Black Brains Shatter: The Intellectual and Ethical Bankruptcy of Black Lives Matter

If you’re looking for a truly powerful pleasure-drug, then forget heroin, cocaine or crystal meth. They’re crude, fast-fading and unreliable. No, for a real rush that’s guaranteed not to fade or falter, you need what Black Lives Matter (BLM) and their allies are on — the three most powerful pleasure-drugs known to humanity.

History’s greatest drug-dealer

The three drugs are called narcissism, self-righteousness and malice. And not only are they completely legal and available in unlimited quantities at no cost to the addict, you can receive full instructions in their use from the most prestigious and respected institutions in the Western world. From the Ivy League to Oxbridge, from the New York Times to the Guardian, from the ADL to the BBC, expert drug-dealers are ready and eager to teach you everything you need to know about where to obtain your supplies and how to inject.

But the greatest drug-dealer of all lived and died in the nineteenth century. Fortunately, we still have his instruction-manuals and a host of his disciples have worked to interpret and explain them for each new generation. And who was that world-historic dealer in narcissism, self-righteousness and malice? It was Karl Marx (1818-83), of course. Marx himself never won the power he longed to wield and abuse, but the “toxicity” of his ideas (as Guardianistas would put it) was just as apparent to some of his contemporaries as it was to those who suffered under Marxist regimes during the twentieth century. The Polish philosopher Leszek Kołakowski (1927-2009) lived through Stalinism and his magisterial critique Main Currents of Marxism (1978) reported the prophetic words of the Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin (1814—76):

Bakunin … not only combated Marx’s political programme but, as he often wrote, regarded Marx as a disloyal, revengeful man, obsessed with power and determined to impose his own despotic authority on the whole revolutionary movement. Marx, he said, had all the merits and defects of the Jewish character; he was highly intelligent and deeply read, but an inveterate doctrinaire and fantastically vain, an intriguer and morbidly envious of all who … cut a more important figure than himself in public life. (pg. 248) Bakunin … inveighed against universities as the abodes of elitism and seminaries of a privileged caste; he also warned that Marxist socialism would lead to a tyranny of intellectuals that would be worse than any yet known to man. (Main Currents of Marxism, Vol. I, The Founders, Clarendon Press, Oxford, pg. 250)

Yes, Karl Marx was indeed highly intelligent and fantastically vain, but his latter-day disciples in Black Lives Matter are only fantastically vain. High intelligence is not characteristic of Blacks and BLM are not bucking the trend. Their crusade is emotional, not intellectual. And it’s emotional in the most direct and satisfying way, being fuelled by those three mighty pleasure-drugs of narcissism, self-righteousness and malice. But I think Black brains would shatter if they were asked to properly address one simple question: Why are Whites the evil exploiters and Blacks the virtuous victims?

Omnia Ex Alea

On a progressive reading of history and human biology, there is only one possible answer: It was pure, unadulterated chance. Whites are evil exploiters and Blacks are virtuous victims simply because that’s the way the historic dice happened to roll. If the dice had rolled another way, it would have been the other way around. Blacks could just as easily have enslaved Whites, just as easily have set forth from the heartless headquarters of a cruel capitalist Africa to ravage the gentle, egalitarian societies of a peaceful pastoral Europe. After all, progressive dogma insists that “We Are All the Same Under the Skin” and that “There Is Only One Race — the Human Race.” But Blacks themselves haven’t created that dogma or imposed it so effectively on academia and the media. Blacks don’t have the necessary intelligence and ability to spin seductive webs of high-sounding words.

Progressive dogma: “There is Only One Race — the Human Race!”

