A Fish Called Wakanda, Part 2: The Pervasiveness of Neo-Liberalism

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So the Chamber of Commerce Republican talking points have even infected the Eastern Bloc. Even Italy has announced a pathway to legal residency for tens of thousands of “undocumented migrants” through work permit applications in the agricultural sector and for “domestic helpers.” Most agricultural production of seasonal fruits and vegetables in the EU Mediterranean region relies on migrant labor. In 2015, just under half of the workforce employed in agriculture was comprised of foreign nationals; 430,000 workers—over half—did not have an official contract.

It is not my intention here to demoralize the reader, but simply to illustrate how pervasive neo-liberalism has become, and how it poses an existential threat to the survival of Occidental Man. It is so dangerous because it is a total system encompassing ideological and economic aspects, much like communism but more insidious because it is less obvious and does not call attention to itself as revolutionary, though its beneficiaries are the same. It works in inversion and “soft power,” and whether it be the laissez-faire religion of the faux-Right that “necessitates” Jamaican apple-pickers in Massachusetts and North African strawberry-pickers in Spain or the re-distributionist and “global uplift” siren song of the Left, they inevitably converge in the tight grip of the ruling class.

Migrant labor, especially, has proven extremely useful to the ruling class for a variety of reasons:

In the mid-twentieth century, guest-worker programs were popular in both the United States and Western Europe, where labor shortages frustrated seasonal labor recruitment. Such programs came to an end in the 1960s and 1970s as political opposition grew and economic crises deepened on both sides of the Atlantic (Martin, 2003; Castles, 2006). But talk of guest workers resurfaced when the agri-food industry reorganized in the 1980s. By the 1990s, countries like Germany and Spain were reinventing guest-worker programs for twenty-first century economic needs and political realities (Castles, 2006)…The contemporary appeal of guest workers is more or less the same as it was mid-century. Employers can access a steady supply of low wage workers, control workers through the terms of the contract, adjust the size of their work-force with ease, dismiss guest workers as they see fit, mitigate anti-immigrant sentiment in the local community, and avoid some of the social anxieties that surround undocumented migration. The advantages of guest workers are perhaps all the more critical in an era of ‘lean’ agri-food production, since securing a flexible, low-wage work-force is central to employers’ ability to provide quality, low cost products to the market-place (Rogaly, 2008). Guest workers may also prove critical to new immigrant destinations, where the presence of immigrants has become politically and socially contentious.[1]

This strategy of doing an end-around people’s concerns regarding immigration while still serving both the ideological impetus and the Chamber of Commerce interests is central to neo-conservatism; in essence, one gets the “deep concern” voiced over immigration, and maybe token resistance on that front, but the numbers still come, just in a different form. Thus the totally useless distinction of legal versus illegal immigration, for example, especially in the U.S. where powerful forces are acting to erase the distinction (drivers’ licenses, medical care, etc.). In a demographic war, and with a totally illegitimate system, who cares if the invading force is arriving via “legal” means if the legality itself is questionable at best?

What’s more, in an anarcho-tyrannical system, one where the favored population groups are given carte blanche to assail the native populace with impunity, the act of defending oneself finds them in the grips of this illegitimate system where judicial warfare has become yet another open front to attack Whites. The judicial branch has become not just subject to politicization and agenda advancement— “lived experience” a substitute for knowledge, expertise, capability, and objectivity (e.g., Sonia Sotomayor) becoming more prevalent, more pronounced, and more nakedly partisan—but when the constitutionally-enshrined protections of our society are no longer respected, when the laws no longer apply to certain people and justice is no longer blind, when the system itself can be perverted to create a privileged class—that system has been corrupted and is fundamentally rotten.

Furthermore, the laws themselves are meaningless in such an environment. How can you respect the ever-changing code of a system that exists to destroy you? It’s hard to feel anything but contempt when the same higher-ups of “law enforcement” who ensure that our people are thrown in jail for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong skin color is drawn into open conflict with the combatants the ruling class has imported and/or catered to and encouraged with their rhetoric. It is especially difficult to feel anything but contempt when the Jewish mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey claims that the rioters torching police headquarters are morally justified. My only sympathies lie with the regular people caught in the crossfire, and this includes some of the rank-and-file police put in the impossible position of their sworn duty to serve and protect, and what they’re being demanded to do (or not do, as the case may be in standing down). They never asked for this and they do not deserve it.

