Kevin MacDonald: “I’m not optimistic about the future of the West”

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Kevin MacDonaldKevin MacDonald

We spoke with Kevin MacDonald, a professor emeritus of psychology at Long Beach State University of California. His research focuses primarily on the development of evolutionary perspectives on culture, developmental psychology and personality theory.

You have a long career in psychology, as a Professor at California State University, and have authored many different books and academic articles on that subject, focusing mostly on evolutionary psychology, psychology on ethnocentrism and group evolutionary strategies. Could you give us a brief definition of these concepts? 

Evolutionary psychology views the human brain as being shaped by evolution, that is, that over evolutionary time the human mind and underlying neural structures were shaped by natural selection. For example, humans fall in love because there are brain structures that enable this, and it’s adaptive because it motivates men and women to procreate and invest in their children. Genes for this gradually accumulated, and people with more of those genes survived and prospered. 

Please tell us when did you first become active within the “right” ideological specter and which of your conclusions and observations led you to become a renowned author within the circles of the Right? Did your studies of Psychology played a major part in this development? 

I started being active while writing my book The Culture of Critique in the mid-1990s. The Culture of Critique is about how Jewish intellectuals and political activists have shaped Western culture in the twentieth century. I realized that they were shaping culture in ways that promoted their interests but were detrimental to the interests of Europeans. Throughout my writing, I have used my psychological background. For example, one reason that Jewish intellectuals were so influential was because they were able to obtain positions in elite universities. A part of human psychology is to look up to such people and they have more influence as a result. I also write a lot about ethnic networking among Jews—how they promote each other’s work and promote common goals that satisfy Jewish interests.

You have written extensively about the influence of the Jewish-interests groups within the Western societies and about the role of the Jewish intellectuals within the different subversive movements that came to be known as “Cultural Marxism”, your most famous book on the subject being »Culture of Critique«. Could you please explain to us how do these groups operate, in which areas has their influence been the most effective and for what reasons do you choose to describe them as »Culture of Critique«? 

Culture of Critique describes several of the most influential intellectual and political movements of the twentieth century—Boasian anthropology, Freudian psychoanalysis, the Frankfurt School, the general involvement of Jews with the left, and Jewish activism on behalf of immigration. All of these movements had a central core of people who were strongly identified as Jews and thought of their work as advancing Jewish interests in some way. For example, Freud thought of himself as a warrior in opposition to European culture which he hated because of historical anti-Semitism. His work undermined traditional Western sexual mores and family relationships. His movement attracted many other Jews and together they influenced public opinion because they were able to obtain influential positions in academic and professional organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association, and they were able to spread their messages in the mainstream media—Hollywood, television, and newspapers.

It seems that the breakdown of the Western values and the destruction of the once homogenous European societies that we witness today is a consequence of the ideas and movements that can be traced to the Frankfurt School, whose intellectuals were mostly Jewish, and which was the birthplace of the so called »Cultural Marxism«. Could you give us a brief overview of the ideas and concepts which were the product of the Frankfurt School, and have proven as the most detrimental to our culture and to our European nations? Also would you say that the Frankfurt School represents the beginning of these subversive movements and ideals, or do its roots go further back in time?

The Frankfurt School began in the 1920s as an orthodox Marxist group and continued in that direction until after Hitler came to power after 1933. Marxism did not predict that the working class would vote for a fascist, but many did, and after Hitler came to power, he had high public approval. They reconceptualized the problem as White ethnocentrism because racial identity was central to National Socialism. They reasoned that an anti-Jewish movement could not develop in a country that was not racially homogeneous. As a result, their work claimed that White people who identified as White and attempted to advance the interests of their race had a psychiatric disorder and this was then picked up and promoted very effectively by Jewish activist organizations like the Anti-Defamation League. They did not make an analogous analysis in which identifying as a Jew and advancing Jewish interests were pathological.

Jewish subversion began earlier. Boasian anthropology and psychoanalysis began early in the twentieth century and Jewish activism on the left aimed at toppling gentile power structures dates from the nineteenth century.

The question many people are curious about is, why would certain Jewish-interested groups want the destruction and the breakdown of the Western societies, what is their main motivation and what do they want to achieve through their subversive actions, and influence in culture and in politics?

As noted above, Jews do not feel safe in a homogeneous White society after what happened in Germany in the 1930s. As a result, they have promoted immigration and demographic change so that Whites will be a minority in Western societies and Whites will be less able to organize against Jews. Another major motivation is hatred because of what they see as irrational ant-Semitism throughout history, so that, for example, they oppose Christianity because of the historical role of Christianity in opposition to Jews. They never see their own behavior as contributing to hatred of Jews.

Some people would argue, that the Jews have always been involved in different political movements both on the Left and on the Right, and that while there are quite a few Jews on the Left, it is mostly a coincidence and has nothing to do with them being Jewish, since we can also find Jews among the Conservative Right. What would be your answer to these observations, and what would be your main argument in claiming, that the leftist movements are not just movements which happen to also have a lot of Jewish activists, but that this movements and ideals themselves were created by the Jewish groups to further their own goals and agenda?

I know of no example of a Jew who has advocated for White interests. In general, Jews on the right have been neoconservatives who are mainly motivated by garnering support for Israel within the Republican Party and among conservatives. Neoconservatism, with its roots on the Trotskyist left, has fundamentally acted to combat older forms of conservatism (labeled paleoconservatism) in America and to move the American conservative movement to the left on key issues like immigration (see “Neoconservatism as Jewish Movement“). For example, I cite an American intellectual, Samuel Francis: “There are countless stories of how neoconservatives have succeeded in entering conservative institutions, forcing out or demoting traditional conservatives, and changing the positions and philosophy of such institutions in neoconservative directions.”

My argument that Jews on the left retained strong Jewish identities and a sense of Jewish interests is contained in Chapter 3 of The Culture of Critique and is too long to quote here. However, it begins with the following:

There is little doubt that the vast majority of the Jews who advocated leftist causes beginning in the late nineteenth century were strongly self-identified as Jews and saw no conflict between Judaism and radicalism (Marcus 1983, 280ff; Levin 1977, 65, 1988, I, 4–5; Mishkinsky 1968, 290, 291; Rothman & Lichter 1982, 92–93; Sorin 1985, passim). Indeed, the largest Jewish radical movements in both Russia and Poland were the Jewish Bunds which had an exclusively Jewish membership and a very clear program of pursuing specifically Jewish interests. The proletarianism of the Polish Bund was really part of an attempt to preserve their national identity as Jews (Marcus 1983, 282). Fraternity with the non-Jewish working class was intended to facilitate their specifically Jewish aims, and a similar statement can be made for the Russian Jewish Bund (Liebman 1979, 111ff). Since the Bunds comprised by far the majority of the Jewish radical movement in these areas, the vast majority of Jews participating in radical movements in this period were strongly identified as Jews.

In Chapter 3 I also provide evidence that Jews on the left were motivated to oppose nationalist movements, as in Poland after World War II where many Jews collaborated with the communist government. Jews in pre-revolutionary Russia saw the Czarist government as oppressive and eagerly joined the Soviet government after the Revolution. Jews in America in the 1920s–1940s realized that Jews were an elite in the USSR and strongly advocated for pro-USSR causes in the U.S. There are many more examples of this.

While »Culture of Critique« is probably your most famous book on this subject, it is just a third book of a trilogy, the other two books being » A People That Shall Dwell Alone« and »Separation and its Discontents«. In these books you also write about Judaism and about the phenomenon of Antisemitism. Could you tell us how would you say Judaism differs from Islam and Christianity? And regarding the topic of Antisemitism, do you believe Jewish groups are using it today to further their own agenda? 

As discussed in A People That Shall Dwell Alone, Judaism developed as a very explicit diaspora strategy—they saw themselves as living as a minority group within larger societies. They never sought to be a universal religion. Their writings underscore that they saw themselves as in conflict with the wider society and as having different interests from other groups in the society. For example, a common theme of historical anti-Semitism was that Jews made alliances with kings and other aristocrats and would engage in oppressive business practices that would enrich their aristocratic patrons and themselves at the expense of other sectors of the population.

Jewish groups are constantly exaggerating anti-Semitism as a way to raise money but also to provide reasons for enacting controls on free speech. In the United States it is now basically off-limits to criticize Israel: any criticism of Israel is regarded as anti-Semitism. Another example, according to a recent article in the mainstream media, Jews in the television industry have been producing very Jewish-themed shows emphasizing the Holocaust and other threats to Jewish interests because of a supposed huge increase in anti-Semitism. “There’s been a huge uptick in anti-Semitic hate crimes in the U.S. over the past five years, according to the FBI, in an era when only 45% of U.S adults know that six million Jews died in the Holocaust, according to a Pew Research Center survey published in January.«

How would you assess the work of President Trump since he entered the office?

I was very supportive of Trump during the 2016 election. His record since is mixed. He is certainly doing the bidding of is pro-Israel donors like Sheldon Adelson and the Republican Jewish Coalition despite his campaign pledges for an America-First foreign policy. He has not been as good as he promised on immigration. He is building the wall with Mexico but has also approved huge numbers of worker visas that displace American workers, and he has not decreased the huge numbers of legal immigrants that will soon make Whites a minority in the U.S., nor has he ended birthright citizenship according to which anyone born in the U.S. is automatically a citizen, leading to illegal aliens establishing families and obtaining welfare benefits, etc.

What are your predictions for the U.S. presidential elections this year? And what are your predictions regarding the future of U.S.A. and the rest of the Western world?

It’s too soon to tell what will happen this year much less the long-term future of the West. Trump will have a good chance against Joe Biden, who is senile and not a candidate that inspires enthusiasm. However, the non-White vote keeps increasing and this will soon make it impossible for any Republican to win. Right now Trump is being blamed for a poor response to the coronavirus and that may be an effective talking point for Biden, especially given what the virus panic has done to the economy. The strength of the economy had been Trump’s major asset.

