Are These Antifa/ BLM Riots A Jewish Coup?

It was always obvious to those of us on campus in the Vietnam years that if you fired at random into a mob of student protestors you would hit a lot of Jews, and that is exactly what happened at Kent State in 1970 (three out of the four dead) [Remembering the Jews of Kent State, 45 Years Later, by Anne Cohen, The Forward, May 4, 2015]. Subsequently, Stanley Rothman documented the key Jewish role in the New Left in his definitive 1982 study Roots of Radicalism: Jews, Christians, and the New Left. Similarly, at least one (Joseph Rosenbaum) and possibly two (Anthony W. Huber) of the Antifa shot in self-defense by Kenosha WI lifeguard Kyle Rittenhouse appear to have been Jews. (In a now-deleted post, the Jewish Chronicle tried to downplay Rosenbaum by saying he was “non-practicing.”) [Rosenbaum, not Jewish but targeted by antisemitism after death during unrest, by Rob Golub, August 27, 2020]. Will scholars eventually find that the Black Lives Matter moral panic that has convulsed the U.S. in 2020 also had a substantial Jewish component—that it is, in fact, a Color Revolution-style attempted Jewish coup?

raised a similar question during the bizarre (because obviously doomed to failure) impeachment hearings in January:

Is the Trump impeachment a Jewish coup? It’s a dangerous question even to ask…

But undeniably, Jews have taken very prominent, very public roles in impeachment…In effect, impeachment is a project of the numerically dominant Jewish Democrat-voting Left, with the Jewish counsels for the Democrats questioning Jewish witnesses in House committees headed by Jewish representatives, and covered with breathless enthusiasm by Jewish-owned media outlets like MSNBC, CNN, and The New York Times.

The only surprise: that the Jewish role has been so public.

This summer of riots and statue-toppling, like the late-winter impeachment farce, should not be seen as a one-off event. I believe it is part of the struggle between our new, Jewish-dominated elite, mostly stemming from the 1880–1920 First Great Wave of immigration, and the traditional white Christian majority of America, significantly derived from pre-Revolutionary colonial stock but augmented by subsequent white Christian immigration, from which America’s historic so-called WASP elite was derived.

Of course, the people on the street are poor Blacks looting athletic shoes and TV sets, aided and abetted by young Whites playing hooky from their jobs at Starbucks. But the Great 2020 Black Lives Matter Moral Panic is still an elite project. Otherwise the elite Main Stream Media wouldn’t be systematically downplaying the violence resulting from what they label “mainly peaceful” protests; and they wouldn’t be ignoring the huge upsurge in shootings and crimes [Kids Getting Caught in Crossfire as US Gun Violence Surges,  by Don Babwin, AP, August 3, 2020]. And money wouldn’t be flowing into BLM-linked organizations from major corporations like Apple, Nike, Facebook, Coca Cola, and YouTube. [Want to know where all those corporate donations for #BLM are going? Here’s the list, by James Wellemyer, NBC, June 5, 2020]

In other words, the political class in the big cities run by Democrats (i.e., all of them), the lion’s share of the elite media and corporate America, the entire academic Establishment, and both major political parties are complicit.

So how did we come to this? It’s been a long process. But one thing that it is not: a reflection of the objective situation of American blacks.

Since the 1960s, the Ruling Class instituted a variety of programs to erase the gaps in income and wealth between the races. Affirmative Action created a Black middle class—according to a Brookings Institute study, roughly 71% of Blacks are middle- or upper-class [The Black middle class needs political attention, tooAndre M. Perry and Carl Romer, February 27, 2020]). Billions were thrown into Head Start and other programs, like busing students. Colleges bent over backwards to recruit Black students. Private corporations—and even more so the government—hired Black workers. And in 2008 Barack Obama was elected president on a wave of optimism on race relations.

