Latter-Day Flagellants, Christianity, and the Politics of Evil

“Using these whips they beat and whipped their bare skin until their bodies were bruised and swollen and blood rained down, spattering the walls nearby. I have seen, when they whipped themselves, how sometimes those bits of metal penetrated the flesh so deeply that it took more than two attempts to pull them out.”
Heinrich of Herford, (c.1300–1370)

Enoch Powell, delivering perhaps the most notorious speech of 20th century British politics, warned that “In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.” In much the same way as his demographic projections, the remarkable Enoch was more than a little off on timing, even if there is an obvious truth underlying every aspect of his broader prophetic warning. Britain is, like much of the West, now at a demographic tipping point, and the balance of power between the races is on a knife-edge. But does the Black man, at the present moment, really have the whip hand over the White man? Is it even the case in the United States, where the demographic balance is tipped even more heavily against Whites? I think not. Contemporary Black power in the West, in and of itself, is not self-sustaining but is rather dependent on a vast cultural and legal apparatus that Blacks had little or no role in designing. This apparatus is instead the contrivance of three actors: the Jews; politically, financially, and professionally incentivized Whites; and, finally, pathological and self-flagellating Whites. This last group is undoubtedly the most puzzling and catastrophic element of the current crisis. Much more horrifying than Powell’s utterance is the fact that the White man still holds the whip, but chooses to beat himself with it.

When I first saw images of Whites kneeling for Blacks, washing the feet of Blacks, and otherwise lending themselves to the hysteria of Black sainthood, I was confronted with a sequence of mental images from the distant past. History tells us that plagues are fertile ground for irrational self-sacrifice, and coronavirus, with a little help from the late George Floyd, has not disappointed. Joannes Stobaeus, in his Florilegium, noted that when a plague befell the Spartans “they received an oracle that they would be saved if some Spartans would be selected to be killed by the king.” Clement, in his First Letter to the Corinthians, pointed out that, faced with plagues, “many kings and people in charge, have given themselves to death after listening to an oracle, so that they might save their citizens with their own blood.” Diogenes Laertius, in his Vitae philosophorum, reports that an ancient plague in Athens provoked the killing of “two youths, Kratinos and Ktêsibios, and the suffering was relieved.” Hesiod, in his Works and Days, called for the moral cleansing of the land, and explained famine and plagues in his statement that “The whole state often suffers because of a wicked man, Who transgresses the gods and devises reckless deeds.” Thus, in times of plague, the urge to purge oneself of sins.

Most interesting among the self-sacrificial acts of the past are, in my opinion, that of the flagellants of the Black Death, derisively and scathingly labelled “the gashers” by the Jewish historian Ben-Zion Dinur. The masochistic flagellants, officially known as “Brethren of the Cross,” or “Brotherhood of the Flagellants,” were radical lay Catholics of both sexes (segregated in processions) who first made a major impact in thirteenth-century Germany during the Black Death. Travelling from town to town, they would hold prayers meetings and processions that would culminate in a massive spectacle where they would whip their flesh until the blood flowed, seeking, through this form of self-sacrifice, to avert a broader national calamity.

Although initially supported by the Church, it soon became clear the flagellants were anti-establishment dissidents in every respect. They rejected the authority of priests and clerics, who were regarded by the flagellants as sunk in sin and therefore intrinsic to the problem. The flagellants rejected the Eucharist, asserting that their blood sacrifice was a more authentic communion with Christ. Finally, they revealed their role as populist social revolutionaries by turning against all established elites, including the very wealthy, the nobility, the city leaders and, most interesting of all, the Jews. In fact, everywhere the flagellants went a violent reaction against the Jews followed. In Frankfurt, in July 1349, the flagellants stormed the Jewish neighborhood themselves, and set it on fire. Occasionally, such as in Mainz, when the Jews heard the flagellants were nearing a town or city, the Jews would launch a pre-emptive assault on Christians, with one chronicler reporting the Jews of Mainz slaughtered 200 Christians before the flagellants finally entered and eliminated the Jewish population. Unsurprisingly, the flagellants were quickly denounced as heretics by the existing elite power structure, and were ruthlessly suppressed to extinction throughout Europe.

In stark contrast to the role of the Brethren of the Cross, our latter-day White flagellants are truly birds of a feather with the elite status quo. Those lauding Blacks and subjecting themselves to humiliating acts of politically correct piety have accepted a form of White self-mortification that is entirely beneficial to our elites, and is without any truly redemptive or socially revolutionary features. The flagellants of the past may have acted in an irrational response to disease, but they transmuted this response into concrete social activism that benefited the broader ethnic group — by attempting to topple or undermine harmful and exploitative relationships at the top of society. Latter-day flagellants feign personal mortification, when in reality they cover themselves in temporary social kudos and self-congratulation. Individually, they harm not a hair on their own heads and spill not a drop of blood, but rather seek to ingratiate themselves into a system of social rewards and even financial benefits. And all the while, the personal fakery of these latter-day flagellants rips bloody shreds from the back of the group as a whole, demoralizing the kin group and energizing its enemies. The latter-day flagellants adopt the pose of self-sacrifice and abasement, throwing their racial kin under the proverbial bus in order to exalt themselves, and themselves alone. They avoid any suggestion of personal sin by professing their “anti-racism,” while flinging judgment and condemnation at those who refuse to bend the knee. The reality is that the latter-day flagellants need these refusers in order to look like “exceptions” in the first place.

The question of what to do about behavior like this has deeply troubled me for more than a decade. Thanks to the work of Kevin MacDonald, we certainly know more about its mechanics and origins than at any time previously. It’s now clear that this isn’t a new problem, even if it appears to be getting worse every year. In my own study of “White Pathology and the 1861 Morant Bay rebellion” for the 2013 special edition of The Occidental Quarterly, I was surprised and horrified at sheer callousness that some Whites could show towards their co-ethnics. The Morant Bay rebellion was a horrifically violent episode, with gruesome, extremely painful murders motivated by hatred of Whites. The town of Bowden was plundered, and the island curate “had his tongue cut out while he was still alive, an attempt is said to have been made to skin him.” Another individual “was ripped open and had his entrails taken out.” Others were “roasted alive” and “had their eyeballs scooped out.” According to The Times of London, the mob then indulged in alcoholic excess, harboring the “drunken dream of negro mastery and white slavery. It was Africa, hitherto dormant, that had broken out in their natures. … They desired the extermination of their emancipators.” In my study of the episode and the reactions it provoked in England, I commented:

To the clear-thinking individual, it was a plainly criminal, and unimaginably brutal series of actions, carried out for malicious reasons against a population targeted for being White. And yet, there was a liberal faction in England convinced not only that it was the Black population that were the true victims, but also that their fellow Whites were reprehensible monsters who deserved the fate which befell them. This pathological response, laden with a misplaced hyper-emotionality, would shake the Empire to its core, sapping its confidence, and bequeathing a legacy which is still felt to this day.

The main warriors on behalf of the Blacks were Christian philanthropists who believed that these races could be raised to standards of education and conduct which would place them alongside Europeans. Members of this group tended to be Non-Conformist, middle-class, and liberal or radical in their politics. Crucially, most had never travelled outside Britain, and had little or no experience with the races they so emphatically and persistently eulogized. The movement was centered around Exeter Hall, a residence in London. The term “Exeter Hall” thus became synonymous with what the brilliant Charles Dickens described as “platform sympathy for the Black and . . . platform indifference to our own countrymen.” Dickens wrote:

The Jamaica insurrection is another hopeful piece of business. That platform sympathy with the Black—or the Native, or the Devil—afar off, and that platform indifference to our own countrymen at enormous odds in the midst of bloodshed and savagery makes me stark wild.

It makes me stark wild too. Isn’t it absolutely terrifying that Dickens’s words on the indifference of these universalist elites to the plight of the working classes of their own people are entirely in keeping with what we see today? These people have the appearance of empathy, but not for anyone that looks like himself. Exeter Hall was largely responsible for the production and dissemination of a range of anti-slavery and pro-Black propaganda which, with its heady emotional characteristics, thrived on those under the influence of the Romantic movement. It was of course highly idealistic:

There was also significant involvement in the movement from the Protestant churches. It was the religious arm of Exeter Hall which was responsible for sending mission upon mission to the colonies with the aim of not only saving souls but of “regenerating whole races,” and it was this religious arm, in conjunction with the mainstream propaganda effort, which popularized the idea of the “noble savage” among the congregations of Britain’s churches.

The idea that Whites, particularly Anglo-Saxons, had a divinely ordained mission to raise up the backward peoples of the earth was driven by Exeter Hall’s most basic article of faith—that all peoples could be raised to the same high level of civilization as themselves. Liberals always have a very strong self-concept as morally superior. Moral posturing is, of course, now front and center in the contemporary West. I concluded my piece on Morant Bay by calling attention to an author who watched Steven Spielberg’s Amistad, recalling Whites “squirming in their seats,” and that afterwards a White couple emerged from the theatre “clinging to each other in a desperate attempt to manage the tragedy that had unfolded before them in graphic and picturesque fashion.” The connection is clear:

What we are thus seeing, in this and myriad other instances, is the emotional abuse and torture of a generation of Whites too ill-informed to generate appropriate intellectual or emotional responses to the fictions they are presented with. The dreamscape of Exeter Hall, in which traitors and murderers become national heroes, is entrenched. It has been absorbed, integrated, and assimilated into the White consciousness, and we, the ideological and psychological descendants of Dickens, are relegated to a much-maligned periphery for daring to suggest that the emperor has no clothes.

