Head-Chopping for Muhammad: How Trotskyism and Truth Don’t Mix

A teacher is beheaded in France for showing his pupils some satirical cartoons of Muhammad. How do Britain’s noisiest defenders of free speech respond? They shout as loudly and urgently as they can: “Look, a squirrel!”

No morality outside the Party

Yes, the articles published at Spiked Online about the murder of Samuel Paty prove once again that Trotskyism and truth don’t mix. Spiked writers like Brendan O’Neill were stalwarts of the now-disbanded Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), a Trotskyist cult headed by the Hungarian-Jewish sociologist Frank Furedi. But while Furedi and his disciples no longer operate as the RCP, they certainly still think like the RCP. Leon Trotsky himself said this in 1924: “We can only be right with and by the Party, for history has provided no other way of being in the right.” Spiked, like the RCP before it, supports open borders and unlimited immigration from the Third World.

This is why, when a Muslim cuts someone’s head off in the name of Muhammad, Brendan O’Neill resolutely refuses to address the central role of Muslim immigration in the murder. Instead, under the virtue-signalling headline “Je suis Samuel,” he announced that “The beheading of Mr Paty was a militarised expression of cancel culture. That killer was the armed wing of political correctness, a self-styled enforcer of the now mainstream idea that it is ‘phobic’ (that is, evil) to criticise Islam.” In other words, Whites and their ideologies were to blame, not Muslim immigration into France. Brendan didn’t want to discuss that very modern phenomenon, instead calling the murder “positively medieval,” and saying it was committed in “deranged, pre-modern fashion” out of “7th-century fury.”

Feud-ridden and thoroughly macho

He’s wrong. The murder wasn’t “positively medieval”: it was positively Muslim. It wasn’t “deranged”: it was highly rational. And it belonged very firmly to the twenty-first century, as we will see more and more in coming years. Nor was the killer, Abdoullakh Anzorov, influenced or emboldened by “political correctness” and “cancel culture.” He was an 18-year-old “refugee” from one of the least politically correct cultures on earth: that of Chechnya, the feud-ridden, thoroughly macho Muslim republic that had previously supplied the Boston Bombers to America. Chechens have a well-deserved reputation for violence, intolerance and killing in defence of honour. If you allow Chechens into your nation, you are asking for trouble. France allowed Abdoullakh Anzorov and his family in, and trouble predictably followed. Just as predictably, Brendan O’Neill refused to be honest about what had happened. But he surpassed himself in another article on Samuel Paty’s murder:

The silence of the anti-fascists: Where is the outrage over the medieval murder of Samuel Paty?

Anti-fascists are incredibly quiet about the fascist in France who cut off a man’s head because he displayed some cartoons in a classroom. It is two days since the gruesome Islamist murder of schoolteacher Samuel Paty for the supposed crime of showing caricatures of Muhammad to his pupils during a classroom discussion about freedom of speech. And yet the self-styled anti-fascists of the European and American left have said barely a word. There have been no big protests outside of France, no angry rallies, no Twitterstorms, no knee-taking or fist-raising, no promises by ‘Antifa’ to face down these extremists who slaughter schoolteachers for talking about liberty. Their craven, cowardly silence is as revealing as it is depressing. (The silence of the anti-fascists, Spiked Online, 18th October 2018)

If Brendan and Spiked are shouting so loudly and self-righteously about a “fascist” murder committed overseas in France, can you imagine what they’d do if a similar murder happened on British soil? Ear-drums would surely shatter all over the country. There would definitely be no “craven, cowardly silence” from Spiked.

Gentle, tolerant and ignored: Ahmadi murder-victim Asad Shah

Or would there? In fact, you don’t need to imagine what Brendan and Spiked would do in such circumstances, because a near-identical murder did indeed happen on British soil in 2016. And Spiked responded just like those “craven, cowardly” anti-fascists: with silence. As I’ve described several times before at the Occidental Observer, in 2016 a gentle, tolerant Ahmadi Muslim called Asad Shah was stabbed and stamped to death in Glasgow by a violent, intolerant Sunni Muslim called Tanveer Ahmed, who was defending the honour of the Prophet Muhammad just like the Chechen murderer in France: “Ahmed targeted Mr Shah after seeing the shopkeeper’s own videos on YouTube, where he had claimed to be a prophet of Islam — regarded as blasphemy by some sects [i.e., by mainstream Sunni Muslims]. The videos were only viewed a handful of times, among hundreds of others uploaded by Mr Shah calling for peace, love and unity across the world, but garnered angry comments and threats.”