I am not optimistic on the future of the West. We are importing non-White majorities that will have no interest in maintaining our culture, our institutions, or our traditional freedoms. Unless something drastic changes, the West as we know it will be destroyed.

You are also the Chief Editor of the website »Occidental Observer«, can you tell us a bit about this project?

The Occidental Observer has articles that touch on White identity and interests. Given my writing, we have a lot of discussion of Jewish issues.

We are all aware of the censorship which has been increasing in the last years, regarding ideas that are deemed »politically incorrect«. Did you ever faced any kind of censorship, and did your activities and writings ever affected your professional career as a University Professor? Did you faced any criticism from you colleagues etc.?

Yes, there was a movement to get my university to fire me—the relevant documents are on my website. A left-wing organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), conducted a campaign against me.  A representative of the SPLC came to my university from November 12–15 2006 to interview faculty and administrators about me. During the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 academic years there was also a great deal of discussion and debate about my work and associations on faculty email lists. Eventually several departments issued statements dissociating themselves from my work and, in some cases, condemning my work. I was an active participant in these debates, In April, 2008, there was a large meeting conducted by the SPLC representative to denounce me. A speaker from the Anti-Defamation League also participated in this meeting.

Can you tell us for the end a bit about you latest book, titled »Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition, and let us know what are your plans for the future? 

Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition argues that ethnic influences are important for understanding the West. The prehistoric invasion of the Indo-Europeans had a transformative influence on Western Europe, inaugurating a prolonged period of what is labeled “aristocratic individualism” resulting form variants of Indo-European genetic and cultural influence. However, beginning in the seventeenth century and gradually becoming dominant was a new culture labeled “egalitarian individualism” which was influenced by preexisting egalitarian tendencies of northwest Europeans. Egalitarian individualism ushered in the modern world but may well carry the seeds of its own destruction. I have a chapter on psychological mechanisms that have resulted in so many Westerners accepting the current regime of displacing White populations in favor of massive non-White immigration. This brings in much discussion of evolutionary psychology. For example, I present data that White people are more empathic towards others because we are less ethnocentric than other peoples. This tendency toward empathy has been manipulated by the media to make Westerners empathic to suffering Africans and Asians and make them willing to make these people into citizens. There are also some hopeful signs—e.g., because of all the anti-White hatred we are seeing in the media, more White people are identifying as White and seeing that they have interests as Whites in not becoming a minority. But I conclude the book by suggesting that there may be a civil war brewing in the United States.

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  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Truth can hurt, as when the author says “I am not optimistic on the future of the West”. However, as a wise man once said, ‘The prerequisite to action is the will and courage to be truthful’.

    In regards to the future of our people in the USA, I think the truth is that there is no future for our folk in the geographic USA. WE ARE TOO SPREAD OUT. If we are to have a future on this continent, we need to concentrate in a geographic area, at most about a quarter of what comprises the lower 48 now. And, we need an ocean. For obvious reasons the Deep South, New England, and the Southwest/California are not practical. That leaves the beautiful Pacific Northwest, to which many of our people have come Home already.

    Give it a try. And, think not just of yourselves, but of your kids, grandkids, and those to follow them. The laws of Nature apply to us as well as our animal friends; birds of a feather must flock together. Think of a world where the ethnic loyalty of your ancestors may continue, where babies are protected instead of perverts, and where moms can be moms, dads can be dads, and kids can be kids. We can have a wonderful future if this be the direction we take.

    • Rommel 41
      Rommel 41 says:

      Not sure what (as in how much area) you mean when you say “Pacific northwest”.
      My initial reaction – I guess mainly prompted by thoughts of Portland / Seattle is
      what the heck are you talking about – these major population centers are already
      infected with gooks and Whites are procreating with them at alarming rates. Add
      to this sentiment the idea that we should, as some sort of defeatist downsizing
      aim only for one quarter of what we once had because of a misguided notion
      that geographic density makes for more racial solidarity is not winning poker.
      We need strong, strident cohesion and leadership wherever and everywhere
      we are. And an attitude win at nearly all costs or stay home and cry. There.

  2. David Shiloh
    David Shiloh says:

    Dr MacDonald will be forever remembered as one of the true giants of White survival,

    As noted above, Jews do not feel safe in a homogeneous White society after what happened in Germany in the 1930s. As a result, they have promoted immigration and demographic change…

    Dr MacDonald had noted in CoC that the Jewish community since 1880 had advocated for immigration change in the US.
    It took them 85 years to accomplish it. Yet let us always remember the TRAITORS who sold the nation out to the enemy.

    The Television, movies, all of that Bernays efforts which started early in the nineteenth century, worked. Also Dr MacDonald has noted in the Preface to the Paperback CoC that Aryans are willing to turn on their own if it is alleged that they were not “worthy”

    Europeans are thus exactly the sort of groups modeled by Fehr and Gächter and Henrich et al: They are groups with high levels of cooperation with strangers rather than with extended family members, and they are prone to market relations and individualism. On the other hand, Jewish culture derives from the Middle Old World culture area characterized by extended kinship networks and the extended family. Such cultures are prone to ingroup-outgroup relationships in which cooperation involves repeated interactions with ingroup members and the ingroup is composed of extended family members.

    This suggests the fascinating possibility that the key for a group intending to turn Europeans against themselves is to trigger their strong tendency toward altruistic punishment by convincing them of the evil of their own people. Because Europeans are individualists at heart, they readily rise up in moral anger against their own people once they are seen as free riders and therefore morally blameworthy — a manifestation of their much stronger tendency toward altruistic punishment deriving from their evolutionary past as hunter gatherers. In making judgments of altruistic punishment, relative genetic distance is irrelevant. Free-riders are seen as strangers in a market situation; i.e., they have no familial or tribal connection with the altruistic punisher.

    Thus the current altruistic punishment so characteristic of contemporary Western civilization: Once Europeans were convinced that their own people were morally bankrupt, any and all means of punishment should be used against their own people. Rather than see other Europeans as part of an encompassing ethnic and tribal community, fellow Europeans were seen as morally blameworthy and the appropriate target of altruistic punishment. For Westerners, morality is individualistic — violations of communal norms by free-riders are punished by altruistic aggression. On the other hand, group strategies deriving from collectivist cultures, such as the Jews, are immune to such a maneuver because kinship and group ties come first. Morality is particularistic — whatever is good for the group. There is no tradition of altruistic punishment because the evolutionary history of these groups centers around cooperation of close kin, not strangers

    Well there is one group, which includes Aryan bloodlines, e.g. Bashar al Assad, that is a relentless foe of the enemy. I do think that they will win in the end.
    As Dr MacDonald noted some 6 years ago:

    Muslims and Jews understand each other; they see each other as implacable enemies and they understand each other’s fanaticism, their mutual hatred, and the impermeable barriers between their groups. As Christine Amanpour showed in God’s Warriors, religious fanaticism in Israel and among Muslims is the order of the day in the Middle East. Indeed, the social structure of society fragmented into mutually hostile groups is endemic to the area and likely biologically based (see here, xxv-xxxi). Neither expects any quarter. A fight to the death.

    (All praise belongs to He, the Most High)

  3. lucius vanini
    lucius vanini says:

    As regards the beginning of Jewish subversion, chronologically speaking, the 19th Century may be too late. In his great aphorism #24 in THE ANTICHRIST, Nietzsche remarks how “the Jewish nation” has taken “the side of all decadence instincts–not as being dominated by them but because it divined in them a power by means of which one can prevail against ‘the world.'” He also writes that Jews have known “how to place themselves at the head of all decadence movements….” Nietzsche (1844-1900) was writing in 1888, which COULD fit the timeline mentioned in the interview; but it doesn’t seem likely that Nietzsche was discussing what he took for a recent phenomenon.

    In fact, in that same #24 he cites the “Christianity of Paul” (the apostle) as an example of a decadence movement. And at the start of the long aphorism he writes “[Christianity] is NOT a counter-movement against the Jewish instinct, it is actually its logical consequence….”

    For my part, I strongly suspect that Christianity was the first (and eventually the most efficacious, since Europeans became weak enough to embrace altruism) cultural weapon Jews have launched against us. And what a shock (sarcasm) that while their own Hebrew-spawned creed is so full of collective egoism and affirmation of life here and now, the one designed for our consumption is so full of altruism, self-abnegation, contempt for “worldly vanities,” hatred of the body and “this world,” condemnation of self-love, etc., etc.

  4. Reb Kittredge
    Reb Kittredge says:

    Wonderful summary of Dr. MacDonald’s work and views. If there isn’t even a single instance of a Jew promoting white interests, then we have a true, universal generalization about this group.

  5. lucius vanini
    lucius vanini says:

    Oh and as regards censorship, am I displaying an ignorance of technological and commercial realities, or am I right in thinking that the biggest elephant in our room is the crying need of our own Social Media giant–one that doesn’t defecate on the First Amendment? WHY DO I NEVER SEE OR HEAR ANYONE REFER TO ACTING ON THAT NEED?

    In the despotic Leftist SM giants like Twitter and Facebook, saying that only females get pregnant and give birth is viewed as “hate speech” and can get one suspended or banned. Usually for my assertions relating to race, I’ve been banned from YT and Twitter and Quorum, and temporarily blocked by Facebook twice. Even FEMINISTS have been banned in Twitter for gainsaying notions detrimental to Western Civilization (though defending that Civilization wasn’t their purpose) when a certain male who dreams he’s a woman has complained that they hurt him by maintaining that sex isn’t determined by self-identification.

    One reason there’s been a groundswell of White Nationalism and White self-love is that the social media were relatively freedom-friendly till the election of Trump. But the subsequent crackdown by the despots of social media, people who hate us, has more or less succeeded in arresting that progress. And now that it’s clear that Trump is all talk and no action in this matter, is there any possible remedy besides a competing Social Media corporation that wouldn’t impede our right to reach as many people as we need to, with words we need to use?

