Thoughts from a Leather Couch About COVID-19

Note: I wrote this article on March 30th.  After I finished it, I thought, “You’re ancient and losing it and unqualified to be writing about this topic.  Everybody is on board with how to come at this COVID-19 pandemic and there has to be something wrong with you.”  I set the article aside.  It’s now April 1st and I re-read it and went, “Oh, put it out there.  It’s your truth even if it isn’t the truth.  Readers will know enough to take it for what it’s worth.”   So here it is.

*   *   *

Leather couch in the title of this article refers to where I spend most all of my time these days in my living room.   I’m retired and geriatric old—80 next month—and I possess next to no energy, and spinal stenosis and arthritis are really bad, and in the morning, it’s all I can do to make breakfast and get the cereal with fruit and a cup of coffee and glass of milk to the leather couch to consume while I read The New York Times on my laptop, hell of a deal.

Today’s [March 30th] Times headline was “As U.S. Death Toll Climbs, Washington Weighs New Emergency Steps.” [April 1st, it is “Virus May Kill 100,000 to 240,000, Experts Say.”]  It’s online, but what I would call the front page of the Times had 13 stories—every one of them was about the current COVID-19 crisis.  There were 11 opinion pieces on the front page—same thing.

This has been going on for weeks.  The Times is really hyping this issue.   I’m told (I rarely leave the house except once in a while to go to the supermarket and to get books at the library, so I don’t really know for myself) that business activity is shut down and everybody is holed up in their abodes and washing their hands super carefully (I’m pretty good at that) and trying to keep from touching their faces (I could use some improvement there) and staying away from other people (my specialty).   The Times said that President Trump announced this arrangement is going to go on for another month.

I’m finding that one of the major activities in my old age, at least until the dementia sets in—or gets worse, whichever it is—is to sit on this leather couch I’m sitting on at this moment and watch, as it were, a rerun of my life’s movie being projected inside my head.

One of the very early scenes of my biopic, I was probably four, this was Minnesota, I heard a plane go overhead and pointed it out to my mother.

She replied, jokingly I now realize—or was she maliciously trying to scare me?—“That could be a German plane dropping a bomb on us.”

“A what?”

“A bomb.  We’re at war with the Germans.”

I didn’t know what a bomb, a war, or a German was at that time and I left it at that and went about my day, such as it must have been.  But for some reason that episode is in my movie over 75 years later.

Which is a lead-in to my first point in this writing:  No bomb has ever been dropped on me, literally or figuratively, in the whole of my life until now; this COVID-19 “bomb” has hit its target, I’m feeling it.   And to keep the movie scene connection going, I’m just about as clueless about what’s going on with this virus and the collective response to it as I was about the plane back in 1944.

All to say, I’ve got some personal investment in this COVID-19 issue—enough to get me to take the time to write this up—but I’m not trying to play expert here.  What I am trying to do is get across the thoughts of an average Joe—me–for your consideration.  This is what I would say to you if somehow you got yourself into the red easy chair that is six feet away from me sitting here on this couch.

*   *   *

As I sit here day after day—is it Tuesday or Wednesday?—I realize what little involvement I have had in the big events of my time on earth and how little impact they have had on me.  It’s the no-bomb-has-dropped-on-my-head point in the last section.  There was a polio epidemic in the ‘40s, and my mother told me going swimming in a lake was deadly bad (you could catch polio that way, or so she thought anyway), and I’ve been afraid of the water ever since.  That’s not much.  In grade school, I practiced getting under my desk like the teacher said so I’d be protected when the Russians dropped an atomic bomb on Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Though as I think about now, I’m not sure how much good being under the desk would have done for me if that had happened, and the truth is I never caught on to exactly why I was crouching under the desk in the first place.   The Korean War was a map in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press newspaper showing a battle line near the city of Pusan at the bottom of South Korea, and then there was the Inchon landing up near the city of Seoul, and then the Chinese driving us back from where we’d gotten in North Korea to about where things were when the war started, but what that had to do with anything, I couldn’t have told you.   I didn’t have to fight in Viet Nam because I had enlisted at seventeen and was out of the army before the war escalated, and anyway, I wouldn’t have been drafted because I was teaching in a high school.  9/11 was in Manhattan and I was in Vermont teaching at the university and going to movies and watching ballgames on television.  There was the Iraq war and the AIDS crisis, and I could list other major public occurrences, but everything stayed “over there” not part of my life.  But this current COVID-19 crisis, hysteria, pre-occupation, whatever to call it, is a whole different matter.  It’s not over there, it’s right here.

With the market plunge, hundreds of thousands of dollars in my retirement account, which I had spent a half century building up, have disappeared, poof.

I have a fifteen-year old daughter, a sophomore in high school, who lives in another state from where I live.  Despite our geographical distance and my decrepitude, we are very close.  She’s been ordered to stay away from her friends.  She loves school, and it’s shut down.  She’s an elite golfer.  No more high school golf team.  The country club she plays at closed.  She was set to go to Augusta and see the Masters golf tournament.  Postponed.  I’m worried that I’m not going to be able to support her golf, which is very expensive with the coaches, equipment, country club membership fees, and travel to tournaments, and get her clothes and the other things she needs, and college is coming right up.  I’m wondering who cares about that except me.

I live next door to a restaurant and went there some and got to know the service people.  The restaurant has shut its doors.   I’m asking myself, how are the people who worked there paying their rent and buying food and putting gas in their car and taking care of those who depend on them?

The library I go to is closed.

When I last went to the supermarket, shelves were oddly empty, and I found myself in a vague panic buying more than I need, and just now I checked my supply of paper towels and toilet paper.

*   *   *

I’ve noticed that lately there have been an increasing number of stories in the media about people, both celebrities and ordinary folks, coming down with COVID-19 (infected with it or they have a case of it, the terms are used interchangeably, which can be misleading).  Celebrities that come to mind are actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, NBA star Marcus Smart, and the playwright Terrence McNally, who just died of it.  I remember this pattern with the AIDS epidemic—this person has it, and now this other one, and this other one; the menace grows greater, comes closer, and closer, and closer . . .

These revelations of people contracting the virus are coming across to me like death sentences, a brain tumor or something—oh my god, she/he has COVID-19!  I’m asking myself, what happens with people who are infected (or have a case)?  Are they gasping for breath or what?  How are Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson doing? I know they’ve been quarantined, but I haven’t read anything about them having actual symptoms.  The ballplayer Marcus Smart says he’s feeling fine.