Of course, it wasn’t enough. A recent study replicated Rushton and Jensen’s 2005 conclusion that 50–70 percent of the IQ difference between Blacks and Whites is genetic. [Global Ancestry and Cognitive Ability by Jordan Lasker, Bryan J. Pesta, John G. R. Fuerst and Emil O. W. Kirkegaard, Psych, August 30, 2019]. So all these programs could never erase the racial gaps in the genetically-influenced traits needed for success in a 21st-century economy. Indeed, arguably the welfare system and the sexual revolution—both progressive causes—were especially hard on the Black family: The markers of family dysfunction skyrocketed in the 1960s for Blacks and Whites alike, but much worse for Blacks—e.g., around 70 percent of Black babies are now born out of wedlock, over 80 percent for Blacks with a high school education or less [Dramatic increase in the proportion of births outside of marriage in the United States from 1990 to 2016, by Elizabeth Wildsmith, Jennifer Manlove, Elizabeth Cook,,  August 08, 2018].

Thus the chart below, presenting data of the sort found in Charles Murray’s Coming Apart, show the continuing cultural deterioration since the 1960s: The proportion of out-of-wedlock births among whites in 2016 is around twice the percentage for blacks back in 1960—but blacks have suffered worse.

Significantly, however, the leadership of Black Lives Matter opposes the “Western nuclear family” despite family breakdown’s many correlations with poor outcomes for children. Other Blacks see this paradox (and note Marcellus Wiley’s comments on “white supremacy” at the end of this video):


The reason for BLM’s apparently perverse attitude: its leaders are self-proclaimed Marxists—i.e., part of the elite political class. [ Black Lives Matter co-founder describes herself as ‘trained Marxist’, by Yaron Steinbuch, New York Post,  June 25, 2020] Note that BLM co-founder Alicia Garza identifies as Jewish.

So how to conceptualize Jewish involvement? As documented in my book The Culture of Critique, Jews have been the backbone of the American Left since they arrived in America and are central to the new elite that emerged in the counterculture of the 1960s. The Frankfurt School, largely shaped by Jewish refugees from Hitler, reconceptualized anti-Semitism as resulting, not from class conflict as orthodox Marxism had claimed, but from ethnic conflict. Similarly, Jewish activism in the post-World-War-II U.S. focused on importing non-Whites as allies of Jews in opposition to the traditional White American majority. Hence the critical role of Jews and Jewish organizations in the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act.

Jews and Jewish organizations have allied themselves with Blacks since the early twentieth Century with the founding of the NAACP. And, despite a substantial history of Black anti-Semitism (e.g., Louis Farrakhan, the recent spate of attacks on Orthodox Jews in New York, anti-Jewish statements by Black media figures like Nick Cannon—who also thinks Blacks are superior to White people but only apologized to Jews), this alliance continues into the present.

(But the Cannon incident brings into focus that there are limits to Cancel Culture. Steve Sailer has pointed out that previous black insurrections have been stopped when they begin to criticize Jews, which he thinks is happening now).

Some Jews have taken the opportunity of recent developments in Cancel Culture to put forth their own continuing grievances against the West. Hence the Jewish campaign to remove the statue of French king Louis IX (Saint Louis) from a park in his namesake city of St. Louis. [Should St. Louis take down the statue of its anti-Semitic namesake? Activists say Ben Sales, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, June 26, 2020]

In this spirit, the Forward’s Aiden Pink helpfully supplied a list of 8 “anti-Semites” who still have memorials in the U.S.: Charles Lindbergh (who correctly identified Jews as one pressure group attempting to get the U.S. into World War II), Gen. George S. Patton (who was unsympathetic to the post-World War II treatment of Germans and Jews), Henry Ford (publisher of The International Jew), Peter Stuyvesant (who tried to prevent Jews from settling in New York), Martin Luther (author of On the Jews and Their Lies), President Ulysses S. Grant (who issued an order expelling Jewish cotton speculators from areas under his command during the Civil War), Mary Elizabeth Lease (who linked Jews with banking as part of her populism), and Thomas E. Watson (who led a campaign against Jewish accused murderer Leo Frank). [8 American monuments celebrating anti-SemitesJune 23, 2020]

How long before they too are Cancelled?

But the major new development in this summer’s Cultural Revolution: cleansing the internet of material the Left doesn’t like. Essentially, the Left appears to have figured out a way around the First Amendment, by co-opting the private sector. Jews and Jewish organizations have been heavily involved.

It wasn’t long ago that the tech nerds who developed the internet had a strong ideology of free speech. This gave rise to an online flourishing of dissident ideas, with outlets such as and my own Occidental Observer.

