A Fish Called Wakanda, Part 1

“You’ll say we’ve got nothing in common
No common ground to start from
And we’re falling apart
You say the world has come between us
Our lives have come between us
Still I know you just don’t care…

So what now? It’s plain to see we’re over”–Deep Blue Something, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Reliably, right when discontent with selectively-enforced lockdowns and the collapsed fake economy was approaching a boiling point, the media lapdogs dutifully stepped in with a pair of incidents meant to distract from the real issues at hand and continue to stoke Black racial grievances and anti-White sentiment. I’ll admit, I do not know all the details nor am I here to weigh in on exactly what happened, as the specifics vary even though they generally adhere to a specific formula: The vast majority of the time, the White (or “White Hispanic” as the case may be) perpetrator or perpetrators is/are being railroaded for an incident taken out of context and wildly distorted by the media, be it edited 911 calls, conveniently neglecting to report that there were the two other people who complied with the police officers and did not resist and were thusly not beaten, or claims of leisurely jogs in work boots cut short in a hail of White bullets. It is the narrative archetype, its function, and its timing that are important to understand, not whether the media lies and pre-programmed “activists” like LeBron James start whining on Twitter. That is a given.

As Jean Raspail wrote, “The important thing about oppression, if you’re going to keep it panting in the public eye without killing it outright, is to make sure there’s plenty of variety.” So the narrative and the course of events follow a predictable pattern while the details and the specifics change just enough that it feels novel if you’ve been sufficiently programmed, which unfortunately a huge number of people have been, through various mechanisms including but not limited to the media. The narrative supersedes all facts; in fact, the narrative usually exists in direct opposition to the facts.

Myself and others have spilled a lot of ink over the consequences of the manufactured coronavirus that got away from the Chinese lab operating with significant US funding, including the sudden evaporation of tens of millions of jobs, the consequences of the outsourcing of virtually all industry, cavalier governance and insider trading, and the fact that the US military will not accept anyone in the future who’s contracted the coronavirus, which leads to some rather uncomfortable questions that are beyond the purview of this piece. Most crucially, however, all of these aspects are of a piece, and they add up to the exposure of just how fragile the neo-liberal system is and what mechanisms function to continue its predominance. Americans are rightly furious, and the distractions are necessary to pull attention away from gross malfeasance and the fact that the government itself exists to do the bidding of the capitalist class. This has been the case for over a century, but the rendering of America into a portfolio asset has intensified with the commitment to neo-liberalism and the erosion and often erasure of points of resistance, both within the government and the general population. Much of this lies with the importation of millions of proxies, but many average Americans have also been indoctrinated, and the general default to squishy liberalism and crony capitalism as a given is a major issue. Any premise that starts with liberalism and especially neo-liberal economics as its baseline is doomed to fail.


Poland, which has resisted European Union “refugee” quotas and large-scale immigration for the most part, nevertheless stands poised to make the same suicidal decision to start importing “temporary workers” just as Germany, the US, the UK, and many other Western nations before them have in the name of a “worker shortage” and various other thin justifications for the corporatocracy to pad its bottom line. Indeed, the economists are adamant: old, White Europe and its progeny need infinity immigrants to buoy their economies. Stefan Hardege, head of labor market and immigration at the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK), agrees that the 260,000 annual equatorial imports calculated by Bertelsmann Stiftung’s migration report is “realistic.” From this year, Germany has announced plans to bring in an increase of 25,000 “specialized” workers per year of non-EU origin. Sounds an awful lot like the American H-1B visa, which is a total scam. There is a veritable plethora of various visas in America designed to import as much scab labor as possible (not to mention the “investor” visas, student visas, chain migration, illegal alien migrant labor, et cetera, et cetera). According to Michał Wysocki, an expert on immigration law, Poland’s major companies increasingly prefer to hire workers directly because “those employers who invest in importing a foreign worker from so far want to create a bond between them and a company so that they can stay in Poland and bring…their families over.” As Marta Kucharska writes:

In 2017, Poland granted residency to 683,000 foreigners, according to Eurostat— one-fifth of all such permits issued across all the EU-28 member states and by far the biggest number for a single country. Eighty-seven per cent of those visas were for work. In addition, according to the OECD International Migration Outlook 2019, Poland has welcomed a record number of migrants in recent years: in 2017, with 1.1 million registered migrant workers, Poland was the world’s top destination for temporary migration, ahead of the United States. Despite receiving record numbers of labour migrants, Poland still needs more workers to power its booming economy – 1.5 million more by 2025, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.[1]

Most of these migrants have traditionally come from other European countries, albeit poorer ones, such as the Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Belarus, but the “pull” factor of higher wages and the easing of visa-free entry to Ukrainians to the EU has found workers pushing west. Consequently, this manufactured “need” has unsurprisingly found a goldmine in the fecund Third World. Kucharska continues:

