thing to learn: dispense with the idea that good health is due to diet and diet alone. This may have been true at one time (like Aristotle’s) but not any more.

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      These are a good point-of-departure for reconsidering how one nourishes one’s self.
      “ALMOST every supplement tested was not significantly linked to longevity or heart health. In fact, some supplements (calcium plus vitamin D supplements in particular) could increase stroke risk, according to the study… There were just two exceptions: folate [in fruit and vegetables] and fish oil. [Redirected to the source article from the aggregator, MEDSCAPE]

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        Re calcium supplementation. They say that calcium with or without Vit D is indeed problematical – unless you take Vitamin K-2 (MK-7 version). You know, just to complicate things. K-2 purportedly sends calcium away from the heart, arteries, etc. where you don’t want it to be – and toward the areas that really need it (bones). Just passin’ it along.

    • Paleo Carnivore
      Paleo Carnivore says:

      Yes, I came to the comments with the same criticism!

      Putting meat and sugar in the same category is, I’m sorry, idiotic!

      Eat meat, White boys! Eat it rare as you can tolerate! Also eat liver and other organs! The most nutritious food available.

      Turn the (((food pyramid))) upside down, basically!

      Get raw milk, cheese and butter if you can.

      Forget about grains and treat vegetables as ‘augmentation’ for your real food.

      Also Ignore ‘Barking mad’ completely in this instance.

  6. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    I begin with a medley. “…And the two shall become one…” Then, two, four, eight, who do you really hate?! I don’t give a damn, eat it raw, Sam-I-AM!

    Ever since the First Spermatozoon penetrated the First Ovum – both with origins unknown and|or disputed, thus their “biology” still not accounted for – divisions among peoples of color (“hue-mans”) have arisen and persisted over matters large and small. The larger the body politic, the more numerous and diverse its members, the greater the opportunity for what I shall term dialecticalization (syllables numbering eight, two to the third power). So, we have a presumed unity of Beginning obscured by clouds with no silver lining whatsoever. Nonetheless, mystery teachings, a cosmic joke if not an oxymoron, do agree that ONE comes TWO through THREE.

    Cutting to the chase, I note that US political predilection has long manifested as a TWO-party system, with emphasis on the unitary notion of SYSTEM. The petty pace measured by pendulous, two-edged swords serving Time trace back and forth in cycles measured in “calendar years”. Today, some better briefed and more knowledgeable than I describe a squaring-off between NeoCON and NeoLIE. We can look in History’s rearview mirror to view political parties divide, though usually just one at a time to ensure the “other side’s” victory.

    Once upon a time, as an adolescent aged 17 years, I campaigned for Barry Goldwater. I quickly grokked liberal and conservative Republicans and liberal and conservative Democrats, four “parties” in all. As “my side” got 25% of the vote, you can deduce which went for LBJ. Four years before, I, then even more naive, took my briefcase to Catholic school displaying a Nixon-Agnew sticker. I took home a briefcase defaced, mutilated by classmates whose parents, unlike mine, rooted for JFK. Catholic Republicans and Democrats divided from Protestant Republicans and Democrats, respectively, four “parties” from two. Mayor Daly no doubt rescued the Democrats’ bacon from very effective, divisive fires that election year!

    Respectfully, I contend that the “Alt-Right” is no more than “CONtrolled opposition”, a dialectic to split a body politic along such fault lines as listed by Dr. Dalton. For example, I agree with some who have identified the “Daily Stormer” ( as a “fake front”, and not as a conduit of or even for thoughtful, right-minded conservatives. The shattering of any and all hitherto unified bodies within the larger US body politic appears the aim of those who would divide by deception to dismantle and to conquer.

    Here I shall add what seems to me very obvious, though readers of this comment might label this idea delusional: Anti-Semitism and Anti-anti-Semitism comprise yet another dueling, grueling dualistic step needed to evolve (!) destructive politics designed to strip and take down threadbare remnants of America – once a CONfederation of sovereign states prior to the so-called “Civil War”, another oxymoron and big lie. I shall offer the opinion that “Jew vs. Goy” re-presents just another battle front – though persistent! – in the long-standing, pervasive War Against Humanity as a whole.

  7. Sutter
    Sutter says:

    Are you advocating for Holocaust denialism? This probably should not be a thing for white-positive folks.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      The Holocaust either happened the way we are told it happened or it didn’t.

      If it didn’t, then people should know about that.