But Jewish organizations, which had loudly favored free speech when Leftists were being blacklisted in the 1950s, had decided even twenty years ago that the internet represented a threat to their interests. Already by 1999 the Jewish enforcer group the Anti-Defamation League had published Poisoning the Web: Hate Online: An ADL Report on Internet Hate, Bigotry, and Violence.

(“Hate,” remember, is simply speech that the Left in general and Jews in particular dislike. Thus Jewish intellectual Susan Sontag’s saying “the white race is the cancer of human history” is OK).

More recently, Andrew Joyce has documented that, in Europe, organizations like Britain’s Community Security Trust, a Jewish organization, and the European Jewish Congress have taken the lead in banning speech on Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, Dailymotion, and

Similarly in the U.S., the ADL has been deeply involved with social media companies. While most companies have been completely compliant, the ADL resorted to organizing a campaign against Facebook regarding messages on the Holocaust. They presented a

series of demands to drop the boycott [that] include the granting of high-level access to ‘civil rights’ (i.e., ADL) officials who will perform regular, independent audits” of “hate” on the platform (which would allow them to engage in intelligence gathering, the collection of IP addresses etc.), immediate removal of “thousands” of White advocacy groups, and the use of Facebook software to “target” “neo-Nazis and White supremacists. [“Secure Tolerance”: The Jewish Plan to Permanently Silence the West, Part 3 of 3,  by Andrew Joyce, Occidental Observer, July 15, 2020]

Facebook is certainly not principled in its opposition to the ADL demands. Recently Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said on an earnings call … that the company agreed with the goal of the boycott, to have Facebook be hate-free.” [Facebook: increased ad revenue even as ADL-led boycott reduced spending, by Marcy Oster/JTA, Jerusalem Post,  August 3, 2020]

And Facebook has just announced a ban on all political advertising in the seven days before the November 3 Presidential election. This obviously hurts the Trump campaign, which has relied heavily on social media advertising to get around Leftist control of the corporate media. But it hasn’t satisfied Leftists, who simply want Facebook to suppress the Right while allowing the Left free rein. Facebook appears desperate to avoid this, probably because making blatant editorial decisions would strengthen forces who want to remove the liability protection it currently enjoys as a supposedly neutral platform. [ Facing immense pressure, Facebook had no choice but to ban new political ads week before election , by Jon Swartz, MarketWatch, September 4, 2020]

It goes without saying that the giants of internet advertising are Jewish-dominated: Facebook (Sandberg and CEO Mark Zuckerberg) and Google (founded by Sergei Brin and Larry Page).

Censorship is also rampant at PayPal whose CEO is Dan Schulman. [National Justice Exclusive: Leaked Images From PayPal Seminar Reveals Explicit Racial Bias Against White Customers, Eric Striker,, July 4, 2020] PayPal, which dominates the internet payment market, has begun to refuse to service accounts linked to White advocacy—or even criticism of mass immigration, although that’s the issue that won Trump the 2016 election.

Given the long involvement of Jewish organizations in suppressing “Hate Speech,” including their recent involvement, in collaboration with BLM-linked Al Sharpton, in censoring the internet, we could well see all dissident sites on the right—particularly those linked to White identity and interests—cancelled [Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt Joins Al Sharpton to Promote Boycott of ‘Hate’]

The only saving grace: this is a group that has a long record of going too far.

Earlier this year, considering the question of why Jewish legislators and media figures were expending so much energy on a far-fetched impeachment theory that had no chance of success, I answered: Because they can’t help themselves.

And, indeed, impeachment did fail.

Similarly, Antifa and the Tech Totalitarians will go too far. It may be the unprovoked murder of a Trump supporter on the streets of Portland or Facebook’s subsequent outrageous blocking the pages of the very group to which this innocent victim belonged. It may be the national MSM’s complete repression of the news that, after a memorial service for the murdered Trump supporter, an Antifa militant ran over and nearly killed Proud Boy member—obviously because of the embarrassing parallel to Charlottesville.

It’s impossible to say. But history says an overreach will happen.

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Kevin MacDonald [email him] is emeritus professor of psychology at California State University–Long Beach. His research has focused on developing evolutionary perspectives in developmental psychology, personality theory, Western culture, and ethnic relations (group evolutionary strategies). He edits and is a frequent contributor to The Occidental Observer and The Occidental Quarterly. For his website, click here.