Praying at a martyr’s shrine: Mumtaz Qadri is honoured in Pakistan

A murderer from 1929: Hero and Martyr Ilm Ud-Deen

Tanveer Ahmed was a Pakistani immigrant inspired by his fellow Muslims Mumtaz Qadri and Ilm Ud-Deen, both of whom murdered in defence of the Prophet against free speech. Mumtaz Qadri murdered the politician Salmaan Taseer in 2011 after Taseer supported Aasia Bibi, an innocent Christian woman sentenced to death under Pakistan’s harsh and regularly abused blasphemy laws. Ilm Ud-Deen murdered a Hindu in 1929 for publishing a satirical book about Muhammad. Both Qadri and Ud-Deen were executed for their crimes, and in modern Pakistan each is honoured as Ghazi, “Hero,” and Shahid, “Martyr.” Tanveer Ahmed followed their righteous example, slew to defend the Prophet against free speech, and has duly been named Ghazi, “Hero,” as you can see in this recent image circulated online by his supporters:

The Hero and the Liar: Ghazi Tanveer Ahmed and Kazzab Asad Shah

In the image, Tanveer Ahmed, the murderer, is called Ghazi while Asad Shah, his victim, is called Kazzab, or “Liar.” Mainstream Sunni Muslims believe that Ahmadi Muslims are heretics who should be killed for their lies — that is, for exercising their free speech. The entirely Pakistani roots of Asad Shah’s “medieval murder” therefore give the lie to these dishonest words by Kenan Malik, another former member of the Revolutionary Communist Party who responded to Samuel Paty’s murder with a loud cry of “Look, a squirrel!”:

The unwillingness of liberals to stand up for basic liberal principles, their readiness to betray progressives within minority communities, nurtures reactionaries, both within Muslim communities and outside it. The more society gives licence for people to be offended, the more people will seize the opportunity to feel offended. And the more deadly their outrage will become.

Liberal pusillanimity also nurtures anti-Muslim sentiment, feeding the racist idea that all Muslims are reactionary, that Muslim immigration should be stemmed and Muslim communities more harshly policed. We must reject both kinds of bigots. In a plural society, much of what we say, others will find offensive. If we want a plural society, we need to defend the freedom to offend. (The freedom to offend is a priceless commodity, The Guardian, 18th October 2020)

Well, I’m a massive racist and I am very happy to acknowledge that not all Muslims are reactionary. In fact, I’ve written repeatedly at the Occidental Observer about a group of gentle, non-reactionary Muslims who sincerely believe in “Love for All, Hatred for None” — namely, Ahmadi Muslims like Asad Shah. When Tanveer Ahmed angrily confronted Shah in the latter’s shop in Glasgow, Shah responded in true Ahmadi fashion by offering to shake his hand. Tanveer Ahmed rejected the offer in true Sunni fashion by stabbing and stamping Asad Shah to death.

Only inbreds oppose mass immigration

How did Kenan Malik, another passionate defender of free speech, respond to this “medieval murder” in 2016? In the same way as his Trotskyist comrades at Spiked: with silence. But Malik was much less tongued-tied in 2005, when he presented a TV documentary called Let ’Em All In!, which argued, in true RCP fashion, for open borders and unlimited immigration. The documentary mocked anti-immigration British Whites with blasts of theme music from the red-neck-baiting American movie Deliverance. As Jesus said: “By their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matthew 7:20)

You can also know them by their silence. And the silence of Brendan O’Neill and Kenan Malik about Asad Shah’s murder looks even worse when you learn that his murderer Tanveer Ahmed continued to issue “medieval” propaganda from behind bars. After he was jailed, Ahmed recorded messages for his many supporters, including this top tip for wannabe censors: “There’s only one punishment for insulters [of the Prophet Muhammad]: cut off their heads, cut off their heads, cut off their heads.” The Chechen murderer of Samuel Paty followed that top tip. In other words, the same free-speech-hating ideology so loudly condemned by O’Neill and Malik in 2020 had struck on British soil in 2016 — and Britain’s noisiest defenders of free speech did absolutely nothing to confront and condemn it.