James Mason wrote about the first stages of open war over thirty years ago with the Vibrants as Richard Houck calls them in his excellent Liberalism Unmasked, acting out their hostilities against the system’s other phalanx of soldiers. What we need to do at this juncture is very simple: get out of their way, consolidate, and fortify ourselves. Get yourself into a position where you are near family and friends in defensible locales, away from the blast radius of “diversity,” and become as self-reliant as humanly possible. The system is doomed to fail, and you do not want to be dragged down with it. It’s only a matter of time, and whatever we can do to hasten the process, the better, for the collateral damage will be extensive and will only get worse the more time goes on. I am not saying we should be moved to violence—this is foolish for a host of reasons. What I am saying is that we must continue to expose the system for the sham it is, and make people see the illegitimacy of the arrogant ruling cabal who barrage us with trash about being “all in this together.”

The US government itself is financing the migrant invasion the tough-talking Donald Trump was elected to stop! The State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) spends over $3.2 billion annually to help fund mass migration projects—and even in this endeavor, Israel finds a way to get a slice of the pie, as in $7.5 million in fiscal year 2018 for the Humanitarian Migrants to Israel (HMI) Program, which “provides financial resources for the resettlement of humanitarian migrants from the Former Soviet Union (FSU), Eastern Europe, Africa, the Near East and other countries of distress [read: Jews] in Israel.” The grant is implemented by the United Israel Appeal (UIA) through Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) who manage a network of absorption centers throughout the country.” Almost $1.6 billion went to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and nearly $188.5 million went to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in FY2018.

From the “philanthropic” side, the MacArthur Foundation has given several grants to the UN for the Global Forum on Migration and Development as well as sponsoring workshops and seminars on “international migration law” and for the United Nations University’s Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS), in collaboration with CARE International, to “undertake a special outreach effort for its Guatemala case study on the impact of climate change on migration in the region.” As we will see shortly, it is the US government and the World Bank, not climate change, that is facilitating Guatemalans’ migration north. CARE received nearly $12 million from the PRM in fiscal year 2018. CARE International’s multilateral funding partners are:

  • European Union (EU) through the European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO)
    and Directorate General for Development and Co-operation (DG DEVCO).
  • Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  • International Labour Organisation (ILO)
  • International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
  • United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
  • United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
  • United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response (SCHR)
  • The World Bank (WB)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • World Food Programme (WFP)

Their bilateral partners are:

As one example of a CARE project, the NGO in partnership with the UK Department for International Development runs a cash transfer project for women in rural Zimbabwe, where each month, households receive a cash payment into a virtual wallet on their mobile phone. That’s it.

The State Department’s PRM also disburse funds to several of the major NGO enablers of migrants into Europe, such as the Norwegian Refugee Council (nearly $11.9 million), Caritas Switzerland (nearly $1.5 million), Première Urgence Internationale in France ($4 million), and the Danish Refugee Council (nearly $9.2 million), and other major NGOs facilitating mass migration into the West such as the International Rescue Committee ($40.7 million), Catholic Relief Services ($10.2 million), the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS—over $8.1 million),[2] and the Pan American Development Foundation ($6.65 million).

Another US State Department PRM funding priority is the Refugee Solidarity Network (over $1.6 million in FY2018): “Since 2014 RSN and sister organization Refugee Rights Turkey have benefitted greatly from PRM support, with the goal of assisting Turkey implement its new migration and asylum framework.” Also partnering are Naripokkho and the Center for Legal Aid Bulgaria, whose mission, per their website’s description:

Is to promote the rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers on the territory of Bulgaria, through legal aid and advocacy. Since 2009, the CLA has promoted progressive legislative reform and raised awareness on asylum, migration and integration. CLA provides pro bono legal consultations to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, as well as legal representation in administrative and judicial proceedings on the national and European levels. CLA also engages in research and monitoring, to support their advocacy initiatives, and participate in national, regional and Europe-wide networks.

RSN is a member of:

  • International Detention Coalition (IDC): “A unique global network. Of over 400 civil society organizations and individuals in more than 90 countries, that advocate for, research and provide direct services to refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants affected by immigration detention.”
  • International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA): “A platform for increased collaboration and coordination between NGOs and other humanitarian actors, which is crucial to improving the lives of communities affected by humanitarian crisis.”
  • The Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN): “An open and growing network consisting of more than 340 civil society organizations and individuals from 28 countries committed to advancing the rights of refugees in the Asia Pacific region. APRRN aims to advance the rights of refugees and other people in need of protection through joint advocacy, capacity strengthening, resource sharing and outreach.”