Placing the blame for pathological levels of self-abasement solely at the feet of Christianity, however, as some in our circles have done, strikes me as all too easy. Jordan Peterson, simultaneously capable of intellectual sublimities and travesties, is absolutely correct in his observation in 12 Rules for Life:

It is true that the idea of virtuous self-sacrifice is deeply embedded in Western culture (at least insofar as the West has been influenced by Christianity, which is based on the imitation of someone who performed the ultimate act of self-sacrifice). Any claim that the Golden Rule does not mean “sacrifice yourself for others” might therefore appear dubious. But Christ’s archetypal death exists as an example of how to accept finitude, betrayal and tyranny heroically — how to walk with God despite the tragedy of self-conscious knowledge — and not as a directive to victimise ourselves in the service of others. To sacrifice ourselves to God (to the highest good, if you like) does not mean to suffer silently and willingly when some person or organisation demands more from us, consistently, than is offered in return. That means we are supporting tyranny, and allowing ourselves to be treated like slaves. It is not virtuous to be victimised by a bully.

There’s no question, however, that many Christian churches have completely folded into patterns of victimizing themselves, or at least engaging in high-kudos superficial acts of self-abasement, in the service of Blacks and the broader culture of critique. There’s also no question that they view such behavior as highly virtuous. In this regard, I found Cardinal Carlo Vigano’s recent letter to Donald Trump on current events to be extremely timely. It’s obvious from the letter, and from his history of activism against Pope Francis, abortion, and the homosexual network at the Vatican, that Vigano is “to the Right” of Trump in every way, but it’s interesting that he attempts to communicate with Trump in Trump’s own language — employing terms such as “Deep State” to try to communicate something far more profound. Most interesting is Vigano’s denunciation of “adversaries, who often hold strategic positions in in government, in politics, in the economy, and in the media.” These adversaries “serve themselves, do not hold any moral principles, want to demolish the family and the nation, exploit workers to make themselves unduly wealthy, foment internal divisions and wars, and accumulate power and money.” He explains that those who help these adversaries are acting out of “self-interest or fearfulness.” This certainly describes the latter-day flagellants, as does Vigano’s condemnation of those within the Church who are “mercenary infidels who seek to scatter the flock and hand the sheep over to be devoured by ravenous wolves … Just as there is a deep state, there is also a deep church that betrays its duties and forswears its proper commitments before God.” For Vigano, who has previously indicated that the Catholic Church had been infiltrated by a combination of Jews, organized homosexuals, and Freemasons, there is a:

media narrative which seeks not to fight racism and bring social order, but to aggravate dispositions; not to bring justice, but to legitimize violence and crime; not to serve the truth, but to favor one political faction. And it is disconcerting that there are Bishops – such as those whom I recently denounced – who, by their words, prove that they are aligned on the opposing side. They are subservient to the deep state, to globalism, to aligned thought, to the New World Order which they invoke ever more frequently in the name of a universal brotherhood which has nothing Christian about it.

I’m not from a Catholic background, and I’ve been very critical of elements and expressions of Christianity in the past, but even I have to concede, that, objectively speaking, Vigano is on to something. One of the most Christian people I know is absolutely disgusted with White behavior for Black Lives Matter, while the most anti-Christian person I know (a friend of a friend) is also the most virtue-signalling, pro-homosexual, pro-miscegenation cretin I’ve ever encountered. There are no simple answers here, and if one is to denounce the Church as the root and cause of some of our major problems, one might as well denounce everything else in Western modernity that’s been co-opted by our adversaries. It should be clear that there wouldn’t be much left that we couldn’t denounce.

The question of why Whites are allowing themselves to be subjected to this kind of treatment on a mass scale, and in some cases encouraging it, rather requires a clear and unflinching view of the mass perception of White identity politics today. Quite frankly, we have been designated the ultimate evil, and no punishment or humiliation will be enough to satisfy our enemies.

The Politics of Evil

One of the most fascinating series of books I’ve read is Jeffrey Burton Russell’s Cornell-published quadrilogy on the concept of evil in Western culture [Satan: The Early Christian Tradition (1981), Lucifer: The Devil in the Middle Ages (1984), Mephistopheles: The Devil in the Modern World (1986), and The Prince of Darkness: Radical Evil and the Power of Good in History (1988)]. These works aren’t just an outstanding exercise in historical and religious scholarship, but also in their analysis of the development of the concept of evil as a political idea. For Russell, who develops the theme to an unmatched degree, there is great power in being able to label one’s opponent and their ideas as evil. To be labelled as being in league with the Devil—or the modern equivalent—is tantamount to political (and in extreme cases, physical) death. If you doubt such an interpretation, just read Dante’s Inferno, which is as much a summary of medieval Florentine politics and a list of Dante’s personal enemies, as it is a piece of religious poetry.

There really is no question about the fact that White identity politics is post-modernity’s only radical political evil, and Adolf Hitler is its Great Satan, looming over a horde of contemporary minor demons. Like Dante’s Inferno, and his various levels of Hell, our contemporary politics is judged morally on the proximity of one’s ideology to that held by the Great Satan in the lowest Hell. Tucker Carlson may be deemed to toil, for example, in the second or third circle, but you readers, with your race pride and anti-Semitism, well, you are beyond all hope in the ninth circle. Our post-religious culture even has a physical substitute for Hell, in the form of a long-abandoned camp in rural Poland.

In the West, what else comes close to this politico-moral taxonomy that borders on the religious in its dogmatic excess? Nothing. Even Islamic terrorism, one of the few aspects of modern life that isn’t readily assimilable by global capitalism, is always qualified in most media and academic treatments as implying some mediating factors, such as Western imperialism, the alienation of Muslim minorities, or any of a wide range of social and environmental causes that are ultimately the fault of Europeans. For those in charge of the national conversation, Islamic terrorism is something explainable and therefore, in the final examination, non-diabolical. By contrast, arguments for internet censorship targeting White identity websites have been advanced by associating White ethnic activism with conduct that is as low and demonic as pedophilia and the very worst of obscene material, which is probably the only other element of our rotten contemporary culture that continues  (for now) to be viewed as an example of radical evil. Of all political stances, only the assertion of White ethnic interests is deemed by our mainstream as equally irrational and immoral, being based on the alleged “fantasy” of race and the moral crime of wishing to “dominate” or adopt “supremacy” over other groups.

Whites can prostrate themselves in the name of “anti-racism” because by doing so they’re fighting the religious or secular contemporary incarnation of Satan. Historically, it has been extremely dangerous, and often fatal, to be seen as in league with Satan, and alternatively there have been massive incentives to joining crusades against demonic activity. One thinks of the witch craze, the purging of various heretical sects (including the flagellants), and the experiences of the early Protestants. What we are currently seeing culturally, economically, and politically, is an increasing pressure on people to demonstrate whether or not they are on the side of the Devil. Language such as “White silence is violence,” is increasingly asserting that there is no room for Whites to sit on the fence. Whites must declare whether they are good (subservient) or bad (retaining pride), and regardless of the religious beliefs of these Whites, if any, every cue in our culture is making it extremely clear which side will provide them with incentives and which side is laden with social doom. This is very similar to the process that all cultures undergo when there is a dramatic shift against a certain set of beliefs and/or populations.

The point here is that all conventional strategies designed to move White dissident thought from the fringe to the mainstream may be doomed to failure because they neglect the fact we aren’t even on the same spectrum of political possibility, or even within the same psychological framework. We are exiles, declared to be total anathema. To label something evil is to imply it is willfully engaged in the chaotic, unnatural, and sadistic. Evil implies an unregenerate irrationality as well as a complete detachment from morals. It also implies the willful infliction of suffering, and perhaps also a joy in it. Fighting from this position with appeals to things like IQ differences, crime rates, the data on police shootings of Blacks and Whites, or blandishments about the right of all peoples to self-determination, is probably entirely pointless.

Ultimately, the mainstream narrative about White identity politics is based on unreason and outright falsehood. An edifice built so obviously on an emotive disdain for facts and objective reality will be entirely unmoved by rejoinders employing them. Accusations of Leftist hypocrisy are as ubiquitous as they are ineffective, because ultimately people on the Left, or Right for that matter, don’t really care about what is correct or incorrect, or at least don’t care enough to do something meaningful about it. What they do care about is what is “evil,” and if they can look good and get rich fighting it then all the better. What is really required, therefore, is a “fight fire with fire” strategy that embodies emotionality and triggers psychological responses that resonate on a deeper level, beyond consciousness. This necessitates a propaganda designed exclusively to instill feelings of disgust, fear, and hatred for those opposed to White interests. In the final analysis, it must be hammered home that our opponents are not wrong, weak-willed, venal, or corrupt — they are morally, politically, and spiritually evil. They belong in the lowest Hell.

I understand the necessity of framing our arguments in reasonable terms. I understand the value of producing evidence, and presenting facts. But I also understand that these things have limited tactical value. The symbiotic elites of medieval Germany were safely ensconced in their centers of power until the flagellants came to town, with their emotive, violent, grisly, and gloriously fanatical denunciations of evil. Within that environment, riding on the crest of a crisis, the heretics and rebels became the arbiters of truth and the judges of society. Dispute as you will their claim to have banished the Devil, but can you deny they banished, even for a short time, at least some social evils?