But Jews do. And it’s Jews who have been the most effective creators of and propagandists for the progressive dogma of absolute and unequivocal equality between all human groups. “There is only One Race — the Human Race.” Furthermore: “There is Only One Brain — the Human Brain.” The Jewish progressive Stephen Jay Gould (1941–2002) preached those falsehoods throughout his career in award-winning best-sellers like The Mismeasure of Man (1981). And the Jewish progressive Jared Diamond (born 1937) continues to preach them. Diamond is perhaps the greatest living exponent of the idea that the superiority of White Europeans in warfare, technology and science is owed to mere biogeographic accident. You might say Diamond preaches the doctrine of Omnia Ex Alea — “all things from the dice.” In other words, all apparent White achievements are the product of undeserved luck. But Diamond’s underlying goyophobia, or hatred of White gentiles, is apparent even as he preaches this supposedly objective doctrine. Why did Europe conquer Africa and not vice versa? It was Omnia Ex Alea, ladies and gentlemen — the biogeographic dice just happened to roll in Europe’s favour:

All of Africa’s mammalian domesticates — cattle, sheep,  goats, horses, even dogs — entered sub-Saharan Africa from the north, from Eurasia or North Africa. At first that seems astonishing, since we now think of Africa as the continent of big wild animals. In fact, none of those famous big wild mammal species of Africa proved domesticable [Gregory Cochran disagrees]. They were all unqualified by one or another problem such as: unsuitable social organization; intractable behaviour; slow growth-rate, and so on. Just think what the course of world history would have been like if Africa’s rhinos and hippos had lent themselves to domestication! If it had been possible, African cavalry mounted on rhinos or hippos would have made mincemeat of European cavalry mounted on horses. But it couldn’t happen. (Why Did Human History Unfold Differently on Different Continents for the Past 13,000 Years?)

Diamond obviously likes the idea of Blacks making “mincemeat” of White gentiles. You can see the same hostility to White gentiles in Diamond’s award-winning best-seller Guns, Germs and Steel (1997), when he imagines “bedraggled” Spaniards being “driven into the sea” by Aztec cavalry:

That’s an enormous set of differences between Eurasian and Native American societies — due largely to the Late Pleistocene extinction (extermination?) of most of North and South America’s former big wild mammal species. If it had not been for those extinctions, modern history might have taken a different course. When Cortes and his bedraggled adventurers landed on the Mexican coast in 1519, they might have been driven into the sea by thousands of Aztec cavalry mounted on domesticated native American horses. Instead of the Aztecs dying of smallpox, the Spaniards might have been wiped out by American germs transmitted by disease-resistant Aztecs. American civilizations resting on animal power might have been sending their own conquistadores to ravage Europe. But those hypothetical outcomes were foreclosed by mammal extinctions thousands of years earlier. (Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies, 1997, ch. 18)

Jared Diamond isn’t conducting objective science and dispassionately analysing history, as Kevin MacDonald saw during “a talk by Diamond at a large packed lecture hall at Cal Tech in the early 2000s. When he gleefully fantasized about Africa conquering Europe, the crowd burst into applause.” Diamond’s fantasies appeal to the envy and malice of non-Whites and Jews, and to the misguided individualism of Whites, who enjoy punishing members of their own race for ethical transgressions (see the concept of “altruistic punishment”). As Diamond himself put it, Whites are tainted by the “stink of racism.” But if Diamond’s ideas are true, there is no stink and no true ethical transgression. It’s the impersonal forces of biogeography and chance that have governed history, not innate differences between human groups. We are all the same under the skin, but we don’t all occupy the same environment, which is the only reason that some groups have conquered or out-performed other groups.

Leftists pursue power, not truth

It follows, then, that Evil Exploiters and Virtuous Victims can occur in all possible permutations of colour and creed. But it also follows that exploiters aren’t “evil” and victims aren’t “virtuous.” Such terms don’t make sense in leftist ideology, because all groups — Whites and non-Whites, men and women, gays and straights — are capable of any kind of behaviour in the right (or wrong) historical circumstances. However, leftists don’t care when their ideas don’t make sense. Leftism isn’t designed to explain reality or to correct its alleged faults, but to win power for leftists and to meet their emotional needs. That’s why you’ll never see any hint from BLM and other high-priests of anti-racism that non-Whites can be “racist” too, or that non-Whites are capable of abusing the power that they are demanding so self-righteously.

