Foreword to The Way Life Should Be, by John Q. Publius

The Way Life Should Be? The Globalists’ Demographic War on America, with Maine as a Microcosm 
John Q. Publius
Ostara Publications, 2020; $16.95

The power of the pro-immigration lobby is well known and often written about. The vast majority of this writing is concerns events at the center of American political culture, at the federal level. There is good reason for this. Most immigration policy is produced at the federal level, and states such as Arizona and California that have attempted to enact legislation limiting immigration in one way or another have been slapped down by the judicial system.

In general, the pro-immigration forces have gotten their way. The main players are well known: the ethnic lobbies seeking more of their people as immigrants, leftist activist organizations seeking to alter the demographic and political balance of the U.S., together with big business interests intent on importing cheap labor.

The uniqueness of John Q. Publius’s The Way Life Should Be? is that it delves into how the pro-immigration forces have penetrated down to the state and local level. It focuses on what may seem like an unlikely target—the state of Maine which, as of this writing, remains around 95 percent White. It is also the most rural state east of the Mississippi, with a population of around 1.4 million.

But Maine is nevertheless the target of an extensive network of NGOs and various other religious and secular groups masquerading as charities that have focused their efforts on importing as many Third World peoples into the United States as possible. In this effort the NGOs are joined by business, political, academic, and media elites. Maine is thus a microcosm of what is happening in the rest of the country. The only group left out in all this are white middle-and working-class Americans who bear the burden of this onslaught in terms of increased taxes and a deteriorated social fabric.

Before embarking on all the detailed workings of these interlocking interest groups and their effect on immigration, Publius provides an excellent overview in the Introduction. It is an unequaled portrait of the big picture of how the neoliberal establishment has operated since the 1970s. The main trends are clear: the transformation of the economy from a focus on manufacturing to finance, outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries, free trade, the decimation of labor unions, importing a new underclass from the Third World, and a decline in an ideology of economic or political nationalism. This has had the effect of enriching those at the top of the economic pyramid—Wall Street and those who own or manage multinational corporations able to take advantage of these trends. But it has devasted the working class: Wages have stagnated beginning in the 1970s.

These changes have especially impacted the white working class. Not only have their wages stagnated, but they have less political power because of the decline of unions that had been a central constituency of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party had been the party of the white working class but in the decades since the 1965 immigration law it became the party of diversity as intellectuals increasingly adopted the now-dominant “diversity is our greatest strength” stance that was clearly not in the interests of the white working class. Whereas unions had staunchly opposed immigration because of its effects on jobs and wages, the Democrats welcomed immigration as the future of the party—as indeed it is given that non-whites vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Without political representation at the national level, the white working class drifted to the Republican Party—the party that often gave lip service to immigration restriction but in fact welcomed immigration because it was the party of big business and cheap labor. The political genius of Donald Trump was that he tapped into the political frustration of the white working class by adopting a populist, anti-immigration rhetoric that went beyond the moribund class basis of American politics by appealing to an implicit sense of whiteness and the interests of the working class in repatriating manufacturing and lowering immigration. The Republican Party would be refashioned to be the party of white Americans, and the white working class became the largest constituency of the GOP. Of course, Trump’s actions since becoming president have not lived up to his pre-election rhetoric—due at least partly to being stymied by investigations, threats of impeachment, a unified and extremely hostile Democratic Party, and some Republicans who are not on board with his policy proposals.

A focus of my work, particularly my book, The Culture of Critique, is the rise of a new Jewish-dominated elite in America after a huge increase in the Jewish population resulting from immigration beginning in the late nineteenth century and continuing until immigration restriction was enacted in the 1920s. The Jewish rise to power and influence was gradual but even in 1911 Jewish activism was responsible for abrogating the U.S.-Russia trade agreement despite opposition from President Taft. By the 1920s Jews had developed important strongholds in the media (Hollywood, The New York Times, CBS, NBC) and in academia (particularly in departments of anthropology because of the influence of Franz Boas). Jewish influence increased markedly after World War II and anti-Semitism, which had been quite widespread in prior decades, declined dramatically.