    • Ludwig
      Ludwig says:

      December 8, 2019 at 5:52 pm
      Are you advocating for Holocaust denialism? This probably should not be a thing for white-positive folks.
      In my opinion you’re mistaken.

      That “scared cow” , or should I say, “dragon”, needs to be slain for good!

    • Eagle and Bear
      Eagle and Bear says:

      Do you believe 6 million jews were systematically exterminated. Do you believe that jews were turned into soap and lampshades? Do you believe that jews were masturbated to death?

      (I could go on)

      If you do, you are a fool!

  8. Eric
    Eric says:

    I agree with being neutral on religion. You don’t need religion in order to defend white nationalism. But steeping yourself in Nietzsche is NOT “being neutral on religion.” And it is bound to alienate the majority of Americans who still consider themselves Christian. Not all Christians believe that their God is Jewish. On the contrary. But enough on that subject.

    As for the name of the group, why not cut to the chase and use “Campus White Nationalists”. If people object to that as racist, just point to the different identity-based groups on campus — women’s groups, gay groups, black groups, Latino groups and Asian groups. If people object that white nationalism is exclusionary — which, frankly, it is — say that it is no more exclusionary than the campus football team or basketball team.

    To prevent massive infiltration (since you probably wouldn’t be allowed to exclude any student who wanted to attend), establish a rule that no decision (by vote or otherwise) can be contrary to the principles of white nationalism, with said principles to be set out in an explicit document.

    For example, the following principles: 1) The creation of a homeland for white people of European Christian heritage; 2) We stand on the side of Palestinians — many of whom are Christian — against the State of Israel; 3) We support only white immigration to the United States.

    Students should be offered a list of principles — which they can use, discard or amend — from those of us who have been involved in this for a long time. Of course, that means that we elders would have to agree on a set of principles. I’m not sure that is possible.

    I would say that the author underestimates the amount of resistance that a White Nationalist group would receive on campus. People would be doxed, Antifa would probably show up and be violent, professors would give bad grades to students they found out were in the group, etc.

    To avoid some of this backlash, the following steps might be necessary: 1) Don’t be an official student group; meet off campus; 2) “no names please”: attendees would be advised not to use their real names; 3) all meetings would be filmed and anyone who attended would be given a photo-identity card. That way, if an infiltrator wanted to dox someone by publishing his photo online, he could be retaliated against by publishing his photo online. Then it’s just a matter of “he said – she said”. The address of the organization should be a P.O. box or P.M.B. (private mailbox).

    How would public interactions on campus take place? If Antifa can wear black face masks, then White Nationalists should be able to wear white face masks. A simple newsletter, flyers, and small posters can be spread around campus. Use the great memes that are already out there, and invent some new ones.

    Those members who “want to go public” can do so. For example, by hosting and participating in debates, inviting speakers (a sympathetic off-campus venue would have to be found — not easy), appearing on the campus radio station and television station, etc.

    As for readings, I would add “The Dispossessed Majority” by Wilmot Robertson; “The Great Holocaust Trial” by Michael Hoffman; “Planet Rothschild, vols. 1 and 2” by M.S. King; “Hellstorm” by Thomas Goodrich; “You Gentiles” by Maurice Samuel; “Jews Must Live” by Samuel Roth; “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” by Israel Shahak; “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed; “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by E. Michael Jones; “Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star” by Texe Marrs; “How Britain Initiated Both World Wars” by Nick Kollerstrom; “Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War” by Docherty and Macgregor; “Cultural Insurrections” and “Individualism in Western Civilization” by Kevin MacDonald; “White Identity” by Jared Taylor, “Twilight Over England” by William Joyce, books about 9/11 by Christopher Bollyn, “White Power” by George Lincoln Rockwell, and Menasseh ben Israel’s petition to Oliver Cromwell for the readmission of the Jews to England (which can be found online).

