On Jews and Plagues: Adventures in Jewish Historiography

“The libel that Jews were continually plotting to poison the world had particularly tragic results during the Black Death of 1348–49.
Dennis Prager & Joseph Telushkin Why the Jews? The Reason for Antisemitism[1]

“There is no direct link between the massacres and the plague.”
Iris Ritzmann, “The Black Death as a cause of the massacres of Jews: A Myth of Medical History?”[2]

I’ve been fascinated in recent days by Jewish commentary on COVID-19, which ranges from paranoid conspiracy theories about white nationalists to blunt admissions of intense Jewish ethnocentrism. In the first instance, the FBI’s apparently permanent and unironic surveillance of teenage chat sites has resulted in a stern but ludicrous warning that “extreme right-wing groups in the US are telling their members to deliberately spread the deadly new coronavirus to police officers and Jewish people.” Aside from conjuring mental images of ultra-orthodox Jews being chased by coughing skinheads, the ADL has taken to shaking its begging bowl in regards to rumors that Jews created the novel coronavirus in order to sell vaccines and “take advantage of the markets collapse through insider trading.” This petri dish of paranoia coexists with awkward Jewish discussions of the fact that Jewish communities are ideal incubators of disease because, in the words of The Forward, “the density of Jewish social networks across all denominations is almost twice as thick as that of the average American.” Less than a year after New York’s orthodox Jewish communities became epicenters for a resurgence of measles, concerns are already growing that the same communities are going to be a devil’s playground for COVID-19, which has already claimed the lives of two ultra-orthodox Jews in London.

Both inspired and disgusted by this mixture of contemporary disease and paranoia, I thought I’d revisit some historiographical material I prepared several years ago that concerns the same themes. The following essay concerns the putative allegation that Jews caused the Black Death, Jewish apologetic narratives in historiography, and the broader role of myth in Jewish self-understanding.

Accusations of Accusations

Anyone confronting mainstream Jewish historiography for the first time is overwhelmed by the victim paradigm inherent in most scholarship, a key part of which is the idea that Jews have been irrationally scapegoated countless times over many centuries. I’ve previously described the victim paradigm:

Jewish historiography is saturated with allusions to the “unique” status of Jews, who have suffered a “unique” hatred at the hands of successive generations of Europeans. In essence, it is the notion that Jews stand alone in the world as the quintessential “blameless victim.” To allow for any sense of Jewish agency — any argument that Jews may have in some way contributed to anti-Jewish sentiment — is to harm the perpetuation of this paradigm. In this sense, the ‘victim paradigm’ also contributes heavily to the claim for Jewish uniqueness and, as Norman Finkelstein has pointed out, one can clearly see in many examples of Jewish historiography the tendency to focus not so much on the “suffering of Jews” but rather on the simple fact that “Jews suffered.”[3] As a result, the paradigm offers no place to non-Jewish suffering. … The omission of the Jewish contribution to the development of anti-Semitism (be it in a village setting or a national setting), leaves the spotlight burning all the more ferociously on the ‘aggressor.’ Within this context, the blameless victim is free to make the most ghastly accusations, basking in the assurance that his own role, and by extension his own character, is unimpeachable. The word of this untainted, unique, blameless victim is taken as fact — to doubt his account is to be in league with the ‘aggressor.’ 

Jewish historiography can be interpreted in some ways as little more than a catalog of “accusations of accusations,” to the extent that such works invariably explain historical European behavior, often exaggerated, by positing Europeans as acting on a number of irrational and fanatical beliefs about Jews. This is true of historiographical accounts of almost every historical outbreak of violence against Jews, in which Europeans are presented as indulging in pogroms because of religious fanaticism during the Crusades or putative panics about alleged Jewish ritual murder. Certain fringe elements of European folklore about Jews, such as the idea that male Jews menstruate or that Jews buried their dead with rocks so that they could throw them at Christ in the afterlife, are brought front and center in mainstream historiography and used to explain very complex situations that certainly require a more nuanced understanding.

Arguably, similar results are achieved in more contemporary history through a mainstream scholarship that argues that mass Jewish casualties during World War Two were the result of another alleged European fantasy—that of race science. The actual role of Jews in European society prior to the war can be discarded, and in fact largely has been discarded, in favor of an approach that attributes Jewish deaths to just another manifestation of European irrationality and fanaticism. As stated above, however, making the case that perhaps race science wasn’t irrational, or a fantasy, is tantamount to an admission to being in league with the ‘aggressor’ — something that few or no mainstream academics are willing to do.

The result is a body of historiography that implicitly, and sometimes explicitly, bases its argument on the idea that historical Europeans were profoundly ignorant and superstitious. Such perceptions, of course, live on in the Jewish mind, and one can only interpret aspects of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat (2006), especially its depictions of Eastern Europeans who believe that Jews hatch from eggs and can shape-shift into cockroaches (and can be persuaded to leave by having cash thrown at them), as a reinforcement of Jewish conceptions of their history. A scene depicting Cohen lying in bed, in terror at finding himself in the home of two old Jews, and clutching a cross and a fistful of cash, is intended as the ultimate parody of the historical Christian and his alleged fantasies about Jews — both religious and economic. We are encouraged to laugh alongside Jews at the apparent stupidity of our ancestors.

The Black Death in Jewish Historiography

One of the most oft-repeated of these putatively parody-worthy historical European “canards” is the idea that Jews in some way caused the Black Death (Great Bubonic Plague), an epidemiological disaster that claimed the lives of somewhere between 30% and 60% of the European population in the middle of the fourteenth century. In mainstream Jewish historiography, the most politically useful, and therefore most prominent, aspect of this particular “canard” is the notion that Jews caused the plague by poisoning the wells of Europeans. Thus we are encouraged to see such a belief as a variant on the “Blood Libel” that Jews perform ritual murder of Christians. Added to this basic framework are multiple allusions to Christian suspicions that Jews engaged in well-poisoning out of a desire to wipe out or subjugate Christians and pave the way for Jewish world domination. The underlying message of the focus on such beliefs is therefore the idea that historical Europeans were ignorant (scientifically and morally) and paranoid about Jews to the point of irrationality. Because significant numbers of Jews were set upon and killed during the years when the Black Death was active, such narratives about Europeans contain the additional message that Europeans are dangerous fantasists, and that Jews are their unfortunate and blameless victims.

The problem with historiography like this is that it’s yet another example of taking what were really just fringe beliefs and placing them as the primary motivation for complex and deep-rooted inter-ethnic hostility. The result is a wholesale condemnation of European society. For example, Robert Wistrich, now deceased, was a prominent producer of anti-European histories of anti-Semitism and claimed in one of his most famous works that “The Black Death which raged in Europe between 1347 and 1360 added yet another deadly accusation against the Jews — that of poisoning wells in order to wipe out Christians and establish their domination of the world. There is no doubt that the masses believed this charge.”[4] [emphasis added] The Israeli historian Mordechai Breuer (1918–2007) wrote in one of his seminal essays on “The Black Death and antisemitism” that “the destruction of the Jews in the days of the plague was associated with the well-poisoning libel … There is no doubt that the masses believed all the stories of the atrocities attributed to the Jews.”[5] [emphasis added] The similarity between these phrases, together with certain other textual “coincidences” have always suggested to me that Wistrich basically engaged in a quasi-plagiarism of the volume in which Breuer’s essay appeared (Antisemitism Through the Ages, 1988) for his own Antisemitism: The Longest Hatred, which appeared a few years later (1991). Regardless of such finer points, patterns of mutual reliance, often devoid of reference to verifiable contemporary primary material, are endemic in the Jewish writing of histories of antisemitism. Breuer simply had to assert that it was beyond doubt that “the masses” were beholden to irrational myths, and this was sufficient in itself for Wistrich to repeat.

