Diversifying the Dutch police: a disaster in the making


In October I wrote an article how immigrant crime is turning the Netherlands into a narco state. While organized crime thrives in the Netherlands, state services such as the police are fighting an uphill battle. Not only is the clearance rate remarkably low, they are also being actively undermined by hard-line diversity programs.

Over the past few years the Dutch national police introduced a new policy which aimed at diversifying the force. The intended goal was an ethnically diverse police force, with at least 25 percent of the officers having — preferably non-European — migrant backgrounds.

Achieving this number has proved very difficult. First, the police have a very negative image among most minorities in the Netherlands. Joining the police force is seen as something disgraceful or even as betrayal. Furthermore, many non-Dutch applicants simply cannot pass the background check, because relatives are often involved in criminal activities. And even if minorities pass the check, they seem very susceptible to one particular criminal offence: corruption. The same corruption that is rife in the low-trust, kinship-based countries they migrated from.

In June 2019, police officers arrested their colleague Donovan Atmopawiro, who worked as an advisor for the police command. Atmopawiro was considered a ‘crown jewel’ for being a brown gay officer. He got caught selling classified police information to criminals, as well as providing them with safe houses. His name was also mentioned during an investigation into cocaine smuggling. The discovery of his dual role was one of the biggest police corruption cases of this decade.

Donovan Atmopawiro

And this case is only the tip of the iceberg. The overview below shows similar police corruption scandals, all involving minority police officers:

  • August 2017: The police in The Hague discover that their colleague Amine A. is a mole. He sold sensitive information to criminals who could in turn commit rip deals.
  • September 2017: Former police officer Suat Y. is standing trial for being bribed by his Turkish countrymen. He warned Turkish marijuana growers about pending police investigations.
  • September 2018: Journalists reveal that a drug gang in the city of Almelo had been tipped off for years by two police officers of Turkish origin.
  • March 2019: The public prosecutor demands 45 months jail for former police officer Mehmet A., who provided dozens of criminals with classified information.
  • July 2019: A police officer of Moroccan origin is fired for taking bribes. The bribes were paid by the organization of Ridouan Taghi, at that point one of the world´s most wanted criminals.

Dozens of corrupt police officers have been discovered in 2019 alone, many of them with immigrant backgrounds. Most of the cases relate to the criminal underworld, but it will only be a matter of time before more serious security risks arise.

Another high-profile case involves a former bodyguard of right-wing populist politician Geert Wilders, who is known for his anti-Islamic ideology. Geert Wilders has been living under permanent armed protection for more than ten years. He moves around in armoured vehicles and always carries a bulletproof vest. Wilders secretly lives in safe houses and army bases. This went well for years, until a Muslim was appointed as one of his personal bodyguards.

In 2017, the police arrested Faris K., a high profile bodyguard working for the Dienst Koninklijke en Diplomatieke Beveiliging (DKDB), as part of Wilders’ security team. The DKDB is a special service responsible for the protection of politicians, diplomats and the royal family. Faris K. shared information about Wilders’ whereabouts with third parties. He also leaked details about Pres. Obama’s daughter visiting the Netherlands and used the police database for his own interests. Faris K. was fired and received a seven-month prison sentence.

In the following months it became obvious that Faris K. should never have been allowed to join the DKDB. Before working as a bodyguard, he was being investigated as a police officer due to integrity issues. His brother was fired from the police in 2007 for selling information to criminals — including details about a murder case — and he was also being investigated for rape. Two other officers from the same team, both having immigrant backgrounds, were also fired for leaking information.

Despite these worrisome developments, the police command persists in its program touting the ‘benefits’ of diversity. As a matter of fact, diversity has become institutionalized internally. Several interest groups have been subsidized to accelerate the diversification of the police, such as ‘Pink in Blue’ (LGBT), as well as Moroccan, Turkish and Jewish groups.

The police present at the yearly Pride parade in Amsterdam

One has to wonder where the diversity craze ends. Up until now, most corruption seems to be related to financial gain and a disaster involving Geert Wilders has been avoided. However, how long will it take before more sensitive organizations — such as the secret service — will engage in diversity policies?

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  1. jerry cornelious
    jerry cornelious says:

    My first thought before I had even read a word was ” Diversity in the police? it will become corrupt as fuck”
    Then I read about Atmopiwaro or whatever the fuck he is called ”Oh yeah-the Brown Jewel”
    You ruined my evening![I was busy watching the jews save the universe in rouge on/ rouge one]I am sick to fuck of Tardy policys-we are Going Down and we fucking deserve it for being wankers.
    Amsterdam is getting as bad as Washington these days.