    I hear that Elon Musk is becoming more sympathetic to concepts of actual freedom (as opposed to the counterfeit freedoms of Leftists), He has 39 billion and great technological expertise. Why can’t he, in league with similarly influential elements and individuals, do what the creators of Twitter, Facebook, YT et al have done, with the difference that they’ll be champions of free speech? Especially if we all get together and encourage them, assuring them we’ll instantly abandon the Orwellian ministries of disinformation for their sake?

  6. Odessa Choppo
    Odessa Choppo says:

    Dr. MacDonald’s work has been very influential for me. I read his trilogy about 3 years ago and follow his work without exception. His world view has helped me to understand so much I was previously unclear on. I have learned more and felt more satisfaction with this area of knowledge than I did with my entire undergraduate and graduate school work. I very much appreciate Dr. MacDonald and others like him.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      01 Even much earlier I wondered how you chose your handle.
      02 Does Odessa refer to the former [?] [O]rganisation [D]er [E]hemaligen [SS] Schutzstaffel [A]ngehoeringen, or to the atrocious history of that town: from the time of some Royal Navy Captain offloading a couple of thousand Yalta-determined prisoners off his so-called ” Empire Pride ” ?
      03 This esteemed RN Captain radioed HQ in London, to inform them that all prisoners, upon disembarkation, where machine-gunned in warehouses by elements of the Red Army.
      04 Ultimately ca. half of those estimated five million Russians and their camp-follower extended families who chose to fight against Stalin and his busy little Jews, was similarly exterminated and/or peopled the Gulags. [ Operation Keelhaul ].
      05 Thanks to Napoleon’s ” perfidious Albion “, intellectually headed by Churchill and that super-swine Eden. That prick Churchill should have paid his own always overdue liquor bill, rather than have the FOCUS GROUP do it for him: with the entire western world still paying for the COMPOUND interest charges; with only a cataclysmic end in sight.
      06 Or were you thinking of Odessa as the venue where 30+ Opponents of Kolomoiski were butchered, while he was preparing his home-whittled Clown Zelensky as his sock-puppet Premier ?
      07 Those European, so-called investigations of the 298 dead in the MH 17 crash, leave me entirely unconvinced. An extant video shows Kolomoiski, at a sumptuous dinner in opulent hotel surroundings, in the capital of the province of which he was Governor, Dnipro, give away a ten million US check to some “”” charity “””.
      08 How much would any of us take, as a lowly Air Traffic Controller at the Dnipro Control Tower to merely, for whatever myriad of plausible silly-ass technical reasons, redirect MH 17 ten kilometers north, without first knowing, that that would place the plane squarely over a previously positioned, of course normally Russian-supplied surface-to-air Buk missile launcher ???
      09 However flimsy, this would answer how ! What about the why ?
      10 The Premier of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, had hosted an international Holocaust Conference at one of his universities: it was arranged as an official Court, with Plaintiffs and Defendants at the Trial.
      Suffice it to say: an impressive show, including high-profile westerners, including Cynthia McKinney of GA.
      11 In September ’97, the elite of the international financial elite held a major conference in Hong Kong: attended by both Soros and Mahathir, whose paths never crossed there. Mahathir castigated financial speculation, drawing fire from Soros. In return, Mahathir termed Soros a ” dirty little Jewish speculator ! ” No need to rehash the international media outcry: verbatim.
      12 Soros had engineered a run on the British pound, netting him ca. $ 2 Billions in a few days. He repeated the same theft aiming at the Malaysian currency, with similarly deleterious economic, financial and commercial effects.
      13 His MH 17, was filled primarily with Dutch tourists en route to Kuala Lumpur. And the Dutch had it coming anyway, since, outrageously, as recently as the end of the 16th century, they had expelled Jews from New Amsterdam, making it difficult for so-called Amsterdam immigrants to New York, such as the successively Portuguese and Venetian Campo di Rossis, [ Field of Roses ] or Roosevelts.
      14 If you want to bring down a plane, call Dov Zakheim, ordained rabbi, son of a Russian immigrated ordained rabbi. Apparently a pre-requisite to fill the position of CFO at the Pentagon. Certainly fortuitous if one day before 9/11, Rumsfeld, your boss and previous Pharma executive has the duty to inform the nation, that under your Pentagon supervision, 2.1 T-R-I-L-L-I-O-N dollars simply vanished: never to be found, even by four successive multi-million dollar high-profile audits.
      15 If you experience accounting difficulties, it is always advantageous to also hold a senior position with a Virginia manufacturer who specializes in Automated Flight Interruption Systems, that will override on-board pilots’ instructions.
      16 Certainly helpful in the crash of German Air between Barcelona and Dusseldorf, if one of your employees, engaged in Ebola research for you as a defense contractor [ the rabbi ], dies, along with her daughter. Dusseldorf to The Hague is merely an hour and a half by car.
      The trunk-sized computer could have been on deck of small rented vessel on the Mediterranean, since the plane crashed into smithereens just after in-sight control.
      17 Dov was also instrumental in ” repairing ” the Trade Center after its erstwhile attack.
      18 Then there was MH 370: he deserves a good look !

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Naturally, the salient par. 11 went its own way:
        11 In September ’97, the elite of the international financial elite held a conference in Hong Kong. Both Soros and Mahathir were present, but never at the same venue and time.
        Given the financial difficulties Soros had self-servingly engendered for Mahathir’s Malaysia, the latter unceremoniously railed against mere financial speculation, which produced nothing. Soros fired back. Mahathir loudly termed him ” a dirty little Jewish speculator ! ”
        What wonderful, verbatim international headlines.

        • Al Ross
          Al Ross says:

          Dr M is gone. Malaysia needs (International ) Capital. Soros knows this.

          The cleverest man in South East Asia was Lee Kuan Yew. Every meeting LKY had with Dr M was a win for Singapore. IQ counts.and a Cambridge education counts.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        As usual, Charles, I have learned more from one comment of yours than from a year’s worth of perusing the (((standard sources))).

        Is there more you can say about MH 370, irrespective of whether Dov is involved? Last month I came across an online video that showed people variously blaming US stealth weapons and the pilot’s or copilot’s fanaticism, but all claims lacked meaningful corroboration. Is there anything substantive you can add or can point me to?

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          01 If you continue lauding me like that I shall have to widen my entrance door to get my head through.

          02 Especially in view of the recent appointment to the head of Cyberspace at the NSA, of an attractive Brooklyn Hasidic lady, parallel in power to her Army General boss, we can assuredly state, that in all areas of Intelligence, which includes Operations, there is no daylight between the US and Israel.

          03 And misdirection plays a major role in Operations.

          04 Ergo, every component of a whole is suspect.

          05 German Wings, Flight 9525, crashed in the Alps, 100 km east of Nice, purportedly due to SUICIDE BY PILOT. These intellectually poverty-stricken assholes can’t even think of a better and/or new reason, if they also ascribe character shortcomings as the reason for the loss of MH 370: as you cited.

          06 That crash included a female Ebola researcher for defense contractor Booz Allen, overseen by Zakheim. [ Who was also the employer of Assange ]. Ebola wreaked havoc in Africa and perhaps there was talk or certain knowledge of her squealing on Zakheim at The Hague.

          07 The net advertisements for his other connected enterprise, The Inflight Termination System, out of Virginia, unconnectedly bragged of being able to overcome remotely, simply all of the on-board functions officially listed as having been activated minutes before the crash: including the ” suicidal ” pilot’s locking his co-pilot out of the pilots’ cabin at the material time.

          08 Dov supervised the ” repair ” of the Trade Center after its erstwhile attack. Ca. 16 vans, nightly, after work, over a protracted period. The Termination system was also eminently suitable for 9/11.

          09 None of which answers your question.

          10 MH 370’s exceedingly erratic flight pattern, considering its simple, straight regular run is inexplicable and probably in part or in whole simply fabricated. As with the easily fabricated, mysterious finds of its heavier than water components, transported by ocean currents.

          11 What we do know for certain, is that Mahathir insulted all of Jewry and Judaism, pursuant to their self-perception, by making that comment about Soros.

          12 What we do know for certain, is that he lost MH 17, within the area of not only influence but complete control at that time by yet another enforcer of theirs.

          13 What we do know for certain, is that all those with eyes, who not only see, but also observe, know, that this was retribution. No one knew of the timing: but every informed person knew it was coming.

          14 Of course Mahathir was also the driving force behind the 57-member Organization of Islamic States. A strategic, political, military, financial and existential challenge for Israel.

          15 I wrote to the PTA and principal of the Dusseldorf-area school, which lost 14 of its returning pupils on that charter flight, telling them of this Termination System and its website displaying a photo of it and a long sales spiel. I urged them to demand an investigation from Merkel through Washington of this Virginia shop fabricating such lethal weapons in the wrong hands.

          I repeated the above with Lufthansa in Frankfurt. I wrote to the editor of the regional main daily.

          Not a single word from any of them. Ever since, I can only envision them as taking the advice from their various insurance experts, not to make waves and simply fill out the form to collect the optimum allowed under theses circumstances. To an infinitesimal degree I can understand them, given the huge, protracted mess between the then newly over-insured Trade Centre, its Silverstein, and Munich’s Allianz Insurance Company; whose vaults probably hold the truth of the entire matter.

          16 Am I right overall or in part ? I dunno – but I hear several helicopters approaching.


          (Mod. Note: Charles, #1 and #16 put a smile on my face and added a bit of levity to the day! Thanks!)

  7. Smart guy
    Smart guy says:

    Ultimately, the few outliers that leave the Jewish hive are irrelevant if the vast majority are hostile to whites. For every Gilad Atzmon, Brother Nathanael, Henry Makow, or Samuel Roth there are a hundred guys like Epstein, Dershowitz, Noel Ignatiev, Barbara Spectre, Tim Wise, George Soros, etc.

    The first step toward healing as a people is recognizing that we are two separate tribes, from two separate civilizations, and we are in a life or death struggle for survival.

    There really isn’t much more to it than that.