USA Today this morning had a front-page story with the headline, “CBS Mourns Longtime Journalist Maria Mercader, Who Died at 54 from Coronavirus.”  Buried deep in the story, this sentence caught my eye: “Mercader battled cancer and related illnesses for more than 20 years and had been on medical leave for an unrelated matter since the end of February.”  Did she die from COVID-19 or from cancer and related illnesses?    Did the virus kick her over the edge the way hepatitis did with AIDS sufferers?   Hepatitis didn’t take them, really; it was the AIDS virus.  Would Maria Mercader have died if she hadn’t had cancer?   What’s the risk for healthy people getting COVID-19?

I just now checked and found out that Terrence McNally, who was 81, had lost portions of his lungs from lung cancer and at the time of his death was living with COPD, which usually means emphysema and bronchitis, shortness of breath, wheezing, and a chronic cough.  I don’t remember reading about the COPD in the stories about his passing.  Did McNally being 81, not 21 or even 41, and having COPD have anything to do with his death?  Was COVID-19 even a contributing factor?   Did he die with COVID-19 but not from it?  Does it make any difference that my daughter is a healthy 15-year-old, and that despite my age-related limitations, I’m a healthy 79-year-old?

There’s a big problem in Italy with coronavirus, so the media keep telling us.  We better be careful to lock everything down tight or we’ll be in huge trouble like Italy.  Because I’m writing this—I wouldn’t have done it otherwise—I went online and found out that the average age of death from coronavirus in Italy is 79, and only 2% of those who have died from it didn’t have pre-existing health conditions.  Of the first nine deaths from coronavirus in Italy, seven had “grave pathologies such as heart disease.”[1]

More online perusal, I couldn’t find case fatality rates (the percentage of people who die from COVID-19) by age in the U.S.  I did, however, find data for China, South Korea, Spain, and Italy.  For those four countries, the fatality rate of children under nine-years-old is zero; ages 10 to 19, zero except for China, which is .2% (one-fifth of one percent, two out of a thousand); for those 20–30, .2% in China and Spain, no data on the other two countries; and for those 30-39, between .1 to .2.

In the U.S., how many people who are otherwise healthy are dying from COVID-19?   Healthy or unwell, how many people under 40 are dying of it?   I’m just asking.  And I’m wondering who in the media, whose job it is to ask and answer these questions, are doing it.   And if they aren’t doing it, why not?  Is the mainstream media informing us or selling something to us?

*   *   *

To make sense of anything, it helps to compare it to something else.  There are two obvious phenomena to compare to COVID-19: the regular seasonal flu, and the 2009 swine flu pandemic.  It intrigues me why neither of those comparisons is made, or at least it isn’t jumping out at me.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data, this flu season—from last October to now, the season goes from October to April each year, the cold weather months; as far as I know, April has never been the peak month with the flu—there have been 38 to 54 million cases of the flu (egad!), 17 million medical visits (!), 390,000 hospitalizations (!), and 29,000 to 59,000 deaths (!).  I don’t know why the ranges are so great with the cases and deaths numbers.  This isn’t an exceptionally bad year for deaths.  In the 2017–18 season, there were an estimated 61,000 deaths, and 34,000 in 2018-19.   Those data can be compared with a CNN report today [March 30th] of 161,698 cases of  COVID-19 and 3003 deaths in the U.S.  [April 1st: it’s 4,476 deaths.]  Why is COVID-19 causing this huge run on doctors and hospitals we’re hearing so much about and the flu isn’t?

It would help if, week-by-week, there was a chart comparing what’s happening with COVID-19 and the regular flu, and a discussion of it.  Is one of the two worse than the other?  Does one call for a different response than the other?   How does the way we deal with one inform our approach to dealing with the other?   The bottom line questions: Is COVID-19 basically no different from the regular flu?   Could the flu data this season—cases, deaths—have supported the same “the sky is falling!” media-and-politician reaction COVID-19 is getting?

Another comparison that looks promising to me is with the 2009 swine flu pandemic in the U.S.   I’m not seeing reference to that crisis in the public discourse around the COVID-19 pandemic.  Two pandemics, why not compare them?  The CDC reports that from April 12th, 2009 to April 10th, 2010 there were 60.8 million cases of the swine flu, 274,000 hospitalizations, and 12,469 deaths.[2]

How’d we deal with the swine flu health crisis just over a decade ago, and what can we learn from that experience?   I don’t remember the doomsday scenarios—“Millions will die if we don’t take drastic measures!”—that I’m hearing now, but perhaps I wasn’t paying attention.   I can say this for sure, though:  I was teaching in a university back then and I never missed a class (now my university is doing what it calls remote learning), and every restaurant in town was open.   My retirement account went south in the financial crisis in 2008, but nothing bad happened to it in 2009 and 2010.   I just checked: the Dow went down 34% in 2008, and it went up 19% in 2009 and 11% in 2010.   Now, I’m worrying about getting my daughter clothes for school and paying for college.  What’s going on?

*   *   *

I’m concerned that when people get scared they become like race horses with blinders: they can’t see left or right, just straight ahead.  And to keep the simile going, straight ahead is the direction the jockey they’ve let get on their back is driving them in.

Everything that happens affects everything else.  We need to consider the various consequences, including negative ones, of whatever we do (we need to take the blinders off). What will it mean if what we do about COVID-19 results in an economic recession or depression with millions of people unemployed?   To standards of living, to people’s sense of self-worth, and to levels of despair, depression, family disruption, drug use, and suicide rates?

Congressional leaders asked President Harry Truman how he was going to get an increase in tax money going to the military right after World War II when everybody assumed the military would be, should be, downsized.  “Scare the hell out of people,” he answered.  What he meant was that if the masses are scared, they will unquestioningly go along with whatever the government, supported by its allies in the media, says and does (let the jockey put a saddle on them and ride them around the track).  The scare was the Cold War: the Ruskies are coming!  Build a bomb shelter and get under your desks at school and fork over your tax dollars and give us the power to do whatever we feel like doing and you’ll be safe.

Korea was called “Truman’s war” (actually, it was labeled a “police action” in order to stay away from him having to run it by Congress to get a declaration of war).  Young Americans, who had no choice in the matter, wound up fighting North Koreans and Chinese to the death—40,000 of them are in their graves for eternity—in 25 below zero weather, 6,000 miles from their homes.[3]   The jockey rides.

I recently read a biography of World-War-II General Curtis LeMay.[4] LeMay was the architect of a fire bombing raid on the civilian population of Tokyo in March of 1945.  Sixteen square miles of one of the most densely populated areas in the world was reduced to twisted metal and rubble; not a building stood.  One hundred thousand people—men, women, and children—were burned, broiled, and suffocated to death.   One million were left homeless.  The media celebrated LeMay’s action and the man himself—kudos in The New York Times, he was on the cover of Time magazine, schools were named for him.