  2. Tom
    Tom says:

    In 1999, my left-leaning Danish girlfriend told me: “….we Danes want to help foreigners….BUT!!!!….we want to help them in their own countries”. Fast forward to 2019 and now my Danish ex-girlfriend is totally onboard with helping foreigners TO!!! her country. The psychological disease of “do no harm” has spread rapidly within the West. It’s now an epidemic.

  3. Forever Guilty
    Forever Guilty says:

    Well its very benign so far. Wait until some Somali Danish cops start rape, beat and murder civilians,

  4. John
    John says:

    The division can no longer be civic, national or ideological; it must be racial and ethnic and those that refuse that division must be marked as traitors.

  5. bruno
    bruno says:

    This anti-W behavior is all over the West. Even if a person were blind he couldn’t miss it. The corporatists favorite it and donate to anti-W causes. Most Big boy billionaire Queers support anti W endeavors. Soros is just the tip of the iceberg as far as giving millions to every conceivable anti-majority organization. Western Man has gone from Kings, to parliaments to transnational corporatist entities. If the trend continues a few men will rule the West. Even if there is an open civil war, elites politicos obtaining millions for Sorosites will play both sides of the fence.Look at the Billaryites and how about Obrama and his $12 mln house.

    In the West Islam will take over due to the vast numbers of female politicos influencing government. China and Russia don’t have this problem. By all appearances they will be the next First World, as the West become more colourful.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” In the West Islam will take over due to the vast numbers of female politicos influencing government.”

      Superb observation . The multi-decades long campaign , driven by zionist ILLuminati globalists , to handover government to women is a major strategy of ((( their ))) goal to subvert all westernworld state sovereignties as a prerequisite for establishing a NWO aka One World Order despotism enforced by the jesuit-zionist-masonic troika of power .

  6. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    Christianity , in particular the catholic version , is a sanctuary religion for gays and child molesters where the Vatican is at the top , along with the British monarchy and Rothschildian bankers , of the global elite ruling hierarchy aka NWO/JWO/OWO/ZWO/( ILLuminati World Order ) whom own big city police agencies worldwide .

    • tadzio
      tadzio says:

      Bigoted rubbish. The media attention to the problem in the Catholic church is rooted in fear of the church and the fact that its corporate structure allows for suing a distant [presumably rich] bishop rather than your neighbors in a local congregation such as a church, mosque or synagogue. Secular institutions such as the public schools have a far greater incidence of abuse but the government supervisors and unions squelch heavy media coverage. Human frailty is not an exclusively Catholic phenomena. One thing the White Race does not need is divisive haters doing work for our enemies.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Secular institutions never explicitly nor implicitly claimed to be a global authority of morality as does the Vatican .

        • Le Hunt
          Le Hunt says:

          Well, why do you think there is so much propaganda against the Catholic church, simply because (outside of the present cuck pope) it has stood for morality throughout the ages. Protestants were slavering at the mouth to destroy Catholic neighborhoods in America because they were moral and might be a voting block against the depravity they and their (((masters))) wanted to bring in. That’s why forced busing and desegregation were pushed so hard, to destroy Catholic neighborhoods, and it worked, Catholics left rather than subject their families to contamination and violence.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            The public schools are brainwashing white kids to be ashamed of themselves, especially white boys.

            If that’s not being a moral authority, I don’t know what is.

  7. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    Another hilarious (so surreal is the never ending stream of utter White stupidity one has no choice but to laugh) article…, where reality meets satirical slapstick.

    • RoyAlbrecht
      RoyAlbrecht says:

      The cops in the gay pride parade are especially funny…
      Why not pair them with Black gays, in full drag, being bugger-gang-raped live on the podium?
      Any resistance could be labeled as White Racism!

  8. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Jeeze, didn’t Anton Mussert and Rost van Toningen try to warn the Dutch people about the consequences of their intellectual delusions…
    Evidently, like most NW Eurooeans, they are slow learners regarding racial realities.

  9. Sincerity.net
    Sincerity.net says:

    One single spy or traitor can spoil the entire police department. Give away secrets about witnesses and snitches, so they can be punished or killed. Shoot other police in the back. Shoot Geert Wilders while on job to protect him. Becoming a typical corrupt 3rd world police force is the smaller of evils. Having police side with their criminals from their tribe and country is also a possibility. I know a police from Rotherham and he told that Pakistani Muslim higher ups in the police were instrumental in the criminal cover up.
    And all these terrible problems must never be mentioned, neither by media, nor by police themselves. According to media ethics codes or what our sincerity DOT net site calls #PCGagOrder: “Never speak negatively about minorities, as not to stir up prejudice”. This gag order is what maintains the affirmative action racket. It is not permissible, it is taboo to tell the failures of quota minorities (people of color, or quota women). Thus the disastrous system continues.

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