Looked at from an angle not dripping with footnotes and statistics, isn’t it clear that our opponents are, in some sense, crawling with “demons”? Aren’t they riddled with the most malevolent of intentions? Don’t they bleat endlessly about eugenic policies of yesteryear while paving the way for “after-birth abortion.” They’re not wrong, my friends, they’re evil.

Our moral superiors: Dressed in White and dripping with blood

Don’t they chastise us for a distant past no-one alive had any role in, while supporting a nation where it’s spectator entertainment to watch bomb blasts tear apart a people who don’t have the luxury of superpower sponsorship, and barely have the infrastructure to survive? They’re not misguided, they’re evil.

Israeli Spectator Sport: Watching the Slaughter in Gaza, 2014

Contemporary politics and “social progress” is awash with evils. The “universal brotherhood” Cardinal Vigano warns us about is typified by blindness to mass rape, the abuse of children, murder on a vomit-inducing scale, corruption, avarice, and the cowardly evasion of responsibility everywhere. The society we live in is sunk in filth so deep that coronavirus isn’t even a fraction of the plague it deserves.

I’ll conclude these reflections with a final comment from the medieval period. In one of the most remarkable texts of the Middle Ages, Pugio Fidei or The Dagger of Faith, the cleric Raymond Martini (1220–1285) began to turn the tide against Jewish financial and political influence in Europe. Employing a team of scholars, including former Jews, he launched an intensive investigation of the Talmud and Midrash, including how they were actually interpreted by contemporary Jews. Unlike earlier anti-Jewish figures like Agobard of Lyon, Martini didn’t waste time with complaints about Jewish slave-trading of Christians or trying to convince elites to “do the right thing.” His argument was simple and devastating: all that Jews presented as positive was negative, all that they presented as Divine was Satanic. Jewish “Light unto the Nations” was “Darkness unto the Nations.” Jewish “truth” was lies. Jewish “freedom” was slavery. Jewish “justice” was injustice. As historian Robert Bonfil comments, “Martini’s book was influential through the end of the Middle Ages and even into the Renaissance.”[1] This period witnessed more expulsions of the Jews than any other in history. They say the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn’t exist. Martini would disagree, and insist that by far his cleverest ruse was to pretend he was an angel, while pointing an accusing finger at you.

[1] R. Bonfil, ‘The Devil and the Jews in the Christian Consciousness of the Middle Ages,’ in S. Almog (ed) Antisemitism Through the Ages (New York: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1988), 97.

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  1. Robert Dolan
    Robert Dolan says:

    As I watched the clip of Dan Cathy (CEO of ChickFila) kneeling at the feet of a black man and shining his shoes……I can’t say that it initially struck me as evil. My first reaction is that kneeling to blacks is absurd, laughable……something that only a retard would do.
    But you’re right that in the grand scheme of things it IS evil, and it’s utterly demoralizing to see leaders and police and even the National Guard on their knees bowing before negro criminals.
    The jews are now pushing the total humiliation of white men and they must be enjoying the show.
    I’ve never seen anything like it.

  2. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Thank you, Dr Joyce, for your richly illustrated, straight-as-a-die set of accusations that felled (they did!) our present-day flagallantes. On the British political scene, the latter are the whole bang lot, given half an opportunity. Even so, a fresh wind blew in, if only for a few seconds: Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, asked if he will take the knee, answered ‘only for queen and wife.’ The suave wit was most endearing. (He explained this away later, of course.) Rather nicely also, he noted that he thought that kneeling before someone is an act of subjugation, not a gesture of support. He might be worth watching.

    • l
      l says:

      “….Foreign Minister Dominic Raab….He might be worth watching.”

      Indeed, considering he has jewish genes and early experience on a kibbutz.

  3. Jerry Cornelius
    Jerry Cornelius says:

    WHITE- BLACK LIVES MATTER activists killed by Melanin man in Reading-UK- Although police say that the people in the park had no connection with the BLM Demo (which ended 1 second before the attack)
    One Victim has been identified as James Furlong from ”Woke”-Ingham (I kid you not)
    Victims never had the chance to go down onto the proverbial knee.

  4. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Verse 31 the last sentence is particularly the important one:

    As the soldiers led him away, they seized Simon from Cyrene, who was on his way in from the country, and put the cross on him and made him carry it behind Jesus. A large number of people followed him, including women who mourned and wailed for him. Jesus turned and said to them, “DAUGHTERS OF JERUSALEM, DO NOT WEEP FOR ME; WEEP FOR YOURSLEVES AND FOR YOUR CHILDREN FOR THE TIME WILL COME WHEN YOU WILL SAY, ‘Blessed are the childless women, the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed!’ Then

    “‘they will say to the mountains, “Fall on us!”
    and to the hills, “Cover us!”’


    • Jerry Cornelius
      Jerry Cornelius says:

      I prefer Proverbs 26;11
      As a dog returneth to it’s Vomit
      So doth a fool to his folly.
      That sums us up as far as I am concerned, we will never learn and quoting testament is pissing in the wind.
      I am sorry.

  5. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Got to say too during a refresher on the Morant Bay massacre this quote stands out and why is because of the sheer ignorance of knowing what it takes to work in a hot dry climate. For a response from far off in England to a cry for help and these poor people are told what? “TO WORK HARDER?

    Peasants in Saint Ann parish sent a petition to Queen Victoria asking for Crown lands to cultivate, saying they could not find land for themselves.[4] The petition was sent to Eyre first, and he enclosed a letter with his own comments.

    “The Queen’s reply was made known, and many of the poor believed that Eyre had influenced her opinion: she encouraged the poor to work harder, rather than offering any help.”

    To make the poor work harder under a blazing sun and during a drought no less would no doubt have been the straw that broke the camels back. Further to this I’m sure for those Jamaicans who were old enough to remember life was probably a paradise for all Jamaicans before the English arrived to ruin it all! Like the Americans who destroyed Bikini Atoll with their glorious weapons research!
    and the worst of it surely these poor people watch the English in their shady homes with full stomachs go about laughing and enjoying their day at their expense and others!

    Reminds of a another great quote from the bible the book of Ecclesiastes:

    Do not stare at me because I am dark,
    because I am darkened by the sun.
    My mother’s sons were angry with me
    and made me take care of the vineyards;
    my own vineyard I had to neglect.

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        You are correct. And, there are many Christians (myself included) who believe the Song of Solomon, along with the Book of Esther, do not belong in the Bible.

        Most Bible scholars divide the Bible into six parts (OT- law, prophets & writings; NT – history, epistles & Revelation). To say these six parts comprise (if one is to include Song of Solomon and Esther) sixty-six books is a bit of a confirmation – to some anyway – that the aforementioned two books are the only truly Jewish books in the Bible.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          With reference to the canon of the Old and New Testaments, I am content to accept the learned opinion of the Council of Rome (382).

          If you like, you can say, with Luther, that there are 66 canonical books rather than 73, but doing so places you with one knee already on the ground in relation to post-70 AD rabbinic Jewish dictates.

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        Postscript, Pierre. Esther & Song of Solomon are the only two books in the Bible that make no mention of God.

  6. Patrick Pappano
    Patrick Pappano says:

    Thank you for this most engaging article. I am a 76-yr old raised in the Roman Catholic faith, even starting out in Rome at Scuola Sacre Cuore. Back in those days, Roman Catholicism was very dogmatic, even threatening excommunication for just attending a non-Catholic service. People see this as a negative but we saw it as a positive – we had the true faith. Outsiders were not bad, they were invited in to share. No one was excluded. But you had to follow the rules. It was a much happier time.

  7. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Enoch Powell, delivering perhaps the most notorious speech of 20th century British politics, warned that “In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.”

    And here look what they did to Hawaii, sent in their marines to a sovereign country with its own Queen whom they actually arrested? The 13 business men lol calling themselves the committee of safety? lol

    “incarnation of Satan” Dr. Joyce? Well of course what else for Christ Himself was told by Satan no less that all of the kingdoms of earth were his to do as he pleases and he always has his committee of 13 to do his bidding. Here a great song for such people, idiots!


    • Buckle
      Buckle says:

      Powell brought in a million commonwealth immigrants in the 1950’s as a punishment beating of the UK’s heavily unionised labor force.

      • Rerevisionist
        Rerevisionist says:

        Remember that Jews covertly control most things; including so-called ‘unions’. If you could get hold of true information you’d probably find it was Jewish policy to design (((Union))) policy to import and pay for aliens. I doubt if Powell had any idea; I’ve never seen such a suggestion

  8. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    and here the chorus for the committee of 13 and if this band didn’t get there name right Grateful Dead LOL Perfect!!!!!

    please follow along with me in song will you and reflect accordingly!!!