Mutual referencing over time led to a situation in which the idea that Europeans irrationally blamed Jews for the Black Death is now ubiquitous. Frederic Cople Jaher writes that “Already deemed lethal foes of Christianity, Jews were blamed for causing the Plague by poisoning wells. … Another delusion about Jews that intensified at the time of the Black Death was the charge of a world Jewish conspiracy against Christianity.”[6] An entire chapter of Norman Cantor’s In the Wake of the Plague: The Black Death and the World It Made (2001) is devoted to an attempted deconstruction of claims of “The Jewish Conspiracy,” with Cantor arguing that Christians “made scapegoats of the Jews, charged them with spreading the plague by poisoning wells, and unleashed horrific pogroms on them.”[7] Mark Cohen has written that the Black Death “witnessed massive pogroms against the Jews, who were believed to have poisoned wells in an attempt to destroy Christian civilization.”[8] Perhaps the most savage character assassination of the European peoples, however, was carried out by the highly-incentivized non-Jewish historian Gavin Langmuir, who was for obvious reasons a firm favorite in the Jewish establishment. In his extravagantly-praised History, Religion, and Antisemitism (1990), Langmuir opined in relation to the Black Death that:

It would be hard to find a clearer example of irrational scapegoating. … By the late Middle Ages, in order to dispel doubts about their religion and themselves, many Christians were suppressing their capacity for rational empirical thought and irrationally attributing to the realities they denoted as “Jews” unobservable characteristics.[9]

But is any of this true?

The Myth of Irrational European Pogroms

Some of the most recent, cutting-edge historiography from non-Jewish academics continues to chip away at some of the Jewish-led consensus that formed between the 1960s and early 2000s.[10] For example, as the scholar Cordelia Hess has touched upon in her Berghahn-published The Absent Jews (2017), at least some of the historiographical accounts of anti-Jewish massacres alleged to have occurred during the Black Death are now acknowledged as being based on little more than hearsay, unreliable sources, misreadings of verifiable sources, and, to use Hess’s words, “no actual evidence of anti-Jewish pogroms.”[11] In fact, it has now been discovered that some alleged pogroms have been attributed to German towns where there had never been Jewish settlements.[12]

Of course, some violence against Jew did occur, and it occurred right across Europe. But was it motivated by “irrational” ideas about well-poisoning based on little more than fanatical religious bigotry? Contrary to the assertions of the Jewish academics named above, due to a scarcity of contemporary primary sources there is actually no definitive methodology for ascertaining how widespread certain beliefs were among “the masses” in this instance, and certainly nothing that would justify such claims as “there is no doubt the masses believed this charge.” What we do have are a relatively small number of accounts of attacks on Jews from contemporary chroniclers that paint a rather nuanced picture of what really occurred. Take, for example, the following extract from the records of the chronicler Conrad von Megenburg:

In many wells, bags filled with poison were found, and a countless number of Jews were massacred in the Rhineland, in Franconia, and in all the German countries. In truth, I do not know whether certain Jews had done this. Had it been thus, assuredly the evil would have been worse. But I know, on the other hand, that no German city had so many Jews as Vienna, and so many of them there succumbed to the plague that they were obliged to enlarge their cemetery greatly and to buy two more buildings. They would have been very stupid to poison themselves. … But I do not wish to whitewash the wickedness of the Jews.

What stands out here is von Megenburg’s scepticism. My own interpretation of the third sentence, assuming “the evil” to be the massacres and not the act of poisoning, is that if definitive proof had been found against certain Jews in regards to the bags of poison that had in fact been found in “many wells,” then the violence would “have been much worse,” and this would indicate the violence itself was at least not solely rooted in the accusation of well-poisoning, since some doubt was evidently present among those who carried out the killings. Alternately, if “the evil” being referred to was the act of poisoning, this account would suggest the author believed there was a possibility of two different events occurring — both a plague of undetermined cause, and a mass poisoning campaign orchestrated by Jews.[13] Whether Jews did or did not place bags of poison in European wells strikes me as entirely beside the point. If they did not, the question remains as to why someone would accuse them of it, or frame them for it, and Borat-like ignorance and religious hostility is simply insufficient to contextualize and explain this behavior. If some Jews did engage in the poisoning of wells, and we certainly know that it was not uncommon for medieval Jewish communities to possess their own private wells and water supply within their walled districts, this doesn’t detract from our current knowledge about the origins, nature, and spread of bubonic plague, and we would be left with certain other questions about the nature of this inter-ethnic hostility.

The question remaining is why some Jews were attacked and killed during the Black Death. Here, again, modern scholarship is reversing some of the received wisdoms of older Jewish historiography and casting doubt on some long-held assumptions. The German scholar Iris Ritzmann, for example, has argued that “there is no direct link between the massacres and the plague,” and has suggested that a much deeper undercurrent of socio-economic friction between Jews and Christians merely found expression during a time of heightened social anxiety. Ritzmann has gone as far as to argue that relations were so bad that massacres may have occurred even without the plague as a trigger event.[14] Mordechai Breuer concedes that “none of the traditional motifs” of religious anti-Semitism feature in the minutes of the interrogations of the Jews accused during the Black Death, adding “at most, they came up in connection with distant rumors about the matter.”[15] There were almost no attempts to convert the Jews, and Breuer further adds, quite contrary to some of his other assertions, that “the attackers had no intention whatever of forcing the Jews to change their faith and this was not the focus of what was happening.”

What, then, was happening?

Again, in contrast to his overall conclusion and blanket accusations against the historical European masses, Breuer is forced to concede in the middle of his own study that “an analysis of what occurred during the days of the plague indicates that social, economic, and political factors were of much greater import in fanning the flame of antisemitism than is generally understood.” Most of the aggressors during the Black Death were craftsmen and artisans who had been lent money by Jews “at usurious rates of interest.”[16] These craftsmen, essentially the middle class of their day, resented the formation of a mercantile alliance between the aristocracy and the merchant class that exploited their labor and suppressed the prices of their goods. Moreover, underpinning this alliance was a system of Jewish loans that upset the natural order they were used to. Rather predictably, anti-Jewish violence was ruthlessly suppressed by urban elites everywhere because these elites were tightly connected to Jewish finance. Documents still survive from Cologne, Freiburg, Basel, Heilbronn, Strasbourg, and Erfurt showing that city councils interpreted all anti-Jewish actions as a more general attack upon the elite status quo. Breuer comments that “by the beginning of 1349 it was clear that a number of city councils wished to suppress the popular uprising from fear that the mobs might oust them.” The European “masses” described in Jewish historiography were in fact divided into factions, each with its own particular interests, and genuine adherence to “irrational” notions of well-poisoning was of minimal import. The bottom line was that Jews were regarded as having a negative effect on the social, economic, and political fabric of the nation, and not without cause.