Why were they silent? Because confronting the murder of Asad Shah would mean confronting the truth about Islam and free speech. Like Trotskyism and truth, the two things don’t mix. Tanveer Ahmed was absolutely unrepentant about his crime and had wide support among Muslims in Britain. After all, when Mumtaz Qadri was executed in Pakistan for his sterling work against free speech: “One of the largest mosques in Birmingham said special prayers for Qadri, describing him as ‘a martyr’, as did influential preachers in Bradford and Dewsbury.” The Qadri-fan Tanveer Ahmed sent a message from jail celebrating Asad Shah’s dispatch “to hell with the help of Allah, the prophet, angels and saints … I have the honour of sending him to hell forever.” In Ahmed’s eyes and the eyes of millions of other Muslims, the killing of Asad Shah wasn’t a crime at all, but a righteous defence of the Prophet against literally Satanic free speech. And Ahmed celebrated his righteous deed in Pakistan’s national language of Urdu, which is further proof that the Muslim war on free speech is not a product of “cancel culture” or “liberal pusillanimity.” Asad Shah’s murder came firmly stamped MADE IN PAKISTAN, just as Samuel Paty’s murder came firmly stamped MADE IN CHECHNYA. The role of “liberals” in these murders — and countless other acts of Muslim barbarism — lay in allowing Muslims into the West to practise authentic Islam.

Because Brendan O’Neill and Kenan Malik support unlimited Muslim immigration, they didn’t speak the truth about Samuel Paty’s murder and they ignored Asad Shah’s murder altogether. If they properly acknowledged that Ahmadis are being murdered and imprisoned for their words by the Sunni majority, they would have to admit that mainstream Islam is poison for free speech. But it’s not too late for these two misguided Trotskyists to repent. I’d like to invite Brendan and Kenan to use the headline “I Am Asad” and to break their silence about the murder of a gentle, tolerant Ahmadi Muslim by a free-speech-hating Sunni Muslim on British soil in 2016. If they want further details of what mainstream Muslim “fascists” are doing to Ahmadi Muslims, I can recommend a report called Suffocation of the Faithful: The Persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan and the Rise of International Extremism, which was issued by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in July 2020:

Suffocation of the Faithful — front-cover of the parliamentary report

This report, the first of its kind, was commissioned against the backdrop of a shocking pattern of sustained persecution against Ahmadi Muslims including killings, assaults, attacks on places of worship, hate campaigns, deprivation of jobs and denial of education.

This is severest in Pakistan and what is unique about the persecution of this peace-loving community is that the persecution is state-sponsored, with laws passed explicitly targeting Ahmadi Muslims. I cannot think of any parallel in the modern world for such persecution where a religious community has been denied — by law — the right to self-identify as Muslims. Not only that, the law then prescribes that should an Ahmadi call himself a Muslim or practice Islam then that is a criminal act punishable by imprisonment (and even death under the blasphemy laws). These are the draconian anti-Ahmadi laws that Pakistan has had on its statute books for nearly half a century.

Such is the extent of persecution that it is no exaggeration to describe the life of an Ahmadi Muslim in Pakistan as one that faces persecution from the cradle to the grave. At every step of their lives they remain ever at risk of arrest, attack or harassment. Ahmadis have been denied their fundamental right to vote, they cannot possess their religious texts and even after death, their graves are targeted and bodies exhumed. …

[In 2020] Pakistan’s State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Mr Ali Muhammad Khan supported an anti-Ahmadiyya twitter campaign by calling for Ahmadis to be punished by death. This resulted in a tirade of abuse and hate speech against Ahmadi Muslims. Such proclamations feed a climate of hate and the most recent targets of this [were] Ramzan Bibi, a 55-year-old Ahmadi Muslim woman and Rohan Ahmed, an Imam of the community in Pakistan, both of whom have been arrested on false allegations of blasphemy. Over the past few years Ahmadi mosques have been demolished, homes and businesses set on fire, leaflets and hate speech [have] been rampant declaring Ahmadis ‘liable to be killed’ and Ahmadis have been subject to brutal target killings. (Suffocation of the Faithful: The Persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan, 2020)

Thanks to mass immigration from Pakistan, this mainstream Muslim pathology is growing fast in Britain. Brendan, Kenan and the rest of Frank Furedi’s disciples claim to support free speech and to defend those who suffer for trying to exercise it. Ahmadi Muslims are regularly paying the same price as Samuel Paty: censorship-by-murder at the hands of entirely orthodox Muslims of the kind Brendan and Kenan want to see entering the West in unlimited numbers.