Why the standing ovation for what sickened and disgusted me as I read about it in the book?   Because the Tokyo raid and the later atomic bombs dropped on civilian populations in two Japanese cities, were necessary to avoid the cost in lives and money of a ground invasion of Japan.  Who decided we had to invade Japan?  Where did our unconditional surrender demand come from?  Where was the dialogue and debate in Congress and in the society generally about a negotiated end to the war short of Japan’s unconditional surrender?

What happened in Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki was barbaric, it was nuts.  Why did people go along with this insanity?  Especially when they are frightened (are race horses frightened?), people are capable of being driven to run as fast as they can go in crazy directions and believe in it.   Which is not to say definitively that’s what’s going on now with the COVID-19 crisis.   I’m just saying mass hysteria is possible.

Everyday people shutting off their minds and giving up their power has gone on all of my life.   The Cuban missile crisis in 1962, which could have resulted in a nuclear holocaust, was President Kennedy’s business alone.  We docilely gave up our personal freedoms after 9/11.

I’m getting a déjà vu feeling with this COVID-19 response.   The mainstream media fanning the flames; President Trump bossing the country around like it’s an episode of “The Apprentice.”  The message to us all, and that includes our elected representatives, shut up and don’t question the experts—like General LeMay, and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara with Viet Nam, and now, the CDC and the Surgeon General—and give us your money and do what you’re told and you’ll be safe.   Two trillion dollars so far for relief; it took about two days to enact.  How’d that happen?   What part did your and my senators and congressman have in framing that bill?   What have they said about it?  What have you said about it?   Does anybody know what’s in the legislation?  Do you?  Have you heard any discussion of this law’s possible consequences?  Living on a fixed income, I’m prone to think about inflation, and I worry about the national debt.   Truman was right: scare the hell out of them.

Crises make dictators of all public officials.  Schooling in this country is the business of the people.  They elect a school board and the school board hires teachers and administrators and sets policy.  Educators work for the community and for the students and parents in a school.  It’s our schools, our children, not theirs.  With this health crisis, it has been a series of edicts from the school administrators in my daughter’s school; no explanations, no rationales.  No more classes until, first, March 23rd, and then April 27th, and, now, June 19th.  No teaching the regular curriculum until April 20th, which will then be taught on a remote basis.  Why?  None of your business.  Don’t contact us.  We’re working on it; we’ll get back to you.   I have the sense that the school people are getting off on this COVID-19 scare.  The journalist H.L Mencken said, “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false-face for the urge to rule it.”

I’m a citizen, not a subject.  I’m a human being, not a race horse.  I’m feeble and on the outside looking in these days, but I have a right to speak my mind in this country.  And that’s what I’ve just done, and now I’m going to stop and go make breakfast and read the Times.   I’ve been up all night.

[1] My apologies, I can’t retrieve the online source for the Italy numbers.  I’m very sure of their accuracy, however.

2 The Wikipedia entry, “2009 Flu Pandemic in the United States.”

[3] I highly recommend Hampton Sides’ book on the Korean war, On Desperate Ground: The Marines at The Reservoir, the Korean War’s Greatest Battle (Anchor, 2018).

[4] Warren Kozak, LeMay: The Life and Wars of General Curtis LeMay, Regnery, 2011.   I wrote an article after reading the book, “On COVID-19 and Curtis LeMay.”

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  1. Khemkaran
    Khemkaran says:

    Good day and good health to you. So as not to repeat what you have written to which I fully agree ( I am 63 years old ), as some person said : it is what I do not see that really bothers me. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person thinking this way, sometimes I despair but I live in hope. Things never remains the same but karma is universal and this too shall pass. Have a good day.

  2. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Well spoken, Dr Griffin! Thank you. Things are exactly the same in England as you are experiencing across the Pond: We are locked down, with people allowed out to buy essentials, exercise (keeping fix feet apart), and walk the dog. And we are all obedient.

    Our winter was mild, as were the previous three. Before we were told that we have the COV, and it’s killing us wholesale, I did not even hear as much as a sniffle from the people around me. (And still no sniffle to be heard.) Even so, many are hanging bits of flimsy cloth on their noses for self-protection [sic]. The great majority believes that the new plague is among us. This credulity is rampant: For almost two weeks, they told us that our Prime Minister has COV symptoms, then that he was hospitalized, then under intensive care, but was still in good spirits, and running Parliament. (They have now reined that one in: there is a deputy PM in place.)

    Was the PM’s COV a lie too far? What the heck are they up to?

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “Was the PM’s COV a lie too far? What the heck are they up to?”

      My thoughts exactly. And I’m somewhat surprised I haven’t heard more people comment on that.

      The mass credulity isn’t all that surprising. But it’s still disappointing.

      As far as the whole thing in general and “a lie too far” in particular, my gut response is that the Tribe will do anything – Anything – to keep Nationalism from gaining so much as a toe hold.

      And their partnership with China is obvious, however complicated. They’re both looking to protect their own trough and keep from being exposed.

      So, rather than let things continue, they’re pulling all the stops. To both put an end to any and all opposition, and expand their power.

      For TOO writers, readers and commenters, this whole thing is just more of that same – magnified.

      Everything involved in this has many of the same identifiable patterns. Only this time of a greater magnitude.

  3. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Thank you Robert. Very powerful and touching. I wish you and your daughter all of the best.

    “Everyday people shutting off their minds and giving up their power has gone on all of my life.”

    September 11th, 2001 thousands of lives lost.

    October 3rd, 2008 millions of lives ruined.

    January 20th, 2020 billions of lives effected.

    Talk about a progressive disease.

    And with their fingerprints all over each one.

    We live in a time, and have for a while, when there’s more precise knowledge about ourselves. That’s quantity and quality.

    And with the Internet we have instant access to it. Or have had, at least up until not that long ago.

    But that’s ok, because even before the Internet there was enough out there available to us, some of which is still available online, that outlined the patterns of behavior and even named names.

    Then there’s TOO which has been around for good long while now, and other reasonably reliable sites like The Unz Review, VDARE, and channels like Red Ice before they were taken down, etc.

    And, of course, there’s the many commenters who have added their points of view, many of which are well worth considering, just as much, and occasionally more so, than the articles themselves.

    In short, we have all we need to be able to trace historically, from seed to tree, the development of “the hostile elite” as KM refers to them, and call this pandemic out for what it is and, like those before us, name names.

    Though willing and able to go into detail, I’ll simply state the conclusion and let it go at that.

    It’s perfectly obvious that the two world powers at the moment, Jewish Supremacy Inc. and The Chinese Communist Party both have the motive and opportunity to implement Full Spectrum Dominance on the world.

    Who or what is going to stop them? How would they do it?

    Who doubts that both are capable of lying to the world?

    They’ve been doing that for ages.

    TOO itself has stated directly and indirectly in article after article that JSI is supported by a host of narratives that are based on lies.

    So, again, why would this come as a surprise?