    Ship of Fools
    Grateful Dead
    Went to see the captain, strangest I could find
    Laid my proposition down, laid it on the line
    I won’t slave for beggar’s pay, likewise gold and jewels
    But I would slave to learn the way to sink your ship of fools

    Chorus Ship of fools on a cruel sea
    Ship of fools sail away from me
    It was later than I thought when I first believed you
    But now I cannot share your laughter, ship of fools

    Saw your first ship sink and drown from rocking of the boat
    And all that could not sink of swim were just left there to float
    I won’t leave you drifting down but whoa it makes me wild
    With thirty years upon my head to have you call me child

    The bottles stand as empty now, as they were filled before
    Time there was and plenty, but from that cup no more
    Though I could not caution all, I still might warn a few
    Don’t lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools

  9. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Hitler was a politician. He was supported by the major industrial firms in Germany and in the USA(eg Ford, IBM, Coca Cola et al.) Deutsche Bank financed the work camps which provided essentially free labor to the German manufactures and interest income to the bank. Industry was the beneficiary. Everyone involved supported the “de Jewing” of Germany and the general racial purity movement. Modern accounts seem to focus Hitler as a sole “evil” force.” The Nazi movement, however, was very much a collective effort by German industry and banking. Modern Germany is benefitting from the Nazi policies.

    • JMS
      JMS says:

      “Modern Germany is benefitting from the Nazi policies.”

      Yes thank goodness The Fuhrer stopped West Germany from being over-run by Marshall Stalin and the Mongols in the Kremlin!

      In todays world instead of being over-run by Red Army soldiers Whites fear being over-run by Black Lives Matter. We meed a Hitler, not a Trump!

      • Adûnâi
        Adûnâi says:

        This is what the twilight years of Soviet power looked like.

        Stalin’s Russia was even more sublime. The USSR was the last bastion against Western Christian transvestite subversion for our race. Now, very few lands retain that ineffable spirit of materialist beauty, among them being the DPR of Korea.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Wake up! Trump is the closest we’re going to get to a Hitler in this sick day and age. Instead of appreciating him and standing up for him, you white losers complain like babies. You are the problem. Has that ever occurred to you?

    • Hannes
      Hannes says:

      You are a desinformer or a brainwashed victim of mass media!
      Neither was Hitler supported by industrial companies in the US nor was the National Socialist movement an effort or result by industry or banking. You really have no idea of what you are talking. Furthermore not the industry have been the beneficiary of Hitlers politics but the Volk, the people.
      Finally I deeply wished Germany benefits from “Nazi”-Germany. But it doesn’t. It is a rotten Nation thanks to Jewish overlords.

    • Jerry Cornelius
      Jerry Cornelius says:

      Prince Bernhard was instrumental along with Jozef Retinger in starting the Meeting in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel.
      And the EC was also promoted at the Bilderberg meetings. Prince Bernhard also worked fro I G Farben.
      Retinger was the brains behind Bilderberg, also there was David Rockefeller. Chatham house rules were observed which means keep silence (Royal institute for international affairs) A British CFR type group.
      Also The Treaty Of Rome 1954. So there are a few things to look at, and this is off the top of my Head.
      And it is no mistake that Germany has nearly double the GDP of It’s the nearest competitor in The EEC.
      It started as the EC and has insidiously gained a grip of laws and policy (Mass Immigration being just one). Jozef Retinger was Jewish.
      So it is interesting at the least.

      • Jerry Cornelius
        Jerry Cornelius says:

        Britain lost control of its borders. ”Refugees” could land on a small Island, say Lesbos and if they managed to get status they were free to stroll into the UK (Their final Destination) free movement laws.
        If they failed they were still allowed to stay in limbo. Many child refugees who claimed to be 13 were found to have dental records of an adult. ETC. Rome degenerated because it lost control of its borders, rather like a VIRUS invades the cell wall.
        Prince Bernard served in the SS. Retinger was a Jew. yet they collaborated(post WW2), so something was amiss. I G Farben was also ”on the scene” as was Rockefeller.
        The USA has been infiltrated with the aid of US collaborators by Jews, so why is it a stretch of the imagination to also see that Germany(post ww2) could also suffer a similar fate? (After a humiliation, again)
        It may be that some of this is skewed, but at least I can be self-critical. So many players (and as said I am scratching the surface) suggests to me at least a reason to look further. Also, oddly, the UK never accepted EEC currency, yet they were supposed to be fully in the EEC.?

      • Jerry Cornelius
        Jerry Cornelius says:

        The concept of Walls has always been significant to Humans.It mimics Nature or acts out in natural ways (A good sign).
        The Romans were great wall builders as were the Chinese.
        Also more recently Donald Trump wanted to build a wall across the border, he was harangued but he had an instinct that something is amiss. He is also mocked by ”The intellectuals” because he does not speak as they do, yet he still has a point. And Trump proved that his way worked and beat the Pen pushers. Just saying, we all have a contribution to make!
        People on here TOO should also bear this in mind. Talking the talk is not an absolute definition of being correct-Rhetoric is the Art of winning an argument even if you are wrong. The left has embraced this falsehood and made much success.
        So, less of the old testament judgement.

  10. someone
    someone says:

    Here is a prime example of evil from the tolerant left:

    An Amazon/Apple/Google TV series extolling the virtues of raping, beating, humiliating, murdering and enslaving whites. The US needs a full-blown race war bloodbath apocalypse, and it needs it yesterday. This show is going to be real life very soon.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Thanks: Both links, though somewhat overlapping, are an ABSOLUTE MUST READ. If the Right were to indulge in this, all the Concentration Camps in the world couldn’t hold the consequentially convicted.

      Very cleverly delayed premiere until just prior to the election. It is hoped to determine it for the Left; in which case, as we have already seen amply, any judicial, crowd-funded hate-suit on our part, would necessarily founder.

      If, however, it were to result in a self-goal, its chief protagonist and cohorts would irretrievably blend into the wallpaper.

  11. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    As the Jewish control of finance and manufacturing has risen in the USA deindustrialization has accelerated. In contrast, Germany- without Jewish control and influence following WWII- has maintained and augmented their manufacturing base. The Jews – the left- are now fighting to keep off shore manufacturing expanding thus enhancing American deindustrialization.

    In the recent Trump trade agreement with China Jewish Wall Street interests managed to insert their right to issue credit cards and other debt in China. This is occurring now. Accordingly, American bank deposits are being lent to Chinese consumers to purchase Chinese goods. They will not be buying USA goods. In essence the Jewish financiers are stimulating the Chinese manufacturing economy with consumer debt./buying power. The only beneficiary in this will be the Jewish controlled financial powers via fees and interest to them. Typical.

  12. Joyce fan
    Joyce fan says:

    ‘What is really required, therefore, is a “fight fire with fire” strategy that embodies emotionality and triggers psychological responses that resonate on a deeper level, beyond consciousness. This necessitates a propaganda designed exclusively to instill feelings of disgust, fear, and hatred for those opposed to White interests. In the final analysis, it must be hammered home that our opponents are not wrong, weak-willed, venal, or corrupt — they are morally, politically, and spiritually evil. They belong in the lowest Hell’

    Essentially then you want to outgroup them as they have done to us. Unfortunately the actual mechanisms in a mass modern society- chifly but not limited to the media have long been infiltrated and subverted. Whites do not possess the institutional power or mechanisms to do what you are suggesting.

    I would suggest to all here to read these two books:

    Anonymous conservative: the evolutionary psychology behind politics:

    Anonymous conservative: How to deal with narcissists:

    Some of this theorising is a bit hokey but he essentially makes the point that all groups have potential traitors or defectors. These defectors are narcissists who must be kept in line with the threat of banishment (i.e outgrouping-in prehistory banishment from a group for an individual almost certainly meant death).
    Leftists/globalists/Jews have outgrouped loyal Whites by entryism into thier institutions (i.e infiltration).

    What Dr Joyce is suggesting is that we do the same. How Whites would actually go about achieving this in either the tactical or strategic way I simply have no idea.

    Brilliant essay.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” How Whites would actually go about achieving this in either the tactical or strategic way I simply have no idea.”

      White Christians need only pray to their deity JC to descend from heaven and save themselves then cross their fingers and wait to see what happens but do not hold your breath while waiting .

      • Joyce fan
        Joyce fan says:

        How nice.

        Good for you.

        Would you care to leave a comment that actually adresses mine or are you just another troll triggered by a good analysis?

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Most Whites are Christians where both Catholics and Protestants now practice a religion that is oriented toward sheeplism and is self-enslaving to the chosenite jewmasters . The basic strategy of pious christians is to pray for salvation — that is , to be “saved”.

      • Karen
        Karen says:

        I will die eventually, and what transpires here once I am gone is out of my control.
        But, I take comfort in the knowledge that the traitors and the useful idiots will be eliminated by the state once they have sufficiently destabilized the society. They serve a purpose, nothing more. BLM and Antifa will be eliminated. The instigators and the engineers behind our destruction will find their proxy warriors their new bitter enemies. We will prevail, God willing.

      • Jerry Cornelius
        Jerry Cornelius says:

        Money Talks
        I would agree, even though I am Catholic By birth. One of the things I saw growing up was the guilt associated with the Church, it permeated the atmosphere, which is one reason I rejected it-I still have strong faith but it does not mean belief in an old testament God. The Ancient of Days and his boot boy Jehovah. I find it strange that white Nationalist’s who talk of Jewish hegemony have no problem with a Jewish Religious construct and Christianity has, in my opinion, caused us major Damage. Even the God of the Bible makes deals with Satan?
        The Guilt though cannot be underestimated, Imagine being born a so-called sinner (People can talk theology to get around this, but for your average guy it has an insidious effect) Now look at this ”we are all guilty even though we were not even born” we have been sapped of our vitality.
        What do they say the Devils greatest trick is?

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        MONEYTALKS: Yeah, isn’t something the way the page is checkered with Babble-thumpers and their quotations? Unfortunately for me lol, I’ve been an adult for decades and am no longer susceptible to being impressed by myths which bear less truth and intellectual sophistication than the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen….