The contradiction between their support for both free speech and unlimited Muslim immigration is glaring. And I’m completely confident of two things. First, Brendan and Kenan can’t resolve the contradiction; second, they won’t break their “craven, cowardly silence” about the “medieval murder” of Asad Shah by a “fascist.” As I said right at the beginning: Trotskyism and truth don’t mix.

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  1. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    I have absolutely no problem with fanatical muslims beheading those who offend their prophet. I have no problem with any behavior of any ethno-religious minority that does not conform with a white, Western country’s ethical norms and laws.
    I have no problem either with various Jewish practices, from circumcision (with mohel suction) to swinging chicken over their heads and smashing them against the walls in public spaces to “cleanse” themselves of sins, to hanging wires from lamp poles in their neighborhoods to fool their “g-d.”

    On one condition: that they all, irrespective of their citizenship, RETURN/GO TO THE COUNTRIES OF THEIR ORIGIN OR RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION.
    I would make exceptions for some members of the elites, like Manuel Valls, who should be strongly encouraged to accompany the departing minorities they supported.

    Former PM of France Manuel Valls, born in Spain, once declared that if 500,000 French citizens of Spanish origin were to leave, there would be no effect on France but if 500,000 French Jews were to leave, France would not longer be France.

    In the case of members of the jewish groups who advocated for limitless immigration of Muslims, they would be afforded the choice of going with their own ethno-religious group or with the minority group they supported.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Most immigrants would go willingly, provided we bribe them to go. They are only here in the first place because our treacherous enemy-within govt lured them over with our money and our housing stock, and they actually prefer their own countries, as they always tell us how much they love them and admire them.

      But we need to also (as ariadna mentions re the elite) send over the whites with poisonous genes that make them hate their own white race – we need to send these whites also to a 3rd world country of their choice.

      If there is no country that will take a certain group of ethnics or enemy-within lefty whites, then we should obtain some land eg in Africa and form a colony and send them all there. Let the Left run it in accordance with all their principles of equality and diversity.

      • Liam Kernaghan
        Liam Kernaghan says:

        The White leftists of which you speak will never leave a future White ethno-state of their own volition unless presented with two choices.

        Firstly; let them stay on the provisio they have tattooed in the middle of their foreheads the slogan “White Power”.

        Secondly; if they refuse the above option, send them to whatever third world hell-hole of their choosing, which would be prepared to take them in the first place.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      All you suggest could easily be achieved relatively peacefully within a few years from the moment that the ppl start to vote for it. But for now the ppl will not change the way they vote and continue to vote against themselves, because they are so stupid and follow the dominant culture that is being set by their enemy within, like fools. The ppl might vote differently finally when we reach the proper hardship stage – starvation included – as was reached in 1930s Germany

  2. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    What doesn’t mix is islam and the West. If they want to murder each other in their own countries, that’s their business. They do not belong in the West and need to be removed from every civilized country. Anything less is suicide on our part.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      “What doesn’t mix is islam and the West.”
      I can’t think of an example where Islam, in general, and Sunni Islam in particular mixes well with anything. From India to the Philippines the story is the same.

  3. smannel
    smannel says:

    I could not even finish this article because the misinformation was so stark in the first several paragraphs. Muslim beheadinga indeed are not rare and I am sure happened in Paris due to mass immigration of muslims. However, Noahide Laws which have been entertained by the US presidents for years, call for beheadings as well. Are the Noahide proponents immigrants from the third world? So before u focus on one radical group look at the other radical group that controls the planet-zionists, Chabad, who are already doing animal sacrifices in Israel. The muslim innovation was encouraged or rather, propelled by the zionists since they have locked the planet down in their nepotism and control.

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      “So before u focus on one radical group look at the other radical group that controls the planet-zionists, Chabad..”

      So you don’t believe simultaneous walking and chewing gum is possible?