    The only somewhat surprising thing in all of this is that certain people who I thought knew better are buying this hook, line and sinker.

    Aside from that, there’s nothing surprising in anything they say or do.

    What they’re doing has only grown in magnitude, like a progressive disease.

    Lastly, many people, way too many, talk as if JSI, The CCP, and their Technology are all invincible.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    But, then again, what’s the point of trying to convince people of that when they’re determined to believe that this whole thing is true? And now we’re back to Robert’s great quote above.

    “Everyday people shutting off their minds and giving up their power has gone on all of my life.”

    Sad, but true. Talk about bonding with your abusers.

    Obviously, believing in this pandemic is a defense mechanism for those who can’t bear to face what’s really being done to them.

    For them automatic belief is better than taking action.

    And as the hostile elite well know, anyone who refuses to act on their own behalf deserves what they get.

    So, the elite, true to type, are giving it to them.

  4. bobby
    bobby says:

    Robert thank you so much for your very common sense and insightful article. Those things are much needed in our world today.
    If I may make a suggestion; I’m 57 and a few years ago, after a lifetime of playing sports and exercising, things that I love to do, I began to get very horrible bouts of arthritis. I mean everything would be inflamed. At times it was hard to function the pain was so bad. This would happen about once a week.

    I for the first time tried Tai Chi and it has made an amazing difference. I always wanted to try it and I’m happy I did. I have no connection to him but you might want to try Paul Lam’s very popular course on Sun style tai chi. He recommends it for people who suffer from arthritis. You can buy the dvd’s which are very cheap as also is an online subscription. The first class is on youtube and it’s free. The warm up exercises themselves alleviate pain. It has done wonders for me. I did eventually take a few classes and there was a 76 year old man in one of the classes and he was in amazing shape. Been doing tai chi for years. Also, 3000mg of vitamin c a day also helps. But check with you doctor of course to see if vitamin c is o.k. for you. Also look into beta Sitosterol supplements. Great for arthritis.

    I believe that this whole thing is a huge ruse most likely by the W.H.O. which we fund along with Bill Gates. This quack Dr. Fauci also is involved with it somehow it seems. I believe that if he hasn’t done it already, that President Trump has suspended funding to the W.H.O.

    I also read today that Fauci and Gates are pushing for mandatory vaccinations; and yes, you can inject a micro chip into the bloodstream. Scary stuff.

    I am still hanging on to hope to have a child. At the mortal age of 57, I am quickly running out of time so, I would like to briefly hear your circumstances at the time if you care to share of if you can contact me privately. I’m guessing you were 64 or, 65 at the time of conception. God bless you and thanks for the inspiration Robert! Bernie Ecclestone is going to be a father again at the age of 89! But he does have 3 Billion dollars lol…

    The worst thing that you can do for your health is to sit on a couch so, please try some light exercise. Your worth it and you’d be surprised what you can do. Paul Lam has students who are well into their 90s. Keep writing!

  5. Peter Baggins, Ph.D.
    Peter Baggins, Ph.D. says:

    Thanks for your thoughts from a leather couch Dr. Griffin. You ask some good question, one of which I address below.

    You wrote “Another comparison that looks promising to me is with the 2009 swine flu pandemic in the U.S. I’m not seeing reference to that crisis in the public discourse around the COVID-19 pandemic. Two pandemics, why not compare them? How’d we deal with the swine flu health crisis just over a decade ago, and what can we learn from that experience?”

    Well, it turns out we learned quite a bit from those previous pandemics, but then forgot all about it.

    In his 2005 address to the National Institutes of Health then-President George W. Bush urgently warned of the risks posed by pandemics — “If we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare,” Bush said. This was scarcely noticed by the media at the time but has now drawn belated praise from his detractors.

    “A pandemic is a lot like a forest fire: if caught early, it might be extinguished with limited damage; if allowed to smolder undetected, it can grow to an inferno that spreads quickly beyond our ability to control it,” Bush said in his November 2015 speech to the NIH, … “It is vital that our nation discuss and address the threat of pandemic flu now,” Bush added. “There is no pandemic flu in our country or in the world at this time — but if we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare, and one day, many lives could be needlessly lost because we failed to act today.”

    So Bush built a N95 mask stockpile for the next pandemic which the Obama administration gratefully used up during the 2009 Pandemic mentioned above, but subsequently ignored calls by experts to renew the stockpile.

    Just how useful is Bush’s analogy of a pandemic to a forest fire, you might ask. A UK study released last month found that if preventive measures in China had been “conducted one week, two weeks, or three weeks earlier, cases could have been reduced by 66 percent, 86 percent and 95 percent respectively — significantly limiting the geographical spread of the disease.”

    • Sbaker
      Sbaker says:

      An informative and reliable reply. I didn’t see a comment from you on the Montanari article; filled with preposterous claims and ignorance. You have much to offer the discussion. Bush was absolutely right. Highly contagious infectious diseases today are a far greater threat due to international travel. The reaction today to the Wuhan corona virus is due to so many unknowns–this is not flu, but is a more contagious corona virus and all the details are yet to be assessed. Comparing it to the flu is fine, but, it is a new disease and the effects are additive– now we have another novel virus added to the flu virus that is killing more people and it may be seasonal. To date there is no vaccine to slow the spread.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        When you say that an article is “filled with preposterous claims and ignorance” you should explain how and give examples.

        You should show exactly how Montanari is wrong and why you are right.

      • Ludwig
        Ludwig says:

        Sbaker says:
        April 9, 2020 at 5:00 am

        “…………a more contagious corona virus and all the details are yet to be assessed.”

        “….To date there is no vaccine to slow the spread.”

        Well, I think there are too many coincidences and it’s looking like a human livestock farming exercise with nefarious profits. Perhaps you can explain these coincidences?

  6. Cory
    Cory says:

    I’ve come to the same conclusion Robert and have been working on a more distilled presentation. I hope you and TOO don’t mind if I leave it below.

    Why Are People Calling COVID-19 a Hoax?

    Mortality rates in Europe are lower than recent years. The link below shows data compiled from the national health institutes of 27 European nations. It shows the death toll in Europe is significantly less than it was in the same season of 2017. In Europe, according to data, the weekly total death count during the “pandemic” is better than normal even accounting for higher numbers in Spain and Italy.

    Around 70,000 Europeans died in the first week of 2017.
    Around 60,000 Europeans or less have died each week so far in 2020. (Data accessed as of 4/8/2020)

    Mortality rates in the US are also lower than recent years. The link below is from the US Center for Disease Control (CDC); it shows US deaths from the week ending 3/28 were down from the previous week. This is a normal drop in mortality as winter ends and spring begins, but both winter and spring numbers are lower than in recent years.