The number of Asian workers in Poland is currently still small but this is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. According to data from the Ministry of Labour seen by Equal Times, the second highest number of work permits granted to a single country in 2018 went to 22,336 Nepalese workers. … In addition, 10,002 Bangladeshi workers and 9,706 Indian workers were granted work permits in the same year. … There are small numbers of foreign nationals from Africa and even smaller numbers from the Middle East who were granted work permits in 2018…but existing recruitment networks in south-east Asia make the region an ideal source for qualified workers. … The hiring of overseas workers is unlikely to stop anytime soon, especially as business representatives are currently lobbying the government to ease the procedures for hiring migrant workers. The Polish embassy in New Delhi, for example, which covers India, Nepal and Bangladesh, currently has more visa applications than it can process. As a result, many recruitment agencies are now pinning their hopes on workers from the Philippines to fill jobs in the IT sector and workers from Vietnam to fill vacancies in factories and construction. “When we take into consideration the needs on the market resulting from demographics, the emigration of Poles and the labour shortfall, Poland has no choice but to bring in workers from Asia,” says Grzegorz Tokarski, a private sector expert and CEO at Filipino Overseas Workers recruitment company.[2]

Obviously this influx serves an ideological function as the ruling class’s orientation is obviously anti-White (Kucharska’s article quotes a “migrant” complaining about “racism” and a dearth of “diversity,” as according to imported invoice analyst Latika Bhardwaj, “Poland is not used to brown and Black immigrants”) yet without confronting the economic aspect, we stand no chance. Despite Poland’s avowed resistance to fake refugees being dumped within its borders by the EU, it is being eaten from within by a push to “internationalize” and feed the neo-liberal economic machine with cheap, disposable labor:

“Workers from Asia are solid, thorough and accurate, the result of their Asian upbringing,” claims a recruiter named ‘Jack’ from Gdańsk, pitching his services as a recruiter of workers from Nepal, Bangladesh and India on the jobs board of Lento.pl. “They are good at doing repetitive physical jobs, requiring manual skills, stamina and attention.” Jack offers companies a ‘try before you buy’ guarantee – if after a month, a labourer doesn’t meet the employer’s requirements, the company will get another worker without bearing any costs. Equal Times also saw an advert from JDM Poland, a recruitment agency from Warsaw, advertising migrant workers on Gumtree as being “100% available and willing to work more than 200 hours per month”. According to the Polish Labour Code, as a rule, working time may not exceed an average of 40 hours in a five-day working week. The agency assures prospective employers that “overtime is at the same rate [as normal pay]”. Grzegorz Sikora, communications director for the Trade Unions Forum (FZZ), tells Equal Times: “We are dealing with the next stage of the post-colonial world division”. While trade unions acknowledge that Poland needs migrant labour, the concern is that “the policy of hiring and the management of these workers does not meet European standards”. Social dumping, as well as the driving down of wages and working standards are all dangers that the unions are trying to prevent. “The further east Poland hires its workforce, the graver the problem becomes,” says Sikora.[3]


I’ve addressed this economic aspect in great detail with The Way Life Should Be? with Maine as a microcosm, and as we can see, it truly is a microcosm for the Western world. Like Poland, Romania’s economy is experiencing a major uptick, and yet despite the “increasing pressure on employers to find skilled workers in order to expand their businesses, recent official data show Romania is far from being considered in a ‘workforce crisis’ situation.” Nevertheless, the imports have begun to increase with the usual thin justifications. As Sorin Melenciuc reports:

Romania issued work permits during the first two months of this year [2018] for 1,174 foreign employees which came mainly from Vietnam, Turkey, Nepal, China and Serbia, according to General Inspectorate for Immigration data sent to Business Review. Morocco, Bangladesh and Brazil enter for the first time in the top 10 countries of origin in Romanian statistics regarding foreign workers. These figures show a record request for foreign employees in Romania, where businesses struggle with workforce shortages in sectors such as construction, HORECA or logistics. … But the real number of foreign workers in Romania is much higher, due to unreported work. “We mention that during the year 2017, the police officers of the General Inspectorate for Immigration carried out 994 actions and controls on the fight against illegal work, at 1,559 companies, which resulted in the detection of 515 foreigners who were engaged in non-legal gainful activities,” General Inspectorate for Immigration said to Business Review.[4]

Shortfall, shortfall, shortfall: in 2019, Hungary issued 75,000 work permits to Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, and Ukrainian nationals. And yet, as SNB Romanian trade union head Dumitru Costin states, the employers are abusive toward their scab labor who are “much, much cheaper than the local[s]” and that “it is obvious that they will obey without flinching and work unpaid overtime for fear of being sent back to their country.” Hungarian construction worker union head Gyula Pallagi states that employers “exploit the language barriers by faking even their working papers,” and Zoltan Laszlo, the head of the Hungarian Metallurgical Trade Union, says that employees are often pushed to work under less-than-ideal conditions under the threat of being “easily replaceable” with Mongolians or Vietnamese.[5]

Germany and the Czech Republic.

