A Tartan Tyranny: Censorship and Silence in the Virtue-Signalling Scottish Police State

Race isn’t a social construct, but here’s something that is: the so-called United Kingdom. In fact, it’s precisely because race exists that the U.K. is a construct rather than a nation. The native Whites of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are genetically distinct, which is why those regions are all genuine nations (ultimately from Latin nasci, “to be born”). If I travel from England to Scotland or Wales, I feel as though I’m going to a different country.

Concept vs Reality

That’s because I am going to a different country. And I like the feeling. I fully support the concept of Scottish and Welsh independence. For example, I would be delighted to see an independent Wales where the Welsh language and Welshness were re-born and re-invigorated. An independent Scotland would be more complicated and perhaps there should be two of them, split between the Gaelic-speaking Highlands and the Scots-speaking Lowlands.

But I chose my words carefully: I fully support the concept of Scottish and Welsh independence, but I utterly oppose what would be the modern reality. If Scotland and Wales won independence in the near future, they would be run by traitorous left-wing governments and would open their borders to the Third World. That’s already happened in independent southern Ireland, where the Jewish immigration minister Alan Shatter welcomed in many thousands of Blacks and Muslims. Their low average IQs and high average criminality are now inflicting serious harm on Ireland, as the hate-blogger Irish Savant has often documented.

A Scottish shabbos goy

Alan Shatter will one day, I hope, be put on trial for crimes against the Irish people. But Shatter couldn’t be charged with treason, because he was never Irish in the first place. He was always loyal to his own Jewish race and its interests. However, someone who can be charged with treason is the Scottish shabbos goy Tony Blair, who came to power with Jewish money and diligently served Jewish interests throughout his time as prime minister. Blair’s thuggish and Machiavellian press-secretary Alastair Campbell told the Jewish Chronicle that Blair “was conscious of the need to have very, very good relations” with “the Jewish community.” That “community” is small in numbers but gigantic in power, influence and wealth. In fact, you could define Blair’s New Labour party as an alliance between hostile Jews and renegade Scots against England and English traditions.

One English tradition that Jews like Peter Mandelson and Scots like Tony Blair wanted to destroy was the tradition of free speech. Authoritarianism and collectivism are stronger north of the border, where Christianity took a much sterner and stricter form after the fall of Catholicism. Although the Church of England burnt and beheaded enthusiastically in its early days, it became a mild and tolerant institution known for its fence-sitting and equivocation, not for hell-fire sermons and heresy-hunting. Calvinistic Scottish Protestantism was quite different and it’s unsurprising that Scotland witnessed “the last mass execution for witchcraft in western Europe.”

A curse on the Campbells

Scottish politicians like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and John Reid brought those authoritarian traditions south to London to meet the authoritarian traditions of Jews like Lord Levy, Peter Mandelson and David Miliband. But the dim and narcissistic Blair was a front-man in New Labour, not a genuine leader. He followed orders from much more intelligent and forceful men like Lord Levy, who funded him, and Alastair Campbell, who oversaw his propaganda and choreographed his acting. Campbell was born in England but is ethnically Scottish and remained true to the clan whose name he bears. Historically, the Campbells are notorious in Scotland for their treachery in the Massacre of Glencoe against the Clan MacDonald. Alastair Campbell became notorious in England for his Machiavellian ways and was central to the lies and deceit that took Britain into the Iraq War.

The Machiavellian Alastair Campbell

Nowadays Campbell is central to the campaign to nullify or reverse Brexit, which Scotland didn’t vote for and which the Scottish “First Minister” Nicola Sturgeon strongly opposes. Sturgeon leads the collectivist and authoritarian Scottish National Party (SNP), but the “independence” planned by the Scots Nats would be a thoroughly Orwellian affair. They want to take Scotland out of the United Kingdom so that it can come more firmly under the rule of the European Union (EU).

“The monstrous regiment of women”

Nicola Sturgeon is not interesting for her intellect, but she is interesting for her biology. The Scottish Calvinist John Knox (1513–72), who condemned the “monstrous regiment [i.e., unnatural rule] of women” under Queen Mary, would have been horrified to see women leading all of Scotland’s major political parties a few years ago. While Sturgeon led the SNP, the Scottish Conservatives were led first by Annabel Goldie, then by the lesbian Ruth Davidson, and Scottish Labour was led first by Wendy Alexander, then later by Johann Lamont.