    I also recommend the following videos: “Defamation”, “Apotheosis of Evil”, “A Goy Guide to World History”, “The Money Masters”, “Europa — The Last Battle”, “Marching to Zion” and “The Greatest Story Never Told”.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Thank you for the bibliography. I am pretty new to all this.
      You are saving me a lot of work

  9. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    Awesome read. I am an old dog who remembers when Universities were the freest places in America. The faculty were semitic friendly by the time I got there in the 60’s but the hard core anti whiteism and accompanying suppression of critical thought and speech hadn’t begun. I remember The Frankfurt school basis for anti white racism was introduced by Jewish graduate students in the 70’s. Marcuse was quietly dropped – too socialist – and Horkheimer and Adorno and the token gentile Frankfurter Jurgen Habermas became the topics of conversation on the younger left. I’d never seen such levels of abstraction. No real history in “critical theory” but everybody seemed to feel that these European Jews were too smart to be easily understood. Also they seemed ennobled by Fascism and the Holocaust = the former without redeeming value and the latter unquestionable There went the left such as it was. Today our universities are the centers of Jew think

  10. Al
    Al says:

    There’s a lot in here to agree with. But there’s also a lot to disagree with. In general, don’t use branding, at all. The Jews invented branding and they’re better at it than we are. Plus control the media, for now. Specifically, the alt-right brand is dead, having had its signification defined by the Jews. Nazi, too is inappropriate. How would it even be possible for a movement that began 90 years ago in Germany to solve all the problems in 2020 America, a very different country in a different continent with a different set of problems? The Nazis didnt have blacks or immigration to deal with, for one.

    Avoid “Right” in any form (Right-wing, hard right, etc), fascist or “conservative”. Right has a connotation with free market economics that can’t be avoided. Better to be something entirely new anyway. A new paradigm. A new mode of being.

    The designation I like is red-pilled. It isnt a noun but a verb-form because it refers to a transformation process. It is based on a movie in the popular culture, the central plot of which will never change. It frustrates the Left because it implies that they are living in a false reality and are not willing to challenge themselves on the truth. There are several red-pills: on the JQ, on blacks, on Hispanics, gays, women. Since it is descriptive and not inherently distinctive, it cannot be so easily brand-hijacked by Jews. “Have you taken the redpill yet? Why not?? Here read this: it will red-pill you”. (The Red Pill is basically the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes written for modern times).

    (I am still considering the fecundity of Dr. E. Michael Jones’ formulation of pro-Logos v. anti-Logos. It would seem good to wrap yourself in Order rather than Disorder. But it might be a bit too complicated. )

    Do get involved in the GOP. The neo-liberal GOP is dying out and the vessel that is the GOP in the entrenched two party dynamic in America will have to be filled with something. Consider becoming anti-corporate as a party platform issue. It is a very clear message that is appealing to voters … and college students. If blacks are helped by anti-corporatism, so what? As long as whites are too. Blacks are potential allies against immigration and corporatism.

    Also one tip I don’t believe you provided is to employ the available jargon and be constantly developing new words. Virtually every successful movement in history did this.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Smart. Very smart. I am going to divest myself of a lot of
      terminology like “right” in particular As you say it gets me confused with corporates or libertarians. Also I am interpolating EMJ’s LOGOS concept – something which would be suitable for pagans as well as Christians

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “the alt-right brand is dead, having had its signification defined by the Jews.”

      The Dissident Right too.

      Conflating Right with White will kill us dead in our tracks before we’ve started.

      To actually believe that the survival of our Race and Culture should be entirely dependent on some wornout 18th century Enlightenment ideology that has long since outlived its usefulness, is insane.

      Making Right synonymous with White is like adding Miracle Gro to “Cancel Whites.”

      It will simply embolden the hostile elite and their proxies and accelerate a process already well underway.

  11. Jim
    Jim says:

    This White “males” crap needs to die. It is language used by the left, designed to be purposefully emasculating and dehumanising to men. Women are called women, acknowledging their humanity, but men are called “males”, like animals.

    >Everyone, it now seems, had their protectors and defenders—everyone except White males.
    Everyone except White MEN.

    >Alt-right groups tend to be heavily male.
    Appropriate usage in this case.

    >Be respectful, and allow them full participation. Listen to their ideas; they know better how to reach other women than you do as males.
    They know better how to reach other women than you do as MEN.

    Remember: I am a White man, you are a White man, we are White men. There is real power in speaking that openly. If you’re uncomfortable thinking, writing or saying it, and sadly many men are, then becoming comfortable with it would be a good investment.

  12. Luke
    Luke says:

    ” If Jews are admitted to the group, they must acknowledge the role of Jews in our current malaise.”

    With the sole exception of this statement, I would agree with almost every other piece of advice that Mr. Dalton offers in this very outstanding article.