The rhetoric is all-too-familiar; for Jens Kastner (this is a longer quote, but worth excerpting at length):

The Czech Republic and Germany are also trying to attract workers from the Philippines and other Asian countries to fill local positions, as their labor markets face aging populations, a brain drain and lower birthrates. Analysts say that Slovakia, Hungary and Romania will also be forced to open their doors to Asian workers. … Some analysts estimate that Poland will face a shortage of four million workers by 2030. As such, the government is particularly keen to attract Filipino workers to its IT, construction and medical sectors, including caregivers for the elderly. “The Deputy Labor Minister [Stanislaw] Szwed has approached us, and in early August we responded with a draft agreement stipulating the protection mechanisms we expect for Filipino workers, which will hopefully be signed during the remainder of this year,” said Patricia Ann V. Paez, Philippine ambassador to Poland, in a recent interview with the Nikkei Asian Review. … Paez said: “Poland will be an attractive destination for our workers due to its strong labor rights, the shared Catholic faith and strong family values, the only possible drawback being the cold weather.” … The Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in the EU of 3.1% and is facing a shortfall of 310,000 workers. To this end, the government loosened immigration rules for Filipino and Mongolian workers in January. It will now take Filipinos just three months from the time of job application to landing in the Czech Republic, half the time it used to take…From Mongolia, the Czech Republic is hoping to draw in workers in the meat-processing and dairy industries. Both countries signed an agreement in November to train Mongolian workers in those sectors. Vladan Raz, a Czech recruiter with Manila-based EDI Staffbuilders International, said that he is looking to employ Filipinos for local e-commerce platform Alza for a variety of logistics positions. He is also preparing to recruit Filipinos for Czech Airlines Technics and German wholesaler Metro Cash & Carry. … In Germany, the “Triple Win Project” agreed between both countries in 2013 is also coming to fruition, with one of the major hospital operators, Asklepios, welcoming its first six Filipino intensive care and surgery nurses in July, and another 253 to follow in the coming months [2018]… Daniela Zampini, an employment specialist for Central and Eastern Europe at the International Labor Organization, said that acute labor shortages in some industries may push the private sector to challenge some governments’ anti-immigration stance. Zampini pointed to Hungary as an example. Construction wages there have been growing at double-digits year-on-year, pushing industry associations to pressure the government to open the door to more Asians to keep costs low.[6]

Go to Part 2.

[1] Kucharska, Marta, “Despite the anti-immigrant rhetoric, Poland receives more migrant workers than anywhere else in the world,” October 11, 2019. Equal Times.

[2] Ibid.

[3] Ibid.

[4] Melenciuc, Sorin, “Foreign workers employment at record high in Romania; Vietnam, Nepal, Morocco, Bangladesh and Brazil among top 10 countries of origin,” March 23, 2018. Business Review.

[5] Rodina, Mihaela and Ionut Iordachesku, “Romania, Hungary fill labor shortage with Asians,” November 10, 2019. Asia Times.

[6] Kastner, Jens, “Poland cracks door open for Filipino workers,” August 17, 2018. Nikkei Asian Review.

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  1. Traitors
    Traitors says:

    Poland totally jew occupied Country! Before the were asylym seekers and now Jews are briging them as workers! What shitty jwo world we living in! Jeesus help us!

  2. Natalie Golovin
    Natalie Golovin says:

    Abortion among Capitalist economies dictated present situation Capitalism requires growth – expansion of all factors of production. Financial engineering can’t make up for shortfalls Maybe AI can stem tide of immigration

  3. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    It all boils down to MONEY. In the Judaized world we live in the only thing that matters is money or profit if you like. Therefore the treacherous politicians bankrolled by big companies/millionaires will pass any legislation that will make easier for their masters to get Third World slaves willing to work for a hot meal. That is the problem; the law allows these greedy bastards to import these disgusting aliens at will.

    I did not know that the situation in Poland and by extension in Eastern Europe was so bad. This shows what a fraud are these supposed “ultra-nationalists” in power in Poland and Hungary. They are as “nationalist” and “right-wing” as that clown called Donald Trump. Sadly, most Europeans (especially the westerners) are crap, unwilling to fight to preserve their country and their culture. Most of them deserved to be raped and killed by the “immigrants” or “refugees” that keep coming.

  4. Eric
    Eric says:

    Whites have served their purpose, creating the world’s civilizational infrastructure.

    Now — using the technology that whites mostly created — the rest of the world wants to carry on without them. The sooner white genocide takes place, the better, as far as the oligarchs and other races are concerned.

    Those races are inferior. They know it, and they resent it. They don’t want to reminded of their inferiority by the presence of whites. They want to be able to rewrite history and make themselves “legends in their own minds.”