Blacks as Foot Soldiers for What Is Essentially a Jewish Coup: Where Jews lead, Blacks follow: Saul Alinsky, Godfather of Political Chaos

After all, if the high-priests admitted all that, they couldn’t be self-righteous. And self-righteousness is central to the protests and riots organized by BLM. It’s both highly satisfying in itself and highly effective as a stimulus for action. BLM is powered by the idea that Blacks are innately virtuous and Whites are innately evil. That idea makes no sense by progressive ideology and the Omnia Ex Alea school of history, but ideas don’t have to make sense to inspire action and change history. And speaking of history, here is a highly eloquent indictment of its chief villains. Indeed, its only villains:

If America is the culmination of Western white civilization, as everyone from the Left to the Right declares, then there must be something terribly wrong with Western white civilization. This is a painful truth; few of us want to go that far. … The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, Balanchine ballets, et al., don’t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone — its ideologies and inventions — which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself. [italics in original] (See “Susan Sontag’s Jewish World,” Kevin MacDonald, The Occidental Observer, 17th October 2017)

That is the “highly intelligent” and “fantastically vain” Jewish ideologue Susan Sontag (1933–2004) supplying more  ammunition for the unintelligent but still “fantastically vain” non-Whites of Black Lives Matter. I disagree with Sontag, of course. I don’t think the White race is the cancer of human history. If human history has a cancer, that cancer is Jewish ideology and the Jewish Culture of Critique that simultaneously — and self-refutingly — preaches the Absolute Equality of Humanity and the innate depravity of White gentiles.

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  1. Coll Doll
    Coll Doll says:

    In 1969, Hillary Rodham wrote a 92-page senior thesis for Wellesley College about community organizer Saul Alinsky entitled “There Is Only the Fight: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.”

    • Anon
      Anon says:

      Upper academia has been infested with expensive dead wood for quite some time now, and not by blacks.

  2. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Best I’ve seen in a long time. Our enemies are LIARS and the zombies they weaponize are low-intelligence humans-just-barely, human by the skin of their big teeth.

  3. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    “On a progressive reading of history and human biology, there is only one possible answer: It was pure, unadulterated chance. Whites are evil exploiters and Blacks are virtuous victims simply because that’s the way the historic dice happened to roll.”

    It’s strange but reading this and this alone I’m reminded of a hospital operating room and why? Well, because if it wasn’t for all of the world wars we fought surgeons would never have learned the techniques needed to save the victims of it all whites and blacks. Has not war been the great repository of knowledge? We have what we have today largely because of the military industrial complex and the operating room has surely been the greatest beneficiary of this yes or no? All courtesy of the white European masses? England’s great medical colleges and universities could never have given the world the knowledge of human anatomy if it wasn’t for the wars that came surely.

    As for “chance” lol, maybe what we all need is more Mutually Assured Destruction MAD as they call it lol…

    The only escape from total destruction of civilization will be a world government, or we will perish in a war of the atom.
    —Harold Urey

    In the field of atomic energy, there must be set up a world power.
    —Robert J. Oppenheimer

    World government has become inevitable.
    —Arthur Compton Cantelon

    One world Government is in the making. Whether we like it or not, we are moving toward a one-world government.
    —Dr. Ralph Barton Perry of Harvard

    Either we will find a way to establish world government, or we will perish in a war of the atom.
    —Raymond Swing to Albert Einstein

    The secret of the bomb should be committed to a world government, and the USA should immediately announce its readiness to give it to a world government.
    —Albert Einstein

    Sovereignty must go, that means also the interests which sovereignty protects must be recognized as outmoded in character and dangerous in operation.
    —Professor Laski of Oxford