      • T.Gilligan
        T.Gilligan says:

        moneytalks, Thanks for the link to video, which I had to stop watching just prior to the 2nd filmed execution- it was a disgusting sight to behold and was in stark contrast to the quite rational narration.
        Having read accounts of the Cartel killings in Mexico and seen medium distanced press pictures, nothing prepares you for the gross obscenity of these deeds. Mandatory viewing for every open borders advocate along the Mexican/USA terrain.
        As per usual Dr.Joyce, essential reading.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        A God of some kind could have made it impossible for evil to exist in the world. But there wouldn’t have been any freedom, and people wouldn’t know what “good” is.

        I agree that Christians are too passive in the face of evil. Is that the fault of the religion or its interpretation?

        I’m not sure.

        • Jerry Cornelius
          Jerry Cornelius says:

          Could you get a positive reading out of the Talmud? Is it a case of interpretation? or is it downright bad for us?
          Hitler and Himmler believed it was bad for us and invoked The Volk, the Old Ways. Hitler and Himmler Totally rejected the Christian.
          The Bible, fruit of the poisonous tree-Literally.
          Btw, I read one of your posts and thought it was very good (The one including the french revolution ) so I want you to know that even if I disagree on some points I still respect many other points people make, including your self.
          I can disagree with one sentence in an essay but that does not mean I disagree with the whole essay.

          • Billy Thistle
            Billy Thistle says:

            I think Hitler and Himmler differed at times about Christianity. Have you read The Holy Reich: Nazi Conceptions of Christianity? Steigmann-Gall finds Hitler much more lenient on Christianity, noting his mentor Eckhardt had shown a way to view Christianity positively while still recognizing its danger to the German race. It may have been a political sleight of hand more than deeply held conviction. I think Hitler didn’t want to alienate all the Christians who supported him.

          • Jerry Cornelius
            Jerry Cornelius says:

            Billy Thistle
            Dietrich Eckhardt was an occultist,I am sure you know, the Thule society/lodge. Thule being the Lost Atlantis. Madame Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine Contains the Diagram of what she called ”The Root Races”. used in Part by the NS, The Occult revival in that period 1888 has a lot to interest People and the German Occult Scholars had much of an influence even on The British Golden Dawn. Aleister Crowley Mislabeled a Satanist had much to say. The Occult has much to do with us and people should not dismiss it-It is not about raising spirits as much as developing the Will. The occult and the Right have more than a casual link. People may call me a magickal thinker, but is not belief in Christ Magical thinking as well?
            -The Holy Reich Stiegman-Gall. Looks like my cup of tea. I had a look on E-bay About £27.00. Thank you. Are not the Left Tearing Down statues including the Freemason and Occultist Albert Pike? Is not Washington set out in an Occult diagram, like the white house, Cleopatra’s needle and much more. A pike’s statue came down, not just because of his confederacy. Anyway, Thanks I will see about getting the book.

          • Billy Thistle
            Billy Thistle says:

            Jerry, you can get Holy Reich for under $20 (used) from Amazon in the US. Shipping to UK may not be worth it tho. I’m not a fan of masonry, the occult or secret societies. My orientation is Gnosticism or Sophianic Animism. If I may be so forward, I’d recommend Not in His Image by John Lamb Lash rather than the HR book.

          • Jerry Cornelius
            Jerry Cornelius says:

            Billy Thistle
            The John Lamb Lash Book looks good(I read the intro), I may get it soon as it is not too £14.00. I had a quick read on The Fallen Goddess and the other things you mentioned. Sophia.
            When I say Occult I mean in the Latin sense of hidden(But I suppose it is well to do a basic study of many offshoots). The Book you mentioned is right on the Topic being discussed (Which is why you mentioned it).

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Our information on Hitler’s thought comes from three sources: the book “Mein Kampf,” his speeches, and notes allegedly taken at his “table talks.”

            I don’t take the “Table Talks” seriously because they were published under the supervision of the Allies (with Jews in charge of all propaganda), who wanted to make Hitler look as bad as possible to the Christian goyim in the West.

            I believe, from my admittedly limited knowledge, that Hitler was a Christian, that he was raised a Roman Catholic, and that he rightly saw National Socialism as a defense of Christianity and Western Civilization.

            His enemies were Jews and atheistic Communists (who, in leadership positions, were mostly Jews).

            His enemies were also cucked pseudo-Christians (such as we have in our own societies today) who would sell out white people (or in Hitler’s case, Germans) to the Jews and Communists.

            So what else is new? Nothing has changed in that regard. Fake Christians are selling us out today as we speak.

            Hitler was a great man. I know it hurts when I say that. But we need to cure ourselves of the Jewish-inculcated disease of hating the one and only white man who rose in the last century to defend white people, Western Civilization and Christianity, and who paid the ultimate price for doing so.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Re the Talmud: It’s not for us, it’s for the Jews. It’s a satanic work.

            Maybe you meant the Torah (first five books of the Old Testament).

            I believe that the entire Bible is good for us as white people, but it must be understood with discernment and a more-than-superficial knowledge of ancient history.

  13. Aristo Boho
    Aristo Boho says:

    Dear Doctor Joyce, To keep it simple what more can be said than that your article is exceptional; truly so! A friend of mine is looked at as over-exaggerating when he states to others that those who rule us are part of a technocracy of evil. The ignorant make fun of him because they cannot understand his position is from a metaphysical one. One analogous example that can be given is when he states that just as we have had mystics and saints who contemplate on, meditate upon and pray to, God, there are those of an evil elite, comprising all levels of their hierarchy who employ and enact the same to Satan. Unfortunately, there’s a vast ignorance concerning metaphysics and a lack of authentic glottogical semantics.
    One other factor missing upon those who oppose evil, or should I say, would like to or are helpless on account of being reduced to a type of Outsider in a Lonely Crowd, is what we are observing throughout the Western World, all of the Americas and Europe, is a dynamic combatant united force of individuals to confront on the streets these excremental scum vermin, useful idiots of those at the top who are the emissaries of Old Nick: a Blackshirt like movement that will face off with them as Benito Mussolini and his Squadristi did against the Bolsheviks.
    The debasement and destruction we see before us is well-planned pseudo-anarchy, and has been in the making for some time. It just needed for them a logical reason, and by default it has been The Donald. Whatever criticism one might have of him, he is against global existentialism, and the many who agree with me should learn that one man alone can not achieve over night everything. One must break free from the psychological hold of concepts such as Left and Right, which is none other than a hypnotic ploy that originates from the Liberalism of the French Revolution. A constant antagonistic Kantian struggle that leads to nowhere except for those who profit from it for their own end of attaining World Domination. Democrat-Republican, Conservative-Liberal, these are just terms that can be bent and wrought into anything a given individual wishes to make of them. Let us not forget, it is the Republican Party that is responsible for being the catalyst of tearing down all the monuments in America and elsewhere, whether Confederate or not. The deliberate, once again fore-planned agenda, could now unleash itself , and the political whoring stooge to do this was the Governeress of South Carolina, NIki Haley, ordering the removal of the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina statehouse grounds on June 22nd 2015. with Republican support. The reason being the Charleston Church Massacre. Has anyone understood that this wasn’t enacted for any righteous holier than thou reason of human decency and sublime righteousness? It was a desecration of authentic Christian concepts these hybrid P&P’s are: Pimps & Prostitutes. What occurred at a video conference bond hearing on June 19th, 2015? Representatives of five of the victims appeared and turning to Christ, Our Lord, forgave a one Mister Dylan Roof and prayed for his soul. Governeress Haley, the Republicans and Democrats and all the powers that be actually spat in the face of the grieving family members and used their suffering as an excuse to set to sail a force of destruction which to this very day hasn’t ceased. The one precedent, let’s call it a Prologue, is when in England, lo and behold, not a Labourite, a Tory Prime Minister, and of Scottish aristocratic lineage, did nothing to prevent and justly slay the rioters in their tracks in 2011.
    When Mister Donald John Trump won the presidency the party he used for his victory was the Republican; it controlled both Houses and didn’t lift a finger to aid and abet him. Thanks to the likes of Speaker of The House Congressman Paul David Ryan and Federal Senator Mitch McConnell. One need not herein go into the errors and intricacies one might be dissatisfied with the Trump presidency.
    Let me end, once again complementing you Doctor Joyce on your superb article, by pointing out two facts ; although what a man designated as a Cardinal of Roman Apostolic Catholicism wrote to President Trump, and of which I entirely agree with, is spot on, keep in mind that Vigano is of the Second Vatican Council Church. It would be too long herein to explain the metaphysical ramifications with their historical and theological facts . Secondly, will there ever be an authentic sound Right militancy and bulwark of a culture to oppose the vile scum of Black Lives Matter and Antifa in today’s world? I have doubts. Whatever went through the minds of those so-called gifted young Conservatives when, fifty to seventy years ago, on a silver platter all was revealed to them by the likes of a James Burnham, “The Web Of Subversion” and “Suicide Of The West” or a Thomas Molnar “Authority And Its enemies” and “The Death Of The Intellectual”? The Anglo-Saxon world’s complacency and myopic philosophical vision together with a hierarchy of dominant financial evil gives me cause to believe perhaps never. As the Hindus would teach us, we are in the throws of the Kali Yuga, and these are just the happy days begininng of it all, the worst is yet to come. And it is frightening. God Bless, Aristo Boho

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      I’m glad you mentioned Thomas Molnar. His “The Decline of the Intellectual” is essential reading.