    The problem with allowing jews to join our pro-White, Alt-Right or Dissident Right groups is that it is impossible to ever know for sure if they are sincerely on ‘our side’ or whether they are simply there to keep an eye on what we are doing and spying on when we are planning our strategies to checkmate and defeat their agenda to genocide our people. After all, jews have – throughout 2,000 years of world history – earned a reputation for being willing to lie and pretend to be what they are not, in order to have better success at ingratiating themselves with Gentiles, who will then allow them into their inner circle.

    I would prefer to welcome any help that jews might offer, but stipulate that they should form their own groups and movements – separate from ours – and work alongside our groups to achieve common goals. This would mitigate any concerns that Whites might have about the sincerity and legitimacy of jews who claim to be our allies.

    Incidentally, Ann Coulter has expressed her concerns that Steven Miller is not a legitimate ally to the pro-White cause, and she has inside information that Miller has been responsible for preventing Trump from hiring Kris Kobach and Ken Cuccinelli, who are two trustworthy pro-Trumpers and hardliners who would help enact the immigration promises he made in 2016. And, recently – much to my disgust – Trump decides to put his jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner in charge of overseeing construction of the border wall?

    Two jews – Miller and Kushner – who belong to the same tribe who have been working for White race replacement and White race reduction to minority status inside their native homelands ever since the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration legislation was enacted – are now in control of the two most important positions involving immigration and border wall security?

    Oh, and I tried doing some online research into the acting DHS secretary, Chad F. Wolf – who Trump was persuaded to pick over Ken Cuccinelli – to try to find any conclusive evidence that he is also jewish and was not able to find anything definite. I do get this message when I punch in his name to a duckduckgo search box and add the world jewish:

    chad f. wolf jewish community center washington dc

    Form your own conclusions.

    • D.M.
      D.M. says:

      I remember reading that Ann Coulter article about Miller blocking a Kris Kobach appointment. That was before the flap over Miller’s emails. Yet we’ve heard nothing more about it. Even longer ago–over the summer, I think–James Kirkpatrick at VDARE wrote about the RNC screening out Kobach (or was that Coulter too?), but said nothing about Miller. Kirkpatrick did write something about it. I wish we could find out who the responsible party is. I can’t think of a better candidate than Kobach for high office.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        By now it should be clear that Trump is not our friend.

        He is a tool of the Jews, serving as President in order to enact their agenda of white genocide and “Israel first” instead of “America first.”

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:


          I don’t think Trump gives a hoot about the welfare of jews, whites or anyone else in any meaningful sense. He sways with the wind and says and/or does the first thing that occurs to him. Why is it assumed that all important, powerful leaders – whether evil or decent – act intentionally just because they got themselves democratically elected. There are loopy beggars and there are loopy millionaire presidents. He is a loose cannon, not in his right mind if he ever had one, and not even smart enough to act in his own interests anymore. He should have known that the phone call to the prez of Ukraine could lead to something big, and now there’s a roomful of Republicans at these hearings tripping all over themselves doing damage control. Only his enemies could have advised him to make contact with the Ukes.

          Still, I don’t want to see him impeached. It would make millions of liberals far too happy for me to bear. Who the next president is doesn’t matter and we all know that.

          • Sampson Option
            Sampson Option says:

            Very shallow, useless analysis of the trump phenomenon!

            I can easily imagine that he ‘cares about’ Whites, but there is obviously more going on.

            Did the top jews sit Trump down and let him know exactly what their capabilities are (dirty bombs etc.), and just how psychopathically committed, and willing to ‘burn it all down’ they are?

          • Achilles Wannabe
            Achilles Wannabe says:

            Good point. Someone reported that Bannon said that no one was more surprised that Trump was elected – surprised and horrified. I think it is entirely possible that Trump was planning on losing and then retiring to a Fox TV hour where he waxed on
            about what he would have done if elected. The Man On The White Horse type of thing. But this does not mean that he does not have certain broad preferences that benefit rich people and Jews

  13. Pat Etheridge
    Pat Etheridge says:

    This is an extremely well written article, however, unlike Cultural Marxism’s history, there is no longer time for a “long march through the institutions.” Translation: We are far up the creek without a paddle; the war against us is in full swing, and handing out brochures at this point isn’t going to save what remains of our nation-state. What then will rattle the status quo effectively? My guess: Only a militancy and radicalism that we as a people have given every indication we are no longer capable of manifesting.

    A primary factor in our lethargy is what is sometimes referred to as “Fat, Dumb, and Happy Syndrome.” The cattle around us are materially comfortable and don’t feel threatened, and therefore their survival instinct (to the extent that they still have one) isn’t easily galvanized. If we could find effective ways to stimulate that instinct, it might get them up off their haunches. The question thus becomes: “Are there flames we can fabricate or fan that will effectively stampede the herd?”