One wonders if, decades or centuries from now, Jewish historians will lament the persistence of antisemitism by explaining that Europeans once “irrationally” blamed the Jews for COVID-19. As evidence, perhaps they’ll point to some excerpts from 8chan and argue that this was the belief of “the masses.” Here I’m employing a caricature of sorts, but one not totally detached from precedent. Many decades of Jewish effort have gone into pushing the idea that our ancestors were unsophisticated Borat-like brutes who subjected the Jews to countless irrational massacres. And, although modern scholarship is chipping at the edges of this edifice, new discoveries and arguments remain far from the mainstream. One persists in seeking immunity to the contrivances of Jews and plagues.

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  1. Larry
    Larry says:

    Jews many times make up the medical community of the areas affected by plague? And weren’t people suspicious of their not contracting the disease?

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      @ Larry
      David Irving’s website currently leads with the news “One quarter of coronavirus infections come from synagogues”.

      The glass is either half-empty (Jews are morbid hypochondriacs) or half-full (Jews are very good at [non-surgical] medicine). Here is one of their own jokes: “A rabbi in a railway compartment wailed continuously, ‘Oh, do I haff a terrible pain! Do I haff a terrible pain!’ Eventually tiring of this incessant noise, a passenger searched the train for a doctor, who eventually arrived and gave the rabbi an anaesthetic injection. The patient was quiet for a few minutes, and then started up again: ‘Oh boy, did I haff a terrible pain! What a terrible pain I had!'”

      But for TOO and FPP, “they” can never do it right.

        • David Ashton
          David Ashton says:

          @ Charles Frey
          Everyone else can see that David Irving headlined this item in big red letters for several days at top of his news report.

          Away from that trivial and unfounded quibble, further remarks germane to issues in this thread follow:
          01 The frenzy of medieval religious flagellants against Jews as poisoners suggests that more was involved in social psychology than forensic evidence. Similar accusations were made against lepers and witches. See e.g. E. William Monter, “Ritual, Myth, and Magic in Early Modern Europe” (1985); I have not yet accessed the observations on this by the reputable non-Jewish historian Lynn Thorndike.
          02 “Yet, it is not impossible that isolated [Jewish] individuals, overwhelmed by hatred, actually did engage in these practices…consonant with the prayers of Jews during this period for divine vengeance” – Dan Cohn-Sherbok, “Anti-Semitism” (2009) p.82; cf. Paul Johnson, “A History of the Jews” (2001) pp.216-217.
          03 The unreliability of confessions from torture of Jews over possible acts is indicated by the unreliability of confessions from torture of witches over absolutely impossible acts; cf. Arthur Butz on dubious confessions extracted from Nazi personnel in “Hoax of the 20th Century” (2015).
          04 Zionist settler crimes against Palestinians in the West Bank no more prove crimes against Gentiles in Europe centuries ago than (say) the My Lai massacre proves mistreatment of Japanese citizens in WW2. Each event in history must be examined as an event in history.
          05 I forgot to mention that my wife, her parents and grandparents, and all her relatives and in-laws are also white people, mostly English plus a few Welsh, with one Polish Catholic wife and one Ulster Protestant husband; no-one Jewish or “Mischling” of any degree (as if it mattered to anyone but a moron or lunatic). How would a 2020 Ariernachweis affect the logic, facts or relevance of my posts here one way or another?
          06 I am on “the side” of Europeans and their heritage, as ever. I do not think “persecution” of Jews is necessary, desirable, helpful, rational or decent. My motive is to introduce sound information into discussions that can be counter-productive by making some critics of Jews and Jewish activities look psychopathic, fitting into THEIR stereotype.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Jews must be expelled from our lands if white people are to survive and prosper. Would that be persecution? I don’t think so. They have not assimilated to their host countries, but rather act as a nation in the midst of other nations, working to change their character.

            They have a nation of their own now. Let them go there. They should not have the right to have their own country and also govern/influence our countries — governing and influencing, not in the common interest, but in their own interest.

            What is that interest?

            1) To socially engineer their host nations solely to suit them and no one else.

            2) To use and then eliminate all rivals.

            3) To turn white nations non-white.

            4) To commit white genocide.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        All is fair in love and war.

        Your problem is that you can’t decide which side you’re on.

        Jews say they’re good at medicine. And I’m sure there are plenty of goyim who believe them. I don’t. And I don’t even think doctors in general are “good at medicine.” Our increased life expectancy is due to better hygiene and more abundant food. If you want to be unhealthy, go to doctors. I’m sure they’ll arrange that for you with their toxic “medicines,” etc.

        Orthodox Jewish communities in the U.S. are not very hygienic. In other words, not very healthy.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        You are right David – ” they can never do it right ! ”

        During the Kaiser’s campaign in the East some of his troops had to lead Jews to the showers, literally at bayonet-point; on the orders of his local medical officers, to avoid lice- and flee-spread epidemics.

        Still a youngster when I read this,I thought how undemocratic.
        At least until the next paragraph, which related the British troops doing the same in the same regions for identical reasons after the Armistice.

        [ That was when ARMISTICE was still designated as a laying down of arms; having arrived at a draw, with no allied troops on the Second Reich’s soil. But a draw did not entitle the VICTORS to Versailles Reparations, which were only finally paid off to London in the 1990s. So it had to become Remembrance Day. Indeed who could forget ? ]

  2. AntiSocialFool
    AntiSocialFool says:

    All I know is that one SuperShyster,hedge fund honcho Bill Ackman ,is already boasting and gloating that hes made $2,600,000,000 profit from the market turmoil caused by the virus.They really cant help themselves,they must be genetically hardwired to self destruct,a normal person wouldnt celebrate such a windfall,but I guess thats why theyve been booted out of every country sooner or later

    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      This kind of makes one wonder why multi-billionaire “Mike” parked his bus and bowed out of the Democratic primary when he did, skedaddling back to Noo Yawk in a hurry. With markets collapsing, ‘investments’ to be protected, and billions more to be made shorting stocks and futures, one can reasonably question the motives and actions of some of (((the insiders))). This likely front-running of the financial collapse needs some real investigating journalism as well.

  3. Flo
    Flo says:

    Stereotypes don’t spring from thin air. Take the case of Bill Ackman. He recently insured his investment company, Pershing Square Capital Management, against market losses. He then went on TV to do that widely-reported interview in which he bawled that “hell is coming” and oh dear oh dear what about his elderly father, etc. Many believe this interview contributed mightily to the stock market plunge. A week later he had made a nifty $2.6 billion on the plunge, which he’s now using to scoop up collapsed hotel, entertainment and similar stocks. Again, stereotypes don’t spring from thin air.

  4. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    Usury is the base on which antisemitism primarily rests. It was the cause which provoked Edward I to expel all Jews from England in 1290, over half a century before the Black Death. It was arguably the most popular action by an English king.

    Until Jews began to filter back to England during Cromwell’s time during the 1650s Jews had no acknowledged position in English society, although a few may have lived incognito in England. Thus England had more than 350 years without any serious Jewish influence. Moro ever, it was during that period that England developed the commercial strength which provided the financing of the one and only bootstrapped Industrial Revolution which took place with little if any Jewish intervention.