  8. Dan Reardon
    Dan Reardon says:

    We are so lucky to have such an incredible talent like Dr MacDonald writing for us. His articles are always informative, hard hitting and helpful for the average working stiff, like myself, to sort through the political fog in this world we live in.

  9. Tom Verso
    Tom Verso says:

    Prof. MacDonald through has many works has, with meticulous empirical scholarship, factually described the preponderance of Jewish influence in (better: dominance of) the culture of Western Civilization.

    However, he ‘seems’ (‘seems’: i.e. I have not read all that he has written) to have ignored the necessary condition to achieve cultural dominance – business and finance.

    Thus, for example, in this article he says: “…they [Jews] were able to spread their messages in the mainstream media—Hollywood, television, and newspapers.” However, they could not spread their messages in the mainstream media—Hollywood, television, and newspapers if they did own “Hollywood, television, and newspapers.”

    Similarly, they could not get “influential position in major academic and professional organizations” without the wealth that buys such “positions and influence”.

    Also, I the influence they have on government policies that again could only be accomplished by the vast amount of money they could lavish on politics and political parties.

    In short, money = power (influence) = cultural dominance = social (nation, civilization) dominance.
    Prof. MacDonald’s work in the “cultural dominance” part of the equation.

    The prevailing ideology (mass public opinion: race, gender, climate change, cold war, Iraq WMD, etc.) of a society is determined by those who control the dissemination of ideas. Those with the wealth control the means of dissemination; ergo, they determine the prevailing ideology and public opinion.

    Thus, to my mine, MacDonald’s work on role of Jews in “shaping culture in ways that promoted their interests” needs to be supplemented with descriptions and analysis of the dominate role of Jews in the economy.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      TV- I was just thinking about what you wrote here.

      Mayer Amschel Rothschild: Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.

      from JM Keynes-

      Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some. The sight of this arbitrary rearrangement of riches strikes not only at security but [also] at confidence in the equity of the existing distribution of wealth.

      Those to whom the system brings windfalls, beyond their deserts and even beyond their expectations or desires, become “profiteers,” who are the object of the hatred of the bourgeoisie, whom the inflationism has impoverished, not less than of the proletariat. As the inflation proceeds and the real value of the currency fluctuates wildly from month to month, all permanent relations between debtors and creditors, which form the ultimate foundation of capitalism, become so utterly disordered as to be almost meaningless; and the process of wealth-getting degenerates into a gamble and a lottery.

      Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.

      • Leon Haller
        Leon Haller says:

        And yet some stupid white nationalists are starting to embrace “Modern Monetary Theory”, which is really just old-fashioned inflation (supported by AOC among other antiwhites). The ultimate in currency debauchery. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch (TANSTAAFL as scifi guru Heinlein had it).

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          I am embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know that TANSTAAFL = “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”? One more veil lifted.

          Cheers, Mr. Haller!

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        01 The West’s 1929 came a mere four years after the nascent SU finally found itself in a haphazard, yet increasingly tenable military, financial and political situation.

        02 The American Bankers’ Association mandate to its tied members instructed them to call all loans and to issue no new ones. Cash in circulation was reduced to a [ deliberately ] impossible average of $ 40 per person: which included all businesses.

        03 Naturally brokers jumped to their deaths, so others could fill their vaults to overflowing. Wealth didn’t disappear: it changed hands in the usual direction.

        04 Rothschild sacrificed his Viennese Commerzbank to bankruptcy, in order to introduce this ME alchemy to Europe; especially and likely calculatedly damaging after years of an easy credit bubble. Apparently another Austrian paid close attention, and we are even admittedly guilted [ Democracy Now ] into paying until the end of time.

        05 At a Paris dinner conference Schiff was coincidentally seated next to Takahashi, Japanese Plenipotentiary for Finances, later Minister of Finance, then PM. [ T, as PM, entrusted the care of his teen daughter to S, by sending her in his care to NYC and to his estate in NJ, to learn English for a year and a half : probably chauffeured to typically Communist-patronized Tiffany’s in the same stretch limousine as afforded by him to Trotsky ].

        06 During the above conference, S assured T of financing the Russo-Japanese War and negated the Czar’s attempt to borrow on the international financial market.

        07 American Jews, and beyond, including Schiff, quite openly referred to the ensuing October, second-stage Revolution as OUR THING, and dispatched ca. 2,000 North Eastern US Jews to Petrograd to bolster the so-called Russian Revolution. [ They were surveilled by the New York Police, prior to the FBI, up to Chicago. Thence by the former Dominion Police from Winnipeg to Vancouver. Ottawa received reports from the Captain taking them from Vancouver to Yokohama: including their criminal on-board behavior forcing him to issue side arms to his crew.

        Vladivostok was their next stop, en route to Petrograd, via Moscow.

        08 A Petrograd-based agent for the British Foreign Office, reported to London, inter alia, that ” he had noted hundreds of new faces on the streets, all with red carnations in their lapels, incomparably better dressed and with ample funds for nightly bar visits “. The rising RUSSIAN MASSES INDEED — at least according to federal assistance-seeking Greenblatt and his ADL.

        09 Above, Odessa rightfully complains of the discrepancy between what he was inculcated with during his undergraduate and graduate studies and what he is learning here and elsewhere.

        I concur. Ca. 85-90 % was unmitigated bullshit, warranting full indemnity for flushed tuition.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        . . .governments can confiscate, secretly. . .

        More accurately: jews can steal, secretly

        There are many who try to deflect the blame for inflation away from jews and onto government- Rand “only government. . .”, Rothbard wrote- “What has government done to our money?” It’s true that the [existing] money system needs legislation/regulation, but these laws/regulations have been purchased [captured] by rich jews, to be used for jewish self-interest.

        btw it seems that the IRS is a (((private))) entity:

        “The Internal Revenue Service is a private Collections Company, acting as a permanent contractor for the US Treasury department, without any Legal Statute authorization. 5. The IRS says that the Internal Revenue Code ( the Novel, Book 68A ) gives them the Authority to operate, and regulates its activities”

    • lucius vanini
      lucius vanini says:

      TOM VERSO: All told, non-Jewish Whites have a lot more money than the Jews. The latter are twoish percent of the USA. And Gates, Buffett, Bezos (I believe) aren’t Jews; nor were or are the Rockefellers. The essential thing is that Jews will WEAPONIZE their money to assail the non-Jewish majority, whereas the addled, altruism-poisoned goy magnates fart around with this and that, have no ethnic/genetic self-awareness or loyalty or cohesion; and, across the population, non-Jewish Whites simply don’t have the collective egoism which makes Jews so formidable.

      Hence MacDonald is right to prioritize CULTURE over FINANCE among the factors which have brought this disaster upon us….

      • Trenchant
        Trenchant says:

        Copyright, supposedly instituted for the artist/creator’s benefit, has actually benefited the intermediary, the media/publishing conglomerates, allowing for easy control of the narrative.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Jews have a lot more money per capita than non-Jewish Whites . That extra wealth gives them all kinds of social and political advantages over Whites . They also know how to leverage their personal extra wealth to attain even more enormous advantages over Whites .

        Moreover , Jews , especially Rothschild Empire Associates , have monopoly control of the money system which they can and do ultimately exert to the advantage of the tribe ( regardless of how much money Whites have in aggregate ) via control of the vast sums of nonpersonal wealth that is used to run economies .

        Also , I believe : Bezos is a jew ; both Gates and Buffet are facsimile jews ; and Rockefellers married into the jewish tribe .

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          MONEYTALKS: Yes, Jews have more money PER CAPITA–but are only 2% of the U.S. pop and 0.2% of the global–and yet they’re apparently the most influential group in the world. Money can’t be the primary basis of their ability to punch incredibly far above their weight. It’s culture–socio/psychological/ideological tendencies that we don’t have, or have in inadequate amounts. Oh, and a great deal of cunning and lack of scruples.

          Bezos is not a Jew. I’ve searched far and wide for any reference to his Jewishness; but all I’ve found are references to his NOT being Jewish (it seems that some well-meaning “anti-Semite,” supposing that anyone that rich lol must be Jewish, and not liking some policy of Bezos, said something regarded as “anti-Semitic”). His original surname was Jorgensen; Bezos is his stepfather’s name, and he’s a cousin of George Strait the country singer.

          That any Rockefellers married Jews doesn’t make the family itself Jewish. And the thing about Gates and Buffet being “facsimile Jews” is, frankly, absurd and seems a desperate bid to salvage one’s major premise of argumentation in the teeth of the facts. One is either a Jew or a non-Jew. “Facsimile” doesn’t cut it. Now, a CONVERSO or converted Jew–having Hebrew lineage–certainly comes close to being a Jew, at least in ethnic terms. But are Gates and Buffet the descendants of conversos?

          No, MacDonald is bull’s-eye accurate on this one. Jews USE their wealth for the interests of the tribe. Their culture promotes cohesion, collective egoism, and a chronic us-versus-them mindset. What’s to prevent the 65% non-Jewish-White majority in the U.S.–and much bigger non-Jewish European majorities–from pooling their resources and using monetary clout to advance White Nationalism? Why is there no non-Jewish-White George Soros counteracting Jewish George Soros’ interminable efforts to assassinate Europe? Because unlike Jews we NOTORIOUSLY lack cohesion and collective egoism and that seemingly innate us-versus-them mentality.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Here is a part of my comment wrt the money issue posted at the TOO presentation labelled 164788 ( as of 5/4/20 ) and at this link __


            ” It did not start with money . It started before the advent of money . It started when the ancient hebrews now called ” jews ” conveniently decided that The Lord GOD Creator and Ruler of All the universe had chosen them to have ownership control of All the world . They soon realized that to get dominion of the world they would have to slaughter and enslave humanity ; and so the ” jews ” ( especially the ashkenazi financial tribe ) , in their pursuit of global ownership , have become masters of men in this world .”

            Therefore , you agree with me ( since my above quoted comment postdate precedes your above quote postdate ) that as you say

            ” Money can’t be the primary basis…”

            You also posted here in this article prior to this comment __

            ” Hence MacDonald is right to prioritize CULTURE over FINANCE…”

            Once again , you agree with me as is quoted above __

            ” It did not start with money .”