    The oligarchs who run the world will be happy to get rid of whitey. He’s annoying — he actually demands rights, freedom, fairness and a living wage. Much too expensive and complicated.

    The Jews, of course, have had it in for non-Jewish white people ever since the Romans kicked them out of Palestine.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Eric, your comment is spot on. Most coloured people, like all inferior beings, are resentful towards the white man. In their baseness, they are unable to understand and therefore, to appreciate fairness and generosity. In their stupidity, whites have showered them with food, medicines and all kind of benefits. They did it spurred by two motives: A) Their natural and pathological altruism towards other races (Christianity has a lot to answer for that) and B) The guilt instilled in them since the 1960s by the Marxist teachers and the media who followed the precepts of the Frankfurt School.

      To be fair, many whites have behaved in that fashion also (and still do) I refer to the low-life who live off the welfare state demanding more and more benefits as if these were a God’s given right. They provide the rank-and-file of Antifa and similar trash. They are the product of Marxist education and their own despicable, vile nature. As a friend of mine told me once: “There are people who will never show any appreciation or gratitude for the undeserved benefits they receive.”

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Angelicus – correct, and most white people have no idea how much other races hate them for the white’s ‘crime’ of being superior to them. You can easily pick up this hate even by just staying in hotels in these countries and interacting with the staff. It is just below the surface behind the smiles, whilst obviously feeling that they have to grovel and please the guests for the tips and to keep their jobs, so many whites are oblivious to the true feelings of the natives towards them.

        We could have survived this hatred and hostility, as the inferior tribes are weak and incapable, however, now we are on the decline, and NOT because of our external enemies’ efforts, but because our own internal white left (with ((allies))) have *invited* those who hate us to come and live amongst us.

        Basically, the strong have invited the weak over to conquer them, all at the instigation of about 15% of the whites who hate their own race for being superior ((plus allies)). This superiority triggers a hostile response in the 15% wired in this manner. It makes them hostile to their own people. They do not like superiority, for animal behaviour reasons. This is alluded to by Kevin MacDonald, eg he suggests that Scandinavians in particular have an aversion to these who rise higher than the average, an aversion that has its origin in their genes..

        As for those whites who go out of their way to favour Africans etc, they claim to be moral and we call them ‘pathologically altruistic’, which is a correct description, however it unfortunately implies that they simply have too much ‘goodness’ in them, that they are super-moral ie over-good, it is just that their ‘goodness’ is backfiring as it is so immense. In my view they are not moral at all, as deep down they know they are harming their own people. They are no more moral/good that the family in India (such as the parents, a couple of uncles, grandma and a cousin) who get together to stab their own daughter/sister/cousin to death for ‘bringing shame on the family’. These child-murderers also believe they have the highest of morals in what they do. They are probably proud of their ‘super-high morals’ that enable them to stab their daughter/sister. And the white people who want to kneel to BLM right now think they are super-moral, just as these murdering families also believe they are super-moral. Neither group are moral at all when viewed from my own set of values.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      So true Eric.

      But the greatest enemy of European man and his geographical extensions was Ortega’s mass man and HIS geographical extensions. All of whom were White and predominantly middle class.

      They were the product of Western Civilization. A population explosion that inherited a civilization they didn’t create, understand, or respect.

      The ONLY defense against cultural impoverishment was higher education, which is just another way of saying high-level problem-solving.

      But it was roundly rejected by the White middle class masses, Right or Left.

      Immediately after Ortega published that little masterpiece Communism and Fascism went at it and Communism won.

      They didn’t just win. They whopped Fascism’s ass.

      I know there are a lot of Fascist friendly people here. But they are fools.

      Fascism Failed. It was inept. That it was the only real defender of the West should have made it clear to anyone paying attention that the West was already finished.

      And there were people paying attention, and not just Ortega. But, again, they were ignored. And now….

      But, the best Jewish Supremacy Inc. will ever manage is a Pyrrhic Victory.

      And that Pyrrhic Victory is here.

      Just look around.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Your [redacted] comment about the supposed “failure” of Fascism, reveals a colossal ignorance. I will assume that in your ignorance you lump together Fascism and National-Socialism (as most people do)

        Fascism, an Italian movement created by Benito Mussolini, ruled successfully Italy between 1922-1940 providing the Italian people with a level of prosperity and a sense of national pride never known before or since. Unfortunately, Mussolini, in a colossal act of political imbecility, decided to invade France in 1940, plunging Italy into WW2. for that, he was duly punished. Being fluent in Italian I have been able to read many books and documents from that era. The study of those texts and the analysis of post-1945 serious literature on the subject showed that as a political system Fascism was hugely successful and enjoyed overwhelming support from the Italian people. It DID NOT fail. It’s fall and destruction was the result of Italy’s stupid and unnecessary involvement in WW2.