Scottish fem-pols (clockwise from top left): Nicola Sturgeon, Ruth Davidson, Wendy Alexander, Johann Lamont, Annabel Goldie

These women did not get to the top because of their high intelligence or their libertarianism. On the contrary, they were typical authoritarian female politicians: bullet-headed, short-haired and high-testosterone. Like the high-testosterone Tory fem-pol Priti Patel in England, Ruth Davidson wants to be prime minister of the United Kingdom; like Patel again, Davidson knows whose support she needs to fulfill that ambition. She began cultivating powerful Jews long ago. When the Jewish Chronicle ran an article with the headline “Ruth Davidson: the next Prime Minister?,” she must have known that she was hitting the J-spot. Here are extracts from the article:

Scotland’s political leaders are “united” in their efforts to combat antisemitism in the country, according to Ruth Davidson. The leader of the Scottish Conservatives said the collective approach represented “a different picture north of the border” and highlighted rival Nicola Sturgeon’s work to condemn “disgusting” Jew-hate as proof all parties were taking the problem seriously.

Ms Davidson said, by contrast, the Labour Party’s problems nationally had been “laid at Jeremy Corbyn’s door” in a way that issues with individual politicians in Scotland had not reflected badly on party leaders. In her first major interview on Jewish issues, Ms Davidson explained how her own faith background has affected her relationship with the community and outlined ways she believes Israel can act as a guiding light for Scotland following devolution.

Her words of praise for fellow Scottish politicians who have condemned antisemitism come after a series of incidents involving Scottish National Party representatives. … But Ms Davidson said: “To be fair to my colleagues from other parties, particularly the Labour Party, they have always had strong links to the community, as have we. There have been some issues with some individual members, but I wouldn’t, for example, say that necessarily transfers to the leadership of the party as you might suggest some issues within the UK Labour Party have been laid at Jeremy Corbyn’s door. Nicola Sturgeon, for example, has regularly met the Jewish community and has always spoken supportively of it …”

The tumultuous events in British politics during the past few years have left Ms Davidson looking like the rarest of politicians — successful and popular. The JC understands her invitation to speak at the Board [of Jewish Deputies] dinner was prompted not only by the Scottish Tories’ impressive election results at Holyrood last year and at Westminster in June, but partly by how poorly others had performed, leaving a trail of discredited political leaders. … Despite being regularly spoken of as a future leader of the Conservatives nationally, Ms Davidson will not be the one to stick the knife into Theresa May — at the moment anyway.

She is glad Mrs May intends to stay in Number 10 until 2021. “The Prime Minister is absolutely the right person to lead us through the Brexit process and beyond,” she said. “She’s been a strong friend and supporter of the Jewish community. …” (Ruth Davidson: the next Prime Minister?, The Jewish Chronicle, 8th September 2017 / 17th Elul 5777)

Ruth Davidson cultivates the Community (with the Jewish James Harding of the BBC)

To understand what Davidson is up to, simply ask: Why has Theresa May “been a strong friend and supporter of the Jewish community”? It’s simple. Like David Cameron, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown before her, that’s how she got the funding and friendly media coverage that made her prime minister. The same arrangement exists in Scotland, where Nicola Sturgeon “has regularly met the Jewish community and has always spoken supportively of it.”

Ruth Davidson is following the same path to power. When she was “paying tribute” to the Balfour Declaration of 1917 that helped to create the state of Israel, she said that “Scotland has got a very small Jewish community — less than 6,000 — and it’s very concentrated, but it’s had some great champions from all the parties down the years.” In other words, although Jews are an even smaller minority in Scotland than they are in England, they wield the same power there and Scottish politicians scramble for their support in the same way.

Flooding Scotland with non-Whites

Ruth Davidson has ambitions far beyond Scotland, but Nicola Sturgeon wants to become leader of an “independent” Scotland, so that she can bind it more firmly into the EU. She likes the authoritarianism of the EU just as much as she likes the idea of opening Scotland’s borders to the Third World. She has claimed that Scotland “needs more working age people to help our economic growth, generate the tax revenues and support the public services so many of us rely on.”