            You say ” Bezos is not a Jew.”

            He is at least a facsimile jew . In this war as in others , your enemies are not always served up on a silver platter .

            You assert __

            ” One is either a Jew or a non-Jew. “Facsimile” doesn’t cut it.”

            Are you a judge or a lawyer ?

            You posed these relevant questions __

            ” What’s to prevent the 65% non-Jewish-White majority in the U.S.–and much bigger non-Jewish European majorities–from pooling their resources and using monetary clout to advance White Nationalism? Why is there no non-Jewish-White George Soros counteracting Jewish George Soros’ interminable efforts to assassinate Europe? ”

            and then you provide a very believable answer __

            ” Because unlike Jews we NOTORIOUSLY lack cohesion and collective egoism and that seemingly innate us-versus-them mentality.”

            Once again you agree with me since I have posted many times before that most Westernworld nonjew Whites are descendants of rural cultures where politics has little or no relevance to the rural way-of-life ; so that most Whites that are not rural are still under the powerful legacy effect of their rural ancestral nonpolitical lifestyles . In other words , Whites typically do not have the intelligence ( not IQ ) needed for cohesion and collective action because they are politicly retarded ( not mostly an IQ issue ) due to a cultural legacy effect in addition to their jewmasters either promoting or permitting White political ignorance .

            There are also other significant factors beyond the scope of this comment .

    • Mike Fridelle
      Mike Fridelle says:

      Tom, when criticizing the Jews in a published book, it is always a balancing act. Too much revelation and the book is smeared as an Anti-Semitic rant ….ending up in the trash heap like Henry Fords, “The International Jew…the worlds foremost Problem”. Kevin McDonnald has threaded this needle and is has balanced his books dispassionately, to allow for wide consumption. He certainly has the knowledge to “fully” expose all of their machinations but to do so would mean his books get black listed and purged from Amazon. I totally agree with you though about their domination of the media and banking. If any other race colluded to dominate an industry, the lawsuits would be flying and shouts of collusion, conspiracy, monopoly, anti-trust, price-fixing…etc. Honestly, the one book the perfectly outlines their plan and parallels exactly what they have accomplished is the ” Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.

    • Anti-Termite!!!
      Anti-Termite!!! says:

      “However, he ‘seems’ (‘seems’: i.e. I have not read all that he has written) to have ignored the necessary condition to achieve cultural dominance – business and finance.”


      But wisely so because finance as the Jews’ power source is a vast field of minutia and deception which cripples the goyim economically but that is a harm apart from the relentless cultural subversion Jewish intellectual movements inflict.

      “Thus, to my min(d), MacDonald’s work on role of Jews in “shaping culture in ways that promoted their interests” needs to be supplemented with descriptions and analysis of the dominate role of Jews in the economy.”


      Here’s the matching bookend with insight into Jews’ behavior in economic history and finance paralleling Dr. MacDonald’s unsurpassed insight into Jews’ (im)moral suasion:

      As can be seen in his comments, he’s feeling peer pressure to write a book, TOO. ;<)

  10. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    The three factors that have determined every great civilization are:
    Ethnocentrism that is the vital superior primary force, of evolution and survival.
    Homogeneity that determines cohesion, ethnic, social, cultural, ancestral and territorial.
    High IQ that measures the degree of evolution achieved as a civilization in all aspects.
    All three factors are equally important since if the first is weak there will be no survival, if the second is weak there will be no cohesion and there will be conflicts, if the third is weak, it will not achieve significant development.
    This could be summarized in two types of civilizations:
    Asymmetric: multicultural, conflictive, decadent, lacking in cohesion and effective leadership (legitimate power equivalent to the sacred Totem).
    Symmetrical: The inverse of the above or the Honeycomb Type, represented in East Asians and perhaps in part also Eastern Europe including Russia. The West is a disaster.
    Surely any advanced extraterrestrial civilization should be of the Symmetric or Honeycomb type.
    If there is no event that prevents it, East Asia will dominate the world for the next 1000 years.

  11. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Hmmmm, I doubt a civil war is coming, but definitely a uniquely American version of the years of lead wherein whites will increasingly violently be forced to protect our dwindling assets. Skirmishes will arise anywhere whites start being squeezed South African style. I have no doubts we will see some spectacular and heroic outbursts and last stands, but it is, after all, a numbers game, and the numbers are not on our side. Only ethno-states can become the arc that ferries us safely as a race and as a people from these chaotic times of a dying western aeon into a future time orientation where we can once again rise and become a race of solar beings.

    • lucius vanini
      lucius vanini says:

      FENRIA: IS it a numbers game? How many times have numerically inferior forces CRUSHED large ones through better organization, arms, generalship, etc.? If prevailing were a numbers game, roughly 2% of the US pop wouldn’t be so dominant….

      • Fenria
        Fenria says:

        Hey, be my guest and prove me wrong. I welcome it. I don’t opine about our low numbers because I’m happy about it. If anything, I’d love to see your future where some swaggering general comes along and rallies today’s mindless consumer whites along the lines of ethnocentricity again. I’m not holding my breath, though.

        As for your other reply, again, if you don’t agree with ethno-states, cool. Show me a political solution in motion. A REAL one. I’ll be very happy to join any true, pro white political solution you can come up with that is actually in the process of working and is not just more babble on the internets. Show me how you’re about the business of cleaning the jew and all his lackeys out of DC. I’ll join in a heartbeat.

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          FENRIA: How did you read “Oh, not that I don’t agree with the ethnostate route” as indicating that I don’t agree with the ethnostate route?! You must’ve looked at the reply too quickly or thought that I use double negatives.

          As for my first reply, my point was merely that numbers are not necessarily the measure of ability to prevail in a struggle. And THAT is proved by countless cases–including, again, the case of Jews who are 0.2% of the human global population but have their way probably more than any other group.

    • lucius vanini
      lucius vanini says:

      FENRIA: Oh, not that I don’t agree with the ethnostate route. But in that scenario too our people might well prevail. Look at how the CSA, outnumbered 8 to 1 in terms of population (omitting the millions of Southern black slaves), WALLOPED the North so many times.

      If one rebuts, “Yes, but the CSA didn’t win,” it might be said that lazy low-IQ blacks and non-white Hispanics won’t likely be as formidable as was the overwhelmingly Euro-American North, 1861-5.

  12. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    It would help the White Man if the Yankee stops bombing people, on behalf of the Jews, and goes home.

  13. Harbinger
    Harbinger says:

    “I am not optimistic on the future of the West. We are importing non-White majorities that will have no interest in maintaining our culture, our institutions, or our traditional freedoms. Unless something drastic changes, the West as we know it will be destroyed.”

    And nothing drastic will happen, because precisely of what he writes about in his books – the complete subversion of the western civilization, by the Jews, that has made the indigenous peoples, protect the very parasites who seek to destroy them.

    But then the situation is bound to happen when Kevin MacDonald states the following insanity:

    “I was very supportive of Trump during the 2016 election.”

    This is what continues to amaze me. Intelligent people, like MacDonald, who believe that politics will bring about change for the indigenous peoples of the west. For everything he knows and has written about, he still hasn’t caught on that ANY nationalist movement, that gets near politics is INSTANTLY destroyed by the system, which is completely controlled by the Jews.
    If the SPLC can come down to his university, along with members of the ADL, to remove him from his position, that is some university professor, then what does he think is happening to people who seek to move into politics and start speaking up for the European peoples, over the Jews and their Zionism and tribal beliefs?

    This is what perplexes me about people like MacDonald. I’ve read all his books. He clearly knows what’s going on and yet puts faith in the political system?
    Sure, he may have stated his disappointment in Trump, but that’s regardless. The very fact that he put ANY faith in him, from the get go, is a problem. Trump is in the pockets of International Jewry. He never got to where he was without them. Kevin MacDonald has more chance of winning the national lottery, every week for the rest of his life, than a white nationalist politician has of getting into any position of power and influence.

    The western civilzation will fall. There’s no doubt about that. The overwhelming majority of its people are no longer of the nations they were born into. They have rejected who they are. They promote multiculturalism, multiracialism, immigration, LGBTQ+ and rush to attack anyone who speaks out against the Jewish assassins of their civilization.
    However, out of every negative there is a positive. The Jews, fail to realise that in doing what they’re doing they have simply lit the fuse to their own, inevitable obliteration. The nations are gone, but I predict that a new European nation will come about, created from a conglomeration of those who love their culture and people and it will be filled with so much hatred for Jews, for their clear destruction of the western peoples, that they will, in the future war against and eventually destroy the Jewish religion, the cult and either genocide all, or imprison them on a land, shut off from society, to never be allowed contact ever again.

    The Jews cannot expect to genocide the world’s peoples and get away with it. Their time will come. The western people may have lost this battle, but there will be many to come.

    • Robert Dolan
      Robert Dolan says:

      You’re right.

      Trump is a shabbos goy sellout POS.

      BUT….most of us on the dissident right were taken in. Duke, Enoch, Coulter….pretty much everybody.

      We just didn’t know. He said all the right things. Turns out the bastard paid Cambridge Analytics to study what white people wanted and made promises to whites….with no intention of making good on the promises.

      The small hats are smart but very stupid at the same time. We are their golum. They use our military to fight their wars. They send young Christian boys to fight and die for Israel. We’ve given the jews everything they could have ever hoped for, and still they continue with their nation wrecking agenda.

      No, they cannot expect to get away with their genocide on whites. Whether we get them, or karma gets them, or God gets them……they are going to get it in the end.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      … the situation is bound to happen when Kevin MacDonald states the following insanity: “I was very supportive of Trump during the 2016 election.”

      There was nothing insane about being supportive of Trump in 2016. In the face of the threat to society, even to a society as far down the path of decay as that of the USA, represented by Hillary Clinton—by any reasonable standard a prime contender for the title of the most corrupt indvidual ever nominated for high office in American history—KM was by no means the only clear-eyed person in the country or in the world to swallow hard before taking a stand that in healthier times would probably be somewhere between unlikely and unthinkable.