        Basically the same applies to National-Socialism, that in only six years made of Germany, a nation economically and morally bankrupt, the most prosperous nation in Europe. It is military defeat was a consequence of the wrong strategic decisions, it had nothing to do with the political doctrine of the state.

        On the other hand, Marxism, about which you remained suspiciously silent, was from the very beginning a failure that it only survived thanks to massive injections of money by the West (especially from the United States of Israel). Communism only managed to stay in power by exercising the most brutal tranny over the peoples that claimed to “liberate”. It crumbled like the house of cards that was. That is a FAILURE! It only survives in North Korea, Chine and Cuba because of it’s brutal totalitarian system.

        Once the two systems that had successfully defeated Communism in theory and in practice in their respective countries were destroyed in WW2, the Jews who were the puppet-masters filled the universities of the Western world with bastards educated according to the principles of the “School of Frankfurt”. What we see today is the result of 60 years of cultural marxism. The white man has been taught to hate himself, his race, his country and his heritage. The result of that “education” is Antifa and crap like that. The white man has become his own worst enemy.

        • pterodactyl
          pterodactyl says:

          “Fascism was hugely successful and enjoyed overwhelming support from the Italian people. It DID NOT fail.”

          It reminds me of S Africa. White rule there( and in places like Rhodesia), this was the most successful rule ever implemented in that continent, bringing peace and prosperity, with high levels of medical care and a high standard of living for blacks and whites. No blacks starved in white-run countries. Tribal warfare ended. (The same applied in India in many respects)

          So S Africa white rule was the best system they ever had and did not fail, rather the rest of the white world turned on them, as the rest of the white world had leaders and academia and media who hated white rule. Plus, the usual story, S.Africa’s own white enemy within also hated their own race, and the huge wealth of that country changed the parameters about who got power and influence, so in the end the white people of malice-towards-whites got the upper hand internally too.

        • Richard B
          Richard B says:

          Thanks for responding to my comment.

          Regarding your personal attacks.

          You should know that I neither want nor need your approval.

          And I don’t say that because I think I’m better than you, but because I value myself.

          That rules out me being a Marxist.

          So, keep your paranoia to yourself (“On the other hand, Marxism, about which you remained suspiciously silent”).

          But I’m not a Fascist or NS for the same reason.

          All three are just explanations.

          For the believers they aren’t just explanations, they’re truths.

          But, that’s what believers always call their beliefs.

          But that doens’t change a thing. They’re just explanations.

          And as such they are all symptomatic of a cultural impoverishment that has steadily plagued the West for the last 200 years.

          All three are nothing but watered down salvation systems that promise more than they can deliver.

          Ironcially, I agree with everything you said about Marxism.

          And your comment about Antifa and The United States of Israel is exactly right. And we know Antifa is being funded by The ADL, and not just them.

          Antifa – ADL – AIPAC – Israel – The US Government.

          That’s what we’re up against.

          Regarding Fascism and NS.

          We can discuss, debate, and argue over causes and it would be worth it.

          But no one can change the past and we have to face the facts.

          And the facts are both lost, badly.

          What matters now, above all, is today and tomorrow.

          What are we going to do about the rapid spead of this new brand of Marxism, all backed by the above named groups, each of which hold considerable money and power?

          Because, whether you and I agree on specific issues we both have something very important in common.

          We are both part of a group who is now the world’s Designated Scapegoat.

          Can we unite around an organizing principle that inspires us?

          Can we unite long enough to be a group in form?

          Are we ready, willing, and able to stand and fight?

          These, it seems to me, are the more important questions to answer.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Richard B: You appear to be saying that white people contain the seed of their own destruction. They create Western Civilization. Western Civilization creates the “mass man.” The mass man is complicit in his own genocide. Why? Because he doesn’t appreciate or understand the civilization created by his forebears.

        You say that the only defense against his cultural impoverishment is higher education (higher-level problem solving), which the mass man (white middle class) has rejected.

        I can’t agree with this.

        Higher education has been rejected? It depends what you mean by “education.” In my view, an educated person is someone who is interested in a variety of subjects, reads good books, and questions received wisdom. Such a person could as easily be a simple laborer as he could be a professional. I would say that such people are not common. But they are not that unusual either. To say that the white middle class consists of thoughtless drones and Philistines strikes me as unfair.

        If there is a problem with education today, the problem is that there are too many people with impressive degrees and job titles who are less thoughtful and less interesting than some random homeless person you might happen to encounter on the street.

        They might be technically proficient, but in every other way they are intellectually and morally defective. Their positions and degrees lead them to think that they are veritable Philosopher-Kings, whose advice should be heeded on any and all subjects.

        Ortega considered these “elite” intellectuals the worst of the “mass man” phenomenon. Because they claim so much more for themselves than they deserve, they are defensive and will resort to force and fraud in order to maintain their positions of unquestioned authority.