    The US total death count was 47,649 for the week ending 3/21/20 with 385 attributed to COVID.
    The US total death count was 41,353 for the week ending 3/28/20 with 1406 attributed to COVID. (Data accessed as of 4/8/2020)

    For comparison, the US weekly death count was over 56,000 for the first three months of 2017. But what about all those COVID deaths the media tells us about?

    Cause of death labeling is inaccurate. CDC directives recommend that any suspected COVID death be labeled as such even when testing is not available. The following quote is taken from the CDC’s website linked below:

    “In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as “probable” or “presumed.” In these instances, certifiers should use their best clinical judgement in determining if a COVID–19 infection was likely.”

    The CDC currently allows hospitals to guess that death was caused by COVID. But why would hospitals do that? According to S.3548, the stimulus package passed during the “pandemic”, hospitals will receive more money for each case of COVID (see Sec. 4409). This suggests that there is a financial incentive to report as many deaths as possible as COVID deaths, and in doing so hospitals can claim that they were merely adhering to CDC guidelines.

    It isn’t the first time we’ve been scammed. In the wake of the H1N1 swine flu pandemic of 2009, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recognized fraudulent activity on the part of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the pharmaceutical industry. They noted that the WHO had suspiciously revised their definition of a pandemic for the first time coincidentally “just before the declaration of the H1N1 pandemic,” (paragraph 14) and that the virus would not have been classified as such with the older definition in place. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry realized record breaking sales for vaccines that largely went unused (paragraph 41) because the virus was not lethal. Like COVID, the data was manipulated and the public terrorized because “no clear distinction had been made between patients dying with swine flu … and patients dying of swine flu” (paragraph 13).

    • Anne
      Anne says:

      Great comment to a great article.

      As horrified as I am watching our freedoms collapse under the weight of this plandemic, I can’t help but be impressed with the psy-op that is taking place.

      I’ve spent most of my 50-odd years living in Canada. For my entire lifetime, the notion of a government-backed “health care” system has been touted as one of our greatest national treasures. Canadians are fond of claiming superiority over Americans because we (supposedly) have this great “universal health care system.” In “The Greatest Canadian” television series of 2004, Canadians voted Tommy Douglas as the “Greatest”… because he is the politician who introduced Canada’s single-payer, universal health care program. In federal election after federal election in Canada, “health care” is inevitably a major issue.

      I find all of this extraordinary.

      I will limit my views about the pros and cons of “universal” vs. private health care by simply stating that the term “universal” is a concoction of the Public Relations industry. (As is calling our medical-industrial complex, “health care.”)

      What has appalled me for a long time on this issue is that the single person who has the most control over my own health is ME. I choose what I eat on a daily basis, how much exercise I get, how much sleep I get, and what kind of mind-frame I am going to be in from one moment to the next.

      Being healthy is not rocket science.

      But in my lifetime, I have seen Canadians whinge and whine and carry on, as if it is somehow the government’s responsibility to make sure we are all healthy. It’s absurd.

      And what happens when I do fall ill for whatever reason? All of a sudden, I am magically relieved of that terrible burden known as Responsibility. For a time at least, I don’t have to take care of myself – someone else will do it for me, and I will get to earn bonus points as a “victim.”

      I realize there are many reasonable objections that could be raised to counter my point of view – not the least of which is that older people whose health is understandably not what it once was should be valued and cared for by those of us who are still able-bodied. But I am trying to make a larger point here.

      COVID-19 is a psy-op that builds on the victim mentality massaged into being by the brainwashing around government-backed “health care” and its partner in crime, the medical-industrial complex.

      Forget about the simple fact that having a healthy immune system is your best defence against virtually any pandemic, real or staged. No, just let Big Daddy Government handle everything for you. You can’t go outside to play, but you can lie around like a victim while the Powers That Be quietly suck the economic lifeblood out of whatever free country you thought you were living in.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        This is about seizing power and wealth. When every country has a jew controlled monetary system the New World Order will be in place.

  7. Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson says:

    If the virus-boogeyman were real, at the rate of “infection” and supposed fatalities in the West, at what rate should people in much more crowded, impoverished, and less hygienic areas of the world be dropping?! Say in East China, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, East Africa, West Africa, Mexico City, Tijuana, Juárez, Guadalajara, Rio, São Paulo, various refugee camps, the Israel’s Gaza Palestinian concentration camp, etc.

    My model came back with “like flies.”

    “Ignorance Is Strength.” I’m weak.

  8. jimmie Moglia
    jimmie Moglia says:

    I found a usually reliable statistical source, listing all deaths in Italy during the month of March from 2017 to 2020 – showing that March 2020 had less total deaths than the previous March of the last three years.
    I could not, however, validate the information with sufficient confidence. But I was directed to the labyrinthine websites of the Central Office of Statistics, as well as those of another equivalent statistical records-entity, called Eurispes.
    Though I could not reconstruct the same figures, from what I could calculatingly manage, the trend seems confirmed. It would certainly help dispel justifiable doubts about the apocalyptic coronavirus-related US news, if statistics were made available about the average age of the deceased, whose death was allegedly caused by the virus, compared to the total deaths.
    That these numbers are not given (that I know of), fosters suspicion. Maybe there will be an inquiry, though I rate it doubtful. For it is a rule of government to never set up an inquiry unless the government knows in advance what its findings will be. [see as a reference example, the farcical inquiry by NIST on the collapse of Building 7] Besides, by frequency of admonition and confidence of assertion, the bewildered citizen can be prevailed to believe almost anything, even discounting that the role of information is to prevent reasoning.

  9. TruthBeTold
    TruthBeTold says:

    Due to the Coronavirus Hoax, Consider the Consequences of Martial Law and Asset Takeover Going On in America

    By Gary D. Barnett

    March 28, 2020

    Among all the panic and misinformation being spewed by politicians at all levels and the complicit mainstream media, what is going on under the radar that will greatly harm Americans much more than this virus ever could? First, all the legislation, executive orders, and mass control measures happening now will never go away, and will cause undue tragedy for years to come. Secondly, the biggest wealth transfer in history is going on right before our eyes, and of course is mostly ignored due to this government manufactured false pandemic. The economic fallout that has already caused mass devastation will only worsen the longer these quarantine measures are in place, and will cause havoc for an unknown amount of time.

    Surveillance of the entire population will continue, and in fact expand. As more restrictive measures are forthcoming from the state governors whose egos are now consumed by the massive power gained by simply claiming emergency status, more compliance will be demanded. Partial or full martial law and medical martial law continues to be implemented, and the very adverse consequences of such actions will cause extreme stress, depression, dire financial harm, psychological trauma, additional sickness and death, and most likely an increase in suicide that has never before been seen. None of these factors have been addressed by those responsible for all these totalitarian measures. This reminds me of the statement by Madeline Albright concerning the 500,000 deaths of little children under the age of 5 in Iraq, when she said in front of the entire world that their deaths were worth it. When this minor virus that has been completely blown out of proportion is over, will the political response be that all the “collateral” damage and death due to the shutdown of the entire country was worth it; this after many more deaths occurred due to government forced mandates and economic destruction than any virus could ever have caused?