Kriss Donald, a victim of hate whom the left ignore

As Migration Watch pointed out in response, she’s arguing for a Ponzi scheme even if only high-IQ White European immigration into Scotland is taken into account. But Sturgeon doesn’t really care about public services and the economy: she wants to flood Scotland with tax-eating, welfare-dependent non-Whites from the Third World. After all, it’s not members of the Scottish elite like her who suffer the consequences of Third-World enrichment. It’s ordinary Scots like the fifteen-year-old schoolboy Kriss Donald, who was abducted at random off the streets of Glasgow by Pakistani-Muslim thugs simply for being White. After being driven hundreds of miles pleading for his life, he was stabbed repeatedly, doused in petrol, and burnt to death.

Some murders don’t matter

That racist murder, like the rape, torture and murder of the English schoolgirl Mary-Ann Leneghan in 2005, was far worse than the racist murder of the Black teenager Stephen Lawrence in 1993. But only Stephen Lawrence is the subject of an official martyr-cult that now has its own annual memorial day. Stephen Lawrence Day has been deliberately placed in the calendar as an attack on White Englishness, because it falls on 22nd April, directly before the day of England’s patron saint St George on 23rd April. And St George’s Day is also the traditional birthday of William Shakespeare. This attack on Englishness was carried out by the shabbos shiksa Theresa May, leader of the so-called “Conservatives,” but Stephen Lawrence Day is firmly in the tradition of cultural Marxism established by Tony Blair and New Labour.

“Dear Haters” — cultural Marxists attack Scottish Whites

Cultural Marxism also insists that the virtuous elite must continually browbeat and admonish the vice-filled ordinary Whites whom the elite rule and seek to swamp with “diversity.” That’s why the so-called Conservatives created Stephen Lawrence Day. It’s also why the SNP has issued a series of vomit-inducing progressive adverts attacking ordinary Scots for their racism, homophobia, transphobia, religious bigotry, and “disablism.” SJWs from England at the National Student approvingly reported that:

Scotland has launched an extraordinary letter campaign directly confronting haters by calling them out on their views and telling them ‘we’ve had enough’. The new ad campaign by One Scotland, the Scottish Government’s equality campaign, features a series of letters written to a variety of different ‘haters’. Billboards featuring the letters began popping up across the country last month [September 2018]. The messages are powerful and make it clear hateful views won’t be tolerated, with each one signed “Yours, Scotland”.

There are letters directed to bigots, racists, disablists, transphobes, homophobes and racists. All with equally provocative and hard hitting messages. The One Scotland campaign explained: “Police Scotland takes hate crime very seriously. In the last year there were over 5,300 charges of hate crime reported to the Procurator Fiscal in Scotland. However, there are many more incidents that go unreported.” This amazing campaign has been well received and highly praised.

(Scotland’s launched an incredible ‘Dear Haters’ letter campaign, The National Student, 2nd October 2018)

The SNP fully accept the Jewish idea that ordinary Whites are all potential Nazis seething with hate, intolerance and violence. SJWs are excited about the “Dear Haters” campaign because it gives them a chance to revel in their own virtue and celebrate their moral superiority over the haters who lurk in every corner of Scotland.

“Dear Ordinary Scottish Whites…”

In other words, the campaign is an updated form of Calvinism, with the same authoritarianism and desire to censor, suppress and control. The sins have changed but the psychology stays the same. The adverts are being run by “One Scotland, the Scottish Government’s equality campaign,” but “equality” is not the true aim of the “Scottish Government.” The name “One Scotland” reminds me of these famous lines from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings: “One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, / One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them / In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.” Here is the text of the five virtue-signalling letters issued by “One Scotland”:

Dear Racists,
Do you threaten people because of where they’re from or the colour of their skin? Do you hurl language so vile that it makes people scared to leave their homes? Well, your hate has no home here. We’re making a stand and if we see or hear anything, we’re calling you out and calling the police.

Dear Homophobes,
We have a phobia of your behaviour. If you torment people because of who they love, shout words that we are not going to write, or use violence because you don’t like who someone is holding hands with, you should be worried. If we see or hear your abuse, we’re calling the police. That’s because love lives in this country, not hate.

Dear Transphobes,
Do you think it’s right to harass people in the street? Right to push transgender people around in clubs? Right to humiliate, intimidate and threaten them online?
Well we don’t.
That’s why if we see you doing harm, we’re reporting you. We believe people should be allowed to be themselves. Except if they’re spreading hate.