      Whether one did or did not vote in the 2016 election—I believe KM did; as I haven’t voted for decades, I simply prayed a lot—it shouldn’t be forgotten that a country run by Hillary, cheered on by her equally vile and degenerate supporters, would not have required a Covid hoax to become an openly dictatorial state.

      • Harbinger
        Harbinger says:

        Pierre de Craon,

        Voting for Trump was insanity.
        One of the definitions of insanity is “doing the same things over and over again expecting different results each time”.

        I don’t know how many times I’ve stated this but politics is a closed shop. Unless you’re a shabbos goy, who swears fealty to Israel and the House of Rothschild then you can kiss any aspirations, in the world of politics goodbye. That’s simply a fact. And as I write, as bad a situation as the US is in, the Senate Committee has just secured Israel another $38 billion, minimum, over the next 10 years.

        This is the same throughout the west, no more so than in Canada, the UK, France and Germany. In fact the west is in the pocket of Rothschild, along with Russia and China. Africa, most certainly too, but they’re irrelevent in the grand scheme of things.

        The US population is what, 328 million? And yet, people will vote for either Republican or Democrat? Seriously? What does this say about the American public? Don’t get me wrong, we’re no different here in the UK, but we’re a fraction of the US population.

        What is it, about people, who continually play this game of political ping pong? When are they going to wake up? When are they going to realise that how on earth can a multi millionaire, ever give a sh*t about the working class man? When are they going to wake up and realise that if you vote for someone who has loyalties to another country, you’re not getting what you voted for and loyalty to your own?

        The game’s been rigged in the US for quite some time now and yet people still keep voting. If you went to a casino and decided to put all your money on red or black, would you leave it on, even when a trusted source told you that there’s a 100% chance of it being the opposite bet that you chose, would you still bet? Of course not, but people do so with politics.
        Politicians are groomed when at university, to get into politics and become controlled automatons.

        The whole system is corrupt.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Repeat truisms and conventional grievances all day long if that’s what keeps your psychological boat afloat, Harbinger, but the ability to recognize a grave proximate threat (viz., Hillary) and to understand the pressing need to address it—however disappointingly and unsatisfactorily even in the short term, let alone the long—is a fundamental item in the long list of characteristics that differentiate your pub cynicism from KM’s instructive disappointment.

          My strong suspicion is that I spotted voting as a rigged game before you were born. Even so, should the day ever come when I think I have more to learn from you than from KM, I’ll drop you a line.

          • smaragdus
            smaragdus says:

            @Pierre de Craon

            “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”

            Carroll Quigley
            from his book “Tragedy and Hope”, 1966.

        • Michael Fridelle
          Michael Fridelle says:

          I disagree Harbinger….remember our choice here in America was Vote for Trump or Vote for Hillary or Don’t Vote. But a no vote was just like a vote for Hillary. Hillary would have been devastating for our country. Trump has kept many of his promises. Most importantly he has, like no other President, exposed the fake news media. He is aligned with Israel. But do to AIPAC and Media control, any politician not aligned with Israel will have a very hard time making it all the way to the White House. So we take the good with the bad. He is pro-life and for secure borders, has obliterated the Climate Hoax, killed Nafta, is working to secure our southern border…etc..etc. Like I tell everyone…the soft underbelly of the Jews and Israel is their incredibly weak Holocaust Hoax. Focus all your energy on exposing this Hoax and the house of cards crumbles. The life blood of Israel is the Holocaust Religion. Expose that as the financial swindle it is and all sympathy for and immigration to Israel dries up.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      Excellent comment. As for Kevin MacDonald’s hope that Trump might be a savoir for the White European Founding Stock of America – I don’t hold that against him, because I think the same thing could probably be said for the vast majority of the 62 million or so (mostly White) Americans who voted for Trump.

      I may have voted for Trump in 2016, but unlike most other supporters – I tried to warn many of my friends and fellow pro-whites online who did likewise to keep a very sharp eye on what he actually did, and to TUNE out his endless diet of non-stop baloney. Ignore what he says and focus on what he actually does and then view what he does through a prism of his long list of promises during the 2016 campaign. And, do this with a completely objective eye – and the end conclusion is that he has largely been a huge disappointment. In a number of cases, he has done a 180 degree reversal on what he promised – and if that fails to infuriate someone who supported the guy in 2016, then that individual is suffering from what is called The Battered Wife (voter) Syndrome.

      I also agree with Harbinger’s prediction that eventually there will have to be a final no-holds barred physical confrontation with this enemy. This is why they are so consumed with a desire to disarm law abiding White men – they know that this confrontation is also coming, and they want to seize our means of self defense before that day arrives.

    • lucius vanini
      lucius vanini says:

      HARBINGER: Well, one thing seems clear to me: When the parasite kills its host, the parasite is in trouble. These Talmudic bigots and thugs have harnessed the power of the West, but when that power is gone, what power will they have? How will this 0.2% of the world population fare among vast multitudes of Muslims and white-hating blacks, nuclear-armed Iran and Pakistan, etc.?

      • Harbinger
        Harbinger says:

        I think they’ll actually fare rather well.
        The plan has been the establishment of Greater Israel all along and of course world government. When they have that, it doesn’t matter whether there is or isn’t a west. If they call all the shots, have all their puppets in positions of power in all the world’s lands, of course through careful manipulation of them; own all the msm and academic institutions; and thanks to Covid-19 contact tracing and the such, there won’t be any threat.

        Lucius, do you truly believe that the Jews are going to simply destroy the west without any back up plan against the rapidly growing Muslim population? As for the blacks, they don’t pose the Jews any threat, whatsoever. They’ll just enslave them all again, that is unless they don’t just eradicate them with a bio weapon.

        My guess for Israel will be that they’ll have submarines positioned all over the world and not just carrying nuclear weapons, but also biological weapons, crafted from taking people’s DNA through this covid debacle. They’ll have their world government, its seat being the Knesset and all heads of state will be under their control.

        They have almost destroyed the west and even so, the majority of people still attack anyone who speaks out against Jews. This speaks volumes. They’ve got away with it.

        Don’t think that when they’ve destroyed the west, they’ll be left to the will of the Islamic nations. Good God no. Since 1985 they’ve been whittling down all opposition to them – Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya….Syria and Iran are left, but they’ll fall eventually, either through conquest or submission, most likely control of their political system. They’ll simply take control of their academia and msm and bring in the same indigenous destroying legislation, they brought into the west over the last 70 years.

        The west will fall.
        Israel will be the seat of world government.

        These are two facts that will not be stopped. How long Israel remains is unclear, but through continued indoctrination and destruction of history, it could very well be for a very long time, not decades, or centuries, but millennium.

        “Know thy enemy, know thyself” as Sun Tzu stated. The west doesn’t know who its enemy is, nor itself and this is why it will fall.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Dr. KMac is an academic and as such he is somewhat idealistic . His forte is not politics which is one of the most controversial and corrupted domains of discourse . Your clear vision of the political reality of Trump is available to only a small percent of political analysts .

  14. Anon
    Anon says:

    “what is their main motivation and what do they want to achieve through their subversive actions, and influence in culture and in politics?”

    I think KMac would benefit from making arguments that global unification is actually a key feature of many forms of Judaism. I understand that he takes the angle that religions are socially constructed for worldly ends, but the religious system, once created, does seem to take a life of its own.

    • Ludwig
      Ludwig says:

      Yes, they work for a jewish messianic utopia of their making.

      It’s a different utopia for various factions of jews and the associated gentile elites who do and would help them.

      Netanyahu would project Israel ruling the world through jewish superiority when in reality its superiority is in bribery, blackmail, theft and jewish horse trading. But to orthodox rabbi’s it would be projected as God’s fulfilled plan for his “chosen people” who will take their rightful place amongst humanity. Further, to the likes of Šoroš it’s an organised crime family taking control by using useful idiots that will be dispensed with when no longer needed. Of course, in the light of media organs, Šoroš has his criminal actions cloaked in urbane rhetoric and philanthropy. There’s nothing more maddening than seeing academics and the media talk about his “philanthropy” as if it were real altruism.

      Then there’s the gentile collaboraters such as Gates, Rockefeller (I suspect jewish roots) et al who would characterise it as a one world government project to save humanity from itself. To organise humanity efficiently for future generations.

      In each case there’s self interest and megalomania intertwined with a kind of insanity. It has the an immaterial property. It’s multigenerational, it seems to be uncannily organised, connected by an elusive property of deception and evil.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        George Berkeley’s philosophy is called immaterialism. That tree you “think” you see out the window- it does not exist.

        Mr. Berkeley, that baseball bat you “think” you see, heading toward your head- do not worry, it does not exist! Your lucky day! That excrement that seems to be polluting your neighbor city [SF]- don’t fear! It does not exist!

        • Ludwig
          Ludwig says:

          George Berkley’s “immaterialism” was not what I had in mind when I wrote my earlier post.
          But, agreed the bat headed for our heads is very real indeed!!

          Just to explain my use of “immaterial”. I was focused on the way in which many of these protagonists behave in their own interests but somehow are uncannily coordinated across time and space. As if there was something more at work – a collective consciousness or some non-material facilitator – behind the decisions they make.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        As Soros was born Schwartz, the second ‘s’ with inverted circumflex is plainly too much of a good thing.

        • Ludwig
          Ludwig says:

          German ‘black’ – Hungarian ‘fekete’. The name changing chicanery, is “plainly too much of a good thing”, indeed!

          “The inverted circumflex…..” in my case is my Slovak spelling – Šoroš which in Hungarian would be “Soros”, as “s” in Hungarian is equivalent to “sh” in English or “Š” with a diacritic mark as in many Slavonic languages. The sound “s” in English is written as “sz” in Hungarian. If you wish to pronounce the Hungarian in English it would be “Shorosh”.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” To organise humanity efficiently for future generations.”