    Besides the psychological and physical carnage that will soon be evident due to government’s totalitarian response to this so-called pandemic, the ruling elite have now learned just how easy it has been to capture and control the entire population, with most of that compliance being voluntary due to fear and unquestioned acceptance of mandated orders. Now that the general public has been completely locked down due to a virus, and with ease, all future control will be ever easier to achieve just by claiming and declaring any emergency. Society has become so pathetic that they knowingly and willingly give up any individual liberty in favor of group protection, and when all are told not to band together, they do not understand that this “social distancing” from everyone is simply a state ploy to stop dissent, and has nothing to do with fighting any virus. A few have little power against an oppressive government, so as long as people can be separated, then resistance to tyranny is virtually impossible to obtain.

    In addition to all the intentional and non-intentional consequences that are sure to rock the very foundation of this country due to the tyrannical measures that have been put into place, there is another criminal aspect to this planned event that is of great importance. That has to do with this horrendous bailout plan that is purposely misrepresented as an economic package to help the average American. Nothing could be further from the truth. This multi-trillion dollar bailout is not meant to help the common citizen, but is being used to transfer massive wealth from the lower and middle classes to those that already control most of assets in this country. Wall Street, the banking magnates, and the large corporate giants will be the ones benefitting from this massive money transfer, and politicians will benefit as well. They will continue to stay in power due to their redistribution of wealth to all those that contribute to their campaigns.

    The Federal Reserve and the Treasury now have been given an unlimited ability to print fake money out of thin air. A trillion dollars a day is being used to buy stocks, and to run the market up and down daily. With this amount of money flowing, trading profits in this high volatility are extreme, and this fraud also serves to falsely hold up a market that should be failing. This gives the appearance of some sort of stability where none exists. It also enriches those who are every day cheating American investors, which includes all those with retirement plans, by manipulating the market in their favor.

    The most wealthy and powerful will get most all this bailout money, and due to this transfer, they will be able to consolidate even more wealth. To put this into perspective, consider that the top 1% that is talked about so much will after this massive transfer accumulate double the wealth. What that means in laymen’s terms, is that the top 1% could become the top 1/2 of 1%. In other words, all the wealth in America will become even more concentrated, and that means the power is more concentrated as well. This should not be acceptable.
    From the results of this package alone, the bulk of all ownership of assets will be so concentrated as to be held by only a few. Ten trillion dollars will be pumped into the economy with most all of it going to the super wealthy. All the money going to big business and banks will be at the expense of the taxpayer. This will be in multiple forms, but since a good part of this bailout money will go directly into the economy, price inflation will be certain, and at a very high level. This will be happening at a time of mass unemployment, at a time when most savings will be depleted, and at a time when the strain of just getting by will be extremely difficult. This will serve to compound all the common problems of ordinary citizens, and will cause continued economic turmoil on top of the already destroyed economy. This could lead to riots and chaos, and allow for even more totalitarian control over society.

    If there is no real resistance to this bailout abomination and political takeover of society, the U.S. could in the future look more like a third world country than the America of the past. At this stage, it is difficult for me to imagine anything good happening anytime soon. That is hard to swallow, but considering the ignorance, complacency, and dependency of this country’s people on government, how is one to be optimistic?

    The other side of this coin is what is going on globally. The entire world seems to be acting in concert, which for me is almost impossible to imagine. That leads me to believe that this is even bigger than it seems. But just yesterday, the evil Gordon Brown, former prime minister of the UK, called for the creation of a “temporary” form of global government to tackle the coronavirus problem. Is there a larger agenda at work here? Are the big players in this world considering global governance, and are fear and panic being used to accomplish this effort?
    We live in very dangerous times. This is not a drill, except in the minds of those wanting to control all. For the rest of us, this is a very serious reality, and to expect the political class to fix the economy after purposely destroying it is not only shortsighted, but also idiotic. We are at the precipice of a total global economic collapse, and that could lead to a fully controlled governing system that would depend on a continued and sustaining “lockdown” similar to what we have this moment. Is that our future?Corona – April Fools – – CoronaHoax Pandemic Proven Fake… Yet The Lockdowns Continue… Here’s Why – – Corona – April Fools – – Coronavirus – This Will Make You Sick –

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Thanks! Very informative. I’ll be sure to check out the links.

      One thing that did grab my attention though was this,

      “All the money going to big business and banks will be at the expense of the taxpayer.”

      How is that going to be possible with “an already destroyed economy”?

      Leaving that quesiton aside, after looking at this from every possible angle I still can’t help but think that this will a Pyrrhic Victory for the hostile elite and their Chinese partners.

      One thing’s for sure. We’re going to find out sooner than later.

      Personally, I think their power is as fake as their money. And, so too, is the “victory” of this contrived power grab.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      The printed fake money does not “buy” anything- it steals.

      Aggregate demand of Keynes is not purchasing power- it too is stealing power.

  10. Eric
    Eric says:

    Bill Gates has his fingerprints all over this. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx (and Dr. Birx’s daughters) are heavily involved with Bill Gates. Fauci sits on the board of one of Gates’s organizations. Gates has given enormous amounts of money to WHO, NAIAD (Fauci’s division in the CDC), and the CDC itself. He founded and financed HEMI, the main source of “scientific” advice on the “pandemic” at the University of Washington. I presume that he has funded similar programs in other countries.

    Gates conducted a pandemic “wargame” in 2019. One of the suggestions was for “trusted ambassadors” to be seeded throughout the population to support the official narrative and attack those who questioned it. I’ve already encountered these obvious shills on the internet.

    A few years ago, Gates spoke at a conference on “climate change.” He said that in order to reduce greenhouse gases and save the planet, it would be necessary to drastically reduce the size of the human population.

    Gates says that everything needs to remain shut down until everyone is either vaccinated or can prove that they are immune to COVID-19 (by getting it and then recovering from it). That would require the implanting of “ID2020” chips in everyone. I presume that one’s “social credit” score would go down if one refused to be “chipped.”

    Gates is developing vaccines. Will they sterilize people or just kill them outright? Even if they’re not for those purposes, you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer if you are harmed by a vaccine.

    Trump has been listening to these psychopaths (Note: Dr. Fauci didn’t object to killing a million or so people with AZT during the AIDS crisis back in 1987 when he was working for NAIAD. So a healthy person who tested positive for antibodies to the completely harmless HIV was given a death sentence — including a nice housewife I knew who had received a “tainted” blood transfusion after an automobile accident. She left behind a husband and three children).