  5. SS
    SS says:

    First Jewish belly-aching I ever experienced was Jewish writers complaining in the media about the Rosenberg case. {“I saw the headline. I felt physically ill. It was happening again, and in America!”} That is tied with “my family came here to escape pogroms”. Holocaust mania followed soon after. This Jews have horns things, I never heard until the the last decade or so. Christians were raised on illustrated Bible stories and Christmas plays and nobody ever included horns as part of the Israelite costume. Jews, shut up about horns, you made that up.

    • Flo
      Flo says:

      And don’t forget the ADL came to prominence defending the Jewish pencil-making shop manager Leo Frank — the creepy little perv who raped (or tried to rape) and murdered one of his young girl employees — a shiksa, of course.

      • White man.
        White man. says:

        Do not use the disgusting jewish word ‘shiksa’ to describe a thirteen year old White gentile girl who was raped and murdered by a disgusting jew (who subsequently attempted to pin his vile crime on a negro), thank you very much.

  6. anarchyst
    anarchyst says:

    It is likely that the “black death” WAS a result of lack of hygiene amongst jewish communities. Even today, jews are not known for exercising good personal hygiene habits.
    Just recently, a jewish family was removed from an airline flight out of Detroit because their personal odor was offensive to others, to both the flight crew and other passengers. The airline was kind enough to give them a (free) hotel room for the night so they could “freshen up”. They were put on a flight the next day. Sad to say, the (stinky) jews are now suing the airline for “discrimination”. Chutzpah, indeed.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      It was more involved than that, and I smelt a rat from hour one.

      01 They had booked a flight from Detroit to Miami en route to Tel Aviv.
      02 They were taken off the AA flight Miami-Tel Aviv, after having already boarded, due to staff and passengers’ bo complaints.
      03 Naturally, as professional victims, they claimed to have been insulted by the staff and others, as being known to shower only once a week, with some Orthodox habits having been thrown in.
      04 AA provided a free overnight room, ” presumably ” with a shower.
      05 An expensive return flight Detroit-Tel Aviv, certainly would have entailed some elaborate arrangements at the destination.
      06 When, after a free shower, they instead chose to return to Detroit, rather than continue to Tel Aviv, I knew instinctively that something characteristically Jewish was at play here.
      07 They sued AA with overtones of corporate anti-Semitism, probably anticipating a generous No Disclosure Agreement.
      08 I felt more vindicated than surprised, when I read two weeks later, that they were already involved, as Defendants, in three other fraud suits.

  7. Name the Jew
    Name the Jew says:

    Everything comes back to the Jewish plot to take over the world. They are the cause of everything sinister that has happened on this planet. Everything else we have been told to fill our brains to believe that it was an Irishman or an Italian or a Frenchman is just more propaganda the Jew has put out there for us to believe that is false! Everything we are being told now is propaganda. How do we know how many people died in a major communist nation? How do we know where this “virus” has spread or that it is even a real threat? We don’t know and that is the point. We only know what is being reported, what is being TOLD to us. And where does this information come from? Jewish dominated and controlled media. Unless you personally know someone in China or Italy or anywhere else in the world where they can tell you for a fact that they know hundreds have died (not just by news reports in their areas), then we should sit back and see this communist Jewish plot again taking hold of our government to overthrow Trump!

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      @ “Name the Jew”

      Only “everything sinister” that has ever happened? Why not “everything”? A power so omnipotent and omniscient that it can make us all believe in e.g. non-existent virus deaths in Europe and Asia must have godlike characteristics and no reason to “overthrow Trump” who must be one of its creatures in any case.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Jews are very modest.

        They would never dream of allowing people to find out all the good things they do (kidding).

        Trump has his Jews, and the anti-Trumps have theirs. It seems that there is a battle going on between Zionist (Trump) Jews and secular (anti-Trump) Jews.

  8. Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson says:

    The parasites known as viruses have no means to sustain themselves outside a host cell. They invade, often by subterfuge, a cell, hijack the cell’s sustenance and productive capacity, multiply, kill the cell, and then spread to other healthy cells to repeat the process: Plunder and destroy.

    The Jews have no will to sustain themselves outside a host society. They invade, often by subterfuge, a society, hijack the society’s sustenance and productive capacity, multiply, kill the society, and then spread to other health societies to repeat the process: Plunder and destroy.

    The Jews are a plague in of themselves.

  9. David Ashton
    David Ashton says:

    Norman Cantor’s “Sacred Chain” (1995) is a less lachrymose and more revisionist version of Jewish history, and was attacked by other Jews for this reason. Worth perusal is Joshua Trachtenberg’s “The Devil and the Jews” (2002). Ethnic accusations of pestilence-spreading and even well-poisoning have not been confined to medieval western Europe.

  10. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    @3:49 to 4:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH5QzuzD01A

    Now you can see why they wanted him out of the White House.

    He refers to them as The Party of Davos, The Wall St. Crowd, The IR Departments of China, The investment banks, Goldman Sachs.

    But I refer to them as Jewish Supremacy Inc.

    Then there’s this. Starting @2:44

    As I like to say, Who needs a Conspiracy Theory when you have

    The Facts of Cultural History
    The Patterns of Human Behavior
    The Reality of Current Events
    The Skills of Critical Thinking
    The Quantity and Quality of Knowledge greater than ever. Ever.
    The Internet
    The websites, TOO, TUR, etc.?

    And the answer, obviously, is, You don’t!
    You don’t need a Conspiracy Theory.
    You just need to do your homework and exercise your right to freedom of speech and assembly.

    But, oh, wait. We can’t! What a coincidence. No?

    No! No. No coincidence at all.

    What we are witnessing is The Merger! The Partnership of

    Jewish Supremacy Inc. & The Chi-Com International.

    These are two cultures, roughly the same age, about 4,000 years and remain, after all of that time, cultures of blind obedience to authority, as opposed to European man’s culture of individual conscience, which took a couple of thousand years to create. And that’s what it was, a creation. One that both JSI and The CCP benefited from in one way or another.

    Both of them represent better than any other culture The Four Sanctions of, Economic Deprivation, Imprisonment, Torture, and Death.

    European man’s culture represents the ONLY attempt of an inversion of those sanctions, Economic Ease, The Privileges of Freedom, Respect for The Individual, The Value of Life.

    The enormous success of both JSI and The CCP is its own refutation of their accusations against us.

    They’ve basically violated those they’re dependent on. Which is why I’ve said many times that their victory will be Pyrrhic, at best.

    But, to doubt, after all we’ve been through with them both, especially JSI, that they’re not capable of unleashing a merciless, unholy hell on us, and without a catch in the thoat, in fact, actually getting a thrill from their self-created, insane drama, is to simply not be in full possession of your faculties.

    But we are. And you guys know who I mean by “we.” Cause it obviously isn’t everyone.

    As the kids online like to joke (and let’s face it, it’s a funny one, exactly because it’s true) “Oy Vey! Shut it down! They know.”

    That’s exactly right. And that’s what they’ve down. Literally.

    They’ve shut it down.

    Make no mistake about it. This shutdown is The Merger’s way of showing its power. The shutdown is The Merger’s power display. Like the Chi-Com marching its military through Tiananment Square.

    This shutdown will be used to give them the time they need to force our hand and secure their Pyrrhic Victory.