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  1. Jim Bowden
    Jim Bowden says:

    Dear Dr. MacDonald,
    As of 2-3 weeks ago I cannot longer PRINT out your ‘ Occidental Observer ‘ posts/articles. I would greatly appreciate if you could consult with your computer geek & re-introduce & thus enable your weekly posts/articles to be printed. Your long time admirer & follower.
    Kind Regards……& much appreciated.

    • Canadian goy
      Canadian goy says:

      He mentioned that use of a plugin caused a glitch that reduced site functionality and he is working to restore the site.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      In the meantime, regarding the article, search this on Google Images.

      “Antifa means solidarity with Israel.”

      That means the chain of command covering US Domestic, Economic, and Foreign Policy goes like this: Antifa, The ADL, Wall St. Woke Capital, Washington, AIPAC, The POTUS, Israel.

      Talk about burning the candle from three ends. Orwell once wrote about “the power of facing unpleasant facts”, and it is a power. One we would do well to acquire, and it can be acquired. Simply muster the courage to face them.

      Might as well, because we’re surrounded by these unpleasant facts. These facts are also embarrassing. At least for Trump supporters who still think voting for him is going to solve their many, many problems.
      The embarrassing and unpleasant fact of the matter is that Trump has something in common with Antifa.

      So, the President of The United States is on the side of a domestic terrorist group not only inflamed with a fanatical desire to destroy the country he represents and supposedly leads, but a terrorist group with ethnic, ideological, and economic ties to a country Trump routinely refers to as “our best friend.”

      Unless this is addressed, unless Trump acts against Antfia, his statements against them aren’t exactly meaningless, they’re a slap in the face of his voters. Voters, moreover, who he will never address as a demographic, even when they’re being attacked as such, by the aforementioned domestic terrorist group. Now there’s a scoop for you.

      Ironically, even though this could ruin Trump, it says everything that the MSM would never cover this. They’d cover it up. And everyone knows why.

      In any event, this is why I insist that what we’re really witnessing is

      The Pyrrhic Victory of Jewish Supremacy Inc.

      Just look at the world HQ of JSI, New York City. It’s in ruins. A ghost of its former self. It’s former greatness destroyed, forever. It’s what they do because it’s who they are.  

      NYC is symptomatic of this Pyrrhic Victory. It stands as proof that they’re good at the infiltration and subversion necessary to dominate, as any relatively competent criminal is. But, as with all criminals, they’re no good at Social Management. Especially long-term social management.

      This is why civilization is about the circumnavigation of the use of force. The reduction of criminality. It’s why the human race is regressing back to a state of primitive criminality. Only more socially degenerate and culturally impoverished than before.

      The novel twist to this current regression is not simply its magnitude, though that would be enough. No. It’s that it is happening at a time when never before in the history of the human race have we ever been in possession of more precise knowledge about ourselves. We’re actually prohibited from using that knowledge to solve our problems by, well, guess who.  

      Whatever the criminal dominates, collapses. Because it’s not all about domination. This is what The Founding Fathers knew in their bones.

      But what they set up had to be transcended. It wasn’t. The fact that it wasn’t left a gaping hole in our centers of power for JSI to move right in. We’re living with the consequences today.

      Since it takes a greater intellectual, social, moral, and economic investment to reform a decaying social institution, let alone all of them at once, it would be far better at this point to allow the whole thing to continue its rapid decline. In short, get out of the way.

      There’s no valor in throwing away one’s life to stop a collapsing Tower of Babel. Especially one as degenerate and impoverished as this. 

      • ValhallaX
        ValhallaX says:


        The answer is to fight, and fight hard. At every level, starting from home, then to school, then to workplace, then to the streets.

        It is time for exactly the opposite to “watch”. It is time to make us something to watch.

        I give you an example. And I have no authority to talk at their voice, but look yourselves. Men, who are fighting at every level.

        I am talking about the Nordic Resistance Movement in Scandinavia. They can be seen and I tell you they are appreciated, when they walk on the streets, they are seen – and heard. And admired, no matter what the lying Jew media says. They are admired.

        You should do the same, organize, talk to the people street level. Arrange meetings, demonstrations, see your people face to face. If you are afraid to go to Jew cities, then start in the cities and villages, which are still yours.

        All is legit. For God’s sake, behave like men. And yes, I have been there, I have seen our people beaten by the enemy police, but we never gave an inch.