    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      My sentiments as well, Pat. The big question at this stage is, as you allude: what is that visceral spark, and how do we get it out to enough people?

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        I think it’s more a matter of people being brainwashed. They love and worship the Jew.

        And I wouldn’t say that most are comfortable. 10% of Americans are fat and happy, 40% are stressed but making it, and 50% are hanging on by the skin of their teeth. That’s society as a whole.

        With white people, the breakdown might be more along the lines of 20%/50%/30%. From that percentage of less than comfortable white people (80%) and miserable white people (30%), we should be able to find at least 10% who are “ready to go to the barricades.”

        It’s not happening now for two reasons: Jew-worship (which is not limited to just evangelical Christians) and “Trump is gonna save us.”

        I’m beginning to favor “accelerationism.” Get rid of Trump and elect another Obama-type.

        Trump is an instrument of what the Marxist (Frankfurt School) philosopher Herbert Marcuse called “repressive de-sublimation.”

        He’s a master of deceit and misdirection, creating the illusion that things are getting better for white people when they are actually getting much, much worse.

        • ChilledBee
          ChilledBee says:

          “He’s a master of deceit and misdirection, creating the illusion that things are getting better for white people when they are actually getting much, much worse.”
          Excellent statement. The only people who are really benefiting from Trump are Israelis and the Neo-Cons. I do not believe that there has been a more
          “Pro-Israel president in office.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          Repressive desublimation. I like that .
          I would rather see Trump win and then continue to disappoint his base. That might teach them how bad things actually are. If he loses, he will talk until he dies about what he would have done THIS TIME around . All lies of course but the deluded or desublimated will buy it.

        • Pat Etheridge
          Pat Etheridge says:

          I remember an acquaintance in South Africa who also advocated “accelerationism.” His rationale was that white South Africans would become more militant as they saw blacks and Third World problems increasingly manifesting themselves in their once lovely communities. “Accelerationism” was more or less what occurred in South Africa, but the result was that they were simply rapidly engulfed.

  14. Jud Jackson
    Jud Jackson says:

    Great article!! I would simply add something by E. Michael Jones to the reading list. Maybe “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit”.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Also The Slaughter of the Cities and Barren Metal. These could be of particular interest to people of Catholic background

      • Roger
        Roger says:

        Yes. JTRS will change your perspective on everything, including believing that Noah Feldman’s address to Harvard about the founders was not wrong. Barren Metal is the best current summary of Economics *and* the History of Philosophy that is out there. It is not as heavy on Catholic stuff as some of his other books.

  15. D.M.
    D.M. says:

    I enjoyed this article a lot. I’m a recently retired college professor. My red-pilling occurred in 2016, and I found ways to skate close to the thin ice of race realism and ethnonationalism in a number of my classes. My students were very responsive. Several said they were tired of liberal professors giving them the same old story and that my classes were a breath of fresh air. Good college instructors make their students think, and encourage debate and discussion, if that is appropriate in the course. So, students, take advantage of that opportunity. You can influence other students by asking good questions and making astute points. You can make connections with your classmates. Take note of the groypers’ successes. Campuses can be breeding and proving grounds for white activism. They are at present quite the contrary. Students can help to change that even more than their professors.

  16. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    To have the chance to win, let’s understand the following first:
    In general terms, a node is a space in which part of the connections of other real or abstract spaces converge that share their same characteristics and which in turn are also nodes. All interrelate in a non-hierarchical way and conform what in sociological or mathematical terms is called a network. The network concept can be defined as “set of interconnected nodes. A node is the point at which a curve intersects itself. What a node is specifically, depends on the type of networks to which we refer.” In nodes it is not only interconnected, it is also able to exchange information.
    The most powerful and effective Social Node is the Ethnic (Racial), the Jews know it since they use it for their benefit as a group.
    The Jews will try to eliminate competition through forced diversity by demonizing the opponent.
    Battle strategy for whites must be to create effective ethnic social nodes in all fields.

  17. Iriexteyth
    Iriexteyth says:

    I’m wondering about what exactly the rules are for being allowed to join the alt-right and white nationalist movement. Are there any groups of white people who are barred completely from joining? Are single mothers and welfare recipients allowed? What about criminal convictions? How far will you go in barring someone from joining the group due to a past conviction?