  11. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Dr. Joyce, where you describe and portray Borat as lying in bed clutching a cross and cash, I and probably many others here, see him clutching a tool: with a head of a hammer, opposed by the blade of an axe and topped by a flat pry-bar, slotted to pull nails.

    I abstain from bestowing any possible symbolism to this curiosity.

  12. Eric
    Eric says:

    “….ultra-orthodox Jews being chased by coughing skinheads” — I had to laugh at that ludicrous image.

    Jews have gotten the goyim (and each other) to believe in the most preposterous things.

    I have mixed feelings when it comes to accounts of Europeans persecuting the Jews. False accusations are intrinsically offensive.

    On the other hand, because I’m convinced that the Jews deserved every bit of persecution they got and more, I am disappointed when it turns out that they didn’t get what was coming to them.

    If they had, maybe we wouldn’t be dealing with their insolence right now.

  13. bruno
    bruno says:

    Enjoyed the middle part of this article about lending. I had access to the crème de la crème of the intelligentsia within the Workers’ Paradise. When dinning it was common for the topic of zyds to pop up. Kind and decent people were perturbed about the preponderance of zyds within the elite of bureaucratic administration. Nearly everyone attributed this to a feeling of nationhood. It was quite normal to hear references of incompetence sitting at the top because of networking. On the other hand, everyone had a “fear of the Z.”

  14. b loney
    b loney says:

    We just need to look at how they behave once they got their own little country in ME, look how they destroy and poison their unfortunate captives/ neighbours the Arabs

  15. john Lilburne
    john Lilburne says:

    Because of the network of Jews there may have indeed been a link between the Jews and the plague…but not deliberate but the association would have been seen by the people who worked with the Jews

    Community is just 0.3% of population, yet nearly 5% of UK virus dead are Jewish

    “This petri dish of paranoia coexists with awkward Jewish discussions of the fact that Jewish communities are ideal incubators of disease because, in the words of The Forward, “the density of Jewish social networks across all denominations is almost twice as thick as that of the average American.” Less than a year after New York’s orthodox Jewish communities became epicenters for a resurgence of measles, concerns are already growing that the same communities are going to be a devil’s playground for COVID-19, which has already claimed the lives of two ultra-orthodox Jews in London”.

  16. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    My current theory is that Diversity brings plagues and pandemics. A lack of border enforcement and a political policy of importing as many immigrants as possible from disease-ridden countries is guaranteed to plunge any society into chaos and misery.

  17. David Ashton
    David Ashton says:

    I doubt if there is much truth in the medieval accusation that Jews poisoned local wells, not because I am a shill for Israel or a paid slave of the Illuminati-Jesuit-Jewish-Masonic World Conspiracy (with or without Lizards from Lemuria), though some contributors may darkly suspect otherwise, and request that I stand aside from “preventing” the “real” holocaust that Hitler failed to accomplish but is the only way forward for white survival.

    On the plagues then attributed by illiterate, superstitious but desperately fearful peasants to this suicidal provocation, serious readers may be interested in online articles, such as: Christian Nordqvist, “Origins of the Black Death traced to China….”, Medical News Today, November 1, 2010, & K. Dean et al, “Human ectoparasites & the spread of plague in Europe during the Second Pandemic,” PNAS, February 6, 2018.

    There may be something in the persistent “trope” of foetor judaicus, satirised along with most other negative traits by Christopher Marlowe in “The Jew of Malta”, almost certainly the consumption of garlic.

    Typhus as a phenomenon of crowded and unsanitary circumstances in eastern Europe, especially in wartime, is another issue with a bearing on Jewish history.

    • Disgusted
      Disgusted says:

      ‘not because I am a shill for Israel or a paid slave of the Illuminati-Jesuit-Jewish-Masonic World Conspiracy (with or without Lizards from Lemuria), though some contributors may darkly suspect otherwise, and request that I stand aside from “preventing” the “real” holocaust that Hitler failed to accomplish but is the only way forward for white survival.’

      I just think you are a mischling Jew with an attitude problem trying to infiltrate and moderate the comments here personally.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Mr. Ashton:

      01 It’s high time you started to differentiate between all of your mere, deliberately maliciously cited, primitively anti-Semitic ” ALLEGATIONS ” against these harmless folks and historically proven, documented facts.

      02 The NYT published the 1987 obituary on Abba Kovner: the much awarded Israeli ” poet ” and ” author “, with a mere byline for his brave partisan, anti-Nazi activities during the latter’s occupation of Lithuania.

      03 If you go to one Wikipedia entry, you find out, that he wanted to poison the water-supply of only Nuremberg. But his and his equally deranged cohorts were going to poison 6 million Germans: 1:1.
      And Nuremberg, at that time, counted 195,000; a bit shy of 6 million.

      04 This, in turn, obliges us to go to yet another Wikipedia entry, apparently not coordinated with the Hasbara warriors of the other one, which divulges, that Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and indeed Nuremberg were intended to have their water poisoned. Berlin, surrounded by Communists, remained safe.

      05 Kovner travelled to Israel to purchase sufficient poison. He returned to GB aboard a Royal Navy destroyer; if memory serves, illegally dressed in a British uniform. [ Photos on the net ]. Aroused crew suspicions obliged him to jettison his goods overboard and he was
      ”’ briefly ”’ arrested.

      06 Therefore Plan B was activated, poisoning the bread supply for a great number of Wehrmacht POWs held by the Americans. Their arsenic brushed under the loaves proved too weak: merely hospitalizing 1500-2000 of the intended victims.

      07 Please don’t imply that this was not poisoning a well, since they targeted water mains instead; and it doesn’t count, because it failed !!!

      08 The far from unique massacre of all of the population of the small Palestinian village of Deir Yassin, an annoyance for the ” Jewish Freedom Fighters “, on the road between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, certainly poisoned their communal well, after the bodies of the old men, women and children were thrown into it, to avoid possible press coverage. The ” most moral army in the world ! ” Indeed !!!

      09 After taking in all the exhibits at Yad Vashem, you may look toward Jerusalem, preferably without realizing that it is Deir Yassin, that lies in between.

      10 Of course we need to add that location mentioned above where these most often brutal settlers poisoned the well in the West Bank.

      11 Additionally, the Electronic Intifada, prohibiting anti-Semitism in its otherwise partisan publication, quite often features well poisoning, and a hell of a lot worse. It wrote of a small Palestinian enclave using the water from a spring-fed pool. Some local, too often gangster settlers, fenced off said pool and began using it as a recreational swimming hole; having an obvious drinking water supply nearby for themselves.

      12 Mr. Ashton, one need not rely on other peoples’ conspiracy theories and allegations. Look, learn and listen: particularly to the very proponents of these inhumane deportments themselves. While spouting rabbinical, ADL and MSM untreated sewage. [ Spelled ‘ sewerage ‘ where you are at home: while the smell remains universal ].