They have also received support from: Google, as “RSN benefits from the support of Google Ad Grants for Non-profits, which supports RSN’s outreach, information dissemination, and fundraising activities”; BannerBuzz, which “supports RSN with marketing and communications needs”; the Tent Foundation, “The grant provided an opportunity to further develop programming at RSN’s sister organization Refugee Rights Turkey, and make connections with advocates working on child protection in neighboring Greece and Bulgaria”; and the Open Society Foundation Justice Initiative: “Since 2018, OSJI has worked with and supported RSN on efforts to respond to the Rohingya refugee crisis affecting South and Southeast Asia. OSJI and RSN are carrying out research and capacity development with civil society actors in the region.”

In Central America, the US government and the World Bank have been very active in subsidizing migration north into America. As Kevin Sieff reports:

The winding roads into the valley of Nebaj are lined with advertisements for cheap loans. Banks and cooperatives and microfinance operations make their pitches… here in the Guatemala Highlands, the epicenter of the country’s migrant exodus, those loans often fund a different activity, the region’s most profitable: smuggling migrants north to the United States…What enables those payments is a vast system of credit that includes financial institutions set up and supported by the United States and the World Bank, part of the global boom in microfinance over the past two decades. The U.S. government and the World Bank have each extended tens of millions of dollars in funding and loan guarantees, money that helped create what is now Guatemala’s biggest microfinance organization, Fundación Génesis Empresarial, and backed one of its largest banks, Banrural…The International Finance Corporation, an arm of the World Bank, lent the foundation $10 million last year [2018] to “broaden access to finance for micro and small businesses.”…Compartamos, a Mexican bank…  also received a flurry of USAID grants. It later stirred controversy for imposing interest rates of roughly 100 percent per year… Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, development organizations devoted growing resources to what advocates called “access to credit” or “financial inclusion.” In 2006, the Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus, one of the forefathers of microfinance, won the Nobel Peace Prize for his “efforts to create economic and social development from below.”[3]

So this is what “financial inclusion” looks like. Once again we see the ideology of liberalism and the realities of neo-liberal economics working hand-in-glove to advance the interests—with interest!—of the ruling class.

Speaking of interest, just as with the Great Recession, instead of genuine conversations occurring in the mainstream about the detonation of the standard of living in favor of an almost-unfathomably wealthy plutocratic class and a Ponzi scheme masquerading as an economy, Americans were treated to various manufactured “incidents,” such as the one involving a man with a variety of pre-existing conditions who somehow was able to say “I can’t breathe” a chemist’s dozen times; and then there are the “hands-up-don’t-shoot” and “honest conversations” about the “difficulties of race in America”—destructive nonsense that masked trillions of dollars being funneled into the hands of the private equity magnates scrapping the country for parts.

With Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, plus the Amy Cooper Central Park dog-pile, the media created massive outcry against “systemic racism” and stoked anti-White hatred as perfect outlets for the frustration felt by so many with a system that is in fact using and exploiting them, but in ways that are clearly not understood. In buying into the media narrative and acting out their grievances in a typically violent fashion, the ruling class’s favored voting blocs/hyper-consumers/foot soldiers unwittingly do their bidding, acting out not against the system that is exploiting them, but the extant population the ruling class is trying to replace! Adding insult to injury, virtually all of these would-be martyrs are felons and general low-lifes. Their biographies sufficiently sanitized, these aspiring rappers or whatever the media says rather than their actual “professions,” the Democratic establishment shamelessly panders to the “demands” of the mob without ever meeting them, their “concerns” given frustration through looting and wanton violence. This rioting is often also encouraged by Black political figures in a weird kind of infantilizing where they must be given “space to vent their frustrations” or some such thing, although the torching of their own environs does in fact resemble a lethal version of a toddler’s temper tantrum. Interestingly enough, the mob’s concerns over “systemic racism” always seem to involve looting stores for televisions and such.