However, the 1960s was a watershed decade that saw the eclipse of the previously dominant White Anglo-Saxon Protestant elite with its power emanating from Ivy League universities and dominating business and professional societies. As Eric Kaufmann noted,

By the 1960s, as if by magic, the centuries-old machinery of WASP America began to stall like the spacecraft of Martian invaders in the contemporary hit film, War of the Worlds. In 1960, the first non-Protestant president was elected. In 1965, the national origins quota regime for immigration was replaced by a “color-blind” system. Meanwhile, Anglo-Protestants faded from the class photos of the economic, political, and cultural elite—their numbers declining rapidly, year upon year, in the universities, boardrooms, cabinets, courts, and legislatures. At the mass level, the cords holding Anglo-Protestant Americans together began to unwind as secular associations and mainline churches lost millions of members while the first truly national, non-WASP cultural icons appeared.[1]

As Kaufmann notes, a key piece of legislation during the 1960s was the immigration law of 1965 that ended the national origins bias of U.S. immigration law that had favored northwest Europe. In retrospect this law should be seen as a sort of coming out party for the new Jewish elite. Culture of Critique documents the role of Jewish activism in bringing about this sea change in American immigration policy. While the law did not immediately alter the demographic balance of the country, it did open the door, and in the ensuing decades activists, and, in particular, Jewish organizations, continued to press for greater numbers, with the result that the white population has declined from around 90 percent in the 1950s to less than 65 percent today. These non-White immigrants and their children vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party which has championed immigration in recent years to the point that there is a very real possibility of one-party rule by a decidedly left-wing party. Democrat presidential candidates called for an end to border enforcement, abolishing the Immigration and Customs enforcement, and making all immigrants—legal or illegal—eligible for medical care, voting rights, and driver’s licenses. Any calls to limit immigration are greeted with cries of “racism,” and attributions of Nazism are common. Publius documents the continuing Jewish influence on immigration policy throughout, the interlocking network of NGOs, activists, media owners and producers, and wealthy donors.

With all that as background, Publius details the incredibly elaborate and incredibly well-funded pro-immigration infrastructure in the present. Immigration advocacy organizations are funded by a class of wealthy capitalists. For example,

Pueblo Sin Fronteras is just one of a huge number of NGOs that are part of the vast refugee resettlement network. This network has virtually unlimited resources and is backed by some of the world’s wealthiest individuals, not to mention multi-national corporations, banks, private equity firms, and national governments. Their synergy has produced the terrible globalist monstrosity known as “neo-liberalism” confronting us today.

He then describes how Pueblo Sin Fronteras is connected to a whole host of other non-profits and to donors like George Soros. And of course, Soros supports a wide range of leftist activist organizations and politicians. The districts of politicians who are not completely on board with the immigration agenda are pinpointed for refugee resettlement. These are overwhelmingly white districts. The point is to destroy white enclaves and the high-trust societies that developed in traditional America.

Publius does an excellent job describing the costs of this onslaught. Crime: Somalis “are almost solely responsible—along with the Congolese—for all of the crime in the city” of Portland. There are also huge costs for welfare benefits and public housing, which push up property taxes. Public housing is stretched to the point that there is an increase in homelessness for native Mainers, “yet the political class has prioritized the comfort of these migrants who have the backing of the entire globalist establishment.” Most remain unemployed or in low-wage, part-time unskilled labor.  Academic achievement is predictably poor. Thus Maine is importing an underclass, but it’s an underclass that will reliably vote for liberal politicians and provide cheap labor for Maine’s businesses. All of this is justified by corrupt politicians bought and paid for by powerful economic and diversity-related interests who intone about Maine’s “values”—the moral imperative that justifies this assault on the traditional population of Maine. Needless to say, these same processes are at work throughout the rest of the U.S.