    • Seraphim
      Seraphim says:

      Islam itself is a creation of Jewish messianism who thought to enlist the Bedouin highway robbers to ‘fight in the way of God’ for the ‘liberation of the holy land’ from the hands of ‘Edom’ (the accursed Christians), by ‘reminding’ them their supposed common descendance from Abraham and “sharing the same (anti-Christian) religious orientation”*, which went wrong when they started to quarrel between themselves on who should be the first fiddle in the ‘liberated’ land and who would ‘rebuild the Temple’.

      *[as related by contemporary Armenian sources]: “But you, too, are children of Abraham and sons of the patriarch. Arise with us and save us from service to the emperor of the Byzantines, and together we shall hold our realm.” [The Arabs] were encouraged further hearing this, and went against Judaea.

  4. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    After the grotesque fakery of the Woolwich beheading I’ll want to see some convincing footage before believing the story as told.

    • Anti-Khazar Aktion
      Anti-Khazar Aktion says:

      LOL, as if Chechens beheading someone is hard to believe.

      I doubt this was faked, the attacker poster an image of his handiwork on twitter after the deed was done and you can find it online.

      These people all need to be sent back, whether or not these beheadings actually happened or not.

      • Trenchant
        Trenchant says:

        Well, I certainly couldn’t find anything but the supposed aftermath. After seeing a good number of fake ISIS executions (helpfully supplied by Rita Katz of SITE) I don’t reflexively believe anything the media or authorities tell me. I fear that bloc more than any Chechen.

  5. W.N. Iremonger
    W.N. Iremonger says:

    The Press, the media in general, all forms of information distribution, are owned and controlled by certain vested interests and have been for over a century.

    But the patisanship of the Press, grows ever more blatent and arrogant. Appalling attacks, such as the decapitation of a teacher, are played down, or as this article points out, the blame is perversely twisted round, until the victim is tantamount to being the perpetrator and the offender but a foil in the white mans’ conspiracy. Absurdism in extremis.

    Recently, there’s been a spate of attacks on women in France, for the “crime” of wearing a skirt. No media outlet would give a description of the attackers beyond gender and number. But how many true-blooded Frenchmen are aversed to young women wearing skirts? We know who the attackers are, what they are and what they represent but none of that is allowed to be mentioned. Doesn’t fit the narrative. It is lying by omission on a grand scale. The media’s job, first and foremost, is to report but that’s become a kind of joke these days; when only biased opinion and spin are allowed.

    • AW
      AW says:

      Women should not be able to wear skirts or sexually revealing clothing in a healthy society. You seem to support the notion that we should oppose muslim immigration because muslims are anti-liberal ie antisemitic and antifeminist. If that is the case, then go somewhere else. This is not a liberal site. We oppose muslims immigrants because of their genetics and not their antiliberal beliefs. Many of us share their antiliberal views towards women and their sexuality.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        “Women should not be able to wear skirts …”

        As the skirt is virtually the defining article of identifiably female clothing, this is a curious comment. What precisely is “illiberal” about a woman’s wearing a skirt? Does AW (Achilles Wannabe?) wish to reserve skirt wearing to himself? If so, what else isn’t he telling us?

  6. Forever Guilty
    Forever Guilty says:

    My common man’s understanding, that the religion and culture are derivatives of of biological identity so to speak. It’s in a way like hardware and software. You have PC and Windows and Linux Operation system, you Have ARM smartphone and Android OS, you have IPhone and you have IOS operation system.

    So for example your brain hardwired with sadism, lying, greed, sexual perversion and desire to control and humiliate people. Then you create religions like Judaism and Islam or that Kali thing which is optimal to fully use all of your mental hardware..

    The only peaceful Islamist would be a White convert. However he would not be able to use half of the rules and recommendations of Islam because his brain capacity to do evil things to people and enjoy it, is not that great.

  7. SaucerFury
    SaucerFury says:

    Brilliant article, as an ex RCP supporter, thank you for clarifying the hypocrisy of Spiked!
    I was ignorant of much when I was younger. The thing that undermined my brief tenure with Marxism was that I became very conscious of Lenin’s “useful idiots”.
    The first branch organiser of my RCP cell was a sneering and slick young ‘dude’, Kirk Williams, or Kirk Leech , who would have been equally at home selling mobile phones to the gullible.
    I was a libertarian anarcho-communist, I was and still am pro gun rights, and the Tory Conservative government had buckled to popular opinion and started banning certain firearms from 1987.
    Politically homeless, I got involved with RCP as they appeared to have a libertarian element. It was a big mistake, but I learned a lot of unpleasant truths during the few years I was there.
    I was already quite hostile to most of the other left at this time, and that just grew.