Said concerns are favored even by the champagne socialists’ Messiah the Jewish carpenter Bernie Sanders, who despite being a buffoon, once addressed genuine working-class concerns and raised important questions about wealth inequality and the practices of Wall Street; he now seems to have been co-opted and before meekly conceding his presidential bid yet again was running a campaign around the same manufactured social issues as the rest of the Democratic field. This noise obscures real issues caused primarily by global capital, and, for what it’s worth, Sanders’s particular ethno-religious identity—despite it not appearing to inform much of his self-perceived identity—awarded him far greater latitude than if I was in the same position. In-group differences are generally dealt with much differently than genuine threats to the status quo, and Sanders’s inherent meekness and sound and fury signifying nothing were never a genuine threat.

The public-private debate is another false dilemma. Real nations with racial and ethnic identities, traditions, and values have become nothing but GDP farms; screaming about privilege and various inequalities—easily explained by biological differences between the races and sexes—masks the real inequalities generated by a society predicated on nothing but corporate tax cuts and investment banking. Brown people are being exploited, but not in the way the establishment spins it. White people are being exploited, too, and Blacks, and Yellows, and Browns…If there is a commonality between the races, it’s this: we’re all being screwed by the same people.

The difference is, in Western nations, indigenous Whites are being targeted for oblivion, and the government bestows special privileges in hiring and college admissions and Whites’ largess via taxes, sweat, and blood on—and a dual legal system that grants special latitude to—non-Whites. For now. In their own countries, however, self-determination is not allowed. Any nation that tries to wander off the neo-liberal plantation is either destroyed or quickly brought to heel, or else feels the combined weight of the globalist establishment in the form of economic sanctions, media vilification, espionage, et cetera. Remember when Bolivia’s former President Evo Morales cut ties with Israel and recognized Palestine as a sovereign state? Well, one of the first moves of the “new government” after the American-, Brazilian-, and Israeli-backed coup was successful in November 2019 was to “normalize” relations with Israel; the reader may recall concurrent “unrest” in Venezuela fomented by the globalist axis as well the presence of IDF forces on Brazilian soil in January 2019 under the pretense of a “search-and-rescue” mission. (Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is extremely close with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.) If you believe these events are all happening independent of each other then I have a Joe Rogan podcast for you to listen to!

The ultimate goal is the erasure of all distinct groups of people into a global mélange of deracinated serfs, minus one group of course. They bemoan terrorism in the country they stole, yet facilitate it abroad! In addition to the Jewish role in transformative immigration across the West, their use of the Western military apparatus to wreck and Balkanize every non-compliant country in the Middle East and increasingly South America has generated millions of real refugees who have to go somewhere right? And those numbers are then of course swollen by multiples with subsidized economic migrants.

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[1] Mannon, Susan E., et al., “Keeping Them in Their Place: Migrant Women Workers in Spain’s Strawberry Industry,” September 2, 2011, International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture & Food, Vol. 19, No. 1, p. 84.

[2] According to HIAS, “In 1891, Jewish residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev were expelled and many came to America. Ellis Island was the place of entry for these new arrivals. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society was there to facilitate legal entry, reception and immediate care for them.” According to their Wikipedia entry, “Working with the U.S. government, the government of Israel, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and a host of non-governmental organizations, HIAS assists refugees with U.S. resettlement and follows through with immigrant integration and citizenship programs…In the United States, HIAS helps resettle refugees from around the world through a national affiliate network of Jewish agencies. It coordinates resettlement services, provides extensive integration and citizenship programs for Russian speaking refugees and immigrants, and gives scholarships to refugees. HIAS also advocates for immigration laws with a network of Jewish, interfaith, and other partners in Washington, DC and nationwide. Additionally, HIAS promotes educational initiatives that encourage Jewish communities to engage in refugee aid and services…In Latin America, HIAS provides full-service counseling, legal services, and humanitarian assistance for Colombian refugees fleeing to Ecuador and Venezuela. It also facilitates the resettlement and integration of refugees in Argentina and Uruguay. HIAS opened its newest Latin American office in Costa Rica, in February 2017… In Vienna and Kyiv, HIAS helps Jews and others from 43 countries receive protection and seek asylum or resettlement. In 2016 HIAS opened an office on the Greek island of Lesvos to provide legal services for refugees arriving by sea, predominantly from Syria.”

[3] Sieff, Kevin, “The migrant debt cycle,” November 4, 2019. The Washington Post.