        And I tell You, comrades. It feels real good. You can never feel anything like that sitting behind the computer. And, hey, then you can save the world. No more, no less.

  2. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Excellent. The Talmud is central to all of this. European whites(goy) are the enemy to be beaten into submission/used by the superior Jew. Much of the BLM policy has a Talmud-like theme.

  3. Anthropos11
    Anthropos11 says:

    Very well written. Thank you mister MacDonald. People like you and articles like yours here, are an inspiration to other warriors. And a substantiated source of intel, to be used all over the internet, against the disgusting enemies of life. They are so afraid of life and of our awakening. The traitors, liars, agitators and murderers they are, they should be. Cheers!

  4. Andre-Hans von BREMEN
    Andre-Hans von BREMEN says:

    This video explains the similarities between One Worldism Open Borders Dogmatics, as well Capitalists than Islamics and Chritians and Marxism, now re-actualised by Cultural Marxism. Their common Communist TARGET is dominating the world by weakening the Local Cultures. – Greetings from Hanseatic Cityport of Antwerp in Flanders of Nordlandia. – Andre)Hans von BREMEN

  5. ValhallaX
    ValhallaX says:

    Of course it is.

    There is no choice. Revolution is a must. People and the country has been robbed blind. The blood has been sucked.

    There is nothing else to do now. Burn the country, start a war. Zionist style. Look at Middle East, tens of millions of people killed for their little project. Do they care? Do they ever…

    In fact, you should embrace this chance, because if you win, white people, we have hope. And if you lose, then at least we here in Europe can prepare for the upcoming show here. So instead of whining (if I may say so, with respect), stand up and fight. In the Zionist Hell that will come, you will wish that you had stood up and fought. Do not forget what Solzhenitzyn said.

  6. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    There are two kinds of Jews. The ones who say they hate Christians and the liars who say they do not hate Christians.
    I am the exception that proves the rule having been turned into a Christian Jew and a part being removed without my permission. They didn’t even wait till I could talk and ask me.
    According to Trotsky, one of the reasons the Jews created WW1 was to stop the world becoming more Christian.
    Millions had to die to please those (redacted) crackpots and their stupid hate filled myths. It’s enough to drive you up the Wailing Wall.
    I hope that Christian civilisation survives, sorry, I mean Western Judeo Ellis Island Civilisation survives. We must include the (redacted).
    The jew side of my family was told that much human misery is caused by East Europeans who call themselves Jews, I think we can assume the present troubles are caused by them.

  7. Astraea
    Astraea says:

    Well, it all seems very clear to me – rather obvious. Marxism IS Jewish. The new phase of the Bolshevick Revolution is what the “pandemic” is all about. What could be more frightening. Solzenitsyn in The Gulag Archipelgio said something like “Oh! How we burned in the camps ralising that we should haave fought with our kitchen knives and pokers or anything we could find to fight them when they came to take us from our hosues. We had nothing to lose.”

    • Aitch.
      Aitch. says:

      Where would producing a knife or a poker have got Piers Corbyn the other day, when he was mobbed and dragged away by government thugs? It would only have made his situation far worse. Solzhenitsyn was talking like a schoolboy when he said that. If the inhabitants of a block of flats in Moscow had tried this, they’d have been made an example of ‘pour encourager les autres’, and it wouldn’t have been pretty.

      • ValhallaX
        ValhallaX says:

        Defeatism, enemy talk.

        Cower at your home and hope that the boots go to the neighbour, at least for tonight. Be like a slave, behave like a slave, become a slave.

        No. No more.

          • Titusss
            Titusss says:

            One baltic country resisted the Russian occupation much more than the others, and hence the russian genetic imprint is much less in that country, and Finland won the war.
            Of course those 2 countries weren’t full of wimps like yourself, what’s your plan?

  8. Aitch.
    Aitch. says:

    It seems that David Halpern, head of the British government’s official behaviour modification unit, known as the ‘Behavioural Insights Team’, is also a Jew. According to his Wikipedia entry, he’s been the unit’s director since October 2010. Since 2013 the unit has become ‘a partially privatised venture’, whatever that might mean.