    I think Trump is getting fed up. And as that happens, the “infection and mortality numbers” magically come down, just as they magically went up.

    I hope this charade is over by Easter, or April 30 at the latest. Trump needs to tell our tin-pot dictator governors and mayors to end their lockdowns as well.

    • Bobby
      Bobby says:

      Hi Eric.

      Eric, from what I’ve researched, you are probably and unfortunately 100% right.
      Scary shit for sure.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      So you know about the HIV hustle . Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t easier to talk to normies about Jews then it is about the real AID’s story. WN’s probably usually swallow the HIV hype too. I think American Medicine is one of our biggest rackets and that is a competitive race. I am curious about how much Jews are responsible for post modern epidemiology which is the basis for the racket. Does seem like birds of a feather,,,

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        People who questioned the conventional HIV-AIDS narrative were treated just the way white nationalists, critics of Jewish power, and people who are skeptical about the official COVID-19 narrative have been treated. They were censored and shunned.

        What is modern conventional medicine? Cutting, burning and poisoning.

        Sometimes to good effect, but mostly not in my opinion.

        It’s a money racket for sure. That was accomplished by getting the government involved. When you create an assured supply of money squeezed out of taxpayers (e.g., Medicaid), prices skyrocket. It’s happened not just with medicine, but with housing and college education as well.

        Jews have been disproportionately represented in the medical and legal professions (any goy who would hire a Jewish doctor or lawyer should first acquaint himself with the Talmud).

        And law is another money racket that has little to do with justice.

  11. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    I don’t know what is going on with this epidemic in any precise way. But I do wonder if there is a certain overreaction on the part of people I ordinarily agree with
    and learn from here on TOQ and other places. If I get this right, a lot of OUR people are thinking or at least seriously suspecting that this lockdown is part of an aggrandizing globalist plan.

    Maybe it is but I don’t think so. I think this Corona thing has come as a surprise to the people who rule us,
    It shouldn’t have. Our occupying elite, with no concern for the vast majority of us, have hooked us up geographically to places with primitive conditions that will ruin our own modern public health system and kill and sicken a lot us. But the occupying elite are exposed as well and now look the greedy and incompetent fools they are.
    OK, undoubtedly right now the parasitic elite are reacting to the Bug by protecting and enriching the usual suspects. But that is what parasites do However I don’t think the occupying elite have the degree of control some of our types are suggesting they do. I think they are just being the Zio Plutocrat Corportist Homogenizers they are. Naturally their in house feud goes on, The liberal media wants to get Trump by catastrophizing. Trump, having long ago betrayed his constituency, wants to look the President in a crisis. But I do think they are ALL taken aback by the Bug. It scares them, makes them irrational, hysterical. They are conspirators but they can get crazy too. Besides do we really know what the Bug is? Even if it is just another flue, it portends something that is coming because globalism has set us back by opening us up to a filth and its by products that our scientific white Western civilization thought it eliminated over a century ago, That surprises and frightens the very people who engineered the international highway to Wuhan. They could have freaked with the swine flue thing 10 years ago but they didn’t It gets harder the second time around. The writing is on the wall now.

    Perhaps one problem WE nationalists have is that so many of us come out of a libertarian mindset which sees government action as nearly always pernicious and conspired? I don’t know. I came out of the left not long ago which usually puts me in a position of needing instruction on things like the Jews. But in this case I wonder if the cold feet libertarianism has always given me is now giving me a more reasonable take on all this big government activity.

    Who knows? Anyway, a great essay whatever my differences with it

    • Jerry Cornelius
      Jerry Cornelius says:

      Here is an interesting film about the smallpox epidemic in Montreal 19th century.
      Many parallels about vaccines-blame etc. We do historically get Outbreaks so I do not see why we should be exempt. ”But we 21st century” ”We are American”
      Anyway worth a look. Shows that some things do not change that much!×0

  12. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Excellent! What is the media/left wing motivation in all of this?The actual mortality-vs “models”- is turning out to be quite low. The USA ” public health experts” involved are closely tied to the WHO which is headed by a former African communist very allied with communist China.

  13. TruthBeTold
    TruthBeTold says:

    All roads lead to Gates, Fauci, Birx, Mark Dybul, Pence…. and few others , but Gates is a main mafia character. Gates said that he invested in vaccines factories and this is his best investment. There is so much conflict of interest among people surranding Trump, who are seting up policies that the hair stand up when you listen to this video.Boom Info on Maeve Kennedy, Birx, Gates

  14. Jerry cornelius
    Jerry cornelius says:

    Thank you, Dr Griffin, I enjoyed your letter.
    Let us put things into perspective.(From my view that is and not a critique on Doc G)
    Public health England put out an average for flu deaths around 10,000 each year Published 2019 (And of course if like myself you have the lungs of an 80year old @ 50 years old-Things are worse if you get ill-It is a syndrome/co-morbidity)
    So, In the UK since we started counting about 7 weeks, we are on 7 Thousand and figs coming in at 938on the single day- 8 April. This is after a lockdown. We would assume figures would rise exponentially if we just said let it rip through the populous.
    My sister is a nurse and told my ma (too busy to speak to me) Things are very grim (Not Empty hospitals)
    How it started I know not, but I say it is not just as simple as a conspiracy.
    We shall see.,000-deaths-are-caused-by-flu-each-year-in-England-and-Wales.aspx

  15. Joe
    Joe says:

    Thanks, Robert. Loved your book, “The Fame Of A Dead Man’s Deeds”.
    One piece of advice, however… stop reading the New York Times. Unless you’re a masochist for jewish propaganda, it’s always subtly slanted in the direction of our downfall and will only make you depressed.

    • Rod
      Rod says:

      I will read his book – what I have noticed over time, is that the men I have been instructed to hate, by normal society – for the most part – after investigation, end up being, gentle and honest men.
      Then there is this book -“Sins of My Father: Growing Up with America’s Most Dangerous White Supremacist” by Kelvin Pierce.
      A quote by Milton comes to mind – “Before mine eyes in opposition sits Grim Death, my son and foe.”
      To murder your father is surely a crime, but to kill a father patrimony is a sin. Well in this case, the son commits a crime, but no sin, he lives well off his father’s patrimony.

  16. Rod
    Rod says:

    Thanks for the gentle read, penned about something other than your daughter – My takeaway — is that you feel powerless to protect the one you love, in a world gone mad.

    I am sixty-nine and had my savings scalped by 25% – my hope was to grow my savings for my daughter.

    I called my broker and sold – I don’t want to play their filthy game any longer – as I watch S&P rise like some demon out of hell. For our lord and savior, “The Fed” will be buying ETFs, junk bonds and so on and so forth. You can’t lose in this game.