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  1. Frank Carollo
    Frank Carollo says:

    Treat foreign workers as sensible countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait do. Need foreign workers? No problem. Just do NOT integrate them in any way. Do NOT have classes to teach them your language. And most important: DO NOT allow families to join them. This WILL inevitably lead to chain migration and greater and greater integration into our white societies (including an eventual path to citizenship-just look at the USA and Germany and France and the UK).
    Want a quick snapshot of the degree of racial destruction which has occurred in ANY nation? Just take a look at the grade school classrooms and the number of nonwhites. That will tell you the extent of the problem and the upcoming future problems to come.

  2. Richard McCulloch
    Richard McCulloch says:

    There is a maze of detail in the author’s essays that I’ve never seen before. I’ve had a vague sense of the complexity and scope of the forces arrayed against our racial existence, but to have them cataloged in such detail is a bit overwhelming.

    I strongly doubt that Trump had any more sense than I did about this maze and probably less, and perhaps not much more now then when he first announced his candidacy. All of this is much more than the unseen part of the iceberg: it is almost totally under the radar. We see its effects in the burgeoning growth of the non-white population around us but aren’t really aware of the intricate conspiracy that underlies it and makes it happen.

    How much can one man, even if he is the president, do by himself against this vast array of deeply entrenched oppositional forces? If anything, seeing its scope makes one marvel both at Trump’s persistent efforts (e.g., overcoming massive resistance to put together $13 billion to build 1,000 miles of “wall”) and at what he has been able to accomplish. Trump’s critics among pro-white activists, including many who claim they’ll no longer support him, must have had much higher expectations than I had, expectations that I would have regarded as unrealistic, and have been proven to be so by the vast escalation in social, cultural and political conflict we’ve seen since his election.

    I would remind these critics, and indeed all pro-whites, that this is not about Trump, but about something far bigger than Trump, and something that has been happening since long before Trump came along and will continue after he has gone. That so many have become so focused on Trump, to the point of apparently thinking he could do much more than he has, just goes to prove how significant a figure, even “transformative” figure, he actually is in the context of the post-1964 regime. Our struggle is much bigger than one man. One man can’t win the struggle alone. Trump’s power, his ability to get things done, depends ultimately on the power and solidity (i.e., steadfast loyalty) of his political base. It was highly providential that he was able to win the 2016 election (at least the electoral vote, but not the popular vote). Although the electoral vote ended up a near landslide, a closer examination of the details shows he won by a razor-thin margin. He didn’t win enough White support (58%) to give him the scale of victory he needed to do all the things he promised, and we hoped for. Hopefully this time his White support will increase to well above 58%. He will probably need either at least 61% of the White vote, or a second lightning strike by providence, to win again. Either way, the more White votes he gets the more power, as well as motivation and confidence, he will have to do what we want him to do, and the closer we will be to seeing the GOP develop into a White people’s party.

    As I’ve written elsewhere, there are multiple stages on the road to White racial liberation, and each stage has several steps. The first stage is the conversion of one of the two major parties into a national populist party and then over successive steps into an implicitly and then explicitly pro-White party. Since the 1960s the GOP has been the obvious vehicle for this first stage development, but other than the steady migration of White voters to the GOP no overt steps in a national populist direction were taken until Trump. So the election of Trump was the first official and historical step, and one could say the first electoral victory, for the national populist and ultimately pro-White movement. The anti-Whites are very much aware of the threat this development poses for their previously unchallenged plans, and that is why they have mobilized all their power against it with such unprecedented and ferocious intensity to stop the further development of a potential nascent pro-White movement. Another Trump victory would take the next or second step in stage one even if only by consolidating the first step. A Trump defeat would likely abort the development of the GOP into a national populist party until it might be too late to matter.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @Richard McCulloch: “He didn’t win enough White support (58%) to give him the scale of victory he needed to do all the things he promised”

      It is actually quite staggering that even as the people of the US approach the cliff edge – some would say they have already jumped off – that even at this stage of seeing their country swamped by foreigners who hate them and attacked by their own criminal class (now rioting), it is staggering that the white people are so stupid or pathetic that so many of them still listen to their enemy-within MSM, so that and only 58% voted for Trump.