      • Aristo Boho
        Aristo Boho says:

        Dear Eric, It’s good to know there is another who has knowledge of this important thinker. Let it be known that not until the third edition published by Transaction Publishers of New Jersey thirty-three years later in 1994 of “The Decline Of The Intellectual” did he write an important salient Introduction for this work, found also in its fourth edition twenty-three years later in 2017 published by Routledge of England & New York. More and more one discovers the cultural shock effects of the French Revolution’s Liberalism by way of the minds of its French Encyclopedists coming to fruition, legalized and accepted as normal in daily life in the twentieth century until this very day.. One other important work by Thomas Molnar,ever so succinct yet thorough and to the point, is “Sartre Ideologue Of Our Times”. It is a great shame that Molnar failed when dealing with Metaphysical arguments as he did in “The Pagan Temptation”. Notwithstanding, a most valuable personage for us. Please keep well. God Bless, Aristo Boho

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      One qualification and one comment.

      The qualification. To describe Archbishop Viganò as being “of the Second Vatican Council Church” is surely to miss what is of central importance in his last three open letters. In them he has denounced the council and the “parallel church” it created, and what is more, he has denounced and renounced his own past, fully acknowledged his culpability, and apologized for it in the most unreserved terms. No man can do more.

      The comment. One of Thomas Molnar’s books, “L’Éclipse du Sacré” (1986), has not to my knowledge ever been translated into English. His coauthor was none other than André de Benoist. I can’t help wondering whether Molnar, a devout Traditional Catholic, knew of Benoist’s turning to what I would characterize as the Dark Side. If he did, Molnar would surely have been deeply saddened.

      • Aristo Boho
        Aristo Boho says:

        Dear Mister de Craon,

        Thank you. Now, let me clarify, I haven’t missed any point, but I will specify herein what I was alluding to yet didn’t fully explicate, since I felt there wasn’t any need to.. 1. I agree with his letter to President Donald John Trump. 2.If Father Carlo Maria Viganò wrote three letters denouncing the II Vatican Council and the Parallel Church, this is excellent; although similar but different from His Excellency Archbishop Marcel Lefevbre and those of his theology in the Society Of Saint Pius X, who are metaphysically askew for the following reasons: A. One cannot recognise a man as the Pope of the Roman Apostolic Catholic Church, and at the same time have that same person the head of a Parallel Church. If a person is recognized as the Pope one owes him obedience. Father Viganò’s metaphysics is like that of His Excellency Archbishop Lefevbre: Luciferian, for like Lucifer, who recognised God, claiming he was just as good Him, and could do whatever he decided. These men commit a serious spiritual crime and mislead many an innocent into a state of theological derangement seeing through a glass darkly. 2. If Father Viganò has any courage he should state the truth that the seat of Peter has been vacant subsequent to the anti-Pope Pius VI: the last four men referred to as His Holiness were non-Popes. The exception being with the man known to the world as Pope Francis I, is that he is the first non-Pope who isn’t a priest because his ordination was according to the man made sacrament of Holy Orders, which entirely began in 1969. Ergo, he is only Mister Jorge Mario Bergoglio. 3. Notice I compose for Viganò, the title only of Father, for he was authentically ordained to the priesthood March 24th, 1968, and by an authentic Bishop, His Lordship Carlo Allorio. Nevertheless, he is not a bishop because it was performed according to the false aforesaid sacrament of Holy Orders. His appointment as an Archbishop is no more of a valid spiritual position than a secular business man Chief Executive Officer, and that of Cardinal a Prince of Darkness. So single out Mister de Cardon the positive but hit hard, ever so hard without compromise with the truth.
        Now as for Doctor Thomas Molnar when I met with him for over three hours in Manhattan once he had positive opinions concerning Mister Alain de Benoist. This was at the time of the Nouvelle Droite / New Right and Mister de Benoist was associated among others with Mister Giorgio Locchi. Would you kindly inform me of the Dark Side Mister de Benoist turned to? God Bless, Aristo Boho

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Benoist has become an avowed neopagan. That’s a bit of a turnabout, n’est-ce pas?

          As for the rest, your being a sedevacantist suffices to explain why you speak about Archbishop Viganò as you do. For the record, I am not a sede and do not accept the sede analysis, however appalling the notion of Bergoglio’s legitimacy might be. I am nevertheless pleased to see that we agree about the primary concerns of this site.

  14. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    The plague of Christianity–beware of Hebrews bearing gifts–accustomed Europeans to the sick ideas that
    1) being a doormat is virtuous;
    2) the more you bless and pray for the enemy who shoves a slivery broomstick up your arse, the more the Creator of Universe favors you;
    3) suffering ennobles, makes holy.

    Of course, White Nationalists who are strangely attached to this pathological creed will tell you that the Crusaders and Conquistadors were Christians and were anything but avid victims, and they’re right; but HYPOCRISY is the one thing which spared our admirably lean and mean ancestors from the ravages of altruism. They praised a Prince of Peace on Sundays and lived by the sword the rest of the week. Thank Pantheos for benign hypocrisy.

    The toxin and swindle of altruism came to Europe with that West-Asian-originated creed; and over the centuries it seeped into European psyches and eventually came to be identified with morality itself by Europeans who’d abandoned Christianity’s metaphysics and eschatology…. Nietzsche’s great aphorism in TWILIGHT OF THE IDOLS says it well:

    “They have got rid of the Christian God, and now feel obliged to cling all the more firmly to Christian morality…. if [the secular believers in altruism] consequently think they no longer have need of Christianity as a guarantee of morality, that is merely the CONSEQUENCE of the ascendancy of Christian evaluation and an expression of the STRENGTH and DEPTH of this ascendancy….” The emphasis is Nietzsche’s.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      I agree with what you say. Ironically I am a Christian, and will be the first to admit it is only the 98% of the Christians that make the rest of us look bad.

      There are Christian movements that support White Nationalism – Russia is one example.

      I am proud of our Aryan people. We are responsible for nearly all the world’s inventions. We pioneered the sciences and medicine. We were the first explorers – on the land, on and under the sea, and in outer space. And, dammit, we have the best looking women!

      • lucius vanini
        lucius vanini says:

        TIM FOLKE: Huh??? You seem to have missed the entire significance of my comment. Or have I misunderstood yours?

        Are you confounding “Aryan” heritage with Christianity? And maybe imagining that I’m assailing Aryans (i.e., Indo-Europeans) when I point out what a curse “Judaism for the goyim” has been and that only “Christians” unfaithful to that sick creed can be of use in saving our ethnic/genetic cluster?

        There is NO lover of our Indo-European heritage–minus Christianity and some other things–more fervent than I.

        If there are NOMINALLY Christian groups in Russia supporting White Nationalism, they are ONLY nominal Christians. WN embodies and necessitates PRIDE, SELF-LOVE, READINESS TO DESTROY ENEMIES, WILLINGNESS TO RESIST “EVIL,” “SELFISHNESS” IN RACIAL TERMS, AND LOVE OF “WORLDLY VANITIES” LIKE RACE AND ANCESTRAL LANDS–ALL OF WHICH ARE PRONOUNCED LOL “SINFUL” BY DOCTRINAL CHRISTIANITY, whose basis is the New Testament and particularly the Sermon on the Mount.

        The people who made Western Civilization so great a figure on the world stage were Pagans, agnostics and counterfeit Christians like Conquistadors and Crusaders. To defend our race, I’m all for standing shoulder to shoulder with people who consider themselves Christians, but I understand that they must of necessity be sham Christians. I have no use for actual Christians and in fact I stand in horror of them.

        That doesn’t include you, Tim. That you are here indicates that. Like all WNs who are passionate about the cause, you suppose the OLD Testament is part and parcel of “Judaism for the goyim,” when in fact it bears that collective egoism, willingness to fight back, and discrimination against “outsiders” which so characterizes “Judaism for the Jews.” The “Christianity” that WNs think they practice is essentially Old Testament religion–little more than Judaism with the Vicarious Atonement tacked on.

        • Ludwig
          Ludwig says:

          I looked at your blog and I was a little surprised to see an ashkenazim woman in the sliding bar beside the other European women you presumably hold as European examples.
          If I’m not mistaken the ashkenazi tribe is of Turkic/mongol in origin.

  15. JRM
    JRM says:

    Another moment of clarity brought to you by our old friend Dr. Joyce.

    What we are witnessing these days is an old-fashioned outbreak of mass hysteria. Not for the first time in history, it is accompanied by a fit of iconoclasm; a moral panic; a contagious illness; and a pseudo-religious conversion epidemic. As a student of history, I feel almost privileged to be alive for this sweeping event. As an advocate for White survival, I feel rotten.

    This manifestation of psychological extremes features excessive and ritualistic episodes of both masochism (e.g., Whites kissing the shoes of blacks on city sidewalks) and sadism (e.g., hounding of the employers of reluctant believers to fire them). People are having their lives turned upside down as we speak for inscribing the lukewarm phrase “all lives matter” in their confessional social media.

    A University professor who refused to give black students special exemption from exams based on their skin color during the Floyd riots is being investigated by his superiors for “discrimination”. “Right think” is in, freedom of speech and any manner of thinking not flavored by fanaticism for the black cause is out.