      • David Ashton
        David Ashton says:

        @ Mr Disgusted
        I am not a Jew, half-Jew, quarter-Jew, or any Jew, by race, religion or affiliation. Once again this assertion on TOO exposes the bigotry in the eye of the beholder. My father’s family, for the record, were white English folk from Devon, where my father was a chorister in Charles Church, Plymouth, a naval land-service volunteer in WW1 and later an active blackshirt in Mosley’s British Union. My mother’s family were white English people from Berkshire, her own mother having the old Anglo-Saxon surname Dear. They married in one church in Chingford, Essex, and I was christened in another. All their siblings were English whites and those who married did so in church. All my cousins were and are white people – if this is relevant to any facts or arguments I post here which should be judged on their own merits, not on my ancestry.

        It is quite possible to take a balanced, informed and critical view of Jews and Jewish activities, without entering a fantasy land that not only makes them laugh at stupid goyim but inhibits any effective or constructive resolution of such problems as the Zionist lobby in the USA/UK or Hollywood promotion of decadence, &c. And when nutcase nonsense is accompanied by violent rage, it gives Jewish “defence” groups a pretext to press for censorship of serious criticism.

        @ Charles Frey.
        I accept all events in history supported by sufficient evidence in each and every case, including the Kovner crime, not to mention Deir Yasin and other atrocities past and recent. I have books and articles on these matters Why shouldn’t I? My views on Jews, Arabs, Poles and Japanese are evidence-driven, though always subject to serious revision. I may be unfair, but I suspect you start with an ideological position and pick what you want to fit. I prefer to try and follow the guidance of Keynes, a homosexual but also a eugenicist: “If the facts change, I change my opinions – what do you do?”

        • Jay Johnson
          Jay Johnson says:

          Crimes by the Jews relating to mass death:

          – The Communist tyranny, then and now (Mark and Engels both were Jews.
          – WW-I
          The extension of WW-I by two-years (The Balfour Declaration)
          – The Bolshevik takeover of Russia and the mass slaughter of its people and neighbors by terror, war, famine, and gulag.
          – The WW-I caused Spanish Flu
          – The Bolshevik genocide, direct and via famine, against the Slavic peoples and Ukrainians (The Holodomor)
          – Attacking and unleashing chaos and destruction upon Germany society and culture in the immediate years after WW-I (Germany was just about plundered and destroyed AFTER WW-I by Jews and their Communism, hence the German animosity towards them. A prelude to what the Jews were to do to Spain a decade or so later)
          – The worldwide Great Depression (A result of the Jews’ great plundering in the 1920s)
          – The Spanish Civil War (The Jews instigated it as part of their “Two-Revolution” strategy, but were thwarted by Spanish patriots, causing the Jews to send many terrorist brigades to slay the resistant Spanish people)
          – WW-I caused WW-II, via the Jew delegation at the 1919 “Peace” conference (The Jews were also the first, 1933, nation to declare war on another country, Germany, in what became WW-II)
          – The manipulation of the US Tyranny into war against Japan.
          – The plundering, and de facto enslavement in Palestine, of poorer European Jews via the Haavara Agreement
          – The prolonging of WW-II by keeping the Allies to a schedule in the West (Patton said as much, and the Jews killed him for it)
          – The forced removal and genocide against ethnic Germans in Eastern Europe after WW-II
          – The nuclear bomb
          – The wholesale shipping of nuclear bomb knowledge and materials via LendLease to the Soviet Union during WW-II (Jordan Diaries)
          – The Cold War
          – Oppression and torture in Cold War East Germany (The Stasi was a organ of the Jews, that were supposedly slaughtered by Germany)
          – Mao China’s Great Famine and death camps (Mao was Yale trained and surrounded by Jews)
          – Murder of JFK
          – The terror and tyranny unleashed on Chile (Kissinger)
          – The plundering and destruction of many economies around the world (Soros)
          – The further plundering of America by way of the Jew controlled Federal Reserve (grift-machine)
          – The ongoing genocide in Palestine
          – The suffering and destruction of the Middle-East
          – 9/11

          Those are just the Jews’ direct crimes I can come up with off the top of my head. There are more Then there are the crimes that are indirectly attributable to the Jews’ direct crimes. e.g. the Jews’ plundering of our economies has lead to millions of lives lost to poverty, crime, tyranny, disease, malnutrition, war and more war, etc. and has caused incomprehensible amounts of human misery.

          Jews are death.

          • David Ashton
            David Ashton says:

            @ Jay Johnson
            I have an IMMENSE collection of books, articles and photographs on almost all every one of these subjects. I wrote about the “red holocaust” in detail when I proposed and helped organize a 50-year Commemoration of the Victims of Bolshevism in the Albert Hall in 1967. Speaking for myself, I do not need to be lectured by someone who thinks Engels was a Jew.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          Good for you:

          01 Have you changed your views on Jewish well poisoning in view of Kovner, Deir Yassin and the Electronic Intifada reportage, which I never found to be unsubstantiated under the iron hand of its founder/publisher, who sees his strength in his uncompromising credibility.

          02 I wonder what you were fed in English schools on the cause of hostilities between the West and Japan. Perhaps you were off ill when and if they taught about that Harry Dexter White [ Weiss ] GRU Moscow asset and Jewish bum boy to Jew Morgenthau Jr., who wrote his Hull Note to the Japanese, deliberately formulated so as to be unacceptable: serving as an ultimatum.
          Drawing Yamamato to Pearl Harbor, away from his beloved USSR.

          03 What about Poland, about which you are also magnanimously prepared to change your mind. Did that drunken swine Churchill not at least nod approval of the assassination of Sikorski, while a guest of the British Governor of Gibraltar, simultaneously hosting Kim Philby, one of the then Cambridge Four [ now Five ], who was a Russian agent stationed in Barcelona ?

          04 I don’t fit my opinions into a preconceived ideological stance. That has been convincingly and amply filled by personal and painful experiences: rather than other people’s alleged first hand experience with Mengele.

          05 Facts, by definition, don’t ” change “, except perhaps for Keynes, [ ” the homosexual ” ]. Facts remain facts, despite propagandistically useful distortions, mercifully increasingly identified as such by that handful of disinterested historiographers: particularly honest Russians not yet under the cudgel of Western academics and their leadership.

          Devon is beautiful. I spent two weeks at Torquay Bay: wondering but not worrying about the A bombs the USSR had allegedly anchored off the adjacent sea floor, to be detonated via radio signal.

          • David Ashton
            David Ashton says:

            @ Charles Frey
            Your suspicious imagination gets the better of you (again); an occupational hazard of many monomaniac “anti-Semites”.
            I have a considerable library on communist espionage and subversion, wrote extensively about it in anti-Soviet journals from the 1960s onwards, and I was actually a schoolboy when I bought a copy of Charles Tansill’s “Back Door to War” that previously belonged to Russell Grenfell in a s/h bookshop in Chelmsford, Essex.
            Your comment on my “attitude” to Poland makes no sense to me.
            No, I don’t think settler crimes in the West Bank could prove that Jews (or lepers and witches) poisoned wells in Western Europe some six centuries previously. My thoughts on the latter question seem to parallel those of the Nazi historian Wilhelm Grau in “Antisemitismus im spaeten Mittelalter” (1934).
            I read Alison Weir and Asa Winstanley, and also their critics.
            To adapt a Roman Empire metaphor, Charles quibbles while Eric burns.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            A superb, soberly stated reply, Charles—not that it will have much of an impact on your interlocutor, I fear.

            I may be unfair, but I suspect you start with an ideological position and pick what you want to fit.