      ” pro-white activists, including many who claim they’ll no longer support him”

      Many on the right have totally ridiculous notions that Trump can solve the Jewish question in four years, a task that many kings and empires never managed to achieve in hundreds of years of trying. It is like one restaurant owner taking on all the mafia single-handed in 1930. It is just too much for one man to accomplish, even if he can fully identify the problem.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Reading the above article of General “Publius” was depressing. Mr. McCulloch, thank you for this excellent commentary. Your reply reminds me of AmRam’s Taylor speaking out. He has millions hearing him. However, that’s a drop in the bucket. Yes, compared to the transnational networking of the media’s “best of all people’s” indoctrinated masses (thanks to their kultura of bribes within the circle of Washington-Global elites).

      During breakfast, as this is being typed, one thinks of how things have changed. One’s beloved grandfather -how I loved his soul- espoused that America had her two oceans. The USA was EuroMan’s safe neighborhood of brotherhood. To him America didn’t have her dens of zydowski power as in London, Paris and other European capitols. He never dreamed the zydek would become so entrenched here, outside of New York. he believed the WASP was stronger than the English, German or Slav.

      Today nearly all of Amdom’s little school children are being indoctrinated to hate EuroMan. Also, it’s a pipe dream to think masses of families can home school progeny.

      One’s beloved dad expired a few years ago. During the era of busing he insisted that the family move to northern New Hampshire, Maine, one of the Baltic States, or Poland. I thought such was crazy pondering about the future. He inferred that EuroMan was like Stalingrad; EuroMan needed to reorganize, regroup, relocate or vanish.

      Yes, thank you for scanning EuroMan’s present day Stalingrad.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Richard McCulloch:

      Well said. I, too, have been guilty of making the perfect the enemy of the good. I think you have made the case for supporting Trump perfectly.

  3. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    This, right here. 100% this:

    “What we need to do at this juncture is very simple: get out of their way, consolidate, and fortify ourselves. Get yourself into a position where you are near family and friends in defensible locales, away from the blast radius of “diversity,” and become as self-reliant as humanly possible. The system is doomed to fail, and you do not want to be dragged down with it. It’s only a matter of time, and whatever we can do to hasten the process, the better,”

  4. Eric
    Eric says:

    The following American social, cultural, governmental, political, intellectual, and economic institutions are guilty of white genocide:

    (Note: there may be some individuals in these organizations who are not guilty, but the organizations as a whole are guilty)

    U.S. Department of Justice
    U.S. Department of State
    Supreme Court of the United States
    Federal appellate courts of the United States
    Federal district court judges
    U.S. House of Representatives
    U.S. Senate
    U.S. Catholic churches
    U.S. Episcopalian churches
    U.S. Methodist churches
    U.S. Presbyterian churches
    U.S. Lutheran churches
    U.S. Unitarian churches
    U.S. Pentecostal churches
    U.S. Christian Science churches
    U.S. Baptist churches
    U.S. universities
    U.S. colleges
    U.S. public schools
    U.S. private schools
    U.S. parochial schools
    U.S. mainstream media
    U.S. social media
    U.S. fine arts institutions
    Music industry
    U.S. non-profits
    U.S. NGO’s
    American Bar Association
    National Lawyers Guild
    American Jewish organizations
    American Jewish religious groups
    American hedge funds
    Major American corporations
    American banks
    U.S. state governors
    U.S. state legislatures
    State supreme courts
    State appellate courts
    County supervisors
    City councils
    Department of Homeland Security
    Air Force
    Coast Guard
    Special Forces
    City police
    County sheriffs

    Of course, I could have just said “all of them.” At the very least, this list could be extended to fill pages if not volumes.

    Now for my “If I were Trump” fantasizing…Day One: “My fellow Americans. Our nation is being invaded. We do not know who or what is coming into this country. We just know that people are coming here illegally. This is a matter of national security. It calls for national defense. Why would we protect countries but not our own country? That makes no sense. Accordingly, and like Presidents Wilson and Eisenhower before me, I am ordering the military 1) to build the wall on the southern border, using the military budget to finance the construction, 2) conduct sweeps in cities throughout the nation to identify and detain illegal aliens, and 3) build detention facilities for those illegal aliens. Furthermore, I am ordering the treasury secretary to freeze aid to nations that resist repatriation of illegal aliens. I am directing the Department of Justice to arrest and prosecute sanctuary city and state mayors and governors for the federal felony crime of harboring illegal aliens. I am ordering the State Department and other federal agencies to end programs that encourage, finance, or otherwise facilitate immigration to the United States, whether legal or illegal. There will be no more legal immigration unless and until we have assimilated the immigrants already living in this country and every American citizen capable of working has a good job at a good living wage.