    I’ve said before that I see this insurrection as nominally about race, while it is *effectively* about generational change. In spite of the black egos front and center everywhere, this is a White psychodrama.

    The power is coming from the masses of young “educated”, fully deracinated Whites. A few old opportunists like Nancy Pelosi and her ilk will try to ride the tiger, but the energy is all on the side of the young.

    This is certainly a religious movement. It bears all the fanatical hallmarks, while displaying nothing of rationality. According to one story I saw, people are experiencing epiphanies and undergoing “baptisms” on the spot where George Floyd was arrested. The movement to abolish the police and release prisoners is essentially an “end-times” act of self-martyrdom.

    My personal belief- it is dark- is that the White race is in the early stages of committing mass race suicide, consequent upon an extreme moral crisis of guilt, inculcated by – well, I really don’t need to say who inculcated it. We all know who (((they))) are.

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      Good comment. I’ve been saying some of this in other places. Whites are genetically prone to moral panics and hysteria. It has happened periodically throughout history, and now is another time. It also occurred to me that there could be mass suicides of faux-guilt-ridden whites to ‘atone’ for their (non-)racism. As soon as I had that thought, I immediately wondered – is there any way we can encourage this? I am sceptical of this actually happening. No sadistic, bullying antifa terrorist is going to kill himself, even in the manner of a jihadi, and the instinct for self-preservation is strong among whites as all others (it’s the recognition of the need for group preservation is facilitate individual preservation that’s lacking). But what if 10 million braincucked whites killed themselves in anguish over … boohoo …. “wayycism”? How WONDERFUL would that be!

      I have said for years, quoting Kipling, “the strength of the wolf is the strength of the pack”. White preservationists would be much better off LOSING 100 MILLION whites, or more, if they were all braincucked losers. The braincucked hold the rest of us back from ensuring our racial preservation. So, again, my question: is there some way we can encourage whites in anguish over white (and only ever white) racism to kill themselves? Can this become a viral meme, one that translates into personal behavior?

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      While White society will certainly suffer more from hereon in – theirs will undoubtedly be a phyric victory Be careful what you wish for – you just may get it all. Non-whites won’t give two hoots about your victimhood as they will be way too busy focusing on their own. The white majority will be a distant – sweet memory for them.

    • Titus
      Titus says:

      Im european and im not suiciding anytime soon, neither do those around me. The sooner the deranged and degenerate are getting rid of the better. Some genes today are just obsolete.

  16. Disloyal Whites
    Disloyal Whites says:

    “contrivance of three actors: …politically, financially, and professionally incentivized Whites.”

    There’s a simple term for it. It’s called disloyal.

  17. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    This issue is so complex and thorny that it must be broken down and analyzed with a magnifying glass, parts must be separated, what is useful and what is not, there is a certain ethnic, cultural, social, economic, historical and media faction that is very hostile, and totally western anti-white. We must separate the chaff from the wheat urgently, we already know that the Jewish parasite, egalitarian Christianity, the globalist plutocratic elites, together with their corporations and transnational, and associated NGOs are the enemy. On the other spectrum, it is necessary to identify and group Western pro-white anti-globalist forces. First let us observe and study the environment of what will be the battlefield, with its pros and cons, so let us join forces, never forget that 300 Spartans and a few thousand Lacedaemon / Periecs and Mantineans detained the Persian army of hundreds of thousands, of Xerxes.

  18. Eric
    Eric says:

    The last few years have led me to take religion seriously. I never accepted atheism or materialism. I believed in absolute truth, beauty and goodness. I knew that evil was a force in the world. But that’s as far as I went. I grew up in a culture in which it was considered bad form to be judgmental.

    Now I see the world as the setting for a battle between good and evil. Christianity is right about that. The difficulty arises in discerning and distinguishing good from evil. Take, for example, the Jews. One can see the Jews the way an evolutionary psychologist might. That will provide a great deal of insight. But it’s not enough.

    The truth is that many — not all, not a majority, but many — Jews are satanic. They have the characteristics of someone who has made a pact with the devil. A Christian will see them as deicides. Is there a more clear way than that to indicate that you are on the side of evil?

    But the devil does not just work through Jews. He works through all of us to the extent that he can, some more than others.

    Whites who sell out their brothers are evil. Not just misguided or dysgenic — evil. But they have power, we don’t. So there is no “worldly” solution to this problem outside of a major shift in white consciousness.

    We can try to talk them out of their evil. But we will have little success precisely because they are evil. If evil could be eliminated through rational means, we would have been successful. But it cannot be.

    The truth is that God alone can change this. But why should he when we have turned away from him? God gave us free will, but along with freedom come responsibilities and consequences. A godless secularized society cannot expect goodness. It must suffer the consequences of its own arrogant pride.

    Unfortunately, the innocent are dragged into this maelstrom. God does not want this to happen. But how can God give us freedom and at the same time ensure that it won’t happen? You might say, “God can do anything.” And that is true. But God is Logos, and Logos is Reason. God’s will is to be reasonable. It is not reasonable to combine freedom with pre-determined outcomes. Like it or not, we are players in this drama, and we make a difference in how it turns out.

    What should we do? We can continue to “speak truth to power” and try to enlighten other people to the extent that we can. But we also need to get our own spiritual houses into order. Going to church alone does not accomplish this, because churches have fallen under the spell of Satan. But we can form our own churches. Eusebius, in his history of the first 300 years of Christianity wrote that all who believe in Christ ARE the church. Jesus said (I paraphrase), “Where two or three of you are together, I am there with you as well.”

    Who knows what good things can happen when we turn to God, both in society at large and in our personal lives? I think good things can happen. And what do we have to lose? Our pride, perhaps? Our mistaken belief that we can be our own gods and create whatever sort of utopia we might have in mind — liberal, conservative, socialist, communist?

    We now live in the age of science. Who can look at the absurdities of the Covid-19 and associated lockdown situation and still uncritically listen to “scientists.”

    Yes, there is a true thing called science. But it is limited and it has succumbed to money and power politics. In a recent interview, Anthony Fauci bemoaned the American public not taking scientists like him more seriously. He ended by declaring, “Science is truth.” No, it’s hypothesis and testing by human beings, who are limited both perceptually and cognitively, and who have biases and agendas.. Science is something we can learn things from, but it is not truth with a capital T. Even philosophers like Hume and Kant recognized this. And Hume was far from being religious.

    To conclude, we who are on the right side of the issue being discussed here need to recognize the moral and spiritual dimensions of the crisis we face, look for allies wherever they might be found (they come in all skin colors and from all religious and cultural backgrounds), and recognize that being a church — a religion — is a protection, not a disability, in America today. It is one thing to censor a political opponent, quite another to try and shut down a church that is conducting itself peacefully. We haven’t yet reached that point, and I hope we never will.

  19. Hugo Adrian
    Hugo Adrian says:

    Fighting from this position with appeals to things like IQ differences, crime rates, the data on police shootings of Blacks and Whites, or blandishments about the right of all peoples to self-determination, is probably entirely pointless.

    Incorrect. All one need do is change the viewer’s frame away from white victimization for a moment to some other nation to make the point. Especially with young people, who are mired in Japanese pop-culture. For example: “Would it be a good thing for the Japanese to wake up tomorrow to find that more than half of Tokyo was now occupied by Africans and other foreigners? Would they be immoral or racist if they took issue with that? Is it racist for the Japanese to want Japan to remain the Japan it has always been? Do the Japanese have “Japanese privilege” and if so, must they give it up so that every foreigner can move to Japan? Clearly, the answer is no. So why is it acceptable that London is now more than fifty percent non-white? We were never asked if we wanted mass immigration. There was never a vote or a referendum on being swamped by foreigners. Why is it wrong to question what is happening? Why am I a ‘racist’ for resisting this unwanted change?”

    And so on. If arguments like this weren’t working, they wouldn’t be censoring us all over the place. In fact, this exact line of argument was brought up by Sam Harris when he did a podcast with Jared Diamond. He asked Diamond how to counter such an argument. Diamond responded that yes, the Japanese were in fact racist if they want Japan to remain Japanese. This, however, will be thoroughly unconvincing to most people. So I think we can change minds and we ARE changing minds.

  20. Buckle
    Buckle says:

    Minor quibble Dr Joyce: Vigano is not a Cardinal. It’s clear that the Church has been infiltrated by a cabal of homosexuals. As long as they don’t get caught in the act they are close to an untouchable clique. I have seen little evidence of masonic infiltration however.

    The present Pope’s strategy is to brown nose the Church’s enemies. He’s simply too old to understand the reality of the Western crisis. Besides, Buenos Aires is an irrelevance in the culture wars. At least his predecessor’s Germany is on the front line albeit he and his countrymen have been beaten to a pulp.

    • lucius vanini
      lucius vanini says:

      Actually the biggest problem with the present pope is that he’s too consistently CHRISTIAN. When he tells Italians (I’m one) that they’re not good Christians if they don’t accommodate and care for Sub-Saharan invaders, all of whom are poor, he’s only telling the truth. Like when Angela Merkel says her policies alone are consonant with Christian values: she is only telling the truth. Read the fucken sick New Testament. ALTRUISM–not anything so “selfish” as White Nationalism– is what’s countenanced there!