    We shall have a world government whether or not we like it. The only question is, whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent.
    —James Warburg, February 17, 1950 before the U.S. Senate

    It is necessary to discover a head capable of directing it, endowed with an intelligence surpassing the most elevated human level.
    —H.G. Wells

    Let that man be a military man or a layman, it matters not.
    —Paul Henry Spaak, first president of the Council of Europe, planner of the European Common Market, president of the United Nations General Assembly, and one-time Secretary-General of NATO

    Strong, one-man civilian control of America’s giant military establishment is vital to the nation’s wellbeing. The concentration of authority is inevitable.
    —Roswell Gilpatrick, Deputy Secretary of Defence

    Lastly, might I add some words from Gail Tverberg on energy:

    Unfortunately, no geographical area can really live on its own resources anymore, certainly not with today’s population. The “grass looks greener on the other side of the fence,” but it really is not. There are just different problems that new leaders can’t really solve.

    Read the comments that precede this and you’ll be flabbergasted at the thought or argument about Britain’s respective races all going their own way? Welsh, Scots, Irish, etc etc It’ll never work because O the words of Gail!!!!!

    Whites and Blacks are going to wake up I’m afraid to a very dreadful future that neither one of them will know how to deal or cope with I’m afraid.

    Best to love one another while we can! BEFORE…

    the days of trouble come
    and the years approach when you will say,
    “I find no pleasure in them”—
    2 before the sun and the light
    and the moon and the stars grow dark,
    and the clouds return after the rain;
    3 when the keepers of the house tremble,
    and the strong men stoop,
    when the grinders cease because they are few,
    and those looking through the windows grow dim;
    4 when the doors to the street are closed
    and the sound of grinding fades;
    when people rise up at the sound of birds,
    but all their songs grow faint;
    5 when people are afraid of heights
    and of dangers in the streets;
    when the almond tree blossoms
    and the grasshopper drags itself along
    and desire no longer is stirred.
    Then people go to their eternal home
    and mourners go about the streets.

    verse 1 Remember your Creator!!!

  4. Max Chess
    Max Chess says:

    Again the emphasis of race when it comes to ethnic culturals heritage socalled minorities, hatred towards white people, then it’s OK to be racist.

    Yet they claim all races are equal. If so there can’t be a singling out of a certain race or white guilt. Because according to their deliberate lie “races don’t exist”.

    But of course this is a deliberate lie these particular jews tell the guyim ti gain power, and kill the white race.

    Their focus on mixing races through obvious and aggressive propaganda in massmedia, music industry, advertising and so on (often WHITE blonde women with the low iq primitive subsaharin nnnnn yeah you know the word) also proves they know races are different like comeon why else have deliberate propaganda for racemixing.

    It’s not subconsious its deliberate warfare. certainly fueled by real events such as wwII and ethnocentric programming of jews into warfare mode by a hostile jewish culture also fed by religious goals and small averege penises of jewish men (hence a desperate attempt at keeping jewish women from dating people from other people groups). And hey jews tend to be most often part african like 3 to 5 % yeat have small penises and smarter jews tend to be whiter. So aint that a prime example of racemixing that has had NO benefits at all.

    They know the races are different, they which is why they talk about the white race having guilt for what their ancestors or actually more common what some ancestors of other white people did hundreds of years ago.

    That’s why they try to shame white people and paint deliberately falsely as evil and so on.

    But just as whites are programmed to selfhatred by hostile aggressive aficans and arabs and jews who use it to steal and gain power, so are jews programmed wery effectively to be warriors in an anti white warfare. To kill us all. But revenge and hatred is the norm for most poc groups. Blacks have huge egos and are

    We are fed with constant propaganda that racemixed socalled jews push on us. Often they use good art and music and push and invest in it. Motown, hip hop, jazz it ain’t bad but it’s mostly soviet commie money that sponsored it or jews. An effective way of lovering the self esteem of whites, And what music by white people do te radio stations most often push, lame soft rock. It’s the lamest weakest stuff.