Dear Disablists,
Did you read about the girl with Down’s syndrome who was pushed to the ground? Or the man with a learning disability who was tormented so much that he was drive to suicide? We did and it makes us sick. From now on, if we see or hear your hate, we’re reporting you. We’re a caring nation, not a hating one. And we’re going to take away your ability to hurt people.

Dear Bigots,
Division seems to be what you believe in. We don’t want your religious hate on our buses, on our streets and in our communities. We don’t want you spreading your intolerance. Or making people’s lives a misery because of their religious dress. You may not have faith in respect and love, but we do. That’s why if we see or hear your hate, we’re reporting you. End of sermon.

The self-righteous and authoritarian tone of the letters fits perfectly with this boast on One Scotland’s website: “The Scottish Government Equality Unit has been working in partnership with key religious and belief bodies including Interfaith Scotland, the Edinburgh Interfaith Association, Interfaith Glasgow, Just Festival, Faith in Community Scotland, Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC), and Holocaust Memorial Day Trust to promote and support the development of inter faith relations in Scotland.”

“Anti-hate” means “anti-White”

As noted above, the Scottish schoolboy Kriss Donald was murdered in an exceptionally brutal and painful way because of “hate.” Has he featured in One Scotland’s self-righteous campaigns in any way? Of course not, because he was White and his killers were brown-skinned Pakistani Muslims. One Scotland and the Scottish National Party are not interested in promoting “equality” or in fighting “hate.” Instead, they are interested in extending and strengthening their own power to censor and control. They’re not anti-hate: they’re anti-White. Their silence about Kriss Donald is clear evidence of that. So is their silence about Asad Shah, a peaceful, tolerance-promoting Muslim shopkeeper who was stabbed to death in Glasgow in March 2016 by a “hater” who had travelled hundreds of miles from England with no other purpose in mind.

Asad Shah, another victim of hate whom the left ignore

You could call this murder Scotland’s “Stephen Lawrence” moment, except that the death of Asad Shah was worse than the death of Stephen Lawrence by all objective criteria. Stephen Lawrence was stabbed twice in a chance encounter and might easily have survived. Asad Shah was stabbed repeatedly in a premeditated murder by a hate-filled fanatic who wanted to silence Shah’s ideas and intimidate Muslims like Shah. So why did leftists in Scotland not create a martyr-cult for Asad Shah to match the martyr-cult leftists in England have created for Stephen Lawrence? Why did they not hail him as a true Scot who had been brutally slain by a vicious hate-criminal from savage and backward England?

The wrong kind of hate-criminal

The answer is simple. Scotland’s leftist elite threw Asad Shah down the memory hole as soon as possible because he was murdered by the wrong kind of hate-criminal. Shah was a gentle, tolerant, brown-skinned Muslim, loved and respected by all who knew him. So far, so good. If his murderer had been a White, or even better a White Christian, the martyr-cult would have been created immediately. But Asad Shah’s violent, intolerant murderer wasn’t a White. Instead, he was another brown-skinned Muslim called Tanveer Ahmed. Shah belonged to a Muslim sect called the Ahmadis, you see, and Tanveer Ahmed is a Sunni Muslim who, like countless other Sunnis in Britain, regards Ahmadis as heretics and blasphemers.

Those facts don’t fit the leftist narrative whereby Muslims are the saintly victims of White racism and Islamophobia. Authoritarian leftists like Nicola Sturgeon don’t want to mention Asad Shah because his murder proves that the worst “hate” and intolerance are found not among Whites, but among non-Whites.

The supremacism remains the same

Nicola Sturgeon is an undisguised authoritarian who wants to create a Tartan Tyranny north of the border under the guidance of the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities and the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. If the Scottish lesbian Ruth Davidson becomes British prime minister, she will also be guided by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. But the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities will be replaced by the Board of Jewish Deputies.

In other words, the name will change but the Jewish supremacism will stay the same. There would be authoritarian traditions in Britain even if Jews no longer lived here, but those traditions would be weaker and less able to do harm. As it is, Jews do live in Britain and so authoritarianism is flourishing here in everything from laws against thought-crime to the surveillance state. Jews and their allies have to lie, censor and imprison because their ideology opposes reality and denies human biology. As science exposes more and more of the truth, their power will weaken and their lies will become more and more obvious. Here is some wisdom from Robert Burns, Scotland’s greatest poet: “Freedom an’ whisky gang thegither!” After all, whisky is from the Gaelic uisge beatha, “water of life.” You can’t get more Scottish than that.

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