      OH I’m ready and eager to work with WNs who think themselves Christians, but of course they must be hypocrites if they’re to be of any use. You know–people who don’t really think pride is a sin and are fiercely proud; who won’t really turn the cheek but will try to CRUSH an aggressor; who in reality will prize race and ancestral lands as treasures, not as worldly vanities; who regard self-love as a supreme virtue and would never really believe in lol “original sin” or that “in sin did my mother bring me into the world”; who WILL resist “evil”; who make themselves and theirs number one in their hierarchy of value, not lol really fearing that in a “next world” the first shall be last.

      The only nominal Christians we can’t use are those who are SINCERE Christians, because actual Christianity is a sour-grapes, self-hating will to be a self-reconciled loser, and an attempt to dress up cowardice and loserhood to make them look like virtue and righteousness lol.

      THANK PANTHEOS our ancestors who created the Renaissance and the Age of Colonization and Discovery had nothing to do with it.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Give credit where it is due. The present pope isn’t brown-nosing the Church’s enemies. He is one of their number.

      The last thing a Catholic, indeed any Christian, needs is to see someone soft-pedal or deny outright the conscious moral agency of this deeply wicked man. He is immeasurably worse than the so-called bad popes of the Renaissance. The focus of their moral debility was carnal vice; none of them had the slightest interest in warping or inverting unalterable doctrine.

      Bergoglio does, however. Christ’s condemnatory words spoken directly to the Pharisees in John 8:44 apply to him as much as to them.

  21. AntiSocialFool
    AntiSocialFool says:

    If you wanna see what happens when the black man gets the upper hand look no further than Detroit or other US cities where black lives are now the demographic majority-to put it bluntly they are now unlivable shitholes. Or lets take the case of Liberia in Africa,basically created by the white man as a homeland for freed US slaves,never been colonised by whitey,independent nation since 1847-net result after 180 years of black management, GDP per capita $700,ranked 174 out of 184 countries.Who are these people trying to fool?

    • lucius vanini
      lucius vanini says:

      AntiSocialFool: LOL, I hear that like Uganda–where East Indians have been less than 1% of the population but account for 90% of the businesses and revenue–Liberia is economically dominated by non-Africans. Well, how can we expect otherwise?! Sub-Saharans are the mentally slowest things on two legs, as is evident in America and everywhere there are concentrations of them, not only in Africa.

  22. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    The psychological rational for the current, (seemingly maniacal case of White Negrophilia), is obviously a delusional phenomenon which is critical to investigate. What’s transpiring is akin to a racial ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’. It is obviously Jewish instigated, (through their subversion and domination of Western culture), and their unchallenged ability to control the distorted media narrative. What appears to be some kind of self-destructive, death wish miasma on the part of afflicted Whites, is in fact, the result of decades of subversive, racially motivated, Jewish instilled “guilt”. Altruism manipulation, pure and simple!
    It is a long term anti-White race war, that is starting to get physical and ugly. Yet, which may turn out to be a premature “blessing in disguise”, if it is seen, consciously and\or unconsciously as a racial warning to erstwhile complacent White “normies”. Hopefully, that is, if the herd survival instinct is eventually triggered.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Kamala Harris has promised a communist style purge after Trump

      Meaning, obviously, after they steal this next election, and they will. People had damn well better secure the voting process or we are DOOMED. Get a load of this!

      DEAGEL WAS NOT BLUFFING. AN INSIDER IS THERE AND KNEW A COMMUNIST PURGE WAS COMING. THE GOAL: KILL 230 MILLION PEOPLE. THAT IS WHAT IT WILL TAKE TO DROP AMERICA’S POPULATION DOWN TO 100 MILLION AS PLANNED. WHITES ARE 70 PERCENT OF AMERICA’S POPULATION. HOW MANY IS THAT? 231 MILLION. THE NUMBERS ADD UP. KAMALA AND CREW ARE GOING TO KILL US IF THEY GET THE CHANCE AND SHE JUST SAID IT. Don’t go thinking her saying America is “great” actually means anything, it does not mean she wants that greatness to actually live. They feel jilted for being delayed in their plans by Trump, and they are going to kill every damn last person that supported him. With contact tracing, they have you flagged bagged and tagged.

      We had damn well better take this seriously and NOT crack a beer, PREEMPTIVE ACTION IS NEEDED. WE HAVE BEEN WARNED. WE NEED ACTION NOW.

      Trump is now openly stating the election will likely be stolen {Jim Stone]

  23. Tom
    Tom says:

    What’s going on now is simple absurd historical redress. White and black alike are now agreed that the whip must be taken from the white man and given to the black man – as a matter of historical fairness and equality. This is what leftist racists mean by “equal justice for all”. The reality, though dim whites are unable to see it, is that we now live in an age of accelerating actual black supremacy fighting the ghostly visions of a white supremacy that once existed but is no longer relevant, except for purposes of agitation and racial retribution. It’s a pity that Europeans once decided to leave their historical shores and conquer the world. They should have stayed home and minded their own business. We wouldn’t be in this mess now if they had done so.

    • One
      One says:

      The mess we are in is not due to the Blacks. Henry Ford told us about it a century ago. I wish all knew it.

  24. Ed Stator
    Ed Stator says:

    Oh, no, Jew! Oh, no—I mean, it’s real good how you integrated our schools with gangsta rap. It’s real good how you bused my daughter into town. It’s real good how she had two babies by a rapper. It’s real good my son’s a homosexual porn star and his brother a transgender. It’s real good you opened all our borders. I love Somali neighbors, the Muslims most of all. Oh, thank you Jew for exterminating us. We’re so evil. We deserve to disappear. Please! Please! Please! Another war for Israel! And it’s real good how your multicultural saints burned down my place of business and only shot me once. Why, I only lost an eye. Thank you Jew, for that. It’s real good what you do. At the New York Times too. It’s real good.

  25. Jerry Cornelius
    Jerry Cornelius says:

    BLM wants to take down Gandhi’s Statue in London. In the latest round of bullshit
    I had a hunch and found this
    ”A statue of Shaka Zulu has been removed from the new airport in South Africa’s port city of Durban after complaints about the warrior king’s portrayal. In it he is unarmed and surrounded by cattle, but some think the king should have a spear, shield and wild animals.”
    (So it was taken down for not being violent enough)2010
    Shaka threw his victims off mountain tops but his Statue is safe in Camden London. BLM are saying F*****G nothing.

      • Jerry Cornelius
        Jerry Cornelius says:

        I have done in past times, but I am old and infirm and did do my bit.
        But, let us see.
        I did put up billboards exposing black drug dealers last month, with a huge arrow pointing to the spot>>> Black drugs here<<< and lobbied council leaders to sort it out.
        The guy I talked to was himself totally sympathetic, but exasperated.
        The Police cannot act because of institutional racism claims (nevermind the YT vid @ hackney- of Blacks assaulting police who were responding to an assault of a black by another black)
        I will see what I can do

      • Jerry Cornelius
        Jerry Cornelius says:

        You must watch this… even though you have seen it before!!
        Look at the blacks, on stolen ”Communal bicycles” jumping around and watch variations of the vid which show the Fat black(Fattened on Big Macs) tumbling along and kicking the cop in the head whilst filming it for his Instagram account!
        Look at them jumping in glee, assaulting white boyz.
        It is a common spectacle seeing blacks riding around on stolen bikes, even obvious Boris bikes.

  26. Louis Hissink
    Louis Hissink says:

    This is an interesting post in that the Medieval people were flagellating themselves for what is euphemistically described as a plague. I suspect it was more than a plague though, because elsewhere on the planet, centered on the Pacific Ocean, many civilizations were destroyed by a global catastrophe that ended as the Little Ice Age and climatically as the Maunder Minimum from tree ring isotope data. It seems that the traumas associated with that catastrophe have been submerged into the human subconscious, only to re-surface as violence induced by various religious/ideological beliefs. Hence the constant warring between the various ideological monopolies our species has divided itself into.

  27. Cat
    Cat says:

    Sublime essay. Thank you, Dr. Joyce. You’re work is always so very elevating. Our entire society across all dimensions has been judaicized. We can always rely on you to incorporate that reality in all your writings.

    Check out this flyer discovered on a street in Brooklyn recently: Jewish Lives Matter Most

  28. TheOtherGeorge
    TheOtherGeorge says:

    “And all the while, the personal fakery of these latter-day flagellants rips bloody shreds from the back of the group as a whole, demoralizing the kin group and energizing its enemies. The latter-day flagellants adopt the pose of self-sacrifice and abasement, throwing their racial kin under the proverbial bus in order to exalt themselves, and themselves alone. They avoid any suggestion of personal sin by professing their “anti-racism,” while flinging judgment and condemnation at those who refuse to bend the knee. The reality is that the latter-day flagellants need these refusers in order to look like “exceptions” in the first place.”

    – Excellent article, and this quote from it sums up the situation with the enemy within our own racial ranks.

  29. AntiSocialFool
    AntiSocialFool says:

    One area which is in dire need of a policy of positive discrimination is elite mens athletic sprinting.White sprinters are woefully under represented in all sprinting events from 100m to 400m. Almost all Major Championship Finals(Olympics,World Athletic Games etc) are basically 100% non white.Something must be done to redress this pernicious imbalance.I believe that regulations must be introduced stipulating that 1 place in every major race final be reserved for the fastest white man at the competition.Even if he is slower than the next 10 non white runners he must take his place in the Final.I see no other way of giving Whitey a chance to improve his participation in major athletic games.

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