  8. kikz
    kikz says:

    the muzz situation must be resolved, they need to return to their muzz countries, as their state/religion’s dogma is in diametrical opposition to values/laws of the Western world. however, i feel no sympathy for the teacher. i did, until i saw an image of him holding a sign which read “refugees welcome”. pathological altruism toll paid, and good riddance. Vive la France! Vive Le Pen!

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      This type of 3rd-world loving white, as they see the knife brought out for their own kneck, and realise they are about to have the fatwa implemented on themselves, this type will still not change their views, and their last words might be to advise the attacker of a good lefty lawyer he knows for his defence.

      The father of a raped & murdered girl who worked at a refugee centre in Germany said he hoped the incident would not turn the people against the ‘refugees’ and funeral donations went to the refugee centre.

      This type of white has poison lefty genes and must be exiled when one day ((other hostile groups)) are told to go. They cannot complain as they love and admire the 3rd world so much.

  9. David 'The Diversity Mastermind' Lammey
    David 'The Diversity Mastermind' Lammey says:

    If Spiked is for 1 Open Borders & 2 Third World Immigration, how the hell is it right wing?

    Those are the 2 most reprehensible & left wing SJW ideologies possible!!!

  10. ValhallaX
    ValhallaX says:

    Do not behave like word merchants.

    A muslim extremist beheaded a school teacher. Yes, so he did, indeed. Please notice the swift and decisive action. No talking, no word merchandise. Simply action.

    Now try to talk to French teachers about freedom of speech after this. I dare you.

    Who won?

    I tell you, the usual suspects. They gave the victory to extremists muslims decades ago. They wanted our men to be humiliated and beheaded. And take my word for it, they will be financing beheadings, when the Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 hits our streets in very near future.

    It is no use to blame muslims, they only did what muslims are wired to do: behead people.

    All the word merchandise should be directed towards the Enemy: The usual suspects. They like this, they love it.

    And hey, let’s learn from this. There is a lot to learn from a swift defense, if our people are murdered and attacked by the tools of the usual suspects.

  11. AW
    AW says:

    Mr. Langdon, I agree with your claim that Trotskyites have no regard for the truth. However, I disagree with your implied support for the liberal right of so called free speech. Free speech is not good. Most speech corrupts the audience. Do you support the free speech of Muslim extremists, child, homosexual, and interracial pornographers, Marxist-Leninists, Trotskyists, Christian Zionists, and Jewish supremacists? I for one do not. I want my enemies deplatformed and not allowed to speak their filth in my community. I do not support my enemies’ “right” to corrupt the gullible and our youth. The Islamic martyrs that you referenced have the courage of their convictions and do not wish for the Muslim community to be defiled by their enemies. I applaud their bravery, but they are my enemy and should be removed from any European society. Criticizing them as reactionary and bigoted upholds liberal norms and values. We should respect these men as we should all our enemies and seek to emulate their zeal when we unabashedly conquer them.

  12. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    India a populus of 1.4 billion and Pakistan 220 million, a combined total of 1600 million people, and to state the blinding obvious that when these cultures and proportionality nation-changing numbers enter and insinuate themselves into a Western society in a reversal of historic colonisation then the impact upon those smaller North East Europe countries is devastation. A colony becomes a state within a nation that will one day seek automony and cultural independance is more than a likelyhood.
    The deafening silence of ‘liberals’ is worthy of sci-fi thriller but I believe that already done and the tragic-comedy of Only Black Lives Matter plays out for real in Nigeria where 20 protesters against police violence at cut dead with bullets. My favourite recent quote is from Steve Bannon “They can call you a racist or zenophobe; wear it like a badge of honour”.
    We are all Samuel Patys’ or Lee Rigbys’ and, many more like the 22 men, women and children murdered both indirectly and directly by Salma and Hassan Abedi and the British Gov respectively at the Manchester Arena in 2017.

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