    And what else do they play: rap all bigging up the black man. But to be fair whites have been incredible confused by the achievments of the other and have lost their way.

    They know race is very very real but claim othervise to achieve their anti white goals and steal power and make people not question that they hav stolen power.

    It’s all just a huge deliberate fraud fueled by ethnic hatred, history, culture and probably racial differences and people pushung the dna closest to them in a group evolutionaly way of such kinda thing and so on.

    AFricans are extremely brutal and simplistic for the most part. The rape white fenale children at kindergarden when they are also children,. Like comeone you can’t leave an african alone with a white women or child for a minute the RAPE them same with arabs.

    The blacks are effectively conquering the west with their extreme aggression diseases spitting at white people they think are racist trying to kill us off. Blacks hate white children they hate white men dating white women, it’s a primitive onslaught of total animal primitive hatred nature driven complete aggressive dangerous impulsive invasion.

    It’s all about power and money for their race. Conquer the cities where the jobs, the action , great education and possibilities are. Sell drugs to whitey rape white women (and men in prison). Humiliate us rob us steal loot. You know the stealing and looting is an african group evolutionary strategy. It makes shure they conquer new territory and keep the territory they stole by aggression, crime, brutality, rape and murder. It’s also deliberately. And now they have jews that are afraid of he nazis sponsoring them, that’s just a way for em to get the jew money yo. Steal rob and lie. The steal music invention from whites, together with part gypsies and jews in the industry. The same with communism, the black panthers holding up the socialist commie fist and same with blm (b lives mattr yo). Blacks are as well organized as jews if not more. It’s all along rave lines y’all. African americans have ties to Africa now and their secret services all that established by obama. They spie on you whitey, they register you if you are a dissident, they work at nsa nasa (who had an afro african subsaharian boss apointed by obama), they wote for their african mayors and then have african police chiefs and african judges and african doctors and african prosecutirs and witnesses and police offcers and …

    It’s a total destruction of white countries and it’s deliberate by many people of the groups mentioned and it’s all driven by race and ethno centric interests, some may even say nature as such. I.e. they are driven by their genetics to kill whites and to work on this holocaust against whites, but who knows what is dna and nature and what is culture and ather factors. probably lotsa things matter.

    First we need to reach out to most if not all whites with facts on racial differences then we need to establish true white media of all kinds and this does not have to be driven by political parties but can be that also. Someone who is left leaning (non marxist) can be a pro white person so cana aliberal and a rightwing person. Ethno centrism labeled as racism is not a party question it is a matter of survival for all whites.

    Also liberals on the race question tend to express that they feel sorry for the poor “blacks” (they tend to be more pooh colored for shure than black), that have been slaves and segregated and poor and make music poor blackie blackies. da da di di poor you. It’s a way of handling their subconscious righteus huge fear f the subsaharian pooh coloured kindsa you know RACE.

    Blacks and their stupid helpers among the jews are a conquering dangerous group that demand white people obey and knee to their new master, the afrocan subsaharian kind of race group.

    I’m not saying it’s all of them, but surely enough.

    Blacks have huge egos and their meeting with the whites and our superiority will always forever bring about them killing us and warfare against us. Africans can not and should not live in western white countries it can never work, well maybe for some time with hard segregation, but not in the long run.

    The angry tone here is justified but maybe not smooth anyways …

  5. Louis Hissink
    Louis Hissink says:

    The 1917 Russian revolution involved the Red and Whites in a civil war; the Reds won. Today the Reds seem to have changed flags and are now behind a Black flag, and also behind the black people in order to remain unnoticed while protected from direct assault.

  6. Springer
    Springer says:

    At this point, I’m just sick of the whole boiling of them: blacks, jews, chinese, muslims, to hell with all of them. I have to admit, though, that your term ‘goyophobia’ did make me laugh.