        The only way to organize humanity for any worthwhile future is along the lines of the new religion of

        {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}}

        for mankind to thrive-n-survive beyond

        The Solar Extinction Event

        and whose deity is

        {{{ The God of Empirical Reality }}}

        All else is ultimately futile .

        Let us begin our new civilization with the advent of a WN priesthood that is able to provide full-spectrum assistance/support to the remnant of Whites whom need to escape out from their jewish dominion and relocate to a WN enclave anywhere that is congenial .

  15. Nick Dean
    Nick Dean says:

    Where it is a trivial observation that Kevin MacDonald is and always has been a perfectly conventional American liberal leftist who happens to think Whites have equal rights too, and that Western culture seems installed universally, is dominant and looks insuperable everywhere, even China, ‘our’ only plausible competitor: our maths, physics, science, technology, financial and economic systems, media, fashions, personal habits, he and his interviewers clearly need to refocus on other matters: mere Whiteness, I would suggest.

    The rest of your adopted remit isn’t threatened at all. At all. Rather, they are the distractions you were presented with by people for whom Whiteness is the target.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Dear Nick,

      With respect, whatever else might be said overall about your analysis of Kevin MacDonald and his work, I think it is unfair or unobservant of you to characterize him as a “conventional American liberal leftist who happens to think Whites have equal rights too.” Surely the only sustainable argument about such a creature is whether it is a unicorn (i.e., mythical) or a great auk (long extinct).

  16. Peter
    Peter says:

    Yes, the truth can hurt. I am in Tallinn Estonia, part of the former USSR. i believe Dr. MacDonald was here not long ago and spoke highly of it. I am planning on moving here permanently soon. Unfortunately. I have to fly back to the USA for a few months.

    My mother wax born not too far from here. At the end of WW II this would have been one of the last places on earth you would want to be. But i feel completely safe here today. The standsrd of living of Estonia is now ranked higher than the USA. Tallinn is a very nice city. One of the best in the world.

    I view the USA as a lunatic asylum and reading about axe wielding blacks attempting to murder white couples only makes things worse. But if i ssy this to one of my brothers i don’t think they like it. One or both know things are not good but don’t want to hear criticism. Maybe they sre thinking things really can’t be that bad. After all, this is the greatest country on earth.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Speaking of Estonia. Check this out. Beautiful and Inspiring.

      Can’t believe it’s still up. Copy it while you can folks.

      It’s exactly what the hostile elite wants to destroy.

      “I view the USA as a lunatic asylum and reading about axe wielding blacks attempting to murder white couples only makes things worse.”

      “…lunatic asylum” is right.

      Speaking of black on White violence. The recent video of that subhuman thug beating on a defenseless elderly man reminds one, if one needs reminding, that We Owe Them Nothing!

      $20+ trillion in the last 50 years of White tax-payer money to black programs.

      Hundreds of thousands of black on White daily assaults, robberies, rapes and murders.

      Whereas by The NAACP’s own numbers there were less than 4,000 lynchings in the USA.

      “But if i say this to one of my brothers i don’t think they like it. ”

      Too bad.

      I have siblings like that though.

      In my case it was so bad I had to go No Contact.

      No Contact is a phrase from Family Systems Psychology that applies to the family’s Designated Scapegoat.

      Which is appropriate, because that is what Whites are now – Globally!

      The irony with my siblings, who most definitely scapegoated me while growing up, is that they and their children and grandchildren are now being scapegoated by the very people they used to feed their addiction to mood-altering through self-righteousness.

      Payback’s a Bitch!

      Millions of Whites the world over are paying for their decades of relentless and cruel virtue signalling.

      A virtue signalling they indulged in at the expense of their own.

      Unless such people are repentant and apologetic, the only adequate and healthy response to them is going No Contact.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        It is wonderful to see that Estonian display of beauty and truth in defense of their small WN .

        Their national karaoke events appears to be a superb way to get everyone on the same page , aligned and cohered .

        ” It’s exactly what the hostile elite wants to destroy.”

        should be

        [ It’s exactly what the hostile elite will destroy.]

        The video display of Estonian national beauties and truths is also a catch-22 ( damned if they do ; damned if they don’t ) because they will be viewed by the hostile elite as a premium cut of fresh meat .

        Do the Estonians generally know that their Bank of Estonia is the main portal for the inevitable infiltration and subversion of their WN since all central banks worldwide are ultimately in the purview of control by the luciferian Rothschildian City of London ? Their membership in the EU and NATO are also major portals for covert zionist saboteurs .

        If Estonians can somehow maintain a high level of global political intelligence and fully loyal lethal intel agencies , they may be able to avoid the inevitable harvesting such as the JUSA people are now undergoing .

  17. tito perdue
    tito perdue says:

    It’s perfectly obvious why subhumans adore equality and multiculturalism, without which America’s Jews would long ago have been sent packing.  Jews worship their own genome, which is about like a cancer victim adoring his own cancer.I knew a red-diaper baby with Stalinist parents who married a jigaboo lady.  Those parents, devoted to racial equality, went into a sudden-onset fugue state that almost killed them. They had expected their son to marry a Jew! 

  18. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “Freud thought of himself as a warrior in opposition to European culture which he hated because of historical anti-Semitism.

    His work undermined traditional Western sexual mores and family relationships.

    His movement attracted many other Jews and together they influenced public opinion because they were able to obtain influential positions in academic and professional organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association, and they were able to spread their messages in the mainstream media—Hollywood, television, and newspapers.”

    Obviously, the above is from the same paragraph.

    I separated it to make it clear that,

    It’s exactly because Jews had no significant hindrance to the deliberate actions they took against the West, with malicious intent, that totally invalidates the accusation of antisemitism.

    Or, rather, significantly alters the meaning of the word.

    Antisemitism really means the hatred Jews have toward themselves for being to weak as a people to create their own civilization.

    Not only could they not create their own civilization that other people would want to live in, but they literally could not survive on their own.

    This is why they had so much resentment, which is the view from the bottom looking up. Contempt being the view from the top looking down.

    Even now that they’re on top their look at Whites is STILL one of resentment.

    But because Jews as a people are constitutionally incapable of admitting they’re wrong they’re project that self-hatred on to Whites., Europeans, or whatever E. Michael Jones and his misled followers want to call us.

    Apparently, Freud, or, as I like to call him, Fraud, once said that the Irish were the only people impervious to psychoanalysis.

    But, obviously, Jews are! That’s why a Jew concocted it (a more accurate word than “created”), so as to provide themselves with a pseudo-intellectual cover. Since they’re all about hiding.

    This is why Freud called anyone who didn’t accept his “theories” as “obstinant.”

    In short, this “genius” intellectual responded to criticism with an ad hominem. Some genius.

    The main point is that everything about them is fraudulent.

    They are Fake People.

    And as such, extremely pretentious and superficial.

    In fact, the only thing profound about them is their falseness.

    Far from succeeding in convincing me that I should feel bad for being White, European, or whatever E. Michael Jones and his still misled follwers want to call me, they have made me even more proud to be who I am. And not just because I’m not them. Though that’s certainly a blessing in itself.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      We are living in a time when David has become Goliath while still pretending he’s David.

      Though, in their minds, of course, and maybe not just in their minds, they were always Goliath.

      So, what does that say about us?

      Since, unlike them, we’re capable of self-criticism without allowing any anxiety interfere, we should able to respond to that question with all of the courage and intelligence (the two go together) we can muster.

      But even in that criticism we should be kind to ourselves (and each other, for a change).

      Yes, we do seem to abound in Pathological Altruism.

      But we’re also capable of great kindness.

      Jews were allowed to live in our cultures and allowed to succeed. But are so filled with hate that they could never admit to our kindness, certainly not, given what they had in mind for us.

      So they responded with radical ingratitude. No one matches them in this. No one. They’re not the only ones. Many of us are guilty of this. But, again, no one comes close to them in this.

      The irony is, while engaging in self-criticism we come to learn to love ourselves and reserve for them the healthy hate that I believe Andrew was getting at in his recent article on the subject.

      Every little bit helps folks.

      And, whether or not one is optimistic about the future doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight the good fight for as long as we can.

  19. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    It’s always interesting to read interviews with Kevin. He is invariably factual, honest, balanced, and truthful. He is rarely pejorative. His read of psychology and history brings clarity to most subjects, and sometimes, a visionary perspective. He is like most of us, pessimistic at times, and justifiably so. Yet, he dutifully carries on in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. That, fellow Whites, is admirable!

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I’d like to think that the reason that no one has, till now, glossed Junghans’s comment with an attaboy is that everyone agrees that there is no point in repeating what is obvious to all … well, all except the dozen or so gents hereabouts who call KM naive, thick, insane, or in bed with our oppressors, whether consciously or otherwise.

      So maybe an attaboy won’t be entirely superfluous.

  20. Whit
    Whit says:

    The triumph of Jewish power corresponds with my lifetime and a growing repulsion for what this nation has become. Being a white American (especially one with a memory) is a totally alienating experience. Organized Jewry has whipped us so thoroughly that for any man, woman or child to think other than Jewishly—about open borders, diversity, interracial sex—is a felt risk to one’s sanity, the first step into an eternal void of isolation, poverty and infamy. By all means smile that you have so many mongrel grandchildren! Smile or go insane! Which is to say that organized Jewry has also conquered our souls. So here we are, the descendants of the pioneers, powerless, utterly powerless, to do anything about out pending extinction other than to hallucinate our deliverance—which in my case, devolved to fantasies of meteorites taking out key centers of Jewish power. Nevertheless, as the Covid-19 pandemic suggests, nature may have its own ideas, and I do expect harsher mutations (abetted by globalism) are on the way—the economic equivalent of fighting a world war every decade. There are strategic possibilities to avail here, as people flee vertical modes of existence (e.g., skyscrapers) and escape to more horizontal modes of life (e.g.,rural areas, the flyover country). And thanks to the Internet, it would now be completely possible to decentralize capital and influence away from Jewish financial centers like New York City. Not to say we would be entirely invulnerable to the next, more virulent strain, but much less so thanks to living spread across the country in communities of prospering white families each with, say, a minimum 4-acre yard. Moreover, this would be a strategy by which the onslaught of Jewish advertising and media could be mitigated by healthier interests, and where white families would have space to practice lifestyles that minimize the pre-existing conditions that make pandemics like these more lethal. Of course, organized Jewry will surely object, but I will tell them: A Morgenthau Plan we can live with and the only hope for the nation’s survival.