        We are seeing that now, perhaps more clearly than ever before, in the demagoguery of the race-baiting media and politicians who don’t allow facts to interfere with their narratives, in social media censorship, in the closing down of whole nations over something I am convinced will turn out not to have been much worse than the common flu, in the fact that you can go out and riot but can’t go out and get a hair cut, and in the honors given to despicable people who are unaccountably held out as role models for our children.

        We can look at all of this and ask the white middle class to blame itself for allowing it to happen. But that would unjust. And it would have to be predicated upon a gross falsification of history. They didn’t do it. It was done to them. By scheming Jews and their allies.

        TOO and Kevin MacDonald have amply documented how Jews — who as a rule are hostile to Christian white people — have monetarily seduced and allied themselves with unscrupulous rulers in order to reshape the world to their liking. My point here is not to attack Jews per se, but to note that the driver of history is not the mass of average men, but much smaller groups of men who scheme and plot to get what they want.

        What has happened to our Western white countries is nothing that the majority of whites asked for. They were against more immigration, but got it anyway. They were against fighting in Europe in both world wars, but ended up fighting there anyway. They had no knowledge that 9/11 was done by Jews, that Iraq had no WMDs, that the government caused the housing crisis of ’08, and that cultural Marxism was being supported by corporate America.

        Some of those things they still don’t know about, while knowing about the others is no great consolation because the damage has already been done.

        So I think it is a mistake to blame middle class whites and the “mass man” for what has happened. If you want to know the true cause, I can’t think of a better source of information than “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.”

        The plan is set out there. That plan’s goals have been achieved, one after the other, for as long as I have been alive, and long before that.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          “… the damage has already been done.”

          I am beginning to suspect that the jewmasters may have successfully TOTALLED ( not merely damaged ) the Westernworld nonjewish White race via the Frankfurt School critical theory attacks in addition to jewish gangsterism and overall babylonian Talmudism .

        • Richard B
          Richard B says:


          Thanks for your response.

          Paragraphs 4 to 7 in your response was exactly the point Ortega was making. And not just in The Revolt Of The Masses, but in his excellent short essay The Mission Of The University.

          He calls the people you refer to in those paragraphs of your comment as a Learned Ignoramous.

          So, I couldn’t agree with you more on that point.

          But, even before him, before Nietzsche too, in fact, people were saying throughout the 19th century and in so many words, that as soon as the middle class got its money-grubbing paws on Western Civilization it would be the beginning of the end.

          They were right.

          Even in The I Ching, a very old book from another culture, the middle class is represented by three broken lines symbolizing insecurity, because they were sandwiched between the aristocracy and the poor.

          You lost me when you blamed it on the Jews.

          The Jews merely exploited the situation.

          Just as the middle class were the only ones at the time with a living tradition tailor made for what was happening in the 19th century, so too were the Jews the only ones with a living tradition tailor made for exploiting the middle class.

          There’s an interview with a music manager Don Arden where he says, “I never exploited anyone who didn’t want to be exploited.”

          It’s an infuriating rationalization. But mostly because it’s true.

          Needless to say, Arden was jewish.

          The Whites who played ball with a guy like that were doing so because they wanted something – and they got it. Well, some of them at least.

          Let’s face it, Whites have a self-preservation chip missing from their DNA.

          They organize like blacks swim. Badly. They couldn’t do it if their lives depended on it – and they do.

          Just look at them groveling now. It’s a sickening sight.

          Yes, you and I and many others won’t grovel, ever. At least I want to believe that. In the end I can only speak for myself.

          But even in our case, though we might not grovel, we’re in no way organized.

          And, if we do, we’d have to be a group in form united by an organizing principle.

          Do you see that happening?

          It’s a sincere question. Feel free to answer if you want.

          I look forward to it. As I’ve told you before I enjoy your comments.

          Either way, and what ever happens, I wish you and yours all the best.

          Stay safe. We’re in for a rough ride.

          “The Readiness Is All.”

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Richard B: I can’t agree that Jews merely exploited the situation. It would be more accurate to say that they created it. They needed allies in order to do that, of course. But those allies were powerful people, not members of the middle class.

            The mainstream media narrative today is a Jewish narrative. The cultural narrative is a Jewish narrative. The academic narrative is a Jewish narrative. Entertainment, the fine arts — all controlled by Jews. And Congress is owned by the Jewish lobby AIPAC.

            I don’t know who said, “If you want to know who rules you, just ask who you are not allowed to criticize.” But I know that you can’t openly criticize Jews if you want to get ahead or keep your existing position in America.

            As for whether white people are capable of organizing, I believe they are. But certain conditions have to be met.

            Most white people see themselves as “people.” They don’t think their whiteness has any significance at all. So there are few whites who are motivated to organize to protect and promote white interests.

            The only thing that will change that is whites coming under increasing attacks just for being white. I would have expected this to happen a long time ago, what with forced integration, school busing, discrimination against whites in affirmative action programs, and so on.