The Way Life Should Be provides a highly detailed picture of what is going on in Maine. It’s really a reference source for those wishing to understand the interlocking, lavishly funded infrastructure that is destroying America. It’s conclusion is exactly right:

The many service providers and NGOs described in this book are absolutely essential to the vast matrix of “philanthropic capitalism,” and it should be abundantly clear by now that all of these organizations from the “charitable” to the state- and corporate-sponsored are inter-connected and their machinery is geared toward first splintering and then eradicating the native populations of the Western world, indeed all unique races, ethnicities, and cultures under the heel of the neo-liberal oligarchy. Understanding these mechanisms is absolutely essential in counter-acting the Establishment’s destructive agenda.

[1] Eric Kaufmann, The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2005), 2–3.

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  1. TJ
    TJ says:


    In medieval Europe, a King or a Duke seeking to subjugate the serfs on his land, will toss a plague ridden corpse into a village and then order the serfs not to work their farms or fields or assemble, under duress, locking them down, because of an outbreak of a plague ‘pandemic’ in their village! The plague infects the LOCKED DOWN serfs, most die, the village is then burnt to the ground and the lands taken over by the King or Duke. The surviving serf loses whatever little means of income he has and further goes into debt to the CROWN! ‘PANDEMIC LOCKDOWN’ to cause economic depression and kill undesirables (old and the poor) is one of the oldest, most frequently used CROWN rackets in history to steal land and labor from serfs for the estate of the CROWN.

    The founding fathers of the United States, damn well knew about this classic PLAGUE INDUCED LOCKDOWN CROWN RACKET TO SEIZE PROPERTY AND RIGHTS OF FREE MEN when they framed our Bill of Rights!

    The right to a livelihood requires citizens to PEACEABLY ASSEMBLE, run farms or operate mills, without duress from draconian CROWN RULE. That is the reason why the first amendment cites the fundamental right to ‘assembly’ instead of the fundamental right to ‘assembly to protest’.

    The fundamental right to protest is specifically guaranteed as the right to petition the government. The second amendment further guarantees the fundamental right to ARMED PROTEST as militias or an assembly of armed CITIZENS!

    Fundamental right to assembly = Fundamental right to livelihood! Know your rights CITIZEN!

    The Right to Free Speech guarantees not only the right to protest speech but also to engage in a profession that involves publishing and distribution of speech such as newspapers, art, theater, movies even pornography. Similarly the Right to Assembly guarantees not only the right to assemble to protest but also to engage in any livelihood, business or profession that involves an assembly of citizens. There is no plague / pandemic exception to free speech or the right to assembly in the constitution. The intent and spirit of the BILL OF RIGHTS are explicitly clear!

    [zero hedge 5-7-2020]

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Just confirms my position that the best thing to do with the Constitution is burn it and start over because no one knows what it really means or meant anyway but great artifice will be employed by the Left or in this case the Right to make it mean what they want it to mean. Meanwhile at least this Seer admits somewhere in all this flagrant historicizing and interpolation that there was actually a real plague that killed people and not just a flue bro.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Why start over with a new constitution when no one will agree to any one immutable interpretation of it ? We can just go back to the good old fashion way of rule by men without any written laws that could be interpreted differently by different men/women in power . That way we would not have to bother with deciding which interpretation we would go by — just let the group in power arbitrarily decide for us what the law of the moment will be without the constraints of prior written jurispudence .

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          If you are not
          being ironic, yeah, I sort of agree. When I said “start over” I wasn’t really thinking of a constitution. I should have said that. Or at least not a constitution which sets up a “democratically” elected rulng class with voting and all the
          money driven oligarchical crap we have now. But my thinking breaks down at that point. How do we get to an elite who we can give the opportunity to rule for our nation’s interest and how do we get rid of them if they don’t?
          Any ideas? I am thinking that German political philosophers might be of help here. Forget Anglo

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Yes , my comment was meant as irony .

            I can understand your ” Forget Anglo ” except , in all honesty , there are some whom are very worthy of notice such as Lord Acton and his famous century-old truism __

            {{{ ” Power corrupts ; and absolute

            power corrupts absolutely ” }}}.

            Corruption per se is not that important . It is the abuses of power , that is facilitated by corruption and subsequently unjustifiably harms people , that really matters .

            Written laws with established interpretations are a constraint against abuses of power . Jurisprudence , that modifies or even reverses established interpretations , is publicized to alert the public to remedies of old abuses of power or alert them to the potential for new abuses .