            I have trouble imagining Mr. Ashton kneeling in prayer, but if he did, the just-quoted sentence suggests that perhaps his orison would be something like this: “O heavenly Parent, if indeed there be such a being as You, as I labor, heedless of the cost, to enlighten the intellects and quicken the hearts of the dimwitted proles at TOO and other such sinkholes of ignorance and bigotry through the display of the refulgent superiority of my character, grant me the patience, if it be Your will, to be big about it.”

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      Quelle surprise – A Jew trying to extort money during a crisis.
      Mayor Jim Kenney accused California businessman Joel Freedman — who is seeking about $1 million A MONTH to use the facility (which is currently closed) of “jacking up monthly prices” to profit from the coronavirus crisis. Sam Singer, a spokesperson for Freedman responded :
      “If the city wants the property, we’ll sell it to them at fair market value”

      • Flo
        Flo says:

        A hasid in New York was recently arrested for intentionally coughing on one of the arresting officers. He was being investigated for having pallets of medical masks — many thousands in all.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          Flo, in addition to voluminous related supplies required for the fight, stored in his repair shop; as witnessed by the arresting officers. Simply and characteristically denied at court. What ? Me ?

          The Israeli media itself disclosed, that Israel had acquired huge amounts of all vital supplies through the combined endeavors of their Mossad and IDF. [ Irving ]. No doubt ably assisted by their masked little elves. The point of purchase of these essentials, has not been disclosed by its habitually lucky new owners.

          And why blame them anyway, since their war-crime theft of the limited little effort undertaken by the Gazans, to protect their own, was insufficient to make a dent.

          B’Tselem reported and videotaped [ net ] Israeli troops dismantling an in any case modest attempt at building a treatment and isolation center in Northern Gaza. Clearly a War Crime and in contravention of more than one Geneva Convention. But the road to the ICC was already helpfully blocked by the US earlier.

          A number of tents, some meagre supplies, even several pallets of concrete blocks intended as flooring: hoisted by crane onto trucks.

          And this execrable scum finds intellectual elbow-room to criticize the Einsatzgruppen.

          B’Tselem is a primarily Jewish endeavor, attempting to stay true to the less offensive aspects of Judaism. Alone for that, their LOYALTY is questioned by the only Democratic state in the ME and consequently the law requires them to report all donations, foreign and domestic.

          Unlike in Virginia, where the Zionist bacillus is embedded in its very Legislature, its appointments decided by them, BUT entirely funded by the taxpayer at large; personal expenses and all. Including very costly favorable trade relations, outright subsidies and of course state contracts for Israeli and local Israeli-owned companies. Adhered to some of the time, when not declaring ” bankruptcy “.

          Better let Virginia-resident, and long-time, retired CIA analyst Philip Giraldi tell you the remainder of this further enormous theft; currently at UNZ REVIEW.

          We all know that Tax Freedom Day signifies the months of a current year, before which Americans have paid homage solely to Internal Revenue: at all levels.

          What day signifies the day of the year on which Americans have proportionately finished paying homage and imperial tribute, in non-reciprocal cash, to the insatiable Zionist entities ?

          Let’s call it Day Z: [ suitably the ‘ last ‘ thing ], but where does IT fall ?

  18. David Ashton
    David Ashton says:

    My contributions to TOO have provoked a certain amount of personal abuse and ethnic misidentification. My main motive is simple enough: if you have any chance of beating the ADL &c &c at their own game, you must be rational and factual, and not give the appearance of being cranky, crazy or criminal.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      01 Obviously your recent remark, that ” Charles fiddles while Eric burns ” is not intended as offensive. You alone are the victim. My mention of Devon, which you listed as one of the birthplaces of your
      extended family was intended as a peace offering to paper over our considerable differences: in the interest of the tone of this site.

      02 I do not doubt, that you have considerable holdings in books, photos and papers; regarding your Albert Hall endeavo[u]r as well: and that you have studied them. All the more reason to not deny Jewish well poisoning, [ proudly ] admitted by their perpetrators and impartially
      though somewhat reluctantly internationally documented. [ NOW, after my diatribe, even YOU admit to Kovner and Deir Yassin ].

      03 What, exactly, is your repeated relationship to facts which you once again admonish us to adhere to, so as to [ finally ] become credible vis-à-vis the ADL, etc. ? The ADL, whose former Kapo Foxman himself opined in the Israeli media, that false flag anti-Semitic incidents are counter-productive, [ though useful for statistics and state subsidized legislation ]. While current Chief Greenblatt demands subsidies from Washington, due to diminished tribal contributions engendered by the virus. Indeed, why shouldn’t the US taxpayer at large pay for his own being bullshitted into never ceasing, unaffordable, guilt-based imperial tributes !?

      04 The only facts that the Jewish Community will ever agree with, are once again being prepared for them in book form, by two Jewish Intellectuals, pushed in Berlin’s Juedische Allgemeine and its US counterpart.

      My somewhat reduced review of both books’ previews: Everything negative EVER written about Jews is a Christian lie.

      Do you recommend that we buy into that so as to stay on their combined good side ???

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        I hasten to add, that, pursuant to one of these two Disney tomes our hatred for them is primarily engendered by a deep, subconscious feeling of inferiority – our inability to achieve what they did.

        On the bright side, that may keep us out of the docket at the ICC.

      • David Ashton
        David Ashton says:

        @ Charles Frey:
        I do not “now admit” anything about Deir Yasin, or similar atrocities; I have never condoned or denied them, but always condemned them. True the only recent adverse reference to Israel I have published in cyberspace was in attacking Epstein-Maxwell, citing the murders by Mossad. But then I have other interests in my remaining years of life, at present under biological house arrest.

        Sorry if you were offended by a quip from yours truly, who has been “attacked” as a Jew, a half-breed, or a troll based in Israel, by TOO contributors, or by a “joke” about me as arrogant in prayer by one of your admirers. Thank you however for your kind remarks about Devon, one of the largely white English areas left in Britain, unlike my later homeland, Waltham Forest, with its 16 or so mosques and a vicar who wants another one, plus its Somali, Caribbean and other foreign gangs. Torquay is well-known for Agatha (“Ten Little Persons of Colour”) Christie; areas I know better are Plymouth, Bideford, Buckfast Leigh and Barnstaple; “Drake’s Drum”, “Westward Ho!” and all that.

        Incidentally, I agree more or less with what Eric has said about Trump. As for Hilaire Belloc, I would certainly recommend the 1937 edition of “The Jews”. I have Charles Porter’s online account of Schopenhauer’s comments – similar those of Eugen Duehring; I have no idea how true was the OT account of the departure of Moses and his “mixed multitude” from Egypt. I was too late to put another documented comment on Nietzsche’s “antisemitism” or “lack” of it. What has persisted over the centuries and in different countries are adverse comments on Jewish narrow ethnocentrism and their “commercial” skill and/or malpractice. As for a few modern examples, see e.g. Nancy Harrowitz (ed) “Tainted Greatness: Antisemitism & Cultural Heroes” (1994).