  21. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    Boasian anthropology
    This comment is about the way F Boas’s guided the change in the scientific/archaeological consensus at the start of the 1900s into the current position of academia that now states categorically (‘to question is verbotten’) that white people have no historic land claims in N America, only ‘Native Americans’ do. Kevin MacDonald has often mentioned the influence of this secular Jew in shaping the scientific consensus. The points below illustrate how the anti-white agenda in academia, influenced by the likes of Boas, in America began over 100 years ago.

    Below is an extract from an old research paper that includes the s-word (‘superior’), which means that it will not be a document that modern academia will tolerate. This word is the main trigger word of the left, and activates all their hatred, which has a biological explanation if we treat humans as an animal species whose genes control their behaviour. The left’s hatred of the better is a manifestation of one of their inner behaviour drives, They hate any superior race, and this hatred has its origins in prehistoric times, when the hatred could be an advantage in certain conditions (when you are raping and pillaging and stealing, ie a ‘taker’ not a ‘maker’). This animal behavior urge from their genes is why they now oppose the white race, their own race. Hatred of the better in the Left trumps other urges to support their own, urges that the right posses more strongly in their genes. The Left’s hatred is an instinctive urge, not based on logic or reasoning or what is best for the lefty or his children, and so it is counter productive to seek logical explanations in what the Left or the Jews do or to work out how destroying the cash-cow is somehow self-interest – it is clearly not. It is not logical to destroy that which provides wealth and security, yet they still do this. They seek to sink the luxury liner in which they too live.

    Because the Left hate whites, lefty academia keenly wish to promote the notion that whites have no rights to land in America as it all belongs to ‘Native Americans’, which is obviously a loaded name, and part of their agenda is to hide away or destroy ancient artifacts that contradict this narrative (see Dewhurst book below for numerous examples of the academics destroying/hiding the evidence throughout the decades of the 20th century, and also this century).

    I came across the name of Franz Boas in this connection, and recognised it from reading Kevin MacDonald’s works, as having a Jewish connection.

    There are large burial mounds and other artifacts in America that in the 1800s were considered to be the work of other races that emigrated to America who were not the current ‘Native Americans’. Then the consensus of the experts changed around the start of the 1900s and the Smithsonian Institute took over and declared the official narrative to be that there were no other races, including no white races, to predate the ‘Native Americans’. The extent to which this is enforced today is demonstrated by the law that says ANY artifacts of humans found MUST be handed over to the ‘Native Americans’ for disposal in accordance with their religion. This is revealed in Richard Dewhurst’s book reviewed on Red Ice. (
    about white ‘giants’ in N America).

    I watched a Sky(?)TV programme about excavation of Monks Mound, Illinois, and they mentioned that ‘we are not allowed to show photos of the bones’. This is a practical example of how the left suppress any science or history they do not like. (They do this with Climate change, so why not with archaeology too?). In my view the reason we cannot see the bones is because they might not be ‘Native American’ bones at all. (There are several examples in Richard Dewhurst’s book of this suppression in action, including recent ones) I looked up this site with the mounds in Wikipedia, and Franz Boas’ name came up and revealed the following:

    A researcher called Thomas was commissioned to establish whether ancient mounds were from ancient civilisations that were more advanced than than the ‘Native Americans’, or were they the work of the ‘Native Americans’? In a report from the 1970s the author suggest that Thomas was more influenced by Boas than he admitted, and we must bear this in mind when we learn that Thomas’s report concluded that the mounds were made by the Indians (who are now called ‘Native Americans’) and not by more advanced civilisations from other parts of the globe.

    Below is how they used to view the early history of America before Boas’s influence and before the Smithsonian Institute took over:

    “… some of the ancient nations who may have found their way hither, we perceive a strong possibility, that not only Asiatic nations, very soon after the flood, but that also, all along the different eras of time, different races of men, as Polynesians, Malays, Australasians, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, lsraelities, Tartars, Scandinavians, Danes, Norwegians, Welch, and Scotch, have colonized different parts of the continent (Priest 1833: iv). ”

    This was the pre-Boas consensus, prior to being ‘debunked’ by the Thomas report (influenced by Boas). a pre-Boas consensus that was ‘rigorously debunked’ according to Wikepedia “This contributed to the myth of the Mound Builders as a people distinct from Native Americans, which was rigorously debunked by Cyrus Thomas in 1894.”)

    One of the ways the previous consensus was ‘debunked’ was to decide that some artifacts such as tablets with writing on must be forgeries, and this conclusion certainly support’s Boas’s view of American early history.

    “4. The Grave Creek, Gass, and other engraved tablets which were examples o f Mound Builder writings were in fact frauds (Thomas 1894:641 ). ”

    There are other examples of debunking’ below. Note the use of the s-word in the older, pre-Boas text, a word that would trigger the instant dismissal from an academic position in a university if used today. Can we really trust such people who react in this way, who are thus triggered, can we trust them to be open-minded when it comes to their interpretation of the Gass tablets? There are two possibilities and only genuine archaeology/science can reveal the truth, not political-archaeology/science, of the type that is currently applied to ‘Global Warming’: (a) Only Native Americans lived in America (b) whites / Egyptians were there also, and predated the ‘Native Americans’, thus giving whites rights to American land after all (if that is how we decide these things – which the Left does). We can clearly see that (a) aligns with Boas-onwards politics, and (b) does not. Could a leftie academic possibly contemplate that (b) could be true? Or would he feel the need to suppress any evidence that contradicted his politics?

    We all know that if an academic today submitted a proposal for a thesis to investigate the archaeological evidence for the presence other races before ‘Native Americans’, we all know that such a proposal for research would never get approved or published or a grant. Of course it would not. Would a thesis to investigate whether there had been a Smithsonian cover up be given a grant? Clearly not.

    From the 1970s report in the link above:

    “The preceeding paragraphs have attempted to show the development
    of the theory which explained the presence of thousands of
    earthworks in the Eastern United States by referring them to a
    vanished civilization much superior to the Indians who occupied
    the land during the period of white settlement. The proponents of
    this theory offered abundant, but often conflicting evidence to
    support this theory. The claims presented below were taken from
    a number of sources. The list does not reflect the position of any
    single writer but rather, reflects the range of evidence used by
    partisans of the vanished race theory to support their theory.
    l. The mounds were of great antiquity and therefore could not be the work of Indians.
    2. The works show engineering and uniformity beyond the competence of Indians.
    3. The mounds served religious purposes as did the “high places” of the Old Testament.
    4. The inscriptions on the Grave Creek, Gass, and other stone tablets proved that the Mound-Builders had writing, a skill not possessed by Indians.
    5. No mounds were known to have been built by historic tribes.
    6. The presence of the “elephant effigy mound” in Wisconsin, the Davenport elephant pipes, and Gass tablets found in Iowa indicated great antiquity and perhaps use of elephants in construction of the mounds.
    7. The presence of copper, bronze, brass and iron implements indicated that the mounds belonged to a vanished race because Indians had no knowledge of metallurgy. KEEL] CYRUS THOMAS
    8. The technical level and aesthetic refinement of the Mound Builder artifacts far surpassed the competence and sensitivity of Indians.
    9. The uniformity of mound forms over such a wide distribution was evidence of a central government; a phenomenon unknown among the Indians.
    I 0. Such works must have been based on a highly developed agricultural base. Such economy was not known for Indians in the Mid-west during historic times. Consequently, Indians could not have been responsible for such grand developments.

  22. PJ
    PJ says:

    On Jews who have advocated for white gentile interests there aren’t many certainly but I’d say you’d have to note Paul Gottfried, Laurence Auster, Gilad Atzmon, and David Cole.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      If you were to construe vehement, vociferous opposition to their own, as speaking in the Gentile’s interest, then you would need to lengthen your list ten-fold. Even more if you count members of delegitimized Israeli NGOs.

  23. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    Commenters here at TOO have often expressed the belief that jews are going to destroy themselves by destroying their prosperous safe havens in the Westernworld . I doubt that because jews are a worldly people and can go to many other places as they have done many times already . They are the only people that can go to other countries without having a passport . They are not going to destroy the whole world at the same time . When they are finished harvesting the USA they will move on to their next victims of prey/parasitism . They know the routine from centuries of practice . They will scrubout all of their historical internet legacy and return , a few generations later , to a clueless former USA and a repeat harvest . Never underestimate the enemy .

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Also, people do not act from calculating what self-interest is, they act from whatever their inner behaviour drives tell them to do. If your inner behaviour drives simply give you an innate hostility to other tribes, plus a love of money and a tendency to view getting money off others as preferable to earning it yourself (eg better to lend to the shipping company rather than actually sailing the trading ships yourself), then if you have these urges from your genes, you will act on them, even if you know the outcome is not in your best interests or your tribe’s.

      Another example is a divorcing couple. They do not sue each other for self interest or the interests of their children. One partner is often quite willing to wipe out the family money (giving it to ((lawyers)) ) just to spite the other, leaving nothing for them or their children. So the hostility urge trumps the self-interest urge.

      It is the same with cats next door fighting each other. Both pampered in their own houses, and nothing to gain from their hostility – in fact the only outcome is stress and injury, but they are compelled to do it nevertheless. This shows how they act as they are programmed to do, not in any way calculating self interest.

      Of course in prehistoric roots this behaviour might well be of benefit to the tribe/cat, but today, out of context, when it no longer is valid, it cannot just be abandoned or ignored as inappropriate, as humans are slaves to their own wiring.

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