            The ultimate issue is the same throughout history — the inveterate distribution of life-sustaining resources and the consequential inveterate distribution of political power — or vice versa .

            The USA founders provided a major , albeit not complete , remedy for political abuses with the constitutional separation-of-powers .

            The hijacking of government by unelected multi-billionaire/millionaire oligarchs has much more to do with the deep and widespread intractable lack of adequate political intelligence ( not mostly a lack of IQ ) of the majorities and much less to do with written laws and the written interpretations of those laws .

            I agree with your assessment of historicly classical German political philosophers and maybe even some contemporary ones .

    • Jud Jackson
      Jud Jackson says:

      I agree with all of what you say, except for pornography. I can remember Robert Bork, who knew the Constitution a whole lot better than I do, saying the pornography is not protected by Free Speech. So, laws against pornography are valid.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      So where are the commenters responses to TJ’s artful, albeit
      characuture like, piece of Anglo libertarianism?

      OK I’ll start it or I’ll continue to try.

      All white nationalists are white but not all whites are Anglos.
      Given the negative response of so many WN’s to anything the government does to try to
      to deal with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS 2, I am wondering if “White” Nationalism is just Anglo Nationalism with its usual extreme affinity for small government and individual rights . If so, there is a problem here brothers and sisters: many WN’s like myself are what used to be called “ethnics” – Irish, German, Polish, Italian, Ukranian- and not so enamored of individualism No, we white ethnics come out of more collectivist and traditionalist tribes and we have no intention of any longer deferring to Anglo individualism. Ultimately we want government that will help to protect us and enhance our lives We want a BIG GOVERNMENT that supports our Nation – a nation of white people, not just anglo white people

      I mean we tried assimilating to Anglo values and traditions with varying success. After all, Anglos started the place. But then we watched the Anglo ruling class blithely ignore or fail to appreciate our assimilation while culturally and economically giving it up to the (((world’s biggest parasites))).

      So now we want to know how WHITE this white nationalism really is. Is it just a far out and more populist version of the neo Waspism we see on Vdare or even American Renaissance?

      Come on guys. Tell us about it

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        We’re products of our culture, not its prisoners.

        Boiling a culture, nation, social-institution and even all social-interaction down to a Either/Or “collectivist”/”individualist” choice is a desperate attempt to oversimplify a complex situation.

        Groups without individuals are incapable of creating anything beyond an undifferentiated ego-mass.

        And individuals who never consider the groups they belong to don’t last very long. That’s why they’re so rare.

        Though the ones that survive end up becoming our geniuses. But at too high a price.

        Of course, there are individuals capable of exploiting the groups they belong to and they’re the ones who either destroy themselves, or the group, or both.

        The fact is, they both individuals and groups need each other.

        European man, Western man, the White man, whatever anyone wants to call him, is the only one who has ever thought long and hard about this problem and, more importantly, has tried to test and use his ideas in that regard.

        To the extent we have any chance at all of turning our situation around it will require that we function as a group in form united around a leader, or leaders, capable of articulating a simple and direct organizing principle that inspires.

        If that doesn’t happen then, well, no need to tell anyone here, because you all already know.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        OK, I give up. Sorry TJ.
        I thought together we might get something going on here. Or does silence speak louder than words?

  2. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    That was an excellent forward Kevin. It appears that this book will confirm the perpetrators and the extent of the ongoing anti-White racial pogrom being waged against White people.

  3. bruno
    bruno says:

    Another great review by Kevin. I wish I had known him when I was young. I’m behind in reading some recently purchased books. However, this study by “Publius” will be a must goal. Without Keven informing us we’d have never known about the noted study.

    One wonders if it’ll be like “the Dispossessed Majority” regarding distribution and censorship. Amazon’s team of anti-majority censors just about shuts down pro-majority commentary. Those big corporatist Jugganauts should be shut down. Maybe it’ll take a revolution to eradicate monopoly anti-majority networks. In this new era one wonders if such is possible.