            But I guess it takes more than that to make whites realize they are headed for a bad end. It doesn’t help that Jews control the public discourse and use every trick they can in order to prevent whites from waking up to their situation.

            At most, 30% of whites have seen the Republican Party and “conservative” politics as a place for them to go. But we know that the conservatives have conserved nothing. They always give the Left what the Left wants — eventually.

            The Republican Party has embraced Cultural Marxism. So have the churches. The Left fears and despises Christianity, which is ironic. It is ironic because churches have embraced Communism and “anti-racism,” which means anti-whiteness. Their submission to the COVID shutdown (which only made sense for about a month) has shown them to be the equivalent of an NPC in a video game.

            Christianity and conservatism will do nothing for white people. The Left wants to destroy whiteness. That leaves white people with no place to go at this point. More and more of them are waking up to that fact. Not all of them will wake up, however. So if whites survive at all, they will survive as a small remnant of what they once were.

            In the meantime, things are going to have to get worse for white people. I think the Covid hoax and the recent riots have served to bring more whites over to our side. But I can’t say more than that at this point. I do know, however, that there is a human instinct to survive. And at some point, that instinct will be activated.

            I hope it’s not too late when that happens.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Whites lack political intelligence not survival IQ and not survival genes . Whites typically do not even know they lack political intelligence needed for survival as a race . It is mostly an intelligence issue and not mostly an IQ issue .

            The largest USA ethnic group is White Christians where christianity is a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to the chosenite jewmasters since no later than the 1965 Vatican II Council when freemason jesuits began the final phase of capturing the RCC Papacy .

  5. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    These are great articles.

    Not much mention about automation though.

    Most of the jobs for the kind of workers they’re importing are already obsolete, or soon will be.

    This isnt’ just about jobs.

    This is about replacement and reduction.

    Step One: Replace Whites

    Step Two: Reduce Overall Population

    And yes, as JQP stated at the beginning of the article, the timing of the alleged incident in Minneapolis is, well, too obvious.

    I still maintain that our social-institutions will not survive what the hostile elite are doing. No way.

    They’re not now.

    They strength, if that’s what you want to call it, of the elite is their single-mindedness of purpose.

    But it’s also their weakness.

    They’re like an overly confident, but not all that competent, predator so focused on their kill that they can’t feel the tickling of the poisonous spider crawling up their leg.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @Richard B: “The strength, if that’s what you want to call it, of the elite is their single-mindedness of purpose.”

      Correct – a 15% lefty minority ((with allies)) can end up controlling the other 85% if the 15% thinks about nothing else and is totally obsessed with politics, whilst the other 85% in the main are so unthinking when it comes to politics that they do not even have any idea of what the other 15% are up to regarding the fate they would like to inflict on all white-run countries.

      The only hope is that one day (perhaps when hardship returns to white nations) the whites will be forced to focus on self-interest again, and to actually think about it, which they do not do at present as too many of them are still so rich and pampered.

  6. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “that the government itself exists to do the bidding of the capitalist class.”

    “justifications for the corporatocracy to pad its bottom line.”

    “eaten from within by a push to “internationalize” and feed the neo-liberal economic machine with cheap, disposable labor:”

    This implies that international capitalism is the main motive behind the drive to make the white countries into multiracial ones. ie the money and power motive. In my opinion the main drive to push for more immigration is not actually economic, it is political.

    It never occurred to the local medium-sized building firm in Romania that what they really needed was some Pakistanis to work at half the wages of the Romanians. How it happens is that the building company up the road employs such and then the politicians offer the other builders the chance to have the same, and the other builders are offered forms to fill in saying ‘we need 10 workers please supply permits for us to hand out’ and this gives the politicians the excuse to do what they wanted to all along – bring in more foreigners.

    So the politicians organise the mass immigration by appealing to local business greed/(need to compete). I doubt the ordinary Romanians are happy about the cheap labour, but their unions never organise to resist, as the unions themselves are generally led by anti-white global socialists, and put global socialism first and their workers second.

    This union leader is an exception not the rule: “as SNB Romanian trade union head Dumitru Costin states, the employers are abusive toward their scab labor who are “much, much cheaper than the local[s]”

    This is what happened when black slaves were imported to the West – the West’s gravest error – the ordinary people did not want them as they lowered wages, only the wealthy business owners wanted them. And look what a curse that ended up as.

    So importing cheap labour is the outcome of the Lefty politicians spotting a weakness in the West that they can exploit in order to implement their immigration plans. Basically, unfortunately, most white people are happy (or at least, willing) to do things that are good for themselves in the short term (to make money) but which they know are bad for their fellow country-men.