  7. OMG Secret Nazi
    OMG Secret Nazi says:

    I read Guns, Germs and Steel a long time ago, when I was still far from being red-pilled, but even then I was taken aback by Diamond’s immediate declaration that he will not be making any “racist” conclusions. It didn’t seem very scientific of him to dismiss racial explanations right off the bat just because they would be “racist.” And right after declaring that racial intelligence differences aren’t real, he says:

    “Modern ‘Stone Age’ peoples are on the average probably more intelligent, not less intelligent, than industrialized peoples.”

    “From the very beginning of my work with New Guineans, they impressed me as being on the average more intelligent, more alert, more expressive, and more interested in things and people around them than the average European or American

    “That is, in mental ability New Guineans are probably genetically superior to Westerners…”

    At that point I realized that Diamond is a hack, and I couldn’t understand how something so intellectually handicapped could earn such praise (now I know).

    It is sort of true that the successes and failures of different races are a geographical accident, but of course it’s in large part due to evolutionary pressures caused by said geography, which is why blacks still struggle to create, maintain and live in industrialized societies, while East Asians have even been able to beat the white man at his own game, despite never industrializing on their own.

  8. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    The only interest jews have in blacks is to weaponize them against whites. Nothing more. To those ends, the quite real needs of blacks to have access to decent educational and employment opportunities don’t matter. As we can plainly see, none of these rich jews have any intention of sinking any of their actual money into the ghettos. They pay lip service to blacks, getting them as riled up as possible, and then unleashing them on unsuspecting whites for the benefit of jews et all. There isn’t much more evil than that.

  9. Hans
    Hans says:

    Great article!
    Concerning Susan Sontag’s lines (.. the evil white race which has upset the ecological balance …) my estimation from German perspective:
    Ruthless exploitation of business partners or of nature is surely a sad attitude of the whites. But only as the Jews entered white societies!
    Example: the flawless morality of the so called “Hanse” (a union of German merchants during the Middle Ages up to 17th century). With the appearance of Jewish mongers amongst them, decency, reliability, fairness and respect against business partners and nature had been destroyed – till today.
    Environmental degradation, cruel animal husbandry, you name it, is undoubtedly the evil influence of Jewish mentality.
    An example of what whites can manage without jewish ubiquity: Adolf Hitler enact the environmental protection act, the first in the world!

  10. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    During the early 1960’s I attended a students meeting which discussed immigration.( I have not made this up).
    The President said immigration would benefit our country from the hard hard work of the hard working immigrants.Their countries would benefit from the money they would send home. Everyone would become rich. The VP said that our immigrants would invite us in for meals. The next crawler said that after a while our immigrant friends would be taking us to their countries for holidays. You expect this stupidity from Oxford or Cambridge but not the third rate polytechnic I attended.
    I gave e short speech form the floor which was greeted with a stunned silence. I said that things did not look good in the USA and the way to develop countries was for Europeans to go to their countries and help them there.
    I was always being called :
    fool, liar, nut, nazi scum, racist filth. My speech added colonist. I asked them to be polite and call me national socialist scum or eine Hitler kamarad.( My mother used to say it’s the jew in me) Later was added holocaust denier and christian jew scum.
    In confidence I was told that London University changed my 2.1 physics degree to a 3 by people who disliked me.
    A useless goy missed an appointment (after it was discovered I had been jewed I was allowed to do research) He was fired.
    I admire Prof Macdonald and have some idea of what he went through.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      “A useless goy missed an appointment (after it was discovered I had been jewed I was allowed to do research) He was fired.”
      I could not follow this part – you were allowed to do research after it was discovered you were unfairly treated? So how was it you could not study for the MSc?
      I think your post demonstrates that those who think about things (political matters, and race survival) fall into two camps even when we are young – those who want their own race to survive, and those who do not. The observation that such thoughts/instincts/attitudes are clearly strongly held by both camps at a young age – this suggests it is a genetically-based trait (although patriots can have anti-white children & vice versa).