    So, in despair, I phoned my church – perhaps Easter Sunday and Catholic mass will help me renew my faith in society. Nope, they “shut it down”. Why are these Jews, like Jonathan Greenblatt, screaming “shut it down” to faith and life itself? Why is the hapless Trump going along, why is The Church going along?

    There is no truth, there is no god, there is nada.

    So, I sit in my chair, looking for distraction, to ease the dull pain inside. I watch YouTube and listen to the young men who are trying to find a way through all this. The budding leaders, poets and philosophers of our new age; and all I can do, is wish them well. Because, I fear something is coming, something very bad indeed.

    All the world’s a stage,
    And all the boomer men and women merely players;

    1. Like this writer, I look back at my life and what comes to mind is Dick and Jane and their dog spot.

    2. Then television, and the gradual molding of my senses – all my father’s norms were taken to task.

    3. Then 1969, my time in the military and then the oil rigs (Five Easy Pieces) then a Firefighter.

    4. Then the eighties and masculinity was taken to task – I thought (wrongly) it a good thing.

    5. Then the nineties, everything tidy; struggles to be sure, but agency was still mine.

    6. Then 2001, I’ve reached my prime, the internet in full bloom and the things I have learned – now I know why, in all these years, something was not right in all this.

    7. Coronavirus 2020, wistfully thinking of the “widow’s friend” as a blessed release from all this madness. And the god-awful truth of it all – is that everything I thought I knew, was a lie — and the Jew who “doth protest too much”, is the salt in the wound of ravaged trust.

  17. Tom
    Tom says:

    Very sensible article and very well presented. However, I think you’d do better by having a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and sardines instead of the cereal – pure carbs and ultimately sugar, not good.

    • Flo
      Flo says:

      That was my immediate thought too! Cereal and fruit is a horrible breakfast, nothing but highly inflammatory sugar. It’s no wonder he suffering from arthritis and depression.

  18. Wolfgang
    Wolfgang says:

    Good day and a good health with you Dr Griffin. I fully agree with you.
    I don’t say Corvid 19 is a simple task but I like to mention a few other important things published or hidden in the news.

    Corvid can only be eliminated with vaccine.
    There were a infinite number of different viruses in the earth history. Nature is designed to fight against it. I’ve never heard about mass vaccination with dinosaur. In the Middle Ages some intelligent tried to burn witches.

    Number of tests and hidden values.
    Everyday the scientists told us about new infections. This nonscientific and wrong! In my opinion nobody can give you this number. Instead they talk about about people which are positive tested and get infected minimum 3 days before. The increasing number of tested infected people without magnitude is totally meaningless. For a reasonable calculation it is necessary to have the total number of positive and negative tests. This is essential also for the calculation of the test specificity and sensitivity. Prof Dr. Wieler from the RKI told on TV: This is not necessary. With an exponential increasing number of tests you will find an exponential increase of infected people even without a singe new infection. Tis is understandable for everybody who finished elementary school. Since days I try to find the total number of tests with no success. This information is for some reason kept hidden and not recognized by our quality media and journalists.

    Information sharing.
    Prof Dr. Wieler from the RKI told on TV “We have problems to collect the data because we use fax machine for the transfer and have to type in the information”. Keep in mind that the first email was send in 1971 which is 49 years ago. Even with a teletype you can switch on the punch tape, so the information is machine readable.

    Corvid experts of the Humboldt University Berlin.

    Dirk Brickmason ind Benjamin Maier Von der Berliner Humboldt Universität
    erforschen, wie sich Epidemien ausbreiten und setzen sich auch aktuell
    mit dem neuartigen Coronavirus auseinander. “Epidemien ausbremsen, ist
    wie ein Schiff stoppen zu wollen. Selbst wenn ihre Schiffsschraube unten
    schon gegensteuert, braucht es, bis das Schiff anfängt zu bremsen”, sagt
    Stopping epidemics is like stopping a ship. Even if the ship’s propeller is turning reverse it will take a while, until the ship slows down. (should be patented an will save a lot of fuel and micro dust)

    Prof. Dr. Püschel from Hamburg.
    50 dead people in Hamburg counted by the RKI. After exhumiation the pathologists found only 35 people with corvid 19. It seems that somebody likes to manipulate the numbers.

    Dr. Stefano Montanari from Italy.

    Italy Ferrera Erbognone 30 miles from Milano.
    There are no deaths in this village. The governour Giovanni Fassina is pathologist tries to investigate this phenomene, but the government prohibits this study.

    There are many other sources. The permanent brainwashing of the media with uncomplete information is an alarm sign.

    Stay awake, search the internet and make up your mind about the

    All the best from Germany.

    • Tarrasik
      Tarrasik says:

      Vaccines may not work. According to this fellow, Covid 19 is a retrovirus. He also suggests that Covid 19 is engineered to create the maximum amount of destruction. My primary interest is who – or what – is behind all of this.

      “The only effective treatment for a retrovirus is Lamivudine and other reverse transcriptase inhibitors (RTIs). It is the medication used against HIV-virus. It has cured covid-19 infections on Wuhan doctors who have self- medicated. The degree of disinformation on other web sites is staggering. When they speculate whether HIV-medication could have an effect, they invariable say «NO» and list HIV medication that is only helper-therapy (proteases), which quite correctly will not work, and do not list RTIs.

      The only HIV medication that will work is Lamivudine or other RTI because it prevents the virus from inserting a blueprint of itself in the DNA. RTIs, of whitch Lamivudine is the most common, is the only medication choice in order to prevent that COVID-19 virus will exist in the human gene-pool ready to be reactivated. The people who try to pull wool over your eyes already are equipped with a reverse transcriptase inhibitor (RTI) and use it prophylactically and will not be infected.

      Who wants you dead? It is the same type of people belonging to the same institutions that president Woodrow Wilson described over 100 years ago in this way:

      “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.””

  19. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    Covid-19 demonstrated to plutocrats, media, politicians, governmental and supranational entities, the tremendous power they can exercise over sheep. It would have been enough to educate the public, without the need for quarantine and terrorize it, the plutocrat Kissinger already spoke of a new post-covid-19 world order, and Bill Gates of a global vaccine, for a changing retrovirus, which is absurd.

  20. Pete
    Pete says:

    Who believes the powers that control our world cares anything of the health and well being of the people? If two million Americans were to die of the this influenza, what’s the difference to shot-callers? They can replace those workers with cheaper, more docile, H1b workers in short order.

    There’s a reason for the lockdowns. Reasons for allowing small business to disappear and possibly unimaginable levels of unemployment to develop. And reasons for the looting of the treasury that will commence.

    Whatever those reasons are, they have nothing to do with public health.

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