    Halpern has written a book called ‘Inside the Nudge Unit,’ one section of which is entitled ‘Changing the world a nudge at a time.’ Also involved with the unit is the Jew Daniel Goldstein, who’s apparently employed by Gates at Microsoft. The UK Column website has an interesting article about all this – ‘Behavioural Insights . . .’

  9. Hans Frank
    Hans Frank says:

    The coup is long over. Antifa clearly reports directly to the highest level of the international banking cartel. This seems more about preparations to genocide whites now. I’m expecting a contested election and a reign of terror by Antifa while law enforcement does nothing but punish any resistors. Isn’t it interesting how every police department, despite being elected locally, is on the exact same page regarding non-enforcement of Antifa violence? Even the FBI is empathically declaring no wildfires have been started by Antifa.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      The FBI reads this site. Once, when I was on J&E, an agent contacted me, pretending to be a female. Back then, the local FBI chief was a B. No need to mention the FBI’s complicity in the JFK adventure. It’s a den in the soul of the Deep State. For fun, just check out it’s hiring practices. It has a history of engaging in dezinformacja that’s harmful to the majority, as is verified by WMD (that cost over a trillion dollars and a million, including our soldiers) Intellectuals and thinkers around the world know much of this. It’s no secret. Just look at its affaire d’ amour with the Deep State pertaining to how it spied on the president. Well? It needs to be broken up and replaced. Spying on innocent American citizens is an absolute fact.

      • Leon Q. Haller
        Leon Q. Haller says:

        Good points. Now more than ever, Trump and the oh-so-useless GOP should have been screaming from the rafters about FBI complicity in an anti-Trump attempted coup. Trump speaks up a bit, but then is pulled back by his own Deep-State enmeshed children (well Jared the Jew and Ivanka). Congressional GOP is worthless; either enemies or cowards.

        The FBI actually performs useful functions that local law enforcement would have trouble with. But today it is simply an enforcer arm of the ZOG. Solution? Trump/GOP should have embarked upon a relentless PR campaign against the “corrupt FBI”, saying it could only be reformed by total abolition, and then restarted as a totally new entity called, say, the National Bureau of Investigation. If Congress had abolished the FBI, that would have eliminated civil service protections (something else GOP needs to weaken, but those dumb-a$$ “conservatards” of course are clueless as to the nature of the war we are in). Then Trump could have wholesale restocked the new successor NBI with 100% Middle American patriots (and a few token minorities). That’s how the left moves when they have power … but never the Right, esp including the American “Right”.

        I am ceaselessly astounded at how clueless and useless American conservatives really are.

    • Thaddeus Noble
      Thaddeus Noble says:

      Exactly ! Great point made. Law enforcement has been ordered to step down and not interfere at all levels. Antifa is under direct control, and very well funded by ADL and affiliates. They showed up in Atlanta on chartered buses, infiltrated BLM crowds and caused total property destruction. Atlanta cops did not lift a finger. Plenty of live video footage to clearly prove it.

  10. John
    John says:

    One reason that these riots and looting have been allowed by Democrat officials is to throw the country into chaos and blame it all on Trump’s “divisiveness.”

    Democrats want eveything including Covid-19 and the economy to be as bad as possible so that people will blame it all on Trump and defeat him in November.

    Democrats have made it clear that they hate Hydrochloraquine (even though there is evidence it can be effective against Covid-19). They want it to not be effective because Trump likes that medicine and it could prevent people from dying.

    Democrats don’t want that because the worse the pandemic is the better for Democrats in the forthcoming election.

  11. eah
    eah says:

    “Are These Antifa/ BLM Riots A Jewish Coup?”

    One could ask the same question re the role of Jews in the unceasing attacks on Trump and his presidency: Jews in and out of Congress were and are extremely prominent in all of that (‘Russiagate’, impeachment) — in this context, find and view the earlier TruNews video ‘Jew Coup: Seditious Jews Orchestrating Trump Impeachment Lynching’.

  12. bruno
    bruno says:

    I sincerely believe that Prof. McDonald is a truly unique individual. When it comes to defending EuroMan he’s the creme de la creme, If I could I would have a monument of him. It would be in a metropolitan area where there’s a small Third World population. He reminds me of one of my professors in Europe. That wonderful fellow was a connoisseur of truth and he neglected diplomacy. He had written something unpleasant pertaining to the media’s “best of all people.” It resulted in incarceration and rehab.