    Covid-19: “My fellow Americans. As you might have expected me to do, I have consulted with the NIH, CDC, NIH, NAIAD, and FDA on the best way to respond to the Covid-19 crisis. Unfortunately, those who have advised me have contradicted themselves over and over again. First they said I was wrong to ban travel from China. Then they said I was right and that doing so saved lives. First they said it was no more serious than the common flu. Then they said it was ten times as deadly as the flu. First they said average people needn’t wear masks. Then they said average people had to wear masks. First they said it lasted for days on surfaces. Then they said it didn’t last on surfaces. They told me we needed to shut down the economy. They based that on a model that has been discredited, put together by a man whose past models and predictions have been wildly inaccurate. Even the computer coding he used has been dismissed as “junk.” I cannot in good conscience continue to follow the course of economic devastation that was recommended to me by these people. So I am calling for everything to go back to normal immediately. I am directing federal agencies to enforce that decision throughout the country. Governors and mayors who continue to keep businesses and churches closed will be cut off from federal funding. The same goes for any organization that does not go back to business as usual. I am determined that an investigation will take place to determine how and why the advice I received was so wrong and so devastating to our economy and to our American way of life. If I find out that I was deliberately misled, then I will insist on prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

    Riots: “My fellow Americans. I am invoking the Insurrection Act and sending….”

    Yeah, Trump could do more. I still can’t decide if he was puppet put in place to neutralize the anger and protests by his supporters that would be going on right now if a Democrat were president. If so, it was a clever move by our enemies.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      A certain percentage (15%?) has always hated the superior for animal behaviour reasons, just as a percentage are good at sport and a percentage like classical music – all human characteristics are in our wiring and have a certain prevalence. So the ‘lefty-thinkers’ have always been in the white Western populations, but our wealth and democracy has changed the criteria about who has power. In past centuries it was land ownership that led to power, and the ability to physically guard land and lead men. Now that has all changed. Today you can get power (politics, academia, media) if you *want* power and are highly motivated to exert your political outlook on others as a life aim/obsession. Unfortunately the lefty types are the types with intense motivation to do this, so they have taken over due to their high motivation levels. Obviously any foreign tribe that hates the West will gleefully join in with the effort to ruin us.

      Perhaps when hardship returns, the criteria will change regarding who gets power in white societies.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      I am going to take back what I said about Trump possibly being a puppet. I think he is sincere. I think he wants what is best for everyone. I think he believes that can happen through the normal political process. And I think the fact that he is a threat to our enemies is made evident by the hysterical reaction to him by those enemies.

      As I said above, it is a mistake to make the perfect the enemy of the good. Richard McCulloch has made an excellent case for reelecting Trump. If he gets another four years, the positive things he has done will bear fruit, and white doubters will be drawn to support him. In the face of ever increasing hatred of whites fomented by the Democrats, the Republican Party will become a white populist party. RINOs will have less credibility.

      Why does this need to happen? Because whites need some place to go. They won’t have that place if the Democrats win and the Republican party doesn’t change.

  5. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    What’s terrifying (and all this has continued for years) is the complicit nature of civil servants, the UN, the whole system of government. The sources used by ‘Jon Q Publius’ all seem to be obscure books and articles. But the EU, UN, US Federal Govt, and for that matter Jew-dependent churches, keep as quiet as possible, and actively tell lies. Money power when very unequal has this possibility. And there are something like zero academics and journalists working to inform people.

  6. prawda
    prawda says:

    German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as ‘A Global False Alarm’
    June 2, 2020 renegade 3 Comments
    By Daniele Pozzati

    Germany’s federal government and mainstream media are engaged in damage control after a report that challenges the established Corona narrative leaked from the interior ministry.

    Some of the report key passages are:

    The dangerousness of Covid-19 was overestimated: probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level.
    The people who die from Corona are essentially those who would statistically die this year, because they have reached the end of their lives and their weakened bodies can no longer cope with any random everyday stress (including the approximately 150 viruses currently in circulation).
    Worldwide, within a quarter of a year, there has been no more than 250,000 deaths from Covid-19, compared to 1.5 million deaths [25,100 in Germany] during the influenza wave 2017/18.
    The danger is obviously no greater than that of many other viruses. There is no evidence that this was more than a false alarm.
    A reproach could go along these lines: During the Corona crisis the State has proved itself as one of the biggest producers of Fake News.