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      As far as I’m concerned, the only requirement is that you support white nationalism, are not a Jew, are not a Muslim, and are not non-white or of mixed race.

      Apart from those considerations, everyone is welcome.

    • Will W Williams
      Will W Williams says:

      Good question. I can’t speak for the alt-right or for the greater White nationalist “movement,” But for our National Alliance organization, founded by Dr. William Pierce 45 years ago, applicants for membership sign the pledge:
      I am a person of good moral character and with no ineligibility. I agree with the goals and the program of the National Alliance outlined in “What is the National Alliance?” — — and I want to participate in the Alliance’s effort to build a secure and healthy future for my people by becoming a member. I will pay the monthly dues I have indicated below…

      Eligibility: Any White person (a non-Jewish person of wholly European ancestry) of good character and at least 18 years of age who accepts as his own the goals of the National Alliance and who is willing to support the program described herein may apply for membership.

      Ineligible persons: No homosexual or bisexual person*, no person actively addicted to alcohol or to an illegal drug, no person with a non-White spouse or a non-White dependent, and, except in extraordinary circumstances, no person currently confined in a penal institution may be a member. (The National Alliance does not advocate any illegal activity and expects its members to conduct themselves accordingly.)

      * When Dr. Pierce made homosexuals and bisexuals ineligible for Alliance membership the term transsexual was practically unknown. But now, with these freaks being part of their so-called LGBT community, as the current Chairman of NA I have added transsexuals, as well as transgender, for that matter, to the ineligible category. The National Alliance is family friendly and recognizes just two genders: male and female. Those who believe they are of the gender other than the one they were born have plenty of other organizations they can join. Our members like it that way.

  18. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    This will not be tolerated. (by whites) December 9th 2019: The Oklahoma City University police manhunt that went viral after being reported on by National File in October resulted in the EXPULSION and police interrogation of a student activist on Dec. 9.
    National File previously reported:

    On Thursday, someone left flyers printed with the phrase “It’s Okay To Be White” at the Oklahoma City University of Law. In response, the university dean put out a statement saying the school would be “intentional and relentless” in promoting diversity, and police are conducting a high-profile investigation.

  19. Will W Williams
    Will W Williams says:

    I like most of the advice in this article. I admire Dr. Dalton’s excellent writings; we have featured some of them on I point folks here to TOO now to learn everything they need to know from Dr. Dalton about the recent, ongoing congressional dog and pony show, without ever turning on their television sets: “The Impeachment Parade of Jews.”

    The advice I like most here is: “Speak the truth. Sometimes these days, just saying the truth out loud is a revolutionary act, one that calls for real courage. The truth is on your side. Be strong, be confident, and speak the truth.” I like those who speak the whole truth as Dr. William Pierce did, even on taboo subjects like the so-called Holocaust, the “LGBT community,” the merits of National-Socialism, the truth about Jewish supremacism, and religion — especially about religion, the dog Dr. Dalton advises to let lie — though he explains in a nutshell why Christianity is an unsuitable creed for the White race since “all Christians worship the Jewish God.”

    The National Alliance is not conservative and sees the Republicans as bad or worse for White America as the Democrats. Cosmotheism, the philosophy or ideology — the non-Semitic religion, if you prefer — that Dr. Pierce founded for our people, addresses the subject of religion head on. It is among the 26% of Americans who do not consider themselves Christian that a sub-group of racially responsible truth-seekers will be found who will embrace Cosmotheism. Our Jewish watchdogs are scared spitless that Cosmotheism will take hold, supplant Christian spookcraft, become established and spread like wildfire amongst our people. It is spreading in Europe now, thanks in part to Norman Lowell’s book _Aristocratic Manifesto for Imperium Europa_, published by Arktos Media, reviewed in the November/December issue of Heritage and Destiny. H&D reviewer Greg Cummings was “struck by how [ [_Imperium Europa_] read like the Cosmotheist philosophy espoused by the National Alliance in political, genetic, and religious spheres.”

    Perhaps many in college today can’t handle criticism of Christianity, but the smarter, more morally courageous truth-seekers among them can, and will, if exposed to the unvarnished truth. That’s where the alt-right will continue to play patty-cake with “respectable” conservative, Young Republican, campus politics and where the National Alliance comes in to attract the strong. Bottom line:

    If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
    If you adopt your enemy’s religion, you are enslaved.
    If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.

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