    One has been singing KMac’s praises for years. One must say that the only thing one doesn’t like about him is that he uses his own name when referring to the most powerful transnational anti-majority networking entity within EuroMan’s neighborhoods. If one were not raising a small child, he’d be one of KMac’s front line troops. I pray that he lives a hundred years while retaining cognitive ability and he commences utilizing a nom de plume.

  13. Nigel Durant
    Nigel Durant says:

    The riots in 70s/80s NYC helped blacks build hip hop.

    The fancy clothes and gold jewelry and technical equipment (turntables, amplifiers and so on) was stolen plundered.

    The following was used to build that genre:

    1. Community centers in subsaharian parts of urban areas. To throw parties.

    2. Inexpensive housing in urban areas. Often subsidiced.

    3. Subsaharian control of large parts of urban areas… Through hunting whites out. Controlling these areas lead to a high amount of high talent individuals in one place, that could inspire each other and network and build knowledge. Large cities are also centers of music culture with great studios and so on.

    Now the subsaharians are threatened by whites moving to cities. Police policies made it possible. They are threatened by whites now in the works, making more innovative music than them. Which they try to steal. They are panicking the only somewhat unique thing they have ever delivered is music they made.

    So it is a group strategy from subsaharians to benefit them by;

    1. Frightening police so that they cant protect whites and thereby they secure taken territory and thereby jobs and opportunities.

    2. Steal so they can attempt to defeat their eternal enemy the white race. Force whites to give them fancy jobs and push out whites from industries they wanna take over like film industry. Forced white guilt has same objective force by mind control propaganda whites to give whites jobs and education to subsaharian and other not whites.

  14. N. Durant
    N. Durant says:

    Not all people stole equipment probably not the first subs doin it but it helped grow the movement and so did member organizations pushing the genre. That also created archives of knowlede assembled taken in from members…

  15. Nigel Durant II
    Nigel Durant II says:

    So a combination of crime, anti white ethnocentrism, socialism, anarchy (in the old greek sence free men and women building and working together in organizations to be able to elevate themselves and the movement and build knowledge…) and capitalism (the competition mentality that comes with it, music dj battles mc battles being examples).

    Combined with the advantage of controlling large part of cities…

  16. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    check this out…

    There is now proof that there are very dark forces behind Black Lives Matter, and it’s not just the blatant Marxism of its founders and leaders. The darkness literally includes summoning dead spirits and allowing them to work through BLM leaders. Sound crazy? BLM bosses admit it.

    This unfortunately is one of the big problems of immigration how does one weed out those involved in witchcraft, occult, divination and all of the other things which especially is prevalent in Asiatic and African nations?

    Youtube has too many videos and documentaries on witches and warlocks especially from Africa nations.

  17. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Spot on Kevin ! Jewry evidently thinks that they have the “Goyim” in secure enough lock down that they can literally ‘run riot’ openly, and get away with it. So far, they’ve succeeded, but at the same time their hubris is awakening the survival instincts among those targeted, namely the hated Whites.
    They just may be prematurely circling for the kill, a ‘kill’ that could blowback.

  18. Larry Z B
    Larry Z B says:

    Clearly, there is the Jewish hand in all of this. They are the destroyers of nations. What a joke the 2 major political are here in the US. Both are controlled by the Jews, and no candidate fails to pays his/her obeisances to AIPAC. If they do fail, their political career is quickly ended.

  19. andre-hans von BREMEN
    andre-hans von BREMEN says:

    Antifa and BLM are both Plain Vanilla Cultural Marxism, the same Marxism born in the Jewish brain of someone that wanted to take revenge from White & Germans…

    Marxism in the continuation of other Middle-East Abrahamists One Worldist theories as Chritianism and Islam. They all fit together with the same Intolerance, from Inquisition to Islam Terrorism….

  20. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    George Soros has donated 33 million dollars to Blm this year. When money is donated to Blm, it goes to its parent non-profit organization, Thousand Currents. The vice chairwoman of Thousand Currents and person responsible for dispersing the money to its underling organizations is Susan Rosenberg, who served 16 years in prison on domestic terrorism charges. She was an accomplice in the Weathermen Brinks Armored Car heist in Nyack, NY in 1981, which killed two police officers and an armed guard. She was sentenced to 56 years but Bill Clinton commuted her sentence on his last day in office.

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