        The battle for support is the issue: to counter the methods used by powerful enemies rather than to convert those enemies to a different outlook. The futile options are (1) to self-isolate as an echo-chamber exchanging fantasies, or (2) to publish stuff that incites psychopaths to commit crimes. An effective strategy is to persuade the ordinary public with facts, reason and a position on the moral high-ground.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      I think it is perfectly rational to require the Jews to leave our countries and move to their own country, Israel. They should not be allowed to have their own country and rule our countries as well through their disproportionate influence on our institutions: banking, finance, law, medicine, media, entertainment, publishing, the arts, etc. Our U.S. Congress is literally owned by the Jews through their lobbying group AIPAC.

      I don’t think that anyone would accuse Hilaire Belloc of being irrational and un-factual in his arguments. He said what I have said, and did so before the Jews had their own nation.

      I don’t think that anyone would accuse Schopenhauer of being irrational and un-factual in his arguments, and he agreed with me. He said that the Jews are properly regarded as a nation. They have their own national interests whether or not they have a land of their own. They cannot help but subvert any other nation that they occupy and work against the interests of said nation’s people.

      You act as though the ADL, SPLC and other Jewish organizations are paragons of reason and fact-based argumentation. No, they are outright liars, and they need to be called out on their lying and their insolent presumption. White people need to know about the likes of Barbara Spectre, Tim Wise, Noel Ignatiev, and other such Jewish haters.

      You are right in the sense that the Jews have made the goyim look askance at people who are pro-white, or people such as Hitler, who defended white people against both Jewish finance capitalism and Jewish communism.

      But that is all the more reason to be bold and unrelenting in our critique of the Jews and our demand that they be removed from our societies.

      To frame the argument on their terms, to accept their definition of what is factual and reasonable, is to forfeit the match before it has even begun. Either we keep them around and die, or we live. It’s that simple.

      • David Ashton
        David Ashton says:

        @ Eric
        Like life itself, it is NOT “that simple”. However, I have no more expectation of converting you to my non-violent proposals than either of us have of converting (say) Abe Foxman, Lillian Pinkus, – or Noel Ignatiev (whom I shall attack in a yet unfinished online review of Renaud Camus). It is not so much a “fear of naming ‘the’ enemy” but a matter of UNDERSTANDING how and why they so think and act. And why they WELCOME futile rages, threats of a “real holocaust”, illiterate abuse, “racial” generalisations, and half-baked nonsense from weirdos; all grist to the victim-pose with the third-party general public and gratuitous assets for demanding “hate-speech” and “no-platform” restrictions from politicians already in financial obligation.

        It is also wise to keep a realistic sense of proportion, especially over statistics, whether it is the scale of Covid-19 deaths (Jew-hoaxed “hardly any” vs. Jew-planned “global depopulation”), or “the Jews” killed 80 million Christians in 1917-20 whereas “the Germans” killed hardly any Jews between 1933 and 1945.

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          You’re mistaking a neutral party — white people in general — for a partisan one: Jews will telling white people what they think or should think.

          “Futile rages, threats of a ‘real holocaust,’ illiterate abuse, ‘racial’ generalisations, and half-baked nonsense from weirdos” — this is Jewish rhetoric and nothing more. It infected Britain first, and now it has infected America.

          You’re letting the opponent set the terms of the debate and frame the narrative.

          Not a good tactic.

          In the United States, such a tactic has transformed “the land of the free and the home of the brave” into a nation of quasi-zombies skulking around in face masks “because of COVID-19” — an insignificant bug (if it even exists at all) that is now the excuse for destroying an economy and creating a police state.

  19. Peter
    Peter says:

    “social, economic, and political factors were of much greater import in fanning the flame of antisemitism than is generally understood.” This statement is in the article and relates to the Black Death. I think Dr. Joyce essentially said the same thing in his outstanding article Final Solution: The Fate of the Jews, 1933–49. He cites Jewish assassinations of politicians (now just referred to as “NAZIS” to justify whatever the Jews did to them), Jews organizing international boycotts of German goods, Jews organizing rallies against Germany (around the world and immediately upon Hitler taking power, with important political figures in attendance), Jews leading role in the deadliest regime in Europe, the USSR, Jews openly calling for the genocide of Germans in books like “Germany Must Perish!” and Jews leaving booby traps in evacuated buildings that would blow up unsuspecting Germans when they occupied a city as reasons why Jews were treated as they were by Germans. So like the Black Plague, similarly, WW II and perhaps most history written regarding Jews is missing crucial information that changes everything once that missing information is considered. For example, WW II. How can any objective history be written to understand the conflict if mainstream historians cover up and essentially lie by denying and ignoring the fact that the Christian hating Soviet Union was founded and dominated by Jews for over a decade and German politicians (again, “NAZIS” to demonize everything they said) railed against Jewish Bolshevism in their speeches. Ever since the war and still today Jews will deny Russian President Putin’s statement to a Jewish group that 80 to 85% of the USSR’s politicians were Jews. And to further blind people to the Jews role in WW II, gross propaganda and 75 years of exaggerations and lies are used to describe the “Holocaust”. So, apparently like all history regarding Jews, even a very basic understating of WW II is impossible because facts central to the conflict are deliberately left out, and forcefully left out. . .

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Peter, not only forcefully and deliberately left out of all accounts, public and private, but legislatively falsified in all essential early curricula by predominantly Jewish state educational committee’s chairpersons. Loyal Americans to the last: by some also hijacked definition.

      And this bullshit extends to the present ME and of course bad, bad Russia as well. The better for them to plunder it for the third time through regime change: after 1917 and Harvard’s Jews [ 1990s ]: again funded by the bullshitted US taxpayer through Washington’s USAID. For private gain.

      With my profoundest apologies to Mr. Walsh.

      • Peter
        Peter says:

        I can’t help wondering if there will be a great awakening across Europe and those countries settled by Europeans where this falsification of history is revealed. I think much of it actually has been revealed by a handful of historians including David Irving but of course he’s been thrown in jail for what he’s said and written, so right there, that is evidence that what he’s revealed is a threat to those in power (Jews and others) and it’s truthful. But many British, Americans, Russians and others also have reasons to uphold the lies because the current narrative makes them the good guys and the “NAZIS” evil even though the whole narrative is a farce. This farce has allowed the Jews to dominate the west (consider) the other article Semitophobia recently posted on this website and its allowed the Jews to take over Ukraine again. I go there every three months and from my conversations with people it’s obvious the Jews dominate everything there, including the all important media. The Jews murdered millions of Ukrainians and many Ukrainians correctly viewed Jews as the enemy but most Ukrainians see Jews as the victims and not the victimizers. The world is waiting for an all encompassing documentary that will bring up all these points. I believe such a film / documentary could be a block buster like no other film before it but for this to happen the Jews will first have to lose the grip they have on everything.

  20. George Mackenzie
    George Mackenzie says:

    I remember reading that Jews used a kind of biological warfare in poisoning wells and other water sources like aquaducts, during the biblical hebrew period. Similar accusations were made by Palestinians during and after the Nakba. I would not put it past Jews to spread mass poisoning covertly through water contamination. They spread it in many other ways: promoting drugs and alcohol, porn poison, opioids, the opium wars in China, Monsanto (originally sephardic Jews), etc.

  21. David Ashton
    David Ashton says:

    Quibble averted: my reply to Mr Frey should say Carlos not Charles Porter. No excuse as I was reading his booklet on the Nuremberg defendants this morning (GMT).

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