    Evidence for the motive being to bring about a global socialist world where whites no longer rule, evidence for this being a stronger drive than international capitalism/big business, is that there are many examples of clashes between big business interests and world-socialism-end-white-rule interests, and in all these cases, world-socialism-end-white-rule wins, and big-capitalism loses. So the drive cannot be big-capitalism after all, all that happens is that the West’s greed for cheap labour can be taken advantage of to further the desire for open-borders and a desire to end white Western world dominance.

    So the urge to bring down the West always wins over corporate interests, bank’s interests, and multinational corporations’ interests, and this reveals the true motive – not money, but the end of white rule.

    Examples of clashes between big capitalism/banks and world socialism urges, that world socialism wins:

    1. The collapse of the S.African economy over the decades. This was/is bad for banks, bad for international big business. No profits for banks in a place of anarchy and poverty – yet big business and banks fully submitted to the drive to end the white rule that was making so much money for them, and they fully submitted to bringing down the cash-cow that was white S.A. Ending white rule as an aim thus soundly beat the big-money interests.

    2. Closure of steelworks last year in Bridgend in Britain. Just £20 million would have kept it going, so that we would still have our own steel works. but the govt decided to abandon it and sell it cheaply to the Chinese, (unbelievably, Britain still gives Foreign Aid to China! – never mentioned in the MSM). There is no way that this closure of the steel plant helps British big banks or big business. We let our politicians destroy our heavy steel industry, with no resistance from the MSM or the unions or big money, as they are complicit or submissive to anti-white globalism..

    3. Adverts on TV antagonising half the target audience by making all TV adverts include a multiracial couple or black models/actors. No way is money the motive here. The businesses make less money when they antagonise half the target audience. Look at Gillette as another example. Being on message clearly trumps making money for these businesses. (‘Get woke, go broke’). The urge to make us multiracial always beats big-money interests.

    4. Jews in France still support mass immigration even as they are being forced to leave their neigbourhoods as the muslim immigrants turn on them. The Jews know the immigrants will lower property prices, force them out and so they will lose their local businesses etc ie harm them financially, but despite their love of money and personal safety, their love of immigration is greater. How can the motive of these Jews possibly be financial? It cannot, and that leaves only malice to the white tribe as their motive. Malice beats even self-interest, as it does at the individual level when couples divorce and are very willing to give the joint money assets to lawyers just to spite each other.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Your analysis is right. Although greed plays a significant role in this process, the aim (for the ruling elite) is not financial gain but the destruction of the white race and its unique and priceless civilisation. Let’s not forget that although the Jews are the leaders of this perverse NWO it’s existence would not be possible without the eager collaboration of hundreds of thousands of Aryan traitors (it takes two to tango!) who are either motivated by their greed or their self-hatred. Either way, they deserve to die first as traitors do.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Angelicus – I agree re the Jews – even if all the Jews ‘decided to leave the West and return to Israel’, our our internal white enemy within would still continue the struggle to make us multiracial even with the Jews gone.

        “Either way, they deserve to die first as traitors do.”
        I agree that traitors deserve the punishment that we have always had throughout history for traitors. However, if this is not possible, then at the very least the white traitors should be exiled to Wakanda (Liberia?) to join the blacks that they clearly love, and the the blacks in the West can go there too to be ‘liberated’ from the Western countries that they complain about continuously. Enough is enough.

        • Angelicus
          Angelicus says:

          I agree, that would be an excellent punishment! Yes, deportation to an African shithole would be the best punishment for those white-hating traitors. They would be raped many times before being murdered by their “black brothers”. Let’s see how much they would enjoy “the blessings of diversity”! LOL

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            It might be that we whites need to go to Africa and take over large parts of it. Shouldn’t be hard.

  7. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    At least the Central (not ‘Eastern’!) Europeans are bringing in skilled people to make up for their emigrated ones. Cf Germany’s unskilled, illiterate, uncivilised mob of social-care-guzzling Third Worlders … and Britain’s, France’s and Italy’s.

  8. Bruno
    Bruno says:

    I spent several years in Poland. I was happy as a lack there. In fact, I actually thought I’d reside there forever. I’d buy home in Florida for occasional snow bird winters. Poland was like northern Maine. It was lily white. Simply heaven for those not loving darkness and wishing to remain in the light. The Polish language is one of those that I can function in and I’ve not seen the data noted in this article. can’t wit for the conclude (part II).

  9. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    The Brits unwittingly discovered this ingenious solid redline call-to-action months ago when it should have gone viral … and time is running out __

    All Westernworld middleclass White working people ( especially those in the USA and Europe ) must get “their” governments to pass emergency legislation that would require any business , which intends to move operations offshore to a foreign country , to first offer to sell that business to the employees where the government must loan , at a very reasonable rate , the money for the employee buyout if desired .

    Here is the unequivocal redline __

    Any Westernworld government that refuses to immediately pass that emergency legislation in service to the middleclass White workers must be replaced forthwith .

    If the middleclass White workers cannot act on this matter very soon , then they need to realize that it will soon be the end of them — possibly forever .

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