      Suppose the two camps of the committed (left and right) add up to about 20%, this means that 80% are flexible in their opinions, and will follow the dominant culture.
      However, it is likely that the white culture that supports patriotism and white race-survival is still more appealing to the 80% of sheeple than the other culture which teaches them to be anti-self. Although this later culture is now dominant, and the 80% certainly are following it at present, nevertheless it is causing them a lot of stress and unease to be against themselves, as deep down they know they are being cowardly by subscribing to the culture that is bad for their own people and descendants. If/when the pendulum swings back, people will be happier to follow a patriotic culture, as it is more in line with their other instincts (survival, prosperity, self-interest, and being loyal to a higher cause (their own people) giving purpose to their lives, especially for those without children themselves, as they can still feel they are contributing to something that has meaning in their lives, as their group carries on after they die – many warriors were prepared to sacrifice their own lives in the past for the greater good of their people as a worthwhile cause).

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      Do I understand that this was in the UK in the early 1960s?? Your university peers were advocating for mass immigration …. then?? Were they white or Jewish? What percentage of UK at that time was Jewish?

  11. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Your ‘ three drugs ‘ are merely unpleasant personality traits. Our problem starts when they are joined to CONTROL.

    Late in the 14th century, in England, a man was hired for the Kings to attend to their toilet needs, including paper, cloths and any other wipeables to cleanse their ” nethers ‘ after the act.

    No, this man was not called a lobbyist for AIPAC or the ADL, but was hired to study the stool of the King, and to pass on any diagnosis to the King’s physician. Sort of like some of the Rabbis do with monthly female effluents.

    Of course he needed a title and they called him Groom of the Stool: later Groom of the Close Stool, which was a velvet- seated portable toilet, toted around for the King’s convenience. Like the nuclear button suitcase nowadays.

    What could be more intimate than cleansing a Royal Bottom ? And so the intimacy blossomed over the reigns, with the Groom soon becoming a confidant of the King; and holder of many secrets. Interested parties soo used this wiper also for getting their information and issues before the King.

    The prestige of this position grew and grew and soon only the sons of the nobility became eligible. Thus, I assume, we got government by our ELITE !

  12. JR
    JR says:

    Glad to see Tobias Langdon back. Followed his work for years and been influenced by it. Big thanks and hope much more to come.

  13. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    Tobias Langdon: ” because that’s the way the historic dice happened to roll. If the dice had rolled another way, it would have been the other way around.”

    British academic and historian Neil Ferguson (now moved to the US and married to a Somalian) assumed the role of ‘right-winger’ so that the BBC as part of the MSM/elite could claim to be giving the views of the right as part of their ‘balance’, and he was given the honour of delivering the Reith lectures a few years ago on Radio 4, so he was definitely ‘approved of’ by the current treacherous elite (just as David Starkey is *not*).

    The gist of Ferguson’s Reith lectures was that 7 (I think? or 5) factors came together (such as rights to property ownership) and these factors between them explain the huge success of the British Empire. In other words, if Somalia had had a climate in which cotton grew well, and other chance factors that came together during the Industrial Revolution in Britain, Somalia could just as easily have had the world empire that Britain had, and could have ruled India etc. In other words, the current elite refuse to countenance the notion that some races actually have intrinsic qualities/characteristics that make them … wait for it… the dreaded word….warning…..SUPERIOR to other races! – the very utterance of this idea in academia would end a career.

    The fact that ‘better’ or ‘superior’ are the main trigger words that the left cannot stand, this shows that hatred of the superior goes to the very core of their beliefs, and will even drive them to devoting their lives to the cause of sinking the luxury liner in which they too live (their own country). This is far greater a motive than money or power, which are the two motives usually suggested to explain the motives of the left and the Jews. These motives (money & power) are excusing our enemies, and there are many examples where the left/Js do things that involve no money or power gain for them. Banks gained no money by the collapse of white S Africa. There is more money/power in oil than in going for wind power to sabotage your own economy. Very few will get money from this, and the purpose is to damage Western economies, so less money for the banks & multinationals in the long term.