    Then again the masses in Poland took down the powerful regime they hated. After that, the dominos followed. Would it have been possible without that drunk Jelcin running wild in Moscow? Would Uncle Joe have taken over without being helped initially by an army of zyds? Would H have made it to the top without economic turmoil interlocked with Red activity and a few other factors? Would all those Middle East wars been possible without the lackeys in La CessPool Grande?

    Ah, if only there was a way to bypass monopoly networking, to distribute millions of copies of outstanding works. Lots of things are possible. Didn’t Trump bypass monopoly NSM?

    Think of this new era of Corporatists, Soros, Adelson… I’ll send out Kevin’s review to about a hundred. How many will forward it?

  4. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    We have spent several years with this rhetoric of causality and identification of who he is, and how our enemies act. The main question is the following:
    What strategy or action are white people taking in their defense to prevent their future disappearance?

  5. Tom
    Tom says:

    One has to admit that the Left pulled off a major coup against traditional America by militating in a racial manner when it came to its demographic and ethnic interests, but it was also somehow able to pin the charge of “racism” on its political opponents when they acted in their racial and ethnic interests. In a completely macabre way, this feat has to be considered pure genius and lends spectacular credence to the old adage of the pot calling the kettle black. There have been many explanations for this puzzling phenomenon and I think they’re all correct, in that it was precisely the screeching multitude of anti-traditional American voices that ultimately caused the old ethnic elites in America to simply start waving a white flag. And when the elites surrendered, traditional Americans outside elite circles were basically toast. Americana got drowned out by an internal and external cacophony of unending hatred and rabid discontent. It goes on to this day and will likely continue until the historic American nation is obliterated.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “Americana got drowned out by an internal and external cacophony of unending hatred and rabid discontent. It goes on to this day and will likely continue until the historic American nation is obliterated.”

      Your comment reads like something written by a JIDF Troll. Especially the above quote.

      What “the left” did could be called devious and cunning, but not “pure genius.”

      If “the left” were truly interested in genius we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in today.

      They were more sneaky than smart.

      They were good at hiding and the host population wasn’t good at looking.

      Besides, calling what they did “pure genius” gives too much credit to the host population.

      As events revealed, for all of their pluck and hard work in other matters, the host population of the USA consisted mostly of a bunch of pushovers and dumbbells.

      And the only reason they started to show their fangs and claws from the late 60’s onward was because “the left” already had control of all of the choke points of the culture.

      So they knew they could operate with impunity.

  6. Anon2
    Anon2 says:

    The demographic changes in Portland Maine are no joke. I just looked at the wiki for it, and found that it was 95% white in 1990, but in 2010 was 83% white. It should be, by now, under 80% white. They are really screwing these whites over, and this time they can’t make it about the (supposedly) anti-Semitic Christian religion, since these whites in Portland are not really Christian.

  7. Icknay
    Icknay says:

    We can whine and argue till the cows come home….. The fact remains; as long as a foreign entity has control of our country’s currency, it’s game over. The American (((dollar))) has been under the control of the globalist parasite for over 100 hundred years and supported ever since I might add, by our very own white traitor politicians (Republicans and Democrats).
    The only way for us to take back our heritage and control our own means of exchange is to separate from this (((union))) and to once again become independent confederate states, period.
    Having a single oligarch who controls an entire nation makes no sense whatsoever.
    Socrates was also well aware of the dangers of demoncracy and publicly stated that it was a bad idea for the Hellenic people.

    • Robert Dolan
      Robert Dolan says:

      Yes, the central problem is the jewish control of our economic system, which translates into almost total political control. The arguments regarding capitalism versus socialism are moot once you understand that the real problem is the small hat control of white Christian nations. The label you give to the economic system is irrelevant if the jews are ruling the people top down and buying off every leader in sight.
      If they were smart (and decent) and could rule with some sense of fairness, nobody would even notice or object. But they have a seething hatred of us and their every move is designed to cause us pain and misery. The stupid lockdown is yet another feather in their cap, an ultimate move to have complete control of our people at the flip of a switch. I’m worried that they will use starvation in addition to fear, as they have been known to use diabolical means in the past.

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