    So far, so bad. But it gets worse.

    The report focuses on the “manifold and heavy consequences of the Corona measures” and warns that these are “grave”.

    More people are dying because of state-imposed Corona-measures than they are being killed by the virus.

    The reason is a scandal in the making:

    A Corona-focused German healthcare system is postponing life-saving surgery and delaying or reducing treatment for non-Corona patients.
    Berlin in Denial Mode. The scientists fight back.

    Initially, the government tried to dismiss the report as “the work of one employee”, and its contents as “his own opinion” – while the journalists closed ranks, no questions asked, with the politicians.

    But the 93-pages report titled “Analysis of the Crisis Management” has been drafted by a scientific panel appointed by the interior ministry and composed by external medical experts from several German universities.

    The report was the initiative of a department of the interior ministry called Unit KM4 and in charge with the “Protection of critical infrastructures”.

    This is also where the German official turned whistleblower, Stephen Kohn, work(ed), and from where he leaked it to the media.

    The authors of the report issued a joint press release already on Mai 11th, berating the government for ignoring expert advise, and asking for the interior minister to officially comment upon the experts joint statement:

    “Therapeutic and preventive measures should never bring more harm than the illness itself. Their aim should be to protect the risk groups, without endegearing the availibilty of medical care and the health of the whole population, as it is unfortunately occurring”

    “We in the scientific and medical praxis are experiencing the secondary damages of the Corona-measures on our patients on a daily basis.”

    “We therefore ask the Federal Ministry of the Interior, to comment upon our press release, and we hope for a pertinent discussion regarding the [Corona] measures, one that leads to the best possible solution for the whole population”

    At the time of writing, the German government had yet to react.

    But the facts are – sadly – vindicating the medical experts’ worries.

    On Mai 23 the German newspaper Das Bild titled: “Dramatic consequences of the Corona-Measures: 52,000 Cancer Ops delayed.”

    Inside, a leading medical doctor warns that “we will feel the side-effects of the Corona crisis for years”.
    Shooting the Whistleblower. Ignoring the Message.

    As Der Spiegel reported on Mai 15th: “Stephen Kohn [the whistleblower] has since been suspended from duty. He was advised to obtain a lawyer and his work laptop was confiscated.”

    Kohn had originally leaked the report on May 9th to the liberal-conservative magazine Tichys Einblick one of Germany’s most popular alternative media outlets.

    News of the report went mainstream in Germany during the second week of Mai – but already in the third week media and politicians alike stopped discussing the issue by refusing to comment upon it.

    Emblematic was the approach taken by Günter Krings, the representative for Interior Minister Horst Seehofer – the whistleblower’s boss:

    Asked it he would treat the document seriously, Krings replied:

    “If you start analyzing papers like that, then pretty soon you’ll be inviting the guys with the tin foil hats to parliamentary hearings.”

    Men in tin foil hats – Aluhut in German – is a term used to describe people who believe in conspiracy theories.

    Indeed one article by Der Spiegel adressing the Corona protest movement and the consequences of the leaked report contained the word “conspiracy” no fewer than 17 times!

    And no discussions of the issues raised by the report itself.

    Outside Germany the news has virtually gone unreported.
    The Protest Movement – or “Corona-Rebellen”.

    Germans begun demonstrating against Lockdowns as early as April.

    And thousands of citizens keep showing up at demos every week-end, even as the government is easing the restrictions.

    The demos are not merely against restrictions, which have actually been comparatively mild compared to many other Western countries.

    The demos question the entire Corona Narrative, and even more its principals, especially the role Bill Gates is playing, as the WHO second biggest donor (the first one since Trump suspended U.S. contribution).

    Indeed the biggest such demos took place in Stuttgart on May 9th, where tens of thousands people assempled to say no – to the NWO.

    Germans are saying no to any orwellian solution the government might one day impose out of a questionable “emergency status”, from mass surveillance Apps to mandatory vaccinations.

    The leaked report has proved their fears to be well founded.

    At least as far as the fake nature of the “Corona pandemic” is concerned.

    The rest might soon follow.

    This article originally appeared on Strategic Culture Foundation.


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