  14. Oil Can Harry
    Oil Can Harry says:

    “You might say Diamond preaches the doctrine of Omnia Ex Alea — “all things from the dice.” In other words, all apparent White achievements are the product of undeserved luck.”

    I call it The Banana Peel Theory of History.

    And how about Rabbi Diamond’s claim that the Amerindians were conquered by Spaniards only because they lacked horses? The natives- even with primitive weapons- should have been able to overwhelm the conquistadors through sheer numbers alone.

    And yet the Spaniards repeatedly outsmarted the natives, just as a small group of Englishmen were able to conquer India.

    How could that be if the races were equally intelligent?

  15. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    “Jews and Race”, wouldn’t that be an appropriate title for a well researched academic book on dishonest Jewish racial meddling?
    A well written deep dive into Jewish mendacity and duplicity, not to mention hypocrisy, on racial matters.

  16. Guest
    Guest says:

    Since this article begins speaking of drugs, it is worth noting the above-linked article in the American Spectator regarding the Medical Examiner’s Memorandum on the criminal George Floyd’s Toxicology Report which seems to indicate that the cause of his death was massive drug overdose, not murder by police offficers. Floyd’s lungs were 2-3 times their normal weight at autopsy; the level of Fentanyl he was taking would be regarded as fatal under normal circumstances. This was not released until August 25 which raises serious questions, i.e.:-

    Why wait three months before releasing this crucial information?
    If the Prosecution had released this information in a timely fashion, would that have helped to quell the anti-police outrage which has fueled the nation-wide orgy of rioting and looting?
    Why have the charges against all the police Defendants not been dropped?

  17. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    “leftists don’t care when their ideas don’t make sense”

    There are several kinds of leftists. I see White people as leftists, compared to other races, in that they are softer-hearted, with an egalitarian, social justice warrior streak. As for the crazy leftists who absorb the propaganda of the Jewish media, their problem is too much conformism, suggestibility and submission to authority. Many of them are stupid too, and don’t care if their ideas don’t make sense.

    But leftist politicians are not stupid, and they still don’t seem to care about ideological consistency. That is because they have to defer to Jewish rules.

    “” Jewish ideology and the Jewish Culture of Critique that simultaneously — and self-refutingly — preaches the Absolute Equality of Humanity and the innate depravity of White gentiles. “”

    All politicians, especially on the left, have to accept those two contradictory ideas to avoid trouble:
    – All races are the same
    – White gentiles are uniquely evil

    It’s been increasingly like that since the consolidation of Jewish power at the end of WW2, when National-Socialism was officially condemned by the Jews. It gradually turned into a condemnation of every European nation’s will to survive.

    Whether our main concern is ecology, social harmony, income equality, economic growth, or whatever else, it all becomes nonsensical if we accept to be submerged under the migrant invasion. The first step of everything should be to take a stand against race replacement, but we are no longer allowed to do so. The only competent politicians are those who oppose race replacement, but they tend to be filtered out. As a result, we live in a world of increasing absurdity.

    I’ve listened to a discussion between Mark Weber and Fróði Midjord about Pat Buchanan’s book “Churchill, Hitler, and The Unnecessary War”.
    In that discussion, Mark Weber makes the point that, contrary to German and Italian leaders, Churchill was never able to be consistent in his own world view. He was a reactionary and didn’t believe in democracy, racial equality, or communism, and yet he ended up supporting all those things.

    Mark Weber thinks today’s politicians have a similar problem of intellectual inconsistency. Instead of having “solid and self-consistent principles that they enunciate and abide by”, they just have feelings and attitudes about this or that.

    What part does Jewish power play in this situation? I’m sure it’s a crucial part.

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